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Memorial Day 2024: Over 30 Best Early Deals to Shop Today - CNET

Memorial Day weekend kicks off in just a few days but many Memorial Day sales have already arrived. Shop the best early deals from top retailers right now.

Cnet 22 May 2024 1:17 am

JV Ventures forays into healthcare-dedicated infrastructure platform; plans to open 75 centres in next 5 years

JV Ventures diversifies into healthcare infrastructure with The Medical Centre (TMC), investing $600 million for 75 centers. Raja Jain appointed CEO. Vishal Goel and Jasmeet Singh Chhabra express optimism. TMC to offer specialized services in major Indian cities.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 9:27 pm

Plant-based food cos urge FSSAI to ease 'milk' label rules for plant-based dairy alternatives

Sethi called for FSSAI's chief executive officer (CEO) to engage with the industry, exchange ideas and foster collaboration to support startups and product innovation against bigger players. He proposed setting up Plant Protein Clusters across states to facilitate collaboration between institutes, startups and the government.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 8:34 pm

Suspension order on operations at Vedanta iron ore mine in Karnataka lifted

Vedanta Ltd in April informed the BSE about the temporary suspension of mining operations at the iron ore mine due to non-compliance with the approved mining plan.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 8:10 pm

Suzuki Gixxer SF 250: Observations after 15,000 km & ride to Meghamalai

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts. This past weekend while I was on a ride with fellow TBHPians, the Suzuki GSXRRRRRR 250 quietly crossed the 15,000 kilometer mark. Back when I bought the plucky little Suzuki, I believed that I was getting a simple workhorse that would be a little too efficient to resemble anything close to being exciting. It turned out that I was wrong on that front, not that I am complaining about it. Anyone who has followed this thread will know that I have covered everything about the GSXRRRRR 250, in great detail. If I had to summarize the motorcycle in a few bullet points+ Very friendly, linear power delivery+ A frisky gazelle in the twisties (more so, after you slap on better tires!)+ Stingy when it comes to sipping fuel (overall mileage of 34.60 kmpl)+ No nonsense choice for someone looking to upgrade from a 150 cc motorcycle- Components like the front brake pads, chain, clutch cable have noticeably short lives- Odd break in around the 6,000 km mark after which the engine becomes buzzy on long rides Back to the past weekend, we spent a quiet few days in the mountain range of Meghamalai. The agenda was pretty simpleDay 1 : Beat The Heat & Quickly Reach MeghamalaiDay 2 : Beat The Blues & Do NothingDay 3 : Beat The Sunset & Arrive At Bangalore By 19:00Ironically, after weeks of merciless and unbearable heat, Bangalore received major thundershowers after we arrived in Meghamalai and began to enjoy the pleasant weather. Well, thats life! More on this trip in a subsequent post. Continue reading BHPian neil.jericho's post for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 7:31 pm

Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal's viral video from London fuels pregnancy rumours, netizens say 'she seems more pregnant than Deepika': Watch

The recent video of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal strolling through London has sparked pregnancy speculations among fans. Despite the buzz on social media and past rumors, an insider advises caution, stating that the couple has not confirmed any family plans. Fans eagerly await official news while observing the couple's activities in London and their respective work projects.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 7:24 pm

Harley-Davidson & Hero could bring more US models to India

According to a media report, Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp plan to expand their partnership to bring more American motorcycles to India. The report states that Harley and Hero are close to finalizing an agreement that would pave the way for new models. It is said that the two companies might also agree to manufacture Harley-Davidson bikes in India.These bikes could be sold locally and also exported to overseas markets. Hero MotoCorp currently manufactures the Harley-Davidson X440 at its Neemrana plant in Rajasthan. The Indian 2-wheeler maker also has the rights to sell and service Harley bikes, along with spare parts, accessories and merchandise. Neither Harley-Davidson nor Hero MotoCorp has confirmed these reports. However, if the rumours are to be believed, an official announcement could be made in the coming weeks. Source:ET Auto

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 6:08 pm

Hyundai Tucson Petrol: Initial impressions after first 1,000 kms

BHPian mkv recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Got my Hyundai Tucson delivered on 12th April 2024 Ditched diesel for the strict NGT norms in NCR. Initial impressions from the first 1000 KMs drive:Buttery smooth engine which makes the whole drive effortless.Light-footed pedal can take you linearly up to 90 KMPH.Got up to 14.4 KMPL for my 30 KM home-to-office drive. The city drives fetches me up to 9-10 KMPL.Plush interiors especially the symmetric metal design philosophy around the dashboard and doors which also comprise the air diffusers. I personally feel the upcoming 2025 facelift distorted this feel for accommodating a long joint screenThe family is super happy to fit in the rear reclining seats with a panoramic sunroof view. Got a huge space and a big deep bootThe front headlights I feel do have a bit less flux and a projector-based setup would have helped. However, the visibility is not bad with the reflector setup.The auto pop-up 360-degree view in tight spaces and in traffic is a boon. Also, it's making me relearn myself to keep a safe distance between cars and bumpers.Overall a pleasant experience so far. Waiting eagerly for a long drive review. Attaching pics from PDI and post-delivery few shots that I managed to capture. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 6:08 pm

Is sedan the least popular body style in India now?

BHPian JDMBOI recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Sedan volume is purely driven by the sub-4m segment while C2 commands only one third of the former. It took a nose dive but thanks to Skoda/VW for injecting some life by bringing new products. I think it is the craze for beefed up hatchbacks aka CSUV's, the reason behind decline in sale of sedans & all other segments and once this bubble pops we might see some recovery in the, once loved, segment. Right now sedans are the least favourite as it is the least sold segment. Similar thread - Will the era of sedans ever make a comeback in India? Note :All the figures are taken from our Moderator Aditya posts and Thanks to Auto Punditz for April 2024 data.2024 year includes data upto April month.Sedan Sales Analysis (2021-2024)2021 2022 Here's what BHPian CentreOfGravity had to say on this matter:Unfortunate, but true. It may be the favourite body style of the majority of BHPians including me (link to related thread), but the general junta don't have the same opinion. No matter how much juice is injected in the sedan segment, it simply won't thrive, even though it will continue to exist. People don't seem to understand the pros of buying a sedan. Single-handedly, low centre of gravity achieves: better agility (and hence, better active safety), lesser body roll, better aerodynamics resulting in better fuel efficiency + higher top speed, and other benefits like good looks, lower sticker price, lower mass, so on and so forth. The only chink in the armour is low ground clearance (can't you live with it?!!) and the lack of street cred (you might as well buy a KSRTC bus if you want actual street presence!) Just look at a sedan - say, a Volkswagen Virtus. Look at the three boxes. Look at that beautiful low stance. Doesn't the silhouette tug at your heartstrings? Doesn't she call you towards her and tell you to sit down in the car, as opposed to sliding your butt in an SUV? Aren't you tempted to chuck that beauty into corners and feel the benefits of the low centre of gravity (that's me!) while doing so? After the exhilarating drive, when you walk away from the car, doesn't she make you turn back and look at her? A great person once said: Sedans are of enthusiasts, by enthusiasts and for enthusiasts (I wonder who the great person is). But alas, most people will answer the above questions in the negative. So much for high seating position and street presence. P.S: Please consider this post as a rant. I know it doesn't belong here, but I felt like pouring my heart out with some FI technology (fun injected technology ). I don't mean to demean SUV owners / buyers in any way. Cheers!Continue reading BHPianJDMBOI's post for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 5:55 pm

Replaced our 2 Maruti cars with a Hyundai Exter: Ownership experience

BHPian forester recently shared this with other enthusiasts. This is the story of how we - me and my wife - brought home the Exter last month to replace our beloved Baleno 1.2 MT and the new Alto K10 AGS that we procured last year for my wife to learn driving on. While the Baleno was exchanged for the Exter at the Hans Hyundai showroom in Moti Nagar, New Delhi, the 5,000km-driven new K10 was handed over to my kid sister-in-law for her to learn driving on. So, the lovely, nimble, and fantastic K10 gets retained in the family. The decision-making process - why go from 2 to 1?The idea stemmed from the fact that both cars were seeing minimal running due to the nature of our work, particularly mine, where I have a work-from-home liberty. The Baleno had only clocked around 20,000 km in all of four years, and with the entry of the K10 in the garage, the running dropped even further. The fact is, I would prefer taking the keys of the K10 on most occasions of visiting the local markets or nearby areas, which remain completely choc-a-bloc due to excessive traffic density in our part of the city. The nifty little car ensured a stress-free commute during evenings - our typical vehicle usage pattern over the last few years. With its wide dimensions, and large proportions, the Baleno was a bit too tough to handle in dense traffic conditions, and that is the reason why we took the decision to buy a small automatic for my wife in the first place. Her keen interest to learn driving and becoming independent, and my constant endeavour to teach her the best practices of defensive driving on our roads, saw her emerge as a good driver within a year. Heck, we soon realised how much she enjoyed driving, and would veto to take the K10 out most of the time, so that both of us could take the driving duty alternatively. She would usually be the one driving on the onward journey, while I would drive back home. The well-cared-for Baleno was getting neglected significantly, and I would consciously make it a point to keep it running every few days. Moreover, with two cars in the garage, I had already started making comparisons as to how the suspension and handling were so much better in the K10. Maruti Suzuki has just hit it out of the park with the new K10 with its notably better build quality, spacious cabin, a chiller of an AC, and a lovely ride-and-handling setup. The last-gen Baleno that we had was completely different in nature. Barring the butter smooth 1.2-litre, four-cylinder K12MN, the Baleno's suspension felt too stiff in comparison, while the steering felt lifeless at anything above 70kph. Perhaps that was one of the key reasons that I did not drive it all that much, and the few inter-city trips that we did during the fuss-free ownership, did not leave me impressed either. As soon as the Exter was launched last year at a super aggressive pricing, my wife, who had taken a loan on the K10, realised how expensive the entry-level Maruti would cost her at the end of the loan tenure. With an on-road price of Rs 6.10 lakh, the K10 VXi AGS would have cost us Rs 7.5 lakh, at the end of 7 years, if we were to continue dragging the loan till its stipulated time. The thought of a bare-bones car costing that much did not really strike a chord with her, who would now look for electronically adjustable ORVMs, a reverse parking camera, and seat height adjustment, as some of the key requirements to become an even better driver, and enhance her confidence. She was constantly insisting on exchanging both the cars for one, and without shelling out anything extra from our pockets, just getting one all-rounder that did most of the duties. While the Alto is a perfect city runabout even in today's age, it will not get you respect, especially on Delhi-NCR's roads due to its size. We mulled over the idea and went to see the Exter sometime in August last year, but I could simply not fathom the Exter's looks. However, the better half liked it and was impressed with its quality and features on offer. I half-heartedly got both our cars evaluated, and obviously, we were getting a big hit on the K10 if we sold it in the first year.The math - no extra spendDespite an estimated 25 percent depreciation on the K10, the Exter SX AMT's Rs 10 lakh on-road pricing meant that we did not have to shell out a single penny from the pocket to make this two-to-one conversion. The annual insurance premium would also remain similar to what we were paying for the two cars. However, I resisted this idea, and preferred having the convenience of two cars, and the choice of an MT and an AMT, in the garage. I decided in my mind to replace the Baleno a couple of years down the line with a proper automatic. My logic prevailed, and we dropped the idea for the interim, with the wife again initiating it sometime end of 2023, when there were lucrative schemes across all brands. We even test drove the Swift, which she loved, but eventually dropped the idea again, as a new one was just around the corner. I went ahead with the annual insurance renewal of the Baleno in December, and followed it up with the annual servicing in January - its 40,000km service routine - which was done at half the kilometres on the odometer. The car was well maintained and in the pink of its health, and went to its next owner within a week of handing it over to the Hyundai dealership.Biting the bulletCome March 2024, and the topic resurfaced. This time, the sister-in-law was returning to Delhi after getting a job transfer from Mumbai and wanted to learn driving, and had heard several praises about a clutch-less vehicle from my wife. My father-in-law who owns a Swift manual was now being convinced to trade in his car to get an AMT. While I thought the Exter would suit my in-laws' requirements to the T, destiny had something else planned for us. My wife came up with the idea of handing over (selling) the K10 to her sister, and letting my FIL retain his Swift for a few more years. Her logic was very clear that my father-in-law would be very hesitant to let my sister-in-law learn in a brand-new car, and she would miss the chance to learn this vital skill at the right age. I found her argument valid and finally agreed to go ahead with the decision to replace both our cars - Baleno and K10 - with a single automatic within a budget of Rs 10 lakh. The Hyundai Exter SX AMT was the top consideration from the get-go. ButThe selection processMy biggest reluctance in making this switch was coming from the fact that we were considering getting an AMT as the primary car of the household, as one does not get a proper automatic option in the Rs 8-10 lakh price bracket. As it became evident that we will have to take the plunge this time around, I expanded the consideration set, and included the Nissan Magnite CVT, and Honda Amaze CVT in the picture. While the wife liked the way the Magnite drove, she just stuck to her line on making a prudent choice, and simply staying away from the Nissan brand in India. The Amaze VX CVT, on the other hand, was also falling right in our budget with the sweet end-March deals, but while the seats felt short on thigh support, the front co-passenger footwell was non-accommodating for my height - 5'8. I felt uncomfortable sitting in the Amaze, and the shortcomings further extended to a lack of features such as a shift-lock-release button, auto-folding ORVMs, and six airbags, which eventually Honda made standard in both Elevate and the City, leaving just the current-gen Amaze as is, until the new model arrives. On the other hand, The Fronx Delta Plus AMT was rejected owing to the lack of height adjustment on the driver's seat, and wide exterior dimensions that would make it cumbersome from a manoeuvrability standpoint.The Tata v/s Hyundai debateBy now, my wife was clear about the Exter, however, I was not coming to terms with the way it looked. I was more inclined towards the much-better-looking Tata Punch, which would still turn heads despite being 3-4 years into the market. So, we were at loggerheads and decided to give a final test drive to both. Arranged for a back-to-back test drive, and within the first kilometre, the Tata's major shortcoming - its lacklustre engine - sealed the deal in favour of the Hyundai. While the ill-tuned AMT in the Punch was a dealbreaker, even the thought of switching from two utterly reliable Suzukis to a Tata was already sounding like a disaster decision in the head. The Exter truly emerged as the better product between the two after the test drive, albeit its small-sized front seats were the only main gripe I had from a comfort perspective. Even the AMT was very well-tuned to suit city driving conditions, especially the choked situations that we typically encounter on a regular basis. I checked with a couple of dealers, and most did not have our preferred colour and trim in stock and were quoting delivery times of 4-6 weeks. I took this scenario to bring the upcoming Swift and Venue into the picture. While my wife did not like the way the new Swift looked, the Venue S(O) DCT would be a stretch of around Rs 3 lakh, but would also take us to the next segment altogether. The Venue has proper seats with adjustable headrests at the front, a much more powerful powertrain, and a sexier design. However, given the tight streets in our locality, and an even tighter parking, I thought the Exter with its smaller dimensions would be much more forgiving for a not-so-experienced driver. A month into the ownership, and I would say it was the right choice, as the Exter has taken the duty of a perfect city runabout. Compact, ergonomic, easy to drive, and easy to park. The car came home on April 10, and completed 1,000km on the clock on May 5, 2024. Here is a list of likes and dislikesLikes:Good build quality - doors are heavy, shut-lines are tightComfortable ride quality - the suspension setup is quite niceStable & decent feedback from the steering that instils confidenceRelatively spacious, ergonomics are spot on, fit-and-finish is aptAMT is extremely well-tuned and makes city driving a breezeDecent-sounding sound system, intuitive infotainment UIDislikes:Small front seats that are better suited for short-heighted peopleExterior design could have been better; looks awkward from anglesAC could have been better. Maruti's AC systems chill the cabin fasterLack of front or rear armrests - The Punch offers them in the segmentNVH levels could be better, particularly in terms of the tyre noise insideNo auto-up driver window switch, no illumination for doorpad switchesSome key observationsOverall, the Exter comes across as a very thoughtful product with several usable features - TPMS, auto-folding ORVMs, rear camera - that do aid day-to-day city driving, making commutes a relaxing, enjoyable, efficient, and a tireless affair, barring the slight discomfort which is caused by the front seat back which feels a bit too stiff. We have put it through various scenarios over the last month, including an airport run, which showcased the practicality of the well-designed boot. It was able to take a medium- and a small-sized suitcase, along with a couple of duffle bags, with ease. However, I would have really liked the inclusion of a 60:40-split rear seat, which enhances the practicality even further. Moreover, the infotainment system came as a sweet surprise. The UI is extremely easy to use while on the go, and the presence of physical buttons is a boon! Not every time is one in a mood to reduce or increase the volume by the steering-mounted button, and we are really enjoying this old-school experience. Furthermore, the convenience of pairing two phones simultaneously, and switching between either of them with the touch of an icon on the screen is fantastic! While I initially did not like the sound quality on the TD vehicle, the speakers do not sound all that bad in our car. With a few tweaks of the equaliser and a Spotify premium account, the bass and clarity are quite good. We are enjoying our music, and despite the presence of any tweeters, the sound quality is likely to appeal to many. The call quality over Bluetooth is absolutely crystal clear. The wired smartphone projection also means that the phone battery does not drain when paired over Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Both offer seamless pairing, and functionality when connected to the infotainment unit. The SX variant comes across as the most VFM choice in the Exter line-up, and while the sunroof is a vanity in this segment, it does give an airier feel to the cabin with the sunshade retracted. I do make it a point to open the sunroof by tilting it if I am entering the car parked outside on a hot afternoon. With a tallboy design, however, cleaning the roof properly is a tough task! The car has met most of our requirements quite well and has proven to be a good choice. The 1.2-litre Kappa engine is very refined and tractable, and the overall fuel efficiency is ranging between 13 and 14kpl with a mix of excessive traffic and relatively light (early-morning Delhi-Gurugram runs) traffic scenarios. In fact, the car returns an excellent 19-20kpl during some morning runs to the Cybercity. Overall, would give it a score of 8/10. A few size comparison shots: A size smaller than its sibling Sonet but still feels spacious on the inside The Exter gets some of its design lineages from the Santro. The tallboy stance, rear windshield design, and even the rear quarter glass design have been inspired by its predecessor. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 5:35 pm

