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All You Need To Know About Acid Attack Laws In India: Know More

Given that acid attacks can leave lasting physical, emotional, and psychological scars on survivors and that in India, acid attacks are punishable under various laws.

1 Jun 2023 5:03 pm
Does This Video Show Students Being Trained To Offer Namaz? No, Viral Video Shows Rehearsal For Cultural Performance

We found that the viral video shows a rehearsal of a play and not the training of girls to offer namaz. The Baghpat police and media reports confirmed that the viral video shows a rehearsal and not a situation with a communal angle.

1 Jun 2023 4:39 pm
Trouble For Medical Colleges: 150 Institutions At Risk Of Losing Recognition, 40 Already Penalized

Over 150 medical institutions in the country may lose recognition from the National Medical Commission for failing to meet standards and inadequate faculty. The NMC is investigating institutions in multiple states.

31 May 2023 5:58 pm
How To Track The Status Of Your E-filing Of Income Tax Returns?

There are multiple ways to keep tabs on the progress of your e-filing. The blog will give you a sense of relief and guarantee that you meet your tax responsibilities on schedule.

31 May 2023 4:52 pm
12 Lakh Die Of Tobacco-Related Illness In India Every Year, Experts Say

Nearly one-fifth of students aged 13-15 years in India are using tobacco products, as per the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS).

31 May 2023 4:39 pm
Does This Image Of An Acid Attack Victim Contain The Love-Jihad Angle? No, Viral Claim Is False

The image shows Resham Khan, the victim of an acid attack, at the hands of John Tomlin, who was reportedly 'emotionally unstable'. The attack was also treated as an Islamaphobic crime by police.

31 May 2023 3:46 pm
Planting For Greener Prayagraj: New Initiative Offers Free Planted Trees With 'Free Tree' Scheme

Sangam City residents who want to plant a tree near their homes can call an exclusive toll-free number created by the government. The forest department will come to them and plant the sapling and would bear the entire expense of the sapling and the metal guard surrounding it.

31 May 2023 2:12 pm
Few Openings, Yet 98% Skilled Employees Ready To Change Job: Survey

The study also found that people are open to new job opportunities regardless of when they started their present job, with almost two-thirds of those who began their tenure as recently as 2022 being active job seekers.

30 May 2023 4:55 pm
Slow Increase In Women Numbers In Top Indian IT Firms

Women in India's top five IT firms account for 35.4% of the total employee count, as shown by HR firm Xpheno's research. This has increased just 0.6 percentage points from March 2020, when it was 34,8%.

30 May 2023 3:42 pm
Does This Image Show Wrestler Being Stomped By Cop's Boot? No, Viral Image Is From Farmers' Protest

It does not show one of the protesting wrestlers but rather Ranjit Singh, who was arrested during the farmers' protest in 2021. The viral claim is false.

30 May 2023 3:21 pm
Does This Video Show Hindu Indian And Bangladeshi Women Rescued From ISIS Tents? No, Viral Video Is False

The video dates back to 2022 and shows women being rescued by YPJ forces, who were Yazidis.

29 May 2023 2:34 pm
Delhi-Based University Faces Backlash For Offering Rs 8,000 Salary For Research Assistant Position

The South Asian University in Delhi has faced severe criticism on Twitter for offering a meagre salary of Rs 8,000 to individuals with PhD, MPhil, or postgraduate degrees to hire them as part-time research assistants.

29 May 2023 1:20 pm
73% Women Want Companies To Allow Them To Take Menstrual Leave, Finds Survey

Nearly 10,000 women aged 18 to 35 years took part in the survey conducted in multiple cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Patna and Lucknow.

29 May 2023 11:48 am