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I look to stay true to my personality on social media, says Benetton India CEO, Sundeep K Chugh

Benetton India CEO, Sundeep K Chugh, is remarkably easy to chat with — friendly and full of positive energy. Chugh, who has done stints with LG

The Hindu Businessline 15 Aug 2019 11:26 am

Facebook admits it was listening to your private conversations, too

Facebook outsourced contractors to listen in on your audio messenger chats and transcribe them. Contractors were not told why they were

Digital Trends 14 Aug 2019 9:06 pm

Twitter Launches Ashoka Chakra Emoji for 73rd Independence Day

Twitter on Wednesday launched a customised Independence Day emoji of the Ashoka Chakra.

NDTV 14 Aug 2019 6:24 pm

Twitter Testing a Way to Let You Follow Topics Like Users

Topics will be curated by Twitter, with individual tweets being identified through machine learning.

NDTV 14 Aug 2019 5:56 pm

How to Check And Pay Traffic Challan Online

Government of India recently introduced the e-challan and e-payment system in the Delhi-NCR region. The system allows you to pay fine for a

Gizbot 14 Aug 2019 1:15 pm

Facebook Confirms It Paid Contractors to Transcribe User Audio Files

Facebook confirmed that it had been transcribing users’ audio and said it will no longer do so, following scrutiny into other companies.

NDTV 14 Aug 2019 10:27 am

Here’s How To Activate Jio Fixed Voice Landline Number With Jio Fiber

On Monday, Reliance Industries hosted the 42nd Annual General Meeting in Mumbai. At the event, the company announced the Jio Fiber's commer

Gizbot 13 Aug 2019 12:58 pm

Quit hitting refresh: Twitter is testing a subscribe to tweet replies feature

Soon you might be able to get a push notification when a tweet has been replied to as well. Twitter is currently testing a new feature that

Digital Trends 13 Aug 2019 12:48 am

The EU could hit Facebook with billions in fines over privacy violations

The European Union is reportedly nearing the end of its investigations into some of the cases it has opened against Facebook pertaining to

Digital Trends 12 Aug 2019 11:25 pm

Snapchat sees 40 per cent growth in India daily active users

Company to set up office in Mumbai

The Hindu Businessline 12 Aug 2019 6:23 pm

WhatsApp has 400 million users in India, but no fix for its fake news problem

WhatsApp is struggling to stem the tide of fake news in India, its biggest market. In the last few years, its platform has been inundated w

Digital Trends 12 Aug 2019 1:30 pm

How to Update Windows 10 Offline?

The most popularly used Operating System in the world is Windows. Almost 86% of all the computers in the world function with Windows 10. Ne

Gizbot 11 Aug 2019 6:45 pm

How to Fix 'Can’t Install App' Issue On Play Store

A lot of Android users have faced the problem where they begin to install an app and just when the download is about to be finished, instea

Gizbot 11 Aug 2019 10:02 am

How To Get Refund From Google Play Store?

Most Android phones have a pre-installed app store called the Google Play Store. It is where 95% of the games and apps can be found. TV epi

Gizbot 10 Aug 2019 7:00 pm

How to download Instagram photos

Browsing photos in Instagram is one thing, but saving them is another. Until recently, it wasn't easy to get your pics and data off the 'gr

Digital Trends 10 Aug 2019 1:50 am

Trump’s FCC order could make social media even more of a garbage fire

A new draft executive order from the White House would put the Federal Communications Commission in charge of deciding what sites like Twit

Digital Trends 10 Aug 2019 12:53 am

The best vlogging cameras of 2019 for beginners to pros

Any camera that shoots video can be used to vlog, but a few models stand out from the crowd thanks to superior image quality, ergonomics, a

Digital Trends 9 Aug 2019 7:30 pm

Facebook to shake up its news content in a deal worth millions for publishers

Facebook will reportedly pay established news publishers millions of dollars to host their content on its site. A dedicated news section fe

Digital Trends 9 Aug 2019 7:40 am

Facebook could pay another multibillion-dollar fine over facial recognition

Facebook could have to pay yet another multi-billion dollar fine after losing an appeals court decision on Thursday regarding the company

Digital Trends 9 Aug 2019 2:37 am

The FBI wants to get its hands on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram data

The FBI is looking for a partner to collect data from your social media profiles, which could pit it against policies Facebook agreed to as

Digital Trends 9 Aug 2019 12:29 am

Hackers can fake WhatsApp messages that seem like they’re from you

A WhatsApp security vulnerability was revealed that could allow someone to intercept or manipulate messages within personal conversations i

Digital Trends 8 Aug 2019 9:33 pm

Instagram Security Flaw Allowed Marketing Firm Collect Users' Personal Data

If you are an Instagram user, you might not appreciate the piece of information you're about to receive. A 'lax oversight' on the platform

Gizbot 8 Aug 2019 4:01 pm

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to merge Instagram and Facebook is a terrible id..

Facebook is changing Instagram's name to Instagram by Facebook, and is taking other steps to merge the networks. The move shows Facebook ha

Digital Trends 8 Aug 2019 1:30 pm

White House invites tech companies to discuss online extremism after shooting..

The White House has invited major tech companies to discuss the threat of violent extremism on online platforms, coming in the wake of two

Digital Trends 7 Aug 2019 10:59 pm

Snap to Raise $1 Billion to Invest in AR, Possible Acquisitions

Snap on Tuesday said it will raise $1 billion in short-term debt and plans to invest in more media content, augmented reality features and

NDTV 7 Aug 2019 11:30 am

Twitter is working on a snooze feature for when your tweets are too good

Twitter's new snooze feature will appear as a crossed-out bell in the upper-right corner of the app’s notifications tab. If a user presse

Digital Trends 7 Aug 2019 5:21 am

Tips And Tricks To Improve Gaming Experience On Your Smartphone

If you're a smartphone gamer who invests most of the free time while playing games on your smartphone then these tips will help you in enha

Gizbot 6 Aug 2019 1:00 pm

Can social media predict mass shootings before they happen?

In the wake of two mass shootings over the weekend that left more than 30 people dead, President Donald Trump called on social media compan

Digital Trends 6 Aug 2019 3:10 am

Centre revokes Article 370 : Virtual sloganeering takes over Twitter

Tweets celebrating India’s unity started pouring in in no time

The Hindu Businessline 5 Aug 2019 8:30 pm

Here's How To Use Easy Mode On Samsung Smartphones

Easy Mode is a handy tool that trims down the vast list of features available on your Samsung smartphone into robust, easy to configure mod

Gizbot 4 Aug 2019 6:50 pm

Here's How To Make YouTube Safe for Kids

YouTube has become a worldwide platform for videos which is also very popular among kids. The videos are really good for kids' mental healt

Gizbot 4 Aug 2019 11:00 am

How To Snooze Emails On Android

How often have you got a notification that you cannot attend to promptly? Getting rid of the notification might make us forget about the ma

Gizbot 3 Aug 2019 6:52 pm