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NBCC gets Rs 332 crore order from Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agriculture University

State-owned NBCC secures Rs 332 crore contract for infra development for Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agriculture University. It constructs hostels, academic buildings, auditorium, sports facility, fisheries ponds, and offices. Along with this, NBCC has been granted the responsibility of renovating and furnishing of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Bhawan in Noida.

The Economic Times 20 Feb 2024 5:05 pm

My defective Audi Q8: Spends 4 months at the workshop out of 2 years

BHPian gagananand recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Well, my Audi Q8, bought in 2021, has done about 46000 km and has had multiple electrical failures. I have had instances of cars not starting at times. At other times, giving warning alarms on the highway that the car needs to be taken for repairs immediately. We have had faulty central locking once. The latest is a faulty/failed alternator. I have had instances where the window glass, once rolled down, would not go up and was stuck in the cold. While turning, the differential makes a grinding sound and vibrates. A new car does not have this noise/vibrations. They changed the differential, and it was good for about 15000 km, but noise/vibrations reappeared. Audi now claims noise/vibrations add to the car's driving dynamics. This means the new car has poor driving dynamics once you drive it a few thousand kilometres and it starts making noise. The car has spent about 16 weeks in the workshop in a little over 2 Years of our ownership. Audi India has now found a new term for the grinding sound / vibrations while turning on my car. Now they term it as an operational sound. Just wondering why their new car does not have same. Why the Q8 develops same after running a few thousand kilometers. While turning the car vibrates like a tractor. My car never had it during initial about 15000 kms and then it started. The sound vanished after Audi changed the differential for about 15000 kms and again reappeared. They are just trying to cover up a major defect by terming it as operational sound and also claim that this sound/vibration adds to driving dynamics of the car. Sharing my plight in detail Bought this beautiful Q8 in September 2021. Initially it started with small software update reminders on the MMI. On May 2022 the 1st electrical problem happened when in the middle of the night the central locking fault alarm popped. After a few days the car did not start in the morning and Audi came to assist and car was taken to workshop. Next again the car did not start one morning and Audi came to rescue. After many trips to workshop in April 2022 they declared all this was an earthing issue and now sorted. Now the car had run over 15K Kms and started making grinding noise and vibrations while turning. Made many visits to workshop for this. Again in May 2022 again, the central locking fault appeared and trips to workshop started again. Audi reported to have changed a door latch and claimed to have solved the issue. In July 2022 while driving in hill, the mirrors would not fold and had to fold manually I rolled down the window and even that got stuck. And so on my holiday in hills I was stuck with a car with front windows stuck rolled down in cold weather. So again another trip to the workshop and now all door latches were changed .After many trips to workshop and mails with Audi finally the differential was changed in December 2022 and the grinding sound and vibration issues were sorted but the my car had spent about 8 weeks in workshop for repairs till now. Next few months were trouble free and again in September 2023, the vibration/grinding sound reappeared. The car has now run about 15 to 20K kms after differential change. 13 December 2023 my car went for routine service and came back the same evening. During the very next morning while driving on Noida expressway, got an electrical system fault warning appeared and and stranded me on the expressway. Audi came and took the car and finally after a few days was informed that the alternator of the car was faulty and being sourced. Audi claim that the grinding sound and vibrations while turning now I am being told that it's an operational sound. Audi went to the extent of telling me that this noise adds to the driving dynamics of the car. We had a joint test on their new Q8 and the new car does not have any sound/vibrations while turning. To this Audi says even the new car will develop same after a few thousand Kilometers. What kind of operational sound is this that appears after few thousand kilometres and also adds to,the driving dynamics of the car as claimed by Audi? Audi is refusin4 monthg to repair the differential and asking me to take delivery of the defective car. I am stuck with a LEMON I guess and am scared to Drive it on road. Scared as to what next in store. This car is totally unpredictable and undependable. Have also had an instance of water dripping inside the car from front door in September 2023. The car was sent to service station for same and the standard reply that no fault Well today it's been 2 months in continuity and in totality about 4 months my Q8 has spent at the workshop. Half a dozen electrical failuresDifferential making grinding noise and vibrations on turning AGAINDifferential changed onceFaulty earthing diagnosed by Audi and rectifiedFaulty latches changedFaulty Alternator changedThis is what I know of and god knows what all has been changed without my knowledge Audi India feels all this is perfectly normal for their flagship SUV Q8 Here's what BHPian ajmat had to say on the matter:Am betting its faulty electronics Either the battery has been faulty or the alternator has been pumping more voltage causing the electronics to fail or be erratic. This also might be affecting the drivetrain giving the wrong inputs to the wheels hence creating premature differential wear. Normally this happens when the tyre tread have more than 4 mm differential all round confusing the control units. Audi should buy the car back accounting for reasonable use, or its the Consumer court. I assume that the car is still under warranty.Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 Feb 2024 3:09 pm

Gautam Buddh Nagar bags investment proposals worth Rs 2.95 lakh crore at UP GBC

According to officials, investors are flocking to Gautam Buddh Nagar, especially the YEIDA and Greater Noida region, in view of the upcoming Noida International Airport in Jewar and the Film City project

Money Control 20 Feb 2024 1:56 pm

Schools in GB Nagar and Gzb allocated 25% of PM Shri funds

The Times of India 20 Feb 2024 8:16 am

Petrol, Diesel Fresh Prices Announced: Check Rates In Your City On February 20

Petrol, and Diesel prices in Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Noida, and Gurugram on February 20, 2023

