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The Quest To Explore Colombia's Untouched Jungles

Colombia is on a mission to make sense of its rich biodiversity, isolated thanks to years of war. For researchers, it is a golden opportuni

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S-Town, The Controversial Hit Podcast, Is Being Sued For Exploitation

The lawsuit claims S-Town failed to secure John McLemore's consent before airing his private life to the world.

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One Country, Two Radically Different Narratives

A new poll by The Atlantic and the Public Religion Research Institute finds that Democrats and Republicans have wildly divergent views o

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Caves All The Way Down

Do psychedelics give access to a universal, mystical experience of reality, or is that just a culture-bound illusion?

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Gwen Stefani Is Still An Extraordinary Contradiction

Stefani has always been a study in contrasts: a sexy tomboy; a rock star who loves her man and her manicures. So why are we still surprised

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Newly Unearthed Photos Of The Last Tsar And His Family Show A Forgotten Empir..

Russia's last tsar, his wife, and their five children were murdered amid the tumult of the Bolshevik revolution 100 years ago today. To com

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How To Deal With Penis Size Anxiety

There are few topics that can evoke such widespread and intense anxiety as penis size. Just about every man — regardless of the actual si

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Chinese Researchers Achieve Stunning Quantum-Entanglement Record

The feat could pave the way for more powerful computing, although the technology is still in its early stages.

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Seattle And The Socialist: The Battle Raging Between Amazon And The Far Left

A City Council member wants to uproot Jeff Bezos's tech giant and shrink the wealth gap using radical politics. But not everyone in the cit

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When A DNA Test Shatters Your Identity

Inside the secret Facebook groups people turn to after a DNA test delivers shocking results.

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Now *This* Is How You Launch Yourself Over The Bar When Pole Vaulting

No, this isn't a legal move, but we sure as hell think it should become one.

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For Years, Mike Marjama Dreamed Of Playing Major League Baseball. Here's Why ..

As a teenager, Mike Marjama almost died from an eating disorder. Here's what he's doing to spare other young men the same fate.

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'My Brain Feels Like It's Been Punched': The Intolerable Rise Of Perfectionis..

The pursuit of perfection, taken to extremes, can lead to OCD and depression — and the number of students reporting the problem has jumpe

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The World Of MAGA Thirst Traps

Sexy selfies plus AR-15s = the ultimate in Second Amendment propaganda.

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Why I Lied To Everyone In High School About Knowing Karate

As a teen, Jabeen Akhtar discovered that trying to be an exceptional immigrant can make you do stupid things.

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The Lights Curiously Go Out Right As Trump Declares His 'Full Faith' In Ameri..

In a statement on Tuesday, President Trump sought to reaffirm his support of the American intel community — only one day after the Presi

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The Terrifying Moment A Lava Bomb Hit A Tour Boat In Hawaii, Injuring 23

Four people were hospitalized after a chunk of lava punched a hole in the roof of their tour boat, with one person still in serious conditi

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Boulder Breaks Off A Cliff, Falls Directly Onto Moving Car Below

According to reports, there were several injuries but no deaths, which is somewhat miraculous when you watch this footage.

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You Don't Need To Properly Eject Your USB Drive

Just wait for it to finish copying your data, give it a few seconds, then yank.

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A Semi-Definitive List Of People We Do Not Want To Fight

SBNation's Jon Bois and Spencer Hall discuss the various people they would not like to get into a fight with. It's good stuff.

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Here Are The Worst Parallel Parkers In The World

Look, parallel parking isn't the easiest thing to do. But the fact that these two people spend 8 minutes trying to figure out this (big!) p

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Get $50 Off A Rarely On Sale Sous Vide

Sous Vide cooking may sound like high-science gastronomy, but it’s sneakily the easiest way to prepare flawless food. Buy one now while i

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The Case For Full-Fat Yogurt

Not all fats are created equal. There's the dangerous trans fats, the healthy unsaturated fats, and the middling saturated fats, but eve

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Dying To Entertain Us: Celebrities Keep Overdosing On Opioids And No One Care..

The deaths of Prince, Tom Petty, Heath Ledger and Michelle McNamara haven't galvanized attention to the prescription drug crisis.

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The Gap Between Baby Boomer And Millennial Incomes, Mapped By State

The difference is staggering.

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How To Make The Best Of A Crappy Situation After A Typhoon Floods Your Living..

We just hope this water is safe enough to swim in, but otherwise hugely applaud this man for making light of a tragic event.

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Trash, Art And The MoviePass: The Worst Movies I Have Seen For Free This Year

What I appreciate about the service is that it has allowed me to see countless pieces of hot, steaming, celluloid garbage with minimal guil

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Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise You..

Without any public scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race, marital statu

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Nicole Kidman And Russell Crowe Send Their Gay Son To Conversion Therapy In T..

The son of a Baptist pastor is outed to his family in this upcoming film based on a true story.

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Mary Todd Lincoln, Spiritualist

Did the first lady's supernatural interests convince Abraham Lincoln to sign the Emancipation Proclamation?

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Bernie Sanders Is Interviewed By An In-Disguise Sacha Baron Cohen And Doesn't..

He doesn't suspect that Cohen is there, under all that makeup, but does immediately recognize that the person across from is spouting nonse

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The SIM Hijackers

Meet the hackers who flip seized Instagram handles and cryptocurrency in a shady, buzzing underground market for stolen accounts and userna

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We Hereby Demand That All Batboys And Batgirls Be Replaced With Golden Retrie..

Sorry to all the soon-to-be out-of-work-batpeople, but the market demands it.

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Desika’s allegorical play

The Hindu 17 Jul 2018 8:47 pm

The Ugly Scandal That Canceled The Nobel Prize

Sweden's literary elite has been thrown into disarray by allegations of sexual harassment and corruption.

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The Supernova That Launched A Thousand Gorgeous Space Images

By colorizing one of the first Hubble satellite images, illustrator Dana Berry ushered in a new era of stunning space visuals.

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Massive Sandstorm Swallows A Car

If you see a haboob coming, do what this driver did and pull over, because you aren't going to be able to see anything when you're in the m

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Crispr Can Speed Up Nature — And Change How We Grow Food

It took thousands of years for humans to breed a pea-sized fruit into a beautiful beefsteak tomato. Now, with gene editing, scientists can

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Causing A Catastrophe

When the West Quincy Levee failed during catastrophic floods 25 years ago, police pegged James Robert Scott as the cause.

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Would You Let Your Boss Put A Chip In Your Body?

A small number of employees are agreeing to subcutaneous implants — and the idea is spreading.

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Field Invader Tries To Escape Into The Stands At An MLB Game, Gets Wrecked By..

It's unclear why this bystander felt the need to step in and do security's job for them, but maybe he just saw the opportunity for the perf

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Seth Meyers Has Some Shit To Say About The Trump-Putin Summit

Not only did weird stuff happen in Helsinki, but President Trump was acting odd all over Europe before his meeting with Putin. And Seth has

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Don't Throw It Away — Take It To The Repair Cafe

This series of workshops aims to keep broken items out of the landfill, and it might help you save a few bucks, too.

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George Soros Bet Big On Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing

His enemies paint him as all-powerful, but the billionaire philanthropist believes that his political legacy has never been in greater jeop

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Voter Suppression Is Warping Democracy

A new survey shows that black and Hispanic citizens are more likely than whites to face barriers at the polls — and to fear the future er

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When Men Decide It's Time To Say Sorry

A wave of spontaneous apologies — over email, text and Facebook — has followed in the wake of #MeToo.

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