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Kareena Kapoor Gorgeous look in a Blue Suit

Kareena Kapoor is setting some major goals from his new traditional and elegant look. The actress opted for a Bright Blue outfit for her promotional looks for Laal Singh Chaddha. The actress's look is also creating a feeling of positivity. Certain blues deserves to stay in our lives forever and this aqua-hued attire definitely belongs to the list. Currently high on glitz and elegance is this blue and gold attire. Her Beautiful and Elegant look for the event is giving some major Fashion Goals. This Lakshmi Lehr picked out Devnaagri's kurta set which already looks like the one that would be so in demand. The chanderi silk kurta entailed vertical stripes put out with gold zari work and with design detailing too. The Dress had a V neckline with its gold triangle embroidered patterns and short sleeves. The color of the outfit is looking very pretty. Her latest look included palazzo pants with horizontal gold stripes to play as highlights. Also included in this Rs. 26,500 combo was an organza dupatta with tasseled detail, scalloped embroidered gold-colored borders, and broad designs placed on it The actress complemented her look with beautiful accessories the best ones like multi-colored embellished juttis and jhumkas. Her hair is looking very beautiful and complements the outfit. The actress doesnt opt for very Bold makeup and the makeup is looking very natural. She looked stunning with a glossy pink pout. Effective ways to get rid of Sweating naturally CAPTURE A TRIP: A COMMUNITY TO TRAVEL WITH This Rakhi, a rare gift to your loved ones

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This Rakhi, a rare gift to your loved ones

Unique and creative gift that will bring a smile to the sisters fact New Delhi, August 08, 2022: Rakhi is around the corner and its time to surprise your sister with a gift full of thoughtfulness with Assemblys recently launched range of Hard luggage, STARK. The STARK collection has an all-time classic appeal and provides a smooth experience, making it a perfect fit for all your travel plans . All the products are designed to make travel aspirational and travelling hassle free. The hard shell collection is specially designed for the new age traveller and their endless travel stories. The luggage comes with a set of three packing cubes to organize the clothing, shoes & toiletries to make your packing easy. The external pockets of the bag make a perfect fit for the laptop and accessories. Also, the smooth wheels are the perfect fit for all kinds of roads. Gift your sister a comfortable experience with Assembly that she will love, for her perfect airport looks. Assemblys travel luggage is going to make her think of you no matter how far she is traveling. The stylish Stark collection is the perfect gift for your sister, this Rakhi. About Assembly Assembly is a D2C brand that is transforming the modern travel experience by creating exceptional products for luggage and travel gear. For the frequent & discerning modern traveller, we want to be the brand of choice for items required on a trip, whether business or leisure. Best Travel Movies to fuel your Wanderlust Alcohol Facts: Why do people speak English after drinking? Revealed in research This new low-calorie sweetener could also improve gut health

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Video!! Genelia Dsouza lost 4 kg weight in six week

One of the most loved actresses in the Industry Genelia Dsouza usually shares posts and videos on her social media. The actress shared her weight loss journey which can serve as one of the best examples if you want to lose weight. On Monday, Genelia took to her Instagram page to share a video, featuring Riteish Deshmukh and John Abraham, documenting her achievements at the gym. With the video of her weight loss Journey the actress also pens a note on her weight loss journey. She wrote, So 6 weeks done. And it was a great journey. From 59.4 kgs to 55.1kgs. I started with a lot of doubt, a lot of insecurity but today apart from reaching the goal I feel a lot more confident, disciplined, and a lot more structured as a person. I want fitness to be a part of my life, I want to not get disheartened every time I binge and I also want to be aware that there's a reason it's called cheat meals and not your regular diet. The actress also wrote about the importance of fitness in life and she will continues her journey. She further added, I want to be able to talk, every time my scale shows a higher weight without feeling guilty about it and I want to also make it evident that, just weight in fitness, is not the only thing that matters but rather muscle development, agility, flexibility matters too And hence I'm going to continue this journey, being as transparent as I can and bringing forward the good days and not so good days too. See you soon till then. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Genelia Deshmukh (@geneliad) Actress in her post talked about all the hard work the actress did in order to lose her weight, Jenelais transformation and weight loss Journey in mind-blowing. If there is a will there is a way. So, if you also want to lose your weight and stay healthy then take inspiration from her. MONSTA Xs I.M leaves Starship Entertainment, other members to renew contracts NCT 127 is set to make a comeback in September Best Travel Movies to fuel your Wanderlust