News18 20 Feb 2024 8:02 am

Indian Ceramics Triennale: Down to earth

What comes from the earth, eventually goes back to it. The ongoing Indian Ceramics Triennale in Delhi would want visitors to mull over that. Now in its second edition, the four floors of Arthshila, Okhla, where it is being held, are filled with exhibits made with materials ranging from clay and ceramic to dried cow dung cakes or gobar uplas. At a time when sustainability is a buzzword, the sprawling exhibition, which includes functional objects like pots and cisterns made by artisans from villages across the country to more gallery installations by national and international artists, reminds us of the primordial closeness of man and mud, of our close and tactile collaborations with the earth itself. The Triennale presents the works of over 40 artists, and is set up around the theme of Common Ground. We are separated by politics, history and privilege... yet we are bound by a common humanity and a co-dependent future. Common Ground is a metaphorical and literal exploration of this ground upon which we meet, reads the curatorial note. TMS joined in on a curator-led walkthrough of the exhibition to find out why and how the artists wrought these pieces out of perhaps the rawest of materials -- the ground we walk on. Here are a few artworks that caught our eye, and our interest. 7 Kumbhar potters Works in terracotta A set of Kachchhi (Gujarat) terracotta pots of various sizes and shapes, with intricate patterns. These works look at the language of mark-making. They were made by the younger generation Kumbhar potters, some of whom had gone to Dubai for over 17 years and then came back to make these traditional pots again, to understand these patterns that had been passed on to them, says Vineet Kacker, an artist and co-curator of the Triennale. The broken half of a large cistern is also on display. The potters were very particular about presenting this as well because it is so much about the story of their lives, he adds. Deepak Kumar Warning Line An almost five-foot-high skeleton of a bird, made with ceramic, hangs from the ceiling. The curtains of the glass wall behind the work are intentionally left open, and right next door, the construction of a building is in full swing, in real time. Kumar is a multidisciplinary artist from Bihar-now settled in Greater Noida-who focuses on ecology. I wanted to present the effect of unbridled urbanisation on the lives of other living beings we share our habitat with, he says. His drawing on stone mounted on the wall, which presents a dismembered bird trapped in the lines of an intricate blueprint of a city, is thought-provoking. Creative Dignity, Lost and Found Contemporary ceramic artists Raju Sutar and Rajesh Kulkarni collaborated with indigenous potter communities of Warak in Maharashtra and Kutch in Gujarat for the art initiative, Creative Dignity, to present a set of clay utensils and objects. For the duo, the installation is a way of bringing art and craft together. Lost and Found draws on the old Hindi movie trope of two brothers who lose each other and are eventually reunited. For the artists, the brothers are art and craft. They wanted to bring the craft of these potters from the villages to present them in art spaces, says Kacker. Birender Kumar Yadav Re-Presented From the Traces Yadavs work presents objects like hammers, pick-axes, and several other tools, folded clothes, water containers, and even detached limbs, all made of clay. They are finely moulded to look true to life in their shapes but by intentionally leaving them unpainted, the artist seems to call attention to the material that was used. The work documents the lives of migrant brick kiln workers in the city of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. It presents the things that are left behind by these predominantly lower-caste workers at their temporary houses that are torn down when they leave after their seasonal and excruciating labour ends. Yulia Repina Self-portrait, Fears German artist Yulia Repinas work is perhaps the most modern at the exhibition. She has crafted 17 busts in porcelain of half-human, half-fairytale-like creatures; all the heads sport expressions of distress in varying degrees. These sculptures were made during the pandemic and are about the fears that populated the artists mind, says Kacker. The exhibit has a Virtual Reality (VR) facility attached to it, and viewers can get into a VR landscape where the busts assume larger-than-life proportions and are many more in number. The artist wanted to show how fears multiply and fill up the mind when one is alone, says Kacker. Indian Ceramics Triennale is on at Arthshila, B-19/1, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 2, till March 31

The New Indian Express 20 Feb 2024 7:40 am

Delectable Pan-Asian Restaurant: Yum Yum Cha, Noida

The Yum Yum Tree Group was started by Restaurateur Varun Tuli in 2008, which carefully blended innovative twists to create a fresh yet familiar experience. It is fondly remembered for... The post Delectable Pan-Asian Restaurant: Yum Yum Cha, Noida first appeared on India Daily Digital .

indiadailydigital 20 Feb 2024 7:33 am

Meet engineer who cracked UPSC without coaching to become IPS officer in 2nd attempt, a social media star with...

She attended Galgotia College, Noida, where she received a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2018.

DNA India 20 Feb 2024 6:09 am

Protesting Noida Farmers Warn Of Delhi March Again On Friday

The protesting farmers' groups in Noida and Greater Noida today said they will march to Delhi on February 23 to press for the resolution of their issues, including developed plots and increased compensation for their land acquired in the past.

NDTV 19 Feb 2024 10:49 pm

Protesting Noida farmers' again warn of Delhi march on Feb 23

Protesting farmers in Noida and Greater Noida announced plans to march to Delhi on February 23 to demand resolution of their issues, such as developed plots and increased compensation for their acquired land. Despite an unsuccessful attempt on February 8 due to heightened security, they intend to proceed this time.

The Economic Times 19 Feb 2024 10:35 pm

UP Police recruitment exam: Candidate, his dummy arrested in Noida

UP Police recruitment exam: Candidate, his dummy arrested in Noida A candidate for the Uttar Pradesh Police recruitment examination and his dummy were arrested for alleged cheating, forgery and using unfair means during the test, officials here said on Monday. The deal under which the dummy candidate appeared for the examination instead of the actual aspirant was fixed at Rs 5 lakh, of which Rs 1 lakh was paid in advance, the police said. The constable recruitment examination organised by the UP Police Recruitment and Promotion Board was held across the state in two shifts on Sunday. The two accused, both from adjoining Bulandshahr district, were held during the examination's second shift from a test centre in Noida Sector 71, according to an official. ''Accused Badal Chaudhary (19) was found taking the test in place of actual candidate Harishpal Atri (25) using forged Aadhar and admit cards. Chaudhary was held from the exam room while Atri was held (while he was) waiting outside the exam centre,'' a police spokesperson said. ''During the inquiry, Chaudhary told the police that he knew Atri's brother Akash, who had contacted him with the offer to sit in the exam as a dummy candidate. The deal was fixed at Rs 5 lakh and Chaudhary agreed to be a 'solver' for Atri. Rs 1 lakh was paid in advance to Chaudhary and the rest would have been paid after the exam,'' the spokesperson said. An FIR has been lodged at Phase 1 police station under sections of the Indian Penal Code and provisions of the UP Public Examination Act, the police said. A local court has remanded the accused in judicial custody, they added.

