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California's new mental health court rolls out to high expectations and uncertainty

An alternative mental health court program designed to fast-track people with untreated schizophrenia into housing and medical care is starting in San Francisco and six other California counties

2 Oct 2023 9:52 am
Pakistan officials consider a new way to boost polio vaccination: prison

Authorities in one province of Pakistan are turning to a controversial new tactic in the decades-long initiative to wipe out polio: prison

1 Oct 2023 5:52 pm
Anti-abortion groups are at odds on strategies ahead of Ohio vote. It could be a preview for 2024

Abortion opponents in Ohio are at odds over how to frame their opposition to a reproductive rights amendment on the states November ballot and over longer-term goals on how severely they would restrict the procedure

30 Sep 2023 9:47 pm
Transgender minors in Nebraska, their families and doctors brace for a new law limiting treatment

Nebraskas new law restricting gender-affirming care for anyone under 19 goes into effect this weekend

30 Sep 2023 9:52 am
Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones arrested in protective order violation, authorities say

Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Chandler Jones has been arrested

30 Sep 2023 1:32 am
A doctor was caught in the crossfire and was among 4 killed in a gunbattle at a hospital in Mexico

A nighttime shooting attack on a hospital in northern Mexico has left four people dead including a doctor

29 Sep 2023 11:52 pm
The Navy will start randomly testing special operations troops for steroids, the first such program in US military

The Navy will start randomly testing special operations troops for steroids, the first such program in US military

29 Sep 2023 9:51 pm
Judges maintain bans on gender-affirming care for youth in Tennessee and Kentucky

A group of federal appeals judges has ruled that Tennessee and Kentucky can keep banning gender-affirming care for young transgender people while legal challenges against those state laws proceed

29 Sep 2023 9:46 pm
FDA wants to regulate thousands of lab tests that have long skirted oversight

The Food and Drug Administration says it plans to begin regulating laboratory-based medical tests

29 Sep 2023 9:36 pm
Portland police are investigating nearly a dozen fentanyl overdoses involving children, with 5 fatal

Police in Portland, Oregon, are investigating nearly a dozen fentanyl overdoses involving children as young as 1 year old

29 Sep 2023 5:04 am
Judge sentences a woman who investigators say burned a Wyoming abortion clinic to 5 years in prison

A judge has sentenced an abortion opponent to five years in prison for burning a Wyoming abortion clinic

29 Sep 2023 5:04 am
What to know as fall vaccinations against COVID, flu and RSV get underway

Fall vaccination season is in full swing, with health officials urging both an updated COVID-19 shot and flu vaccine for most everyone

29 Sep 2023 5:03 am
Woman pleads guilty to calling in hoax bomb threat at Boston Children's Hospital

A Massachusetts woman has pleaded guilty to calling in a fake bomb threat at Boston Childrens Hospital as it faced a barrage of harassment over its surgical program for transgender youths

29 Sep 2023 2:17 am
State officials in Michigan scratched from lawsuit over lead in Benton Harbor's water

A judge has dismissed state officials from a lawsuit related to past lead contamination in a small southwestern Michigan citys drinking water

29 Sep 2023 1:35 am
Republican offers new twist on abortion exceptions as issue stays at forefront of Kentucky campaign

The complexities of abortion-related politics in the post-Roe v. Wade era are continuing to put the squeeze on Republican Daniel Cameron

29 Sep 2023 1:17 am
2 accused of false Alzheimer's diagnoses get prison terms for fraud convictions

A former director of an Ohio memory-loss clinic accused by dozens of patients of falsely diagnosing them with Alzheimers disease has been sentenced on federal fraud charges, along with her physician husband

28 Sep 2023 8:08 pm
California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law to protect doctors who mail abortion pills to other states

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a law protecting doctors and pharmacists who mail abortion pills to patients in other states

28 Sep 2023 5:52 am
Virginia Democrats warn Republicans will ban abortion; GOP says their rhetoric is fearmongering

Virginia Republicans are stepping up their criticism of the rhetoric being used by their Democratic opponents in abortion-focused messaging in this years critical legislative elections

28 Sep 2023 4:48 am
FDA advisers vote against experimental ALS treatment pushed by patients

Federal health advisers have voted overwhelmingly against recommending approval of an experimental treatment for Lou Gehrig's disease, the fatal muscle-wasting disease

28 Sep 2023 4:24 am
Nebraska latest Republican state to expand Medicaid to cover postpartum care for low-income mothers

Lower-income new mothers will get a full year of Medicaid health care coverage in Nebraska under an order issued by Gov. Jim Pillen

28 Sep 2023 3:03 am
New rules aim to make foster care with family easier, provide protection for LGBTQ+ children

The Biden administration is moving to make it easier for caregivers to take in family members in the foster care system, requiring states to provide them with the same financial support that any other foster home would receive

28 Sep 2023 2:48 am
Colorado supermarket shooting suspect suggested to psychologist that he wanted police to kill him

The man accused of killing 10 people at a Colorado supermarket in 2021 said during a mental health evaluation that he bought firearms to carry out a mass shooting and wanted police to kill him

28 Sep 2023 1:28 am
Montana judge blocks enforcement of law to ban gender-affirming medical care for minors

A Montana state judge has blocked enforcement of a law to ban gender-affirming medical care for minors

27 Sep 2023 10:00 pm
A state judge has temporarily blocked a Montana law banning gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth

A state judge has temporarily blocked a Montana law banning gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth

27 Sep 2023 9:19 pm
Canadian police won't investigate doctor for sterilizing Indigenous woman

Police in Canada say they will not pursue a criminal investigation into a recent case in which a doctor sterilized an Inuit woman without her consent

