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Now book an Uber ride using WhatsApp

Uber has rolled out a WhatsApp-based ride-booking option in India. Uber Technologies Inc and Meta Platforms Inc have collaborated to develop this capability that uses WhatsApp's chatbot. The service has been launched in Lucknow and will be expanded to other cities in the near future. WhatsApp users can register, book rides and receive trip receipts on the messaging platform itself. Further, the driver's name, license plate and location enroute to pickup will be included in the WhatsApp booking information. At present, the service is only available in English, but there are plans to include support for other Indian languages as well.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 12:48 pm

My pre-owned Ducati Multistrada 1260S: Ownership experience

BHPian narula123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. The Need for Comfy Speed: As I age, the body demands a motorcycle which is more comfortable but the mind demands the adrenaline associated with mad brute power. I am also an advocate of safety tech on motorcycles (No 'Real men ride raw bikes fundas for me). My 10R was now even more acutely set up for the track and it was a royal pain to ride her on Sundays through the city traffic. She's a mad banshee on the highways but her current tune doesn't make her a happy puppy in traffic or on broken roads. The engine heat and committed egos aren't good friends with my back beyond 100 km either. Net-net she's not something I look forward to riding on our broken roads or through traffic. My Ninja 650, though old, was still a pleasure to ride and made sure I was comfortable whenever I swung a leg over her. But she's still a basic 650cc twin and has limited dynamic capabilities. Make no mistake, she's a very capable machine but I had outgrown her a few years ago (that's why the 10R for the track). She still remained with me to take me everywhere else but the track. Riding her was no doubt fun but she made me miss the 10R's surge and safety net. Every fast highway run on her was us winning Fear Factor seasons in my head. Not a good feeling when you come home from a ride realizing you are pushing your luck. Hence, the need (want?) arose of finding something which is comfortable, safe and yet powerful enough for me to replace the 650 with and use everywhere without yearning for the 10R's power. My mind zeroed down on two options - the Ducati Multistrada 1260S and the BMW S1000XR. I am not an off-road buff hence ruled out the BMW GS1250 and Africa Twin (both extremely competent machines in their genre) and the need for strong power (150bhp+) kept me away from the Tigers, and the Versys. The new Ninja 1000 was very tempting at the price and I did think about it a couple of times. If buying pre-owned, I was typically looking for something that was not more than 2-3 years old. I was in no hurry to buy so was very picky about evaluating all the used options I saw on forums. Ducatis are mercurial machines and a badly kept one will be grumpy for a long time. Plus, both the 1260S and the XR are very rare to find though I did come across a few which were either discarded for registration concerns or the crazy prices being quoted. Few of these options were very tempting especially a 2021 XR and a 1260 Enduro being sold by NS1 but they would have meant me breaking the bank and going way out of budget. Divine Intervention: They say patience pays and boy did it! Got talking to the Mumbai Ducati dealership and found out that there is a pre-owned BS4 (mid-2020 registered) Multistrada 1260S for sale under the Ducati Approved program. For the uninitiated, Ducati Approved is Ducati's pre-owned bike program where they verify the bike on various checkpoints and then back it with a warranty for the new buyer. The bikes obviously have to qualify an age and mileage criteria to be listed on Ducati Approved. Spoke to the showroom and got some details on the bike. It sounded very very tempting on paper and looked super crisp & clean in the pics. The bike was also under warranty (important for Ducatis I am told) and had just been serviced a week ago. I blocked time with the dealership team to inspect and check out the bike in person. Prompt as a swiss watch, I was at the dealership on the assigned date. The next 3 hours went about like a blur - Saw the bike, skipped a heartbeat, rode the bike, skipped another heartbeat, saw all details, agreed on the price & terms, gave a deposit, had coffee, got back home. It was only when I was back home doing the enormity of what had just happened hit me. I had finally found a bike that was loaded to the gills on tech, carried 160 bhp (Yummy!), looked like a supermodel, had a personality that I loved and more importantly at a price I could stretch and afford. The bike had done about 9000kms and was clean as a whistle. Ordered some Evotech (radiator guard, engine guard, oil cooler guard), Barkbusters (handguard protection) and Eazigrip parts from my mates at LazyAssBikers and then some SW-Motech bling. Got a fresh pair of Michelin PR5s from Torque Block in super quick time too. Everything was installed, inspected and the bike was ready for delivery. Next to go on were R&G case savers, Shocktube for the rear spring and a bit of trinket here and there. Being a bit cheesy, I decided to coincide the delivery date with my birthday in August. Finally, The Greyhound was home among the wishes and blessings of all loved ones. The Greyhound's First Sprint: Post the bringing home ceremony and adding a few fast Sunday ride kilometres, I decided to test her for what she is made of - sports touring. Zeroed in on a 1600 km round-trip to Udaipur from Mumbai. Why? Because Rajasthan is beautiful, the weather is nice and the last 150 km from Shamlaji to Udaipur is probably the best riding tarmac I have witnessed in India so far (must go and thank me later). She went about her business without a fuss the entire trip and the beautiful roads gave her ample opportunities to stretch her legs and make that 1260cc pot sing. The Skyhook tech really is a work of art and if you haven't experienced it on a motorcycle yet, trust me you need to do so at least once. It just transformed the way I enjoyed the whole ride. The comfort, performance and convenience that the motorcycle gave me throughout the trip were exactly what I had in mind when I was thinking about what to buy. It just ticks all the right boxes on your list and then adds a few other bonus ones to it. The ability to switch ride modes on the fly is oh-so-convenient when you move from a broken road section to a fast, winding highway and vice-versa. I have done Rajasthan before on the 650 and I can tell you that doing this trip on the Multi has been an amplified sensory experience vs the previous trips. The bike is almost intuitive in how she moves with you. (Remember the English movie Avatar where the rider connected neutrally to the bird-ish thing?) The LED headlamps on the bike are probably the best OEM stuff I have seen on any motorcycle. They are highly effective even in pitch darkness and were a boon riding back from Udaipur where all the other bikes had halogens that were turning out to be useless. So far, I haven't felt the need for Aux lights so that is one major expense off the list for now. What I like so far:That engine. It's a torque hammer and you can easily connect the 160bhp on paper to how the bike feels in real life. Especially on the Sports mode, the bike is a proper hoot and easily catches the average-ridden-superbike on highways. The engine is very tractable even in the low power mode with a nice & crisp feeling but being an L-Twin it does feel a bit grouchy below 2000 rpm at crawling speeds. It revs cleanly all the way to the redline and the Desmo Valve system gives this engine a diabolical nature. Paired to a very smooth bi-directional quick-shifter, the engine feels pleasant in any scenario. My favourite is the Touring mode unless I am in the mood for some fast fun (Sports) or crawling on broken city tarmac (Urban).That suspension. I have no words to describe how awesome that Skyhook suspension is. It's a magic carpet ride that instantly transforms the bike into a pseudo-Supersports handler if needed at the switch of a button. The front pre-load is manually adjusted but everything else is done electronically and you can fine-tune it through the console as well. The system gives you the option of choosing the level of load you are carrying as well - pillion/luggage or both. It's a very very smart system and I have never experienced a two-wheeler suspension better than this. Period.All that tech. You name it and the bike has it. The TFT is crisp. The cornering-enabled LED headlamp is wow, the electronic aids are well-tuned and the overall feel of riding the bike is proper premium. Ducatis are known to throw an electronic fit from time to time and the sensors aren't really cheap. So far, so good. Keeping fingers crossed. The drive-modes are very very nifty and allow you a zillion permutations on the suspension, engine & throttle settings and these can be shifted on the fly. They completely transform the way the bike feels and behaves. I am not even getting started on Hill-hold, cornering abs, 6-axis IMU, Brembo hardware etc.That look. I love the way the bike looks and feels, especially in the matt-grey colour. Very stealth and classy. Honestly, the colour of the bike wasn't a decision input for me as usually Ducatis sold in India are the trademark Red. I was just plain lucky that this particular bike turned out to be the very rare Volcano Grey. Paired with the light golden alloys I just love how premium the whole bike feels vs the sporty-looking Ducati Red. Every angle feels well-chiselled and every part feels beautiful. I especially love the headlamp and tail-lamp design and only time will tell if I need aux lights to compliment the stock LEDs. The downside of these tight looks is that everything on the machine is tightly packed and that doesn't give you too much room to install after-market parts (eg. Denali horn).Love the customer experience at both the Infinity Ducati showroom and service centre. The teams are very courteous and accommodating and try their best to live up to your expectations.What I think Ducati can do better:I know people crib about heating on a Ducati but honestly, the Multi heats up lesser than my 10R in stop-go traffic. The only problem is that the rear cylinder is right under your buttocks and it makes its presence felt. It only becomes very noticeable when you are in the city traffic and hot enough to ensure you cant ride the bike in shorts. It's not unbearable, just uncomfortable.Half the nuts and bolts need special tools which are rare and expensive. Imagine being unable to remove the rear wheel on a trip because neither you nor the roadside mech has the required tool for the single-sided swingarm.Every Ducati certified accessory is obnoxiously expensive. I understand that it's made by brands like Rizoma but it's still shockingly overpriced. I would sincerely recommend looking at after-market accessories as far as possible.The build quality is decent but if you have ever felt/seen a GS or S1000 up close you will realise that this is a slight notch below the BMWs. It feels better put together than my Kawasaki but at this price point, the Italians could have probably matched the Germans a bit more. The Kawa's switches and instruments of course are less flashy than the Ducati but the former feels slightly more reliable in the long run. Keep in mind, all the sensors and parts on the Ducati are expensive so the warranty is a big plus on these bikes.Small oversights (intentional?) like the bike has keyless ignition but the fuel tank lid needs you to use the key to unlock it. Ducati sells the keyless tank lid as an accessory though. Heck, I wish at this price the optional TPMS was standard fitment.I knew what I was getting into when you buy a 1262cc L-Twin engine. It will guzzle fuel. But I was a bit taken aback to see the real-time consumption figures in Sports mode being nastier than what my 10R delivers on a track-setup tune. When is fuel coming under GST now?The 1260 L-twin is a torque monster. So much so that it can be a proper handful in less-than-experienced hands. In fact, the first time I gave it the beans in sports mode it sort of woke me up as I did not expect this ferocity of torque to come in so early and in never-ending waves. Just a heads-up for the first time you experience this engine and challenge it to a showdown. People always have polarized opinions about Ducatis, you either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground compromise the way you would do for a Jap brand. I for one, have always been excited by the proposition and personality of a Ducati, especially a Multi. So after having lived with two Japs for almost a decade, I wanted a different flavour. And trust me, Ducati and Kawasaki are chalk and cheese. Except for the fact that both are motorcycles, there is nothing similar in the way they ride, behave, handle or perform. I am loving this dichotomy every time I ride either of them and it gives me a feeling that for the moment my garage is complete. Will keep updating this thread with more adventures of the many-roads oriented Greyhound! Adios. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 12:31 pm

Solution to the ABS sensor issues in my VW Vento & Polo

Thanks to the Team-BHP fan (he prefers to remain anonymous) who sent this in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this Team-BHP share page! Hi Folks, I own 2 Volkswagen Cars - Vento (Purchased in 2016) and Polo (Purchased in 2017). Both of these cars have excellent driveability and handling and I love the way these cars perform both for daily use and highway drives. But unfortunately, they have been creating lots of niggles lately. I am frustrated regarding the ABS Sensor issue which Volkswagen has to date not even addressed. I have had 4 ABS Sensors replaced for my Vento Already, the latest replacement being in the month of October 2021. I had been assured by the workshop manager that, after 4 ABS Sensors are replaced no more sensors are likely to fail since these are connected in series and if one sensor fails then the rest 3 are bound to fail. Suddenly, the day before yesterday, while I was driving in the city, the speedometer needle started flickering on its own and the brake pedal went hard and was making sounds. I was driving at around speeds of 30-40 and there was a car ahead of me. Fortunately, after 1-2 secs the brakes came into force and saved me from getting involved in an accident. Soon I pulled to the side of the road and the ABS Light started glowing in the instrument cluster. This is not the only time that this has happened to me. In the past as well I've had close calls just because of the ABS issue cropping up in the middle of driving. I had just sent my car 1 month back to the workshop for the 4th ABS Sensor replacement in my car and I was assured that no more sensors would go kaput but within a span of just 1 month or even less, the ABS issue has cropped up again. It is very disappointing to note that this year I've had to send the Vento to the workshop 6 times already and each time it has been in the workshop for nearly 6-7 days. I had also opted for the add on warranty (5th year) which is ending soon and now that the ABS problems have cropped up again, I'm scared that it will crop up again in the span of the next 1 year. Also, Polo never had any issues related to the ABS in the past 4 years. I had never thought that along with the Vento, the Polo would also develop ABS issues and create hassles for me. In the last week of October, Polo started showing similar symptoms (Speedometer Needle Flickering, Brakes going Hard). Soon the ABS light started glowing as usual and I was shocked as this also happened just before the extended warranty (2+2 years)of the Polo ended. I would request BHPians to guide me in this regard and assist me on what to do? I am tired of sending my car to the workshop almost every month. Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:VW owners, are there any other sensor brands in the after-market that fare better than the stuff VW is using? Clearly, what the workshop uses isn't durable.Here's what BHPian Freerevvingguy had to say on the matter:There is no way around this. The only way to reduce the pain is to give the car somewhere else to get the sensor replaced once the warranty is over. Look for a reputed garage like Bosch or in Kerala we have code6 and they will do the job for half of what Volkswagen dealers quote. This abs sensor issue is the only downside, the vento and polo are otherwise the best in terms of driver engagement.Here's what BHPian VivekCherian had to say on the matter:VW has released a new version of ABS sensors for the Polo / Vento / Ameo / Rapid recently. These ones, apparently, will fare better in our climatic conditions. However, only time will tell if that is indeed the case. The new part numbers are:WHT003860B Front RHWHT003861B Front LHWHT003862C Rear RHWHT003863C Rear LHThe sensors seem to be made in Belgium. Here's what BHPian anoop.u had to say on the matter:Go for these Hitachi branded sensors if you can find them. Costs approximately Rs. 1500 per sensor. They are made in India (Pune). After going through 11 or 12 sensors in 4 years I got these from a local shop here in Cochin. Have been running trouble-free for the past 2 years (touchwood). And I have driven through waterlogged roads, slush, dirt and a couple of pothole crashes as well.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 11:53 am

