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The Police Of The Future Were Going To Soar Over Traffic To Save Lives

Emergency responders like police and ambulances were going to take to the skies to help save lives, like in this illustration from legendar

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What An Unprecedented Study Found About 3D Printing's Dangers

Four years of research shows that 3D printers emit hazardous microparticles — which can embed themselves in your lungs forever.

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A Former Inmate And Ben Stiller Brought Too-Odd-To-Be-Fake Prison Drama To Li..

This article is about the prison conditions that made the escape possible, all the people who went unpunished and the making of the series.

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Ajit Pai Wants To Raise Rural Broadband Speeds From 10Mbps To 25Mbps

FCC-funded rural broadband currently requires download speed of just 10Mbps.

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When Mark Hamill Pitched George Lucas On Boba Fett Being Luke Skywalker's Mom

Hamill clearly envisioned Boba Fett being more central to the franchise, but ultimately (and understandably) couldn't sway Lucas with his a

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NASA Launching Safety Review Of SpaceX Because Elon Musk Smoked Pot

Boeing will also be reviewed.

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Love Couldn't Save Me From Loneliness

We want to believe a relationship will soak up the emptiness that's spilling over from other realms in our lives.

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The Design That Could Change How Electric Car Motors Are Made

The APM 200 by Equipmake, which will appear in the 2020 Ariel Hipercar, uses a clever trick of engineering to deal with the heat generated

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What Happens When You Pour Honey Into A Lawnmower As An Engine Oil

If you have a vendetta against lawnmowers and love the smell of caramelized honey wafting through this air, this might be for you.

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How Barrel-Aged Stouts Took Over The Beer World

These coveted creations cost double, and sometimes even 10 times the amount of an ordinary stout. And they're everywhere.

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The Emotional Moment A Vlogger Returns To His Home Destroyed By Fire And Find..

His family had to evacuate, abandoning their cat for seven days as the Woolsey Fire consumed their home in California. Thankfully, Mike the

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Criminals With No Shame Hit Make-A-Wish Website

In the case of Make-A-Wish, the attackers used an unpatched Drupal bug to insert cryptomining software called CoinImp onto the site, which

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The Future Of The NFL Is Here, And It Looks Exactly Like Rams-Chiefs

Monday's 54-51 thriller will go down as a classic. It was also a declaration of intent for where the league is heading.

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This Inventor May Have Cured Motion Sickness Without Drugs

Worn on a headband behind the ear, OtoTech uses subtle vibrations to change the way the brain computes the fact that the body that it's att

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The Rural Experiment That Could Help Bring Internet To Millions Of People

The concept, using what are called TV whitespaces, is not new, but few have moved from the theoretical to the realistic.

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The Art Of Woke Wellness

At an inaugural desert festival of yogis and spirit guides like Russell Brand, an exclusive industry grapples with consumerism, addiction,

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Stop Eating Romaine Lettuce, Immediately, CDC Warns

The CDC told consumers to throw away any romaine lettuce they may already have purchased. Restaurants should not serve it, stores should no

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A Hilarious Illustration Of How Much Rubber Sticks To Track After A Day Of Dr..

Go stand on the racetrack, they said. It will be fun and you'll totally be able to move, they said.

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Catholic Exorcisms Are Making A Comeback

Priests are fielding more requests than ever for help with demonic possession, and a centuries-old practice is finding new footing in the m

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Palm Oil Was Supposed To Help Save The Planet. Instead It Unleashed A Catastr..

A decade ago, the US mandated the use of vegetable oil in biofuels, leading to industrial-scale deforestation — and a huge spike in carbo

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Train Passes Over A Baby Who Fell On The Tracks, Baby Emerges Without A Scrat..

This one-year-old slipped out of her mother's arms onto the train tracks in Mathura, India and seemed no worse for the wear after getting r

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High Score, Low Pay: Why The Gig Economy Loves Gamification

Using ratings, competitions and bonuses to incentivize workers isn't new — but as I found when I became a Lyft driver, the gig economy is

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One Simple Reason We Aren't Acting Faster On Climate Change

Climate change has an inherent image problem. While you can clearly visualize plastic pollution or deforestation, climate change has a less

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A Good Reminder Of The Ocean's Terrifying Power

An ocean-view hotel room in Tenerife is a luxury. That is, until gigantic waves start flying through your window.