Rishi Sunaks visa politics has implications for Indian students

As Britain's political landscape shifts, Rishi Sunak's decisions could reshape the future for thousands of Indian students. Will he choose short-term political gain or the long-term benefits of youthful talent?

Livemint 21 May 2024 5:29 pm

DCT improved in 3 years? Comparing my 2021 i20 N-Line with 2024 Seltos

BHPian Sidchh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.The HistoryThe Dual Clutch Transmission is considered the holy grail of automatic transmissions, one of the best for enthusiasts. In fact, it is the only automatic that even manual enthusiasts (at least some of them) admire and wouldn't mind driving. The car market, and any market for that matter functions in a trickle-down fashion. New technology comes out and for a brief period, only the wealthy (and maybe those using it for a purpose, such as SatNav for defence) can use it. Later on, somebody finds a way to mass produce it for cheaper and profit off of it. Then it comes to the middle class and becomes accessible. Similar is the story of dual-clutch gearboxes in the Indian market. As far as my research goes (please don't hold this against me, I am not sure if this is correct), the first car rocking a dual-clutch transmission that launched in India was the Volkswagen Polo back in 2013 with the 1.2 TSI (feel free to correct me in the comments, I am genuinely interested in knowing). That, however, was a disaster and ended up ruining the image of the DCT for the Indian market. So much so, that the DCT in the Polo was later replaced with the ol' reliable torque converter. The transmission, tuned for friendly and smooth European traffic was absolutely tortured in the stop-go erratic traffic here in urban India. The transmission kept overheating and failing and proved to be a pain to maintain, at least for the non-enthusiast. Unlike torque converters which can take abuse for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and still keep going, the DCT requires care, something that the average Indian consumer just cannot give, or does not have the time to give. Later on, the DCT was better tuned for Indian conditions, but till then, the reputation was already destroyed and people started steering clear of these gearboxes. Even now, some people are scared of owning a DCT, and I get questions all the time about whether mine has overheated, or given me any trouble (it has not).The Commonisation of The DCTsHyundai introduced the DCT with its Venue mated to the 1.0 TGDi, their 3-cylinder engine for the practical enthusiast on a budget. Hyundai cars sell like hotcakes, and let's be real, the service advisors mis-sell a lot as well, all of this made the DCT a popular gearbox in India. The DCT started selling in May 2019 and became quite common after that. Many Hyundai cars entered the market with a dual-clutch (the Germans also were selling DSGs in the Jetta, Polo, Tiguan, Kodiaq etc). There was the Verna 1.0 turbo, the Venue continued to sell, the 2nd gen Creta got a DCT and then came the i20 turbo. Kia also launched all its cars minus the Carnival with a DCT as an option. Morris Garages ALSO entered the Indian market with a DCT in their Hector. And let us not forget Jeep with their 1.4 Turbo with a DCT. Phew! So many DCTS! The Evolution (and Aging) of the DCT I have had the fortune of owning and dailying a DCT for the past two years and 45,000 kilometres in the i20 N Line. We have also just recently purchased another Hyundai-Kia car with a dual-clutch, the FL Seltos X Line 1.5 DCT. Other than that, I have driven a couple of other cars with a DCT in them, that includes Koreans and Germans. And so, I would love to point out the shortcomings of the 2021 DCT, and how those have been addressed as of 2024. Let us talk about the one I have daily for the past 2 years. This was back when the DCT was relatively new to the Indian market, but this was after Hyundai had polished all the issues people were facing in the initial days of the Seltos with their gearboxes being rendered undrivable due to overheating. The DCT back then, was still a gearbox people warned me of. In 2021 however, I felt the product had matured enough, 8 years after being introduced, and plenty of failures later, to be worth a shot. And boy was I right. Not once has the dual-clutch failed me, and it is a pleasure to drive. All of the people who have driven my car (yes, all!) fail to recognise when it shifts, except in erratic traffic. It is super fast with downshifts (when initiated using the throttle or the paddles), but when upshifting, the paddles can be a bit moody and delay the shift. I could just be wrong, or it could just be the other way around, but as far as I have observed, the gearbox has learnt how I drive. Now, as I said earlier, it could just be that I have learnt how it operates, but I have noticed that if you're driving enthusiastically and come to a stop (usually for a red light) the gearbox holds gears after you get going for a good second or two. It assumes that you're going to start hooning again and makes that easier for you, and less taxing for the gearbox. Overall, in no way is the DCT on the 2021 i20 N Line unreliable, or tedious to live with. It has never failed or caused any problem in its 45,000 kilometres of service and shows no signs of failure either. Admittedly, I have pampered the gearbox as much I could, the things I have done to maintain gearbox health, I will be sharing in the end.The ComparisonI have had a frame of reference for the past two years, and so everything that has formed my opinion on the Seltos' gearbox stems from my experience with the N Line. I have driven the Seltos 2000 kilometres in the last month so, I have a pretty good idea of how it operates. So, talking about the DCT of the Kia, it feels much more refined and shifts comparatively smoother, but still manages to be sportier somehow. The DCT in the Kia feels like it wants you to go fast, especially in sports mode, but it also doesn't mind if you want to drive sober. One major difference is that it lets you brake boost. While the difference isn't drastic, the launch feels much more eager, which is ironic, considering the N Line is meant to be the sportier of the two. The N Line just does not launch, but the Kia feels like it wants to, and launches quite well too. Keep in mind, I have also driven the pre-FL Seltos Turbo DCT and that was tuned quite similar to my N Line, so I'm guessing they were just being conservative back then to improve longevity. Other than that, the Kia solves one very prominent oversight I felt existed in the N Line. It would simply not let your engine brake, which is an essential part of driving in urban cities here in India. It helps greatly reduce brake usage and driver fatigue. The DCT in the Seltos however, lets your engine brake in the second gear, which is the gear it stays in stop-go traffic. Other than that, it polishes the jerks that DCTs are well known for (not that they were bad in the N Line, they're just better here) and is overall a better, more evolved version of the same box. Luckily, it retains the fun of the initial DCT, downshifts quickly and is happy to take a trip to the top of the rev range. It is a great gearbox for the highway as well as the city. Out on the open highways, it is quick to respond to throttle input and drop a gear to deal with the turbo lag.The CareThere are only a few things you need to keep in mind when driving a DCT to keep it healthy, and they might seem difficult to execute written down, but trust me, they become habits quite easily:Put it in Neutral on red lights longer than 10 secondsDon't surprise it! Going fast? Use the paddles, or ease the throttle in. Don't tap the brakes repeatedly or harshly and then release.Avoid driving using your brake (especially on an incline)DO NOT rev up in N and then dump to D in an attempt to launch the vehicleWhen parking the car, ALWAYS put it in N first, then parking brake, and then PNEVER leave it in Park on an incline without the parking brake engaged (true for all AT)The VerdictLike all technology, the DCT keeps evolving and becoming better. Even back then, and right now, I would not hesitate in recommending someone to buy a DCT. In fact, now that Hyundai Kia has addressed the few issues it had, I would recommend it even more enthusiastically. Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:Great thread! Yes, manufacturers continuously improve their engines, transmissions & suspensions. Especially proactive ones like Hyundai & Kia. That being said, do keep in mind that larger engines make things easier for ATs, due to their superior power, torque & better spread (of power). Countless times, I have driven the same AT with different engines, and the AT was always better behaved in the larger engined car.Here's what BHPian Knightrider had to say on the matter:Yes, it really seems to have changed, and for good. After reading a lot of horror stories of DCT & DSG in the past, we hesitantly went ahead with Kia Carens DCT in 2022. To date, haven't faced a single issue. Touchwood. Yes, I do follow most of the care points mentioned above. But that's it. Enjoying the smooth DCT!Here's what BHPian swami69 had to say on the matter:I too own a Kia Carens DCT. Not sure what was improved from earlier, but, I enjoy driving this car. We just need to learn to manipulate the throttle inputs in the initial gears, then it is extremely smooth shifting. You won't know it reaching 7th gear with such a low RPM. The car also returns very good fuel efficiency if we keep it below 100 @ around 16 km/l. Yes, as mentioned above, take those simple precautions mentioned to keep the transmission healthy.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 5:17 pm

Got a Givi top box for my Honda CB300F & made a custom liner for it

BHPian itisravi recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Top Box with DIY inner liner for my bike: I wanted a top box formy CB300F (Honda CB300F launched at Rs. 2.26 lakh). The main reason was to stow away the helmet and gloves when I parked the bike. Before I got the box, I was hesitant to take my MT (Thunder 3 Pro) helmet for short city runs and would wear my battered old Vega lid since I was afraid a cable lock would damage the finish of the bike and the MT and honestly it wasn't safe to leave a good helmet exposed on the bike. So last month, I got the 32 literGivi B32 Goldtop box (polypropylene) and the Zana top rack from BikeNBiker. I considered the Zana 45L top box (ABS) initially but when I tried both of them at the shop (shout-out to Sreejith and team who were accommodating of my requests for the try-outs), the Zana was too heavy and bulky for the CB 300F's looks. The shop also advised going with the Givi. This is how it looks: It is stable at highway speeds and I really like how easy the quick-release mechanism is to detach the box from the base plate. Because the box does not come with any inner padding (unlike the Zana), any item I would keep in it would cause a lot of rattling when going over potholes. Ready-made liners online were way too expensive and I decided to make one myself for a lot less. I took some basic measurements of the box's inner dimensions (the lower half): I then drew it to a 1:1 scale on chart paper, cut it, and traced the template on a bright orange 4mm yoga mat I ordered from Amazon. Getting the orange was a bit of a hassle as the seller sent the wrong colour twice and I had to return both and order from another seller. Finally, I cut the mat to shape, added some double-sided Velcro to some sections, and here's the final result: Not as precise a finish as a ready-made liner and I had to trim the mat at some places but it does the job just as well - no more rattling sounds from the little items in the box (500 ml water bottle,USB charging cable, bungee cords, etc.). The high-viz orange makes it easy to find the items in the box. Price breakup:Yoga Mat - Rs.240Chart paper - Rs.15Double-sided Velcro -Rs.200 (2m length but I used maybe 20cm from the roll).Labour : Free (Sunday morning activity)Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 5:06 pm

Do you consider brand Volvo to be on par with Audi, BMW & Mercedes?

