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Alcohol Facts: Why do people speak English after drinking? Revealed in research

You all must have seen many drunkards till now who do drama in an inebriated state. However, you may have ever noticed that people often start speaking English after drinking alcohol. Yes, many people start communicating in English after drinking alcohol and sometimes can not stop laughing hearing the English of the alcoholics. You may have seen all this in many Bollywood films too, but have you ever wondered why people speak English after drinking alcohol? In fact, there has been a lot of research about it. According to research published in the science magazine 'Journal of Psychopharmacology', the intoxication that is caused by drinking alcohol helps to speak another language, as well as increases confidence. Not only this, about 50 Germans were involved in this research and these people had learned the Dutch language and were studying in the Netherlands. Yes and this research says that language is a way of our behaviour and our behaviour changes after drinking alcohol. In fact, after drinking alcohol, people do not feel conscious in drunkenness and in such a situation, their confidence increases a lot. In fact, drunkards keep their words with confidence and English is not their mother tongue, in such a way, people hesitate to speak it so that they do not speak wrong anywhere. In such a situation, alcohol increases the confidence to speak a new language. Drunk people try to speak English without fear. Let me tell you that the researchers adopted a great way to do this research. During the research, some of the people involved were given alcohol and some people were given normal drinks, which did not contain alcohol. After this, both types of people were asked to speak in the Dutch language and those who had drunk speaking Dutch. At the same time, those who drank normal drinks were hesitant to speak Dutch. Suddenly blood started dripping from walls, shocking reason came to the fore This man hasn't bathed in 22 years, also lost his job because of this Rahul Gandhi accuses govt of GST hike on scientific equipment

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Friendship Day 2022: 5 things you can do to become a good friend

Friends are one of the most precious gifts given by God. Without them, handling stress at the time of trouble can become really hard. So that we dont forget their importance in our lives, this day is celebrated

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Friendship Day 2022: Worried over what to gift your friend? Here are some ideas

The United Nations has declared 30 July as International Friendship Day, India continues to celebrate it on the first Sunday of August.

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Horoscope for 7 August: Taurus to be extremely popular this Sunday; find out more

Those who are keen to know what the day holds for them, should read the horoscope for 7 August

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Is Aloo good for health in monsoons? Nutritionist explains benefits of taro leaves

Commonly known as Alu or Aloo, the leafy vegetable is considered to be a superfood due to the plethora of health benefits that it offers.

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These five foods should be avoided while breastfeeding

A new mother may get exhausted soon after giving birth to a kid if she does not receive appropriate care during her pregnancy. Here are five foods to avoid while breastfeeding

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This Friendship Day get your friend out of Depression

These days the cases of depression is increasing day by day in youngster. You might be not aware about this, your friend may look all ready but deep down he/she is suffering from depression. If your friend is suffering from Depression then the best gift you can give him is to get out him of Depression by following these steps. Listen First: When people get depressed, they often feel very isolated. They may feel that they have no one they can talk to about their problems. It 's difficult for a depressed person to talk about how they are feeling. Be there for your friend and let them do the talking. Encourage them to talk about their illness, dont try to give solution and advice be a good listenier and try to understand the problem. Make them Socialize : A depressed person is likely to withdraw from their social circle. They may not want to socialize at all. Keep them in the loop, though. Invite them to social events, but don't push too hard for them to attend. Inviting your friend to events will reassure them that they are not forgotten. If they dont want to come dont force him but remind him that you are there for him. Dont give Expert advice : A depressed doesnt want advice the only thing they want is you support. Leave the treatment of the illness to the professionals. The most import thing that you can do for a depressed friend is to be there for them. Go out with them and spend time with them. Do not Judge them. Be patient: In the starting you will be very helpful and you enjoys the process but as soon as time passes it can be very frustrating dealing with a friend who has depression. There may be times when you would rather walk away and get on with your own life. Don't lose your patience, though. Don't desert a friend when they need your help the most. Do not left your friend alone. E ncourage them to seek professional Help : It is very important for a depressed person to seek professional help but they dont want to take it. There are support groups and counselors who can provide help. A person with severe depression may also need to take medication to ease their condition. Encourage your friend to talk to their doctor. Offer Practical help : Help your friend but indirectly. Depressed people sometimes neglect everyday tasks. You might find that they don't have enough food in their home, or they are not keeping on top of household chores. A depressed person might also find it difficult to open their mail and pay their bills. For a depressed person to do various simple daily task is difficult. You can't cure a friend's depression, but you can offer practical help. If you are going shopping, ask your friend if they need anything. If you know that they aren't eating, offer to cook them a meal. Little things like this can be a great comfort to someone with depression. Nutritionist Karishma Shah brings revolution in health & wellness industry with her wellness podcast Voice It How does the intestine repair damage tissue? Avoid these common hair-care mistakes

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Top 5 benefits of exfoliation that you should know

Exfoliation helps in the removal of the oldest dead skin cells from your face. It can be done via scrubs, peels, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels

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Global Sleep Under The Stars Night: Best places in India to enjoy stargazing

Backpackers who are searching for a break from the daily hassles of life, will find that this unique day encourages them to go on a trip to enjoy a starry night

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Women undergoing menopause should focus on these three nutrients

Simrun Chopra suggests an eating protocol that can be modified for each person's unique concerns. She mentioned that there are three things that are usually a starting point when it comes to nutrition as nearly all women at this stage benefit from it.

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Friendship Day Gifts: From sunglasses to perfumes, give your friends these unique gifts

Friendship Day will be celebrated in India tomorrow, August 7. Yes and let us tell you all that friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. Yes and if you have not taken any gift for your special friend or best friend yet, then today we are going to give you some ideas that will come in handy for you. Sunglasses- You can buy sunglasses for your friend on Friendship Day. At the same time, it can be between 500 and 5000. By the way, you can give a gift to your friend according to your budget. Wooden Personalized Photo Plaque- This Friendship Day you can gift a Wooden personalized photo plaque, in which you can send your personal photo and text and get it engraved on wood. Personalized cushions- You can give personalized cushions that have a photo of you and your friend. Friendship Band and Bracelet- A friendship band and bracelet would have been a very special way that is best way to wish your friend on this occasion. Friendship Cup- If you are looking for a budget-friendly gift, then you can give your friend a coffee mug with friendship quotes or a customized coffee mug. There is nothing better than perfume- Perfume is not given any day, but in friendship, everything can happen. One of the benefits of gifting it will be that your best friend will definitely remember you while using it every day. Suddenly blood started dripping from walls, shocking reason came to the fore This man hasn't bathed in 22 years, also lost his job because of this Rahul Gandhi accuses govt of GST hike on scientific equipment

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Horoscope for 6 August: Check what the universe has in store this Saturday

The position of the stars has some surprises in store. Read on to find out more. Excerpt: Check your horoscope for 6 August. Some will be lucky to get job opportunities. Others will tie the knot soon.

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Cook together, stargaze and more: Checkout ideas for at-home date night

At-home date night is very important for a relationship. It reduces the risk of taking each other for granted, decreases stress, and also creates a desire to spend more time with each other.

