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Top AgriTech Companies Shaping India's Agricultural Future

India's agricultural sector, a cornerstone of the nation's economy, is undergoing a digital transformation. AgriTech companies are at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging technology to address longstanding challenges and empower farmers.

Agritimes 21 Apr 2024 9:55 am

Top Gauva Producing States and the Future of this Tropical Delight

Guava, the refreshingly sweet and tangy fruit native to the tropical Americas, has found a cherished place in Indian households. From its juicy flesh to its rich nutritional profile, guava is a popular choice for its taste and health benefits.

Agritimes 20 Apr 2024 1:30 pm

Ninjacart empowers Philippine agritech firm Mayani with strategic investment

Walmart-backed Ninjacart, India's leading agri-startup that leverages technology and data to organize the global agriculture ecosystem, joins forces with Philippine B2B agritech innovator Mayani in a landmark deal.

Agritimes 20 Apr 2024 2:38 am

Mahindra Tractors crosses milestone by selling 40 lakh tractor units

Mahindra Tractors, part of the Mahindra Group and the worlds largest tractor manufacturer by volume, has achieved a milestone by selling the brands 40thLakh tractor, inclusive of exports in March 2024.

Agritimes 20 Apr 2024 2:34 am

High-Yielding Maize for Indian Farmers

Maize, also known as corn, is a versatile crop that plays a vital role in Indian agriculture. It serves as a staple food source in some regions, a key ingredient in animal feed, and a raw material for various industrial applications.

Agritimes 18 Apr 2024 1:30 pm

Rice Varieties Empowering Indian Farmers

Rice, the lifeblood of India, transcends a mere dietary staple. It's a cultural cornerstone, a symbol of prosperity, and a source of livelihood for millions of farmers.

Agritimes 18 Apr 2024 9:55 am

Study reveals: Climate change to cost global economy trillions, urgent action needed

Nature study predicts $38 trillion annual losses by 2050 from climate change. Global income to drop 19% by 2050 despite CO2 cuts. Urgent emission reductions needed to avert further economic losses.

The Times of India 17 Apr 2024 10:01 pm

NABARD Issues Statement to Dispel Misinformation Regarding Dairy Loan Yojana

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) issues a statement to address the recent misinformation circulating about the NABARD Dairy Loan Yojana.

Agritimes 17 Apr 2024 9:55 pm

UPL recognised as Well-Known Trademark by the Indian Trademark Registry

UPL Ltd., a global provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, has been recognized as a 'Well-Known Trademark' by the Indian Trademark Registry. This prestigious acknowledgment reinforces UPLs position as one of India's leading agrochemical companies in the market, thereby fostering trust and credibility among customers.

Agritimes 17 Apr 2024 9:55 pm

Aqua Schools are revolutionising fish farming in Uttar Pradesh

Shail Kumari, a farmer associated with Urra Shobha Purva SHG in the Mihinpurva block of Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, faced challenges in supplying sufficient food grains for her family due to seasonal flooding.

Agritimes 17 Apr 2024 9:55 pm

Innovative Crops Help Indian Farmers Reduce CO2 Emissions and Boost Income

In a significant development that promises to transform the agricultural landscape of India, farmers across the country are adopting innovative crops that not only help in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions but also significantly increase their income.

Agritimes 17 Apr 2024 3:55 pm

Environment, climate change gain prominence in manifestos but experts question follow-through

BJP and Congress manifestos focus on climate change, lacking specific steps. Experts criticize symbolic promises and contradictory government approaches. Environmental issues need more priority in political discourse amid pressing concerns like air pollution and climate crisis.

The Times of India 17 Apr 2024 11:08 am

Dubai airport diverts flights as 'exceptional weather' hits Gulf

Dubai's major international airport diverted scores of incoming flights on Tuesday as heavy rains lashed the United Arab Emirates, causing widespread flooding around the desert country. Earlier the airport, which had been expecting more than 100 flight arrivals on Tuesday evening, took the equally unusual step of briefly halting its operations in the chaos caused by the storm.

The Times of India 17 Apr 2024 5:00 am

Charity to empowerment: philanthropy funds pave innovations in climate and health

Former British PM Tony Blair stresses the importance of creating viable renewable energy projects in developing nations through public-private-philanthropic partnerships to attract significant private funds, as discussed at the Philanthropy Asia Summit.