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5 Ayurvedic Remedies to treat Hair Loss

As time passes the importance of Ayurveda is increasing as people these days are looking for natural and chemical-free treatment. Hair Fall is one of the most common problems and here are the best natural remedies to treat it. Amla Paste : You must be aware of the advantages of Amla for hair treatment. Various oil is also available on the market and there is no doubt that it is one of the best remedies for your hair treatment. Mix lime juice andamla powderto make a paste. Massage it into your scalp and hair. Use a shower cap to cover your head so that the paste doesnt dry out. Keep it for an hour and then rinse it off with normal water. Neem Paste: The importance of neem in Ayurveda is known and it doesnt only help to increase your hair growth but it also has various other health benefits. Take some neem leaves Add a little bit of warm water. Apply on hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and wait for an hour or so and then Shampoo your hair Shikakai: Take about 2 tablespoons of Shikakai powder and add it to a jar of coconut oil. Store the container in a cool, dark place for about 15 days. Shake before use. Massage your scalp with this at least twice a week. After days of application, you can feel the results of this remedy. Coconut, Blackpepper, and Methis: Y ou might think that this process is long but it is very effective and the combination of these components is very effective. Grate coconut and simmer the grated pieces in a pan for about five minutes. Strain and cool. Add one tablespoon each of crushed black pepper and methi to it. Apply to scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, rinse with a shampoo.2. Strain and cool. Add one tablespoon each of crushed black pepper and methi to it. Apply to scalp and hair. After 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo. Methi Paste: Soak methi seeds overnight in water. Grind to a fine paste and apply to hair and scalp. Leave the paste on your head for about half an hour. Rinse it with normal water. Do it thrice a week to control hair fall. It is a very effective process and requires only one ingredient. Best Travel Movies to fuel your Wanderlust This new low-calorie sweetener could also improve gut health Nutritionist Karishma Shah brings revolution in health & wellness industry with her wellness podcast Voice It

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Birkenstock Fashion Finds A Place In Every Aristocrat Closet

With classic designs and unprecedented appeal, Birkenstock rules the footwear industry with its magnificent collections. 26th July 2022: The history and legacy of Birkenstock dates back to 1774. Johann Adam Birkenstock, the founder of the luxurious footwear company had little idea at that time that his brand would make it to the pinnacle of success and fame! Originating from Langen-Bergheim, the company has been a popular pick among the fashion conscious wearers. Along the same lines, they have also completed over two and a half-centuries in the footwear industry doing what they do best i.e. create high quality footwear. Birkenstock is a Germany-based global footwear brand known for elite styling. By 1896, the successors of Birkenstock started manufacturing and selling flexible footbed insoles in two of their shoe stores in Frankfurt. Six generations of family heritage and tradition are laced with Birkenstock, which boasts a royal lineage. The Legacy Of Birkenstock This more than a century old brand, now has over 3,000 employees becoming the largest employer in the German footwear industry. Birkenstock has production facilities in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, and Saxony in Germany and has established a global presence since the 1970s. Birkenstock has its products shipped to around 90+ countries offline and online. Its physical reach in the international market includes India, Brazil, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Slovakia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States. Birkenstock is considered the pioneer to coin the concept of footbeds after having invented it and coming up with an organic, sophisticated, and anatomically shaped design. This complements their skill of combining wellness and fashion in their manufacturing. They ensure that they only pick high quality materials after consciously sourcing them from sustainable sources. Few Notable Styles Led By Birkenstock Birkenstock has its unique styles that are divided into several sections. These iconic styles include Arizona, Boston, Gizeh, Madrid, Florida, and Mayari. Each style is almost always trending and can stand as an individual statement. Arizona: Contemporary and chic, Arizona is one pair of footwear that blends with any occasion and any outfit. This unisex pair of footwear features two straps with a metal pin buckle. The USPs of Arizona may range from the simplicity of the design to its versatility to be worn with diverse attire styles. Florida: The Florida style has a contemporary outlook that matches most outfits. This Florida collection has a distinct range that contains something for every season. Vibrant and warm colours for summer, muted tones for the winter, and splashes representing Monsoon, the sandals and shoes crafted by Birkenstock hold an earthly essence to them. Gizeh: Gizeh comes from an elegant lineage of Birkenstock classics. The variety that the company brings is unchallenged in the whole of Germany and the world. The variations include regular, big buckle, soft footbed, EVA, vegan, and a separate kids collection. The timeless design by Birkenstock uses organic materials yet keeps a sync with the environment at all times. There is a shoe for someone seeking something uniquely relevant to their style. Boston: This style combines sophistication and comfort thus creating a pair that can be worn on important occasions. Though the style heavily contributes to the summer season, it has other options worth looking into. The material of the sole is constructed of EVA and rubber and has an individually adjustable metal pin buckle. Mayari: Coming with a comparatively maximalist design, the Mayari shoes are considered and named after Kampalgan folklore. Drawn from the beauty of the moon, this design checks every box of quality that Birkenstock sets for itself. Individually adjustable metal pin buckles on each strap ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. For many fans of BIRKENSTOCK, Mayari is a go-to design. The sandal's durability and comfort are ensured using environmentally friendly and thoughtfully conceived design and material choices. Birkenstock- A Footwear Brand That Offers Comfort And Functionality Footwear is undeniably one of the most important elements that contribute to how one presents oneself to the world. A timeless pair boosts self-confidence and makes one stand out. Birkenstock is well-versed in current market trends and can provide with the latest fads to suit every persona. To deliver the best selection and quality to the store racks, the brands footwear manufacturing undergoes several quality assurance tests after having been precisely designed by experienced craftsmen. Dress according to your body typeembrass your body Affordable Brands to Checkout in 2022: Shop your Heart Away This famous actress admired Urfi's fashion, said- 'I want to learn from her'

