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Nebraska woman charged with helping daughter have abortion

A Nebraska woman has been charged with helping her teenage daughter have an abortion

10 Aug 2022 5:41 am
US will stretch monkeypox vaccine supply with smaller doses

U.S. health officials are endorsing a new monkeypox vaccination strategy designed to stretch limited supplies by allowing health professionals to vaccinate up to five people instead of one with each vial

10 Aug 2022 1:38 am
Justice Department asks judge to pause Idaho abortion ban

Idaho instituted a near-total abortion ban.

10 Aug 2022 1:29 am
Fewer than 1 in 3 insured hepatitis C patients getting cure

A new government study found that fewer than 1 in 3 people infected with hepatitis C are getting the treatments that can cure them

9 Aug 2022 10:52 pm
China closes Potala Palace after COVID-19 reported in Tibet

Chinese authorities have closed Tibet's famed Potala Palace after a minor outbreak of COVID-19 was reported in the Himalayan region

9 Aug 2022 9:03 am
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tests positive for COVID-19

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has tested positive for COVID-19

9 Aug 2022 8:27 am
Major test of first possible Lyme vaccine in 20 years begins

Researchers are seeking thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe.

9 Aug 2022 3:41 am
Hearing delayed for vegan mom in starvation death of son

She was convicted of first-degree murder and other charges.

8 Aug 2022 9:22 pm
BioNTech reports strong first half, expects demand to grow

BioNTech, which teamed with Pfizer to develop a powerful COVID-19 vaccine, has reported higher revenue and net profit in the first half of the year

8 Aug 2022 6:38 pm
China finds more COVID cases after locking down beach resort

Another 259 COVID-19 cases have been reported in the southern Chinese island province of Hainan

8 Aug 2022 9:19 am
Senate Democrats push Biden's health, climate bill to passage in stunning election-year turnaround; House to vote next

Senate Democrats push Biden's health, climate bill to passage in stunning election-year turnaround; House to vote next

8 Aug 2022 12:48 am
Dems rally around abortion. Are they reaching Black voters?

Democratic hopefuls in Wisconsin see abortion as the issue that will carry them to election wins in November, but efforts to reach Black voters on the topic are sparse

7 Aug 2022 9:27 pm
Dems push Biden climate, health priorities toward Senate OK

The Senate has worked overnight and into the morning as Democrats push their election-year economic package toward passage

7 Aug 2022 5:54 pm
Biden leaves White House for 1st time since getting COVID-19

The president was headed to a reunion with first lady Jill Biden in Delaware.

7 Aug 2022 5:46 pm
Senate rules referee weakens Dem drug plan in economic bill

The Senate's nonpartisan rules arbiter has dealt a blow to Democrats plan for curbing drug prices

7 Aug 2022 1:20 am
Biden tests negative for COVID, isolating until 2nd negative

President Joe Biden's doctor says the 79-year-old president has tested negative for COVID-19 but will continue to isolate at the White House until a second negative test

6 Aug 2022 11:08 pm
Biden administration condemns new Indiana abortion ban

The administration of President Joe Biden has condemned Indianas new ban on abortions, calling it another devastating attempt by Republicans to trample womens rights

6 Aug 2022 9:40 pm
Thousands stranded in China resort city amid COVID lockdown

Some 80,000 tourists are stranded in the southern Chinese beach resort of Sanya, after authorities declared it a COVID-19 hot spot and imposed a lockdown

6 Aug 2022 8:00 pm
Some South Carolina Republicans pause at abortion ban brink

Some South Carolina lawmakers who oppose abortion are being cautious when it comes to tightening the state's already restrictive laws even further

6 Aug 2022 6:30 pm
Ukraine grain shipments offer hope, not fix to food crisis

A ship bringing corn to Lebanon is offering hope after becoming the first to depart a Ukrainian Black Sea port since Russia invaded

6 Aug 2022 1:16 pm
Officials: Central Illinois day care worker has monkeypox

Health officials say a central Illinois day care worker has monkeypox but that it has not spread to others at the center

6 Aug 2022 5:22 am
Parents of child who died from fentanyl charged with murder

Prosecutors in Northern California have filed murder charges against the parents of a 15-month-old who died in May after she ingested fentanyl authorities believe her mother had been using

6 Aug 2022 4:56 am
Ex-officer sentenced in rough arrest of woman with dementia

A former Colorado police officer who did not stop another officer from being rough with a 73-year-old woman with dementia has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and three years of probation

6 Aug 2022 4:37 am
5th abortion clinic opened in Kansas in lead up to vote

Planned Parenthood quietly opened another abortion clinic in Kansas in the lead up to a decisive statewide vote in favor of protecting abortion access

6 Aug 2022 2:09 am
Indiana House passes abortion ban, sends to Senate

The Indiana House has passed a bill that would ban nearly all abortions in the state, sending the legislation back to the state Senate to confer on House changes

6 Aug 2022 1:35 am
UK: 'Early signs' that monkeypox outbreak may be peaking

British health authorities say the monkeypox outbreak across the country may be peaking and that the epidemics growth rate has slowed

