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India's Favourite Cryptocurrencies

The Cryptocurrency market in India is estimated to add 20,00 users every month. As per a Reuters report, the Indian IT (Income Tax) Departm

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What Are The Types Of Non Performing Assets?

When an individual fails to repay or return the money borrowed from a lender, then such kind of a loan becomes nonperforming in the books o

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Why NFO mobilisation is at 9-year high

Equity NFOs had a boom period in 2005-2008 where over 170 new equity schemes hit the market.

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Don't stop SIP till you need money!

Despite uncertain times and market volatility ahead, investors should continue with their disciplined investing via SIPs.

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Union Budget 2018: Why LTCG On Equity May Not Be Reintrodcued This Year Too?

As it is Indian stock markets have reached new peaks with the Nifty in intraday trade on January 19, 2018 reaching new highs of 10,900 and

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Debt Mutual Fund vs Bank Fixed Deposit: For Better Returns Bet On Debt MFs?

FDs are unlikely to fetch high returns but as against some of the experts have also proposed an increase in these instruments as the liquid

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MCLR Rate Increase: Know By How Much Your Loans Will Get Dearer

Against the SBI's move which brought a rate cut to pass on the benefits of key policy rates to end borrowers, many private sectors have say

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Invested in Bitcoin etc? Get ready for the taxman

Income tax department sends out notices to cryptocurrency investors on suspicion of tax evasion.

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Does India Have a Cryptocurrency Regulatory Body?

We do know that India has a regulatory body for its securities market. It is the Securities and Exchange Board of India, also known as SEBI

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Understanding the e-Way Bill Under GST

The e-way bill compliance was launched on a trial basis from 16th of January and will be full-fledged from the 1st of February, 2018. The s

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NPS Partial Withdrawal Rules Relaxed: Know Details

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has relaxed the norms per se partial withdrawal to allow its subscribers to w

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What Is Fiscal Slippage? Is It Different From Fiscal Deficit?

Fiscal slippage in simple terms is any deviation in expenditure from the expected. To understand it better, we take into account an example

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Introduction to the Indian Stock Market

If you are new to the investing in equities, you will have numerous questions about the workings of a stock market. This article will help

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Best Insurance Plans For Children In India

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of contract, represented by policy, in which an individual or entity r

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Insurance Plans For Children In India

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of contract, represented by policy, in which an individual or entity r

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How To Link Aadhaar With KSC Apex Bank Account

Aadhaar Number is a 12-digit, identification number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), to the residen

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How Much Do you Know About The Team Deciding Union Budget 2018?

The Indian Ministry of Finance consists of Five Departments. The members of these departments help with concerns related to taxation, finan

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How private sector investment can turn around agriculture

From linking innovation with supply of inputs to providing contract farming, the private sector can help agriculture move to the next stage

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Top 10 Mutual Funds for 2018

Salil Dhawan reveals the MFs that have not only performed well in the past but have a promising outlook for the future too.

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'Buy 10 good stocks and you are set for a lifetime!'

'Trust a fund manager, buy some small-cap funds and stay invested.'

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Have you renewed your insurance policy?

Your entire contribution can go down the drain if policies are not renewed on time

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Markets Surge To Record Highs; Banking Stocks Lead

Benchmark indices surged to new record highs on solid global cues and on reports of 100 per cent FDI in banks. Global cues were also strong

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Budget Expectations 2018: Insurance Sector Demands Lower GST Rate, 80C Limit..

Like any other sector insurance sector also suffered the blows due to demonetisation due to which money saw its channnelisation in illegal

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Govt mulls 100% foreign investment in private banks

It is also considering to hike FDI cap for public sector from 20 per cent to 49 per cent

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What Mark to Market Losses Means For Banking Industry In India?

The banking industry after being spooked with the worsening asset quality has now another cause of concern as the bond yields are soaring t

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Gold vs Bitcoin: Which Is A Better Investment Option?

