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Terrifying Video Shows A Bear Charging Down A Hunter

Richard Wesley was filming his latest bow-hunting venture and captured a lot more than he was expecting.

Digg 25 May 2017 2:57 am

What Deep Blue Tells Us About AI In 2017

It's not Skynet that should worry us about AI, but rather the people who build, implement and employ those systems.

Digg 25 May 2017 2:30 am

Everything You Need To Know About The Trump Budget

?The White House released President Trump's proposed budged on Tuesday, and almost no one is happy with it. But what's inside it exactly? W

Digg 25 May 2017 1:55 am

Alone On The Open Road: Truckers Feel Like 'Throwaway People'

President Trump ignited a national discussion of blue-collar jobs. Truck driving, once a road to the middle class, is now low-paying, grind

Digg 25 May 2017 1:28 am

Tranquil Photographs Of Empty Baroque Movie Theaters

Hiroshi Sugimoto's ethereal images of empty cinemas will inject a much needed sense of calm into your week.

Digg 25 May 2017 1:28 am

A Wrong Number Break-Up Voicemail For The Ages

It sounds like Cassandra — with her illness, mother and deadbeat boyfriend — can't catch a goddamn break.

Digg 25 May 2017 1:28 am

Inside Amazon's First New York City Bookstore

After helping drive many US bookstore chains out of business, Amazon has been opening its own retail stores.

Digg 25 May 2017 1:28 am

Coyote Peterson's Bee Beard Goes Extremly Wrong

Coyote Peterson thought he was getting a standard bee beard — until the honey bees turned on him and started stinging him.

Digg 25 May 2017 1:02 am

This Is What The Largest Weight In The World Looks Like

This million-pound weight is used to calibrate force transducers that make sure powerful engines work properly.

Digg 25 May 2017 12:18 am

What I Learned Talking People Out Of Suicide

It takes a lot of patience, a subtle touch, and a big heart to dissuade even a single jumper. Former California Highway Patrolman Kevin Bri

Digg 25 May 2017 12:18 am

The Curious Case Of The Disappearing Nuts

In California, millions of dollars' worth of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are disappearing. Farmers are perplexed, the cops are confuse

Digg 25 May 2017 12:18 am

Kuwaiti Police Catch Drug Smugglers Using Pigeon Backpack To Move Pills

Smuggling drugs into Kuwait is no mean feat, but smugglers are nothing if not creative — as evidenced by the capture of a homing pigeon w

Digg 24 May 2017 11:45 pm

Everyone's Getting Ready To Fight In The First Trailer For 'Game Of Thrones' ..

Yes, there's a dragon flying over a Dothraki horde. Yes, we're excited.

Digg 24 May 2017 10:33 pm

A Night Of Terror In Gatlinburg

On the night of November 28, residents of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, found themselves in the midst of a nightmare. Within hours, a small blaze

Digg 24 May 2017 10:15 pm

Amazon Crashed Seattle's Banana Market

At the moment, Seattle’s banana market is a rotten mess. They’re tough to find in grocery stores, and restaurants can’t seem to sell

Digg 24 May 2017 10:15 pm

The Best Jokes On Twitter About Trump's Photo With The Pope

President Donald Trump met Pope Francis this morning, and the Holy Father did not seem too happy about the meeting.

Digg 24 May 2017 9:40 pm

Words Of Wisdom From Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley

Digg had the honor of sitting down with Maurice Ashley, an International Grandmaster of chess, to learn how chess-playing skills can transl

Digg 24 May 2017 9:38 pm

Motorcycle Narrowly Avoids Rear-Ending A Car At 150 MPH On The Autobahn

German autobahns famously have no speed limit, which can lead to some very, very close calls.

Digg 24 May 2017 9:38 pm

The Truth About 'Blue Whale,' An Online Game That Tells Teens To Self Harm

Creepypasta?, media hysteria, and teenage suicide.

Digg 24 May 2017 9:12 pm

Guy Dunks Over A Car, Blows Shaq's Mind

Jordan Kilgannon's dunk is something else, but we're just here for Shaq turning away in pure disbelief.

Digg 24 May 2017 8:46 pm

Cyclist Makes An Emergency Stop To Poop During The Giro d'Italia

Halfway through a stage in the Giro d'Italia, rider Tom Dumoulin was, uh, forced to make an unscheduled pitstop. Despite the stop, Dumoulin

Digg 24 May 2017 7:49 pm

The Musk Of Success

A rich man's hobby can have serious consequences for the rest of us.

Digg 24 May 2017 7:49 pm

Jim Carrey Relives His Standup Comedy War Stories

While he's more known as an actor than a comedian, Jim Carrey has spent a lot of time on stage slinging jokes. Of course, most of that time

Digg 24 May 2017 7:25 pm

This High-Speed, Synchronized Traditional Dance Is Mesmerizing

The Saman dance, from Indonesia's Aceh province, is conducted entirely on the dancers' knees, and it is a whirlwind of motion.

