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Japanese storm shelter faces outrage after turning away two homeless

A Japanese evacuation center turned away two homeless people as a deadly typhoon approached on the weekend, prompting widespread criticism and a promise from the prime mi

Reuters 15 Oct 2019 10:40 am

Japanese refiners restart shipments after Typhoon Hagibis

Japan's biggest refiner, JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corp, said on Tuesday it has resumed land shipments at its Negishi refinery, near Tokyo, in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis,

Reuters 15 Oct 2019 10:15 am

1,000-year-old arrowhead discovered in Norway

An amazingly well-preserved iron arrowhead was found up in the moutains of Hardanger in Norway by a local resident.

Fox News 15 Oct 2019 5:09 am

Chile's Codelco says considering closure of coastal copper smelter

Chile's Codelco, the world's largest copper producer, said on Monday that it is evaluating the closure of its Ventanas copper smelter in a polluted coastal region.

Reuters 15 Oct 2019 4:31 am

Ancient earthen vessel reveals drawing of possible female shaman

An earthenware piece bearing a drawing of a possible female shaman was unearthed during excavation work in western Japan, local officials announced.

Fox News 15 Oct 2019 4:15 am

Study finds topsoil is key harbinger of lead exposure risks for children

Tracking lead levels in soil over time is critical for cities to determine lead contamination risks for their youngest and most vulnerable residents, according to a new s

ScienceDaily 15 Oct 2019 3:46 am

Investing in love and affection pays off for species that mate for life

A new study by biologists explains how sexual cooperation and bonding evolves in bird species that form pair bonds.

ScienceDaily 15 Oct 2019 3:46 am

Non-pharmacologic treatments may be more effective for psychiatric symptoms of dementia

A systematic review and meta-analysis suggests outdoor activities were more clinically effective than anti-psychotic medication for treating physical aggression in patien

ScienceDaily 15 Oct 2019 3:46 am

Robot Rocket Printers, 'Fornite' Disappears, and More News

Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

Wired 15 Oct 2019 2:58 am

Supernova morphs and its shock waves reverse in stunning new NASA video

NASA released a new video that shows how a supernova morphs and moves over a period of 13 years.

Fox News 15 Oct 2019 2:52 am

Tropical Depression Fifteen forms over eastern Atlantic - U.S. NHC

Tropical Depression Fifteen has formed in the eastern Atlantic and is forecast to become a tropical storm by early Tuesday morning, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NH

Reuters 15 Oct 2019 2:35 am

Colorado bears make splash in swimming pool ahead of winter hibernation, video shows

A couple of bears in Colorado were caught on video enjoying the states warm weather last week by crashing a residents pool and taking a dip as they prepare forwinter hibe

Fox News 14 Oct 2019 11:34 pm

U.S. NHC says 90% chance of cyclone formation near Cabo Verde Islands

A large low pressure system located less than 300 miles southeast of Cabo Verde Islands has a 90% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours, the U.S. National Hur

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 11:30 pm

Humpback whales use 'bubble nets' to catch prey, video shows

A remarkable set of images show humpback whales near Alaska using an unconventional method to catch their dinner blowing bubbles.

Fox News 14 Oct 2019 10:04 pm

Unlocking the biochemical treasure chest within microbes

An international team of scientists has developed a genetic engineering tool that makes producing and analyzing microbial secondary metabolites -- the basis for many impo

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 9:56 pm

Air pollution linked to 'missed' miscarriages in China: study

The Times of India 14 Oct 2019 9:15 pm

German consumers face higher green power levy in 2020

A fee levied on German consumers to support renewable power is likely to rise by 1.5-4.6% in 2020, industry sources said on Monday, a day before power network operators a

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 8:51 pm

Scientists help immune system find hidden cancer cells

Cancer cells are masters at avoiding detection, but a new system can make them stand out from the crowd and help the immune system spot and eliminate tumors that other fo

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Lakes worldwide are experiencing more severe algal blooms

The intensity of summer algal blooms has increased over the past three decades, according to a first-ever global survey of dozens of large, freshwater lakes. Researchers

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Women have substantially less influence on Twitter than men in academic medicine

Women who are health policy or health services researchers face a significant disparity in social media influence compared to their male peers, according to a new study.

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Microbleeds may worsen outcome after head injury

Using advanced imaging, researchers have uncovered new information regarding traumatic microbleeds, which appear as small, dark lesions on MRI scans after head injury but

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

How mucus tames microbes

A study from MIT reveals glycans, branched sugar molecules found in mucus, can prevent bacteria from communicating with each other and forming infectious biofilms, effect

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

How to control friction in topological insulators

Topological insulators are innovative materials that conduct electricity on the surface, but act as insulators on the inside. Physicists have begun investigating how they

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Researchers explore spinal discs' early response to injury and ways to improve it

Researchers showed in animal models that the default injury response of spinal discs can be temporarily stopped to allow for better treatment.

