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Does The BuzzFeed Report Show That Trump Obstructed Justice? I Asked 9 Legal ..

I reached out to nine legal experts and asked them to assess the obstruction case against President Trump in light of this report.

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Decoded: Patterns of lion, tiger and leopard attacks on humans

Incidences of attacks on humans vary with each cat species, the area and duration of these being more in the case of lions, as compared to

OneIndia 19 Jan 2019 12:09 pm

The Marvel Of The Human Dad

Among our close animal relatives, only humans have involved and empathic fathers. Why did evolution favor the devoted dad?

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Why No Two People — Past, Present Or Future — Will Ever Share A Fingerpri..

Don't believe what they say. You are special... It's just that so is everyone else.

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Why Did YouTube Mass Recommend That People Watch News Footage Of The 9/11 Att..

Thousands of people say that a years-old CNN news feed from the morning of the September 11 attacks has been resurfaced by YouTube's recomm

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World's Oldest Periodic Table Found In Storage

Dated back to 1885, the table was created only 16 years after Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev introduced the concept in 1869.

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The Body Shaming That Haunts Young Boys

The locker room talk we're not discussing is how young men critique each other.

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Jon Snow Must Die

He's gotta die because the goal of George RR Martin's book saga is to rewrite the rules of fantasy, and a prototypical hero going from bast

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Cop Blatantly Lies About Drug Test Result, Arrests Guy For Meth Possession

Charges have been dropped in over 100 cases worked by officer Zachary Wester, thanks to body cam footage that revealed stuff like this (the

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Ranking Breads By How Healthy They Are

Multigrain? Sourdough? Monkey Bread? What's the least unhealthy way to get my sweet, sweet carbs?

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Air Force Plane Makes Unannounced Low Pass Over Nashville, Scares The Crap Ou..

​In what is apparently just a practice run for Tennessee's gubernatorial inauguration, a military C-17 aircraft swooped over Nashville,

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Inside The Car Company That's Resurrecting The DeLorean

DMC's headquarters doubles as a restoration garage and storage for thousands of original three-decade-old DeLorean parts. Soon, it will bec

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Jesse Eisenberg And Alexander Skarsgård Are High-Frequency Traders Looking T..

The duo goes up against their former boss, looking to make hundreds of millions in a fiber-optic cable deal that will allow them to beat ev

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Man Is Told He Can't Take His Margarita Out In A To-Go Cup, Comes Up With A S..

This is somewhere in between stupid as hell and totally genius.

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What Ever Happened To Trump's Airline?

Inside the rise and fall of Trump Shuttle, a very expensive, half-baked business decision.

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Now We Know The Average American's Credit Card Balance

The data show that whether a person owns a credit card diverges hugely by age, income and education.

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What Happens When You Shine A High-Powered Laser On The World's Whitest And B..

Come for the lasers, stay for the mind-blowing explanations of what the color white actually means.

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The Valedictorian Project

The Boston Globe tracked over a hundred valedictorians from Boston public schools' classes of 2005, 2006 and 2007 to see where they ended u

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Making Up Monsters To Destroy

It's true that the liberal powers that emerged victorious after 1989 are suffering self-inflicted body blows to their professed ideology. B

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This Might Be The Largest Great White Shark In The World

On the one hand, it's pretty cool to get this close to a massive shark. On the other hand, *that's a 20-foot great white, give it some spac

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Why Is Everyone I Know Bouldering All Of A Sudden?

Unlike top-roping (the other main form of rock climbing) bouldering requires very little equipment, and no partner.

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We Regret To Inform You That Aliens Are Probably Not Trying To Talk To Us

The astronomical mysteries that have people wondering if we're alone in the universe, explained.

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Reflections On Antarctica, From The Men Who Crossed It Alone

Colin O'Brady and Louis Rudd spent almost two months racing across Antarctica, a journey that killed an explorer who attempted it in 2016.

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Woman Makes The Very Bad Decision Of Skateboarding Down A Very Long Slide

That feeling you get when you stick the landing a little too well.

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NBA Player Tries To Check Into Game Wearing The Wrong Color Shorts

They say Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day in order to avoid having to spend energy making a decision on what to wear. Michael Beasl

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Greatness of Sudarsana

The Hindu 18 Jan 2019 8:56 pm

The Most Objectively Underrated Players In The NBA

We know, we know — no one is talking about how awesome your favorite player is. But we figured out — based on Wikipedia pageview data

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Jason Segel In 'I Love You, Man' Invented Fashion

Before sleazecore went mainstream, there was the iconic board-shorts-and-Uggs 'fit.

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What Cities Are Getting Wrong About Public Transportation

Cities could get more people walking, biking and riding transit, according to a new report, if they just know where to look for improvement

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This Octopus's Camouflage Is Unbelievably Convincing

We spent most of our time watching this video wondering why the diver wasn't focusing on the octopus (he was, in fact).

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This $350 Mini-Smartphone Helped Cure My Digital Distraction

For all I knew, maybe a shrink-rayed smartphone really would cut down on my mindless usage. To my great surprise, it did.

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Hacked Instagram Influencers Rely On White-Hat Hackers To Get Their Accounts ..

Leaked internal documents and stories from influencers show that Instagram has an influencer-hacking problem.

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There Is Such A Thing As An American $100,000 Bill

There just aren't very many of them.

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34 Heart-Wrenching Stories About What Struggling With Medical Debt Is Really ..

Nearly a decade since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, it is clear that affordability remains a problem in health care — and

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After Being Apart For Two Months, This Dog Just Can't Stop Showering Affectio..

Ramsey, the German Shepherd, made up for lost time by smothering his owner with instant hugs and jumps.

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Amazon Ruined Online Shopping

America's largest internet store is so big, and so bewildering that buyers, often have no idea what they're going to get.

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You Can Buy Stuff In Stores And Sell It At A Profit Online, And Other Facts

​Welcome to What We Learned This Week, a digest of the most curiously important facts from the past few days. This week: The internet mak

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Huckberry's End Of Year Clearance Sale

Huckberry's offering up to 50% off everything from clothing to backpacks to outdoor gear.

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Schedule Secure Video And Phone Sessions Plus Unlimited Messaging connects you with a professional therapist in under 24 hours. All communication is confidential and is included in your memb

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Learn To Play The Guitar (For Real) With Fender Play

Get your first two weeks free, plus unlimited 10% off Fender gear.

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Python Is The Key To Starting A Big Money Career In Data Analytics

Learn how to develop apps, create machine learning processes, crunch data and more with this Pay What You Want Python Master Class Bundle.

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What Actually Works For Muscle Recovery — And What Doesn't

Knowing which methods don't help at all is just as important as knowing which ones work.

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Here Are The Overlooked Movie Performances That Deserve Oscar Love

Live a little, Academy.

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