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Avoid these common hair-care mistakes

Ever felt like you are investing too much money and time into taking care of your hair and yet the results are not even near satisfactory? And even after your excessive research you just can not figure out where exactly you have gone wrong then you have come to the right place. Everyone wishes to have shiny and beautiful hair, and even though some are blessed with me, many of us try to get them to be, however, you might be making some common mistakes even while pampering your hair. Read further for the common hair care mistakes you should avoid at all costs Over combing and using the wrong type of comb: The friction that results from a comb running across the hair can cause the cuticle to become damaged over time. As a result, each hair strand becomes extremely vulnerable to damage. Eventually, hair can break, leaving it looking brittle, dry and frizzy. It's important to comb only when necessary. Make sure your comb is smooth and of good quality. Combs that feel rough, have chips or even micro-cracks can snag hair, pull it out, or act like a saw which can create breaks in the hair strand. Washing hair too often: Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil. But if it's overused or if you work it all the way down the length of your hair, shampoo can damage your hair. Shampoo strips the important oils the scalp produces and can leave the hair and scalp too dry. Depending on how easily your hair gets greasy you can decide how frequently you should wash your hair. Overuse of hot styling iron: Daily use of a curling iron can damage your hair, especially if like many heat styling addicts, your hair is already coarse and dry. Daily exposure to heat dries out your hair, making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. The more heat you use, and the more frequently you use it, the worse the damage will be. Using the wrong Shampoo: If you use the wrong shampoo for your hair type, you can find yourself overdoing it with handfuls of suds. Even worse, you can create a buildup that is hard to remove and can even lead to split ends, or worse, breakage. Combing hair when wet: Hair that's wet and filled with moisture is more fragile than hair that's dry, which can result in snapping when brushed. As such, it's recommended to brush hair in a dry state (guide-to-detangling-curls). This may mean allowing your hair to air-dry post-shower before beginning to comb through hair strands. Food for clear glowing skin, be the pretty you Tips to smell good naturally Korean Glassy Skin Care Tips

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Worried about hormonal acne? Make these small changes in your diet

Nutritionist and deep health coach Simrun Chopra shared some tips on how a few changes in diet can help you reduce hormonal acne

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Papaya leaves, neem and more: Some ayurvedic home remedies to prevent dengue fever

Monsoon gives rise to vector-borne diseases and dengue affects a large population. The main reason for the rise of dengue is that stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes

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Painful periods? Nutritionist suggests these changes in diet for hormonal balance

According to nutritionist Simrun Chopra, hormonal imbalance can be due to high oestrogen or low progesterone production. In some cases it can be because of both

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Horoscope for 5 August: Leos to see cash crunch resolve, Geminis to get success this Friday

Check what the stars say for you this Friday, 5 August. Students may get some big career opportunities. Others might get good profits in business.

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Add fluids, Vitamin C-rich foods to diet: Home remedies to treat UTI

Urinary Tract Infection is a common bacterial infection that occurs in women. Here are a few home remedies to cure it.

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Want to reduce stress and sleep better? Nutritionist Lovneet Batra has the solution

The nutritionist has written that consuming a mix of cashews and Ashwagandha powder can help you reduce stress and get a good nights sleep

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Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'souza, the power couple of Bollywood

One of the most favorite couples of Bollywood Riteish and Genelia frequently shares various videos and photos for their fans. The duo gives a major couple of goals. People love their chemistry. The Made for each other couple is very different from each other. Riteish and Genelia come from completely different family backgrounds.Riteishs family is one of the prominent names in Indian politics. His late father, Vilasrao Deshmukh was the ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Speaking about Genelia DSouzas family likes to keep themselves away from the limelight. Riteish and Genelia's religious thoughts too were completely different. Talking about Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia DSouzas religion, he is a Hindu Marathi, whereas she is a Christian, who had never missed her Sunday mass. Love Story A 16-year-old girl, arrived at the Hyderabad airport with her mom for the test shoot of her debut film, Tujhe Meri Kasam . There she met a 25-year-old young boy, who was starring opposite her in the film Genelia thought that being a chief ministers son, Riteish will be a spoilt brat and full of tantrums. So, she decided to give him an attitude before he did! Oblivious to her thoughts, Genelias surprise, opposite to her first thoughts, Riteish came out to be the extremely humble and polite guy, who was cordial with everybody of the set. During the shoots, Riteish was immensely respectful towards Genelias parents. Despite being the CMs son, Riteish was completely down-to-earth. After the shoot, Riteish came back to Mumbai. By now, he had started missing Genelias company. Although Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia DSouza had an age difference of 9 years, they still couldnt stop themselves from falling in love with each other. After nine years of dating, the duo tied the knot in 2012 on February 3. The couple had a Maharashtrian wedding, according to the customs and traditions of both families. The wedding was a swanky bash with Genelia and Riteish looking their best. Ever since the duo entered the bond of marriage, they have been servingcouple goals. It is now been almost 10 years of their marriage but the duo never failed to entertain their fans with their unique chemistry. The funny and adorable video and photos of the couple set the internet on fire. People not only loved their Jodi in Tere Naal love ho gya but also in their life the couple sets major relationship goals.

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Horoscope for 3 August: Check how the stars are aligned for you under Wednesdays skies

People working in the private sector might get promoted and others will see a rise in salary. The time is favourable for purchasing a new property or a vehicle for some. The income of IT and software professionals will increase. Media professionals might get honoured for their work and passion.

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From weight loss to blood purification: Here are some health benefits of Parwal

As we grow older, wrinkles and fine lines are among the most common visible signs on our face. Parwal contains a number of antioxidants, vitamin A and C that help us to fight with free radical molecules which encourage the aging signs

Firstpost 2 Aug 2022 1:27 pm

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra lists 5 hacks to reduce bloating; check post here

Bloating is often accompanied by abdominal rumbling, pain, excessive flatulence or frequent burping. It can be excessively inconvenient and also interfere with your ability to work or participate in social activities

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Nag Panchami 2022: Check Nag Devata mantra and rituals according to zodiac sign

Devotees believe that Kaal Sarp Dosh brings bad luck and hardship to an individuals life. So, those who offer prayers and keep fast on Nag Panchami can get rid of flaws in their horoscope.

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All about Naag Panchami: Story, Significance, pooja rituals

Nag Panchami is one of the popular festivals according to Indian Believes. Nag Panchami is a traditional Hindu festival, which is symbolic of snake worship. The festival derives its name from the combination of two words - nag, which means cobra/serpent, and Panchami, which is the fifth out of the fifteen days of the moons waxing or waning. Nag Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day in the month of Shravan (July/August), according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, women worship Nag Devta and offer milk to snakes. Women also pray for the wellness of their brothers and family. Story of Naag Pachami There are various stories as the place the story behind the celebration of Naag Panchami changes. One of the most famous stories is about a farmers daughter. One day while ploughingthe field, three children of snakes came under it and died. After the death of Naag(male snake), at first, Naagin(female snake) expressed sorrow by mourning, then, planned to take revenge on the murderer of its sons. In the darkness of night, Naagin, killed the farmer, his wife, and his two sons by biting them. The next day morning, Naagin(she-serpent) came to bite the farmer's daughter. The girl kept a bowl full of milk and joined hands for forgiveness,in front of Naagin. By this gesture of the girl, Naagin got happy and gave back the lives of a farmer, his wife, and two sons. That day it was Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Shravan Maas. From that day, to be safe of Serpents anger, they are worshiped this day and Naag Panchami is celebrated. While there is also one other popular Naag Panchami story of King Janmejay, King Janmejay ascended to the throne ofHastinapuraupon the death of his fatherParikshit. Parikshit, the lone descendant of the House ofPandu, had died of snakebite. He had been cursed by a sage to die so, the curse having been consummated by the serpent-chieftainTakshak. King Janmejay bore a deep grudge against the serpents for this act, and thus decided to wipe them out altogether. He attempted this by performing a great sarpyadnya (the sacrificial fire of snakes). At that time, a Sage Astik, came and interfered. King Janmejay had to listen to the words of the Sage Astik and stopped the sarpyadnya . The day on which King Janmejay stopped sarpyadnya was Shravan Shukla Panchami . Nag Panchami Pooja On both the sides of door, the serpent is worshiped with milk, grass, Kusha, sandalwood,Akshat(rice used in worshiping), flowers, etc. After this, an item made of Ladu(sweet) and Malpua is offered to God Snake. It is believed, if you make the snake bath with milk on this day, the free from snake vanishes. It is celebrated in different styles all over India. No fried or salty food is prepared on this auspicious day. On this day, people go to temples to worship snake deities, and in some cases to snake pits to worship real snakes, where they make offerings like milk, sweets, and flowers to the snakes. During the festival, women observe a fast or vrat, where they abstain from food, signifying devotion and discipline. It lasts from sunrise till sunset. Will Chickenpox Virus Trigger Alzheimers? Scientists may have found a new way to treat Chronic Migraine Rufa Beauty On Boards Shubham Mehrotra As Co-Founder

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Horoscope for 2 August: Check how the stars are aligned for you under Tuesdays skies

People associated with import-export business might have a chance to expand their business. There will be success in government-related work today.