devdiscourse 19 Feb 2024 8:24 pm

Here's How India and Brazil Forge Pact to Boost Pulse Trade

NEW DELHI: India and Brazil are teaming up to enhance their trade in pulses, with a particular focus on black matpe (urad) and pigeon peas (tur), according to a senior official at the Brazilian embassy. Indian officials, in a recent meeting with their Brazilian counterparts, emphasized Brazil's importance as a partner and dependable source of pulses for India. Angelo de Queiroz Mauricio, the agricultural attach at Brazils embassy in New Delhi, stated, We discussed bilateral trade in pulses and strategies to foster collaboration between both nations for ensuring food security, especially concerning black matpe and pigeon peas. We also explored potential mechanisms to boost trade and cooperation. Last week, Rohit Kumar Singh, the Union consumer affairs secretary, mentioned that India had imported 3,000 tonnes of black matpe from Brazil in 2023 and anticipated procuring another 20,000 tonnes this year. Mauricio highlighted the significant opportunity for expanding agricultural trade, particularly in pulses, and suggested that Brazil could become a strategic supplier for India. He stated, In general, there's eagerness across all agricultural sectors in India and Brazil to collaborate. We hope that both governments can work together harmoniously to ensure mutually beneficial import policies and a stable, predictable long-term trading environment. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution did not respond immediately to queries regarding this matter. In November, Singh urged Brazilian businessmen and officials to increase pulse production, especially of tur and urad, to meet the demand from Indian consumers amidst falling domestic production and to diversify Indias sources of this essential food item. Singh emphasized, We need to ensure that food items are available in the country for our 1.4 billion consumers at an affordable price. India, being both the largest producer and consumer of pulses globally, plans to diversify its sources due to rising domestic demand. Singh explained, Given our predominantly vegetarian population and rising incomes, the consumption of protein through pulses is increasing. To meet this growing demand, we can't rely solely on Myanmar. We must consider diversifying our production, which could include Brazil and Argentina. In 2023, India imported 3.1 million tonnes of pulses, mainly masur (lentils), tur, and urad, compared to 2 million tonnes the year before. Currently, India primarily imports these pulses from Myanmar, East African nations, Australia, and Canada. Amarnath Tripathi, an associate professor of economics at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida, explained, India's increasing population, along with a significant portion adhering to a vegetarian diet, drives the high demand for pulses. However, despite this demand, India struggles to produce enough pulses domestically, leading to annual imports. He added, Several factors contribute to this production shortfall, including India's food policy bias towards cereals over pulses, resulting in a significant decline in the area cultivated for pulses. The area dedicated to sowing kharif or monsoon pulses, including tur and urad, decreased by 4.2% in the 2023-24 crop year to 12.4 million hectares, compared to the normal sowing area of nearly 14 million hectares, as per data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Key pulse-growing states in India include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan. Brazil currently produces nearly 3 million tonnes of pulses, including 10,000 tonnes of urad and less than 3,000 tonnes of chickpeas, peas, and lentils. While Brazil has shown interest in trading and collaborating with India, it has also emphasized the importance of stability and predictability in trade policies. Mauricio stated that a joint agenda and decisions on the next steps in this regard would be taken forward collaboratively. India's Development Push in Maldives Continues Amidst Strained Relations Turkish-American Relations on the Rise: Trade Expected to Flourish

News Track 19 Feb 2024 5:55 pm

Elvish Yadav REACTS To Fresh Development In Snake Venom Case: 'Nanga Hokar Nachunga Agar...'

Elvish Yadav has reacted to the latest development in the Noida rave party case, in which he was accused of using snake venom.

News18 19 Feb 2024 4:35 pm

Open threat: Drain covers are missing in citys shopping hub

Missing drain covers at the Sector 18 market in Noida have caused inconvenience to shoppers and potential damage to vehicles. The Noida Authority plans to replace the covers with fiber-reinforced polyester (FRP) material. Traders have also raised concerns about leakages, improper network connection of drains, and other infrastructure issues.

The Times of India 19 Feb 2024 9:32 am

Residents want govt to stop scheme to auction land in housing sectors

FONRWA urges UP CM to withdraw plot auction scheme to prevent an increase in land rates for residential sectors. Instead, a lottery system should be implemented. They also appeal for affordable housing under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Oil prices remain uncertain due to US interest rate cuts and Middle East tensions.

The Times of India 19 Feb 2024 8:16 am

Land given 2 yrs ago, work on nursing college to begin now

The Times of India 19 Feb 2024 8:15 am

2 on bike without helmets die in hit-&-run

The Times of India 19 Feb 2024 8:14 am

Need to pay off debt: Imposter held

The Times of India 19 Feb 2024 8:14 am

Petrol, Diesel Fresh Prices Announced: Check Rates In Your City On February 19

Petrol, and Diesel prices in Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Noida, and Gurugram on February 19, 2023

News18 19 Feb 2024 7:49 am

Indian Veteran Premier League Moved From Dehradun To Greater Noida, Set To Debut On Feb 23

Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports: Just a few days before it would kickoff, the organisers of the Indian Veteran Premier League (IVPL) have moved the event from the original venue Dehradun to Greater Noida and will now start on February 23. Six strong teams comprising some of the legends of the game will be fighting for honours in the first edition of the Indian Veteran Premier League (IVPL) at the Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida from February 23 to March 3. The field includes VVIP Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Legends, Red Carpet Delhi, Chhattisgarh Warriors, Telangana Tigers, and Mumbai Champions in the event being organized by the Board for Veteran Cricket in India (BVCI) and managed by 100 Sports. The announcement was made on Sunday by Praveen Tyagi, Acting President, Board of Veteran Cricket in India and Sudhir Kulkarni, Secretary, Board of Veteran Cricket in India during a press conference at Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida. We are delighted to announce the new venue for the Indian Veteran Premier League, that is Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex in Greater Noida. This decision aims to ensure the seamless staging and smooth execution of the league, providing an enhanced experience for both players and fans, said Praveen Tyagi, the Acting President of BVCI and Chairman of IVPL. An International Cricket stadium with a pavilion having facilities of two dressing rooms for playing teams, Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex is sure to enthral fans with its captivating beauty. The Stadium was also the home ground for the Afghanistan cricket team a few years ago. We are excited for the first edition of the Indian Veteran Premier League. As Secretary of the Board of Veteran Cricket in India, I believe in honouring the veterans of the past while inspiring the stars of the future. Today we are here to celebrate not just the skill, but the enduring spirit that defines our cricketing veterans, Sudhir Kulkarni, Secretary, BVCI said. The IVPL promises an extraordinary showcase of cricketing talent, bringing together veterans such as Virender Sehwag, Suresh Raina, Chris Gayle, Praveen Kumar, Herschelle Gibbs, Rajat Bhatia and many more. The players are excited to be playing in the league in Greater Noida. The IVPL will witness fierce competition among six formidable teams, including VVIP Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Legends, Red Carpet Delhi, Chhattisgarh Warriors, Telangana Tigers, and Mumbai Champions. Each team boasts a roster of iconic players from around the globe, enhancing the league's allure and competitiveness. The matches will be broadcast live in India on the Eurosport channel, DD Sports, and Fancode.

CNMSports 18 Feb 2024 7:00 pm

Happy people are seeing potential in writing as career: PM YUVA author Yashvardhan

Happy people are seeing potential in writing as career: PM YUVA author Yashvardhan Writer Yashvardhan Shukla, among the 41 under-30 authors selected this year from across the country for the PM YUVA scheme, is happy that finally people are coming around the idea that writing has potential and good writing is valued. The 23-year-old Shukla, who lives in Greater Noida, has been selected among hundreds of applicants for this year's 'YUVA: Prime Minister's Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors', implemented by the National Book Trust, under the Ministry of Education. Shukla, who has two published books to his credit, got selected for his proposal titled ''Do Bigha Democracy: A Study of Democracy in Hindi Cinema'', that meanders his interests in the history of Hindi Cinema and the evolution of Indian Society since the early 20th century. The proposal would now be developed into a full-fledged book under the PM YUVA mentorship programme, the NBT said. However, with his selection for the scheme, which carries a monetary reward, he is also relieved that the idea of becoming a professional writer is finding favour among people and good writing is being valued now. ''I was really pleased with my selection and think it's a nice opportunity. As a writer I've only dabbled with fiction as of yet. However, the entries this year had to be non-fiction, so that was a first for me. I'm really looking forward to delve deeper into my topic as I begin working on the first draft. It's challenging, but I feel prepared,'' he said. ''My mother (a schoolteacher) was really elated. She's finally coming around the idea that writing as a field has a lot of potential and good writing is valued. That makes me happy,'' Shukla told PTI. As part of the mentorship programme, the select 41 authors from across the country were recently invited to Delhi where they also had an opportunity to interact with President Droupadi Murmu at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and attend the World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan during a three-day tour. ''On the second day of the tour, we had a brief interaction with President Droupadi Murmu at the Rastrapati Bhavan. She emphasized the role of writers in the country and encouraged us to keep at it. We even ended up getting a group picture afterwards,'' Shukla said. On his experiences with other young authors, Shukla said all of them had come from incredibly diverse backgrounds from all parts of the country. ''Some of them turned out to be really good friends in a very short span of time, and I hope to keep in touch with them in the future. Apart from the wonderful experience, the accommodation and travel was also taken care of by the National Book Trust. I'm really grateful to them for this opportunity,'' he said. Shukla, who is currently enrolled for cinema studies at FTII Pune, is now working on an idea related to Allahabad (Prayagraj), his ancestral hometown. The idea is still nascent and under works to be discussed in detail, he added.

devdiscourse 18 Feb 2024 5:30 pm

Delhi-Noida Airport Corridor boosts connectivity

Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, announced the completion of a 60-kilometer-long corridor connecting southern and eastern parts of Delhi to the upcoming Noida International Airport and the Mumbai Expressway. The project, costing INR 4,463 crore, features six lanes, eight elevated sections, 10 flyovers, and six busways, along with three-lane service... The post Delhi-Noida Airport Corridor boosts connectivity first appeared on TravelBiz Monitor: India travel news, travel trends, tourism .

travelbizmonitor 18 Feb 2024 4:53 pm

Rare 'triple-dip' La Nina behind unusual air quality trend in India in 2022-23: Study

Rare 'triple-dip' La Nina behind unusual air quality trend in India in 2022-23: Study An unprecedented triple-dip La-Nina event, extended by climate change, triggered a peculiar trend in the 2022-23 winter season where air quality improved in north India while peninsular India recorded an increase in pollution levels, according to a new study released on Sunday. The three consecutive years of La Nia conditions (2020-23) - a rare triple-dip phenomenon - had widespread impacts on the ocean and climate across the globe. The study by a team of scientists led by Gufran Beig, Chair Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, emphasised that besides local emissions, rapidly changing climate is a significant factor affecting air quality. Published in the Elsevier Journal, the study reveals that the air quality worsened in peninsular Indian cities in the 2022-23 winter season but improved in the northern part of India, contrary to the trends seen in recent decades. Among the north Indian cities, Ghaziabad registered the most significant improvement with a reduction of 33 percent, followed by Rohtak (30 percent) and Noida (28 percent). Delhi, being the most critical and landlocked city, showed an improvement of around 10 percent. On the contrary, Mumbai recorded the highest deterioration with a 30 percent increase in PM2.5 levels, followed by other peninsular Indian cities like Coimbatore (28 percent), Bengaluru (20 percent), Chennai (12 percent), etc. Many North Indian cities almost reached the 5-year-long target set under the National Clean Air Programme in no time. What caused this had been a puzzle, the researchers said. ''The winter of 2022-23 coincided with the last phase of an unusual triple-dip La Nia event, the first in the 21st century. This phenomenon, influenced by climate change, impacted the large-scale wind pattern, playing a decisive role in preventing stagnation conditions in north Indian cities and thus improving air quality,'' said R H Kripalani, a climate scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology and co-author of the report. In contrast, it led to calmer conditions in peninsular Indian cities, accelerating transboundary pollution and significantly deteriorating air quality, he added. ''The dominance of higher northerly winds at the transport level forced an influx, along with relatively slower winds near the surface, trapping pollutants in peninsular India and increasing PM2.5 concentration. Conversely, feeble western disturbances, unique wind patterns, and the absence of rain, clouds, and faster ventilation led to a significant improvement in air quality in the north,'' Kripalani said. To validate their hypothesis, the scientists used the newly developed advanced NIAS-SAFAR air quality forecasting model, which combines a chemical-transport model with an indigenously developed modern artificial intelligent algorithm. ''Our findings are vindicated as the air quality in the winter of 2023-24, when La Nina ended, returned to normal levels,'' Beig said. ''The findings of the current paper suggest that we need to wake up to the fact that extreme and unusual occurrences in air pollution phenomena are directly or indirectly manifestations of climate change,'' he said. ''Such revelations, in all probability, are set to increase by leaps and bounds unless we focus on a long-term strategy to reduce the menace of anthropogenic emissions directly at the source. That would be a win-win situation for both air quality and climate change,'' he said.

