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This week in games: Blizzard dispels Diablo 4 rumors, and Hitman 2 adds Sean ..

It's the week before Red Dead Redemption 2 's release, which means a) there's a launch trailer and b) almost everyone else is a

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Looking for a new iPad, Mac or AirPods? You really should wait until the end ..

Thinking of buying new Apple gear ahead of the holiday shopping season? You really should wait for the company's next event.

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Samsung may add in-screen camera and fingerprint sensor to future phones

The new features could eliminate the need for a bezel, thereby increasing screen size, according to several rumors.

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Should You Buy Google's New Pixel Phones?

Read more... More about Mashable Reels , Google Pixel 3 Xl , Google Pixel 3 , Tech , and Smartphones

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ET Deals: Tales of Horror Humble Book Bundle Starting at $1

With Halloween upon us, now's a good time to treat yourself to some of the best horror stories around. Jump in with this week's Hum

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Russian Accountant Charged in Conspiracy to Make U.S. Politics Even More Unbe..

A woman employed by a close alley to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been charged by U.S. prosecutors with conspiracy to interfere wit

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Newly Detected Vibrations Show Earth's Inner Core Is Solid

Researchers report that they've observed seismic waves traversing the Earth's inner core, allowing them to figure out what it's

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Truck-size asteroid makes fourth-closest pass by Earth on record

A space rock cruises over us, coming even closer than most communications satellites.

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PlayStation Vue integration added to Apple's TV app

PlayStation Vue subscribers just got a great new reason to use Apple's TV app on iOS and tvOS as Sony this week announced that its TV s

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Chrome 70's best new feature is picture-in picture

Picture-in-picture has been available in Android for a while now, allowing you to watch a YouTube or Netflix video while doing other stuff.

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eBay might need PayPal more than it thought

ZDNet 20 Oct 2018 12:51 am

Google to charge Android OEMs as much as $40 per phone in EU

After the EU ruling, OEMs can unbundle Google's Android apps, but it will cost them.

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Your computer could be quietly mining bitcoin — for someone else

The act, known as cryptojacking, has grown in popularity because it is hard to detect, reasonably passive and lucrative.

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Embattled Facebook enlists former British deputy prime minister as its new he..

Facebook in crisis? COO Sheryl Sandberg in her announcement of Nick Clegg's appointment as head of global affairs and communications: &

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YouTube now lets you subscribe to a channel from an embedded video

YouTube launched a new update to its website two days ago allowing users to browse while watching a video at the same time. Now, the video

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Seriously, would you wear these nose warmers?

It's that time of the year again when we force ourselves to dig out our coats, scarves, hats ... and nose warmers? This ridiculous wint

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Moment's Anamorphic lens provides epic looks

When Moment announced an anamorphic lens, it really caught my attention. After all, the film Tangerine was shot on an iPhone 5S using an an

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HBO's Watchmen series: Everything we know about the release date, cast an..

Did someone say, "What do I watch after Game of Thrones?"

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review: War games, now with battle royale!

Even with new modes and without single-player, it's still just Call of Duty.

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Ars on your lunch break: Theaterwide biotoxic and chemical warfare

The interview with Sam Harris wraps up with plenty of existential doom.

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New iPad Pro: Fantasy features list

ZDNet 19 Oct 2018 7:15 pm

A GDPR storm is coming – are you prepared?

IT ProPortal 19 Oct 2018 6:30 pm