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Why some users are upset with Instagrams new 'sensitive content' feature

Instagram introduced a new sensitive content control feature last month aimed at allowing users to control what they see in

The Hindu 3 Aug 2021 5:32 pm

Russias Space Station Incident Points to Larger Issues

Naukas errant firings were likely the result of human errorand they raise concerns about the future of the countrys space

Wired 3 Aug 2021 5:30 pm

Why Even the Fastest Human Cant Outrun Your House Cat

A new model explains the forces and body design features that limit maximum sprinting speed

Wired 3 Aug 2021 4:30 pm

Is net-zero concept zeroing in on climate change? A sustainable consumption

Increasing demand for resources and energy-intensive lifestyles make it nearly impossible for technological fixes to reduce

Down To Earth 3 Aug 2021 3:39 pm

India Tourism webinar stresses on conservation of hoollock gibbons in Assam

The wildlife experts stressed the need for the conservation of Hoolock Gibbons, an endangered species, in Assam during a

NorthEast Now 3 Aug 2021 3:29 pm

Holistic assessment of plastic pollution in the Caribbean

New research has resulted in the first holistic assessment of marine and land-based plastic pollution in the Southern

ScienceDaily 3 Aug 2021 8:09 am

Decoding how salamanders walk

Salamanders can navigate complex and unstructured environments thanks to their impressive body-limb coordination. Researchers

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:32 pm

Finding the cause of a fatal problem in rocket engine combustors

A vital piece of gas engines, combustors -- the chambers in which the combustion powering the engine occurs -- have the

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Scientists boost gene knockdown in human cells via chemically modified RNA

In the latest of ongoing efforts to expand technologies for modifying genes and their expression, researchers have developed

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Flood water: Toxins from the riverbed

A long-term hazard from flood water is often underestimated: The raging rivers swirl up pollutants out of their sediments

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Natural mineral hackmanite enables new method of x-ray imaging

Researchers have discovered a new method of X-ray imaging based on the coloring abilities of the natural mineral hackmanite.

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Molecular switch regulates fat burning in mice

New research demonstrates a metabolic regulatory molecule called Them1 prevents fat burning in cells by blocking access to

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Low-power dynamic manipulation of single nanoscale quantum objects

Electrical engineers are powering the quantum computing revolution with the development of an on-demand, scalable technique

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Cutting 250 calories daily and exercising may improve heart health in obese

Among older adults with obesity, combining aerobic exercise with moderate reductions in total daily calories led to greater

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 11:31 pm

Lake Huron sinkhole surprise: The rise of oxygen on early Earth linked to

The rise of oxygen levels early in Earth's history paved the way for the spectacular diversity of animal life. But for

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 9:14 pm

Common insecticide is harmful to bees in any amount

The dangers of neonicotinoid insecticides likely can't be watered down. That's the conclusion of a new study showing an

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 8:00 pm

Host proteins that impair Ebola virus infection identified

Several proteins have been identified in hosts that interact with Ebola virus and primarily function to inhibit the

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 8:00 pm

New York City's hidden old-growth forests

Tree-ring scientists have mined rare old-growth timbers from demolition at an iconic Manhattan building to produce historical

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 8:00 pm

Plastic creates 'evolutionary trap' for young sea turtles

Plastic pollution creates an 'evolutionary trap' for young sea turtles, new research shows. After hatching on beaches, sea

ScienceDaily 2 Aug 2021 8:00 pm

Sunny-Day Flooding Is About to Become More Than a Nuisance

Sea level rise will soon combine with a host of other environmental factors to produce dozens of floods each fall in US

Wired 2 Aug 2021 6:30 pm

The Weird, Sustainable Booze of the Future Tastes Good

Small distilleries like Empirical Spirits are working on uncategorizable drinks made of stuff like plum pits, for the

Wired 2 Aug 2021 4:30 pm

Climate change and human health: The impact is too big to be ignored

A changing ecosystem of viruses, compromised host-immune system stemming from climate crisis paves the way for infectious

Down To Earth 2 Aug 2021 3:15 pm

Twitter to reward users spotting bias in its image-cropping algorithm

Twitter admitted in May the saliency algorithm displayed racial and gender bias, and ditched it stating cropping an image is

