Watch Two Cops Face An Unexpected Outcome After Killing An Unarmed Black Teen In This Gripping Horror Short

The real horror is the one that already exists in our daily lives.

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Harvard And MIT Sue Trump Administration Over Online-Only Instruction For Foreign Students In The United State..

Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Wednesday sued the Trump administration over its guidance not allowing foreign students to take online-only cours

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Jon Hamm Flips The Script On The Overprotective Dad Meeting His Daughter's Boyfriend For The First Time Trope

A feminist father comes to terms with meeting his daughter's significant other.

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The Inside Story Of Why Mary Trump Wrote A Tell-All Memoir

President Trump's niece was a family outcast. Her new book casts a cold light on the relatives she describes as dysfunctional.

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Kill The Tipped Minimum Wage

Workers were barely getting by before the pandemic, and the situation has only grown more desperate since then.

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The World's Best Trump Impressionist Slams His 'Nasty Niece' Over Her 'So-Called Book'

J-L Cauvin returns with his extraordinarily spot-on impression of Donald Trump with another hilarious bit in response to Mary Trump's tell-all book.

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'Money Plane' Might Be The Dumbest Movie Of 2020

The action thriller stars a WWE superstar as well as a comically sinister Kelsey Grammer and Denise Richards and involves a head-scratching mid-air casino heist.

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I'm Using TikTok To Catch My Sister's Killer

Sarah Turney has tried everything over the years to find out what happened to her older sister, Alissa Turney, who disappeared without a trace in 2001.

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Kanye West Says He's Done With Trump Opens Up About White House Bid, Damaging Biden And Everything In Between

Kanye West's Fourth of July declaration, via Tweet, that he was running for president lit the internet on fire, even as pundits were trying to discern how serious he was.

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The Violent Attack That Turned A Man Into A Maths Genius

Futon salesman Jason Padgett cared little about anything beyond partying and chasing girls, then one fateful night changed him forever.

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Is checking your partner's phone a healthy practice? We find out

A healthy relationship is based on love, respect, trust and faith. All of which when provided from both ends results in a healthy and happy

The Times of India 8 Jul 2020 5:45 pm

In pics: How to rock a sari like Samantha

Here's a look at seven of her best sari looks ever!

The Times of India 8 Jul 2020 4:30 pm

21 Petrifying Things People Have Experienced While Swimming Underwater

Under the sea. View Entire Post

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Beat the heat in cotton salwar kameez; celebs lead the way

The Indian Express 8 Jul 2020 12:52 pm

Difference between raisins and sultanas

The Times of India 8 Jul 2020 9:45 am

Yoga poses to get relief from nasty back pain

. Correcting your posture and strengthing your core muscles are a few things that can help you address the problem and prevent it from happ

The Times of India 8 Jul 2020 9:45 am

Intimacy that's more important than physical intimacy

A bond between two people cannot be measured only in terms of physical closeness, as that may fade away with time. However, elements like t

The Times of India 8 Jul 2020 9:45 am

John Krasinski Secretly Wore A Wig In The Office And The Story Behind It Is H..

The Office set could totally be the basis for its own workplace comedy. View Entire Post

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The Airline Bailout Loophole

Three companies including Gate Gourmet, a global provider of airline meals, received $338 million in relief money for workers and laid workers off anyway.

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This Extraordinarily Smart Parrot Can Outperform College Students

An African grey parrot named Griffin is one surprisingly smart bird.

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This 100-Year-Old Footage Of Japan Upscaled To 4K 60 FPS Is Like Going Back In Time

Denis Shiryaev dramatically enhanced film taken in Tokyo, Japan from 1913-1915 and it looks spectacular.

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Se voc souber dizer se estes 10 novos fatos so reais ou falsos, voc mais int..

Os mosquitos so moscas? View Entire Post

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Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Removes Face Mask In Front Of Reporters To Prove He's Fine After Testing Posit..

The press conference, in Brasilia's Alvorada Palace, was to announce that the President had tested postive for COVID-19.

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'Jurassic Park' Got Almost Everything Wrong About This Iconic Dinosaur

New fossil discoveries and the most detailed analysis yet of Dilophosaurus have produced the first clear picture of what the crested dinosaur really looked like.