5 Aug 2022 11:26 pm
German police raid home over threats made to Austrian doctor

German prosecutors say they have conducted a search at the home of a man suspected of threatening a doctor whose death shocked neighboring Austria

5 Aug 2022 7:16 pm
Spain reports first deaths from acute hepatitis in children

Spain has reported its first two deaths from acute hepatitis, or liver inflammation, among children

5 Aug 2022 4:56 pm
3 more ships with grain depart Ukraine ports under UN deal

Three more ships carrying thousands of tons of corn have left Ukrainian ports

5 Aug 2022 4:44 pm
Spain leads Europe in monkeypox, struggles to check spread

Spain is struggling to curtail Europe's leading monkeypox outbreak since the disease spread beyond Africa

5 Aug 2022 1:12 pm
Germany's health minister tests positive for COVID-19

Germanys health minister, an epidemiologist by training who has led the countrys fight against COVID-19 since December, has tested positive for the coronavirus

5 Aug 2022 12:44 pm
EXPLAINER: Why is insulin so expensive and difficult to cap?

Reining in the soaring prices of insulin has thus far been elusive in Congress, although Democrats say theyll try again as part of their economic package that focuses on health and climate

5 Aug 2022 10:30 am
Louisiana abortion providers file appeal, hope to block ban

Access to abortion in Louisiana has been back-and-forth for weeks with the states three clinics relying on rulings and temporary restraining orders to continue operations

5 Aug 2022 4:19 am
US declares public health emergency over monkeypox outbreak

The U.S. has declared a public health emergency to bolster the federal response to the outbreak of monkeypox that already has infected more than 6,600 Americans

5 Aug 2022 3:26 am
Missouri Dems turn to Illinois, Kansas for abortion help

A top Democratic state lawmaker is asking Illinois and Kansas to cover emergency abortions for Missouri Medicaid patients

5 Aug 2022 2:50 am
Will abortion be on more state ballots after Kansas vote?

Abortion rights opponents were shocked and abortion advocates energized by a decisive statewide vote in heavily Republican Kansas this week in favor of protecting abortion access

5 Aug 2022 2:30 am
AP sources: US to declare monkeypox a public health emergency to bolster federal response to growing outbreak

AP sources: US to declare monkeypox a public health emergency to bolster federal response to growing outbreak

4 Aug 2022 11:18 pm
Africa CDC says gay sex 'not relevant' in monkeypox there

Africas public health agency says it doesnt know how many of the continents reported monkeypox cases this year are in men who have sex with men

4 Aug 2022 9:51 pm
Pope promotes Vatican nurse credited with saving his life

Pope Francis has promoted a Vatican nurse to be his personal health care assistant The Vatican announced the appointment of Massimiliano Strappetti on Thursday

4 Aug 2022 5:41 pm
Abortion vote in Kansas sparks new hope for Dems in midterms

Democrats are celebrating a stunning victory for abortion rights in Republican stronghold Kansas as proof that the issue could turn back a Republican wave this fall

4 Aug 2022 5:32 am
Tennessee sues Walgreens over opioid prescription onslaught

Tennessees attorney general is suing Walgreens over the state's opioid crisis

4 Aug 2022 4:44 am
EXPLAINER: Does health care law protect emergency abortion?

The Biden administration has filed its first legal challenge to a state abortion ban since the end of Roe v. Wade with a case that could allow hospitals to keep giving women abortion-related medical care in serious medical situations

4 Aug 2022 4:32 am
Judge: West Virginia Medicaid must cover transgender care

A federal judge has ruled that West Virginias Medicaid program must provide coverage for gender-confirming care for transgender residents

4 Aug 2022 2:57 am
Biden signs executive order to protect travel for abortion

President Joe Biden on Wednesday signed an executive order aimed in part at making it easier for women seeking abortions to travel between states to obtain access to the procedure

4 Aug 2022 12:35 am
Abortion court battles press on, even in deep red states

In deeply conservative Idaho, it's expected that abortion will be banned eventually, but abortion rights advocates are continuing their legal challenges

3 Aug 2022 11:29 pm
COVID cases drop 9% globally last week, deaths stable

New coronavirus cases fell 9% globally last week while deaths remained stable

3 Aug 2022 10:48 pm
COVID-19 vaccine sales push Moderna past expectations in Q2

Better-than-expected COVID-19 vaccine sales pushed Moderna past Wall Streets second-quarter forecasts

3 Aug 2022 9:45 pm
EPA: Chemical in medical-device cleanser poses cancer risk

The Environmental Protection Agency is warning residents who live near medical sterilizing plants in 13 states and Puerto Rico about potential health risks from emissions of ethylene oxide, a chemical widely used in their operations

3 Aug 2022 9:24 pm
Germany announces new coronavirus measures for fall, winter

The German government says basic coronavirus requirements will remain in place during the coming fall and winter, when experts expect COVID-19 cases to rise again as people spend more time indoors

3 Aug 2022 8:47 pm
Growing prescriptions help push CVS past Q2 expectations

CVS Health thumped second-quarter expectations and hiked its full-year forecast as growing prescription claims helped balance a drop in vaccinations

3 Aug 2022 8:29 pm