The Times of India 16 Apr 2024 10:31 pm

Model heat action plan calls for medium, long-term measures

The Times of India 16 Apr 2024 7:56 pm

Wheat Varieties Boosting Indian Agriculture

Wheat, the king of grains, reigns supreme on Indian dinner plates. But for farmers, selecting the right variety is crucial for maximizing yield, water efficiency, and ultimately, profit. This report explores some of the top contenders in the Indian wheat landscape, their water requirements, and how they're driving a surge in farmer income and global demand.

Agritimes 16 Apr 2024 3:55 pm

The Alluring Allure of Agarwood: Can Indian Farming Embrace the Wood of Gods?

Agarwood, also known as Gaharu or Aloe wood, is no ordinary tree. Often referred to as the Wood of Gods, its resinous, fragrant heartwood fetches exorbitant prices in the international market due to its use in perfumes, incense, and traditional medicine.

Agritimes 16 Apr 2024 3:55 pm

How AI could revolutionize prediction of deadly dust storms in Asia

As spring blooms in the Northern Hemisphere, certain parts of Asia are once again facing the yearly challenge of dust storms. Recently, regions like China's Inner Mongolia found themselves enveloped in a dense yellow haze. On March 27, 2024, residents of Erenhot, Inner Mongolia, observed their skies darkening as state media urged people to remain indoors.

The Times of India 15 Apr 2024 9:49 pm

Untapping Opportunities in India's Booming Dairy Sector

As of 2024, India's dairy sector churns out a staggering 190 million tonnes (MT) of milk annually, solidifying its position as the world's largest milk producer.

Agritimes 15 Apr 2024 9:55 am

Guide to Setting Up a Garlic Farm in Maharashtra

Garlic, a ubiquitous yet versatile bulb, adds a pungent kick to countless dishes worldwide. Maharashtra, with its diverse climate and fertile lands, offers a suitable environment for cultivating this aromatic crop.

Agritimes 15 Apr 2024 3:55 am

African Development Bank empowers agri youth programs for greater impact

The African Development Bank (www.AfDB.org) successfully concluded a three-day workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, aimed at enhancing its Empowering Novel Agri-Business-Led Employment (ENABLE) Youth Program in preparation for its next phase.

Agritimes 15 Apr 2024 3:55 am

New Climate Change Impact Prediction Tool Analyzes Food Production and Financial Risks

A groundbreaking study by researchers at the University of California San Diego offers a new tool for predicting how climate change will impact food production and financial institutions.

Agritimes 13 Apr 2024 3:55 pm

Maharashtra's Golden Harvest: A Guide to Setting Up a Turmeric Farm

Turmeric, the vibrant golden spice revered for its flavor and medicinal properties, thrives in the warm, tropical climate of Maharashtra.

Agritimes 12 Apr 2024 3:55 am

India Boasts Advanced Early Warning System for Disasters

India's weather forecasting capabilities received a strong endorsement from Dr. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). He spoke during a recent Pre-Cyclone Exercise held in preparation for the upcoming April-June 2024 season.

Agritimes 11 Apr 2024 3:54 pm

India's 1st Self-Driving Electric Tractor Gets Pre-Series A Funding

AutoNxt Automation, a disruptive technology start-up building high-torque electric powertrains and off-road autonomous technologies, is excited to announce the successful closure of its Pre-Series A round offunding led by Saama.

Agritimes 11 Apr 2024 3:55 am

India's Top 10 Potato Producing States in 2023

The humble potato, a versatile and nutritious crop, reigns supreme on Indian dinner tables. From fries to curries, its presence is undeniable. But where exactly are these spuds grown? Let's delve into the top 10 potato-producing states in India for 2023, exploring their contribution to the national potato basket.

Agritimes 10 Apr 2024 9:55 pm

Guide to Setting Up a Ginger Farm in Maharashtra

Ginger, a versatile spice with a distinctive aroma and pungent flavor, thrives in the tropical climate of Maharashtra.

Agritimes 10 Apr 2024 3:55 am

Europes highest human rights court starts session on landmark climate change cases

Europes highest human rights court is set to deliver judgments on Tuesday regarding significant climate change cases that aim to compel nations to fulfill their international duties in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The European Court of Human Rights will announce rulings in three cases filed by a French mayor, six young individuals from Portugal, and over 2,000 members of Senior Women for Climate Protection.

The Times of India 9 Apr 2024 2:24 pm

Top Apple Producing States in India

Apples, with their crisp texture and refreshing sweetness, hold a special place in the hearts of many Indians. From the iconic apple a day adage to featuring prominently in various desserts, this versatile fruit enjoys immense popularity across the country.

Agritimes 9 Apr 2024 11:30 am