devdiscourse 18 Feb 2024 12:24 pm

Booster shot: Sector biggies to make Uttar Pradesh a pharma hub

Dr Reddys Laboratory, Rockwell Automation, and other Telangana pharmaceutical companies plan to invest in Uttar Pradesh. They are attracted by the pro-pharma policies of the Yogi government. The companies are interested in setting up research labs and manufacturing units in different locations in Noida, Greater Noida, and Lalitpur.

The Times of India 18 Feb 2024 9:30 am

Chief secy wants info codes on Van murals

The Times of India 18 Feb 2024 8:14 am

Registry camps now in city every Sunday

The Times of India 18 Feb 2024 8:14 am

From Face Of E-Revolution To Traffic Nightmare

The Times of India 18 Feb 2024 8:13 am

Bad air fight: Delhi gets 2.5% of funds

Delhi received Rs 42 crore to combat air pollution, while other cities like Lucknow, Patna, Bhopal, Ghaziabad, Gwalior, Kota, Ludhiana, and Noida also received funds. The National Clean Air Programme aims to reduce PM levels by 40% by 2025-26. Annual action plans are prepared by cities, and the implementation is monitored through the Prana online portal.

The Times of India 18 Feb 2024 8:12 am

Borders sealed, roads choked: Traders fear losses

Farmers' protest causing traffic snarls, production delays, price increases. Slow raw material supply, financial losses, low footfall. Request for dialogue to resolve issues without disrupting citizens' lives.

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 3:41 pm

Lko, Noida among key cities with big investments

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 9:22 am

1.5 lakh to appear for constable exam from Noida and Gzb

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 8:16 am

Cabinet note on Surakshas Wish Town plan likely soon

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 8:16 am

DM Chowk set to become wireless by end of March?

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 8:15 am

Curbs choke city roads, traders fear losses

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 8:15 am

6 condo residents thrash woman feeding strays, booked

The Times of India 17 Feb 2024 8:14 am

Pak woman Seema Haiders first husband hires lawyer in India to bring his children back home

Karachi/Noida: The first husband of Seema Haider, a Pakistani woman who illegally crossed over to India with her four children in 2023 to be with her lover, has hired an Indian lawyer to help him get his underage kids back, a top rights activist said in Karachi Friday. Seema Haider, who is from Jacobabad in []

orissapost 16 Feb 2024 6:16 pm

Section 144 in Noida due to Bharat Bandh; check complete traffic advisory here

The Gautam Buddh Nagar Police has imposed restrictions under CrPC Section 144 across the district in anticipation of the Bharat Bandh called by farmers' unions. The police have advised commuters to be aware of traffic diversions in Noida and to use the metro rail service whenever possible. The Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) and Bharatiya Kisan Parishad (BKP) have extended their support to the Bharat Bandh. The police will implement Section 144 to prevent unlawful assembly and demonstrations. They have also prohibited the use of private drones near government establishments and the possession of weapons in public places.

The Times of India 16 Feb 2024 12:20 pm

Realtors can opt for govt relief till Feb 22

The Times of India 16 Feb 2024 8:16 am

Footbridge location changed? Gr Noida issues notice to co

The Times of India 16 Feb 2024 8:15 am

Man kills friend at her PG, returns home & hangs self

The Times of India 16 Feb 2024 8:15 am

Dues not paid, 5k in Gr Noida may lose power connections

The Times of India 16 Feb 2024 8:14 am

Up and down the tube: Interactive museum at Shivaji Stadium metro station in Delhi

