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Android Turns 10: Google's Fierce iPhone Rival Had A Stumbling Start

My, has Google's mobile operating system come a long way since Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced the first Android phone, the T-Mobile

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Kent Sorenson Was A Tea Party Hero. Then He Lost Everything

I hoped to answer the questions surrounding Sorenson's rise and fall — and achieve some closure on a story that still confounds the most

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I Love, A Simple Digital Marketing Website

There are a lot of websites on the internet. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. is one of the good websites.

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The Weird And Mystical World Of Sleepwalking

Throughout history, sleepwalkers have cooked meals, rode motorcycles and committed murders — and it happens to far more of us than we thi

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The Regional Chinese Cuisine Linked To An Ancient Assassin

A king died after being served up a murderous fish in present-day Suzhou.

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The List Of The Most Stolen Cars In The US Is Kind Of Surprising

Car theft has been experiencing a resurgence in the past few years, but not all cars are being targeted equally by thieves.

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The Architect Who Wanted More

The weird, unpopular and important ideas of Robert Venturi, the most influential architect of his generation.

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Hear Me Out: Easy Bake Oven Quiche Is Not Bad

Despite what the name suggests, it really is not easy to bake.

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Celebrate The 21st Night Of September With This Extremely Wholesome Tribute T..

Get pumped. September 21 is basically the Christmas of early fall.

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How ClassPass And Mindbody Are Killing The Big-Box Gym

Two tech companies are leading the charge of the studio fitness boom and powering the rise of brands like SoulCycle and CorePower Yoga. Wha

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Fashion Designers Have Discovered Women Like Pockets

Milan Fashion Week gets functional.

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Light of wisdom

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Another Bold Child Insisting She Hasn't Eaten Any Chocolate When She Is, In F..

This kid is gonna grow up to be a force of nature — hopefully, in a good way.

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Well, Here's How Your Checked Luggage Gets Lost

A passenger landing in Manchester, UK watched airline workers toss her suitcase onto the ground, instead of the trolley.

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The Outrageous Plan To Haul Icebergs To Africa

If towing icebergs to hot, water-stressed regions sounds totally crazy to you, then consider this: the volume of water that breaks off Anta

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The Devil's Advocate

The new speech wars are a push and pull between individuals, governments and platforms. At the center of this is attorney Marc Randazza, fi

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Soccer Player Runs To Fans To Celebrate, Totally Forgets About Deep Moat Surr..

FC Zurich player Benjamin Kololli wanted to go celebrate his penalty goal with his supporters, but didn't quite get there.

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Woman Comes Up With Ingenious Solution To No-Handholds Dilemma On Bus

We're not sure whether this is a gag or for real, but either way, we applaud her for her sheer genius.

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What's The Perfect Amount Of Running For Good Health?

Fitness experts continue to disagree over whether more mileage is actually better.

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The Bizarre Scheme Using Viral Abuse Stories And Stolen Pics To Sell Diet Pil..

Gizmodo found nearly 30 Twitter accounts that appeared to impersonate 13 different real women to push diet pills, regularly getting thousan

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You Will Love Ryan Reynolds Even More After Watching This Clip Of Him Talking..

We're sorry, Blake, but we're stealing your husband.

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Everything You Need To Know About Ed Whelan And His Bonkers Conspiracy Theory..

Whelan, a conservative lawyer and a close friend of Brett Kavanaugh, wrote a Twitter thread publicly accusing one of Kavanaugh's classmates

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This Reusable Beer Bottle Could Change The Way America Drinks

Oregon's ambitious project to bring the reusable bottle back is stirring interest across the country — and, in this case, a monopoly coul

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A Prescription For Forgetting

Diane Mehta tries to manage anxiety with meditation that requires her to discard all her memories.

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Keegan-Michael Key Supports His Friend, The Predator, Who Is Just So Tired O..

It's hard out there for any actor, but when you've got protruding mandibles and a pie crust forehead, it's hard beyond belief.

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What's The Maximum Gravity We Could Survive?

If we wish to colonize another world, finding a planet with a gravitational field that humans can survive and thrive under will be crucial.

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Inside The Eight Desperate Weeks That Saved SpaceX From Ruin

The company's meteoric rise can be traced to a critical launch from a Pacific isle.

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Football, My Dad's Dementia, and Me

Doctors said we could blame my father's football career for his vanishing memory. So Dad and I decided to take a road trip down south to re

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The Great Reinvention Of City Intersections

Across the world, urban intersections are being slowly transformed from grim, car-oriented hazards to bright and pedestrian-friendly spaces

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Inside Italy's Shadow Economy

Within a distressed labor market, thousands of low-paid home workers create luxury garments without contracts or insurance.

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How The Octopus Got Its Smarts

Did the octopus evolve its unique intelligence by playing fast and free with the genetic code?

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Machine Learning Confronts The Elephant In The Room

A visual prank exposes an Achilles' heel of computer vision systems: Unlike humans, they can't do a double take.

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Delta Airlines Staffer Calls Police After Black Customer Asks To Talk To A Ma..

A video taken at Logan Airport in Boston on August 24 shows a white Delta Airline customer service agent calling the police after a black c

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Cauliflower Is The Hot New Vegetable Now, And Other Facts

Welcome to What We Learned This Week, a digest of the most curiously important facts from the past few days. This week why you're seeing ca

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Men Are Spending $200K And Enduring The Worst Pain Imaginable To Grow Three I..

It's called 'stature lengthening,' and it aims to help short kings tower over all their insecurities.

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Is It Time To Get Rid Of Time?

We don't see, hear, smell, touch or taste time. And yet we somehow measure it.

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The Global Mass Transit Revolution

A new report confirms that the US lags behind the rest of the world in mass transit.

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Do We Still Need The United Nations?

With skepticism growing around this costly 76-year old machine, and heads of state including German chancellor Angela Merkel, Chinese presi

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This Startup Wants To Become The Facebook Of Death

Everdays has much of the functionality you'd expect from a social network. For example, it lets users privately share user-generated conten

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