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

The nano-guitar string that plays itself

Scientists have created a nano-electronic circuit which vibrates without any external force. Just as a guitar string vibrates when plucked, the wire -- 100,000 times thin

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Dementia spreads via connected brain networks

Scientists used maps of brain connections to predict how brain atrophy would spread in individual patients with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), adding to growing evidence

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Shipment tracking for 'fat parcels' in the body

Without fat, nothing works in the body: These substances serve as energy suppliers and important building blocks -- including for the envelopes of living cells. Numerous

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Evolutionary history of oaks

Oaks have a complex evolutionary history that has long eluded scientists. New research, however, provides the most detailed account to date of the evolution of oaks, reco

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Unique sticky particles formed by harnessing chaos

New research shows that unique materials with distinct properties akin to those of gecko feet - the ability to stick to just about any surface -- can be created by harnes

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Scientists pinpoint cause of harmful dendrites and whiskers in lithium batteries

Scientists have uncovered a root cause of the growth of needle-like structures -- known as dendrites and whiskers -- that plague lithium batteries, sometimes causing a sh

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Astronomers use giant galaxy cluster as X-ray magnifying lens

Astronomers have used a massive cluster of galaxies as an X-ray magnifying glass to peer back in time, to nearly 9.4 billion years ago. In the process, they spotted a tin

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Cheaper catalyst can generate hydrogen in a commercial device

Researchers have shown for the first time that a cheap catalyst can split water and generate hydrogen gas for hours on end in the harsh environment of a commercial electr

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

Through a new scanning transmission electron microscopy method, researchers are able to observe electron distribution between atoms and molecules and uncover clues to the

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Reading the past like an open book: Researchers use text to measure 200 years of happiness

Using innovative new methods researchers have built a new index that uses data from books and newspaper to track levels of national happiness from 1820. Their research co

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 8:47 pm

Huge 111-foot asteroid to skim past Earth at 22,000 mph, space rocks closest encounter for 115 years

A huge asteroid is about to skim past Earth at its closest approach in 115 years.

Fox News 14 Oct 2019 8:46 pm

Listen to an Underwater Volcano Burp 750-Foot Bubbles

Microphones catch a submarine vent firing uberbubbles that floated to the surface and formed massive water domes.

Wired 14 Oct 2019 8:30 pm

Moon ice could be billions of years old, study suggests

It's long been established that the Moon contains significant amounts of ice and water,including frozen waterfound on the lunar surface last year. Now, a new study sugges

Fox News 14 Oct 2019 8:28 pm

111-foot asteroid to zoom past Earth on Tuesday morning at over 22,000 miles per hour

A 111-foot huge asteroid is zooming towards Earth at a gut-wrenching speed of 22,000 miles per hour and will be 50 times closer to Earth than the closest neighbouring pla

Zee News 14 Oct 2019 8:27 pm

Climate Warriors: After Greta, now meet Hilda

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye is a 22-year-old Ugandan college student, who recently delivered a powerful speech in Copenhagen on the climate crisis

DowntoEarth 14 Oct 2019 7:42 pm

Heavy rains in Ivory Coast threaten cocoa crop

Unusually heavy rain last week in most of Ivory Coast's main cocoa growing regions has disturbed the development of the October-to-March main crop and disease is spreadin

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 7:21 pm

New genetic-based epilepsy risk scores

An international team of researchers has developed new genetic-based epilepsy risk scores which may lay the foundation for a more personalized method of epilepsy diagnosi

ScienceDaily 14 Oct 2019 6:36 pm

Rescuers search waist-high muddy waters for missing people in typhoon-hit Japan

Rescue workers waded through muddy, waist-high waters on Monday searching for missing people after one of the worst typhoons to hit Japan in recent history, while rain fe

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 5:32 pm

All that happened at UNCCD COP14

The 14th Conference of Parties in New Delhi saw delegates discuss desertification in detail. Here are the discussions they did and decisions they made

DowntoEarth 14 Oct 2019 4:27 pm

German rail operator holds Europe-wide PPA tender for green power

German railway operator Deutsche Bahn [DBN.UL] has launched a tender for 5% of its annual electricity supply from renewable sources for the next eight years, aiming to ge

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 1:19 pm

NHC says 70% chance of cyclone over far eastern Atlantic Ocean

A low pressure system over the far eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of Africa, has a 70% chance of developing into a cyclone in the next 48 hours, the

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 11:45 am

Rising CO2 emissions may affect labour productivity in developing countries: Study

Agriculture, mining and quarrying, manufacturing and construction — sectors which account for 73 per cent of output in poor countries' are most vulnerable

DowntoEarth 14 Oct 2019 10:50 am

Renewables overtook fossil fuels in UK electricity mix for first time

Windfarms, solar panels and biomass have outcompeted gas and coal power stations for the first time ever over a whole quarter, in a significant milestone

New Scientist 14 Oct 2019 4:31 am

Deadly Los Angeles wildfire burns with subdued fury after change in weather

Firefighters have tightened their grip on a deadly Los Angeles wildfire burning with subdued fury on Sunday after extremely dry desert winds that had stoked the flames ga

Reuters 14 Oct 2019 4:31 am

Baby cheetah, puppy play together in adorable video from Cincinnati Zoo

The sole-surviving baby cheetah of her mothers litter has been paired with a rescue puppy at the Cincinnati Zoo, and video showed the playmates becoming fast friends.

Fox News 14 Oct 2019 1:09 am

Europe's climate credentials face acid test in EIB fossil fuel vote

Europe's climate change credentials face an acid test this week when the bloc's lending arm, the European Investment Bank, decides whether or not to stop funding fossil f

Reuters 13 Oct 2019 10:17 pm