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Best friendship day gift to give your Friend

Clothes: If your friend is obsessed with shopping usually visit side save it favorite but never buy them but they love them then you should give them the clothes and they will be on top of the world. Chocolate Hampers : If you are looking to gift to a female friend then chocolate is the best option if your budget is more than chocolate hampers are mind-blowing gift as girls love chocolates. On this Friendship day, pamper your dear friend who has always spread laughter in your life with a mouthwatering best friend gift. Cake/Pizza Party: If your friend is foody then do not think to give him a cake or Pizza. Theres always a friend who is least interested in knowing whose birthday it is and more interested in attacking the cake as soon as possible. On this friendship day, tell your friend that you understand his cravings and surprise him with mouth-watering Pizzas and cakes. Why stick with cakes only on birthdays you can have it on friendship day also. Photos: Speaking about photo collages it is a quite common gift to give but there are some friends who are just obsessed with their looks, always take their selfies and watch these selfies and for them, it is best to gift the photo collage of their selfies to them. It will make them very happy. Perfumes: If your friend is obsessed with looks or he/ she is very stylish then gift a perfume. Perfume is one of the good presents for your best friend and is mostly gifted to someone who holds a special place in life. A good quality perfume with a pleasant smell is always a great birthday gift for a good friend and can be given on other occasions like friendship day as well. Accessories: If you are looking for a gift for your girl gang then trendy accessories is best to give. An elegant piece of accessories can be a special gift for your best friend. There are many trendy accessories like pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bangles. This Friendship Day, show adoration to your forever friends with this unique jewelry. Sushmita Sen gives it back to the trolls, Know why Kichcha Sudeep Starer Vikram Rona enters in 100 crore club Hrithik Roshan gave a Shoutout to Lady Love Saba Aazad know why .

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From outdoor furniture to bright room colours: Here are 5 home decor ideas for monsoon

While we cannot do much about the grey skies during monsoon, we can surely make our home look peppy and add some spark to our immediate surroundings. Whether you like it simple or are a maximalist, here are some of the decor ideas that you should definitely think about to brighten up your place.

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Horoscope for 1 August: Scorpios to see change in love life, Geminis to achieve good results; read on to find out more

A few zodiac signs might make some significant decisions related to their career, others might experience a twist in fate. The day is favourable for people in business

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From serum to oil: Here are some easy tips and tricks to manage dry hair

Sun exposure, humidity, heat styling, smoking, and others such factors contribute to hair damage and loss

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Girl fell asleep keeping mobile on charging, got painful death

A piece of shocking news has recently emerged from Cambodia in which a 17-year-old girl fell asleep with her mobile charging. She was sleeping on top of the mobile phone, and she died of an electric shock. The death of the young woman has sparked a debate on social media over the security of mobile chargers. According to reports received, the incident took place in Cambodia, where 17-year-old Khorn Serre Pov was found dead on top of her mobile in Cretey province. She worked as a Chinese translator in a gold mining company. It is being told that Khorn Serre lay down on the bed after taking a bath. On the bed itself, she connected the phone's charger to an electric plug and started charging the mobile. Herphone's flashlight was on. She fell asleep at the time of charging after which she got an electric shock and died. In the same incident, local officials said that on July 27, the girl died immediately in her sleep due to the current. She took a shower before sleep. The plug was kept on her bed and in the same plug she was charging the phone. After this incident, a debate broke out on mobile chargers in the country. People on social media gave a variety of reactions. One person wrote - an awareness campaign should be run on how to protect yourself from electricity. The other person said- Such unfortunate incidents often happen. The incident is currently on social media. This man hasn't bathed in 22 years, also lost his job because of this Rahul Gandhi accuses govt of GST hike on scientific equipment After eating sandwiches, strange sounds kept coming from stomach for 5 years and then...

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Nutritionist Lovneet Batra lists five healthy foods to add to your diet if you have diabetes or prediabetes

Soluble fibres assist in slowing down the absorption of sugar in your body. They also reduce blood glucose spikes

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Horoscope for 30 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Saturday

Some zodiac signs could experience increased work pressure or ill health today. Try to maintain your work-life balance

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Horoscope for 29 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Friday

People associated with the import-export business will have good chances to expand their venture. Few might invest money in important projects today

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Shampoo, olive oil and more: 6 ways to clean your makeup brushes

Once you clean the brushes in the cleansers depending upon their quality, let the soap lather. Hold your brushes upside down under running water. Continue washing it till the lather vanishes. Be careful that you dont let the water seep into the brushes.

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5 tips for smooth air trip when you travel with your little one on long flights

Talk to your kids about the entire flight experience including baggage check-in and ticketing to in-flight etiquette and safety. This would mentally prepare them for the journey and hence they would be better accustomed all the way

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National Refreshment Day 2022: History, significance and interesting quotes

This special day is usually observed during the hottest time of the year when a cold cup of coffee, iced tea, or lemonade is all that your body needs on a hot tiring day

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A Break Up May Feel Emotionally Brutal, But You Deserve Better Than That Toxic Relationship!

No one deserves to be in a toxic relationship. It may be time to walk away if youre feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or like youre not good enough. Remember that you deserve to be happy and treated with respect. Toxic relationships can often be hard to spot. They may start off seeming perfect, but the cracks [] The post A Break Up May Feel Emotionally Brutal, But You Deserve Better Than That Toxic Relationship! appeared first on Women's Web: For Women Who Do .

Women's Web 27 Jul 2022 11:46 pm

From curing dehydration to promoting healthy skin: Some health benefits of Mosambi

While the sweet lemon juice is downright divine, one simply cannot ignore that multi-purpose summer fruit which will quickly refresh you when you squeeze it to make a juice. Whether you consume Mosambi as is or in the form of juice, here are some of its benefits that you simply cannot ignore.

Firstpost 27 Jul 2022 10:23 pm

These 5 recipes with honey can be included in your regular diet for weight loss

A study published in the American College of Nutrition suggests that honey can help in reducing your appetite. Daily consumption of it before bed can increase the number of calories burned during the first hours of sleep

Firstpost 27 Jul 2022 10:16 pm

Horoscope for 27 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Wednesday

Some of you might have to make big changes in your business. Few might work on new projects. Others will win legal disputes. Construction-related work will gather momentum

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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares tips to beat the heat without AC, check here

During these scorching days, it is natural that people will switch on their air-conditioners. But the ones who do not have an AC at home, need not worry because celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar recently shared a few tips for her followers on how to beat the summer heat without an AC.