The Hindu 2 Aug 2021 1:38 pm

A heron at home on an IT corridor

At a time when waterbirds that hang around reeds, shrubs and tall grasses are dwindling due to a pernicious mindset that

The Hindu 2 Aug 2021 7:28 am

Assam: Aaranyak gifts field equipment to frontline forest staff in Karbi

Aaranyak, a premier biodiversity conservation organisation of the Northeast, gifted field equipment to frontline forest staff

NorthEast Now 2 Aug 2021 7:13 am

Demand for ban on selling of tobacco products near educational institutions in

The Assam Chamber of Commerce, Consumer Voice, New Delhi and Consumers Legal Protection Forum, Assam demanded that the

NorthEast Now 1 Aug 2021 9:06 pm

Fractons, the Weirdest Matter, Could Yield Quantum Clues

Theorists are in a frenzy over these bizarre, but potentially useful, hypothetical particles that can only move in

Wired 1 Aug 2021 5:30 pm

Assam: The Tigers of Manas released; Aaranyak holds panel discussion on tiger

On the occasion of International Tiger Day, a book entitled, The Tigers of Manas with compilation of articles and images of

NorthEast Now 31 Jul 2021 9:43 pm

Apollo 15s 50th anniversary: Moon landing seen in stunning detail

New images released to Fox News depict the Apollo 15 moon landing in remarkable detail 50 years later

Fox News 31 Jul 2021 8:53 pm

Erroneous to conclude we have attained herd immunity

The fourth sero survey conducted across India found that on an average 67.6% of the population has been infected. Also, over

The Hindu 31 Jul 2021 7:43 pm

Wearable devices could use your breathing patterns like a password

Subtle patterns in the way we breathe can be used to generate a secure password to keep paired smartwatches and smart phones

NewScientist 31 Jul 2021 1:30 pm

Bendy camera the width of a human hair can take accurate 3D images

A tiny flexible camera made from an extremely thin fibre-optic cable can transmit accurate 3D images in real time. It could

NewScientist 31 Jul 2021 1:30 pm

Revenge of goldfish! Attention exotic pet owners what NOT to do when you

To understand more about this, Financial Express Online talked to the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (

Financial Express 31 Jul 2021 11:31 am

In the absence of genetic variation, asexual invasive species find new methods

New research has found that two types of weevils, common yet invasive beetles in many parts of the world, have been using

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

Astronomers probe layer-cake structure of brown dwarfs atmosphere

Astronomers have developed a new way to capture all the exquisite 'layer-cake' details of a brown dwarf's cloud structure.

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

The environment for permafrost in Daisetsu Mountains in Japan is projected to

Areas with climatic conditions suitable for sustaining permafrost in the Daisetsu Mountains are projected. The size of the

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

Radio-wave therapy is safe for liver cancer patients and shows improvement in

Researchershave shown that a targeted therapy using non-thermal radio waves is safe to use in the treatment of hepatocellular

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

'Greening' biomaterials and scaffolds used in regenerative medicine

In the biomaterials industry, electrospinning is a ubiquitous fabrication method used to produce nano- to microscale fibrous

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind

Research on a newly discovered bird fossil found that a unique brain shape may be why the ancestors of living birds survived

ScienceDaily 31 Jul 2021 2:24 am

International Space Station reports scare after engine trouble with new Russian

Russias Nauka space module caused a scare on the International Space Station Thursday after its engines inexplicably lit up

Fox News 30 Jul 2021 7:56 am

Collisions of light produce matter/antimatter from pure energy

Scientists studying particle collisions have produced definitive evidence for two physics phenomena predicted more than 80

ScienceDaily 30 Jul 2021 4:06 am

Astronomers observe light from behind a black hole for the first time

The researchers, led by Dan Wilkins of Stanford University, observed light from behind a supermassive black hole located in

Fox News 30 Jul 2021 2:24 am

Russian lab module docks with space station after 8-day trip

Russia's lab module successfully docked with the International Space Station on Thursday

Fox News 30 Jul 2021 2:05 am

Adapting roots to a hotter planet could ease pressure on food supply

The shoots of plants get all of the glory, with their fruit and flowers and visible structure. But it's the portion that lies