BHPian Omkar recently shared this with other enthusiasts. We recently had a thread on whether you consider Audi to be on par with BMW and Mercedes and an interesting comment was dropped.Off-topic - But would be interesting to have a similar thread for Volvo as well, with extra-ordinary safety features and feature-packed Sedans/SUVs, would love to see how our members feel about Volvo.The only grouse I have with them is the limited model lineup. Now, let's talk about Volvo in India. Volvo forayed into the Indian market in 2007 with the S80 sedan and XC90 SUV. The Swedish manufacturer never really made any big dent in the sales numbers of other brands. The model line-up has always been very limited, and Volvo has become more of a niche brand in the country. But that doesn't take away from the fact that their current crop of cars is extremely desirable and attracts a certain set of audiences. Volvo has truly evolved on the design front, with some stunningly styled cars replacing boring ones. In fact, one of the reasons why people buy a Volvo is to get something different as cars from the German trio have become way too common on our roads. This is clearly a brand that has done very well under Chinese ownership, just as Range Rover has under Indian ownership. What's worked for Volvo in the past is their focus on safety. With the amount of research and tech they've put into their cars, the name Volvo has pretty much become synonymous with safety (even though all luxury car competitors offer 5-star safety too). Traditionally, Volvos have had boring designs. However, their recent vehicles, especially the current generation of cars, have changed the age-old impression of bland-looking cars. The current crop of cars has a blend of minimalistic, yet classy designs with edgy styling elements. They look great IMO with clean lines and perfect proportions. Even when it comes to the interiors, the styling is timeless and the quality is good. All in all, what works for Volvo is the kind of brand identity it has created which incorporates safety, minimalistic design and a focus on being environmentally conscious. Additionally, many Volvo models are well-priced, nicely undercutting the direct competition. From all that's good, to some things that aren't. One of the reasons why people don't buy Volvos is that performance hasn't been a strong suit for the Swedish manufacturer, especially when compared to the German trio. This has been the case across all the IC engine-powered cars from Volvo. There was the Volvo S60 Polestar that was launched in India, but it was brought in limited numbers. In general, Volvo doesn't offer big turbo-petrols or 6-cylinder turbo-diesels (the German marques do). If you want performance, Volvo does have some f-a-s-t EVs like the C40 Recharge which has 400 BHP on tap, but electric power isn't for everyone. Volvo has promised to go all-electric by 2030. Even in terms of the overall driving experience, the ICE Volvos really don't match up to the competition. Then, there is just the one S90 for sedan lovers from Volvo in India. Otherwise, their model lineup is just SUVs & Crossovers. Because of the limited sales, the dealership network is smaller than the larger players. While some enthusiasts do end up with Volvos, it is safe to say that BMW (especially) & Mercedes are more popular with petrolheads. The rivalry in this segment is only intensifying with Mercedes & BMW strengthening their products, Audi offering superb value (e.g. Q7 at the price of a new GLC), mainstream brands moving upmarket (e.g. Ioniq 5, Kia EV6 & upcoming EV9) and the increasing ambitions of Range Rover, Lexus etc. So, do you consider brand Volvo to be on par with Audi, BMW and Mercedes? Do share your thoughts. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 5:02 pm

Recommendations to replace the faulty speedometer on my 2016 BMW 530d

BHPian Civic_doc recently shared this with other enthusiasts. It has been almost 6 months since I acquired the BEE Emm. I have clocked 4,500 kms till now. As per the service schedule, the car was due for service on 1st March 2024. I took a quotation from BMW Service Surat for Engine Oil service, Air Filter, Oil filter and AC Microfilter for which I was quoted approx Rs 50,000. I decided to get it done through a reliable service centre. Got the service done at Acura Motors in Surat. This service centre caters to all German vehicles. So I took the appointment and got the service done. The entire service cost me Rs 16,000 which was reasonable. Genuine Mahle spare parts were used A few days after the service on a Sunday morning I was going to move the car away from the porch I noticed the speedometer console had gone blank I restarted the car but alas. There were fine lines on the screen with minimal backlight. The car drives but without speedometer readings. Thanks to the HUD for showing speed and other details. Now I have done some research this speedometer unit is called 6WB. It is possible to change only the LCD panel within the speedometer assembly. Rather than the entire assembly. It would require help from GTO and other senior members on how to go about it. I am thinking of visiting Mumbai for this. A contact number of a good service technician who specialises in speedometer and spare part sources would be highly appreciated. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 4:17 pm

ISBK Racing track day experience at BIC on my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

BHPian narula123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Been a while since I update this thread. The 10R has been seeing a lot of tracktime and limited street use since the Ducati joined the garage. Post a very very enriching experience at California Superbike School in Jan'24 it was time to put those learnings to use. So off we went to BIC with ISBK for a track weekend and boy oh boy what an experience. If you ride at the racetrack and you haven't ridden at the Buddh circuit then believe me you are really doing yourself and your bike a disservice. The circuit is absolutely world-class, specially after the recent upgrades for MotoGP and it will wow you in almost every way. The first time you arrive, the enormity of it all takes your breath away. The same grandstand from where we saw MotoGP now loomed like a massive goliath when seen from the pits. They have all the infra ready and sorted. Needless to say, the first time you go out on the track, you cannot help but marvel at the thought that you are indeed riding on a MotoGP circuit. BIC is also a circuit where every single horsepower advantage will manifest spectacularly unlike a tighter circuit like MIC where, I believe, a 400-600cc bike is best placed. At BIC, you will in all likelihood max out the limits of your litre class supersport. Both man and machine pushed to the edge of your capabilities with enough run-off area to give you that confidence in safety (I learned it first hand). The circuit is fast and the back straight will see you go past the 300 kmph mark in a jiffy right before you slam your brakes to get ready for C4. This circuit will also manifest any gaps in your setup and hardware and put a strain on your brakes and tyres. I did the stupidity of going in with the same set of EBC extreme pro pads that I had run already at MIC while at CSS. Big Mistake! On day 2, just when my pace was picking up, the pads which were now severely depleted just after 1 day of use, heated up and consequently heated up the caliper and the fluid. End result - I brake hard for C11 to realise I have lost all and complete front brake. Fortunately, training kicked in, and thanks to the generous run-off area I managed to bring the bike back into the pits. While for most looking in the pits It would have been funny to see me stop the bike ala Flintstones style with my feet, the incident was quite freaky and an eye-opener on how demanding this circuit is. I am not kidding when I say the mechanics couldn't touch the calipers for at least 30 minutes since they were so hot. And needless to say, when speeds are high and machines are put to their limits the risks shoot up. The quick throttle was such a boon along with the suspension setup that Dave Moss had guided me on. I couldn't help but marvel at how fiery Shredder was out there despite being almost 8 years old. Any upgrade itches I had vanished on Day 1 itself. She still is a mad bike running a potent setup.Immediately added to the shopping list were front winglets (she kept popping power wheelies on the back straight on full gas) and Cf brake cooling ducts From a mighty M1000RR to a done-up R3 everything was spotted at BIC but it was a complete over representation of BMWs and Panigales (both of which had their dedicated pits setups. Big time J all of us poor Japanese folks were) I can recommend the Radisson hotel in Greater Noida as a good stay option considering its proximity and please do choose a self-drive car instead of depending on cabs. Also, the circuit is very particular about their processes and safety so please keep all things and paperwork in mind. I, fortunately, had a support team from Hexxcode for trackside assistance who were helpful in taking care of everything on the bike when it was parked between sessions. A shoutout to my good friends at ISBK for organising a good weekend for us all. The only pain points - the plug point for tyre warmers are of the industrial type and there is no fuel bunk within miles of the racetrack so you better come prepared with your fuel backup. I honestly cannot wait to go back and I keep wondering how will riding at Chennai ever match up to this experience at least on a litre. Cheers to more fun. Leaving you with some insane shots taken by some very talented photographers. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 4:02 pm

Thailand's cannabis legalization policy needs reform and not a reversal

Banning marijuana again will hurt those whove gained from its liberalization. If Bangkoks easy-weed policy hasnt worked out as expected, the drug needs better regulation, not rejection.

Livemint 21 May 2024 4:00 pm

Placing policy restrictions on open-source AI models will not help anyone

Safety and geopolitical concerns in the US over the export of open-source LLMs (large language models) seem overblown. The technology's design allows quick detection and efficient correction of bugs. These AI models are useful and must be openly available outside America.

Livemint 21 May 2024 3:30 pm

Took my BMW X3 to Wurth Car Care for washing: Expensive but worth it

BHPian CEF_Beasts recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Recently, I had the chance to visit Wurth Car Care in Powai; previously it was 3M Car Care. Location: Ventura Building, Parking Basement, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. (A level below the pay & park opposite Starbucks)Services offered:Paint Protection FilmCeramic CoatingPaint Detailing and PolishingExterior Washing, Interior Vacuuming and WaxingI had gone for only getting my car washed which included a water wash first, foam spraying, microfibre cloth cleaning, interior vacuuming with a foam wash on the mats and waxing the paint and tyres.Cost: 1850Time: 1 - 1.5 hoursBefore After VerdictA bit on the expensive side, but well worth the result after just a wash and waxing. Loved the look in the sun. This store is in a hidden spot and not found even on Google, so not many people know about it. I checked a few cars around that had taken the AMC package for 1 year, a Harrier in for its Ceramic Coating check-up and a PPF'ed Innova Hycross. The results were looking pretty good! I have some paint spots that have come from the painting that was going on during the refurbishing of an adjacent existing building. Will try the polishing service next time (approx. cost: 8k) and revert here. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 3:28 pm

FTC warns carmakers against illegal data collection

According to reports, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Office of Technology has issued a warning to automakers that sell cars with connected tech. As per the reports, connected cars have been on the FTC's radar for years. While they are not taking any specific action against carmakers at this point, FTC did mention that automakers do not have the licence to monetize people's information beyond the purposes needed. FTC stated that carmakers do not have the free license to monetize people's information beyond purposes needed to provide their requested product or service. It went on to add that recurring revenue streams do not outweigh the need for meaningful privacy safeguards. The commission pointed out enforcement actions taken against companies in other sectors, which have illegally collected and used sensitive data for automated decisions. Source: ARSTechnica

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 3:26 pm

2024 BMW S 1000 XR launched at Rs 22.50 lakh

BMW Motorrad has launched the 2024 edition of the S 1000 XR in India. The litre-class tourer is priced at Rs 22.50 lakh (ex-showroom). It will be imported as a completely built unit (CBU). BMW has made several changes to the S 1000 XR for the 2024 model year. The touring bike gets a completely redesigned seat, which is set at a height of 850 mm, a new front fairing with dual LED headlights and an adjustable windshield. BMW claims the improved ergonomics make the bike more manoeuvrable on the road as well as on the racetrack. The rear section now features new side panels and air intakes inspired by motorsports. The S 1000 XR is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine. It develops 168 BHP @ 11,000 rpm and 114 Nm @ 9,250 rpm, allowing the bike to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 3.25 seconds and has a top speed of 253 km/h. The 2024 BMW S 1000 XR comes with the Touring and Dynamic package. Standard features include Rider Modes Pro, Heated Grips and Headlight Pro with adaptive turn turning light and cruise control. The bike also gets Keyless Ride, TPMS and a USB charger. Riders can customize their bike with the optional M package. It includes a special colour scheme, M Sport seat, M lightweight battery, M forged wheels, M Endurance chain, M GPS-Laptrigger, sports silencer and a tinted sports windscreen.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 3:20 pm

Naga Chaitanya Splurges Rs 3.5 Cr On New Car! A Look At Telugu Stars Vehicle Collection

Naga Chaitanya Splurges Rs 3.5 Cr On New Car! A Look At Telugu Stars Vehicle Collection

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 2:48 pm

Teen involved in accident gets quick bail with order to write essay; cops seek to try him as adult

In Pune, a teenager involved in a car accident that killed two people has been granted bail by the Juvenile Justice Board, which also ordered him to write a 300-word essay on road accidents and their solutions. The police, claiming the 17-year-old was drunk, intend to prosecute him as an adult. A case has also been filed against his father and the bar that served him alcohol. The accident occurred when the Porsche, driven by the teen, hit a motorbike, killing two IT professionals, Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 2:08 pm

Traditional methods insufficient to control counterfeiting in luxury retail market: Qila

Luxury goods retail faces a $30 billion annual loss due to counterfeiting, prompting a shift to advanced technologies like blockchain and tokenization. These innovations ensure product authenticity and protect brand reputation. Blockchain tracks products from manufacture to sale, offering easy verification for consumers. Tokenization creates unique digital fingerprints for each product, enabling instant authenticity checks via QR codes or apps. Despite challenges in setting up infrastructure, these technologies promise to revolutionize the industry, enhancing transparency, building trust, and securing luxury goods' integrity.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 2:07 pm

Americas strong dollar: Would a Trump presidency weaken it?

The US Federal Reserve is bent on keeping interest rates high to curb inflation, but the former president who may regain power appears to view currency strength as an export dampener. A weak-dollar policy cant be ruled out.

Livemint 21 May 2024 2:00 pm

Shriram Properties inks JV for 4-acre housing project; eyes over Rs 250 cr revenue

Shriram Properties Ltd has signed a Joint Development Agreement with a landowner to develop a 4-acre housing project in Bengaluru, with an estimated revenue potential of over Rs 250 crore. The project will consist of 270 apartments with a saleable area of 3.8 lakh square feet. The project is expected to be launched in the first half of the current financial year.

