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Meet Nikesh Murali, the man behind the 'Indian Noir' podcast

Podcast Crime and horror are the favourite genres of this podcast creator, who uses his voice to induce fear in a number of ways. Cris The

The News Minute 28 Nov 2020 7:03 pm

India, France on the same page on creating resilient global supply chains: French Minister

French Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, Franck Riester, is on a virtual visit to India on Friday to boost bilateral economic ties. He stre

The Economic Times 27 Nov 2020 7:59 am

Juggernaut launches exciting kids' books: Karan Johar, Rohini Nilekani among ..

Books Though print sales have been hit by the pandemic, Chiki Sarkar of Juggernaut says that children's books are the biggest growth a

The News Minute 26 Nov 2020 1:38 pm

We're focusing on mass market institutions, not just premium universities: Pearson executive

Joe Lam, the companys managing director for its India China hub discussed revenues, top skills in demand from learners and the key drivers for business. The company has s

The Economic Times 25 Nov 2020 12:59 pm

Ahmed Patel, The Congress Troubleshooter, Sonia Gandhi's Top Lieutenant

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, one of Sonia Gandhi's closest political advisers and a top party trouble-shooter, has died at 71. He had been in hospital since his he

NDTV 25 Nov 2020 6:29 am

Why Freezing Her Eggs Before Marriage Gave Mona Singh The Freedom To Enjoy Her Newly-Married Life

Actor Mona Singh recently spoke about having her eggs frozen since she wasn't ready to have kids just yet. What does freezing eggs mean? The post Why Freezing Her Eggs Be

Women's Web 24 Nov 2020 11:45 am

From Doge to Cheems, how dog memes have conquered Tamil social media

Culture Though the dogs have been around for about a decade, Dogelore found new ground for their antics through Tamil memes this year. Megh

The News Minute 18 Nov 2020 2:26 pm

The Cock is the Culprit review: Unni Rs book is a hilarious political satire

Book review J Devikas translation of Unnis 2019 Malayalam novel Prathi Poovan Kozhi beautifully retains the soul of the original. Vandana M

The News Minute 15 Nov 2020 12:52 pm

How a book on Thiruvananthapuram was captured in pictures and words

Books Lekshmy Rajeev who co-authored a coffee table book on Thiruvananthapuram with Raghu Rai, shares her experience of working with the re

The News Minute 14 Nov 2020 8:03 pm

Why acquittals are so high in child sexual abuse cases in Kerala

Ashita*, a resident of a village in Keralas Kasaragod district in Kerala, was 10 years old when she revealed to one of her teachers that she was unhappy with how her fath

The News Minute 14 Nov 2020 12:33 pm

From Kodagu to New York and Paris: The jewellery designer who featured in fashion week

Fashion For Poonam Thimmaiah, jewellery designing began as a means to cope with personal tragedy and turned into a passion project and finally a full-time career. Theja R

The News Minute 12 Nov 2020 2:31 pm

Women of many shades: Salma speaks on her new book 'The Curse: Stories'

Interview Salmas short story anthology titled 'The Curse: Stories' has been translated by N Kalyan Raman and published by Speaking Tiger Books. Anjana Shekar It

The News Minute 12 Nov 2020 11:53 am

By women, for women: Thuvam, a TN brand that makes zero waste cotton underwear

Women Entrepreneur Thuvam, run by three women including its founder Ponmani, was backed by a strong resolve to prevent women from migrating from the region. Anjana Shekar

The News Minute 10 Nov 2020 11:38 am

This artist creates beautiful images with nature and things around the kitchen

Art Devi Menon is an artist, author of the graphic novel Amla Mater and a software professional based in London. Cris Plants, especially those you can eat, have a way of

The News Minute 7 Nov 2020 4:37 pm

Protesting through music: Meet Chennai rapper Nigavithran

Music The 25-year-old musician is known for songs such as 'Digital Moonji' and 'Excuse me Modi'. Anjana Shekar Nigavithrans '82 D Block', a hip-hop/ra

The News Minute 1 Nov 2020 1:28 pm


The agitation against the new laws allowing farmers to market their produce outside the agriculture produce market committee (APMC) mandis is odd. The idea of unrestricte

The Week 9 Oct 2020 9:52 pm


India is one of the few countries that have brought out policies in alignment with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. The Nat

The Week 27 Aug 2020 8:33 pm


The construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is neither anti-secular nor anti-dalit. In fact, August 5, 2020, will be marked with a golden stamp in Indian history as Prime M

The Week 13 Aug 2020 4:03 pm


The disagreements between Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot have added weight to a sinking ship: the Congress. Recent po

The Week 30 Jul 2020 9:55 pm


In a major push for gender reform, the Union home ministry is set to allow transgender persons to join paramilitary forces like the CRPF, the BSF, the CISF and the ITBP.

The Week 16 Jul 2020 9:01 pm


The shocking revelation that the Communist Party of China donated money to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF), in 2006-2007, has put a giant question mark on the Congress-

The Week 2 Jul 2020 10:02 pm


The Union government is eyeing the positive growth in the agricultural sector to revive the Covid-19-battered economy. The agricultural sector accounts for almost 16.5 pe

The Week 18 Jun 2020 8:12 pm


The proposal by the Union government to induct civilians into the Army for a three-year tenure is truly a game-changer and a far-sighted one. However, it requires detaile

The Week 22 May 2020 8:36 pm


The Supreme Court has refused the petition seeking a stay on construction of the Central Vista project that aims to revive the Central Secretariat offices and the Parliam

The Week 8 May 2020 10:45 pm


The 40-day lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19 has led to a sudden increase in expenses and a drop in revenue for the state. Even though we cannot stress enough th

The Week 23 Apr 2020 9:35 pm


The Tablighi Jamaat congregation risked the lives of millions in the name of religion. It is nothing less than an act of treason. Despite the orders banning any gathering

The Week 9 Apr 2020 7:54 pm