ScienceDaily 30 Jul 2021 12:04 am

Planetary scientist puts Mars lake theory on ice with new study that offers

For years scientists have been debating what might lay under the Martian planet's south polar cap after bright radar

ScienceDaily 30 Jul 2021 12:04 am

Scientists observe gas re-accretion in dying galaxies for the first time

A new study suggests that previously displaced gases can re-accrete onto galaxies, potentially slowing down the process of

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 7:22 pm

We are more forgiving when people close to us misbehave

When people behave badly or unethically, their loved ones may judge them less harshly than they would judge a stranger who

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 7:22 pm

Spin-sonics: Acoustic wave gets the electrons spinning

Researchers have succeeded in detecting the rolling movement of a nano-acoustic wave predicted by the famous physicist and

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 7:22 pm

Twin meteor showers will peak tonight but viewing may be tricky

Two meteor showers will grace the night skies this week though the moon may make observing them nearly impossible

Fox News 29 Jul 2021 1:06 am

Less than 1% probability that Earths energy imbalance increase occurred

Sunlight in, reflected and emitted energy out. That's the fundamental energy balance sheet for our planet -- and for decades

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 12:33 am

Seeking a unique treatment for lobular breast cancer

In an attempt to find out why the long-term outcomes are poorer for patients with lobular breast cancer -- which affects some

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 12:33 am

Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill

Climate conditions play a significant role in the reproductive success of mature female Antarctic krill and are a factor in

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 12:33 am

Hemp goes hot due to genetics, not environmental stress

A new study debunks misinformation on websites and in news articles that claim that environmental or biological stresses --

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 12:33 am

Researchers identify a gene that regulates the angle of root growth in corn

The discovery of a gene that regulates the angle of root growth in corn is a new tool to enable the breeding of deeper-

ScienceDaily 29 Jul 2021 12:33 am

Scientists capture most-detailed radio image of Andromeda galaxy to date

Scientists have published a new, detailed radio image of the Andromeda galaxy -- the Milky Way's sister galaxy -- which will

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 8:43 pm

First detection of light from behind a black hole

Fulfilling a prediction of Einstein's theory of General Relativity, researchers report the first-ever recordings of X-ray

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 8:42 pm

Hybrid cars are twice as vulnerable to supply chain issues as gas-powered

The global computer chip shortage has hit car manufacturers especially hard, indicating the importance of supply chain

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 8:27 pm

Giant friction experiment at Kilauea volcano

A new analysis of the 2018 collapse of Kilauea volcano's caldera helps to confirm the reigning scientific paradigm for how

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 8:26 pm

A reversible male contraceptive, targeted to the testes with magnets

Women have several choices for long-lasting, reversible contraceptives, but most options for men are either single-use, such

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 8:26 pm

Tropical forests losing capacity to cycle carbon and water, finds new tracking

Between 15 per cent and 20 per cent of humid tropical forests have been cleared since the early 1990s 

Down To Earth 28 Jul 2021 3:58 pm

Hubble finds evidence of water vapour at Jupiters moon Ganymede for first time

Evidence of the presence of the water vapor in the atmosphere around Jupiter's moon Ganymede has been found, a study of

Zee News 28 Jul 2021 10:17 am

Body size, digestive systems shape ungulate foraging

Smaller-bodied ruminants forage primarily for the highest energy intake, while equids -- which tend to be larger -- choose to

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 3:07 am

Global dementia cases forecasted to triple by 2050

Positive trends in global education access are expected to decrease dementia prevalence worldwide by 6.2 million cases by the

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:47 am

More than just walking: A new role for core brain region

For decades, a key brain area has been thought to merely regulate locomotion. Now, a research group has shown that the region

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:47 am

Magnetic 'balding' of black holes saves general relativity prediction

Magnetic fields around black holes decay quickly, researchers report. This finding backs up the so-called 'no-hair conjecture

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:46 am

Patients report long-term favorable effects of weight loss surgery in their

A new study shows that over the course of five years, patients who had bariatric and metabolic surgery to treat uncontrolled

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:46 am

Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020

The devastating bushfires in Australia had a larger impact on the world's 2020 climate than the pandemic-related lockdowns,