As you exit the Shivaji Stadium station, an inviting hoarding catches your eye -- The Metro Experience, it reads. The centrepiece of this innovative museum inside the station, open to the public recently for an immersive experience, is the thrilling simulator, offering visitors a rare opportunity to step into the shoes of a metro driver. TMS spent a few hours of a morning here to test drive it. Like a scene from a high-tech video game, the simulator places you in a recreated metro cabin, with a dashboard and a lifelike control panel. With a joystick at your command, you navigate through virtual landscapes, experiencing the twists and turns of metro tracks, from underground tunnels to elevated bridges. Pre-recorded metro announcements echo in the background, providing a true-to-life experience of a metro ride. Pulling the lever means that the journey has started, and the controls are in the joystick. The metro starts when you pull back the joystick and when you are about to arrive at a station you can just simply push the joystick forward. The dashboard includes various indicators, among which is a model of a monitor enabling the driver to observe the metro gates. This monitor serves the purpose of monitoring gate traffic, allowing the driver to make informed decisions regarding their operation, including the option to close them if necessary. Taking the quiz Despite Shivaji Stadium being a station primarily serving commuters travelling to and from the airport or having workplaces around the metro line, the metro museum draws good traffic. Visitors from far and wide, like Aadit S Pandey, 20, from Noida, are drawn to the museums immersive exhibits. For Aadit, the highlight is the floor-mounted LED monitor Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) quizWhen was the womens coach introduced in Delhi metro?, In which year did Delhi metro enter the NCR for the first time? or Which Delhi metro station has the tallest escalator? offering daily users fascinating insights into lesser-known facets of Delhi Metros infrastructure. The DMRC quiz I was aware of the tallest DMRC escalator at Janakpuri West since it was mentioned at that metro station. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Hauz Khas has the deepest escalator. Its fascinating to learn such details about daily transport, says Pandey. Ambesh Jha, 19, from Patparganj, similarly praises the museums interactive approach. I have visited the metro museum at Patel Chowk, but that is not interactive, this one is, which not only educates but also entertains, making learning about the DMRC an enjoyable experience, he says. Plans to relocate Even those not using the metro on a particular day, make it a point to stop by to visit the museum, such as Satyajit, a travel agency worker. For him, witnessing the intricate network of underground and above-ground metro lines on display provides a newfound appreciation for the DMRCs efforts in connecting different parts of the city. The museums two wide-screen digital kiosks further elevate the experience, offering a glimpse into DMRCs remarkable journey since its inception in 1995, as well as guiding visitors to iconic landmarks and tourist attractions near metro stations. While the museums initial home is at Shivaji Stadium, plans are already in motion for a grand relocation to the Supreme Court metro station. Set to unveil a plethora of new exhibits, this move promises an even more immersive and enlightening experience for metro enthusiasts soon.

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When the Twain Meet

In the past one year, India has seen exponential growth. There is a market for everyone here, only if you know how to study the pulse of the audience, is the opening remark of UK-based designer Raishma Islam as she sits before me in one of her creations, an orange print maxi dress featuring button details running down the centre, sheer bishop sleeves with plackets at the shoulders, placement print on the cuffs and a white overcoat to combat Delhis weather. Islams eponymous brand boasts a global customer base comprising Hollywood stars such as Amanda Holden, Goldie Hawn, and British royal family members Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, nieces of King Charles. The brand has a boutique store in Marylebone, London, since 1998; here it houses its ready-to-wear collection, bespoke bridal pieces and the recently launched studio collection, a line of dresses. After nearly three decades of success, she is now eyeing expansion. Islam places India at the forefront, sharing her longstanding connection with the country. She tells TMS: Since the early 2000s, I have been outsourcing my work to factories in Faridabad and Noida. My collection is made in India. So why not have a market here I thought. West Asia, starting with Dubai, and the US are also in her sights. Sustainable luxury fits Offering a virtual tour of her debut collection, set to launch on Nykaa Luxury, Aza Fashions, and eventually Tata CLiQ starting March 1, Islam underlines the collections resonance with the Indian audience. I noticed a gap for a high-quality and affordable line of printed dresses, which women can wear to office, parties and even on a day out, she says. The carefully chosen 30 pieces are made of fabrics such as viscose, chiffon and cotton; they have a vibrant colour palette and floral prints, detailing around the collar, printed borders and straight-fit silhouettes. It is a vibrant collection and has a Bohemian feel. The studio collection, with a price range between Rs 13,000 and Rs 18,000, is available in seven sizes, ranging from six to 18. In 2021, I started Raishma Studio to develop a collection of elegant, flattering, and well-priced styles that worked for many customer profiles, she explains. I want people to invest in luxury fits and repeat them. Hoarding clothes isnt the right practice. Sustainability is an essential pillar of Islams collection. So, what are the steps she is taking to stay committed to this virtue? We use plastic, which is over 70 per cent recycled, and cotton tote bags instead of the paper ones. We are a slow-fashion brand. Our dresses not only last years but are timeless, she adds. They are also looking forward to adding linen to their sustainable fabric mix. Islam says she has a clear vision to provide affordable and sustainable luxury in India and become the flag bearer of West meets East. From the collection Cultural roots Raised in the UK, Raishmas mother is from Karachi and her father from Kolkata. My dream of becoming a fashion designer began early. I learnt from my mother. I received my first sewing machine at eight and havent stopped creating since, she says. By 12, Islam was creating fusion outfits. As she grew up watching Pakeezah, Umrao Jaan, and Amar Akbar Anthony, she was always drawn to style and glamour. Her British Asian heritage exposed her to diverse cultural influences, fuelling her passion for uniting the Easts silks, hand embroidery, and vibrant colours with Western cuts and tailoring. She draws inspiration from history, art, and nature when it comes to prints and designs. It ranges from British socialist and textile designer William Morris artworks to Oscar-Claude Monets coral reefs and Japanese florals. Highly inquisitive by nature, I am constantly searching for new inspirations, which keep my designs at the forefront of fashion and make women feel confident and beautiful, she explains. Couture relationships While stitching and embroidery were deeply rooted in her culture, Islams love for couture blossomed when she worked with Elizabeth Emmanuel, co-designer of Princess Dianas famous wedding dress. It was an incredible experience. I learned to use corsetry and create structured boned bodices, which I later incorporated into my couture. As a designer, I picked up two skills from Emmanuel: attention to detail and precise fitting, she says. Over the years, Islam has worked with numerous stars of the showbiz world. Her most memorable experience has been with singer Melanie B of the Spice Girls. One of my favourites is a jacket and a pair of hot pants hand-encrusted with Swarovski pieces. We designed it together on a Saturday, and she was wearing it live on ITV the following weekend. The entire piece was handmade within just six days. It was stressful but fun, she recalls. Ahead of her launch in India, Islam has collaborated with Bollywood stars as well. Actors such as Raveena Tandon, Mouni Roy, Mandana Karimi, Gauahar Khan and Adaa Khan have been her muses. Some other collaborations are in the pipeline, she says, with a wink.

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Baharat Bandh today: Traffic curbs on Delhi, Noida routes set to slow you down

Due to the Gramin Bharat Bandh, Delhi Metro is recommended for appointments on Friday as curbs and checks are increased at Delhi's borders. Noida Police announced additional checks, expecting traffic pressure. Farmers demand MSP and compensation for deceased farmers.