My 2021 Maruti Celerio: Initial impressions

BHPian Nanolover recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Presenting, first new Celerio on Team-BHP. Got it an hour ago (home delivery) and took it for a quick spin to brim it up with petrol and bleed air pressure down to 32 psi front and 30 rear (was an insane 43 psi all round!). Will be going for a longer drive in the afternoon.Initial impressionsEngine is silent and way, way smoother than the unit in the S-Presso, especially at city speeds. Honestly, our S-Presso feels like a tractor in comparison (I might be biased due to the new car wow factor).Horn is useless, will be replacing it soon. Couple of updates are planned and she will be going to get those done tomorrow.Only accessories taken from MGA were the rear spoiler (red), vinyl floor mats and the 3D boot mat.Indus Motors and my Sales Advisor Ms. Raji (she handles all our cars) did a fabulous job of coordinating and handling everything. Kudos to them for a seamless experience. Here's what BHPian ron178 had to say about the matter:Congratulations on your new ride and I wish you many happy years with it! I did not know deliveries for the Celerio would start so soon, or even this year, for that matter. It looks a lot better in your picture than it did during the media drives, and I actually think it looks quite nice in this paint. Which transmission option is this? On another note, based on the deliveries, I was quite sure Global NCAP would test the Celerio only next year but this might just change that. One thing that might make a difference is that Maruti is targeting the Tata Tiago head-on, and considering how well it's selling with its 4-star (adult) performance I think there is a small chance Maruti might be aiming higher.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 11:07 am

2022 KTM 390 Adventure globally revealed

KTM has revealed the 2022 model of the 390 Adventure. The latest iteration of the ADV gets multiple electronic updates as well as cosmetic changes. The 2022 KTM 390 Adventure comes with additional Street and Off-road modes for the traction control system. The latter mode will remain active even if the motorcycle encounters a brief stall or fall. Apart from that, KTM has also used more robust cast wheels. The company says that this has increased the stiffness of the rims. For the visual changes, the 2022 KTM 390 Adventure has been given two new colour options with fresh graphics. KTM says that the 2022 model of the 390 Adventure will be landing at the authorised dealerships starting in December 2021 and will be available from February next year.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 10:51 am

Tesla Headquarters Officially Moves From California to Texas

Tesla has officially moved its headquarters from Silicon Valley in California to a under-construction Gigafactory outside Austin, Texas.

NDTV 2 Dec 2021 10:34 am

Rumour: Nissan working on a new 7-seater MPV

Rumours suggest that Nissan is working on a new 7-seater MPV. It could be priced at under Rs. 10 lakh. Although at present, not a lot of information is available, the MPV could share its underpinnings with the Renault Triber, which means it could be based on a modified version of the CMF-A platform. The Nissan MPV could be offered with a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated engine from the Triber and 1.0-litre turbo petrol from the Magnite. Besides a manual transmission, the car could also get an optional automatic gearbox. Thanks to BHPian Kedrock for sharing this with other enthusiasts.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 9:59 am

Engine mount problems in my Honda Amaze

BHPian praveesh4u recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hello Bhpians, This post is to clarify some issues that I am facing on my Honda Amaze VMT Diesel(2019). It is around 2 years old and has clocked 26000kms on the odo. I absolutely love the car when it comes to its drivability and its use as a family car. What disappoints me is the lower parts quality that has arisen from the probable cost-cutting and occasional visits to the Honda Authorised Service Center to get them replaced.A bit of back story:Incident 1: In January 2020, I had noticed that there was a slight rattling sound from the front right wheel side during gear shifts as well as while pressing/releasing the accelerator. My initial thought was the sound was coming from the CV axle as the sound was more like a clinking than a rattling sound. Upon visual inspection, the CV axle boot looked intact and there was no leakage of grease. So, I approached the service center with the concern. They were initially ignorant of the issue stating that it is normal but when the car was driven with full load, the rattling was quite obvious. Upon detailed inspection, they concluded that the sound was coming from the CV axle but the cause lied somewhere else. The Engine side engine mount was damaged and it was not containing the engine jerks whenever there was a torque transfer. The part was replaced under warranty.Repair date : 18-01-2020.Part Number : 50820TSWK04 - MTG RUB ASSY. ENG SIDE - Rs 3157.36.Kms Driven: 3643.Incident 2: In September 2020, I was at the service center to get the front lower arms replaced(another faulty part) and the service advisor noted that the way the car jerked when the engine was turned off was abnormal. They checked the issue and identified that the transmission side engine mounting was replaced. The engine jerks during startup/shutdown was not something that I was bothered about but since the service advisor suggested to replace it, the mounting was replaced under warranty.Repair date : 15-09-2020.Part Number : 50850TSWK02 - MTG RUB ASSY.TRNS(MT) -Rs 1981.42.Kms Driven: 10290.Incident 3: February 2021: The ride quality was found to have terribly deteriorated as the car would jerk whenever the accelerator was pressed or released. It didn't matter how soft you released or pressed the accelerator. The gear shifts were also equally jerky. This was quite irritating and I once again approached the service center. They took a test drive and dismissed my concern with the argument that it was common for all Amazes. This was something that I couldn't agree on as the car was driving smooth till then. So, I came back home and had a look under the hood. I wasn't surprised when I saw oil leak near the side engine mount and the range of motion of the axis seemed to be abnormal. So shot some videos and pics and sent it to the service center guy and got it replaced under warranty. I was totally pissed off at the fact that they dismissed my concern earlier without even checking the engine mounts. Here is a link to video shot at that time.Repair date : 04-02-2021.Part Number : 50820TSWK04 - MTG RUB ASSY. ENG SIDE - Rs 3381.33.Kms Driven: 15632.Side engine mount: Here is a link to the side engine mount video. Here's what BHPian vishy76 had to say on the matter:What you see leaking from the mount is hydraulic fluid. This is in all probability a hydraulic mounting whose primary purpose is to attach the engine to the monocoque and secondary purpose is to dampen put vibrations from the engine and restrict drivetrain movement. Since the fluid has leaked out, it's not doing either in a very effective manner. I am very curious to know how Honda thinks this is normal. Especially when hydraulic fluid can clearly be spotted leaking from the mount itself, even if we keep aside engine movement and shake. Honda's quality really seems to have nose dived in the past half a decade or so. I hear of 1000 km done cars needing control arm replacements and the likes. I would suggest taking your car to another competent ASC and having it diagnosed again.Here's what BHPian eccentric had to say on the matter:Clear case of hydraulic mount going bust! Typical Honda traits of using inferior rubber across variety of parts including door seals, window weatherstrips, suspension components etc. Rattles and squeaks, suspension falling apart, water leakage, poor paint quality, useless service advisors and tardy chief test drivers are all badges of honor for Honda India stable. Worst!Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 9:03 am

Looking back at our experiences with cassette decks in cars

BHPian anjan_c2007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Since the 1980s, prior to car AC's becoming common in India, almost every other car was fitted with a radio cassette deck. Very few Indian makes were available then, Philips being common among these. BPL and a few other companies joined by the mid to late-1980. Many buyers preferred the smuggled ones from the grey market. These were available in almost all major cities. Pioneer, Panasonic, Kenwood, Sanyo and Clarion were the most preferred by buyers. But the grey market purchases had flaws that are discussed in the next paras. Apart from repair problems, the grey market purchases would have no invoices or receipts. Repairs would rarely have to be undertaken, as these were very reliable. Only able technical hands were able to do good repair jobs. Next comes thefts of the radio cassette decks. One neighbour who owned an Ambassador would park the car outside his residence. One fine morning, he found the Pioneer deck fitted therein stolen. He wanted to report the matter to the police but the police demanded a purchase receipt for the deck. We know the average, dismal rates of theft detections, but still, no FIR could be lodged. Radio cassette deck thefts were very common in the 1980s, 90's and even in the 00' decade. These were the easiest to steal after car-breaking (gaining entry) and easy to carry and resell by thieves. The cars (Premier and Ambassador) of those times had a pair of quarter glasses on the front windows that even trainee thieves would be able to open to then open the door. Even thieves mastered the art of entry into Maruti 800's by dismantling the third window between the C and D pillars. Opening its door lock by propping up the black plastic knob was also easy. Some say that Premier Automobiles Ltd did away with front quarter glasses in late 1987 to check audio deck thefts. Some others say that the discontinuance was to cut costs. About a decade ago, another neighbour had given his 2007 Maruti Swift VDI for servicing to the ASC. The car's Pioneer deck's front panel was detachable. Someone in the ASC filched this front panel during servicing and he was not even compensated. The poor gentleman had to replace the deck. I have a 1998 Sony shortwave radio cassette deck fitted on my 1987 Maruti 800 that is doing well there. The front panel is detachable. This is where I can still play the old cassettes. The older Clarion was replaced in 1998 as it developed snags. We would be happy to hear your experiences and anecdotes about radio/cassette/radio cassette decks. Update: A few images of the AM/FM radio cassette decks of the 1980s that formed the heart and soul of the cars of that era! A Pioneer deck advertisement 1986 Radioshack advertisement Early 1980's Philips cassette deck Clarion P795S deck Clarion 6300 R deck- My Maruti 800 was fitted with this aftermarket deck. It had auto-reverse wherein the cassette after playing side A would switch over to side B. That was a luxury feature as one would be driving and would not need to bother about reversing the cassette after one side was over. It had an FM and AM radio. FM was yet to arrive in most cities in India till it served me (1998). The AM radio would play MW stations. The Sony XR-3757 currently fitted to my Maruti since 1998. It has features to skip a song at the touch of a button, repeat a song as many times as needed, SW 1 and SW 2 apart from MW and FM radio stations. The shortwave stations would be heard only with the antenna upped. It also memorises the user's favourite radio stations if programmed to do so. We hardly have any good MW and SW stations to be heard these days. Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:Music might have gone digital today and we have the entire world's library of songs on our smartphones, but the youngsters shouldn't get the wrong impression of the older days. We thoroughly enjoyed the 15 - 20 songs on each cassette, rewinding & forwarding as needed. I used to roam around with a case that held about a dozen cassettes, all neatly marked ock, fast songs etc. It was a fun time. In fact, we heard more of the same song over & over again, unlike today where we probably listen to 1 song once a month. They say that you enjoy a 3-item meal of your favourites more than a buffet of 100 items. Somewhat relevant here.Here's what BHPian sumeethaldankar had to say on the matter:I remember the early days of 1984 of our Premier Padmini, we had no sound system in the same. It was only towards the end of the car's life with us was one fitted in the glove compartment. It was some Pioneer make I believe. It was a secure fit as the glove box had a lock and key. Fast forward to our 1997 800, it had a completely detachable Pioneer knock off installed by the dealer. The sound was pooh-pooh, but it did its job. I remember it had slots to hold the cassette boxes beneath the fitting. When it conked off several years later I got a JVC CD player. With an eye on audio theft, I kept the audio system detachable only it was not by design but by choice. I did not allow the fitter to screw the audio system inside the car and post parking the car I would simply remove the entire head unit by unplugging the wires. At times where I had to park in unsafe areas what I would do was to remove the system and place in under the seat. The drawback of this was since the unit was unplugged every day it would lose the settings for the clock, radio etc daily.Here's what BHPian normaltusker had to say on the matter:This brings back fond memories of when Dad and us kids used to first extensively use the cassette in the car and then it would be lying in a corner in the house for us to listen when in the mood for it. I do not recall the model type but Dad was definitely a fan of Pioneer and I believe that is what must have been in our Omni High roof in the 80s and Maruti 800 in the 90s! An interesting anecdote about the security and safety of the cars that I am reminded of. Back in the 80s when I was still a kid, one fine morning the entire street woke up to see that their car cassette players had been promptly stolen by thieves! The thieves had very carefully opened the front windscreen to get into the car and remove the deck. All that was ever found was a few screws on the front passenger seat!Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 2 Dec 2021 7:08 am

Gift City's regulator wants more say in fund formation for business district

Since IFSC is treated as 'foreign territory' from exchange control perspectives, capital infusion for setting up a fund in the IFSC is considered as 'outbound investment' for floating an offshore financial services subsidiary

The Economic Times 2 Dec 2021 6:27 am

India's new crypto law set to red-flag chit fund, MLM business models

Regulators including the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) have raised concerns before a parliamentary panel about how some individual investors are collecting money in small towns - with business models resembling those of chit funds - for investing in crypto assets.

The Economic Times 2 Dec 2021 6:16 am

Save 30% off Anthropologie gifts today - CNET

So many holiday gifts, so little time. Take a look at these cozy deals ahead of Christmas.