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:46 am

Study shows why beer mats do not fly in a straight line

Anyone who has ever failed to throw a beer mat into a hat should take note: physicists have discovered why this task is so

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:45 am

Wirelessly charging multiple devices simultaneously

A new type of wireless charger can charge multiple devices simultaneously, researchers report. The device transfers energy

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:45 am

Fruit fly offers lessons in good taste

The fruit fly has multiple taste organs throughout its body to detect chemicals, called tastants, that signal whether a food

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:45 am

Selenium may support deep microbial life in Earth's continental crust

International drilling efforts over the last decades into the seafloor have provided increasing evidence for the existence of

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 2:45 am

Fireball blazes across Texas sky

Texas residents were stunned to see a fireball blaze across the sky on Sunday night

Fox News 28 Jul 2021 12:41 am

Under pressure, 'squishy' compound reacts in remarkable ways

When a compound of manganese and sulfide (MnS2) is compressed in a diamond anvil, it transitions from an insulator into a

ScienceDaily 28 Jul 2021 12:22 am

Possible future for Western wildfires: Decade-long burst, followed by gradual

A model of the eastern California forests of the Sierra Nevada looks at the longer-term future of wildfires under future

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 11:14 pm

New approach for cell therapy shows potential against solid tumors with KRAS

A new technology for cellular immunotherapy showed promising anti-tumor activity in the lab against hard-to-treat cancers

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 10:44 pm

Eating for hunger or pleasure? Regulating these feeding behaviors involves

Researchers discovered that although the brain regulates feeding for pleasure and for hunger through serotonin-producing

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 10:44 pm

Turning the molecular clock back on suppresses neuroblastoma tumor growth

Researchers show that restoring normal function of the molecular clock suppresses tumor growth in advanced neuroblastoma and

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 10:44 pm

On the hunt for hierarchical black holes

Black holes, detected by their gravitational wave signal as they collide with other black holes, could be the product of much

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 10:44 pm

Measuring creativity, one word at a time

Can you think of three words that are completely unrelated to one another? What about four, five, or even ten? According to

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 8:49 pm

T cell response not critical for immune memory to SARS-CoV-2 or recovery from

New research conducted in monkeys reveals that T cells are not critical for the recovery of primates from acute COVID-19

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 8:17 pm

Odisha recorded the most forest fires in India last season

A total of 345,989 forest fires were recorded across the country. 

Down To Earth 27 Jul 2021 4:48 pm

No more finger pricks: A continuous glucose monitor benefits patients with

A 15-center study of 175 patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes found that continuous glucose monitoring, compared

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 2:33 am

What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce

In September of 2017, marine biologists were conducting an experiment in Bocas del Toro, off the Caribbean coast of Panama.

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 2:28 am

Supernova's 'fizzled' gamma-ray burst

On Aug. 26, 2020, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope detected a pulse of high-energy radiation that had been racing

ScienceDaily 27 Jul 2021 12:18 am

Hubble finds evidence of water vapor at Jupiter's moon Ganymede

Astronomers have uncovered evidence of water vapor in the atmosphere of Jupiter's moon Ganymede. This water vapor forms when

ScienceDaily 26 Jul 2021 10:51 pm

Extreme heat, dry summers main cause of tree death in Colorado's subalpine

Even in the absence of bark beetle outbreaks and wildfire, trees in Colorado subalpine forests are dying at increasing rates

EurekAlert 26 Jul 2021 9:30 am

The mechanics of puncture finally explained

Soft materials, like skin, behave differently than hard materials when punctured. They provide an unstable resistance that is

EurekAlert 26 Jul 2021 9:30 am

Development of a novel technology to check body temperature with smartphone

A research team in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) has announced the development of a thermal-imaging

EurekAlert 26 Jul 2021 9:30 am

Oncotarget: TERT and its binding protein: overexpression of GABPA/B in gliomas

This Oncotarget study confirms the upregulation of TERT in primary glioblastomas while all GABP proteins rise with the

EurekAlert 26 Jul 2021 9:30 am

Oncotarget: Replication-stress sensitivity in breast cancer cells

Taken together these Oncotarget findings show that the CTD and OD domains of mtp53 R273H play critical roles in mutant p53

EurekAlert 26 Jul 2021 9:30 am