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Underground cables for part of Sector 26

The Noida power department will remove tangling overhead wires from Sector 26, a densely populated sector. The work, costing Rs 42 lakh, will be done by March 31. Two separate cable lines will be laid underground to mitigate power outages. Overgrown trees and birds have been causing disruptions.

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Noida Haat: A potpourri of craft, culture & cuisine at Saras fair

The fourth edition of Saras Aajeevika Mela will be held at Noida Haat in Sector 33A from Feb 16 to March 4. Around 400 craftswomen from 28 states will showcase self-made products at 200 stalls. The fair will feature handloom, handicrafts, and food from Meghalaya to Tamil Nadu. The food court will serve a variety of regional cuisines.

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Connecting dots: Seamless traffic from south Delhi to Mumbai Express likely by December

NEW DELHI: Two significant road links DND flyways-Sohna highway and Delhi-Dehradun Express 1 are being readied for December opening to ease traffic jams in south, southeast and northeast Delhi. Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said the three packages of 60-km-long highway connecting Noida-Delhi-Faridabad and Delhi Mumbai Express would be fully operational before December. This expansive infrastructure initiative costing Rs 7,000 crore seamlessly interlinks major highways DND flyways, Delhi-Meerut, Kundli-Manesar -Palwal, NH 2 (Delhi-Agra), Delhi Mumbai Expressway, and will also facilitate smooth connectivity to under-construction Jewar International airport. The first package starts at DND flyway near Maharani Bagh and passes along the Yamuna. The portion is likely to be completed by December. The second package beginning from Jaitpur Pushta road terminates at a junction in sector 62-65 in Faridabad. The 210 km access-controlled Delhi-Dehradun expressway with operational speed limit of 100 kmph will be completed by the end of this year, Gadkari said.The minister said Indias first elevated urban expressway, Dwarka Express, is almost complete and the Prime Minister will soon inaugurate it. Mathura Road remains heavily congested. The biggest benefit of this DND flyway-Sohna highway will be that traffic on this route coming to Nizamuddin will reduce by half. It will take 20-30 minutes to reach Jewar airport. To Delhi-Mumbai express, people will not need to go to Dhaula Kuan, they would be able to go to the express directly using this route, said Gadkari. Easing traffic With the DND flyway-Sohna highway, traffic on the route to Nizamuddin will reduce by half. It will take 20-30 minutes to reach Jewar airport. With Delhi-Mumbai express, people need not go to Dhaula Kuan, they would be able to go to the express directly via this route

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The spring in our step

It is officially spring in India, with Basant Panchami being celebrated across the length and breadth of the country on February 14. The grey skies of January have given way to cerulean blue skies of February, and all around you, vibrant flowers adorn the shrubs and trees almost as if theyre giggling with happiness as they sway to the cold breeze. In almost every step, Im reminded of Shelleys lines from his poem, Ode to the West Wind, where he says, If winter comes , can spring be far behind Back in my kitchen, as I chopped plump cauliflowers and red carrots to make the khichuri for Saraswati puja, I chuckled at the memories from my childhood spent across small hill towns. Multiple communities lived together and celebrated every festival with gusto. On the day of puja, we would be invited to the house of our neighbours from Bengal. I would carry my mathematics text book to be placed at the goddess feet and seek her blessings to help me sail through the dreaded subject! After the puja, we would be treated to a feast of khichuri, labra (a Bengal-origin mixed vegetable main course), beguni (fried aubergine fritters coated with besan), chaatni (a chutney prepared with tomatoes, dates and raisins) and papad (or papor, as the Bengalis would call it). The meal would end with a payesh that was polished clean by us. Over time, I learnt that was the quintessential puja fare at not just their houseit is so in all of Bengal. Meanwhile, at my Punjabi household, there would be zardasweetened rice flavoured with cardamom, saffron, dried fruit. Soaked basmati rice is cooked with cardamom and a pinch of saffron and turmeric, and then later mixed with ghee, sugar and dry fruits like cashews, almonds and pistachios. This dish is somewhat similar to what Bengalis have as basanti pulaoreminding me once more of the kind of cultural exchanges that took place between the eastern and north-western frontiers. But this isnt just so in Punjab or Bengalin Jodhpur, Rajasthan, I came across a dish called Binach. Gurugram-based home chef, Surabhi Bhandari, is one among many who hail from the region, and have flaunted it as their Basant Panchami fare on their Instagram. A somewhat different fare on this auspicious day is served in Maharashtra. The course of food here are hot, hearty puran polisflatbreads stuffed with sweetened chana dal, and cardamom to flavour it. It is topped with tup or ghee, and served with a flavourful amtia sweet and savoury daal. In Himachal Pradesh, the course is slightly different. Noida-based, Himachal-origin home chef, Nikita Kuthiala, tells me that their household, too, would traditionally cook dishes with a yellow hue. It can be meethe chawal, kadhi, rerhu or makke ki roti, which would mark the significance of the day, she says. Given that the day is a true confluence of cultures from across India, there is perhaps no place better to experience the unity in Indias diversity, than in the National Capital Region. One such example is the gorgeous Basant celebrations in the dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya, in Delhi. The annual celebration dates back to the 12th century, and marks the arrival of spring. What you truly realise with Basant Panchami celebrations is a preview of our annual festive season that begins in September. It is a day when everyone comes together to eat food that is not just connected in colour, but in its very soul. It celebrates the produce of the season, and adds joy by amplifying the celebrations to everyone, from across any community or social strata. It was, hence, no surprise, that on the day, I found all of my neighbours at my residence have a very similar menu to what Id made. In times of strife, theres perhaps no greater way to find ties that unite usthan over a hearty, soulful festive meal. Vernika Awal is a food writer who is known for her research-based articles through her blog Delectable Reveries

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Waterlogging killed wetland trees: Clean chit to bikemaker

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Trees on flight take-off path: NIAL told to remove them

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A potpourri of craft, culture & cuisine at Saras mela

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Noida boy (17) tops in UP in JEE Mains

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Man supplies Hry liquor to Noida societies, held

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Teacher on way to school stopped, shot at by 2 teens

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Farmers' protest: Jams ease, not anxiety, at fortified Delhi borders

Traffic flow at Delhi's borders with Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon eased after restrictions were eased and more lanes were opened. However, NH-9 at UP Gate remained closed for the third day. Commuters faced detours and tailbacks due to the farmer's protest.