Firstpost 26 Jul 2022 10:55 pm

From alcohol consumption to caffeine dependency, habits that hasten ageing

Ageing is a natural process which occurs over time. But there are some factors which can hasten the process. Here are some factors that can result in premature ageing

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Consume extra calories, balance your diet and more: Some essentials of postpartum diet

The post-pregnancy dietary requirements may differ because of the physical and hormonal changes that take place. However, a proper nutrition is needed for new mothers, particularly for a quicker recovery and their overall health

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Horoscope for 26 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Tuesday

People associated with arts and media will get good career opportunities. Few zodiac signs are advised to cut down on unnecessary expenses

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After eating sandwiches, strange sounds kept coming from stomach for 5 years and then...

A man was troubled by his fart problem for the last 5 years. He claims that for many years he has been a victim of irregular farts. According to the man, after eating a sandwich from a food stall, he started having a problem of fart and for years, he kept getting strange sounds from his stomach. That is why he has now filed a case against the shopkeeper and demanded Rs 10 lakh damages. In the wake of the recent hearing of the case, the lawyer of the person argued before the judge. According to the report, the 46-year-old man's name is Tyrone Pred. Tyrone went to the market on Christmas in December 2017 with his wife and children in Birmingham, UK. Here he bought sandwiches from a food stall and ate it. Tyrone claimed that after this, his stomach started to deteriorate. His lawyer told the court that shortly after eating the sandwich, Tyrone started having stomach pain, had a high fever and vomited. Tyrone was troubled by diarrhoea for several days, due to weakness he had to spend weeks in bed. The advocate also said that after eating the sandwich, a gas problem also started. Hehad to be embarrassed in public because of repeated farts. Not only that, his sleepless nights were lost. Advocate Robert Parkin told the court that even after the illness subsided, there were strange sounds in Tyrone's stomach. Robert Parkin alleged that the food stall was closed after an investigation by Public Health UK. Other people who bought food from here also fell ill. At present, the hearing of the case is going on in court. Sri Lankankan President's office to reopen after Protestors' takeover ATEEZ Crosses 1.1 Mn Pre-Sales with The World EP.1: Movement VIDEO! Neeraj Chopra did wonders, mother danced fiercely

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Feed cows and buffaloes this thing, they'll start giving more milk

If you are told that even milk giving animals eat chocolate, you will be stunned. In fact, a few years ago, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly, developed a chocolate that is fed to cows and buffaloes to increase the capacity of milk production. Let me tell you that this chocolate is rich in nutrients. Most milch animals reduce milking due to a lack of nutrients. In such a situation, feeding this chocolate can increase the milking ability of animals. However, keep in mind that only ruminating animals can eat this chocolate. Feeding this chocolate to the animal makes it feel good appetite, and milk production also increases. This UMMB animal chocolate made by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly has been considered very beneficial for animals. Dr Anand Singh, livestock scientist, Sitapuri, says that an animal should feed 500 to 600 grams of this chocolate every coming day. To make this chocolate, it uses bran, mustard Khal, urea, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, salt, etc. It is supplied with the nutrients of the animals. If animals get nutrients, their digestion system is correct, which increases the capacity of milk production. Dr Anand Singh says that by consuming it, the digestive system of the animals is fine and then they do not lick the way and the wall. This makes up for the amount of protein in animals. This chocolate proves to be very helpful in maintaining the balance of hormones in animals. Amit Shah Urges People To Raise National Flag At Home Between Aug 13-15 as per 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' Good news for Delhiites! CM Kejriwal made this big announcement Another threat! Monkeypox reached 75 countries, WHO declares health emergency

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Horoscope for 24 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Sunday

Today a few zodiac signs might get a chance to resolve family disputes while others will reap the rewards of their hard work

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Kabir Rachure, ultra cycling and the ultimate test of RAAM

The world of ultra cycling is brutal and unforgiving and Kabir Rachure knows it first hand

Firstpost 24 Jul 2022 5:00 am

Horoscope for 23 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Saturday

The day is favourable for resolving misunderstandings in marital relationships. Some may get their due payments while others may find new jobs

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From cucumber-peanut to potato-yogurt: Here are six salads to beat your monsoon blues

We know a salad is the last thing that comes to mind when we talk about monsoon, but here are some of the options for your hunger pangs this season

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Khandala, Mahabaleshwarand more: Weekend getaways around Mumbai to enjoy monsoon

Monsoon is the time when nature is at its greenest along with swelling rivers and waterfalls. If you live in Mumbai and are looking to make the most of monsoon, here are some getaways that are definitely worth considering

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Horoscope for 22 July: Heres how the stars are aligned for you this Friday

Few are going to be a little disappointed for not getting the expected profits in the business and those in the import-export field will see a rise in income

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Romantic K-drama that you must Watch this Monsoon

Everyone is a simp for romantic Korean dramas, especially when the weather is Romantic and you are single as a pringle (did not mean to call anyone out), and need to feel those butterflies in your cosy blanket, worry not, weve got you and so have these k-drama which is just PERFECT to watch this Monsoon which is in its full swing. The urge to just be at home, in your blanket, and cancel all the plans, just drastically increases when it is raining outside, and additionally when you are an adult. What we want you to do and what these k-dramas require is to unleash your inner romantic, make a bowl of ramyeon, so that even if no one asks Want to eat ramyeon? You still have got yourself. And enter the kdrama world with these dramas. Forecasting Love and Weather This drama will bring the right feels, the story chronicles the romance between two people working at a weather forecasting agency. Each episode and what was going on with our characters' lives coincides perfectly with the ever-changing weather. The drama is perfect to binge-watch on a rainy day. A Business Proposal Hiding behind little white lies, the drama unfolds the sprouting love of a CEO, (Kang Tae-moo) and an employee (Shin Ha-ri). And if one couple isnt enough then we have another match with a storyline so endearing, that you wont want to stop watching the drama. Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim? This drama is full of romance, laughter, and nostalgia, A narcissistic rich man, Lee Young-Joon falls in love with his hardworking secretary, Kim Mi-so, in the process of finding out why she wants to resign from his company. Hometown Cha Cha Cha A dentist who quits her job in the city as a result of a fight she gets into with her boss and goes to a small town to start fresh but finds herself getting into a lot of bad luck when she gets there, causing her to rely on the help of Hong Doo Shik. Theres even a scene where the leads are soaked due to the rainWant to know more? You know what to do. Something in the Rain Just like the name suggests the drama is full of scenes in rain fitting the vibe perfectly. The Something in the Rain is Love and Romance which this drama will bring to you. The storyline involves Ji Ah and Joon Hee falling in love with each other after having known each other since they were kids. Ji Ah also happens to be best friends with Joon Hees older sister. Although there is a bit of an age gap between the two, they fall in love and have to deal with the trials and tribulations of their family members being against them being together. She Was Pretty A woman who used to be very put together and popular with the boys as a kid, but grows up caring a little less about her appearance. She gets a chance at a magazine company where she reunites with her first love. Seeing the two wanting to be with each other but having to overcome so many obstacles in order for it to happen is so heartwarming. Mind your second lead syndrome when watching this drama though. Legend of the Blue Sea A mermaid, Se-Hwa, starts following a con man, Joon-Jae, who initially helps her out. However, while she tries to adapt to the human world, she finds herself falling in love with him. The drama will make you swoon and crave food, so brace yourself. 10 Travel essentials must have in your bag Strokes linked to Depression: Study Immunotherapy might help to Improve Lung Cancer Treatment: Study

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This girl got periods at the age of 2, the reason is shocking

