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The (Relatively) Simple Symmetries Underlying Our Expanding Universe

Although Einstein's theory of space-time seems more complicated than Newtonian physics, it greatly simplified the mathematical description of the universe.

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Guy Gets Annoyed At His Neighbor's Loud Party, Attacks It With A Fireworks Drone

While we do not condone this Brazilian's tactics, it's difficult to deny how smoothly he pulled off the drone turret.

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Seeing Area 51 Memes Everywhere? The Truth About Them Is Out There*

A plan to attack Area 51 went viral on Facebook, and a trove of memes soon followed. Some of the posts have irony layered so thick that it could reach the stars.

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The Last Frontier

The San Luis Valley in southern Colorado still looks much as it did 100 or even 200 years ago. It's not hard to picture oneself as a homesteader. The land is not free bu

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How Amazon Prime Day Hacks Your Brain

The psychological reason we fall for lightning deals.

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We Have The First-Ever Images Of Molecules Changing Their Charge State

Using some of the world's most advanced microscope technology, scientists have captured images of molecules changing their charge state in real time.

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Non-Amazon Deal: Get The Six-Quart Instant Pot For 50% Off

Walmart isn't slacking off during Prime Day. Right now, they're selling the extremely popular Six-Quart Instant Pot DUO60 for just $49.99.

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The Streamer Who Built A Giant Starbucks Island In Minecraft To Connect With Fans

RTGame found a novel way to interact with viewers on Twitch.

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The Life-Changing Magic Of Making Do

The antidote to endless, thoughtless consumption lies not in purging ourselves of the stuff we own, but rather, redefining our relationship with stuff altogether.

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Is It Okay To Laugh At Florida Man?

What it's like to go viral as one of the Internet's biggest memes — and the moral complications of laughing along.

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Get rid of faults

The Hindu 15 Jul 2019 9:49 pm

The Vaccine That Could Prevent Stress, Anxiety And Depression

As mental health disorders run rampant, scientists are trying to make an immunization from bacteria that could help.

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Athletes Vs. Heat

Scorching conditions are increasingly common at sporting events, creating risks and challenges for athletes.

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The Risky Business Of Commercial Hallucinogenic Retreats

On a Wednesday evening in March 2019, I stood in the basement of a budget hotel in central London as a former accountant named Arron used a wooden pipe to blow shamanic s

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This 'Air Tripping Prank' Is Extremely Good And Wholesome

We don't have much patience for mean pranks, but this... this is what all pranks should be striving for.

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Goalie Returns From Out Of Nowhere For One Hell Of A Save

We are winded just watching this.

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Low-Profile Tires Are Ruining Modern Cars

Low-profile tires are all the rage these days, and mostly for aesthetics, as automakers want to project “performance” or whatever. But most people, even the ones who

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A Chess Grandmaster's Success Was 'Unreal.' Until He Was Caught In The Bathroom With A Phone

For the past six years, Igors Rausis seemed unbeatable.

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Non-Amazon Deal: Outdoor Gear And Activewear Up To 40% Off

The folks at Moosejaw are running a massive sale on some of their best summer goods. There's still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather, so don't miss out on these ki

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Man Tells An Escaped Cow To Return To Its Field, Cow Promptly Obliges

This little one knows where it belongs.

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The Sublime Pleasure Of 'Beans In Things'

I'm obsessed with this bizarre, oddly satisfying meme.

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The Socialite On Epstein's Arm

Everyone knew Ghislaine Maxwell. But they didn't know the whole story.

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A Very Quiet Man

When a bomb exploded in a tiny desert town, there was no doubt who did it. But no one could understand why.

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Facebook Board Member Peter Thiel Calls Google 'Treasonous' and Says CIA Should Investigate

Thiel, a Facebook board member, wants the FBI and CIA to ask questions of Google, starting with, “how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan

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Non-Amazon Deal: Get A 55-Inch 4K Vizio Smart TV For Just $320

To compete against Amazon's Prime Day sale, Walmart is dropping prices on big ticket items like this 4K Smart TV from Vizio.

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Camera Shutter Speed Perfectly Syncs With Helicopter Rotor Speed, Creates A Nifty Illusion

This isn't the first time we've seen this effect, but it will never not be cool.

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Movie Astronauts, Ranked

For almost as long as there have been movies, actors and actresses have been using the cinema to imagine what it would be like to go to space.

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Why I Cancelled My Amazon Prime Account

I never really wanted Amazon Prime.

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Why Is Everyone So Scared Of Disney?

Viewed according to the logic of 21st-century fantasy culture, Disney doesn't just suddenly own all the properties. It owns all the mythologies.

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Guy Walks Up To A Mother Bear And Her Cubs And Nearly Pays The Price

We're trying to understand what this guy was thinking and we're coming up completely empty.

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This Is One Very Large Jellyfish

This aptly named giant barrel jellyfish was spotted off the coast of Cornwall by a biologist and wildlife presenter.

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The World's Most Popular Algorithm Has A Problem No One Can Solve

SHA 256 is a deterministic one-way hash function. We also didn't understand what half of those words meant until after watching this video.

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CGI Gods Create A Deep Fake Of Keanu Reeves Stopping A Robbery

It doesn't need to be real because it's real in our hearts.

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Why Don't Police Catch Serial Rapists?

What new research reveals about sexual predators, and why police fail to catch them.

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Three People Lived In This Village — Until Two Were Murdered

Thirty years ago, the village of Dobrusa had about 200 residents. At the start of this year, it had just three. And now there is just one.

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Kid Thinks He Sees The Exit In A Mirror Maze And, Well...

As soon as he started running, it was all over.

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The Scientists Searching For Alien Life Aren't Very Popular In Science

While scientists tossing around the idea of alien life may find a rapt public audience, they can also draw cynical, even hostile reactions from their fellow scientists.

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Never Forget A Password Again With Keeper Password Manager

Make maintaining your online security a breeze with this Keeper Password Manager Subscription. It helps you generate, store and autofill strong passwords across all your

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It Might Be Time To Update The Old 'Alfa-Bravo-Charlie' Spelling Alphabet

The telephone was a major driver of the development of spelling alphabets.

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My Secret Life As The World’s Worst Professional Matchmaker

I don't know how I landed this job. But the most surprising part is that instead of helping my clients find love, they helped me get out of an abusive relationship.

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I Helped Design YouTube's AI Recommendation Engine — It's Toxic

Nearly a decade later, I can see that our work had unintended — but not unpredictable —consequences. In some cases, the AI went terribly wrong.

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