Cnet 2 Dec 2021 12:32 am

Fed on the defensive

New data and fresh risks posed by the Omicron variant of the covid virus, however, may have forced the Fed to reconsider its earlier position. An accelerated drawdown of its quantitative easing might be followed by an actual hike of its policy interest rate

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 11:22 pm

Banning crypto will signal an underconfident, confused sovereign

Innovations that reveal risks should be improved upon and not banned if were to gain from them

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 11:14 pm

The Centre should work on stimulating demand

Indias economic recovery remains fragile and the government has sufficient fiscal space to impart a belated stimulus. Lets lift the lid on spending and set income multipliers in motion

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 11:10 pm

Crimes against women keep them out of the job market

A study shows the link between Indias low rate of female labour participation and the threats women face

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 11:08 pm

A cautionary tale for banking in Reliance Capitals collapse

The episode exemplifies why easing bank-licence issuance is risky

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 11:00 pm

Are ordinary Indians impressed by impressive GDP numbers?

A nationwide poll by C-Voter finds that people largely remain nervous and uncertain about their families financial prospects

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 10:55 pm

Caution may be the buzzword for brand ads

The new narrative makes one wonder if Tanishq is playing it safe this year

Livemint 1 Dec 2021 10:29 pm

Get your first month of BarkBox for only $18 - CNET

Treat your dog to some doggy luxury with awesome chew toys and scrumptious snacks.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 10:10 pm

Get 100 K-Cups for $26 and splash your coffee routine with a little fun - CNET

The variety pack includes Vermont maple, French vanilla, butter toffee and Southern pecan.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 9:38 pm

Over 55% drop in number of students going abroad for higher education: Minister of Education

The minister further said that, in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the government encourages high performing Indian universities to set up campuses in other countries, and similarly, selected universities from among the top 100 universities in the world will be facilitated to operate in India.

The Economic Times 1 Dec 2021 9:33 pm

Birla Estates plans 3.6-mln-sq-ft development on 14-acre Worli land parcel

Total development cost for the 14-acre development is estimated to be Rs 5,500 crore. Of this, the company will invest Rs 1,500 crore, while balance will be financed through customer advances, said K. T. Jithendran, CEO, Birla Estates.

The Economic Times 1 Dec 2021 9:14 pm

Audio, lighting and other upgrades on my 5th gen Honda City

BHPian Swarup5 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Few updates that I have been doing on my car. Working on the unfinished bits by dear Honda. Summary:Sound damping is a must on the otherwise flimsily built door sheets.Audio system upgrades have made a huge improvement in audio quality.Lighting upgrades with better quality halogens have made a big difference, especially on High beams.Cabin lights now on LED makes a better illumination overall during the night.Note: No wires cut, no warranty issues. All plug and play upgrades.Sound Insulation:Enough has been said and ranted on the thread for the lack of proper insulation. Road noise is now muted for most of the part, I can just hear Horns and a few other loud vehicles ( like city ).What has also improved as a result of sound damping is the audio quality and the proper thud feeling of a german luxury car. Costed me around 7K including installation on all 4 doors ( 2.5 sheets of STP per door 2.0mm thick). Overall a very welcome upgrade, I now feel peaceful in traffic and have a very silent cabin on highway cruising. The engine roar in mid-range is still evident, however, reduced significantly. Tyre noise is present however reduced marginally by around 30% or less. Audio quality:This certainly wasn't a planned upgrade, however when performing the damping I just had a look at the stock speakers. To be honest they seem to be a flimsy and cheap set of magnets, to say the least. No wonder the sound is meek and lifeless on the stock setup. I then explored a few options and taking suggestions from fellow audio experts in my network, got the JL audio Coaxials . Must say the audio now sounds multitudes better than on the stock. Hope the video below does justice to what it offers. Not the loudness, however, I can clearly hear the instruments and clarity of lows, highs and mid ranges are just way better than stock. Video: Sound quality: Upgrading stock speakers with JL C1650X and sound damping Stock speakers are these sets of tins: Upgraded to these: Headlights and cabin lights:Felt the need for an upgrade when I started driving this new car during rains. Both low and high beams felt like they were just not lighting up the road sufficiently.The upgraded Osrams halogens are a tinge towards whitish colour, however not close to the 6500K of the LED but somewhere in the 5000K range. Road illuminates much better now. Used Osram NB laser Next-gen H7 and HB3 and swapped with the stock ( DIY stuff and takes less than 15 mins in total). Low beams could still be better, but more for the future. Post upgrade: Cabin lights and number plate illumination had to get an upgrade, hence got the T10 Osram led. Again plug and play DIY stuff. Does light up the cabin way better than the stock yellow lights. Totally 3 T10 bulbs were used: 2 T10 for the number plates have made it look more premium.One pleasant side effect is that the rear camera has become slightly better during nighttime ( thanks to the led on the number plate): Cheers. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 9:09 pm

Cyber Week hair deal: Score 4 hair care products for $20 - CNET

Four for $20? This deal is too good to pass up.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 9:01 pm

Cyber Week 2021: SkinStore Holiday Edit is $110 (save $40) - CNET

This skin care kit is packed full of top brands like Elemis, 111Skin, Wander Beauty and more.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 8:34 pm

JMC Projects bags new orders worth Rs 1,795 crore

JMC Projects has secured two orders worth Rs 1,795 crore, including water supply projects worth Rs 1,085 crore. Apart from the water supply projects, the company has bagged an order for Buildings & Factories (B&F) projects worth Rs 710 crore in the country, it said in a statement. JMC Projects (India) Ltd, a subsidiary of Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd, is a leading civil construction and infrastructure EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) company. We are enthused with the new order wins in our Water and B&F business. These new orders will help us to further consolidate our position in high growth businesses. Amidst a challenging environment, these new orders also support us to diversifying our clientele, generate additional business from existing marquee clients, CEO & Managing Director of JMC Projects S K Tripathi said. The company's order inflows for the current financial year has crossed Rs 9,750 crore, he added.

Business Standard 1 Dec 2021 8:00 pm

Upgrade your holiday decor storage with 30% off these must-have accessories - CNET

Stop using the beat-up boxes and upgrade your storage accessories today!

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 7:47 pm

Maruti Eeco gets dual front airbags as standard

Maruti Suzuki has updated the Eeco range with dual front airbags. The safety feature is now standard across all variants. With the addition of a passenger-side airbag, Maruti has also revised the prices for the Eeco. Prices for the non-cargo variants now start at Rs. 4.38 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). It is available in either 5-seat or 7-seat configurations. The Eeco is powered by a 1.2-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 72 BHP and 101 Nm. The van also comes with a factory-fitted CNG kit. When running on CNG, the engine output drops to 62 BHP and 85 Nm. Both variants come with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 6:06 pm

Biaggi sets new electric motorcycle speed record of 455 km/h

MotoGP veteran, Max Biaggi, has set a new electric motorcycle speed record. He used a modified Venturi Voxan Wattman EV to achieve a top speed of 455 km/h (283 mph) on a decommissioned NASA runway in Florida. With this achievement, Biaggi has broken his own electric motorcycle speed record of 407 km/h (253 mph) that he had set last year astride a previous version of the Wattman. During his latest record run, he has broken a total of 18 land-speed records for electric motorcycles. The Venturi Voxan Wattman electric motorcycle that Biaggi has used to set a new speed record had been specially modified. The EV features a double-wishbone suspension that had been precisely tuned for this record attempt. The motor of this machine is capable of producing 429 BHP. One of the most important modifications made to the Wattman was the specially designed and carefully developed aerodynamic fairing. The EV was also fitted with a more potent and lightweight battery. Source: Road and Track

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 5:28 pm

Cyber Week at Samsonite: Save 20% on luggage, bags, accessories and more - CNET

Traveling for the holidays? Stock up on everything you need during Cyber Week savings at Samsonite.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 5:00 pm

My 2012 Toyota Etios Liva: Alternator gave up on a highway

BHPian varkey recently shared this with other enthusiasts. We were driving from Bangalore to Kochi in our 2012 Etios Liva Diesel last weekend and sometime after Salem, the charging system malfunction indicator lit up. At the time I mistook the warning as the battery had a low charge (the battery is a bit aged from what I remember) and assumed this would correct itself during the trip so I didn't give enough seriousness to it. I even went past the Toyota ASC (Anaamalais) at Erode which was on the highway. Sometime after that nearing Avinashi, the EPS (Electric Power Steering) warning lit up. Then I finally realised something is seriously wrong and I could feel the heavy steering and even the horn was only making a feeble sound. I immediately turned off the AC, ICE, 12V phone charger, etc. I asked my wife to check the owner's manual to better understand what the warning lights meant. With a better understanding, it was clear that the charging system is not functioning, the battery is not getting charged and all electrical systems are draining the battery directly and is now almost depleted. I knew if I turned off the car it wouldn't start again. So we parked the car idling on the side and started checking for a Toyota ASC. Erode ASC was around 50 km behind, Tiruppur ASC was around 25 km away, Coimbatore ACS was around 50 km. In that situation, we decided to go for Coimbatore ASC thinking that it was in the direction of travel and less of a deviation. Also felt that being a bigger city hence a bigger service center, would have all required parts. In retrospect, we could have opted for the Tiruppur ASC as that was in effect less of a deviation, and we'd have avoided the traffic going through Coimbatore city. I also called the Coimbatore ASC saying that we noticed the malfunction indicator, and advised us to turn off all electrical equipment and drive straight to a service center without stopping anywhere. We arrived at the ASC at 1 PM and the lunch break had just started. Even then someone attended us (the same person who spoke to me on the phone) and I explained the issue. He checked the malfunction indicator and said that it could be an issue with the alternator. Since the lunch break had just started, he turned off the car, knowing that it wouldn't self start, cause it would be an hour before they can start the work. The car had all our luggage and our pet kitten. Took our backpacks and kitten inside and we waited inside the customer lounge. Around 1:50 PM or so, the SA arrived and he checked the vehicle again and opened a job sheet with an initial estimate of Rs 732 + tax (only labour). Shortly after, a couple of technicians arrived and tried to push the vehicle to start, but it didn't work and they ended up pushing it all the way to the service bay. Now coming to the main part, the ASC diagnosed the issue to a worn-out alternator regulator. While inspecting they also noticed cracks on the alternator belt, hence advised changing it. The SA showed me the parts, the brush (?) had indeed worn out and there were cracks on the belt. The car has 1,73,000 km on the odo, I do not know when these components were last changed as my father used to use the car till about 157k km. REGULATOR ASSY, GENE - 27700-0N020 - Rs 4382BELT, V-RIBBED - 90916-02674 - Rs 2204Labour - Rs 863Total Rs 7,500(The labour also included Rs 173 for sanitisation, they never did anything inside the car, when asked the SA, he said its a mandatory charge, I let it go) I authorised the repair but I was a bit uneasy with the prices cause these appeared to be on the expensive side. I did ask the SA if there is any other child/subpart which can be changed for the regulator as only the brush (the term they used) part appeared to be worn out. But he assured me these are the right parts. By 3:45 or so, the car was ready. They charged the battery as well enough to start, although asked me to keep the car running for 30 min or so to get it properly charged.Coming to my questionsIs there a child or subpart for replacing just the brush? I noticed P/N 27370-0Y100 but not sure if it is compatible.I noticed that there are two part numbers for V-Ribbed Belt. 90916-02674 for Etios Liva Diesel which costs Rs 2204 and 90916-02690 for Etios Liva Petrol which costs Rs 544. Is it normal for the v-belt for the diesel engine to cost 4x more?Was I over-charged in any way? (Considering this was done at an ASC, I understand that the part prices may be on the higher side).Except for this doubt of being overcharged, I must say that Anaamalais Toyota, Coimbatore did an exceptional job in taking care of this emergency during our trip. Here's what BHPian vigsom had to say about the matter:You haven't been overcharged. Yes, an FNG Electrician could have done it for much less, but then you wouldn't have got OE parts. An aftermarket drive belt would have cost you typically 500, but as per the online parts catalog, you've been billed just right for the OE parts - no issues here. Just to give you an example - a Suzuki Genuine drive belt for my car would cost 2500 against a typical 600 for an aftermarket Contitech. The belt on your car doesn't seem to have been replaced ever, so it was good that it was done. You arrived at the ASC at 1 at lunch, someone attended to you rather than make you wait. A job card was opened at 1:50 pm, and the job was over at 3:45 pm. I'd say that was fantastic service plus the labour charge was a mere 863. That's Q service!Here's what BHPian sagarpadaki had to say about the matter:I do not think you were overcharged. The right parts have been replaced and labor is also reasonable considering you got it done at TASS. To your question, is the serpentine belt for diesel 4x the cost of that of petrol? I think this cost difference between the petrol and diesel belt is because of the country of origin. The belts imported from Japan or any other country will cost more. Maybe the belt for petrol engines is made locally. There are cheaper aftermarket options available from reputed companies but you did not have a choice given your situation. In my opinion, you should not think too much about the expensive belt since the original one has served well for this long without snapping. You would be in bigger trouble if the belt snapped since the water pump is also driven with this belt. Typically, the rubber belts are to be replaced once in 7-8 years to be on the safer side. The old belt had a good amount of cracks.Here's what BHPian Raghu M had to say about the matter:I don't think you have been overcharged. On the contrary, you have been very lucky to get that kind of treatment and priority. Try getting into an M&M service without an appointment and you will be scrambling all over to have someone attend to you in the first place. I think Toyota has done a fantastic job here. You had your family, baggage and a kitten. I would be very satisfied and happy if I got back on my journey after facing such an issue. I think you can leave that worry aside altogether!Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 4:54 pm