Recently, a shocking incident is coming to light from the UK in which after one and a half years of birth, the body of a girl named Baby Liza started to mature like an adult. From primary school itself, she started getting regular periods. From the age of 8, she had to wear a bra like an adult. Liza Lewis, a 23-year-old customer service worker from Newcastle, UK, said her classmates used to bully her badly because of this condition. Liza said, I was more developed than the rest. The size of my breast had increased a lot, and from the age of 7, it started developing. While studying in primary school, I used to go swimming with my schoolmates, so in the changing room, people used to constantly comment on me. The boys used to accuse me of breast implants, but I was a little girl. The parents of other children also used to stare at me and comment.'' She further said When I was 18 months old, my private parts started bleeding. Seeing this, my mother was very upset and my father immediately reached the doctor.'' Liza said, My bleeding had begun unabated, so my parents took me to the doctor. They reported that there may be precocious puberty (untimely puberty). After examination, they also confirmed it. I started having periods like an adult woman.'' Liza said that because of her supportive parents, she never felt lonely. Parents taught to accept the changes taking place in the body normally. This boy suddenly started having periods, doctor made a shocking revelation 100-year-old-3,800-tonne building suddenly started moving, video goes viral Rare blood group found in India, know all details here

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Horoscope for 20 July: Keen to know whats in store for you this Wednesday? Read on to find out

Those into business should maintain cordial relationships with their customers. Students are advised to be focused on their studies under today's skies

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Maggi, boiled eggs, oats and lots more: Here are easy recipes to try in your electric kettle

Apart from just warming water, a kettle can also be used to make quick simple meals that will satisfy your hunger

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Horoscope for 19 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Tuesday

Government officials may get promoted while those who are unemployed should make efforts today, it will bring good results. Few might make big investments in real estate, while others will restart hindered work

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Things you should stop doing if you are newly married

Dont say no to the compromise: You can't always have things your way and you both need to compromise as the situation demands. It'simportant that you learn how to work together as a team doing what's best for you both together as husband and wife and not at individual levels. Do not avoid money talks: Money is important and knowing how you're going to manage it together is something that you need to pay heed to from the start. . It's essential that it is clear from the beginning as to how you guys would be taking care of the family budget, your savings and your investments. No place for ignorance: Expressing your feelings in the heartiest of ways and putting problemsacross with thought, compassion and in the best possible way is how you should go about it. Be it hearty conversations, supporting each other or even arguing, learn how to communicate with each other. House hold responsibilities on one person: Another important aspect after money that you should be clear about from the beginning is the responsibility of your household chores. Household responsibilities were discussed and made clear at an early stage. Once you start figuring your routine out lay out all that needs to be done and how. Avoiding your partners friends: Your partner's friends and colleagues are a part of their lives and you mustn't ignore them. Instead, try to get to know and hang out with them. This will surely make your partner feel great about how you are trying to accept every part of their life. Avoiding post-wedding trips: Post-wedding blues are totally normal. After all the excitement of the wedding, its natural to feel a dip in your mood. But how can you keep that excitement in a marriage, do not stop making plans. Try to visit new places as much as possible. New Inspirational Song By Saint Dr MSG gets 2 Million Views in just 9 Hours Fans worried about Aespa's Winter's Health DJ Rackish shares his piece of advice for budding DJs and musicians

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Horoscope for 18 July: Aries will be lucky, Libras might find love; check whats in store this Monday

Conflicts could drive a wedge between you and your romantic partner. Be careful while talking to closed-off people as oversharing in front of them will not do you any good. New deals and projects will prove fruitful

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Horoscope for 17 July: Check how the stars are aligned for you this Sunday

The day is going to be favourable for those belonging to the pharmaceutical industry as their income may increase. Some people may disagree with their family members while others may get a nod for their love marriage

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Horoscope for 16 July: Heres what the stars have in store for you this Saturday

Government employees may get promoted and those looking for loan have a high chance for success. The day is going to be a mixed bag of positives and negatives for some. A few zodiac signs will get a good opportunity to showcase your talent.

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6 things never do in a relationship

Lose your sense of self: In so many relationships, people lose who they are. They pick up their significant others tastes, hobbies, interests, style, and everything. Its great to be able to share what you love with someone you love, but its another thing to forget who you are as an individual. If you feel completely at a loss without the other, youre in trouble Comparison: Dont compare your girlfriend to some hot girl at the bar, or your boyfriend to the jacked guy at the gym. No one likes to feel like theyre in competition with someone they dont even know. Youll do nothing but make them feel bad about themselves and then they will resent you for it. Bring up the past: This is a major NO-NO in an argument. In a relationship, you should only be focusing on the present. No matter how brutal a fight might get, you should never bring up an event from the past. You have to leave it behind. Address your problem:Relationships face challenges. It would be unusual to be involved in a long-term committed partnership and not have ups and downs. w Its not easy, nor is it supposed to be. It requires plenty of effort. If one person chooses to ignore it with the notion it will work itself out is not worth your effort. Thats not how a relationship should be. Do not keep secrets: Keeping secret is not something mates do who enjoy a strong, open, honest union. Attempting to keep something quiet from a partner puts a wedge between the two of you that will ultimately let your significant other know something is up. Do not keep grudges: It is not something mates do who enjoy a strong, open, honest union. Attempting to keep something quiet from a partner puts a wedge between the two of you that will ultimately let your significant other know something is up. Sushmita will now marry Lalit Modi! She has dated these boys older and younger than herself Sushmita gets engaged to 10-year-old man, photos go viral Tips to start a conversation

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Obsessed about cleaning your house! Here are a few spots you might have just missed

Cleaning regularly makes it easier to remove dust, which applies to the whole house and not just your floors

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Horoscope for 15 July: Heres what the stars have in store for you this Friday

There will be good career opportunities for people in software programming and development. For some, new career paths may emerge

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Three recipes you can make to get benefits of jamuns all year round

Jamuns also aid weight loss as they are low in calories and reduce the amount of water retention in the body. The fruit also helps improve digestion and skin health

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Tips to start a conversation

For some people, it is very easy to start a conversation with a stranger, girl, or with their crush but for some people, it is a very common difficulty. It's common for people to say they struggle to make conversation because they often can't think of things to say. When talking to someone one-on-one this may lead toawkward silences. In groups, they may be seen asquiet and opposite of their personalities. But dont you worry if you are an introvert or it is difficult for you to start a conversation then follow these steps Ask a question: If it is difficult for you to start a conversation then ask a question avoid one-liners, you can ask a question on sports or any current affairs as it gave birth to a healthy discussion. Give compliments: Compliments are great conversation starters because they instantly flatter the recipient, making them warmer to you and more willing to participate in your conversation--no matter where it heads. Be specific and sincere in your compliment. Talk about the surroundings: Talking about the venue or your environment is another great conversation starter that can work anywhere (and with anyone). If you're at a networking event, you can talk about the coffee or the seating. If you're in the office, you can talk about the changes to the break room or the parking lot construction. Ask about opinions: To start a conversation with someone you do not know, you can ask someone's opinion on a particular topic. When you give importance to the opinions of others, you can showcase your interest in other person. Offer Helps: If you have an option to help someone you want to talk to, offer them your help. When you provide assistance without asking, you can earn the other person's trust because you show genuine concern for their needs. Sharing interesting information: Sharing an exciting fact with someone you want to talk to can be an effective way to establish a meaningful conversation. This is because it can connect two people through exploring a common interest or learning something new. Introduce yourself: If you cannot come up with a conversation starter, you can always try a direct approach and introduce yourself. As the other person will also share information about him. Seek help or advice: You can start a conversation by seeking advice from a stranger. When doing so, try to keep your advice relevant to the environment. On this Gurupurnima, Learn to respect your teacher How is luxury turning into misery How to Utilise Your Subconscious Mind Power to Become Successful?