Digg 24 May 2017 7:18 pm

Oil Tycoon Guided Trump To Change Policy And Gave Himself A Windfall, And Oth..

All the Trump news you need to read today.

Digg 24 May 2017 6:56 pm

Mapping 50 Years Of Melting Ice In Glacier National Park

Using aerial and satellite imagery, researchers traced the footprints of 39 named glaciers in the park and surrounding national forest. The

Digg 24 May 2017 6:54 pm

Hackers Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 With Fake Iris

Using a camera, a printer, and a contact lens, hackers managed to bypass the S8's iris scanner.

Digg 24 May 2017 6:54 pm

Trump Takes: The Week's Best Opinion Writing On Trump

This week: Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia, the budget, and impeachment.

Digg 24 May 2017 6:51 pm

An Interview With The Famous Buffalo Sub Eater, John Pawlowski

Pawlowski, you see, is just an average guy. And like average guys everywhere, all he ever wanted to do was eat his sub in peace.

Digg 24 May 2017 5:54 pm

Scientists Engineered Bacteria To Make Pictures Of Super Mario And More

A team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been engineering E. coli bacteria to respond to red, blue, and green

Digg 24 May 2017 5:54 pm

How To Make A $300,000 Speaker

Oswalds Mill Audio makes $300,000 speakers from wood like ash, cherry, and walnut — plus slate and special cast iron. The sound quality i

Digg 24 May 2017 5:54 pm

Avoid Looking Like A Sweaty Mess This Summer

Thompson Tee is a patented undershirt that blocks armpit sweat. They’re only $25 and 100% risk free. Wear it, wash, it and, if you’re n

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

This Is Fleet Week

Every Memorial Day, a massive invasion force descends on the island of Manhattan.

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

Study Finds Mushrooms Are The Safest Recreational Drug

People taking mushrooms in 2016 needed medical treatment less than for MDMA, LSD and cocaine, while one of the riskiest drugs was synthetic

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

Taiwan's Top Court Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

Taiwan's top judges have ruled in favour of gay marriage, paving the way for it to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex unio

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

Pope Francis And Donald Trump Meet At The Vatican

Pope Francis welcomed President Trump to the Vatican on Wednesday, shaking his hand before ushering him into his study for the first face-t

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

To Be A Teen On A Tiny Island

Procida, Italy, spans 1.6 square miles. For some of its young dreamers, that may not be big enough.

Digg 24 May 2017 5:00 pm

Big Friendly Dog Demands Attention From Anchor During Russian News Segment

This dog has an urgent need to get patted on the head, and no, it cannot wait till the end of the segment.

Digg 24 May 2017 8:57 am

Trump Used To Be More Articulate. What Happened?

t was the kind of utterance that makes professional transcribers question their career choice: “ … there is no collusion between certai

Digg 24 May 2017 8:35 am

When Death Becomes Social Media Spectacle

Media professionals are wary of Facebook moderation guidelines.

Digg 24 May 2017 8:35 am

The Sex Worker Putting Herself Through Law School

“It’s a lot more than a transaction of sex or a lap dance. People are also paying to feel a certain way, they’re paying to feel power

Digg 24 May 2017 8:35 am

Americans Are Still Terrible At Taking Vacations

They collectively sacrificed 662 million vacation days last year.

Digg 24 May 2017 8:35 am

Donald Trump, Our AI President

When seen in the light of pure machine learning (think IBM’s Watson), his behavior actually makes sense.

Digg 24 May 2017 8:12 am

Google's $5,000 4K digital whiteboard goes on sale

It only took half a year, but Google's first take on a digital whiteboard is finally available. Google has started selling the Jamboar

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:48 am

5 bots to try this week: Karrueche, Eclipse, Andromeda, PooBot, and Trivia Bl..

Here are the five most popular bots this past week, as they appear on Botlist. Give them a try and let us knowwhat you think.Here are the f

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:42 am

Steak or human flesh? Let's look at our nutritional value

This week's top YouTube videos test cannibalism, as well as debunk Flat Earthers and reveal seals for the jerks they are.

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:39 am

Comcast Sics Its Legal Goons on Net Neutrality Advocates

A couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that a significant number of anti-net neutrality comments on the FCCs website were being fraudulen

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:36 am

PayPal sues Pandora for ripping off its logo design

Last October, Pandora decided that the brand was in need of a revamp. So, as tech companies are prone to do, the music streaming company ro

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:32 am

Philippine blockchain startup Coins tops up series A with another $5m

Naspers Ventures poured some extra funding into the Filipino fintech firm.

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:30 am

Java Daddy James Gosling goes to work for Amazon Web Services

He left Oracle years ago so this is no biggie, but clearly cloud is where big brains want to roost Java creator James Gosling has announced

New Lookup 24 May 2017 6:28 am