Triumph India looking to locally assemble the Tiger Sport 660

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 was globally unveiled earlier this year. While the company is yet to share the details about the bike's arrival in India, Shoeb Farooq, Business Head, Triumph Motorcycles India has revealed that the brand is looking to locally assemble the upcoming Tiger Sport 660. The Triumph Trident 660, which is the firm's entry-level motorcycle, is already being locally assembled for the Indian market. The British motorcycle manufacturer has plans to also make the Tiger Sport 660 locally. The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is powered by a 660cc, 12-valve, inline 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces 80 BHP @ 10,250 rpm and 64 Nm @ 6,250 rpm. This is the same motor that is also being used in the Trident 660. In terms of features, the upcoming Tiger Sport 660 is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster, full-LED lighting, and self-cancelling indicators. For the brakes, there is a pair of 310 mm rotors at the front and a single 255 mm rotor at the back. The suspension setup on the Tiger Sport 660 consists of Showa 41 mm USD separate function cartridge forks at the front and a Showa mono-shock with remote hydraulic preload adjustment at the back. Source: Express Drives

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 3:40 pm

Next-gen Maruti Suzuki Alto testing continues

Thenext-generation Maruti Suzuki Alto(codenamed: Y0M) has been spotted testing once again. The entry-level hatchback is expected to be launched in the second half of 2022. The new Alto is likely to be based on a revised Heartect platform. It will get a large mesh grille with sweptback headlamps at the front and square-ish tail lamp clusters. The test car appears to have a more upright stance and is riding on puny tyres. While the Alto will have a basic interior, we can expect higher variants to come equipped with a touchscreen infotainment system, a semi-digital instrument cluster and other creature comforts. The next-gen Alto could be offered with the same engine as the current model. It's a 796cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine that makes 47 BHP and 69 Nm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Source:DesI SpeecH

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 3:39 pm

2022 BMW i7 electric sedan winter test images revealed

BMW has unveiled the first set of official images of the upcoming electric 7 Series undergoing winter testing. The official images showcase the BMW i7 completely covered in camouflage, revealing little to no design details. BMW has, however, confirmed that the new i7 will use the brand's latest eDrive system, currently used on its iX luxury SUV. The BMW i7 will also make use of its CLAR platform, which also underpins the iX SUV, the i4 electric sedan and the ICE-powered 2 Series Coupe. While BMW is yet to announce the powertrain of the i7, it is expected to borrow the battery and electric motor configuration from its iX SUV sibling. The BMW iX model is powered by a dual-electric motor setup producing 516 BHP. It uses a 105.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, offering 390 miles of range on a single charge. The new BMW i7 is said to be globally unveiled sometime in 2022. Once launched, it will take on the Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 3:20 pm

Bad highways: Should toll operators refund users via FASTag

BHPian CliffHanger recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Now that we have FASTag, why should the monies go one way only to the corrupt and incompetents? Yesterday, I was driving from Chennai to Bangalore and the roads till Vellore were horrible. We all have a sense of whether what we pay for something is reasonable or not, and most of us agree that a lot of toll charges are exorbitant. Now that FASTag is in place, Government should implement two-way credits: Toll operators collect money for good roads from road users Toll operators pay penalty to road users for poor roads Both through FASTag. This will ensure highways are properly maintained by the Toll operators, including maintaining markings, railings, rumblers, signboards, etc. I'm a big fan of our minister Nitin Gadkari for his ability to break conventions. I hope he thinks over on this. What do you guys think? Here's what BHPian saisree had to say on the matter:Nice idea and I strongly support that. It's implementable too. Coming to the Chennai - Bangalore route, the stretch between Sri Perumbudur and the Chennasamudram toll, you were already credited with 50% of the toll. Thanks to the Madras High Court orders to collect 50% toll only until the road is widened and cleared of potholes.Here's what BHPian aargee had to say on the matter:As of 2021, they're far better, compared to what they used to be since 2015. Your idea is good & wish it gets extended to zillions of other things which listed should crash the TBhp server itself without touching base with our respectable judiciary systems as well. For consolation - Did you get to ride/drive on the NICE road? The attitude of people manning at toll booth, road condition & technology adaptation has been deteriorating for years now. Compared to that, Pennalur - Wallajah stretch has become pathetic to worse these days.Here's what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say on the matter:The idea has merit but is close to unimplementable in India. The same reasoning has been around for ages even before FASTag was a thing and when we used to pay in cash. Collective action on the other hand can sometimes bring about miracles though. This, of course, extends to so many other facets of our Indian lives, if we start using the same logic then soon we shall pay close to zero in any taxes because simply put: What we pay in taxes >>> The benefit that we get from paying taxes This scenario reminds me of another very discussed topic on our forum, lemon cars vs Bill Payments. Even if your car is a lemon and even if you are fed up while the workshop guys work on it, you will yet still have to pay the EMIs/other financial liabilities associated with the car since you are legally confined to do so. I see the same story with tolls, the only difference is that this time the lemons are the roads and the EMIs are toll taxes.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 3:16 pm

Hennessey Project Deepspace: 2400 BHP, 6-wheel-drive hyper-GT

Hennessey has unveiled what is said to be the World's first 6-wheel-drive Hyper-GT, called Project Deepspace. The company has revealed the official design sketches of its extremely unique 6-wheeler, 4-seater electric hypercar. The uniqueness continues inside the teardrop-shaped cabin as well. The interior of the hypercar features a diamond-shaped seating area. This includes a centrally-positioned driver's seat at the front, two seats in the second row and another single seat at the back, which Hennessey refers to as the 'VVIP seat'. The Hennessey Project Deepspace is said to come with 6 motors, one on each wheel, which together produce a massive 2,400 BHP; allowing it to become the quickest accelerating 4-seater from 0 - 200 mph. The Project Deepspace will be limited to 105 units, each expected to be priced from US$ 3 million. The hypercar is said to enter production sometime in 2026.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 2:24 pm

Got solar power; need suggestions for buying an EV

BHPian earthian recently shared this with other enthusiasts. In Gujarat we have a saying which goes like this: One has a leash and hence one is looking to get a dog!-meaning trying to maximize or optimize one's resources. Get best value for the money. On a similar vein, i have an issue: I am building a new house in a farm house scheme and am going to install about 11 kw solar power. Question is that selling excess power to the grid (aka GEB) pays a measly Rs 2.25 per Kwh whereas buying from them can go up to Rs 7.5 per Kwh. One may argue that the installed capacity of solar be trimmed down, but taking into account the future requirement as well as mood, i am inclined to splurge now rather than add incremental over time-involving both time and hardship. So the leash is there (11 KW solar) and hence looking for a dog(a EV car for local running around). I know this doesn't sound right since we are investing in more capacity than required today - a waste.But seriously looking for an EV car- Nexon or Tigor? or something else? Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:Tigor (if sensitive to price) or Nexon are your best and only affordable options. Could consider the sexy Ather or Ola S1 too, as the requirement is a local runabout, but I haven't seen you posting in the 2-wheeler forum. So not sure if this is an option.Here's what BHPian condor had to say about the matter:How about something hatke ? Since you have a farm, get a small goods vehicle, convert it to electric. Use this in the farm. Unless you take it out, you don't have to be worried about registration etc. Btw, recently came across a company that is working on a new line of electric power tillers/weeders. Since you don't really need a car, why not something that can be used for the farm work?Here's what BHPian 2000rpm had to say on the matter:Would still suggest to sell to the grid, because of the following reasons: It will help the environment, someone using coal powered will receive clean energy. Any money earned, is still INCOME, use this for donations or hobbies, money better spend. Buying a car for no need, is a wasted expense. You will hit depreciation also on this dead asset which will have limited running. What will you do with this vehicle when your farm need exceeds the solar supply? Charge it by paying 7.5 INR per KWH?Here's what BHPian fordday had to say on the matter:I think this is the dog you are looking for. Sonalika Electric tractor. Tiger electric. 100% torque at 100% times. It fits your requirement to a T. LINKCheck out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 2:17 pm

Ola S1 Pro electric scooter test ride: First impressions

BHPian saikishor recently shared this with other enthusiasts. So today I finally had the time to experience the Ola S1 Pro. After reading reviews posted by BHPians, my expectations were quite low. I also had my doubts regarding the plastic chassis construction of the vehicle. Here are my observations; and the sequence of events that took place in the test ride campaign. The event was organised at WEWORK Kondapur. Parking was bad as I had to park my Activa outside the building along with a bunch of other vehicles. This was kind of blocking traffic to a small extent. I had heard that there was paid parking available inside the building while we were leaving. Once you enter the building, you are greeted by the Ola sales staff. You have to fill up a form and register yourself at the first counter. Registration is nothing but taking your name, mobile number and a photograph of your license. Once that is done, you are guided to the two black scooters behind the counter. They are not visible in this photograph. After registration, you are guided towards these two black scooters for a live demo of all the functions and features available in the scooter. Funnily for us, we were guided outside to the waiting area immediately after registration, thus skipping the demo. We took the demo after the test ride but left in the middle as another person had briefed the exact same stuff before the test ride near the waiting area. I couldn't click a lot of pictures, as there were a lot of people waiting and a lot of background noise was getting captured. The test ride was very short. 3-4 rounds around the office space; my estimation is 200m per round. They weren't allowing people outside the office space, and the reason stated by them was that there is a huge traffic jam outside and customers going out are returning only after 30 minutes. And due to this, they had to bring in other vehicles from the parking. They offered an extra round for us though. I didn't really feel like complaining about this, as there were indeed a lot of people waiting outside. But some of them did get a chance to take a spin outside the office space at the time we were doing ours. Nevertheless, my friend wanted to do the test ride first. He sure loved the vehicle. He says he will pick this one instead of the Ather. Both of us have prebooked on the day Ola opened pre-bookings. My buddy and I were the only ones who had paid Rs 499 and reserved the scooter. The majority of the folks who came to the event had paid Rs 20k and some of them even paid the full amount. This sure speaks about the trust Mr Bhavish Agarwal and Team Ola have built among citizens. My buddy took 3-4 rounds and came back mighty impressed. He tried the normal mode in the first round, sport mode in the second and hyper in the third. After him, it was my turn to have a spin on this Netherlands brainchild scooter with an Indian badge. I had very low expectations of this. My observations:The side stand was very flimsy. This needs to be improved for sure on the production models.Range: I remember seeing 130km in normal mode. Didn't really focus on the range. Will do this next time when I get to ride it on the open road.Indicators: I absolutely hated the indicator integration on this. EV makers, please take note of this. Stick to traditional indicator stalks. Firstly, there were so many buttons on each side you get confused to press which button for what function. Definitely confusing for a new person trying out the scooter for the first time. Maybe after some time, one might get used to it. My preference will be the traditional indicator stalk.Horn: Typical electric scooter horn. Good for the purpose. Typical in the sense electric scooter horns sound a bit different compared to IC scooter horns. Ather, Ola and Pure Energy Horns were really different compared to Activa, Pep Plus and Access horns. Also, one thing that I had noticed was that the horn doesn't work immediately after pressing. Takes half a second to work. Will take some time to get used to.Headlight: Superb headlight at least from the looks of it. My eyes got blinded while others were taking a ride. I do not have any complaints in this area. Same with the taillight and number plate lights, super bright and functional. Even the indicators were well suited for the purpose.Cruise Control: Didn't get a chance to try this as it was a very short test ride.Reverse: You have to twist the throttle on the other side to use reverse mode. This was integrated in a nice manner. The opposite side throttle play was very little, which is a good thing. You don't have to twist the entire throttle to use reverse mode. But will take some time to get used to.I also tried the three modes namely Normal, Sport and Hyper. Normal is useful for usual commuting duties, Sports is useful for those who are running late and Hyper is useful in your low days. Hyper mode is really addictive, If I end up buying this I might spend most of my time in Hyper mode itself. The pull is addictive, will definitely bring a smile to your face during your low times.Brakes: Hugely impressed in this department. The scooter stops with no hesitation whatsoever. Inspires a lot of confidence. I however wished they provided ABS as well to further enhance confidence.Tyres: Can't really comment on this but I assume it will be more than enough for your usual commuting duties.Handling and Ride: Even this is something that I can't really comment on, as the road we did the test ride was smooth. It was a parking space, so will reserve my comments on this once I get to ride the scooter on the open road.Charging: Honestly speaking, I felt that all of the sales guys were clueless about the charging network. When I asked them about the charger, they replied it comes with a portable charger; and when I asked them where it was, they replied in the cellar where other scooters were being charged. I however did get to see the charger somewhere else. Couldn't click pictures due to the crowd. It was a white-coloured charger. Decently big in size. I have no idea about its charging speed and power consumption.Build Quality: This is one area where I was pleasantly surprised. The build quality of the scooters was very good. One or two areas had a flimsy build and cheap materials used( charging port flap), but I strongly feel the production version will have this minor grievance sorted out. The paint quality was superb. I saw Black, Matt Black, Matt Grey, Matt Dark Blue and Sky Blue.Power and Acceleration: Adequate for most, good for many. But I still prefer Ather's warp mode.Mirrors are far superior to Ather's mirrors. They offer a good view of what's behind.Someone tried the Bluetooth speakers as well. When I wanted to try it out, that I was told only one scooter had that functionality and someone had taken it for a ride. Don't know if it was true or utter salesboy laziness of connecting his phone to play audio.The event was well organised. I hope they do give longer test rides in their next test ride events.Seat: Huge and supremely comfortable. No complaints about here. I didn't get to see the under-seat storage, but my buddy did get to see it and he said it was huge. Two helmets will be an easy fit.Keyless entry is a bad idea. Ola should strongly consider offering physical keys.Throttle cut off during acceleration is calibrated in a friendly manner. Might not be a problem once one gets used to it. However, I prefer to not have this feature if given a chance.Some clicks of the scooter and me with it. Overall, I feel Ola has huge potential to turn the market towards itself. IMO, they should iron out those minor inconveniences and give realistic delivery timelines and also establish their promised charging infra just in time. I still stand by my opinion though:Want a fast but practical electric scooter immediately? Go for the Ather.Will do it with a slow speed electric scooter? Go for Pure Energy.If you can wait, Ola sure is worth it.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 1:19 pm

