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Want to connect better with others? Just start gardening

Gardening is one great way to connect with nature. And research say spending time in nature can even help fight chronic diseases and relieve stress. .

26 Feb 2020 2:03 pm
Do you experience these symptoms frequently? Youre probably suffering from eating disorder

The right diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but when it becomes an obsession, it may be eating disorder. Learn how to read the symptoms. .

26 Feb 2020 1:35 pm
Health Tech: The best diabetes apps of 2020

These apps will help you make informed choices to manage your diabetes. What are you waiting for? Pick one that's best for you .

26 Feb 2020 12:57 pm
Stress can come with a positive effect too: It can strengthen human bonding

Researchers suggest that stress could potentially help people deal with negative situations by driving them to be closer to other people. .

26 Feb 2020 12:19 pm
Travelling in the times of the coronavirus

Many people have no option but to travel even at times of epidemics and pandemics. Read on to know how you can keep safe while travelling in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. .

26 Feb 2020 11:36 am
Bring down your risk of breast cancer: Reduce milk intake

Researchers have found that even relatively moderate amounts of dairy milk consumption can increase women's risk of breast cancer. Read on to know more. .

26 Feb 2020 8:49 am
Urinary retention: Natural remedies to relieve the symptoms

A combination of medical and home treatments may help ease the symptoms faster. Here are three home remedies for bladder retention: .

25 Feb 2020 9:16 pm
Best DIY face masks for gorgeous skin during the spring season

These DIY face masks are tried and tested. Try them and flaunt your gorgeous spring skin. .

25 Feb 2020 8:49 pm
Get relief from arthritis pain naturally: 5 home therapies you must try

Many people are taking a natural approach to arthritis relief pain. You should try too. .

25 Feb 2020 8:39 pm
Safe and effective natural remedies for your little ones stuffy nose and more

It is always better to avoid drugs when your little one is unwell. But fortunately, there are many natural remedies for babies that can offer relief. .

25 Feb 2020 7:35 pm
Here are some reasons why should stop using e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes can damage your DNA, cause lung injury. Stop using e-cigarettes before it's too late. .

25 Feb 2020 6:40 pm
Type 2 diabetes: Obesity and other factors that up your risk of this disease

Obesity is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes. But along with this there are other health related conditions that may put you in the right risk group. .

25 Feb 2020 4:52 pm
Cases of flu-related deaths surge in the US: Heres how you can avoid the infection

Getting the flu vaccine before the season starts is a good way to prevent the infection, say health experts. .

25 Feb 2020 2:38 pm
Bizarre: Harlequin ichthyosis, the skin condition that makes a child look like a doll

A rare skin disorder, harlequin ichthyosis, gave a small 2-year-old boy the appearance of a doll, much to the distress of his mother. Read on to know more. .

25 Feb 2020 1:52 pm
E-cigarettes may lead to DNA damage

Researchers found that e-cigarette consists of harmful levels of metals like zinc which are correlated to elevated oxidated DNA damage. .

25 Feb 2020 1:17 pm
Want to keep your mind sharp as you age? Find an optimistic partner

Optimistic people often exhibit healthier behaviours that are linked to good cognitive function. An optimistic partner might influence their spouse to follow the same. .

25 Feb 2020 1:01 pm
Coronavirus updates: WHO says COVID-19 may soon be a pandemic, but what does sex have to do with it?

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, may well be the next pandemic as the World Health Organisation calls on countries to increase their preparedness. .

25 Feb 2020 12:04 pm
Today health tip: Take care of your childs strained eyes during the CBSE Board exams

Eye stain is a common complaint of children during long study hours. Today, health tips from us will help you take care of your kids eyes during the CBSE exams. .

25 Feb 2020 10:01 am
Your high blood pressure levels may be due to gut bacteria

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have identified a distinct collection of bacteria found in the gut that may contribute to and predict the development of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). .

25 Feb 2020 8:43 am
Want to live longer? Drink half a pint of beer every day

According to a new study, men who drink half a pint of beer every day have a better chance of living to a ripe old age. .

25 Feb 2020 8:34 am
This is why moong dal can be your best beauty buddy

Moong dal might be your least preferred dal, but this green gram can do wonders to your skin. .

24 Feb 2020 8:37 pm
Donald Trump loves gorging on deep fried foods: Dont ever make the diet blunders he commits

During his ongoing trip to India, US President Donald Trump is supposed to be served a Trump Platter by Bukhara restaurant, ITC Maurya, Delhi. Though the menu of this platter is yet a secret, we definitely know the leaders unhealthy food choices. .

24 Feb 2020 3:35 pm
Kangana Ranaut is looking fabulous as Jayalalithaa: Heres her diet and fitness regime

For her role as Jayalalithaa in Thalaivi, Kangana Ranaut has put on some weight. But otherwise the actress is usually known for flaunting her toned body. Here's the secret behind Kangana's fit and toned body. .

24 Feb 2020 1:11 pm
Coronavirus update: Wuhan residents say they were forced into mass quarantine, risking cross- infection

Healthy Wuhan residents have expressed disappointment over the Chinese governments alleged mishandling of the outbreak. .

24 Feb 2020 12:12 pm
Today health tips: Heres how you can keep your eyes safe from computer vision syndrome

Not just your eyesight but computer vision syndrome can affect your productivity too. Follow these tips to protect your eyes from blue light .