The Economic Times 21 May 2024 1:45 pm

MT Thunder 4 helmet: Noticed quality issues after a week of usage

BHPian advstreak recently shared this with other enthusiasts. So it looks like even the MT Thunder 4 has quality issues. The neck spoiler that gets assembled at the base of the helmet came off after a week of usage. A closer look reveals that the screws did not go in the boss itself. It was held in place just by the outer wall of the plastic boss on both sides. This feels like more of an assembly quality or assembly instruction gaffe, unlike the bead design issue of the LS2. Anyways I was able to screw it back properly and get the helmet back in action in no time. Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 1:38 pm

BYD Seal clocks 1,000 bookings within 3 months of launch

Chinese EV maker BYD has announced that it has received over 1,000 bookings for the Seal electric sedan within 3 months of its launch. The BYD Seal was launched in March this year. It is available in three variants - Dynamic, Premium and Performance, with prices starting at Rs 41 lakh (ex-showroom). The Seal comes with single and dual-motor configurations. The base Dynamic trim uses a 61.44 kWh battery pack that powers a 201 BHP electric motor. It has a claimed range of 510 km. The Premium variant uses an 82.56 kWh battery offering 650 km of range. The electric motor has an output of 308 BHP and 360 Nm. The top-spec Performance trim gets an 82.56 kWh battery that powers two electric motors. It has 523 BHP and 670 Nm and offers a range of 580 km on a single charge.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 1:25 pm

My 10-yr-old diesel car impounded by MCD from outside my home: What now

BHPian rdhawan15 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Dear Team-BHPians, I need a bit of help. This is a long thread. But, any assistance on this thread will help other Delhi vehicle owners in knowing more about the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) and the policy of the Transport Department of Delhi (updated in February 2024).Problem StatementMy Renault Duster Diesel 85 PS RXL was registered in Delhi. On 28 March 2024, its registration expired as it completed 10 years. 29 March was Good Friday and a holiday. On 30.03.24, at 1007 hours, MCD issued a seizure memo and impounded the vehicle from the ramp (deemed public space) outside my residence. That is less than 36 hours from the expiry of registration of the vehicle. No notice was issued. The seizure memo carried the address of the 'Nirvana Scrapers', a scrapping agency with a yard in Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh. The seizure memo reported an incorrect location as well. I have CCTV proof of the entire lifting exercise. Also, the MCD inspector took away the keys from me. I was too traumatized to react or resist. I went to the scrapper, and they said that I have 21 days under the new Government of Delhi policy to either:Seek NOC and transfer the vehicle outside DelhiProvide an undertaking that I will park the vehicle in a private parking spaceI visited the MCD office thrice. I visited the Transport office at Wazirpur and Civil Lines as well. I got the legal affidavit prepared as per the instructions of the Delhi High Court judgment. As per the affidavit, I assured that I would park the vehicle in a private parking space in my residence. I also promised not to ply the vehicle in Delhi anymore. However, I am unable to submit the application to the MCD office or the Delhi Transport Department office for the Wazirpur authority. The Transport Department sends me to the MCD office. The MCD office sends me back to the Transport Department. The revised policy for ELV scrapping mentions that an online platform will be set up to accept applications from the ELV owners. However, I am not able to find any such online platform. In the meantime, I have lodged an online complaint with the MCD and sought their help in progressing the process.About the vehicleThere are strong sentiments attached to the vehicle. This Duster is driven for less than 47000 Kms in 10 years, and fully maintained at the Renault service outlets in Delhi. I just wanted to keep it for sweet memories.Why do I not want to scrap it?The first reason is the emotional attachment and a bit of history connected with this car.Secondly, I have no clarity about the discounts offered by the Delhi Government for new cars if I were to scrap it.It does not make any monetary sense to scrap the vehicle.The scrapper said he would pay at the value of Rs. 19 per kg for the kerb weight stated on the Registration certificate of the car. He further said that I will need to pay:Rs. 400 for driving chargesRs. 500 per day for parking at the scrapping yardSo, practically speaking, whatever I will get as scrap value will end up getting wiped out in the invoice raised by the scrapper.I believe it makes sense to gift or give this vehicle or an ELV to one of my close friends or relatives who may be outside Delhi.I know that my Renault Duster could easily last for the remaining 5 years, for which I have paid full road tax. It has been maintained at authorized Renault service stations and has had a 50% NCB (No-claim bonus) from the Insurer.About the ELV scrapping policy of DelhiI have 21 days to apply for release of the impounded vehicle. This means I need to apply before 19th April 2024. But, the issue is that I am unaware of any such platform to apply for the release of the vehicle through an online application. I have come across so many people whose cars have been impounded. Nobody has a clue about what could be done. Does anyone know of the online platform setup by the Delhi Government to facilitate the release of the ELV vehicles? Also, the revised policy for ELV scrapping suggests that ELV owners are entitled to discounts on new car purchases. Unfortunately, nobody is aware of the exact discount. Some people mention about discounts on GST while others emphasize discounts on the road tax payments for the new car. I could not find a clear description or details of the scrapping benefits available for new purchases. The seizure memo, however, does not list any such discounts.Enforcement DriveIt seems that Delhi is witnessing an Enforcement Drive to pick up End of Life (ELV) vehicles. I am fine with it as it strives to improve air quality in Delhi. However, I would like to know:How to apply for an NOC when the car is not in our possession and the NOC form requires pencil inscription of the chassis numberWhere to apply to get a release order for the ELV vehicle that has been impounded by the MCD on behalf of the Transport Department of the Delhi GovernmentWhy are the vehicles being sent over to Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh without de-registration?What happens to the road tax paid for 15 years?Why is the current Enforcement Drive in direct conflict with the Delhi High Court's guidelines for handling ELVs in Delhi vide the order dated 22.08.23?What do I want?To be honest, more clarity about the ELV scrapping policy (February 2024) of Delhi and the application process.I have already prepared a signed undertaking stating that I will not ply the vehicle in Delhi. In any case, if the vehicle gets impounded again, it will be sent to the scrapping yard without any recourse to any legal assistance.I am willing to pay the fine laid down by the MCD of Rs. 10,000/- and the towing charges prescribed by the MCD.I am willing to tow the vehicle back from Bagpat to Delhi at my expense to ensure that it does not ply on the roads in Delhi and gets parked at my private parking.I need more clarity on the discounts that I could get from the Delhi government for new vehicle purchases.I believe the seizure memo should offer more details about the process through which the car owners can get the vehicles released after complying with the legal requirements of offering a signed undertaking.I have nothing against the Delhi Government, the MCD, or the scrappers. All of them are working towards implementing the NGT order to make Delhi air cleaner. All I want is clarity and adherence to the process laid down by the Hon'ble Delhi High Court vide its order (dated 22.08.23 in the case between Sushma Prasad and the State of Delhi (W.P.(C) 10749/2023). If we had more clarity, perhaps, we could have sent the car to a cousin well ahead of the registration expiry. And, even if I made a mistake, should I not get an opportunity to send the vehicle to a friend in Rajasthan?Legal assistanceI have been asked by my friends to file a writ petition in the Delhi High Court to bring the matter in cognizance of the Delhi High Court. However, that is an expensive process. For a 10-year-old vehicle, it does not make sense to pay so much in legal fees. I have been quoted lawyer fees between 50,000-150,000. And, the case has not even started. The last thing I want is to end up spending more money and lose the vehicle as well. This is essential for a public cause. If some noble soul wants to take it forward, I will offer whatever assistance (non-monetary) from my side.Motive of this threadI may lose my Duster. I will have to buy a new vehicle. But, the important point is that there are so many people in Delhi who may be in my position. People have no clue about the scrapping policy or the enforcement drives. Please spare a thought about the ELV owners and help them remediate the situation by allowing them an opportunity to send the vehicles to relatives or extended family members in other states. Why should scrapping of vehicles be encouraged when these could be sent to other States for charity causes or other family members or the extended family?Annexures:The new ELV policy of the Delhi Government dated 20.02.24The Delhi High Court order passed by Hon'ble Justice Mr. Prateek Jalan. The said order was passed on 22 August 2023.The latest ELV policy of the Transport Department of Delhi incorporates the Delhi High Court order guidelines. My gratitude to you for having made it this far. Thanks a lot for sparing your time to read about this issue. I seek the valuable guidance of the community at Team-BHP. I hope this thread can save some people's cars that may be approaching the expiry of registration. I suggest sending them over outside Delhi well ahead of time. If this could help a single family in transferring the car or scooter to a State outside Delhi, I would sleep happily. Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:Don't mean to point a finger here, but it's generally not recommended to leave such things for the last minute (or beyond).If you wanted to retain the car in a private space, you should have cancelled its registration formally and moved it off the road.If you wanted to pass the car on to a friend outside Delhi-NCR, you should have gotten the NOC and shipped the car out of Delhi-NCR well in advance.Your 10-year-old diesel car with an expired registration was on public property / roads. The authorities were well within their rights to tow your vehicle away.Here's what BHPian batish had to say about the matter:For the same cause, a lawyer named Mukesh Kulthia is fighting a legal battle in Gurugram District Court. He has filed a case against the MCD commissioner along with scrapping agencies alleging they are in cahoots with the authorities. I'd suggest to get in touch with him once. In this matter, he is the only lawyer I am aware of on social media whose case has not been thrown out of the court. Disclaimer: I have no relation with the said person. Haven't seen him or met him. Doesn't even know if the cause he's supporting is real or just for news but still since you're in a tough spot. Have a word, you'll have a little bit more clarity. Got to know about the cases he filed through social media. If you google 'carbandi scam' you'll find him.Here's what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say about the matter:There are no benefits or discounts to be had on new cars upon scrapping your old car. The ELV policy benefits exist only in the proposal files and media PR bytes, not in reality. I couldn't eke out a rupee's worth of benefit from the scrapping certificate of my old Scorpio, even on buying an EV. Tried with multiple dealerships of different brands in Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon as well as Noida. There is no scenario in which you can keep your car unless it is kept permanently parked inside your driveway, which is a sheer waste of super expensive real estate. Rs 19 per kg is too low, and the terms are ridiculous. There are multiple scrapping yards around Delhi, try another place. You paid road tax for 15 years, yet you get to use your car for 10 years. It's just another instance of the powers screwing the common man. Make your peace with it, nothing can be done.Here's what BHPian mayankk had to say about the matter:Alongside reclaiming your car, you should also pursue a claim for the Tax owed to you logically, if the option is that the car is scrapped. I don't know why people aren't arguing against this fact. I read that the NGT order has now been taken up as far as Panipat. Let's see them implement this across Haryana and UP, and try to seize the local white SUVs. It will all unravel in a hurry.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 1:05 pm

Yamaha R15: Service centre's carelessness leads to near tragedy

BHPian sasta_rider recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Visiting Motoworld, Chandapura did not go well! As mentioned in the post of this thread, I had dropped my 2 year old R15 (unknowingly) recently. Yesterday (13-Apr-2024), I decided to take her to the nearest Yamaha (which I don't do usually when Vinayak Yamaha, Domlur looks after my R15) to get the bent gear shift pedal replaced with a new one so that I can be ready for the Bengaluru-Kasaragod ride on 14-Apr-2024 (today). Along with this, I had requested for a paid wash and chain clean, chain tight and chain lube. Since my stay was at Bommasandra, I did not have the energy to get this task done from Domlur due to the scorching heat. Pre-text about MotoWorld: when I was staying at a PG in Indiranagar, I had met a fellow R15 rider since we both had the same machines. That's how we became a little close and even used to hangout in city with our blue whales. He had the worst delivery experience with MotoWorld, and after we met, I suggested him about Vinayak Yamaha and he was impressed with one of the periodic services. (Please note: I am not at all endorsing Vinayak Yamaha in any manner nor did they request me to praise them.) Before visiting, I had enquired about the availability of the part. They did confirm that they had it in stock and I assured them that I will be at the location on 13-Apr-2024 morning. I felt, maybe they have changed than what my friend had described before. Good for them! Since this was a minor repair which does not require one complete day, I landed there at 11 am. The SA was not 'excited' to know the customer and their problem, get the job card done and provide a good service experience. They seemed to least bother about any of the customers in fact. After I interrupted one of the SAs, one guy took up my case, started the job card and handed over the acknowledgement receipt. Before leaving, I had requested him to get this job on priority since I have a confirm plan to ride to Kerala the next day. He did not assure me anything but on the acknowledgement, the delivery date as 13-Apr-2024. I was happy, thinking they would be calling me once the job was done. What followed? I knew few Yamaha service centers (and dealers) are least bothered about anything. So, the same day, at around 03:30 pm I called them and the conversation followed like this:Me: Hello, is the R15 v4 (blue color with KL registration) ready for delivery?SS (Service Center): Which color sir, white FZ?Me: --what is even wrong with them?--SS: Oh, blue R15. Sir, you can collect it tomorrow morning! (and was about to cut the call)Me: Hello! I had asked you for delivery today itself and only after assurance I agreed to give the vehicle to you. Please get this job done today by EOD, as I have to travel to hometown (Kasaragod) tomorrow.SS: Ok sir, come and collect at 06:00 pm.Me: Thank you! (hung up the call)If she agreed to complete the job today, then why did she say to collect the vehicle the next day morning? Is this a sign of lethargy, lack of interest towards work and poor customer experience? Indeed yes! As discussed with the SS, I reached the service center at 05:30 pm (yes, I do have this habit of reaching a place before time, thanks to OCD). As soon as I entered, I could see my R15 standing, ready to be delivered. I went and inspected before making the payment. Everything looked good to me. I let the bad experience go and was happy with a shining bike with a new gear shift lever! If you see the post 32, the lever was bent towards the engine. Now, this is how it should be (normal). The previous pedal had wear and tear marks. This is the new part, which means, they did replace the old one, thank god! I am a person who blindly trust any ASC, provided they take care of my vehicle as I expect. But, experience with MotoWorld was new to me. I did a mistake during the delivery. I should have inspected my bike in a little more attention to detail: check chains (lubed and cleaned or not), check for any loose bolts or any signs which should not be seen on a delivery bike from an ASC. Today, while riding back to my hometown (detailed ride experience in this thread), I took a break to get hydrated with tender coconuts at Srirangapatna. My usual place to have some good tender coconut enroute. The background was a lush green field, I felt like capturing R15. When I was reviewing the pic (under bright sunlight), I could see the rear side of the skid plate (accessory) is hanging. Immediately, I realised it was not normal and this can endanger me during any phase of my ride. Holy cow! I went closer, inspected and found out that the rear bolt nut holding the skid plate to the silencer pipe is missing. The circled part ring holds to another ring (behind the arrow) using a nut and bolt. I tried recalling what might have happened during this minor service experience with MotoWorld. After few seconds, I found what caused this. Skid plate comes as an accessory. I had put this in my cart during the first service of my R15 with Vinayak Yamaha. If an R15 has a skid plate installed, then the ASC personnel should remove the skid plate partially. Why? To install the double stand for lubing and cleaning the chain. After this, the ASC personnel should carefully fit back the skid plate in place. What might have happened at MotoWorld? I again have an answer to this. From the time I entered their service area, I could hear loud music (local songs) being played. Mechanics doing their work, but can they concentrate? I have the answer for that. Before cleaning, the ASC personnel did remove the bolt nut of the skid plate. If they have removed, then they did clean and lube the chain (I had confirmed this during delivery). But, some distraction in the service area might have drawn the mechanic's attention elsewhere and he did not tighten the bolt nut to the recommended torque, leaving it loose. Being a loyal customer of Yamaha, I never even imagined that such minor mistakes can happen. This is a basic service protocol for all the R15s having skid plate. Then why this carelessness? God knows! I am not at all concerned at this stage about the expense I get to maintain my R15 from an ASC, but this is the breakup details for nerds out there! After the delivery, I could not hear any rattling sound nor did I observe the skid plates. But, when I realised this during the midway of my long ride, I was totally shocked and scared at the same time. The ride day being a Sunday, I could not even get this fixed. Usually I keep cable ties under my pillion seat, but I had used it few weeks back. Else, I could have tried a temporary fix. By the way, I did reach safely to hometown and will pen down the ride experience in the other thread soon. Conclusion? Always check your vehicle, before making the payment at the ASC. If you doubt the ASC in their work, either look for an alternate ASC or an FNG who you can trust for the bill they issue to you! If your vehicle is safe, your safety automatically is secured till 90%, rest depends on various other factors which is unavoidable. Ride safe! Sud. Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 12:42 pm

2024 Bajaj Pulsar F250 launched at Rs 1.50 lakh

Bajaj has launched the 2024 edition of the Pulsar F250 in India. The bike is priced at Rs 1.50 lakh (ex-showroom). The Pulsar F250 gets a new LCD instrument console similar to the N250. It offers Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. The bike also gets the updated switchgear that was introduced on the N250. In terms of design, the 2024 Pulsar N250 looks similar to the previous model. The semi-faired bike has a sporty headlamp, a chin fairing and a 2-piece seat. Powering the Pulsar F250 is a 249cc single-cylinder engine that produces 24 BHP @ 8,750 rpm and 21.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm. The bike rides on a telescopic fork and mono shock rear suspension and is equipped with alloy wheels and disc brakes.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 12:08 pm