Skoda fixing squeaky door noises in the Kushaq

Thanks to the Team-BHP fan (he prefers to remain anonymous) who sent this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this page! Hi, There's this widely reported issue w.r.t squeaky noises coming from the Kushaq. Dealerships are replacing the door beadings upon continuous follow-up. They first treated this by applying some lubricant on the door rubbers for 3 visits. When I was fed up and tried to escalate the issue, they said that Skoda OEM is providing the new door beadings which are readily available. I was furious about why they didn't do that in the first place. But, now they did it and 90% of the noise faded away (this is after 10 days from replacement). If this is nothing new to you, please ignore it. If not, maybe can share with the group so that existing customers can try for resolution on this issue. Thank you. Here's what BHPian RD150 had to say about the matter:Yes, Skoda was wrong in launching the Kushaq without testing it much. Yes, Skoda deserves the bashing for the EPC saga, roof liner and other build issues. But the way Skoda has reacted to it is commendable and confidence-inspiring. They have been quick in taking corrective actions. Yes, they deserved all the trolling and bashing but at the same time, they do deserve some praise for sorting out these issues. Well done Skoda, all the best for Slavia.Here's what BHPian abhishek_hch had to say about the matter:This is a big, big issue with both Kushaq and Taigun. I have test driven 3-4 Kushaqs till now and this was a noticeable problem in most of them. On an extended test drive of 40 km of 1.5 DSG Kushaq, this noise was extremely noticeable. The SA said something to the effect of that particular car having crashed, which did not sound very convincing. Yesterday, test drove 1.5 DSG and 1.0 AT versions of Taigun and this noise was there to the point of being irritating in the 1.5 one. It was present even in 1.0 to a lesser extent. Hope VAG solves this issue at the earliest.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 12:23 pm

Kia's new 3-row model christened 'Carens'

Kia has announced that its upcoming 3-row model will be called Carens. According to Kia, the Carens is based on the concept of 'Car + Renaissance'. The company calls it a Recreational vehicle. It will make its global debut on December 16, 2021. The Kia Carens is expected to share its platform with the Seltos and could use the same 1.5-litre petrol and diesel engines. In the Seltos, the 1.5-litre petrol engine puts out 113 BHP and 144 Nm, while the 1.5-litre diesel makes 113 BHP and 250 Nm. While the petrol engine comes paired with either a 6-speed manual or CVT, the diesel gets a 6-speed manual transmission only. The Kia Carens will be manufactured at the Anantapur facility in Andhra Pradesh.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 12:19 pm

DIY solution to view fuel efficiency of my 2017 Hyundai Creta

BHPian Chhanda Das recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hello friends, this is a product recommendation and long-term user review of an interesting product. Disclaimer: This is not a paid review and the views expressed are solely my own. I bought this generic/unbranded product with my own money. I have tried my best to keep this review as unbiased as possible from the point of view of a car owner. When I got my 1st generation pre-facelifted Creta AT Petrol in 2017, I noticed that it lacked a few essential features. Two of them were that neither did it show live fuel consumption rates nor did it show current battery voltage. The two aforementioned parameters are amongst some of the first indicators when something is wrong with a vehicle's engine and/or transmission, electrical system, etc respectively. So I was looking for a relatively cheap solution to my problem with the added condition that I should be able to install it myself. I did not consider replacing the driver's display console since that would have set me back by around INR 40k at the very least. After some research online, I found a couple of easy and relatively cheaper solutions. Firstly, I could go for a wired OBD2 display, but I didn't like its obtrusiveness especially with my stealth car camping goals. Plus I didn't want to spend upwards of INR 4k for that. My second option was to get a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter with inbuilt GPS but that was way more expensive to the tune of INR 6k and I would like my car GPS tracker to be in a more clandestine location instead of on the OBD2 port. The third option and my choice was a Bluetooth-based car OBD2 adapter whereby a mobile phone would be its display. I got it from Amazon India in a lightning deal for INR 430. This is a generic product and can fit in any car with an OBD2 port. The purpose of this device is to convert the signals from the car's ECU to Bluetooth frequencies. There are similar devices based on WiFi frequencies as well but those cost more than the Bluetooth ones. Anyway, coming to the installation, was a breeze. Download and install Torque App from Google Playstore, start car engine, fit device on OBD2 port, pair phone (just like with any other Bluetooth device) and voila, I was ready to go. Setup of the app requires some tinkering. Currently, I have set up the App to display only the following: Fuel used, Fuel Flow Rate, Average fuel consumption, Battery Voltage, ECU voltage, Oil Temperature, Coolant Temperature, Lambda aka oxygen sensor readings, Commanded Equivalence Ratio (to get an idea of the air to fuel ratio going into the engine), etc. Touchwood, the whole thing is working flawlessly and has not failed even once. The best part is that it can be installed in almost any car with an OBD2 port by anyone. Also, as car camping is my ultimate goal, the idea of being stranded somewhere doesn't appeal to me and I like to do as much preparation as necessary to prevent that. From what I can understand, this OBD2 adapter is as accurate as of the ECU of the car since it cannot think for itself and merely converts the ECU's signals into Bluetooth frequencies. The only downside of this product is that it continues to draw very minute quantities of power even when the car is off but we can easily keep the device plugged in unless the car is going to remain unused for more than a few days at a stretch or else the battery may get drained. Here you can see it installed on the OBD2 port below the cabin fuses of my car on the lower right side of the steering wheel in front of the driver's right knee area: And here is a closer look at the device itself. The small red LED on it glows/blinks red when idle and blinks green when it is connected to a smartphone or computer: Here is a small video of the Torque App made by my son during the pandemic-induced lockdowns. The video also shows the effect of turning the air conditioning system on/off on the rate of fuel consumption and the RPMs after a cold start. Here's what BHPian nik0502 had to say on the matter:I have an almost similar set-up in my Civic. The difference is the OBD device I have has an ON switch. If it is left idle for some time the phone or the device doesn't detect it and press the on button and the device will detect it immediately. I also don't like keeping the phone mounted and using it as a display so I have installed an android head unit from a company foxfire. I read about it on the forum itself. It works great and looks very neat. The only downside is that the sound quality went down a bit. I was very satisfied with the original audio setup in Civic. Not so satisfied with the audio setup in my brother's Creta same model as yours however after changing the head unit I got disappointed and went in for a complete audio upgrade. The head unit cost me around ~10K.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 11:29 am

Maruti's production output to be at 80% in December 2021

Maruti Suzuki expects its production output to decline by 20% in December 2021. The ongoing chip shortage has adversely affected vehicle production. This month, Maruti's total vehicle production could be around 80-85% of normal levels. Maruti is yet to release its production numbers for the month of November. However, despite the festive rush, production is expected to be down by up to 15%. In October this year, Maruti Suzuki's overall output dropped by 26% to 1,34,779 units. In September, production had declined by 51% to 81,278 units.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 11:20 am

Highway drive & review of my Skoda Kushaq

BHPian raghav1936 recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hello everyone. This is going to be my first post on team-bhp. I had to travel from Pune to Bareilly on 19-20 Nov due to some emergency and I chose to travel via road in my new Skoda Kushaq 1 L MT. I did some research on which route to take and finally decided to take Pune-Nashik-Agra-Bareilly (never travelled through this route though) route as it was shorter by 300 km than the Pune-Vadodara-Udaipur-Jaipur-Delhi-Bareilly route. I was travelling with my wife and kid (3.5 years old). BTW, I did have some apprehension about the EPC issue occurring midway, but I had to try it someday. I am writing this blog as I am aware that a lot of people are looking for good long-distance drive reviews of Skoda Kushaq (especially the 1l engine) and how it behaves on highways considering it's a small 3-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, we were not in the best mood to take pictures along the way, so I will just give a quick written review of the road and more importantly Kushaq and its performance.Current Road ConditionsDay 1: 620 km, Trip Start: 6:30 am, Trip End: 7:30 pmRoad between Pune (Wagholi) to Nashik via Pune-Chakan-Nashik highway is good. Do not take a shortcut between Sinnar-Chandwad as suggested by Google Maps, rather take the bypass just before Nashik.Road between Nashik-Indore is good. You can easily cruise at ~90-100 and beyond. I don't drive too fast and always keep it under 100. You just need to watch out for rumblers. At one point there are a lot of them at very short distances.Day2: 850 km, Trip Start: 5:30 am , Trip End: 11:00 pmRoad between Indore - Guna-Gwalior is excellent. You will find some rough patches at Guna (maybe 10-15 kms ), but overall the road is very good and you can easily cruise at high 3-digit speeds. On this route, you would find more trucks than passenger vehicles.You will find it challenging to cross Gwalior. I bypassed it via Mom Ke Hanumanji - Reshampura road. The initial 2 kms or so is a bad patch and the rest is a new road (from the wrong side though, no traffic here). I initially went via the Google Maps option which takes you from within the city which was very crowded, so I took U-turn and took the above bypass.From Gwalior to Agra, the road is ok, you might not be able to go over 70 kmph due to chaotic driving/rush all around. You will also notice a sudden dip in road discipline on this patch and beyond.Agra (bypass)-Tundla-Etah-Kasganj-Badaun (bypass)-Bareilly stretch is very good. The road between Tundla and Etah is two way so driving at night can be a challenge.Overall the road condition is good. I would say 7/10.How did the Kushaq perform?Since it's a new vehicle (registered on 30th Oct 2021) and was just driven 500 kms before going on this trip, I did not want to rev it harder for an initial 1500 or so kms. So, kept it mostly under 3000 rpm and speed within 100. When cruising at 100kmph on 6th gear, it's at 1900 rpm and feels relaxed.First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive. Its ride quality, performance and handling are great. It's planted well on the road and gives you the confidence to switch lanes or go at faster speeds. On one patch I did go to higher 3-digit speeds for a short span and never felt that the engine is exhausted.I have seen many reviews about its steering being light at higher speeds. Let me tell you that it does weigh up sufficiently to give you confidence and I found it very balanced. Steering feedback is also very good.Body roll is minimum while cornering at high speeds.During overtakes, you will sometimes have to shift down and rev harder. I sometimes felt, wish it had a little more power/torque. It could possibly be due to me not revving harder enough. Will update on this on my return trip.At speed on very bad roads or high bumps, you will find noise entering the cabin, but suspension tuning is good and you will still be planted and not thrown here and there.Brakes are awesome. Does not nose dive due to small engine.For the entire trip of ~1500 kms, the mileage was 18.9 kmpl. I did get ~ 23kmpl on some stretches where I was cruising at 100/6th gear for a longer period. In the city traffic, mileage will drop down to 10-13 kmpl depending on the traffic density. From Pune to Indore stretch I used Shell normal petrol and between Indore - Bareilly I used HP power.IssuesI too faced the cabin noise due to door rattle on bad patches from the very next day of getting the vehicle. I had applied fellow BHPian d_himan's fix and the rattle did reduce drastically (I would say >95 %). Thanks to him for this amazing solution. I did try silicone lube spray from 3M, but it did not work.Android Auto was also disconnecting very frequently. My phone is not compatible with the wireless Android Auto connection, so I used cables. I am not sure if it disconnects due to phone, wire, car or AA itself. Any help on this would be appreciated.Attaching the only pic I took on the trip... Enjoy! Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 11:02 am

Extreme Modification This Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is Actually a Hatchback

After the discontinuation of Maruti Gypsy in the Indian market two years ago, the craze for the car has been the same as the last. Recently, we spotted images of a modified Maruti 800 on the social media platform Facebook, where the entry-level hatchback has been heavily customized to look like a Gypsy. There are [] The post Extreme Modification This Maruti Suzuki Gypsy is Actually a Hatchback appeared first on Maxabout News .

Maxabout 1 Dec 2021 10:52 am

Meet Stealth Black Mahindra Thar Equipped with Dual Sunroofs

The heavily customized Stealth Black Mahindra Thar you see here is a dream SUV for those who love black more than anything else. The entire body of this Thar is covered in a matte black finish. The front design of this perfectly customized Mahindra Thar looks impressive with projector-studded headlights and an angry bird-style grille [] The post Meet Stealth Black Mahindra Thar Equipped with Dual Sunroofs appeared first on Maxabout News .