24 Feb 2020 11:13 am
Coronavirus fear: Robot Pepe will nudge Delhi students to wash their hands

This is an effort to prevent coronavirus infection. The Pepe robots each costing a nominal Rs 7,000 will be mounted on the wall near washrooms. .

24 Feb 2020 10:18 am
Curry leaves: This magic herb can promote your health in many ways

Curry leaves can help in controlling blood sugar levels, diabetes management, maintenance of gastrointestinal health and many more .

24 Feb 2020 10:02 am
Coronavirus outbreak: DGCA orders screening of passengers arriving in India from 4 more Asian countries

Earlier, the DGCA had ordered the screening of passengers arriving from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. .

24 Feb 2020 9:44 am
40% of diabetic patients initially decline insulin therapy: All you need to know about this disease

The researchers noted that delaying insulin therapy could have severe health consequences and shorten a persons life span. .

23 Feb 2020 7:30 pm
Fat around arteries is actually good for your health: Study

This fat, known as perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT), helps arteries release muscular tension while under stress. .

23 Feb 2020 5:49 pm
Reading keeps your mind sharp: Its good for your relationships too

Reading fiction is known to increase peoples empathy and compassion. .

23 Feb 2020 3:16 pm
Coronavirus update: Cases surge in South Korea, WHO fears spread to African countries

The number of new coronavirus cases nearly tripled in less than 24 hours in South Korea. WHO fears that the virus may spread to the African continent, especially to countries with less developed health-care systems. .

23 Feb 2020 12:50 pm
Bariatric surgery may help individuals with early-onset obesity as well

It has sometimes been speculated that bariatric surgical treatment would be less effective in early-onset obesity because of longer exposure to the adverse health effects of obesity. .

23 Feb 2020 9:58 am
Novel coronavirus: Is this WHOs mysterious Disease X?

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus showing no signs of abating, many experts are now wondering if this is WHOs mysterious 'Disease X'. .

22 Feb 2020 7:10 pm
Treat your angina symptoms naturally with basil, lemon and more

Angina can bring debilitating symptoms. Read on to know about some natural remedies that can offer relief from the symptoms of this condition. .

22 Feb 2020 6:26 pm
A few skin care tips for you when you are stressed and anxious

Too much stress can wreak havoc on your outward appearance. Read on to know how you must take care of your skin in trying times. .

22 Feb 2020 3:59 pm
Today health tips: Relax but avoid naps to enjoy a good nights sleep

Sleep is essential for overall well-being. Today, health tips from us will help you get rid of sleep disorders and you will be able to enjoy a good nights sleep. .

22 Feb 2020 12:37 pm
Jealous? Take a deep breath and remind yourself that the feeling is not permanent

Jealousy can make you behave in an irrational manner that is also not good for your health. Read on to know how you can deal with this emotion in a healthy manner. .

21 Feb 2020 7:35 pm
Health Tech: Heres how 5G technology is going to transform Indias healthcare

The Indian healthcare sector is poised for a revolution. The advent of 5G technology is going to transform India's healthcare and make it super-efficient and reliable. .

21 Feb 2020 6:39 pm
Intense exercise can make you sweaty: Post-workout care is important for hair health

Your hair is likely to be grimy and sweaty after a session at the gym. But you need to take special care to maintain hair health. .

21 Feb 2020 6:11 pm
Bizarre: Pond scum can be your crusader against cholesterol

Your favourite health food, spirulina, is nothing but pond scum. Read on to know the amazing health benefits of this food. .

21 Feb 2020 5:11 pm
4 health conditions that are easy to mistake for genital herpes

Genital herpes is a condition that causes itching and discomfort in your genital area. But there are a few other conditions that have the same symptoms. .

21 Feb 2020 1:21 pm
Most Bizarre Diseases You Didnt Know About

There are many bizarre diseases that hardly draw any attention but are dreadful. For example, Cotards delusion that makes people believe they are dead. .

20 Feb 2020 9:04 pm
Love Litti Chokha like PM Modi does: Heres why you should

PM Modi tucked into litti chokha at Hunaar Haat. Read on to know the various health benefits of this traditional delicacy from Bihar. .

20 Feb 2020 5:04 pm
Mental health: Gower forestry project uses nature to help stroke survivors regain confidence

A Gower forestry project is helping people with health problems, such as stroke survivors, recover faster by help them regain independence and confidence. .

20 Feb 2020 4:01 pm
Coronavirus update: 3-D mapping of the virus may lead to development of vaccine

Scientists have created the first 3D atomic scale map of the coronavirus raising hopes that a cure may soon be available. .

20 Feb 2020 3:36 pm
British Columbia to impose 20 per cent sugar tax to battle obesity and other health conditions

From July 1, British Columbia will have a 20 per cent sugar tax. This is seen as a move to tackles health conditions related to this food. .

20 Feb 2020 2:59 pm
Black Beer Diner employee infected with Hepatitis A: Heres how you can fend off the virus

Hepatitis A scare: Those who ate at the Black Beer Diner on State Street on potential exposure days (January 26-Febraury 16) should get vaccinated, say US health officials. .

20 Feb 2020 2:37 pm
Intensive insulin therapy can keep diabetic complications away, but it comes with drawbacks too

Intensive insulin therapy is an aggressive treatment procedure that comes with many benefits. But it also has its own disadvantages. .

20 Feb 2020 1:52 pm
Polio eradication is a priority of the UN: Heres how India beat it

India and the entire WHO South-East Asia Region were officially declared as being polio-free on March 27, 2014. .

20 Feb 2020 1:06 pm