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The Human Costs Of Black Friday, Explained By A Former Amazon Warehouse Manag..

They spoke about long and punishing hours, how morale plummets as the holiday season goes on and why the holidays still make them feel guil

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Do Animals Grift Each Other?

As it turns out, the ingeniousness and variety of griftmanship on display in the animal kingdom nearly rivals, and in some cases exceeds, o

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The Samurai Swords Inspiring Spacecraft

A trio of engineers have teamed up with a master Japanese swordsmith to design a rock-sampling device made with the same steel used in thes

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Holy Hell, Look At This Massive Tornado In... New Zealand?

New Zealand doesn't get many tornadoes, but when they do, they are apparently quite large.

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How Luggage Became 2018's Hottest Fashion Accessory

When it comes to luggage in 2018, it's really not what's on the inside that counts.

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Bitcoin Plummets To Its Lowest Price In Over A Year — Here's What's Going O..

On Tuesday, the value of Bitcoin hit a new 2018 low, dropping to $4,500. The price is now near October 2017 levels, right before the crypto

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The Guy Behind Net Neutrality Wants To Break Up Facebook

In his new book, legal scholar Tim Wu traces the history of antitrust enforcement in the United States and illustrates how breaking up tech

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Autocomplete Yourself

Why pretend that machines can be creative?

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The Predatory Lending Machine Crushing Small Businesses Across America

How an obscure legal document turned New York's court system into a debt-collection machine that's chewing up small businesses across Ameri

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Soccer Fan Devises A Deeply Annoying Way To Troll A Player From The Opposing ..

This Leyton Orient fan wouldn't let up on a Bromley player during his sideline warmup, and maybe this cruel technique worked? Leyton Orien

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The Ethical Quandary Of Human Infection Studies

Sometimes infecting volunteers with a disease can lead to new treatments. But how much risk and compensation is acceptable for those in poo

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Could Incorporating As A Town Save Gee's Bend, Alabama?

Changing a place's municipal status may not seem like an obvious solution to poverty, but in a place where all manner of social and economi

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The Internet Doesn't Need Civility, It Needs Ethics

The civility debate sidesteps how false assumptions about harm online, coupled with the affordances of digital media, encourage toxicity.

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Retirement In America? Too Expensive

A new book examines the lives of expats in Ecuador and their struggle to stay in the middle class.

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The Population Of Every US State From 1900 To 2017, Visualized Like A Horse R..

If millions more people are choosing to live in your state than in other states of comparable geographic size, you must be doing something

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Incredible Footage Of A Mountaintop Helicopter Rescue In Malibu

This recently released footage shows Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) pilots making a difficult landing on Castro's Peak to rescue two pe

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Bro Downs An Entire 10,000 Calorie Thanksgiving Meal By Himself

Even worse, it takes him less than an hour all-in-all.

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This Remix Of Famous Movie Insults Is A Bonanza Of Profanity

Send this to that friend who still hasn't paid back that Venmo you send them two months ago.

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Saudi Women Are Wearing Their Clothes Inside Out In Protest

Some of the world's most restricted women have found a subtle way to speak out about yet another limitation in their lives: not having the

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The Most Underappreciated Movie Franchise Of The Last 10 Years Is... 'Twiligh..

The sparkly, kitschy vampire movies debuted 10 years ago, giving us two bona fide movie stars, a multimillion-dollar franchise and a bluepr

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An Appreciation Of Missy Elliott's 1997 Album, 'Supa Dupa Fly'

The 1997 album that defined a new hip-hop aesthetic and expanded the definition of rap.

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Why Do Non-Profits Exist?

The weirdest job I ever had was at a large environmental nonprofit, where nobody seemed clear on what they were supposed to be doing.

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Baby Rhino Comes Up With Clever Way To Get His Mom's Attention

This is probably the rhino equivalent of babies' fake crying to get their parents' attention.

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Evils of gossip

The Hindu 20 Nov 2018 8:27 pm