Audi Q7 Bold Edition launched at Rs 97.84 lakh

Audi has launched a new special edition of the Q7, called the Bold Edition. The SUV is priced at Rs 97.84 lakh (ex-showroom). The Audi Q7 Bold Edition features the Black Styling Package, which includes a gloss black front grille with blacked-out Audi rings at the front and rear, black window surrounds, ORVMs and roof rails. The SUV is equipped with Matrix LED headlamps and 19-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the Q7 gets a digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment system paired with a 19-speaker B&O sound system. It also gets features like 4-zone automatic climate control, Park Assist Plus with a 360-degree camera, a panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting and 7 drive modes. The Audi Q7 is powered by a 3.0-litre turbo-V6 paired with a 48V mild-hybrid system, which makes 335 BHP and 500 Nm. The engine is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. The Q7 Bold Edition is available in four exterior colours: Glacier White, Mythos Black, Navarra Blue and Samurai Grey.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 11:28 am

Toyota pauses bookings for Innova Hycross top variants

Toyota is said to have halted bookings for the top-spec 'ZX' and 'ZX (O)' variants of the Innova Hycross. This is not the first time that bookings have been paused due to high demand. Dealerships had stopped taking fresh bookings last April, due to an increasing order backlog. According to Toyota, the top-spec ZX and ZX (O) variants have seen high demand, with the current waiting period at 14 months. The non-hybrid variants have a waiting period of 6 months. The Innova Hycross is available with two engine options. These include a 2.0-litre petrol hybrid that produces 184 BHP and 206 Nm paired with an e-Drive transmission and a 2.0-litre petrol unit that makes 172 BHP and 197 Nm. The non-hybrid version gets a CVT. Source: Autocar India

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 11:05 am

New Seltos replaces my BMW X3 for a 1250 km road trip: 5 observations

BHPian krishnan76 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hello everyone, This is my second post after buying a Kia Seltos GTX+ (Pewter Olive) in early January. The first piece was about my initial impressions of the car, and this one is after my first long trip with it-from Bengaluru to Kochi and back. The total distance covered during the trip was around 1250 km over four days in early April. We wanted to try this car for a long drive, giving our usual companion-the BMW X3-some rest. I will make this post in a semi-listicle format.Drive impression on highway: Seltos, from hereon the Ranger, is a super smooth vehicle with oodles of power on tap. The 160 bhp, 253 NM turbo petrol engine is a stonker as it pulls, pulls and pulls on. We never had to worry about a quick overtake of a long truck or a slew of slow-moving vehicles. The DCT-Engine combo is near perfect.AC performance: While we were quite happy with its performance in the city, we wanted to see how it works on a hot day on the highway. Wife was a bit sceptical because of the all-black interior of the car. But to our delight, the AC kept us very cool throughout the journey while operating generally around the 18-19 degrees range. Imagine the outside temperature was a scorching 36 degrees on our drive day. We didn't feel any of it inside the Ranger.ADAS: The driver assist systems worked well, particularly the lane-keeping assist and blind spot monitoring system. But you have to remember to turn the indicators on (right or left) before you change lanes for an overtake, or else the car will nudge you back to your original lane. The adaptive cruise control, too, worked nice, even though I didn't keep it on for very long.Headlight: We didn't drive too much at night, but the general feeling was that the throw could have been a tad better. By no means is it insufficient, but at times, you need a brighter flame to spot a speed-breaker or a curve along the road that bit better.Mileage: We managed to eke out between 15-17 km/l on highways around the trip. Of course, now the overall mileage across 3600+ kms stands at around 11 km/l. Good for us.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 10:38 am

Why Comet is a super cool 2-seater EV for the city, but I didn't buy it

BHPian kaushikduttajsr recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Test drove the Comet today. Context: I have sciatica and my leg hurts driving around Bangalore's infamous traffic. Freestyle's heavy clutch makes it worse. This car will be driven within city limits only and sometimes by my wife. So, range anxiety, top speech etc. do not matter. An EV's running cost makes perfect sense. Comet's small form factor also reduces my wife's driving anxiety. Tiago is the only alternative in the price segment, but I don't prefer it for reasons best left out of this thread. Driving experience:Power on tap is more than adequate. In fact, sports mode is equivalent to Ather 450x warp mode. I reached the speed limit of 60kmph on ORR effortlessly. On empty roads, it reached the legal limit of 80kmph easily too. All this with 3 adults on board.Driving dynamics of Comet is that of a brick. With teeny wheels and a tall boy design, it wasn't unexpected. However, I found it adequate for city speed limits. The heavy battery pack compensates for the tall car by lowering the centre of gravity. However, rear wheel drive makes oversteer real, even within city speed limits. So it calls for some bit of caution.Ergonomics was where I lost interest. The seats have underwhelming under-thigh support and made me uncomfortable over a 12km drive. I pushed the seat back to get comfortable but the small steering came in the way, making me stretch my arms. Uncomfortable again. The rear seats are best left to kids unless you feel comfortable in a knees-up position. My parents sure won't be.In summary, it is a super cool city 2 seater that is spoiled by the small seats. Those seats were probably cut out to make space for the rear seats that are best left to kids. I made a no-buy decision with a heavy heart :( My search for a comfortable automatic city car begins again. If you have a suggestion, please shoot. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 21 May 2024 10:03 am

Auditors need be paid a reasonable fee for the sake of audit quality

Business accounts need to be worthy of trust and thats why audit fees should be reasonably remunerative. Lets set incentives that keep conflicts of interest down and books well audited.

Livemint 21 May 2024 10:00 am

Soaring profits are no reason to go slow on banking reform

Indias privatization of public sector banks has a long way to go. With IDBI Banks sell-off languishing, this policy needs a push. Regardless of profits, PSBs would serve the economy better under wide private ownership than under the government.

Livemint 21 May 2024 8:30 am

Mint Quick Edit | Post-Raisi Iran: A hard state unlikely to soften

The death of Irans President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash comes at an explosive moment in world affairs. Dont expect much change in the Islamic Republic and its anti-US stance in geopolitics as the Gaza War rages.

Livemint 21 May 2024 7:15 am

Judge: Craig Wright forged documents on grand scale to support bitcoin lie

Wright lied repeatedly and extensively in response to forgery allegations.

Ars Technica 21 May 2024 1:53 am

Memorial Day Furniture Sales: Score Big Savings on Furniture for Any Room in Your House - CNET

Whether youre redecorating your home or patio, or you just want to upgrade some of your old furniture, these early Memorial Day furniture sales can help you do so while saving some big bucks.

Cnet 21 May 2024 1:09 am

Score a New or Refurbished OLED TV From Woot's Affordable Collection - CNET

Woot has premium new and refurbished LG OLED models available at great prices. Act fast, as they're likely to go fast.

Cnet 20 May 2024 9:25 pm

Wabtec Corp's Rs 230 Crore Manufacturing Plant Boosts Indian Railways

Wabtec Corp's Rs 230 Crore Manufacturing Plant Boosts Indian Railways Wabtec Corporation on Monday inaugurated its manufacturing plant worth Rs 230 crore in Rohtak, Haryana. The plant will initially manufacture transit rail components and subsystems, the company said, adding that it will in Rs 150 crore in the first phase and the remaining Rs 80 crore in the second phase. The unit, set up on 10,000 square metres, will start off producing axle-mounted disc brake systems, distributor valves, brake calipers, and actuators, as well as friction material for freight cars, metro coaches, and locomotives for Indian Railways and metros. The facility is expected to host many products in the coming months and years that serve the rail, mining, and industrial segments. ''We intend to grow this site with plans to invest an additional USD 10 million (Rs 80 crore) over the next few years,'' the company's Senior Vice President and India Regional Leader Sujatha Narayan said in a statement.

devdiscourse 20 May 2024 9:05 pm

Gurugram-based supply chain startup 3SC raises $4 million from existing investor

Through the funding, the startup aims to enhance AI/technology capabilities and scale operations globally while maintaining strong profitability in its Indian Supply Chain Execution and Logistics Business Unit.

Zee Biz 20 May 2024 8:58 pm

India is one of the key markets for business growth in industrial space: Siemens executive

Siemens Digital Industries Software is a part of German conglomerate Siemens and is headquartered in Plano, Texas. The company focuses on product lifecycle management (PLM) software and works with industries like aerospace and defense, pharmaceuticals, and automotives. Its products include Teamcentre (a PLM software and collaboration tool), design software NX and low code platform Mendix.

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 8:32 pm

Assam: Purabi Dairy cooperative targets sale of 4 tons of local honey

Our customers have consistently shared positive feedback, praising the rich, authentic taste and the purity of Purabi Honey. Initially, they tried the product by purchasing smaller packs, but now there has been greater demand for larger packs, which is why we introduced the half-kilogram pack, said S M Hussain, Marketing, WAMUL.

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 8:01 pm

Indian Railways to supply 200 passenger coaches to Bangladesh

Indian Railways to supply 200 passenger coaches to Bangladesh! The contract, valued at $111.26 million (approximately Rs 915 crore), was secured by RITES, the export division of Indian Railways, through a competitive bidding process on a global scale.

The Times of India 20 May 2024 6:54 pm

Scandals that destroyed Bollywood celebs' career

Scandals that destroyed Bollywood celebs' career

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 5:58 pm

MG Astor facelift leaked ahead of launch; Exterior & interior revealed

The upcoming MG Astor facelift has been revealed via leaked images. The SUV is expected to be launched in India soon. The updated MG Astor looks rather striking in its new avatar. The SUV has a redesigned front bumper with a diamond mesh grille. It is flanked by reprofiled headlamps, with a blue strip stretching across the front fascia. The rear end of the Astor looks more familiar though. The shape of the taillights has been retained, but the internals look new. The SUV has a redesigned rear bumper, a roof spoiler with an integrated stop lamp, and a rear wiper. The updated Astor also gets new dual-tone alloy wheels. The spy images also provide a glimpse of the car's interior. The Astor gets an all-black cabin with dual screens and a 3-spoke steering wheel. The centre console has been updated and now features an electronic parking brake and a redesigned gear lever. Technical details of the new Astor are still unknown. That being said, the current model is offered with two engine options. These include a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that makes 108 BHP and 144 Nm, paired with a 5-speed manual and CVT and a 1.3-litre turbo-petrol engine that puts out 138 BHP and 220 Nm. It is paired with a 6-speed automatic gearbox. Source: MRD Cars

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 5:57 pm

My Bullet 500's 1st wash in 7 years: Time to get her thumping again!

BHPian ebonho recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Yesterday afternoon, lounging around lazily after a nice hard Sunday ride (bicycle) with the boys, I got to thinking about my Std 500 under the covers, sleeping peacefully, undisturbed, for the past 7 years. I had never even lifted the cover till that morning, when the helper of my old mechanic Rafiq Mamu called out of the blue, and said he was in the area. So I told him to drop in, and we chatted over a cup of tea (yes, when you rode a Bullet, your mechanic and his family and his workers get automatically adopted as a special operations wing of your extended family). So I lifted the cover to show him what he was letting himself in for if he planned to get his tools home and help me start her. And I lay eyes on my baby, and the bug bit hard. So I dig her keys out from my key satchel. Put on my work t-shirt and shorts, and work cap coz I would be working under the blazing sun, and set off to dig up the Tomb of Tutankhamun! First I used a broom to sweep away all the leaves from on top of the sun-baked and hardened canvas cover that was falling to pieces. Then very gingerly I shook the cober violently so that whatever creatures had made a long lease abode under it would get startled and scurry off (I hoped). I have snakes (non-poisonous Damans as well as very poisonous cobras) in my compound, as well as a golden nevla (mongoose), a multitude of cats, dogs, car-sized rats (goos), and a pet eagle, along with a herd of cows who for generations have chosen our home to calve in. Then I removed the cover, threw it carefully to one side, and inspected the bike. Did not look so bad! Unlocked the handle lock on the side with my trusty worn-out key, and then muscled it sideways to clear the pillars (it had been pushed as much to the side as possible, to keep the rest of the garage free for the active bikes and cycles and gardeners tools). Since it had been on the main stand, I did not know the condition of the tyres or the air in them, but took a leap of faith and got her off the stand and dragged her out of the garage into the sunlight for the first time in 7 years. A village of snails had made their home in the engine bay behind the block. A few big spiders went scurrying at the first stream of water from the garden hose. And then I got to work with a cloth in full earnest. It became quickly clear that all original parts of Royal Enfield had survived a lot better than the standard aftermarket parts (mainly the crash guard). The rims had rust spots. As did the kick and gear lever (both not on the bike originally when I got her from the Fursungi RE depot ... being an ARAI bike, over time, someone had removed these parts from the bike, and the company had them replaced by a mechanic Pramod before it was given to me). The engine casing was covered in black oil weep. Thick and set and resistant to any efforts with cloth and water. Ditto the rust (battery box and air box, kick and gear and neutral finder, rims, front and rear brake linkages, ignition key switch on the headlight casquette). The crash guard chrome had badly bubbled and was peeling off in big strips. That seems to be a goner. Lots of the spokes and nipples need work too. Looks pretty surface-deep only. So went to work with a Rin bar and a new scotch brite. And got a lot of the crappy gunk off. The cases will need further metal polish and buff TLC but for now are pretty presentable for a 22-year-old bike. Or in no way any less presentable than the 53-year-old rider. Now over to the photos! The day I got her in 2002. Let this new beginning story unfold. Can't wait to get her thumping again! Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 5:36 pm

Fogged DRL & cracked tail light in my Nexon.EV: A warranty claim tale

BHPian blueberry recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Noticed a crack on tail light, no signs of physical damage around the crack. Any idea what could've caused it? I mailed Tata CS about the issue, and they requested a visit to the Service Center for inspection. I planned to visit last week, but I had to postpone. This week, I noticed water droplets in the front center DRL : Same for the connected taillight as well: They've agreed to replace the front DRL under warranty, but quoted 30k for the rear taillight citing external damage. (28k parts + 2k labour) I don't see any visible damage marks except the crack on the rear taillight and surrounding areas. Could this be external damage or a manufacturing defect? Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 5:15 pm

Honda Stylo 160cc scooter patented in India

Honda has patented the Stylo 160 scooter in India. If launched, the new model could compete with the Yamaha Aerox 155 and the upcoming Hero Xoom 160. The Honda Stylo 160 is currently available in Indonesia. It will be positioned above the Activa as a more premium offering. The scooter has a neo-retro look with a circular LED headlamp, round mirrors and a single-piece seat with sculpted body panels on either side. Some of the features include a digital instrument console, USB charging port and keyless ignition. Powering the Stylo 160 is a 156.9cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine. It produces 15 BHP @ 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm @ 7,000 rpm. The Stylo 160 is equipped with a telescopic front fork and a single shock absorber at the rear. It rides on 12-inch alloy wheels and is equipped with disc brakes supported by dual-channel ABS.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 5:14 pm

Cons. Products

Every degree increase in temperature can save you 3-5% on your electricity bill. Aim for a comfortable setting around 24C instead of blasting it too cold.

