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India braces itself for intense heat waves

Widespread heat waves in India are anticipated after the country recorded its hottest February since 1901. Projections show that a sizable part of South Asia will experience heat stress conditions.

25 Mar 2023 1:59 pm
Obesity: What you need to know

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions, according to the World Health Organization. What are its causes and symptoms?

24 Mar 2023 5:02 pm
Fact check: No, Putin did not kneel before Xi Jinping

A strange image has gone viral. Did Vladimir Putin really get down on one knee and kiss the hand of Xi Jinping? No. The picture, which was allegedly taken during the Chinese leader's recent trip to Russia, is fake.

24 Mar 2023 10:59 am
Hormonal birth control pills raises risk of breast cancer study

All hormonal contraceptives have been found to increase the risk of breast cancer, according to a new study, with findings suggesting an upturn of around 20% to 30% in breast cancer risk.

22 Mar 2023 4:05 pm