Maxabout 1 Dec 2021 10:49 am

Taking delivery of my 2021 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 AT

BHPian Frank27r1 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.Tryst with ToyotaHello BHPians, After an arduous wait of 6 months post-booking my car, I received the Toyota Fortuner 4X4 AT in Sparkling Black Crystal Shine color with Chamois interior. The car is stunning to look at (of course when all clean) plus when it's dirty too (personally, for me). Sharing a few photographs to feast your eyes. P.S.: Can someone please recommend to me where to get the PPF & rust protection coating done in Bengaluru and what price to expect for these works. It will be very helpful for me. Thanks. Here's what BHPian PrideRed had to say on the matter:Congratulations on the Fortuner or rather premature baby . 6 Months in Bangalore is really long, I am assuming this is because of Interior/Exterior color combination! Wishing you happy miles with your Fortuner. Rust coating may not be needed, however you can go for 3M or one that is offered at Toyota dealer.Here's what BHPian Srikanth@raj had to say on the matter:3M underbody protection is one of the best, dries quickly and lasts long. I have used 3M for my previous Fortuner and as well as on my new Legender 4x4. Here in Vizag they charged 3500/- with 3 years warranty.Here's what BHPian achyutaghosh had to say on the matter:Completely agree, absolutely stunning she is. Pity that 75-80% of Fortuner customers go for the two white shades when there are so many nice shades available. This Crystal Black Shine would definitely have had more takers had it been a bit more blue that what it is. I think more than the color, the Chamois interiors might have added to the wait times. Congratulations and wish you safe driving.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 9:13 am

Installing race fairings on my Aprilia RSV4 RF

BHPian vignesh.cv recently shared this with other enthusiasts. The bike was parked all this time as there were no track days coming up. We were supposed to have one this month, but that fell through due to the unavailability of dates and then the rains in South India also put things on the back foot. So I thought of using this opportunity to do some work on the bike. I finally took the plunge to get a set of race fairings - I got them from Carbonin, a Slovenian company that makes fairings for various race teams including the BMW WSBK team. They offer two kinds of race fairings - one called Avio fibre (which is supposedly lightweight when compared to the traditional glass fibre fairings) and then carbon fibre. I would've loved to get the carbon fibre one, but that was very expensive and I wasn't really looking at the last gram of weight savings. Also, the thought of getting it repaired in case of God forbid a crash was in my mind. They have a distributor in the US - Hustle Hard racing and I placed my order through them. The whole thing took about 10days to reach me. The shipping was done via FedEx and they handled the customs for me. All I had to do was receive the shipment at my home and pay the FedEx guy the amount of the custom. Can't get any better than this. I got the fairings installed at IndiMotard's GreaseHouse yesterday and the whole process was finished in a few hours time. The fairings came with pre-drilled holes and Dzus quick turn fasteners supplied as standard. They had also fitted the appropriate rivets for the quick turn fasteners. They are extremely lightweight and come reinforced with carbon fibre in the pressure points and flex areas. The build quality & overall fitment was top notch and except for two areas, we did not have to touch the fairings in any way. The seat pan & the belly pan had to be trimmed a few mm in order to fit flush. The guys at the shop had fitted race fairings by another brand recently and they mentioned how much work it took as holes had to be marked and drilled and this installation was such a breeze compared to that. They helped pack the OE fairings neatly into the same container and this should result in losing a few more kilograms of unsprung weight from the bike. The fairings come primed ready for painting and I intend to replicate the OE colours onto the fairings. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 1 Dec 2021 7:23 am

Cyber Week sale: 20% off solar panels at Goal Zero - CNET

Cyber Monday may be over, but the savings continue at Goal Zero.

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The last set of dumbbells you'll ever need just dropped to their lowest price this year - CNET

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Grab an Ooni pizza oven and other products for 20% off - CNET

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You can still score 50% off art and decor from Society6 - CNET

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Walmart has a limited supply of $199 Quest 2 consoles - CNET

As long as you're okay with refurbished 64GB headsets, you're in for a treat.

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Solo Stove sale: Score up to 35% off fire pits, 40% off accessories and more - CNET

This sale runs through Dec. 5 and features some impressive deals on camping stoves and bundles.

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Get access to one month of Coursera Plus for just $1 - CNET

Learn everything from the comfort of your own home.

Cnet 1 Dec 2021 12:44 am

Omicrons false spike

Given that cryptos have no underlying assets that yield earnings, their values often go by the attention they get, and anything seen soaring quickly attracts punters well acquainted with the greater fool theory, by which anything overpriced can be sold on to someone ready to pay even more

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 10:44 pm

Omicrons lesson: Were not covid-safe until everyone is

Vaccine equity holds the key to thwarting the emergence of virus variants and halting this pandemic

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 10:18 pm

Beijing has rather little to offer Chinas anxious Generation Z

Beijing has rather little to offer Chinas anxious Generation Z

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 10:13 pm

RBIs launch of a digital currency will mark a big monetary moment

Private demand for a CBDC must also be studied in due depth for a useful understanding of its economic policy implications

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 10:10 pm

Its time for a paradigm shift in how we treat illnesses

Science allows high-precision therapy aimed at the exact pathogens that need to be neutralized

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 10:05 pm

Arguments against regulating cryptocurrencies are very weak

Self-regulation wont work and the possibility of rules being evaded is no reason not to have them

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 9:59 pm

Agrawals Twitter task looks far from enviable

As CEO, the 37-year-old IIT and Stanford alumnus must boost the business even as regulation closes in. Steep targets will have to be met without any space for slack on content moderation

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 9:50 pm

Best Cyber Monday deals still available: Cyber Week savings at Walmart, Amazon and more - CNET

Black Friday is history and Cyber Monday is officially over, but some deals are still here for you to grab.

Cnet 30 Nov 2021 9:29 pm

AllTrails Pro is currently 50% off for a full year, a crazy-good deal for hikers - CNET

Everything you need to be safer in the wild.

Cnet 30 Nov 2021 9:28 pm

5 years and 1,65,000 kms with my Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

BHPian sinharishi recently shared this with other enthusiasts. S-Cross turns 5 today. Took her to Agra today for a meeting and stills drives like how it did on day-1. Overall ownership has been extremely satisfying. No plans to sell/upgrade. If the car continues to deliver such FE figures I will keep it for full 10 yrs! To summarize my ownership:Delivery Date: 10/28/2016.Odometer as of today: 1,65,150 kms.Front Brake Pads changed at 40K, 80K and 120K.Rear Brake Pads (Dixcel Pads) changed at 80K and 120K (Back to stock).Switched to Mobil 1 0W40 at 20,000 kms, been using this oil for every service. Thankfully, both Sai Service and Motorcraft have them stocked in their MGP store.Battery replaced under warranty in May 2017.Accidents: 4 (3 animal hits).Insurance claims: 2.Breakdown: 1 (Wiring harness).Tyres: Currently running on Continental MC5, on way out.Headlights: Osram Night Breakers.Stock suspension and clutch.Longest road trip: 4,700 kms.Average service cost: 8,000/-.Rattles: Rear parcel tray.Best part: Ride, handling and high speed stability.Worst part: NVH.Here's what BHPian Pedalmasher_20 had to say on the matter:1,65,000kms within 5 years..!! That's a lot of running man. And even after traveling so many kilometers, your car is averaging 25 km to a litre. Your car is a corroboration of how reliable and fuel efficient the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine was from Fiat and how well the Maruti engineers were able to tune that engine for this car. Some of the credit also goes to you for the timely servicing that you have been practicing since it's purchase. Currently, I am looking for an 7 Seater MPV and if this engine was available in BSVI avatar with the Ertiga, then would've surely gone for it. Well, wishing you many more happy kilometers with this car.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 9:11 pm

Cyber sale: Get Pattern Beauty for 25% off sitewide - CNET

Everything's up for grabs, including the best shower brush I've ever used.

Cnet 30 Nov 2021 8:15 pm

2022 Skoda Karoq for global markets unveiled

Skoda has revealed the updated Karoq for international markets. The Karoq now features a bolder looking front end with slimmer headlamp clusters and an aggressive front bumper design. Like most modern Skoda SUVs, the Karoq also gets LED fog lamps positioned below the main headlamp unit.At the rear, the Karoq gets slim C-shaped LED tail lights with the 'Skoda' lettering in the centre. The car has a roof spoiler and a black diffuser. While the overall interior layout has been carried over from the previous model, the 2022 Karoq gets dual-tone upholstery, a touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster and Skoda's new 2-spoke steering wheel. In the international market, the Karoq is available with five engine options. These include two diesel and three petrol engines with outputs ranging from 108 BHP to 187 BHP. All-wheel drive is also available as an option. The Karoq was launched in India last year as a completely built unit (CBU). The carmaker has confirmed that it has no plans to re-launch the SUV at the moment.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 6:18 pm

Yezdi Scrambler spied in a production-ready guise

The upcoming Yezdi Scrambler has been spied in a production-ready guise. The model in the spy image features a ribbed-style single-piece seat, knuckle guards, blacked-out side panels and engine. There is a rear tyre hugger that accommodates the licence plate. The motorcycle has wire-spoke wheels. Apart from the Scrambler, two other Yezdi models can be seen in the spy image. It is being said these could be two variants of the Yezdi Roadking. One of them features a windshield, pillion backrest and a chrome exhaust and appears to be more touring-oriented. The other one misses out on the pillion backrest as well as the windshield. It is fitted with bar-end mirrors and a blacked-out exhaust for a sportier look. Both these bikes have alloy wheels. All three models are expected to be powered by the same engine. While the official specs are unknown are at the moment, it is being said that the 334cc, single-cylinder engine from the Jawa Perak could be used. Besides these motorcycles, the upcoming Yezdi Adventure bike has also been spied in a production-ready state. Source: Motorbeam

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 5:29 pm

Maruti to launch 5 new SUVs; plans 7-seat Alcazar rival

Maruti Suzuki has confirmed that it will launch five new SUVs in India in the next 3 years, including a 3-row SUV to take on the likes of the Hyundai Alcazar, MG Hector Plus and Tata Safari. The 3-row SUV (codenamed: Y17) could be based on the Ertiga platform. It might replace the XL6 and will be positioned at the top of Maruti's SUV range. Maruti is also planning a new model to take on the Hyundai Creta. Codenamed YFG, this car is expected to be based on Toyota's DNGA platform. It could be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine. Now, let's take a look at some of the other SUVs that Maruti has lined up for us: Next year, the company will launch theupdated Vitara Brezza (codenamed: YTA). The crossover is expected to be powered by a 1.5-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine. Besides the cosmetic update, the Brezza will also get new features like a larger infotainment system, wireless charging, a sunroof and paddle shifters in the automatic variants. Maruti Suzuki will take on the likes of the Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet with a new compact SUV (codenamed: YTB). It is expected to be based on the Heartect platform and could be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine. Finally, there's the long-awaited Jimny. A 5-door version is on the cards for India, even though the 3-door Jimny is already being produced for export markets. It too will be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine and will rival the Mahindra Thar. Source:Autocar India

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 5:18 pm

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V now comes with an updated headlamp

TVS Motor Company has given the Apache RTR 200 4V a minor update. The motorcycle now comes with a revised headlamp. The updated headlamp is the same unit that the company had incorporated in the Apache RTR 160 4V earlier this year. It has now been introduced on the Apache RTR 200 4V as well. Apart from the redesigned headlamp, no other changes have been made. The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V continues to draw power from the familiar 197.75cc, single-cylinder engine. The bike has 3 riding modes - Sport, Urban, and Rain. TVS Motor Company also provides adjustable Showa suspension with the Apache RTR 200 4V. The bike comes with adjustable front brake and clutch levers, too. Other key features of the motorcycle include Glide Through Technology, slipper clutch, double-barrel exhaust, fully digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, and much more. The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is available in two variants - single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. The former costs Rs 1,33,840 whereas the latter has been priced at Rs 1,38,890 (ex-showroom).

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 5:16 pm

Goa: 30% of all vehicles to be EVs by 2025

The state government of Goa has approved the Goa Electric Mobility Promotion Policy (GEMPP) 2021. The policy aims to boost EV adoption to at least 30% by 2025. Goa's EV policy also promotes the conversion of internal combustion engine vehicles to EVs. The state also aims to convert 50% of all ferries to electric by 2025. To promote the adoption of EVs, the government will offer subsidies on the first 3,000 2-wheelers, 50 3-wheelers and 300 4-wheelers. It will also offer waivers on road tax and registration fees, interest subvention of loans and scrapping incentives. Besides, the government will also promote businesses like electric vehicle and battery repair and maintenance stations and offer incentives for charging and battery swapping stations. GEMPP 2021 will be applicable for 5 years from the date of notification. It will cover electric 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers and 4-wheeler, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Source:ET Auto

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 4:20 pm

Yezdi Adventure Motorcycle Fully Revealed Ahead of Launch in India

As we already know, Yezdi is currently working on a stack of new motorcycles and these have been spotted many times. Now again, one of those bikes, the upcoming Yezdi Adventure, has been spotted, and this time without any camouflage, revealing the whole design. It seems like the motorcycle was brought for the TVC shoot. [] The post Yezdi Adventure Motorcycle Fully Revealed Ahead of Launch in India appeared first on Maxabout News .

Maxabout 30 Nov 2021 3:57 pm

Vibration Comparison: New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Old Classic 350

Royal Enfield recently introduced the new Classic 350 retro-styled motorcycle in the Indian markets with a starting ex-showroom price tag of Rs 1.84 lakhs. The 2021 RE Classic 350 receives several feature upgrades in its new guise. It is available in five different trim levels: Redditch Edition, Halcyon, Signals Edition, Dark Stealth, and Chrome Edition. [] The post Vibration Comparison: New Royal Enfield Classic 350 vs Old Classic 350 appeared first on Maxabout News .

Maxabout 30 Nov 2021 3:44 pm

Formula E: Unplugged documentary is live on Youtube, Facebook

Formula E has announced a new documentary series called Formula E: Unplugged. Viewers can watch the 15-part series onYoutubeand Facebook for free. Formula E: Unplugged is similar to the Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive. It takes us through the main highlights of season 7 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Each 15-minute episode offers insights into the sport, including interviews with drivers, engineers, team crews, executives. It takes us behind-the-scenes giving us a peek into what it takes to organize a global event of such proportions, especially during a pandemic. Season 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship begins in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on January 28, 2022. A total of 16 races have been planned, including Jakarta, Vancouver, Mexico City and London. The season finale will be held in Seoul, South Korea in August.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 3:26 pm

A kind gesture by Mahindra dealer on my Thar's 1st birthday

BHPian ph03n!x recently shared this with other enthusiasts. An unexpected and pleasant gesture by my dealership's CRM Team on my Thar's first birthday - a nice bouquet and a big box of sweets! We have a few cars, owned some more in the past, but I haven't heard of a dealership celebrating a vehicle's first birthday. Thank you M&M, and thank you CAI Mahindra!! If only all dealerships of M&M are like you! I'll post a detailed one-year update in my ownership thread soon! Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 3:14 pm

650cc Royal Enfield Bike Spotted Cruising at 130kmph; India Launch Next Year

As per the earlier commitment of presenting new models to our country, Royal Enfield is currently working on a slew of motorcycles, and among them all, there is a 650cc cruiser motorcycle that has been spotted several times while road testing. Now once again, the forthcoming bike has been spotted, this time near ECR in [] The post 650cc Royal Enfield Bike Spotted Cruising at 130kmph; India Launch Next Year appeared first on Maxabout News .