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 5:08 pm

Pros & Cons of my Virtus 1.0L AT after a 1,650 km trip to Harsil Valley

BHPian mayank4823 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Just came back from a 1650 kms trip to Harsil Valley (Uttrakhand) from Rajasthan in my Virtus Topline 1.0 AT. Some feedback and pics follow :Driving is a bliss.Perfect handling and stabilityat 110+ speed was the reason why I chose this car and the car proved my decision to be a correct one.Seat Comfortis amazing which makes the long routes easier. I highly recommend getting a neck pillow for the driver. (I bought one from the Frido website)Ground Clearancewas tested at Nelong Valley. I feared the car would get scarped from the bottom and it didn't.Hill hold assistis amazing. Coming from an 11-year-old Maruti Suzuki Dzire, this feature is a godsend.Boot space is a godsend. My car is driven solo by me 99% of the time but on this trip with friends, I utilized every inch of it and it was a factor that amazed everyone.Cons : The vertical FOV is very low. I had a hard time watching rainbows and magnificent hills. I don't know if this is with all the Sedans but this has been a complaint from 2 of my friends. No hill descent. Why VW?The car was coughing on very steep climbs which were hairpin bent. Paddle shifters made that part slightly easier. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 5:06 pm

Mahindra Thar gets a new military green colour option

Mahindra has silently updated the colour palette for the Thar. The off-roader is available in six different colour options, with the addition of a new military green shade, called 'Deep Forest'. Stealth Black and Desert Fury are two of the recently introduced colour options for the Thar. The black shade was added to the palette in March this year, while the latter is available on the Thar Earth Edition. Customers can also choose from Red Rage, Deep Grey and Everest White shades. No mechanical changes have been made to the Thar though. It is available with two engine options. These include a 2.2-lire diesel producing 130 BHP and 300 Nm and a 2.0-litre petrol that puts out 150 BHP and 300-320 Nm. Both engines come with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to BHPian LionX for sharing this information with other enthusiasts!

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 4:44 pm

Trying Full Self-Driving feature worth US$ 12,000 on my Tesla Model 3

BHPian mobike008 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.Full Self-Driving (FSD) 30-Day Complimentary TrialWhen I woke up a couple of days ago, Elon Musk dropped a nice surprise to perk up the weekend. Got a message that I have been granted a Full Self-Driving (FSD) trial complimentary for 30 days. It is available to purchase for $12,000 or $199 ++ /Month. Well, that's a lot of money for this feature which according to me should have been given either at a much cheaper price or bundled in for the expensive variant (like mine) as part of the whole package. I will thoroughly test the FSD for the next 30 days and see if it's really worth the 12 grand. What FSD can do more than Autopilot is automated city driving that includes:Stop and go at traffic lights and signsNavigation on roads without center linesNavigation of traffic circlesHandles 4-way stopsMakes turns, following traffic rules and yields to other cars and pedestriansSince we have plenty of roundabouts here, I already tested #3 and #4 and it blew me away. Will post some videos once the testing is completed. This came along with a lovely software update and primarily the visual update now shows all features full screen on this large beautiful screen. Lot of other useful features as per screenshots below (Features are all self-explanatory). Excited to fully use all features and see what is this FSD Brouhaha all about. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 4:32 pm

From Vedavid To Vamika, 6 Bollywood Babies With Unique Names

From Vedavid To Vamika, 6 Bollywood Babies With Unique Names

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 4:19 pm

Took delivery of Himalayan 450 after a 4+ month wait: First impressions

BHPian tech_rider recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Finally took delivery of my Kamet today (4+ months waiting). Nothing good to say about the delivery experience. it was very hot there without AC in the display area. Features were not explained to me, they said YouTube has lots of videos. I also agreed on the same for the sake of escaping from boiling heat. Did customary Pooja there itself and took off for fun on the road. I am able to flat foot with my 177cm height. I am yet to explore features in the console and seat adjustments. I have a Pixel 7 with Android 14 and like many people here I am also not able to pair the phone with a console. I configured system time using settings which was very difficult to navigate. Then I went to an accessory shop to install protective gear. I got a moto torque crash guard, radiator grill, top plate, and reservoir guards. Planning to install a footrest and fleet track also in the coming days. Some pics from the accessory shop Initial impressions are below.It was intimidating at first. but got used to the bike's stance after a few kms. Love its sticker graphics and black-and-white colors.The engine felt a little bit rough as I was driving a Honda Dazzler for 13+ years. I believe I will get adjusted here.Drove 50+km in traffic, flickability felt good, I was able to drive through some narrow gaps like my old bike.The horn was definitely an upgrade over Honda's meek horn.It was hard to keep the bike under 4k rpm. I was able to test all the gears.gearbox seemed rough to me. Lots of thuds when downshifting. I have to re-learn how to use a non-Honda gearbox.any pointers to improve my skills are welcomeI feel a lot of getting used in the coming days, for usage of a non-Honda bikeHeat in the traffic, as expected, is very high. my wife was not able to tolerate it.The exhaust note seemed addictive, especially 3k+rpmMy body felt exhausted after 50+km traffic commuting.The Handlebar grip was not comfortable. Sometimes it gave me small pains and redness on my hands. Need to search for a better grip.The suspension felt heavenly. Those speed breakers, which used to give heavy thuds to my old bike, were like nothing in front of Showa. It glided through most of the potholes and speak breakers.They could have given an auto-off indicator and a buzzerConsole navigation and device support need some rework. hope this will be resolved over OTAMost of the above negatives are known before committing, so not many regrets.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 4:02 pm

Geo-neutrality: India is lukewarm to Natos invitation for good reason

Russias recent aggression in Ukraine has renewed Natos relevance, but while the US may be keen for the alliance to expand its geopolitical reach, the era of such military pacts is over.

Livemint 20 May 2024 4:00 pm

My XUV700 ownership update: Service, usage & future plans

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts. No updates from my side since there's been nothing extraordinary to report except for my heart's falling Ejection Fraction percentage and a bout of Dengue which kept me bedridden for the first 10 days of February. It's now 9 days shy of 4 months since Icarus had gone past the 7,000-km mark on the ODO (back in 15th December 2023) and ODO stands at 4 kms short of 8,000 kms. Goes to show how less I have been driving the Big M in recent times. I have turned to our little Nios AMT for more convenience and less stress during city runs so Icarus spends at least 3 days parked in the garage every week, including all weekends. Since my last report, I have faced issues such as dimmed screens (twice), loud scratchy bangs from the speakers (3-4 times) followed by MID defaulting to the Drive Info menu, blank screens (once) and DPF clogging solved by a 25-minute parked Regen (four times) - a given, since my driving is now limited to inside the city at low speeds for 4-5 days each week. 01st Feb 24th Feb Thankfully, the USB drive resetting problem is gone. Used the Apple Carplay screen a few times but wasn't satisfied with it so went back to Android Auto which feels much better in overall usability. There was also an issue in February regarding a foul, damp smell coming out from the AC vents as soon as the AC was switched on. Took it to the local ASC who gave all the vents (front, rear, 3rd row) a 3M cleaning session which somehow managed to stop this smell, although a strong smell of the 3M liquid used for cleaning stayed inside the cabin for a few days. All good now. Met the brawny Marksman during this visit. Sometimes I am forced to ask myself if I made the right decision for going for the diesel, given how drastically my increasing health issues have taken over my life in the past year or so. Whatever plans I had made when taking delivery back on 25th April 2022 to show the world to my little daughter through road trips - I feel bad to say that not one of them has materialised, except for a few short trips to Chitrakote waterfalls and Dantewada. But, back then, with improving health and a green signal from my docs, who would have predicted this future today 24 months ago? With me mostly confined to my city and my steed getting its legs chained, it looks like a bleak future for Icarus, running-wise. The 3rd service (2nd annual) is due in 2 weeks' time, and so is insurance renewal. Hope I am good enough, health-wise, to provide a timely update for those. Fingers crossed. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 3:34 pm

Vodafone Ideas AGR dues to plunge 46% if SC verdict on curative petition is favourable: Analysts

Vodafone Idea's AGR dues may drop by 46% to Rs 38,400 crore with relief on curative petition, analysts say. Vi seeks waiver of penalty component in AGR demand. Payment reduction could provide cash flow relief, but challenges remain with significant payouts ahead. Management hopeful for Supreme Court relief on AGR calculation errors. Financial restructuring and strategic partnerships planned for Vi's future growth.

The Economic Times 20 May 2024 3:33 pm

Will Toyotas hybrid bridge to electric vehicles work according to plan?

Toyotas bet on going taking the hybrid path to EVs is about climate action with a clear market strategy. It reduces pioneers risk and offers car customers the best of both worlds.

Livemint 20 May 2024 3:30 pm

8 observations about my Elevate after 500 km of highway & city driving

BHPian ashokabs recently shared this with other enthusiasts. This is a brief update on my review of the Elevate ZX MT. I found a stain of about 2 sq in on the front passenger seat right in the middle of the vertical portion. This was noticed after taking delivery when the plastic covering of the seat was removed. I complained to the manager at the showroom from where I purchased it. He was not willing to get a new seat fitted as I guess some heads would have rolled. However, the option he offered was an add-on accessory of ventilated seats. It is a strap-on unit with a grey colour and a connector for the 12V socket. Also, I would have to pay though some discount was promised. This was not acceptable. Finally, after some cajoling, it was agreed that the seat from a demo car would be given. This sounded reasonable and I agreed. Today I went and had the seat replaced. I am happy that my new car looks new! Some other observations after a 200 km trip recently and 300 km of city driving in S Delhi.Mileage on the highway was 20 km/l. Max Speed on the highway was 80 km/hr.Mileage in city traffic was nearly 13 km/l. I don't accelerate needlessly.While using cruise control the acceleration and deceleration is quite aggressive.Lane assist is very useful and works well during the day.Above 2500 rpm the engine/road noise is bothersome. However, can be drowned out by playing music.Driver seat on long drives is very comfortable as is the driving position - as adjusted for my height of 1.7m.On highways one has to change gears more than in the city! I'm exaggerating but one needs to downshift to 4th gear while overtaking.Gear ratios are provided to get more pulling power in 2/3 gear so driving in the city is a breeze. This does mess up the mileage somewhat.Still happy with my purchase! Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 2:41 pm

Ford CEO hints at a 4-door Mustang; says no to a Mustang SUV

Speaking to a media outlet, Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, recently spoke about the future plans for the Mustang. Farley explained that while the company is open to introducing potential new variants of the Mustang, it will never build a Mustang that isn't a Mustang. Having said that, the CEO did hint at a possible 4-door iteration of the sports coupe sometime in the future. This new 4-door Mustang could even be offered with a V8 engine paired with a manual gearbox. Farley mentioned how he is open to different body forms of the Mustang but will never stick a small two-row SUV with the Mustang badge. For instance, there will never be room for a small, two-row Ford SUV with a Mustang badge stuck on it. But could we do other Mustang body forms-a four-door or whatever? I believe we could, as long as these models have all the performance and attitude of the original, Farley said. Neglecting the Mustang Mach-E, the Ford CEO further went on to mention, One thing I can promise, however, is that we will never make an all-electric Mustang. Farley added that the Mustang is the best-selling sports coupe in the world. Hence, Ford is willing to explore less conventional ideas. He stated, At our best, we are an irreverent company. We need to keep doing derivatives that will surprise people. Source: Autocar UK

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 2:36 pm

BreachForums website seized in international operation

In a coordinated international effort, the FBI and law enforcement agencies from several countries have successfully seized the website and Telegram channel of BreachForums, a well-known online marketplace for stolen data and hacking tools.

Computing 20 May 2024 2:36 pm

Experienced TWO track school with my 2018 Aprilia RSV4 RF in Chennai

BHPian vignesh.cv recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Couple of weeks back, we had a Level 1 track school & open sessions conducted at the Madras International Circuit. The heat was predicted to be scorching but I still went in knowing that I'll be roasted all three days of riding. The air temperature was 40+ and track temperatures were 65+ C. The first day was open track day i.e just open riding sessions and no coaching involved. I used that time to rebuild my sense of the track and re-familiarize myself with the bike. This time around, I was trying out the Metzeler TD (track day) slicks - they are more like endurance slicks that promises longer life, predictable grip and quick warmup in terms of working temperatures. I came away very impressed with the levels of grip offered, I'm no pro-rider but this was almost on par with the regular Pirelli slick tyres. The icing on the cake was the tyre life. With the regular Pirelli slicks, if you are riding at or close to pace, then you can expect approx one and half days from the rear tyre. With these TD slicks, you can easily do 2 weekends of track riding on one set of tyres. And the grip level is predictable. It does not drop off as the tyre wears out. The bike was in good shape all weekend and propelled me below 2min mark for the first time. She was in the mood to shave off some more time, but I was exhausted by the third day. There was a bit of hesitation when I opened the throttle aggressively around 9k rpms. This was the first time since applying the DEF gold tape on the airbox that I was able to ride aggressively. So, I had a hunch that there was something to do with the secondary fuel injectors. Nevertheless, found out a work around by opening up the throttle gently and that kept everything going fine. After coming back to the garage, we opened up the airbox and checked everything from the secondary injector resistance, to voltage continuity, to the relays that activated the secondary injectors. Turns out, when the airbox was re-assembled, the injectors were mixed up in terms of the cylinders. Each injector has a color coding and that maps to a cylinder in the bank. Since the injectors were mixed up, the fueling wasn't turning out to be precise - the wrong cylinder was getting the fuel because firing order matters. One more lesson learnt and discovered additional checks in this process. Now looking forward to the track school in June to see if I can improve myself. Have just scratched the surface in terms of her handling and I can only say she's got lot more in reserve. Open track time Classroom session with L1 students Running with the L1 students Ghetto AIM mount with zip ties You can see the dimple on the rear tyre is very much visible, indicates that there is lot more tyre left to be used. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 2:29 pm

The good life with my 11 year old Mercedes S-Class W221

BHPian androdev recently shared this with other enthusiasts. 12th anniversary update Got an ABS error while on a recent trip, but decided to complete the trip with ABS disabled. I was being careful and the trip was uneventful except for a speed breaker that I failed to notice in time. I managed to stop but I could make out the missing ABS and a little sliding of the locked up wheels. The speed was low so it wasn't a major problem. Few months back during the suspension repair, one of the front ABS sensors was replaced. The service advisor told me this could be the other front sensor and if it happens to be the same ABS sensor that was replaced, it would be covered under warranty. I was too lazy to send the car for a check up. I thought it would be a good time to replace all remaining three ABS sensors given the age of the car and ordered the same from Pelican parts that offered the best price (compared to FCPEuro portal which is my go-to portal): Sent the car for ABS replacement and folks at Sundaram took care of it for around Rs 5K service bill. Insurance premium is Rs 22K (own damage is just 12K, IDV of 23L) - the joy of owing an old car! I don't have any city commute these days, so the car doesn't see much city usage except for some late night ice cream trips which has become a weekly-once affair these days. The car has some serious appetite The car is built for the highways. Fuel efficiency used to be between 8.5 to 9.5 L/100KM but these days ethanol blending and increased traffic really hurt the FE. Frequent braking and accelerating kills the FE of such a heavy car. Too many speed breakers on national highways these days! I have asked my son to strike a pose to recreate a photo that was taken 11 years ago Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 2:08 pm

Greater social diversity in higher education is serving India well

Various social groups have shown encouraging enrolment rates, thanks partly to reservation policies, but we must expand capacity vastly to fulfil aspirations. Let's think of expanding the pie instead of slicing it into thinner slices.