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Time to save our children from mass sexualisation and their indoctrinated teachers

From London to California, children as young as six are being educated in schools in such profound subjects as masturbation, safe sex, and self-stimulation which encourages children to touch their private parts in bed and the shower

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Horoscope for 14 July: Heres what the stars have in store for you this Thursday

The day is going to be favourable for those investing in new property or scheme. People who are planning to start a new business should go ahead and work hard on it. A few zodiac signs might make some big important changes in the business

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Spinach, onion and more: Here are some kitchen ingredients that can help you get long hair

From teenagers to women and some men, all look for ways to get those long hair that they can flaunt when they step out for parties or otherwise

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From boosting digestive health to natural sleeping aid: Nutritionist Lovneet Batra explains benefits of Kiwi

Consisting of a whole range of nutrients such as fiber, copper, potassium, vitamin C, folate, antioxidants, vitamin K, and vitamin E, the fruit has a sweet and slightly tangy taste with green flesh on its inside

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On this Gurupurnima, Learn to respect your teacher

You must be thinking Respecting your teacher is a very easy task but it is not that easy, even it is one of the most difficult task. Take a look into your life and think about a incident in which you had disrespected your teacher, Do you feel guilty now? I am sure you are guilty of disrespecting your teacher. These days students want to look cool infront of others and therefore they make fun of their teacher or start arguing with them but ask yourself is it really a cool task to disrespect your teacher Here is a one story for all of you. Whenever you think bad about teacher remember this story of Surdas. As it help you to understand that the teacher not only help you to gain you bookish Knowledge but they also play a very important role in building your personality. Surdas was an eager student who wanted to learn about Spirituality. He met a Guru who accepted him as his disciple. The Guru found that Surdas was hampered by his quality of getting angry easily, which prevented him from learning. Thus, the Guru decided to make Surdas shed his anger. The Guru said 'Dear Surdas, chant the God's name during all your activities for one month, then take a bath and come back to me. Surdas followed the Guru's instructions and the day after the month was over, he went to meet his Guru. On his way to Guru's ashram, a sweeper on the street carelessly put dirt on his clothes. Surdas got angry and scolded the sweeper, 'What are you doing,you fool? Now I have to go back wash and dry these clothes and bathe again! Such a waste of time!' The Guru had observed the scene and when Surdas reached the aashram he told him,'Dear Surdas, you are not yet ready for further spiritual practice. Chant the God's name during all your activities for another month, take a bath at the end of it and come to see me.' After a month, he eagerly went to his Guruji's ashram and the same thing was repeated. Surdas again became really angry and blamed the sweeper. After bathing, he met his Guru who asked Surdas to chant God's name for one more month. One month passed and this time the same incident happened when Surdas went to meet his Guru. However, this time Surdas addressed the sweeper softly saying Thank you. You are my master. You have helped me to overcome my anger. The sweeper felt bad for his action. This time as Surdas approached his Guru's hermitage, he could see his Guru standing in front of the hermitage welcoming him. Guru told Surdas that he is now ready to teach him. Learn from this story, start respecting your teacher as they are the one because whom you had achieved all the success in your life. Tips to have a better work life balance From Marathi movies to Bollywood, Nilu Phule won everyone's heart with his acting Food items that go wrong with curd

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Tips to have a better work life balance

In these days you might hear about the concept of work life balance but do you know that it is very important to have a good work life balance as it directly affect your productivity and efficiency at work place. Family and work both are equally important and these days even the organization introduce different policies in order to make their employee to spend time with their families and friends. As according to a study employee with a good work life balance is more productive than others. What is work life balance Work-life balance is often used to describe a trade-off. You balance the time spent on work projects versus time spent with family, friends, and personal interests. It can also refer to the level of flexibility team members feel they have. Work-life balance encompasses everything that goes into a well-lived life. A report suggests that many women view life and work holistically. As a result, they look for employers who can encourage and support them as people, not just as employees but work life balance is not only for women these days men are also switching for a job which help them to maintain a proper work life balance. If you want to have a proper work life balance then follow these tips which will help you to manage your time and spend time with your family members. Use your breaks: If you have a lunch break at your place of work, its your right to use it. This means you shouldnt be expected to always eat at your desk and work through lunch. You can also do short meditations or breathing exercises if your stress levels are high or experience, small call to your child, parents or partner. Be flexible: You can also ask your boss about flexible working hours. Having open, honest conversations about your needs and those of your employer and team can lead to productive solutions. Those can includeflextime, a compressed workweek schedule, job sharing, and other creative options. Learn to say no: Learning how to say nocan be one of thehardest and put into practice. But its an important part of setting boundaries. To start, you must first assessthe typical demands of your day and learn to articulate and prioritize what you have on your plate. It can be helpful to recognize that saying no to things that are less of a priority frees up time and energy to say yes and attend to other things that are important to you. Detach from work.Working from home or frequently using technology to connect to work when you're at home can cause you to feel like you're always on the job. This can lead to chronic stress. Seek guidance from your manager about expectations for when you can disconnect. If you work from home, dress for work and have a quiet dedicated workspace to manage interruption. Volunteering: It is a great way to stay social and build interpersonal connections. Encouraging the employees to volunteer for social causes helps them de-stress and commit socially. You can guide other employees, a good conversation is best to refresh your mood. Proper Planning: Planning the day-to-day activities at work is another way for managing a good balance between life and work. It helps individuals to prioritize their actions following the importance of a task. Moreover, adhering to a well-laid plan also helps save a lot of time at work. Thus, allowing them to focus on things other than work or take it to rejuvenate themselves. Adopt these tips in your life and have better work life balance. Give equal importance to work, family, friend and yourself. How is luxury turning into misery 7 effective ways to become a good leader Yash killed in gay group affair, Shahwaz dismembered the body and threw it in the drain

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How is luxury turning into misery

In the country of democracy where the citizens are adhered to follow certain laws and they are also given certain rights to protect their sanity. We can still see racism, casteism, untouchability, increasing crime rate and all the things that we come across at some point in our lives. But there is something that is becoming more vital by each passing day which is that the high-end brands are slowly and gradually developing their marketing strategies to influence a larger section of the society which is not so financially stable to buy the goods and services that are rather expensive and not affordable for them but they are trying to get a social status in the society by looking richer. Another layer to this insecurity is that the most luxurious brands are searched in the cities where there is income inequality in a larger pace. Hence, the poor people purchase the higher end goods to maintain a social status and to make sure that their resources are well presented to the peoplein the society whereas the rich people don't really give a lot of thought that they will not be perceived as well off as they are. Theincome inequality should be at least taken for consideration and every citizen should be aware of it affecting a lot of things alongside.All of these factors are disturbing the mental status of a large section. In today's world, people are getting appreciated more for how they have maintained their social media accounts or how they are dressing up rather than the truth that goes behind everything. Food items that go wrong with curd How to Utilise Your Subconscious Mind Power to Become Successful? Food Items to lower your cholesterol

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Horoscope for 13 July: Heres what the stars have in store for you this Wednesday

The day is going to be favourable for people connected with sales and marketing work. Those planning to go abroad will hear good news soon

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Horoscope for 12 July: Leos to gain profit, Taurus should avoid risks; see whats in store this Tuesday

The day is quite favourable for people who are trying to go abroad for studies. Diabetic patients should not be careless about their diet and medications.