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Farmers' protest: Jams ease, not anxiety, at fortified borders

Traffic flow at Delhi's borders with Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon eased after restrictions were eased and more lanes were opened. However, NH-9 at UP Gate remained closed for the third day. Commuters faced detours and tailbacks due to the farmer's protest.

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Couple dies, daughter (5) in critical care as car rams bike

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Langur posters dont help, Noida looks for monkey catchers now

Residents of Gardenia Gateway put up langur posters to scare away a troublesome monkey. However, the monkey was not affected by the posters. The reason behind monkeys fearing langurs is believed to be their larger size.

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BSNL made a big announcement! From this day mobile, internet and broadband services will become more affordable.

BSNL Mega Plan: BSNL is going to make a splash in the coming days in every village and city of the country. There is going to be a big change in the lives of mobile, internet and broadband consumers of cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai as well as Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Noida, Patna, Lucknow and [] The post BSNL made a big announcement! From this day mobile, internet and broadband services will become more affordable. first appeared on discountwalas .

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Jeweller goes missing with 10L & gold, car found by road

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Bad weather? Bird count down in all city wetlands

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Facial muscles feeling numb? Dont ignore it, say doctors

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Delhi PWD Minister Atishi approves projects for rehabilitating roads between Akshardham and Noida

Delhi PWD Minister Atishi has sanctioned projects focused on rehabilitation of roads connecting Akshardham and Noida with the goal of enhancing traffic movement. According to an official statement, this highlighted the Delhi governments commitment to a mission aimed at enhancing the quality and safety of roads in the city for...

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Residents worried over farmers' call for 'chakka jam' on Feb 16

Residents urge Rakesh Tikait, the national president of Bharatiya Kisan Union, to engage in a dialogue with the government and the state chief minister to address the farmers' demands. They express concern about the potential fallout of the 'chakka jam' protest.

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After a 13-day search, body of bizmans son found in canal

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Cylinder explosion brings down walls in Noida, four injured

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Pragati Maidan tunnel, Prime Ministers pride is now monument of shame: Congress

NEW DELHI: With the recently constructed tunnel at Pragati Maidan being closed for commuters owing to cracks in the structure, the Delhi unit of Congress on Sunday alleged that the tunnel constructed for Rs 777 crore and inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now turned out to be a monument of shame. The tunnel was the finest example of the amritkaal of the BJP rule, as flawed design and hasty construction have made it unusable and dangerous, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Arvinder Singh Lovely alleged. Lovely said the tunnel project was a flawed construction as during the monsoon rains, it was flooded with rainwater and the murals on its walls were damaged. Over its construction, the senior Congress leader asked why the accused have not been booked yet. Why wasnt the guilty for the shoddy construction of the tunnel brought to book while the Modi government unleashes Central agencies like ED, CBI and IT on political opponents at the slightest pretext? he alleged. Last week, a Delhi Public Works Department (PWD) official said the delay in the completion of the tunnel and negligence in its maintenance led to large cracks in the structure that now require a complete overhaul. The tunnel at present is not safe for commuters. The condition is such that it cannot be repaired without a major revamp, the official said.The 1.3-km-long tunnel and five underpasses linking it are part of the Pragati Maidan Integrated Transit Corridor Project that aimed to ease connectivity between central Delhi with eastern parts of the city and satellite towns of Noida and Ghaziabad. It had witnessed multiple closures due to waterlogging during the floods last year. Lovely said over accountability, a blame game is going on while the commuters are suffering. After squandering hundreds of crores of rupees of taxpayers money for the construction of the tunnel, the PWD, which was given the job to execute the project, in turn, engaged L&T for the work, was now engaged in a mutual blame games while the commuters suffer. He wondered if there was a design flaw in the project, why wasnt it detected before the construction work began, the Congress leader alleged.

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Three Africans held with cocaine and other drugs in Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has busted an international narcotic drugs syndicate and arrested three foreign nationals in this regard, an official said on Sunday. The accused, identified as David Narh and Emmanual Owusu Nsiah, both residents of Ghana and Chimobi David Okpara, a native of Nigeria, were arrested with a total of 64 grams fine quality cocaine and 20 pills of ecstasy that were recovered from their possession. Sharing details, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Amit Kaushik said the Trans Yamuna Range of Special Cell, has been assigned with the task of keeping watch over the activities of party drug suppliers especially in the Trans Yamuna area of Delhi. In this process, specific information was received about the movement of two people involved in supplying party drugs, the DCP said. He said, accordingly, a team was formed which laid a trap on SFS Flats road, Mayur Vihar phase-3, Delhi, and the accused persons, David Narh and Emmanual Owusu Nsiah, who were on a scooty were intercepted. On their search, a total of 56.69-gram cocaine and 20 pills of ecstasy were recovered, the officer said, adding, a criminal case under the appropriate sections of law was registered against them in this regard and the accused were taken on police remand. During interrogation, the alleged duo disclosed the name of another accused Chimobi David Okpara, who was the source of the recovered contraband, and who was also apprehended later. Later he was produced in court and a search warrant of his flat in a Greater Noida Society was issued. Efforts are on to identify the chain of the syndicate, the official said.

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New schools timings in Noida from Monday

Gautam Budh Nagar district in India has announced new timings for schools, with classes from nursery to 12th starting at 8:30am. This change in timings is due to the improved weather conditions in the National Capital Region. Previously, classes from nursery to 8th were scheduled from 10am to 3pm. The minimum and maximum temperature in Gautam Budh Nagar on Saturday was recorded at 6.5 and 23.1 degrees Celsius (C) respectively.

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GBU inks pact with IBC for Buddhist studies

The Times of India 11 Feb 2024 8:15 am

Four students come to blows outside univ gate, booked

The Times of India 11 Feb 2024 8:15 am