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Environment and pocket-Friendly alternatives for Sanitary Napkins

Period is the most frustrating timefor some women while for some the cause is period pain, some females are frustrated with the uncomfortable pads which are not good for your health as well as the health of the Environment. Here are some best alternatives of these sanitary pads which are pocket friendly as well as environment-friendly. Menstrual cups : A rubber cup which is designed to fit inside your vagina and collect the flow is a longer-lasting and safer option to consider instead of pads. Menstrual cups can be changed once in 12 hours. On the one hand, you have two change pads in 8 hours, on the other hand, menstrual cup are reusable. One cup can last you years which makes it economically and environmentally a better option. Period Sponges: These are reusable. These sponges also go by the names period sponges or sea sponge tampons. These are environmentally friendly option for tampon users who want to switch to safer and cleaner options. They are made from naturally available sea sponges which are free of chemicals. These are better for your health as well as the environment. Cloth pads: If you are too use and comfortable with pads then you can go for cloth pads. These are washable and reusable. They are easily available and easy to carry around and cuts down the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Cloth pads are made of cotton layers which make it safe. PeriodUnderwear: These are reusable and environmentally friendly. These are designed with extra layers of clothing in the crotch region to absorb the flow without an additional product. These are super comfortable options for anyone to try and come in different designs for heavier and lighter flow days. If you are comfortable in washing these panties, then these are best for you. Manushi Chhillar bags beauty endorsement Keratin your hair at home with 5 natural things Dress according to your body typeembrass your body

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Keratin your hair at home with 5 natural things

If you are tired of your Parlour Dis question. You also want smooth and Straight hair with natural ingredients. You dont want to spend a big amount on your hair. So here is an interesting way for you to do your Keratin at your home with only 5 things. 5 things you need Urad Dal Curd Aloe vera gel Castor oil Coconut oil First, Take a bowl of half-filled urad dal and soak it in double quantities of water for a minimum of three hours. Urad dal contains various components which help to keep your hair Smooth. If the dal is completely soaked( press it with your nail If it gets smashed easily then it is ready), pour it into a grinder or mixer. Add two spoons of curd to the content and form a smooth lump-free paste. Curd helps you to fight against dandruff and Scalps. Pour the paste in a bowl and add two spoons of aloe vera gel to it. Aloe vera boosts your hair growth and promotes strong hair. Aloe vera gel also has various other benefits. Add two tablespoons of castor oil to your hair mask. As it increases your hair growth. You can also use any other oil almond, coconut, olive oil or neither of them but castor oil can help to enhance the texture of your hair. Add one tablespoon of coconut milk to your hair mask. You can add more to minimize the thickness of your hair mask. It is a powerful natural conditioner that can create wonder to your hair. The last and most important step is, Mix all the ingredients and ensure that you form a smooth creamy paste with no lumps. Lumps in your hair mask can fail to give you desired results. Apply this mask on your hair. Use the brush and reach the roots of your hair. Embrace your hair, your hair is your pride. Keep your hair healthy avoid chemical-based products and go for natural things. Goldmark Oakham created the created that lays diamond eggs 3 effective ways to get rid of Facial hair naturally Tips to smell good naturally

