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What you need to know about Veronicas, Bandras newest artisanal sandwich shop

A fitting tribute to the chic suburb, the fare at Veronicas is fun, vibrant, and delicious to taste

28 Mar 2023 9:49 am
Mumbai home chefs share iftaar recipes

On the second day of Ramadan, weve handpicked four home chefs who are whipping up an indulgent iftar spread to tackle your fast-breaking meal throughout the month

25 Mar 2023 9:56 am
Nutritionists warn about getting information on social media

After a fitness influencer tried dog food to up his protein intake, two nutritionists reiterate the need for awareness about healthy eating, with guidelines for different types of eaters to ace that balanced plate

24 Mar 2023 10:05 am
Cricket enthusiasts share their favourite WPL teams and snacks to binge on

As cricket turns a corner with the Womens Premier League (WPL), fans share about their favourite teams, and city-based home chefs chip in with complementing dishes

18 Mar 2023 10:04 am
Drink cider from breweries across Maharashtra this weekend in Mumbai

Cider breweries from across Maharashtra unite to bring a fresh taste at a weekend fest in the city

17 Mar 2023 10:25 am