27 Sep 2023 8:01 pm
Oregon Gov. Kotek directs state police to crack down on fentanyl distribution

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek says she has directed state police to launch new strategies aimed at disrupting the fentanyl supply chain and holding sellers of the illegal and often deadly drug accountable

27 Sep 2023 8:01 am
Anti-abortion groups demand liberal Wisconsin prosecutors charge abortion providers despite ruling

A coalition of anti-abortion organizations is urging two Wisconsin prosecutors to pursue charges against abortion providers in their counties despite a court's ruling that abortion is legal

27 Sep 2023 1:52 am
More students gain eligibility for free school meals under expanded US program

More students in schools serving low-income communities will be eligible to receive breakfast and lunch at no cost under a rule change announced Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Agriculture

26 Sep 2023 8:01 pm
UN says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan as conflict grinds on

The U.N. health agency says cholera and dengue outbreaks have been reported in eastern Sudan, where thousands of people are sheltering in crowded camps as deadly fighting grinds on between the countrys military and a rival paramilitary force

26 Sep 2023 4:24 pm
After US approval, Japan OKs its first Alzheimer's drug. Leqembi was developed by Eisai and Biogen

Japans health ministry has approved Leqembi, a drug for Alzheimers decease that was jointly developed by Japanese and U.S. pharmaceutical companies

26 Sep 2023 1:52 pm
New cars are supposed to be getting safer. So why are fatalities on the rise?

Government test data shows new passenger vehicles in the U.S. are extremely safe, but roadway deaths are steadily rising

26 Sep 2023 11:52 am
26 Sep 2023 1:44 am
Experimental treatment pushed by ALS patients gets day before FDA, but agency unconvinced it works

The Food and Drug Administration meets this week to consider a much-debated treatment for Lou Gehrigs disease

25 Sep 2023 11:20 pm
We carry DNA from extinct cousins like Neanderthals. Science is now revealing their genetic legacy

More research is showing that we carry genes from other kinds of ancient humans, and their DNA affects our lives today

25 Sep 2023 12:56 pm
25 Sep 2023 1:52 am
Government should pay compensation for secretive Cold War-era testing, St. Louis victims say

As Congress considers payments to victims of Cold War-era nuclear contamination in the St. Louis region, people who were targeted for secret government testing from that same time period believe theyre due compensation, too

24 Sep 2023 5:52 pm
Science paints a new picture of the ancient past, when we mixed and mated with other kinds of humans

The science of human evolution has made big leaps in recent years, and its painting a new picture of our origins

24 Sep 2023 1:52 pm
At UN, African leaders say enough is enough: They must be partnered with, not sidelined

At the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, African leaders are relaying a unanimous message, that their continent of more than 1.3 billion people is done being a victim of a post-world war order and must be recognized and partnered with as a g...

23 Sep 2023 11:36 pm
Many states are expanding their Medicaid programs to provide dental care to their poorest residents

A growing number of states are offering dental care to low-income adults who once had to rely on charity or the emergency room to treat their tooth problems

23 Sep 2023 8:48 pm
Nikki Haley's approach to abortion is rooted in her earliest days in South Carolina politics

Nikki Haley is gaining attention in the GOP race with her calls for consensus around abortion, an unusual tone in a campaign where Republican White House hopefuls often prefer to highlight their eagerness to fight President Joe Biden and other Democrats

23 Sep 2023 9:52 am
RSV vaccine recommended during pregnancy as a second option to protect newborns

U.S. health officials are recommending RSV vaccinations for moms-to-be as a second option to protect newborns

23 Sep 2023 3:52 am
Minneapolis plans to transfer city property to Native American tribe for treatment center

Minneapolis officials plan to transfer two city-owned properties to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa

23 Sep 2023 12:08 am
Maryland surgeons for the second time have transplanted a pigs heart into a dying man

Maryland surgeons for the second time have transplanted a pigs heart into a dying man

22 Sep 2023 11:35 pm
Medicaid expansion to begin soon in North Carolina as governor decides to let budget bill become law

Some adults in North Carolina could get Medicaid coverage within weeks because Gov. Roy Cooper says he'll let the state budget bill coming to his desk become law

22 Sep 2023 9:12 pm
Some providers are dropping gender-affirming care for kids even in cases where it's legal

Some medical providers are dropping continuing gender-affirming care for minors, even though it remains legal

22 Sep 2023 9:52 am
Mississippi GOP governor says his plan would aid hospitals; Democrat pushes for Medicaid expansion

Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves has released a plan to try to ease some financial problems for hospitals

22 Sep 2023 4:01 am
Medicaid coverage restored to about a half-million people after computer errors

About a half-million people are regaining Medicaid coverage after the federal government says they were dropped inappropriately by states

22 Sep 2023 3:44 am
Biden aiming to scrub medical debt from people's credit scores, which could up ratings for millions

Vice President Kamala Harris says the Biden administration is beginning the process to remove medical bills from peoples credit scores

22 Sep 2023 2:40 am
Booking a COVID-19 vaccine? Some are reporting canceled appointments or insurance issues

Pfizer and Moderna say they have sent out millions of doses of the new COVID-19 vaccines in the past week

22 Sep 2023 1:46 am
Appeals court takes up transgender health coverage case likely headed to Supreme Court

A federal appeals court is considering cases out of North Carolina and West Virginia that could have significant implications on whether individual states are required to cover health care for transgender people with government-sponsored insurance

22 Sep 2023 1:32 am