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Best gifts to give your Guru on this Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima is dedicated to all academic and spiritual gurus or teachers. Traditionally, Guru Purnima has been celebrated by Buddhists to commemorate Gautam Buddhas first sermon to his first five disciples in Uttar Pradeshs Sarnath however, Hindus and Jains also celebrate this festival to revere their teachers Celebrated as festivals by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists in India, Nepal, and Bhutan. When is Guru Purnima Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadha, which is from June to July. The festival is marked by Buddhists, Hindus and Jains every year on the full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashadha of the Hindu calendar or the Ashadha Purnima Tithi. This year, Guru Purnima will be celebrated on July 13. Gautam Buddha, the founder of the Buddhist faith, is believed to have given his first sermon on this day. After five weeks of achieving enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, Buddha went from Bodhgaya to Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh. There he gave a sermon on the full moon day. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions across India celebrate Guru Purnima by organising various events to thank the teachers in bringing out the best in students. On this day, students or the disciples worship and pay respect to their Gurus or spiritual guide and thank them for sharing their knowledge and enlightening them with it. Ideals of God- Goddess: You can give your guru a small ideal of Ganesh, Krishna, or any other ideal. As your teacher will keep it on their desk or at home and it will remind herof your pure love. By giving this gift you can give a blessing to the one who has shown you ways in your life. Special letter: Paper will always hold a special place in anyone's heart. So, if you take some time out from your busy lives and write a heart-warming letter to your Guru,is bound to be teary-eyed with love and memories. What better way than say 'Thank You Teacher' on a special note. Try it once! Flowers: It is an old tradition since our childhood we are giving flowers to our teacher so continue this tradition. A huge bouquet of flowers is bound to make your teacher happy. Imagine what better than gifting a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers sprinkled with water and perfume to your Guru. Take their blessings and start your day afresh! Coffee Mugs: Whenever your teacher will drink coffee, the mug reminds her about your love. Now that the times are changing, our gurus to have evolved over a period of time. So, if you happen to surprise your teacher on this day, then possibly gift him/her a coffee or tea mug which has some cool quotes written on it. This one will surely surprise your Guru! Greeting Cards: made with your hand, filled with your words, No amount of material gifts or pricey exquisite items can take away the charm of a greeting card filled with little scribbles here and there. Be it a colorful one or a plain greeting card, what matters is the emotion with which it has been presented. Get one or even try making one yourself. Diary: If you are in school or college, then gifting a diary to your teacher can possibly be the best gift. Remember all your queries were solved on a piece of papers? So, now is the time for you to give it back to your mentor. How to Utilise Your Subconscious Mind Power to Become Successful? Civic report shows 153 dengue cases reported in Delhi so far this year Effective ways to get rid of stretch marks

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Horoscope for 10 July: Taurus may make a career move, check about other zodiac signs

Check out what the universe has in store for you this Sunday

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Horoscope for 9 July: Keen to know if the stars are in your favour on Saturday? Read on to find out more

Remember to take care of your health under todays skies. You should also ensure that you do not get stressed out too much if you encounter any hindrances today

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Ban on wearing bikinis here, yet if you wear, will be fined Rs 40000/-

A popular tourist place has been banned from roaming around wearing bikinis. If anyone is found doing so, will be fined heavily. They may have to pay more than 40,000 as a fine. The administration has taken this step on the complaint of the local people. The incident is in Italy's coastal region of Pompeii and Naples. According to the report, the mayor here has passed an order. According to it, if anyone is seen doing an 'organ performance' on the streets wearing a bikini, shirtless or low outfit, then action will be taken against them. In fact, the people living on the beach side said that the people who came to spend the holidays in the tourist places in their area wear fewer clothes and behave indecently. Because of this people have problems, and they feel uncomfortable. The mayor took cognizance of the complaint and warned the tourists who came to the beach that if anyone is found behaving in low clothes then they can be fined 425 pounds (more than 40 thousand rupees). The mayor said the locals fear that the movement of tourists is ruining the prestige and quality of life of the coastal city. In such a situation, police officers will patrol the roads and coastal areas to ensure that rules are followed. Those found in shirtless or swimwear will be fined. A local journalist said that this tourist place attracts huge numbers of tourists. Just as they move around in the middle, they also go out on the streets of the city. This makes some people feel uncomfortable. Such rules have been imposed in many beach areas before. 7 effective ways to become a good leader Look after your Mental Health too! Incorporate more Veggies into your Diet

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Can You Guess Which Parent It Was? Mom Or Dad?

It was time to go to the hospital to relieve the other parent who was sitting with their teen son, who had undergone a minor knee surgery. The leftover rice was quickly converted into sumptuous jeera rice and the leftover chicken curry heated.Browsing quickly through the fridge, all the unwanted stuff was either utilised or [] The post Can You Guess Which Parent It Was? Mom Or Dad? appeared first on Women's Web: For Women Who Do .

Women's Web 8 Jul 2022 11:33 am

Easy self-defence techniques for women

Self-defence not only helps you protect yourself but others too. Plus, it helps you become physically and emotionally fit. Having the ability to defend yourself increases your self-esteem and boosts your confidence. Self Defense techniques help you to stay safe from the predators present in society. Do not depend on your father, brothers or on your friend, protect yourself. These are some easy but effective self-defence techniques to stay safe. Set verbal boundaries: Good verbal skills are an effective self-defence tool, one you're likely to use more frequently and successfully than any physical technique. When a predator engages you in conversation, he's actually interviewing you to see if you'll make a good victim. An experienced attacker is practised at using his words to freeze you with fear, thus reducing the chance that you'll try to defend yourself. Hammer strike: Using your car keys is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself. Dont use your fingernails, because youre more at risk to injure your hands. Instead, if you feel unsafe while walking at night, have your keys stick out from one side of your fist for hammer strikes. Groin kick: Stabilize yourself as best you can. Lift your dominant leg off the ground and begin to drive your knee upward. Extend your dominant leg, drive hips forward, slightly lean back, and kick forcefully, making contact between your lower shin or ball of your foot and the attackers groin area. Elbow strike: If you can, stabilize yourself with a strong core and legs to ensure a powerful blow. Bend your arm at the elbow, shift your weight forward, and strike your elbow into your attackers neck, jawline, chin, or temple. These are all effective targets. Escape from side headlock: Turn into the attackers side as much as possible to avoid being choked. With your hand thats furthest away, strike the groin with open-handed slaps until you have enough mobility to turn your head all the way out to disengage. Grabbing wrist: grab his little finger and his ring finger with one hand, and his middle and index finger with the other and bend the wrist forward. If you can't grab your opponent's hand, hit him with a fist or with a finger between the collarbones or into his Adam's apple.This will allow you to disorient your opponent enough that it will take him a long time to come back. Ways to reduce your belly fat Home Remedies for dandruff free Hair Tips for better sleep at night

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7 effective ways to become a good leader