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H&M looking to sell Russian assets to friendly company

H&M is reportedly looking into selling its Russian business following its announcement of winding down its operations in the country. Initially reported by Reuters, the groups decision to sell was announced came a few weeks after its announcement of shutting down its business in the country. A statement by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade said a potential buyer could be either a Russian company or a firm from a friendly country. In a statement to information group Interfax, the organisation said it was monitoring the situation on the consumer market with a particular focus on foreign companies. It added: H&M has decided to put its business in Russia up for sale. Please note the buyer could possibly end up not being from Russia, as players from friendly countries could also be considered for the opportunity to enter the market. The organisation continued to outline that the government was ready to discuss the sale with foreign companies and support investors that are looking to acquire the assets of companies leaving the market. Russian publication Kommersant also reported on the news stating that the group, which owns Cos, Monki and & Other Stories, among others, has additionally put up for sale the leasehold rights to around 170 stores throughout the country, as well as stocks of goods estimated to be worth 210 million dollars. At the beginning of July, H&M announced it would be winding down its operations in Russia, citing at the time operational challenges and an unpredictable future. During this period it said it would be temporarily opening its stores in order to sell its remaining inventory while implementing a responsible winding down process and supporting its Russian employees. Tips to smell good naturally Korean Glassy Skin Care Tips BTS Jimin to attend Lollapalooza to support J-Hope? See airport pics, and more details

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Tips to smell good naturally

We all know the importance of smelling good, and we all know at least one person we want to be nearby just because they smell good. Everyone wishes to smell good and in order to achieve that goal we look for perfumes that lasts longer and smells good. Sometimes we also blame our genes for smelling bad, because you might sweat a lot. You might think that bathing every day might lead to that, but that is something which is essential if you do not want to smell bad, however smelling good is a totally different scenario. If you want to take better care of yourself and your body is very necessary. The tips are as follows: Drink Enough Water: This might come to you as a surprise, but drinking enough water will flush out toxins from your body. Adding to that, body odour occurs mainly due to sweating and sweating might lead to decreasing the amount of water present in your body. Dehydration also makes bad smells stronger, especially in our mouths. Drinking enough water is the best solution to keeping your body hydrated and diluting some of the bad scents in your mouth. Choose the right Perfume Type: It might be a duh! moment for you all but choosing the right type of perfume is very important, It takes effort and a great sense of judgment. Make sure it is not too you know irritating, and make sure it makes you comfortable. Change your Diet: The food you eat also plays an important in how you smell, foods like onion and garlic lead to a bad odour, so even if you are consuming them try to limit the amount. What you eat affects your body's odour. Foods that tend to make you sweat more, such as hot peppers or other spicy foods, might also lead to body odour. And the aroma of foods like onions or garlic can be carried in your sweat. Drinks with caffeine or alcohol may also make you sweat more. Pay Attention to your Clothing Synthetic fibres trap sweat and bacteria in the spaces between the fibres. Therefore, synthetic fibres are not able to break down bacteria and this traps sweat and bacteria together inside the clothing, a combination that results in odour, so avoiding synthetic clothes, especially in summer is very important. Use Natural Deodorant: You want to look for natural, active ingredients that work to rid and neutralize underarm odour, such as kaolin clay, eucalyptus, and saccharomyces ferment, according to Dr Giuseppe. You should also look for ingredients with antibacterial properties, such as tea tree oil and coconut oil. Korean Glassy Skin Care Tips Best Cost-Effective Face Moisturisers for All Skin Types Hair Care Products that are cost-effective, and will meet your needs

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Korean Glassy Skin Care Tips