Livemint 20 May 2024 2:00 pm

Harley-Davidson wants to do away with mechanical brakes on e-motorbikes

According to media reports, Harley-Davidson's EV brand, LiveWire, has applied for a patent called 'Virtual Brakes. As per this, the company is looking at ways in which LiveWire can entirely remove the mechanical, frictional brakes from at least one wheel of the motorcycle. This, according to the brand, will help reduce both the cost and weight of the motorcycle. The patent states, Mechanical, frictional brakes, such as hydraulic brakes, add cost and weight, which can impact the performance of a vehicle, especially electric vehicles, such as electric motorcycles. Furthermore, mechanical, frictional brakes dissipate kinetic energy, which otherwise could be used to charge an electric power store included in the vehicle, which may otherwise limit the range and operation of an electric vehicle. The patent further mentions how these mechanical brakes can be replaced by its virtual brakes, which use regenerative braking as the sole mechanism to brake at least one wheel. It also mentions how replacing the hydraulic brakes with regenerative braking could reduce a vehicle's weight, cost and complexity. The official statement reads, Accordingly, embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for regeneratively braking at least one wheel of a vehicle, such as, for example, an electric motorcycle. In some embodiments, regenerative braking is used as the sole mechanism to brake a wheel of the vehicle, such as the rear wheel of a motorcycle. Replacing a rear hydraulic brake with regenerative braking reduces the cost, weight, and complexity of the vehicle, which, as noted above, impacts the performance of the vehicle. Source: RideApart

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 1:58 pm

Spent 29L in 4 years on my BMW 630D GT: Here's how & why

BHPian samyakmodi recently shared this with other enthusiasts. So I have been facing some issues with my BMW 630D every now and then and have been wondering - are others facing this too? I think I had mentioned earlier the plight of the alloys cracking for no rhyme or reason inspite of babying the car around. In 87000kms so far - we have experienced 3 alloys cracking and none of the times there was any damage to the rubber wheel as such. BMW Secure policy which I was sold with an assurance that alloys would be covered - didn't cover them, and the manufacturer doesn't think it's a manufacturing defect. No idea who is responsible for making such fragile alloys for Indian driving conditions and then add on run flat tyres for added giggles because you will need to change them each time there is a puncture. After recovering from the alloy fiasco - last Saturday I noticed that the car is behaving weird over bumps and is scraping the smallest of speed breakers inspite of being super slow (3-4kmph) - got down to check only to be greeted by the front suspensions going kaput. Fortunately the car is still under warranty - but for the life of me I am unable to understand what is the engineering behind the air suspensions which fail in 87000 kms. The car has again gone to the workshop - and it would take them 8-10 working days to get the suspensions from the company. If not entirely wrong - my car has spent over 4 months in the dealership waiting for parts in the past 4 years of ownership - again wondering - is this normal? Total cost incurred to use the car over 4 years8/9 lacs - insurance (never been used other than one broken mirror)3.6 lacs - on alloy replacement (3 cracked alloys costing 1.2 each)5.4 lacs - on tyre replacement so far.6.5 lacs - BSI/BRI maintenance package5 lacs - EMI paid while the car was at the service centre waiting for part replacement (4+ months)Cost of using the car without fuel so far in 4 years - approx 29 lacs. Here's what BHPian avira_tk had to say on the matter:The 29 lakh figure is astronomical by any yardstick, but given you average 20k a year in an expensive 6 cylinder German luxury sedan with a staggered 19 inch set up, the costs are par for the course. The alloys are known to go bad if they look good, that seems to be the case with all aesthetic choices. The practical option would to get an 18 inch square setup to reduce both wheel and tyre issues. 255/50R18 size will be ideal, but that means getting another set of alloys.Here's what BHPian androdev had to say on the matter:Air suspension has rubber bellows, they tend to fail as early as within 4 years if you are unlucky. If one of the front pair fails, be prepared for the other one also to fail soon. Rear ones tend to last longer. BMW low profile RFT tires and cast alloy wheels are not a great combination for Indian roads. Say you noticed a speed breaker too late and end up with an impact: this can potentially cause a crack in alloy without any damage to the tire. Tire damage usually points to hitting something sharp. Moving to tubeless tires, higher profile tires, good quality forged alloy wheels etc can help mitigate the issue.Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 1:17 pm

25 weak points of Toyota Hyryder that certainly deserve attention

BHPian bullboy recently shared this with other enthusiasts. I thought of noting down the drawbacks and features I'd like to see in the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyrder, based on my experience. Below are my personal observations, and I mean no offense to anyone. These insights may prove beneficial to prospective buyers. While the positives of this car have been extensively discussed, some negatives also deserve attention. Here are my observations from 750 kilometers of usage on the V variant.Sunroof and AC: The sunroof transmits significant heat to the cabin, affecting mileage. During morning runs (7:30 AM - 10:00 AM), the car returned 3-3.5 km/l more than in the afternoon, despite similar traffic conditions. This issue is exacerbated by non-UV cut glass. The AC struggles to regulate cabin temperatures, with rear passengers still feeling the heat from above. It's disappointing that neither Suzuki nor Toyota has addressed these concerns.NVH: The engine feels unrefined and diesel-like when revved, with intrusive cabin noise. Vibrations are felt on the passenger seats, accelerator, and steering, especially at a standstill when switching from EV. Road noise and electric motor noise are also noticeable.Ride: Despite minimal suspension thuds, the ride is stiff, and road imperfections are felt in the cabin. I haven't driven at high speeds, so I can't comment on speeds above 80 km/h. Seats: The under-thigh support is lacking, causing discomfort during long drives. I've experienced back pain during drives of over an hour and now rely on support pillows. The rear seats are too upright, even in the second position, and lack proper support. The cushioning on the seats is slightly on the softer side.360 Camera: The image quality is poor, with blind spots. Manually activating the camera from an awkwardly placed switch diminishes its convenience value. It should activate automatically at lower speeds or at least the switch should have been on the steering.Parking Sensors: Lack of front parking sensors in a car of this price range is surprising.No Lane Watch: Despite having the necessary hardware, lane watch functionality is missing.A-Pillar Blind Spot: A significant concern, especially when combined with door visor, a big problem at night. This could have been mitigated with front parking sensors and blind spot monitoring.Comfort: Rear seat access is challenging for the elderly, and overall comfort is only ok-ish.Quality Issues/Cost Cutting: Thin plastic panels and exposed engine components raise questions about build quality. The switches, controls, door handles, etc., are directly borrowed from segments two levels below. My Ignis has identical switches, including steering controls, locks, and door handles. While the quality of materials used may suffice for a 10 lakh car, it's rather questionable for a vehicle priced at 25 lakhs.No Adaptive Cruise Control. Ambient Lighting: Poor visibility and fixed colors limit its usefulness.Creaking/Noises: Due to the aforementioned quality issues, there are creaking noises from the front dash and the rear tray that extend the battery floor, especially on bad roads.Headlights: The headlight is weak, and the throw-in low beam is not good. It's also too close to the car and not adequate in the rain. As I understand, it cannot be upgraded either. Fog lamps are sorely missed.Missing Rain-Sensing Wipers. No Key Remote Start/Stop: There's no start-stop button on the key fob, requiring sole reliance on the app. Interestingly, the key fob is identical to that of my Ignis, prompting me to add a new cover and a 'Toyota' key chain. Music System: The system is basic, even in the top model, and falls short compared to what competitors offer. I would describe it as marginally better than the system in my Ignis. Voice Command: Limited functionality and unintended activation are frustrating. Missed turns in the map when it activated on its own. Missing USB Type-C Port: Only one USB-A drive port is available in the front, and the absence of an additional USB Type-C port is notably felt.Horns: The horn is a standard fitment found in all Suzuki cars, such as the Swift and Baleno, etc. The dealer provides an option for a Windtone upgrade priced at Rs. 2950.Driver Door Issue: The driver's door does not close on the first attempt, attributed to air pressure. However, my concern arises from why this issue is exclusive to the driver's door and not the others. The door's construction feels notably light. Dub Dub Noise from the Brake Lever: When switching between the accelerator and brake pedals, the lever hits the limiter and produces a sound. Upon observation, it appears there is no rubber or damper bush in the connector of the brake booster and lever. Missing LED Lights: Halogen interior lights and indicators are outdated. Mudflaps: This has to be bought as an accessory and is not a standard fitment. Missing Convenience Features: Lack of ADAS, dual-zone climate control, UV cut glass, power adjusted seats,one-touch up-down window, illuminated window switches and rear sun blinds is noticeable.The car possesses a considerable number of absent features, and while it began promisingly, it ultimately fell short of its intended mark. The pricing of the top variants fails to align with the features it offers. If the car is purchased with efficiency in mind, the uncomfortable seats during long rides undermine its purpose. Thank you for reading. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 12:46 pm

Mahindra exploring hybrid technology for its future products

Mahindra has announced that it is exploring hybrid technology for its future products. However, the carmaker has clarified that it will only start developing hybrid models if there's sufficient demand. While speaking with the media, Anish Shah, Group CEO of Mahindra Group, stated that while the company is looking at hybrid technology closely, its focus remains on EVs. Shah said, From a consumer demand standpoint, if they (hybrids) become a bigger factor, we would be ready for that. We view hybrids as an extension of ICE. He went on to add, If there are significant changes in hybrid technology, that make it much more like an EV, then that's something we would go with much faster. At this point in time, we feel good about the focus on EVs, we are ready for hybrids, and are looking at hybrid technologies closely. Mahindra will invest Rs 12,000 crore into its EV business over the next 3 years. The carmaker plans to launch 16 new SUVs in India by 2030, including seven EVs.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 12:39 pm

Jeep Meridian facelift spotted testing; to get ADAS

Jeep is gearing up to launch the Meridian facelift in India later this year. The SUV, which was teased during the launch of the Wrangler, has now been spotted testing. The Meridian is expected to receive a minor nip and tuck, including revised headlamps as well as front and rear bumpers. The interior will be similar to the current model but might get new seat upholstery, among other minor changes. The latest spy images suggest that the Meridian is likely to get Level 2 ADAS. Besides this, Jeep might also offer features like a front and rear dashcam and an air purifier. The updated Meridian will carry forward the same 2.0-litre diesel engine, which puts out 168 BHP and 350 Nm. It will be paired with either a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed automatic transmission. The Meridian is also likely to get a petrol engine option in the future. Source: MotorOctane

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 12:33 pm

Welfarism: Were not just beneficiaries but citizens and voters too

Election freebies reign and we must examine why. The way out of the implied subject-hood of a mai-baap sarkar? Downplay the role of the beneficiary and highlight that of the Indian citizen, voter and taxpayer.

Livemint 20 May 2024 12:30 pm

Bangalore: Traffic police asks errant driver to apologise to me

BHPian ShreyG recently shared this with other enthusiasts. BTP Redeem themselves Yesterday evening I was on my way towards commercial street. I was at the Dickenson Road red light after Trinity circle going towards Brigade road. Now I was the first car on the left side waiting to turn right (the signal was red for both directions) when I heard an ambulance. Immediately crossed the stop line, turning right towards the junction making enough space for the ambulance to cross through. However, a commercial 3 wheeler to my right wasn't happy about this and immediately moved forward which led to a little side scraping. I quietly got down to check for any damage. There were little marks on the rubber beading above the tire walls but nothing that was visible. The 3 wheeler driver may have assumed this as some sort of provocation and immediately started abusing in some chaste Kannada. I, with my broken Kannada responded that I moved because to let the ambulance go through for which his response was along the lines of I don't care about any ambulance. Sensing escalation, I folded hands and moved on only to be stopped by the BTP at the junction. Fearing the worst, I got down and saw he was also flagging down the 3 wheeler. The officer came to me and asked me if I wanted to register a case of damage against the 3 wheeler driver. Apparently he had been observing what had happened from a distance and was furious at the 3 wheeler driver's behaviour. Obviously, I did not want to have the hassle of police case etc for a little side scraping and politely declined. The officer then did the unthinkable. He asked the 3 wheeler driver to apologize to me in full view of the road users (and a couple of teens inside his auto's cabin) standing at the lights. He was still a bit aggressive, apologized roughly, thanked the officer, moved on and I also carried forward. Public naming and shaming is probably the way to go to handle goons and rule breaking idiots on the roads. (Don't think the 3W driver will forget this soon) No amount of fines seems to deter them. And police officers like this are far and few. Unfortunately, in the midst of all this, I missed capturing the name of the officer but a shoutout to him for handling it like a pro. Here's what BHPian am1m had to say on the matter:Awesome! THIS is the way all our cops should be and handle the idiots on the road! To be fair, I believe most of them are that way, they need to be helped and unleashed on the rule breakers with full support. First we need a LOT more of them, the department is understaffed. They need to be paid a LOT better. And finally they need to be given a free hand without worrying about which politician or auto/driver union will descend on them for taking one of their chamchas/thugs to task. A couple of generations should grow up in fear of immediate and heavy punishment if even the smallest road rule is broken. Only then will traffic in Bangalore have a hope in hell of being manageable. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story and kudos to the cop for doing his duty!Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 12:09 pm