Only few months back, bitcoins were termed as a new gold as it after valuing equal to one ounce of gold on an international level even surp

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How to Link Aadhar to your Airtel Number Online? For Senior Citizens, NRIs & ..

Last year, the only way to link your Airtel sim to your Aadhar number was to physically go to their store. Fortunately, Bharathi Airtel has

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How to Link Aadhar to Your Airtel Number Using Toll-Free Number?

In 2017, we did not have the option to link our numbers to our sim cards through online platforms and needed to visit the telecom operators

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Sensex Hits 35,000 Points For The First Time As Govt Cuts Borrowing

The Sensex hits 35,000 points for the first time, as the government cut its borrowing programme and on hopes that the Union Budget would pu

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Retirement Benefit Plans in India

Retirement is withdrawal from one's position or occupation from active working life. After retirement, one will not get to enjoy the benefi

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Why loan against property can be risky

Most borrowers of loans against property pin hopes on future cash flows from their business, but in case of failure to repay the loan, the

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Modi to woo global investors at WEF meet in Davos

Infrastructure, manufacturing and telecom are understood to be among the focus sectors

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Agriculture Oriented Stocks May Rally Ahead Of Union Budget

Stocks related to the agriculture sector may rally in the coming months as the government may increase the planned outlay towards the secto

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Amber Enterprises IPO Issue To Open Today: Should You Subscribe?

The third IPO issue by Amber Enterprises of 2018 after Apollo Microsystems and Newgen is to hit the market today. The company is one of Ind

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What is the Difference Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

If you look at the top 5 currencies, you will notice not just Bitcoin but its alter-ego 'Bitcoin cash' and wonder why there are two types w

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10-year ELSS to save tax: Should you buy?

The tax filing season is here, and mutual funds have launched tax-saving products.

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8 golden money lessons to keep your finances healthy

Managing your money in January will set the trend for rest of the year, says Adhil Shetty.

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Investing in 2018: Stay safe, stay alert

Stockmarket Gurus Raamdeo Agrawal, Manish Gunwani, S Naren and Nilesh Shah discuss their favourite themes for the New Year.

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How to make most of your money in 2018

'The best way to start is to understand your finances.'

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200 Days Of GST: How This Tax Reform Fared So Far And What's Ahead?

GST the new indirect tax regime which subsumed some dozen taxes in its ambit only to encourage better tax compliance and to be less hefty o

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Why Betting On Gold Makes Sense Even When Stock Market Reaches New Peaks?

Gold has always been favoured by almost everyone in India if not from an investment perspective that would draw gains but from emotional co

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After Stern Global Action:This Is What Indian Govt Plans For Cryptocurrencies..

Across the globe cryptocurrencies including bitcoins are under high surveillance owing to the massive rise in price merely driven by specu

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Savings in Post Office Schemes

Post offices are one of the safest places where people can save the money. In India, every locality has a post office. Apart from accepting

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Financial Institutions to ensure US TIN for pre-existing accounts is reported

New Delhi: All Indian Reporting Financial Institutions (RFIs) are to ensure that the United States Tax Identity Number (TIN) is reported of

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How To Open A Tier-II NPS Account?

Under the National Pension System exists two sub-accounts, NPS Tier I and Tier II. While NPS Tier-I is a basic retirement account, the Tier

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Sensex scales new high on investor optimism

Investors turned optimistic after better-than-expected macro-economic data and corporate earnings.

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Investing in tax-savings funds? 7 things you must know

A mistake here can prove costly.

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6 money tips to secure your post-retirement

If you plan to withdraw money from your corpus regularly to meet expenses, have a portfolio of stable instruments.

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Is it time to consolidate your loans?

If your are hassled with too many EMIs, bring them all under one umbrella and pay a single amount

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Why this policyholder lost his insurance claim case

Carefully read the policy and understand the scope of coverage and benefits available.

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