A good leader can inspire everyone in an organization to achieve their very best. Human capital is the differentiator in this knowledge-based economy that we live in. So, leadership needs to attract, inspire, and ultimately retain as much talent as possible. If you inspire people, if you can create the right conditions, you can get much more out of people, and achieve wonders. Following are the effective ways to become a good leader in order to grow with your organization and team members. Engage in honest, open communication: One of the most important elements of effective leadership is creating an open line of communication with your team members. Your own honesty and transparency should serve as an example for your team members. Your company and its employees are a reflection of yourself, and if you make honest and ethical behaviour a key value, your team will follow. Encourage personal and professional growth:Acting as your teams cheerleader is an important part of being an effective leader. You should be invested in their success and growth. Set clear employee goals and expectations: Setting clear goals and employee expectationsfor your team is key to employee success. When setting these objectives, encourage employee questions and feedback. Including them in the process can increase engagement. Be open to new ideas: Good leaders have the emotional intelligence to understand and accept that change is inevitable. Instead of trying to maintain a status quo just for the sake of consistency, embrace change and innovation. Be open to new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. Have Confidence in Yourself: Many leaders find moments where they doubt their ability, it is important to maintain confidence in your leadership skills despite this. Your team members will look toward you for assurance and direction. Positive Approach: A positive attitude will go a long way to keeping your team motivated. It is important to transform your frustration into a positive and proactive approach. This can-do attitude will prevent your team from becoming too overwhelmed or burning out. Be flexible: When working with different people, remember that one approach to leadership will not work for everyone. Develop leadership skills that are dynamic and can respond to individual needs. Some team members may prefer to collaborate often, while others work better with a set list of tasks. Creatively: As a leader, you may be approached with challenges or unfamiliar situations. Try not to let your past experience dictate your decision. Many individuals prefer to play it safe and stay on their set course, but creative thinking is key to becoming a successful leader. Effective ways to lower your Blood sugar level Tips for better sleep at night How to Identify Breast Cancers Symptoms

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Celebrating Janaki Iyer, My Extraordinary School Teacher, And Founder Of Ananda Bharathi

Janaki Iyer taught history at my school- Greenlawns School, Mumbai. I was in class IX and facing adjustment problems with my peers, and so was anotherclassmate. Ms Janaki (as I called her) seemed to understand that we needed some TLC. She took two struggling teens under her wing in her gentle way. She invited us [] The post Celebrating Janaki Iyer, My Extraordinary School Teacher, And Founder Of Ananda Bharathi appeared first on Women's Web: For Women Who Do .

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Behind Every Happy Mom Is A Support System Helping Her Balance Everything!

Let me at the outset clarify that when I mention work here, it includes ANY work. So, it could be the work at home done by a homemaker parent or it could be work in a professional/entrepreneurial environment. Either way, every parent struggles to find that fine balance between work and parenting, especially with younger [] The post Behind Every Happy Mom Is A Support System Helping Her Balance Everything! appeared first on Women's Web: For Women Who Do .

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The rare 'white crow' shown in MP, was caused by the curse of the sage black

Have you ever seen a white crow? So your answer will be no and you will say that the crow is black. But that's not the case, today we are going to tell you about the white crow. This white crow has been seen in Madhya Pradesh, the picture of which is going viral on social media, the same has been seen earlier in the year 2019 in Datwara in Madhya Pradesh and then in the year 2017 also in Satna. However, there are scientific reasons behind the change in color of the crow. The white crow is also similar to other black crows, but due to genetic defect leuciism, the color of some crows becomes white. There are many species of crows in the world whose bodies have a white spot somewhere. According to a professor of geology, due to non-completion of the lBniism process, some crows are born white in color and not the original color of the organism. Although according to mythology, it is said that earlier the color of the crow used to be white, but due to the curse of a sage, its color became black. According to beliefs, a long time ago a sage sent a white crow to look for nectar and ordered it to bring only the information of nectar but it should not drink. After years of struggle, the white crow searched for the nectar, but after so much hard work, he also began to crave to drink the nectar. The crow drank the nectar and then, reported it to the sadhu. Aryan-Imlie are dating each other in real life! This woman has already been married 11 times, now preparing for the 12th marriage. Karan Johar had a relationship with this famous actor in Paris!

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On honeymoon, husband made such a 'mistake', bride's death happened

After marriage, a couple went for honeymoon. They were both riding a golf buggy and set out for a walk on an island. The husband turned the car around to take a U-turn and it overturned and the wife lost her life. Marina Morgan, 29, had gone on a dream holiday with her husband Robbie. Because of this, his buggy overturned. Robbie himself was driving it, but nothing happened to him. His wife lost her life in this incident. This incident is from Australia. The incident took place at Whitsande Boulevard in Hamilton Island, Queensland. Marina was rescued by a doctor, an off-duty dentist and an off-duty firefighter. They gave the woman CPR for 35 minutes, but they could not be saved. The couple, who live in Sydney, got married 10 days ago. Police Inspector Anthony Cowan said it was a very sad incident. Speaking to the media, he said that no evidence of dangerous driving or drunkenness has been found. The police inspector further said- It seems that the incident took place due to lack of experience in driving vehicles in this way. The car was turned too hastily to take a U-turn and it overturned. Inspector Anthony said the woman was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident. He also said robbie had taken a U-turn, and he must have done so because the car's battery was running out and he would have to return to the charging point. Graeme McIntyre, acting director of the Queensland Ambulance Service in Mackay district, said the paramedics had arrived there within minutes. The woman had a cardiac arrest. They were given CPR for 35 minutes but they failed. Hamilton Island has issued a statement confirming the incident and conveying its condolences to the deceased woman and her friends. Aryan-Imlie are dating each other in real life! This woman has already been married 11 times, now preparing for the 12th marriage. Karan Johar had a relationship with this famous actor in Paris!

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Ban on sex if you do this then you will be jailed for 7 years

Big news has come for the fans who come to watch the FIFA World Cup, those participating in it will have to follow strict rules. Actually, Qatar has strict rules regarding sex. Having sex with permission other than the husband or wife is also illegal and there is a provision for strict punishment. Therefore, if singles coming to Qatar are caught having sex with someone, then the police can arrest them. Action can also be taken against the couple living in a homosexual relationship. People who do not follow the same rules may have to face jail, that too not one or two but 7 years. Actually, this time Qatar is hosting the Football World Cup. Qatar has warned its visiting football fans that one-night stands will be completely banned in this year's Football World Cup. If anyone is found involved in this then he can go behind the bars for 7 years. According to the information received, if you are coming as husband and wife, then it is fine. But if you are not coming in this form, then sex can prove to be a distant dream for you. For the first time in this year's World Cup, there is a mandatory sex ban. Noisy parties are also banned. It is worth noting that drinking and partying after the match has been a trend of fans in the World Cup. Aryan-Imlie are dating each other in real life! This woman has already been married 11 times, now preparing for the 12th marriage. Karan Johar had a relationship with this famous actor in Paris!

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Troubled by dark circles, so do these yogasanas every day

Dark circles under the eyes are there for every other person in today's time. It remains a common problem nowadays and to get rid of it, some people use expensive and chemical products which are harmful. However, if you want, with the help of yoga, you can also get rid of this problem. Today we are going to tell you about those yogasanas through which acne wrinkles and fine-lines, dark circles will also be removed. Sarvangasana - To do this easy, first of all you lie down on your back. Then lift your legs, hips, and waist, then take all your weight on your shoulders. Support your back with your hands so that balance is maintained. After this, keep your waist and legs straight, resting the elbows on the ground and keeping the hands on the waist. Keep in mind, the entire weight of the body should be on the shoulders and the upper part of the hands. Keep your feet straight as well. Then bring the toes of the feet straight to the nose and take a long deep breath and stay in this posture for 30 seconds. Throne - To perform this asana, first of all, sit on it by joining the toes of your feet together. After this, place both the ankles under the testicles in such a way that the right heel is on the left side and the left heel is on the right side and then turn it upwards. Now rest the front part of the shin bone on the ground. Also, keep your hands on the ground. Keep your mouth open at this time and pull out the tongue as much as possible. Then open the eyes and look into the sky and breathe through the nose. Then make a clear and steady sound from the throat, releasing the breath slowly. Keep in mind that you should repeat this process at least 5 times daily. This thing is to be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, from weight loss to hair will be strong. These two yogasanas will help improve thyroid If you also have diabetes, do this yoga every morning.

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