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Why is this copy of Super Mario Bros. worth a record $114,000?

Auction house estimates a single digit number of this sealed variant still exist.

Arstechnica 11 Jul 2020 10:05 pm

Gunfire Reborn

The following is from the Steam page : Gunfire Reborn is an Adventure level-based game featured with FPS, Roguelite and RPG. Players can control heros with different abil

Digit 8 Jul 2020 7:44 am

PC Game Deals

This thread is for offers/discounts from online stores from where you can purchase PC games. I will be updating the downloadable ones, others are free to add deals on DVD

Digit 8 Jul 2020 7:37 am

Which upcoming game are you excited to play?

In vein of a similar thread for movies, I decided to create this thread for discussing upcoming games that you are hyped for and anticipating to play. Some of the upcomin

Digit 6 Jul 2020 9:19 am

Just Dance 2017

The best-selling music-game franchise of all time is coming back this October to get you moving for another year, and this time its hitting more platforms than ever. In a

Digit 3 Jul 2020 9:20 am

Why this months PC port of Death Stranding is the definitive version

Sadly, we can't show you our tests just yet. But what we've seen is exciting.

Arstechnica 1 Jul 2020 5:57 pm

Tech Demos Discussion Thread

This thread is dedicated to sharing and discussing tech demos for various gaming engines. Some are listed below: Cryengine 4: [video=youtube;4qGK5lUyCwI]https://www.youtu

Digit 28 Jun 2020 8:26 pm

Nioh: Complete Edition / Complete Edition

Ready to die? Experience the newest brutal action game from Team NINJA and Koei Tecmo Games. In the age of samurai, a lone traveler lands on the shores of Japan. He must

Digit 28 Jun 2020 5:43 pm

Which is better for games like Asphalt 9

A Redmi Note 9 Pro 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Storage or Lenovo ideapad 320 with these specs Operating System Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 7200U @ 2.50GH

Digit 28 Jun 2020 4:54 pm

Classic/Vintage games discussion

This thread is dedicated to classic and vintage games from back in the past, for some good dose of nostalgia and for newbies to learn about the roots of modern gaming. Th

Digit 28 Jun 2020 9:15 am

Playdead's INSIDE

Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project. Inside is an puzzle platformer adventure video game developed by Playdead, their second tit

Digit 26 Jun 2020 5:33 am

Sony PlayStation 4 discussion | Trolls will be banned

//MOD: This thread is for PS4 discussion only. For anything related to Xbox One, post here:

Digit 25 Jun 2020 1:47 pm