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The Confused Myth Of 'Cancellation'

Response is also speech. Without pushback, without responses and dissent, cultures stand still.

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Watch A Diver Literally Dance With A Shark

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but you're the only one I want to dance with.

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COVID-19 Cases Are Rising, But Deaths Are Falling. What's Going On?

By the time coronavirus deaths start rising again, it's already too late.

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Choose Some Images And We'll Reveal A Deep Secret About You

Don't be afraid of the truth. View Entire Post

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A Group Of 239 Scientists Says There's Growing Evidence COVID-19 Is Airborne

The scientists have written an open letter to the World Health Organization arguing that COVID-19 can be transmitted through the air and we need to adapt our preventativ

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Our Team Climbed Everest To Try To Solve Its Greatest Mystery

Were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay really the first to summit the world's highest peak? We searched for a camera that could rewrite history.

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Hotter Than July: Movies Where The Sun Is The Enemy

From sci-fi to horror, from John Carpenter to Gus Van Sant, whatever the genre, the sun is more than capable of being the ultimate bad guy.

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Trump Administration Begins Formal Withdrawal From World Health Organization

The move comes amid a rising number of coronavirus cases throughout the Americas in the last week alone.

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Here's An Eerily Prescient Warning About The Threat Of Doublespeak To American Democracy

This unearthed 1989 C-SPAN interview with William Lutz discussing the threat of the rise of manipulative language in politics seems more relevant than ever.

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Watch Members Of Toto Put On A Delightful Rendition Of 'Africa' From Their Homes

It's going to take a lot to drag us away from this song.

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How Neapolitan Cuisine Took Over The World

One man was arrested for inciting rebellion when he spread the notion that tomatoes, a symbol of Neapolitan peasant identity and a staple nourishment, were being laced wi

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Kanye West? The Girl Scouts? Hedge Funds? Here Are Some Of The Most Unlikely Recipients Of PPP loans

All told, the Treasury Department's Paycheck Protection Program authorized $520 billion for nearly five million mostly small businesses and nonprofits. On Monday, the gov

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A Visualization Of The Death Toll Of Coronavirus In The US Represented By The 9/11 Memorial

Here's how many 9/11 Memorials it would take to equal the death toll from COVID-19 from March to July.

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Guy Is Utterly Confounded By The Salt And Pepper Shakers His Girlfriend Gave Him

Either he's overthinking this or this is the greatest mystery ever.

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How The Expansion Of Cities Has Made Humans More Susceptible To Pandemics

Sonia Shah explains how land use expansion has increased the likelihood of disease outbreaks around the world.

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Get A 256GB Samsung Micro SD Card For Just $40

Need more space on your Nintendo Switch, camera or phone? This 256 gigabyte micro SD card is 20 percent off right now, but we don't know how long it will last, so act fas

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Here's A 38-Minute Rant About Why The Movie Adaptation Of 'Les Misrables' Sucks

How could anyone mess up one of the most acclaimed musicals of all-time? Here's how it all went awry.

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Woman Finds Baby Crow That Fell Out Of Its Nest, Gets An Unpleasant Surprise From Its Mother

This woman learned the hard way about getting between a crow and its mother.

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How Much Residential Space $250K Can Get You In The Most Populous American Cities, Visualized

A sprawling house or a flat? By the sea or on the hill? Here's how much space a quarter of a million dollars will get you across America.

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Ranking All Of The 'Night Of The' Movies

This was a foolish choice. There are a lot of movies that use Night of the in the title, even if you cut out short films and TV movies. But, hey, I'm in lockdown.

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What The Police Really Believe

Inside the distinctive, largely unknown ideology of American policing and how it justifies racist violence.

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Right-Wing Media Outlets Duped By A Middle East Propaganda Campaign

Conservative sites like Newsmax and Washington Examiner have published Middle East hot takes from experts who are actually fake personas pushing propaganda.

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Tom Hanks Says He Has No Respect For People Who Refuse To Wear A Mask

Tom Hanks, who survived the coronavirus back in March, condemns people who refuse to do basic precautions. I simply do not get it, it is literally the least you can do, t

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