You know that time when you are watching a k-drama or scrolling through Instagram and see a Korean influencer talking but the only thing you can notice is how clear and glassy their skin is? Or have you ever wondered how to get rid of this mark or that mark and get clear skin but do not know which ways to follow? Looking beautiful is not the only reason to have clear skin, because, have you ever heard about the number of pimples you have on your face or where you have them is linked to what part of your body is not certainly healthy? This is why you need a skincare routine and a few additional tips to achieve a clean and clear fave. Water is the key to a healthy body and I just can not stress this enough, drink as much water as you can, you will not only see the difference on your skin but also on your whole body. It will flush out all the toxins from your body and will have various positive benefits. Korea is a leading industry when it comes to beauty and fashion, they gave us BB creams, sheet masks, and cushion compacts. Korean women always prefer the no makeup look and they look beautiful as ever because they focus more on their skins actual appearance rather than trying to cover it, I am not calling out anyone who loves to apply makeup but those who try to cover it because it is a lot more beautiful, trust me! Now let us get into the tips that we initially promised! Wash your face with Water Use Pimple Patches for Blemishes Apply Essence Apply Toner Use an Eye Cream Do Deep Cleanses Before Applying Makeup Apply Moisturiser Add Face Oil to Your Foundation for Improved Hydration Invest in a More Extensive Skincare Routine Apply Sunscreen Tap Your Skin, Don't Rub It Use a Product With Snail Mucin Go Lightweight for Dewy Skin Now, it is not easy to follow all these and keeping in mind that not everyone has an extensive budget dedicated to keeping their face clear, following just the basics of this, which are to wash your face, tap not rub, apply sunscreen, toner, washing your face at least twice a day, applying moisturiser, are some of the important ones. Affordable Brands to Checkout in 2022: Shop your Heart Away Hair Care Products that are cost-effective, and will meet your needs Best Cost-Effective Face Moisturisers for All Skin Types

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Benefits of Vitamin E oils or capsule

The capsule of Vitamin E and oil you might have seen in various lifestyle videos. In reality, also vitamin is very helpful for your skin and hair. Following are the benefits of adding Vitamin E to your Diet. Smoothening your skin: Vitamin E makes the nerves stronger and helps in nourishing your skin from within. Burst Vitamin E capsules with a safety pin and apply it to the face for that soft, radiant skin you always wanted. It is very helpful for your skin. For Stretch marks: Apply vitamin E oil onto the skin to increase levels of the nutrient in the skin tissue. To reduce the appearance of these marks, apply it regularly on the area and rub gently. For scars: Vitamin E oil helps to regenerate new skin cells and can lighten brown spots or scars found on the face. If you are applying it regularly then you can also get rid of it permanently. For relaxing muscles: Vitamin E is very good for relaxing the muscles and can therefore be used to curemuscle pain. If you are suffering from any muscle-related disease then you should go for it. Help you keep young: It promotes healthy skin and reverses signs of aging.If one shows signs of premature aging like wrinkles around the eyes, apply Vitamin E oil two to three times a week along with your normal cream for best results. Rid of dark skin: Apply a few drops of vitamin E oil and rub it gently over the sunburnt area as it will help you to treat it. Vitamin E is a powerhouse of antioxidants that neutralize the effects of free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation. Keep your hair Healthy: Vitamin E is very beneficial for hair-related problems. Various people apply vitamin E to their hair to cure several hair-related problems. Rufa Beauty On Boards Shubham Mehrotra As Co-Founder Ways to get rid of Dry Skin Ways to color your hair naturally

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Rufa Beauty On Boards Shubham Mehrotra As Co-Founder

Indian beauty and cosmetics brand RUFA Beauty announces the recent appointment of Shubham Mehrotra, who joins as co-founder and Managing Partner. A global executive and brand strategist, Shubham has established a reputation as a go-to business expert with both clients and consumers and has worked with organizations and individuals across a diverse spectrum of industries, from start-ups to super-star brands to niche businesses. We are thrilled to welcome Shubham to RUFA and look forward to further accelerating the industry-disrupting, high-performance cosmetic line that has built a cult following in just a few years, said Anisha Maredia, co-founder and CEO, RUFA beauty. Founded in 2018, RUFA Beautys mission is to provide consumers with harm-free, and customer-focused skincare and cosmetic solutions.The brand has carved its own niche in this space, having identified market gaps and developing unique products. Shubhams appointment comes at an important juncture, as RUFA initiates its 2025 Growth plan. In her new role, Shubham will drive brand strategy and identity, spearhead digital marketing initiatives and accelerate RUFAs distribution across APAC. RUFA is aggressively expanding its strong existence with 10,000 plus retail stores by 2025 across 150+ cities with a purpose to reach the doorsteps of every cosmetics user in the country. There is a huge opportunity to expand in the ever-evolving beauty and cosmetic industry, where consumers value high-quality products at attractive prices, and with RUFAs premium line of products across categories and strategic pricing RUFA is all set to reach the pouches of every cosmetics user in India and APAC, said Shubham. RUFA curates its products for people across all skin types, skin colour, by defying the idealistic beauty standards and is at the forefront of bridging the gap between quality products and everyday people wanting high performing, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. People with poor sleep schedules at risk for fatty liver disease Affordable Brands to Checkout in 2022: Shop your Heart Away High blood pressure in children & teenagers linked with an unhealthy lifestyle