Maxabout 30 Nov 2021 3:13 pm

Husqvarna Electric Scooter Spotted Testing in India; Based on Bajaj Chetak

With the emerging trend of electric vehicles in the country, the electric two-wheeler segment is also witnessing a rise in e-scooter development. In this way, a new electric scooter by Husqvarna has been recently spotted testing on the roads of Pune for the first time. The spy images are courtesy of Tushar Pawar. As per [] The post Husqvarna Electric Scooter Spotted Testing in India; Based on Bajaj Chetak appeared first on Maxabout News .

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Comparison: Volkswagen Taigun vs Skoda Kushaq

BHPian 84.monsoon recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Had a detailed look at both the Taigun and the Kushaq. Although I had seen both the cars briefly in fly-by visits to the dealership in the early days of launch, I wanted to have an in-depth look, after reading pages and pages of complaints about the interiors of these cars on this forum. So decided to spend 20 minutes each with the Taigun and the Kushaq today. Being a Sunday, showrooms were not crowded especially given all the rains here. A friend is interested in picking one of them and was looking for some reassurance about the interiors. I started by dropping into the nearby Volkswagen showroom and the first one I saw was a GT 1.5 TSI manual in Wild Cherry color was on display. In one word, Wow! This car is a looker from the outside, especially this shade. Someone uninitiated about our car market would probably guess this car belongs to the 25 - 30 lakh segment, just looking at it from the outside. (This particular variant retails at 14.99 ex-showroom). What came as a bit of a let-down was that the headlights were actually halogen and not LED not were there LED DRLs. It felt like VW had intentionally omitted important features in this trim to make sure it does not cannibalize the Topline 1.0 MT which is only 50K cheaper. With a much more powerful imported engine with ACT, the GT Manual is exceptional value in my eyes, had they not dropped the LED headlights, cruise control and a few other key features. Lifting the bonnet up, it appeared to have medium heft - heavier than the Marutis and previous generation Hyundais, about as heavy as the Creta/Seltos but significantly lighter than the Compass/Harrier and even my 2020 Thar. The 1.5 TSI engine fits snugly into the bay, leaving very little open space. This GT manual trim had 16 inch alloys that looked fairly well sized for the car and the alloy pattern was a classic, good-looking one. The doors are of medium build and weight and the Thunk is certainly missing although they shot firmly and precisely with a healthy sound. I checked both the front door and the back door, and to me, there did not appear to be significant difference in their weight and heft (My Ecosport which had very heavy front doors but really light rear doors). As soon as I entered the car, I was welcomed by the nice new car smell that is getting rarer to find these days among some new cars in the market. Mahindra cars, for example, definitely do not have this welcoming nice smell, and instead smell more like tyres/rubber. I must say the red interior trim is an absolute eyesore. Even on the red car it looked jarring, imagine it is also present on the GT manual grey and silver where it would look absolutely out of place. The only external colors that are spared the ghastly red treatment in the GT Manual are the yellow and white. I really hope VW realizes this quickly and makes them an option/add-on. There is a small amount of padding on the doors, which I suspect will not be sufficient on long journeys to rest the elbow comfortably. The centre arm rest is ergonomically perfect (although has sub-standard finish) - it has a fairly long range of adjustment and set up the perfect height. Overall, the seats were very comfortable and sufficiently firm to ensure that long journeys do not turn into pains in the back. There are hard plastics everywhere, however I did not feel them to be distracting or look cheap. On the other hand, on the Kushaq, the top of the dashboard had a kind of grains that drew attention to the shiny and hard nature of surface. The seat fabric on the Tiguan GT was par for the course - IMO, it did not appear rough or badly stitched by any means. The Highline 1.0 trim I saw later had worse cloth fabrics though. The touchscreen ICS absolutely dominates the front dashboard - very well placed and the display quality was really crisp well . I found the old fashioned, basic speed dials on the GT Manual to be a real disappointment. Hi VW, after all, this is a GT - a driver's car. The owner is going to be looking at the speed and RPM, a lot more than owners of the Dynamic Line cars. At least, give us a hooded high quality dials that the previous generation Jetta or Yeti used to have! There have been a lot of complaints about the roof liner - Yes it is not very well finished but IMO, it did not appear as shocking as some others pointed out. Maybe I notice roof liners less than the average car buyer does! Would I call it a beautifully finished roof ? Absolutely not. Would I call it distractingly poor quality that would bother me every time I get into the car? I wouldn't say so. One disappointing thing though is that even the GT manual trim does not get a sunglass holder on the roof. (The Kushaq Ambition does, BTW). I now popped into the back and the space is absolutely enormous - it is easily the best in segment in terms of legroom and kneeroom and possibly headroom as well. The centre armrest is at a perfect height and is quite broad. I would say the rear passenger comfort level probably the best in segment for two passengers. Completely agree with others about the backseat not being wide enough for three, but I would much rather seat two in comfort 100% of the time than permanently compromise on their comfort, just because somebody might use a middle seat 10% of the time. The 60:40 split folding rear seats tumble to provide an enormous amount of cargo room - it should be easily possible to squeeze in a bicycle here. Driver seat ergonomics are spot-on and the seat adjustments available made it possible for me to find a very comfortable driving position very quickly. Visibility is excellent and the steering is an absolute delight to hold - small and chunky with a nice flat bottom. The clutch a soft however I was really surprised at the amount of travel required. Even for me who ears size 11.5 shoes, it was not possible to operate this clutch with the bottom of my heel resting on the floor or only slightly raised, like I used to do on my Ecosport TDCI. I had to take my foot completely off the floor, raise it and then depress the clutch. The gear shifts were very positive and precise, however, the throws are a tad longer than what I would expect. The Polo is the absolute benchmark here - the gear throws on that car were so short and the feedback so positive, I would shift gears juts for the fun of shifting. What is absolutely inexcusable is that VW has not provided cruise control on its top GT trim in the manual version. The car cost a full 15 lakhs ex-showroom and close to 19 lakhs on road. The typical buyer is going to buy this trim for the pleasure of driving and for covering long distances on highways and cruise control is an absolute necessity under those conditions. I have found this feature to be hugely relaxing and strain-reducing, because it allows you to take your foot of the pedal, flex your right feet and give it some rest. I then had a look at some other colors - The yellow looks absolutely stunning as well. If I were buying the GT manual, I would find it hard to choose between yellow and red had it not been for the red interior bits on the latter. The yellow GT has dark grey bits in place of the red bits that blend nicely with the rest of the elements and reassure you once again that you are in a VW car. The display car had accessories demonstrating how one could carry a bike on top of the car, but honestly, I would hesitate to mount my bicycle this way, given the level of air resistance that's likely to cause. I always prefer to mount the bike sideways at the rear of the car. The top end variant in white was next up, and it does have very nice diamond cut alloy wheels, elevating the level of sophistication of the car. The amount of chrome was a tad too much on this one in my view. I then hopped over to the Skoda showroom next, to have a look at the Kushaq. From the front, the car looks imposing (as compared to the Taigun which looked more sharp and handsome than imposing). It could easily be mistaken for a Karoq or even a Kodiaq from a distance. The level of heft of the bonnet and doors appeared to be similar tot he Taigun (naturally). The interior of the top end Style trim looked really amazing, the material and the stitching on the seats were fine, and the steering wheel absolutely dazzling, with a two-spoke design and chrome bits that are peppered over it. From a drivers vantage point, I would say, I prefer the interiors of the Kushaq Style trim over the equivalent Topline trim of the Taigun. However, if you are shopping for the Ambition trim, there's a fatal flaw - the interior quality takes a nosedive in the Ambition mainly because of the cloth used - it is worse than what you would see on the sofas of a low-end tea shop. Even on a new car, they looked pathetic and they could be quite uncomfortable, given how rough the surface is, especially if you are wearing shorts and your skin is in contact with the seats. Sitting in the backseat of the top-end style trim of the Kushaq, I was surprised to see a big zipper running down the side of the front seat. It looked completely after-market, I generally don't see the factory fitted seats with such visible zippers. This means one could probably easily buy the same seat cover and put that on top of the ambition trim and you now have a much nicer interior. The big advantage that the Kushaq offers in the Ambition (middle) trim over the Taigun are the LED headlamps and cruise control. My recommendation to my friend is therefore going to be to go for the Kushaq Ambition with the seat covers from the Style trim - the SA confirmed these were readily available. I then had a quick look at the new Octavia, tried pulling open the door of that car after you have been opening and closing the Taigun and the Kushaq's doors, and it seems like you're suddenly trying to move a mountain! The doors are so heavy ! The interiors of the car are far improved over the previous generation and look close to the German flagship benchmarks. However what I found very disappointing with the Octavia is the interior space, especially in the backseat, is nowhere as previous generation car that I had been in numerous times as it used to run as the default taxi all over Europe. Headroom also seemed to have suddenly fallen short. They might have done this to differentiate the car from the Superb and maybe start positioning the Superb for the taxi segment. The virtual cockpit of the Octavia is a completely different class altogether when compared to the one on the top-end Tiguan - the resolution and clarity is several notches higher - the simplicity and elegance of this virtual cockpit is simply unmatched and M&M has literally copied it pat down in the XUV700. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and more information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 2:22 pm

DIY: Restoring my Maruti Swift's headlights for just Rs 400

BHPian Ashtoncastelino recently shared this with other enthusiasts. For those who have oxidized and hazy headlights which reduce your light output and make your night drives difficult, hope this DIY guide helps you freshen up your headlights. An OEM new Swift headlight will cost you about 2525 per side, So in total 5050 for a pair. I for long had the itch to restore my headlights ever since I got the car in June last year because they started yellowing, had scratches, were oxidized, had hard water spots and while the previous owner had the car re-painted, the painter didn't cover the headlights leading to overspray of clear coat over them. Friend and fellow BHPian yuv3447 guided me while doing this DIY. Huge thanks to you brother! Condition of the headlights before restoring Things you need:800 grit sandpaper1500 grit sandpaper3M Marine Paste (Rubbing compound)3M Premium Liquid WaxOrbital Polishing MachineElbow grease (trust me)Lots of PatiencePrice for this sweet DIY?800 grit sandpaper - 251500 grit sandpaper - 353M Marine Paste (Rubbing compound) - 1933M Premium Liquid Wax -156Orbital Polishing Machine (I had borrowed the orbital polishing machine from a good friend.)Total: 409 Procedure: 1) Remove the bumper: To make things easier, I removed the front bumper. Removing the bumper is a fairly easy process. I asked my younger cousin to assist me in removing the bumper.I have marked the positions of all the screws, clips and bolts which hold the bumper to the body. The screws are marked in green arrows, clips by orange arrows and bolts by yellow arrows. Once you remove all of them, lift the bumper from the top carefully and it will come off. Unfortunately, while I was performing this DIY, it unexpectedly started raining all of a sudden. Bummer! 2) Wipe the headlight using a clean cloth. 3) Mask the edges of the fender panel so as to not scratch it when sanding. 4) Once done with masking, spray water on your sandpaper and plenty on your headlight too . 5) Wet sand it evenly with the 800 grit paper first. Do not sand in a circular motion and make sure to constantly spray your sandpaper and headlight with water. Wipe down all the residue from the headlight by pouring a mug of water on it. Yes, you will require a lot of elbow grease for the sanding. 6) Make sure you sand it till you get an even finish on your headlights and all the yellowness and oxidization has gone. I had to sand my headlight with 800 grit for about 4 passes because the overspray clear coat was still present in some areas of the headlight. It will look even hazier but trust me the outcome at the end will be worth it. 7) Proceed to 1500 grit wet sanding once an even finish is obtained and you're happy with the 800 grit sanding. The 1500 grit sandpaper is smoother so it will even out all those scratches put by the 800 grit sandpaper. 8) Wet sand it for about two passes and you should be getting an even and smooth finish. 9) Pour water on the headlight again with water and clean with a microfiber cloth. 10) Now we can move on to the Rubbing compound. Take a generous amount of it and smudge it on the headlight evenly. Yes I think I was a bit too generous. Sprinkle few drops of water on it. Set the speed of the machine to low speed. Make sure the wool pad of the orbital polisher is clean. 11) Now you want to make sure that you take your time with the Polisher and not rush. Do wear an apron or something similar to it so as to not get rubbing compound splashed on your clothing. Tilt the polisher and use only the side of the Polisher. Start from one part of the headlight and work your way through. You should see the headlight clearing up in a while. Make sure to sprinkle a few drops of water on your headlights so that the heat won't melt the headlight. 12) Once you're satisfied with polishing the headlight, Time to apply the liquid wax, it would act as a sealant. Wipe the headlight with a microfiber cloth and apply liquid wax to the headlights. Again with the polisher, work your way through just like how you did with the rubbing compound. Voila! Your headlights should be looking crystal clear now. NOTE: Now applying the liquid wax, again and again, every month would be irritating so applying PPF a good transparent film on the headlight would maintain its condition and protect it further. Result After Restoring the Headlights There has been a significant increase in light output post the restoration and I'm loving it. Finally, I'm getting the full output of the 90/100-watt setup installed in my car and easier night drives henceforth. Hope this DIY helped and I'm waiting to see the before/after photos of your headlight restorations. Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 1:57 pm