Clocked 26,000 km on my Polo TSI: 10 highlights along with maintenance

BHPian igar recently shared this with other enthusiasts. I hope everything is going well for you. I'll divide this piece of writing into a few more categories.Passion for automobiles:I'm a genuine auto aficionado from childhood. It all started with a car called the Hyundai Santro. Back in the 2000s, when I was studying in school, we lived in a gated community. Life was going on its way, and suddenly I got caught by a new Santro that was parked near to my house. I had no clue who bought it, and when I asked my mom, she told me it was from our neighbor. The turbo kicks in, and I start to cry and ask my father to get a new car on that day itself. It was a three-day cry, and I said I wouldn't go to school unless I got a car. As a typical Indian parent, my father told me, Yes, I'll get you a car, and I anticipated receiving one from him, but it ended up in his used cycle.Case 1:Car - Fiat UnoAt times, my father used to borrow his friend's Fiat Uno, and I'd be given the chance to sit and press the horn with my father sitting on the passenger side. One time, I saw him put the key in and crank the engine. At that time, I thought that's what driving is all about and took a chance to sit in a Fiat Uno and did the same, the engine came to life. I was glad that the car was in neutral, and I didn't notice how my dad changed the gears. He noticed the sound and ran towards me, switching off the engine. It went off with a few scoldings from dad. Post that he won't give the car keys.Case 2:Car - Fiat UnoI was not given the car keys, but he will unlock the car. Just let me sit in the driver's seat. I steered the wheel from left to right a few more times, and this time I locked the car's steering. I don't know what happened; the steering came to a halt, and I couldn't turn anymore, so I left it as it was and left the car. I believe it's hydraulic steering, and my dad is not aware of how to unlock it. We were glad that one of our neighbors had an acting driver for his car, so he came and unlocked the steering. All the cases were closed, and days passed. When we used to travel to my cousin's place by train, when the train crossed Chengalpet, my dad called me and showed me the Ford factory with N numbers Ford Ikon parked outside, which gave me another boost. Days went even faster, and we decided to buy a car in the late 2000s and headed to the Ford showroom, where my father took a test drive of the Ford Figo. Later, for some reason, the plan didn't work out, and it went in vain.Learning Journey:I learned car driving from driving school, and my friend taught me to drive a geared motorcycle in his father's TVS Centra.I got my license as per the government norms and used to drive or learn from my relative's Polo TDI and gained confidence.]Buying Journey:I got placed in a corporate company and decided to take my friend for a test drive.Renault Duster - It was very well built, and the budget was very huge.Later, we went to Nexa and didn't have any test drives but got a chance to sit in all their cars. Nothing went as planned, so the buying journey was paused for a couple of years. Later, I got promoted and decided to buy a new car. I didn't tell anyone, including my dad, but my mom was aware.S-cross - I liked it, but it didn't connect with me.Altroz - I didn't get any feel or feedback from the car, but my mom told me it was bigger inside compared to the Polo.Polo GT TSI - I test drive it, and I got easily connected to the car and the feel was amazing.Turbo inside me kicked in, and we ended up with a Polo TSI Highline Plus. On the Noon of the delivery day, I told my father about the new car. He was thrilled, and we headed to the showroom with my family and two relatives, a total of five persons, in two autos. Neither my father nor I don't have any experience buying cars before. Then, I came across TBHP PDI, and it helped a lot.Highlights:1.0 TSI stands out as a machine within its classThe Highline Plus variant comes with all the bells and whistles.Cruise control is a lifesaver during highway rides. Engage the cruise, and we'll be at triple-digit speeds in no time.Tinted windows are a godsend feature, especially in summer at this price range, and they work as expected.The VW in-house music system is excellent, and I find it more than sufficient.The Goodyear Assurance rubber, with 195/55/R16, is performing well. I may consider switching brands in the future.Wired Android Auto works without any issues.The stock headlights and cornering lights provide decent visibility at night.The horn is decent.Overall, the fit and finish are good, with no panel gaps or improper fittings.Maintenance:When I got the car, I decided not to make any modificationsThe car is running with factory fittings, and I haven't made any modifications.I'm the primary driver and have operated the vehicle most of the time.I got all the necessary car washing equipment and typically wash the car when traveling out of town or usually once a month.I prefer not to have anyone else wash the car apart from VASS. When using a water wash station, I will watch like a hawk.Up to now, the car has been regularly serviced and maintained at the VASS.I have a preference for smooth, sedate driving.I shift gears promptly and ensure the engine doesn't reach the red line before changing gears.Current ODO is at 26K Mileage as per Fuelio - 16.5 KMPLHiccups:The rat did its job, and I ended up at VASS. Gladly, it didn't create a big hole in my pocket As a VAG owner, the never-ending story seems to revolve around ABS issues, which surfaced at the 15K mark. I noticed steering vibrations, and one day, the ABS warning lights suddenly turned on. Visiting VASS, they diagnosed it as an ABS problem. Additionally, they told me that there was an issue with the wheel bearing, which wouldn't be covered under warranty. I was clueless. I have my cousin brother who is well knowledgeable in this area and we connected in a conference call with an authorized VASS representative. We detailed the meticulous maintenance history and pointed out that if a wheel bearing failed with such a low run, it likely indicated a manufacturing fault. After a heated argument, they conceded to replace the wheel bearing under the dealer's warranty, sparing us any expenses. I urged them to inspect the ABS sensors and bearings on the other wheels as well. The front rotors were skimmed due to the juddering, but the issue is not solved and the juddering is back. Additionally, I've noticed a pinch of noise while braking. I need to replace the rotor, but I'm unsure if opting for a different brand will void the warranty. I'm one of the happy owners of the Polo TSI and have absolutely no regrets about my decision to buy it. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 20 May 2024 11:39 am

Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 spied up close; new details revealed

A pre-production test mule of the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 has been spotted testing. The latest spy images reveal the upcoming bike in much more detail. The Guerrilla 450 gets a circular LED headlamp with LED turn signals and a single-pod instrument console. The bike has a teardrop-shaped fuel tank and a single-piece seat with a split grab handle. The Guerrilla 450 has a different stance compared to its ADV version, the Himalayan 450. The bike rides on telescopic front forks with rubber gaiters for extra protection and a mono-shock at the rear. It is fitted with alloy wheels wrapped in road-biased tyres. The Guerrilla 450 will be powered by the same Sherpa 450 engine. This 452cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder unit produces 39 BHP @ 8,000 rpm and 40 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. The engine will be paired with a 6-speed gearbox. Source: @pink_piston

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Indian traffic: A satirical take by keen observers

BHPian anjan_c2007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. This thread is dedicated to our own experiences while driving through our roads over the years or decades, to record our encounters with anything and everything with satirical and witty interpretations. These often make a mockery of one or more conventions, pragmatic practices, extant rules and laws which we observe almost on a daily basis. The situational irony that we encounter, interpreted and coupled with our wit and sarcasm would make interesting reading. It's the same everywhere - north, south, east or west. The northeastern states have some semblances of good traffic sense, including strict lane discipline, which is lacking elsewhere. A few places in the north, south, east and west could be exceptions, but things are the largely the same everywhere. Lane discipline in Shillong, Meghalaya To start with :- In a location, that was a crowded junction in a city without traffic signals and also without cops on duty, about 20-25 cars and about 20 two wheelers from all directions created a traffic jam when someone says, even huge herds of cattle from different directions congregate at places, but move ahead with mutual understating and consent to have each one's right of way. When you emerge from a crowded road and just engage the overdrive of your car stepping on the gas, you will suddenly, within seconds, find some biker from somewhere emerging coming too close to your car. When you overtake umpteen vehicles on a six lane highway and just emerge onto an assumedly, clear stretch, very soon you'll find a tanker on the right lane, an over loaded truck on the lane second from right, and a Tata Ace on the extreme left lane all moving at conservative speeds of about 50 kmph. During the peak of summer your car AC conks off and you find your trusted AC technician closing shop indefinitely for some days to attend a marriage ceremony. During summers, many marriages are solemnised. Here's what BHPian jigar1791@gmail had to say on the matter:What a start to the weekend, where we can pen down our frustration, merrily assuming we can enjoy the weekend with an upcoming drive..only to encounter : 1. Buses hogging 1.5 lanes on the highway either to pickup/drop pax from bus-stops/pickup points 2. 2-wheelers/autos coming on the wrong side, and asking you to give them the right of way, you begin to question yourself whether you're in the right direction or otherwise 3. HCVs hauling at 40-45 kph on the 1st lane, and entire holding up a significant count of faster vehicles behind them, those vehicles trying hard to overtake the HCV, creating a bee formation, potentially endangering a larger group with a quick, yet dangerous overtake attempt And the list could go on and on .. But, the biggest one that I'd like to highlight is the fact that I have become more calmer and relaxed when on the road. The virtue of forgiveness, without the other one even asking for it. And that calmness has sort of creeped in my personal/social interactions as well If I can mind my own business and maintain my calm with multiple morons on the road whom I don't know, I should be equally patient when I'm around with my known onesHere's what BHPian pranavt had to say on the matter:Scenario: You want to take a left turn. Your line is (A). The neanderthal heading in the opposite direction (B), a distant cousin of *insert your favourite racer*, decides that they must hit the apex of the corner while taking their racing line. The neanderthal could be in a car, or on a bike, or driving a 3-wheeler, or riding an animal. Honking at them only offends them. They mutter abuses at you while navigating their turn. Take a look at the attached picture. Here's what BHPian alphamike1612 had to say on the matter:The biggest peeve is the use of high beam inside well lit city roads. Activa users I'm looking at you for your bright white lights. Most of my friends and a few in my family have this bad habit. Infact a relative of mine always leaves the beam on high. He wears glasses too and when I ask him if it doesn't bother his eyes when others do the same, he replies It does, but I want to see the road better, anyway they also do it. Mind you he's a professional. When I get in, I ask him to change the beam to low, 10 minutes later, the blue Hi Beam light magically turns on in the dash again. I'm exasperated at this and if I keep pointing it out, I'm looked at like I'm some rule Nazi. A friend of mine didn't know that her scooter was on high beam or that her scooter had 2 light modes, when I pointed it out to her, she asked me what it was. Mind you, this is another professional and one who's really good at itHere's what BHPian alpha1 had to say on the matter:How about the city commuter buses weaving in and out of the road lanes doing a snake dance? While cruising they will hog the right most lane and trudge either slowly or recklessly fast. When the bus stop is nearing, they will veer towards the left and occupy 1.5 lanes (0.5 lane actually occupied by the passengers at the bus stop, thinking that they can out compete those who are within the premises of the bus stop). Then as soon as the bus starts, it will move towards right cutting everyone off behind it ... and so it goes on. A snaky wavy sinusoidal motion on the road.Here's what BHPian BlackBeard had to say on the matter:Trucks, buses and even some cars driving on the extreme right (overtaking lane) on roads indicate left but do not change lanes when they see a faster vehicle attempting to overtake them. I have seen the same with trucks, buses and some cars parked on the extreme left lane stopped and indicating to the right! As ridiculous as it may sound but its a desi ingenuity. Their way of informing that overtake from the indicated side!Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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Theres a reason why the Indian stock market seems to love the BJP

BJP rule has broadly been favourable for listed companies. Think of lower corporate tax and increased profits. This may change if the party loses power in these Lok Sabha elections.

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Tried chrome delete using vinyl wrap on my Kia Carens: 10k km update

BHPian satya180 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Completed 11,000 kms recently,10k of which was run in the last 3 months with frequent Mumbai runs. Our car is a workhorse in the day, ferrying material, samples for the factory, and thoroughly cleaned every evening before taking both kids out for their evening play time. 2 child seats, 4 adults, 4-5 bottles of water, bags, all easily fit in the Carens without thinking about space management. 10k Service cost ~Rs.4k, and I got 3D cabin and boot mats from the showroom for ~Rs. 5k. Got a chrome delete done, although the guy used Avery Dennison vinyl, it has started peeling off at the edges, and hence Im gonna strip it all out again.Lesson learnt guys: Don't vinyl wrap your chrome trip pieces, even with a heat gun, it'll eventually come off. Will buy base variant trim pieces from the Spares division, get it painted gloss black at a friend's place, and will fit it onto the car. Thats the only reliable long term option. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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Can Vijay Shekhar Sharma reinvent Paytm once again? He must.

Once considered an iconic startup, Paytm is now more apt to be seen as a cautionary tale of a newage company whose fundamental weaknesses were masked temporarily by the charisma of its founderat great cost to investors

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Liquidity coverage: Dont add to the regulatory burden on banks

RBIs review of the liquidity coverage ratio of banks should look for better options to reduce the risk of a cash crisis. Digital transfers are soaring. Limiting some online transactions to business hours might work.

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Mint Quick Edit | What an ideal election campaign would be like

As Lok Sabha elections roll on in India, one should hope for politics that promotes centrist ideas. Democracys big plus point, after all, is the dialectical progress it delivers.

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2024 Maruti Swift CNG launch could be a few months away

Earlier this month, Maruti Suzuki launched the fourth-generation Swift in India. Just like other models in the brand's line-up, the Swift will also get a CNG option. With the new Swift, Maruti debuted the Z-series 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine. This unit produces 80 BHP and 112 Nm. The overall output though, is expected to be affected when running on CNG. It is likely to be offered only with a manual transmission. Maruti Suzuki claims the new Z-series engine is 10% more fuel efficient than the old K-series unit. This could also translate into better fuel efficiency when running on CNG. The Swift CNG is expected to be offered in select variants. That being said, it will be more expensive than the corresponding petrol variants. Source: Autocar India

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Best Memorial Day TV Sales: Nab Huge Savings on TV Brands Like LG, Samsung and More - CNET

Memorial Day is almost here, and you can score big savings on popular TV brands.

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Arunachal Pradesh: Army conducts forward area tour for defence experts

The Indian Army has conducted a week-long forward area tour in Arunachal Pradesh for defence experts to provide them a first-hand experience of operational challenges faced by troops and to encourage them to formulate technological solutions to the problems, a communique said here on Sunday. The tour was conducted from May 12 to 19 for a seven-member team of experts from defence industries, startups and academia.

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Mahindra Scorpio-N Adventure Edition revealed in South Africa

Mahindra recently showcased the Scorpio-N Adventure Edition in South Africa. As the name suggests, it is a more rugged-looking version of the standard SUV. The Scorpio-N Adventure Edition features a more sturdy-looking front bumper, which has integrated fog lights and a set of auxiliary lights. It also has recovery hooks, high-lift jacking points and a winch. The Adventure Edition is fitted with a roof rack and rides on 18-inch alloy wheels shod with high-profile all-terrain tyres. To accommodate the wider rubber, Mahindra has installed plastic wheel arch claddings. The Adventure Edition is mechanically identical to the standard Scorpio-N. The SUV is powered by a 2.2-litre diesel engine that makes 172 BHP and 400 Nm. It is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to all four wheels.

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