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Birthday Special: 4 Times Kriti Sanon Made A Beauty Statement With Colourful Eye Makeup

Kriti Sanon has impeccably seductive choices when it comes to eye makeup. The actor makes a case for beauty trends as she loves experimenting with bold eyeshadows. From popped-up neons to classic mattes and glossy glitters, Sanon has the

Boldsky 27 Jul 2022 5:53 pm

Hair Care Products that are cost-effective, and will meet your needs

There are three major factors that play a major role when talking about looking good, classy, or if it is not your best day least presentable, how you dress, how taken care your face and hair looks. It is to be mentioned that we are not talking about how beautiful you look, but your hair and face, do show how you take care of yourself, which is very important no matter where youre going, plus it will help you in giving instant confidence boost. I feel like hair is the hardest to take care of, the struggle of having curly hair people, so in order to make it a little easy for you, and less costly, as we all know how costly hair products can get, and keeping that in mind, we have brought to you cost-effective hair products. Be it hair serums, shampoos, oils, masks or conditioners, youre looking for, this list will give you an ample number of choices, all these products are affordable and great in quality. WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Oil Ultimate Hair Care Kit The kit contains shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. It is hexane-free, non-sticky and non-greasy hair oil. It is fast-absorbing and gets easily soaked into the scalp. Regular use of onion oil helps in hair growth & hair fall control. Packed with natural ingredients like Red Onion Seed Oil Extract, Black Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Pro-vitamin B5, and promotes blood circulation to the roots and restores shine and lustre. Plum Avocado NourishUp Hair Mask It not only nourishes my hair but also manages the frizz (up to a great extent) and doesn't weigh them down. We recommend using the Plum Avocado Nourish-Up Hair Mask only on the hair and not on the scalp. Wella Professionals Invigo Nutri Enrich Deep Nourishing Conditioner You MUST have this hair conditioner if you wish to increase your hair health. It moisturises dry and frizzy hair and also protects your hair colour from fading off. It has beneficial features that are purely crafted for 100 per cent hair care and easy hair styling sessions. Selsun Suspension Anti Dandruff Shampoo Selsun Daily helps promote scalp health by effective dandruff control and reliving from dandruff-related itching and flaking. Regular use of Selsun Daily may also help prevent the recurrence of dandruff. Moreover, its light and uplifting smell is not too strong on the nose and keeps the scalp feeling refreshed and clean. Trichup Keratin Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask Trichup Keratin Shampoo is fortified with Keratin protein, which forms a layer over the hair replacing the lost Keratin and rebuilding the strength, returning elasticity, and reducing breakage. Keratin hair masks are perfect for an at-home hair spa treatment as they help revive and restore smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair. These hair masks are especially useful for those who use frequent heat styling tools to style their hair. They effectively repair dull, damaged, and dry hair. Richfeel Brahmi Jaborandi Hair Oil Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil nourishes and conditions the scalp. Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil nourishes and conditions the scalp which is a prerequisite to healthy hair. Enriched with an active blend of essential oils, Richfeel Oil For Hair Loss helps fight hair fall & promotes healthy hair growth. Apply it on the hair & scalp; massage in a circular motion, let it seep in overnight &wash with Richfeel Scalp Cleanser the next morning. Apply it to your hair & scalp every alternate day. Moisture Co-Wash Whipped Cleansing Conditioner It is considered a method of deep hydration, rather than a way to cleanse, as conditioners typically contain ingredients which hydrate and moisturize rather than cleanse. Garnier Legendary Olive Replenishing Shampoo Thie leaves hair really smooth and nourished if a bit flatter than I'd like. The shampoo suds up easily, and the conditioner is easy to rinse out. Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil shampoo and conditioner Mamaearth's Onion Hair Shampoo helps you combat that. Onion Oil, rich in Sulphur, Potassium & antioxidants, reduces hair fall & accelerates hair regrowth. Plant Keratin replenishes and strengthens hair, repairing its natural structure. It makes hair smooth & frizz-free. The oil gives your hair full strength and perfect shine. Onion is rich in sulphur that adds up the strength of hair roots and holds the hair preventing hair loss. Mamaearth Onion conditioner is a good conditioner which meets its claims to reduce hair fall. It also helps to control frizz and gives smooth hair. Best Cost-Effective Face Moisturisers for All Skin Types Potassium-Rich Food You MUST Eat BLACKPINK to release music video for Ready For Love

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