My Maruti SX4 ZDi: 10 years and 1.3 lakh km update

BHPian Dr.Naren recently shared this with other enthusiasts.10+ years / 1.3 lakh km done!The car wasn't used much in the last year. I got the service done recently at Wagen Tunen, Mangalore. What was done? Mobil 1 FS-X2 5W40 engine oilZip oil filterZip fuel filterEngine RR mount (Technix)EBC Ultima x2 brake padsCaliper sliding pinsRear drum brakes cleaningCabin air filterCar washWIP Engine oil EBC brake pads installed Engine RR mount (old) This was badly worn/damaged. MGP cost is around 5.5k. I got an aftermarket one (Technix make) for 1k. Part was ordered from Boodmo. Wagen Tunen also installed a cabin air filter. SX4 doesn't get it from the factory, but there is a provision to install it. Service done Wagen Tunen did a good job and I am satisfied as always. Engine air filter I got it from Boodmo, Purolator brand and changed it myself. New gear lever boot. It was worn. I got it from Boodmo and replaced it on my own. The gear knob has to be pulled out, remove the old boot, install the new boot and put the gear knob back. Yes, that's the gear knob from Ciaz, had put this couple of years back. The aftermarket projector headlights stopped working all of a sudden. I thought it was relay or ballasts and opened the bumper. I had spare relay and ballasts. Both didn't work and it was the HID bulbs themselves. I had old HID bulbs from Baleno and installed the same and it worked. I took the car for a quick drive to Coorg. It doesn't even feel like a 10+ year-old car. I enjoyed the drive. We stayed at Club Mahindra Madikeri. It is a beautiful property. Visited my grandpa's house on the way back. I feel confident enough to drive this car for another 50k km easily. I would like to repaint the car fully and also plan a stage 3 upgrade. Buying a new sedan today is expensive and it is very logical to keep my SX4 for longer. Cheers! Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 1:32 pm

Rumours: Volvo XC90 successor to be called 'Embla'

According to a media report, the all-electric successor to Volvo's XC90 SUV could be called 'Embla'. Reports suggest that the name 'Embla' was trademarked by the company back in October, and has been taken from Norse mythology. The naming of the XC90 successor is in-line with the brand's earlier decision to use proper phonetic names, instead of the current alpha-numeric designations for future products. The successor to the Volvo XC90 was unveiled earlier this year in the form of the Concept Recharge. The concept SUV is said to have been custom-built for electrification and also previews the design language of Volvo's all future EV products. Source: Drive

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 12:41 pm

Rs 30 lakh budget for an SUV: Jeep Compass or Hyundai Tucson

BHPian pms recently shared this with other enthusiasts. Hi all, the SUV bug has hit me big time and I am planning to get one soon. I am using a 2012 model Honda City right now (manual). My budget is around 30 Lacs, can stretch it by a couple more lacs. Driving is mostly 60% highway and 40% city with close to 10K Kms/Year.RequirementsGood Autobox and comfortable ride for all passengers.Safety (6 airbags, good brakes, safety tech).Good ground clearance in full loads (I live in BLR with lots of un-scientific speed breakers, City has taken enough underbody hits).Good enough space for 4 passengers (5th passenger is very rare).Tech and creature comforts (good touchscreen ICE, auto wipers/headlights I am upgrading from basic features in a Honda City).Family loves sunroof!SUVs in contention: Jeep Compass and Hyundai Tucson Diesel AutomaticsJeep Compass test drive experienceReally liked the looks, build quality, handling and interior.Braking, stability around corners.Better looking & modern touchscreen system.Gearbox felt slightly lethargic compared to Tucson in city drives.Pricey. Though I liked Model S, it's very costly.Limited Auto variant misses out on features like ventilated seats, wireless charging, 360 Camera!Last but not the least, slightly worried about the recent issues (rattling, instantaneous mileage errors, ICE issues) reported in social media forums.Hyundai Tucson test drive experience8-speed TC gearbox is so smooth.Overall good driving experience, felt the suspension less stiff than the Compass.Has all the basic features, more leg space in the rear and boot capacity.Interior, though well-built, feels dated. Doesn't give a premium feel.Missed out on various features available in its less costly siblings Creta and Seltos. But on par with Jeep Compass Limited variant.Not sure about the unladen ground clearance of 170mm, would it be good enough to manage most of the bad humps fully loaded?Bit worried whether Hyundai will launch the upgraded version of Tucson in India soon.Really confused between these two and request advice from this valuable forum on what could be a better choice. This is a very expensive buy for me and I intend to keep it for the next 7-8 years minimum. Here's what GTO had to say about the matter:The Tucson scores on the ride quality factor, as well as a better-tuned gearbox & rear space. Frankly, the Tucson is just a superb all-rounder, with the biggest deal-breaker being its old, outdated & yawn-inducing interiors. They feel like they're from another era. As a package, the Tucson Diesel AT is better for you. If you can wait:Next-gen Tucson. Hyundai doesn't take too much time bringing their next-gen cars here, so I expect to see it in India in 2022. Use your Honda City till then.VW Tiguan update, or the Kodiaq 2.0 TSI. Both are awesome, but both are petrol, so your fuel bills will be a lot more.Here's what BHPian lordrayden had to say about the matter:Voted for the Tucson. Looks like we are/were in a similar situation. I have a 2010 Honda City manual and was in the market for an automatic SUV. I finally got the Tucson diesel automatic. I did a test drive the Jeep Compass diesel automatic too. My observations were along the same lines as yours:Ride: The Jeep Compass had a much stiffer ride compared to the Tucson.Interior Space: The Tucson has much more interior space both in front and in the rear. In fact, when I sat in the Jeep Compass' driver seat, I felt like I was placed in a thermocol mould with the door and center console wrapped around me tightly. While this might be good for fast switch-backs going to a hill station, 99.9% of the time it feels like a lack of space.Price: Given that the Jeep offers the diesel automatic only in the 4x4, I felt I'm paying a few lakhs extra for something I don't want at all.Gearbox: The new-gen 8-speed Hyundai torque converter gearbox is brilliant. As many have noted in Team-BHP, I rarely find it picking the wrong gear. And whenever it does pick the wrong gear, it's always on an incline. The Jeep's 9-speed gearbox feels dim-witted in comparison.Some additional things I wanted to mention:Safety: This is a CKD, with some localization from what I read. Globally, the Tucson is a Euro-NCAP 5-star car. So, the one you get here in India should be very close to that (if not the same) given that localization generally starts with non-critical parts.NVH insulation: Much better on the Tucson.Servicing Cost: The Tucson comes with a complimentary 3-year service and maintenance package. So practically, you will be paying little (not nothing as Hyundai would have you believe) for servicing for the first 3 years.Warranty: You get something called a Wonder Warranty with the Tucson that gives you the flexibility to select years / kms from 3 options. So, if your usage is less, you can select a 5 Year / 50000 kms warranty. And you don't have to pay anything extra for this, this is how the base warranty is structured on the Tucson.Ground Clearance: The figure of 170mm is mostly laden, not unladen. I've NEVER had a problem with the Tucson's ground clearance over road humps even at speed with 3 people in the car. Having driven a 2010 Honda City, I'm all too familiar with the Crap! Speed bump! Quickly, turn turn turn! KAARRRRRR! Damn it! routine.Discounts: You should be able to get a sizeable discount on the Tucson.Waiting period: Very less with the Tucson. For me, from booking date to PDI date was 5 days. Manufacturing date as per the VIN was the previous month and SA told me it was about a week before my booking date. Jeep had a 1 month+ waiting period when I was checking. I know you are in no hurry but just thought it worth mentioning.Tyres: Despite my Bridgestone hopes and dreams, I got mine with Nexen tyres. As many in Team-BHP have noted Nexens are relatively noisy and do not last very long.Parts availability: This car will become previous-gen in a year and is a CKD to boot. But I think out of all manufacturers, Hyundai would be very close to the top of the list to be able to get spares for old cars. Non-critical parts will get delayed as other BHPians have mentioned, but you will get them. My mom's 10-year-old Elantra had its fuel pipe lunched on by Mr Rat. We were able to get a new fuel line in a day.To be fair to the Jeep, wanted to point out its plus points:Looks: Gorgeous! No denying that. It also looks more like a traditional SUV which I personally prefer. The Tucson was lower down in the looks department for me.Handling: Like a car! Will be brilliant in ghat sections.Build: Main battle tank! It feels heavier in build compared to the Tucson. Closing the doors was like doing the Chest-Fly exercise.Why didn't I want to wait for the new Tucson and was fine with the current one:I absolutely hate Hyundai's new over-the-top, look-at-meee, i-is-very-different design language that they have in the current Creta/Elantra and new-gen Tucson. The current-gen Tucson is understated and looks classy and elegant. It's like James Bond in a tuxedo vs Lady Gaga at a concert.It will be more expensive than the current version by 2-3 lakhs at least looking at the typical increase in price with a new generation Hyundai car. And there will be no discounts for a while. This will make the final wallet damage even more. My budget was already stretched so the new-gen Tuscon would snap it.Launch of the new-gen should be mid to end of 2022 based on what I have read and heard. If I had to wait that long, I would have scratched my already old SUV-itch so much it would have turned gangrenous!Call me old fashioned, I personally don't find the interiors as outdated as some others do. The well-built nature and premium quality of materials overshadow the slightly old design for me.Here's what BHPian anshu1101 had to say about the matter:As an upgrade to my 2013 Vento 1.6 TDI, I was in the same dilemma as you for a long time. I wanted to upgrade to a diesel AT SUV (preferably a monocoque). After a lot of deliberation and countless test drives, I went ahead and booked a polar white Hyundai Tucson Diesel AT AWD. It is just a brilliant all-rounder. The car has arrived at the dealership, and I did the PDI recently. Registration formalities are in progress, and I expect to get the delivery of the car this Sunday (28 Nov). Primary reasons for choosing the Tucson over the Compass:The engine and gearbox combo is a gem. Scores better than the Compass both in terms of power-to-weight ratio and torque-to-weight ratio. The 8-speed AT in the Tucson is way better than the Compass in terms of driveability. Found the diesel AT gearbox in compass to be a little lethargic.Ride quality (much better than the compass).Cabin and boot space (there is absolutely no comparison here). I could not digest the idea of shelling out 34 lacs (for a Model S AT) for the kind of space that the compass offers.Wide service network (I do a lot of touring).The only points that went against the Tucson are its dated interiors, slightly lower ground clearance and the fact that this generation is on its way out in the next one year or so. However, I just could not digest the quirky looks of the new Tucson. Not sure what is up with the design language of these new Hyundai cars these days (Venue/Creta/New Tucson). The current generation of the Tucson looks handsome and timeless in terms of design. Also, I'm a guy who keeps my cars for long (8-10 years at least). With the pace at which we are seeing facelifts and newer generations of cars coming up these days, I'm pretty sure the newer generation will also become old as far as my ownership period is concerned. Moreover, I'm someone who prefers physical buttons in cars for the HVAC controls over touchscreens. And new Tucson has touchscreens throughout, which would be cumbersome to use while driving, and would be a fingerprint magnet. I would like to thank BHPian LONGTOURER, whose ownership report of his Tucson and inputs were immensely helpful in firming up my decision to go with the Tucson.Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 12:16 pm

More details on the Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo

Ever since theSkoda Kushaqwas launched in the Indian market, there have been talks of a Monte Carlo variant. The latest rumours suggest that it could be launched soon. At present, the Kushaq is available in three variants - Active, Ambition and Style. However, even the top-spec Style trim misses out on a few features that are offered by rivals. This could change with the introduction of the Monte Carlo trim. If rumours are to be believed, the Kushaq Monte Carlo could be equipped with a panoramic sunroof and adigital instrument cluster. The SUV could also get the roof liner from the Slavia mid-size sedan. No mechanical updates are expected besides the feature additions and a few cosmetic changes. The Kushaq comes with a 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder TSI that makes 113 BHP and 178 Nm and a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder TSI that puts out 148 BHP and 250 Nm. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual, 6-speed automatic option and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Thanks to Jitendra for sending this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts viathis Team-BHP share page!

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 11:31 am

BMW XM concept SUV unveiled with 750 BHP

BMW has unveiled its all-new XM concept SUV. The new BMW XM Concept is the brand's first standalone M SUV and is also the first product not to be based on any existing model. BMW says that the production version of the XM concept will be unveiled by end-2022. The XM concept will be exclusively offered with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This comes in the form of a V8 engine combined with an electric motor, capable of producing 750 BHP and 1000 Nm. The SUV is also said to have an all-electric range of 80 km. Once the XM enters production, it will become the most powerful BMW M model in the brand's history. The BMW XM concept also previews the brand's new design direction for its future high-performance models. The XM concept features a large pair of kidney grilles up front, flanked on either side by the sleek LED lighting. The sides are characterised by the squared wheel arches housing the 23-inch alloys, while the rear features sleek LED taillights and the quad exhaust tips on either side of the diffuser. On the inside, the BMW XM Concept has premium upholstery all around, along with plenty of carbon-fibre elements. There are also two large screens, one for the instrument cluster and the other being the touchscreen infotainment unit running on BMW's latest iDrive technology.

Team-BHP 30 Nov 2021 11:23 am

Three things Twitters new CEO Parag Agrawal should do to spark a turnaround

The social media platform needs to overcome disappointing feature launches with better execution 

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Omicron coronavirus variant needs 3 evolutionary surprises to wreak havoc

Basic principles of biology show that the worst-case scenario is possible but not probable, a fact that should help separate prudence from panic

Livemint 30 Nov 2021 5:41 am

Best Cyber Monday 2021 kitchen deals: Vitamix, Le Creuset, Ninja and more - CNET

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The best Cyber Monday Instant Pot deals for 2021 - CNET

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