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UN: Malawi is 1st nation to use malaria vaccine to help kids

The World Health Organization says Malawi has become the first country to begin immunizing children against malaria using the only licensed vaccine to protect against the mosquito-spread disease

23 Apr 2019 6:25 pm
Tennessee lawmakers send governor 'triggered' abortion ban

A proposal that would effectively outlaw most abortions in Tennessee if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade is headed to the governor's desk

23 Apr 2019 7:18 am
The Latest: Tennessee advances 'triggered' abortion ban

The Tennessee Senate has rejected a push to revive a bill this year to ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into pregnancy

23 Apr 2019 5:46 am
New York outbreaks drive US measles count up to 626

New York outbreaks continue to drive US measles cases up toward levels not seen in 25 years

22 Apr 2019 10:10 pm
Washington state lawmaker's comments raise ire of nurses

A Washington state lawmaker has raised the ire of nurses by commenting in a speech on the Senate floor that some nurses may spend a lot of time playing cards on their breaks

21 Apr 2019 5:40 am
New attack on Ebola center in Congo; 1 militia member killed

New attack on Ebola center in Congo, local official says; militia member is killed

21 Apr 2019 1:31 am
Attackers kill doctor at hospital in Congo's Ebola epicenter

Attackers storm hospital in the epicenter of Congo's Ebola outbreak, kill doctor from Cameroon, hurt others

20 Apr 2019 2:36 am
US authorities: Marijuana involvement imperils citizenship

Immigration authorities on Friday said that anyone with any involvement with marijuana, regardless of whether it's legal in the state they live in, can be denied from citizenship because the drug is still outlawed by federal law

20 Apr 2019 2:34 am
FDA OKs 1st generic nasal spray of overdose reversal drug

US regulators have approved the 1st generic nasal spray version of the overdose reversing drug Narcan

20 Apr 2019 12:50 am
Court: EPA has 90 days to justify use of dangerous pesticide

A federal appeals court has given the Environmental Protection Agency 90 days to justify why a widely used but dangerous pesticide should stay on the market

19 Apr 2019 11:40 pm
Two-wave US flu season is now the longest in a decade

US flu season drags on, becoming the longest in recent history

19 Apr 2019 9:00 pm
Brands roll with stoner 'holiday' as pot legalization grows

April 20 is the day stoners decades ago chose to celebrate their love of marijuana, but as pot legalization expands some mainstream brands are joining the party

19 Apr 2019 7:10 pm
Cancer-causing chemical taints water after California blaze

Officials say the drinking water in Paradise, California, is contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical benzene after a deadly wildfire last year

19 Apr 2019 1:00 pm
Investigation of illegal painkillers targets 30 in Tennessee

Federal authorities have charged more than 30 medical professionals in Tennessee with illegally prescribing and distributing millions of prescription painkillers, many of which contained opioids

19 Apr 2019 4:05 am
'We don't get over it': Pain of mass shootings stretches on

The trauma of school shootings poses deep challenges for survivors, parents and communities

19 Apr 2019 3:11 am
US awards $350M in research funds to fight opioid epidemic

U.S. health officials award $350 million to states struggling with opioid epidemic with goal of cutting overdose deaths by 40%

19 Apr 2019 1:06 am
McConnell proposes raising minimum age for buying tobacco

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he plans to introduce legislation to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21 nationally

19 Apr 2019 12:27 am
Washington set to be 1st state with long-term care benefit

Washington is poised to become the first state to establish a program creating a benefit to help offset long-term care

18 Apr 2019 10:16 pm
Man settles with rafting center over daughter's amoeba death

The father of an Ohio woman who died after being exposed to a rare brain-eating amoeba at a North Carolina rafting center has settled a wrongful-death complaint

18 Apr 2019 9:24 pm
Study: Genetic test predicts middle-aged obesity risk

Scientists say a genetic test can identify newborns at heightened risk of becoming severely obese by middle age, possibly giving time for interventions designed to head off that fate

18 Apr 2019 8:37 pm
Legionnaires' disease found in adjacent California prisons

Officials say tests show Legionnaires' disease bacteria that killed one inmate and sickened another is more widespread than expected in a California state prison

18 Apr 2019 6:57 am
Georgia Gov. Kemp signs medical marijuana bill

Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has signed into law a bill that would allow certain patients to access a low-potency cannabis oil they can already legally use

18 Apr 2019 3:38 am
School shootings' effects on police officers understudied

Twenty years after Columbine, states are beginning to recognize psychological impact of mass shootings on police officers

18 Apr 2019 3:10 am
Doctors use HIV in gene therapy to fix 'bubble boy' disease

Eight babies who were born without a working germ-fighting system had their disease corrected by a gene therapy that ironically was made from one of the immune system's worst enemies, HIV

18 Apr 2019 2:36 am
60 people charged in illegal prescription opioid crackdown

Federal authorities say they have charged 60 people, including 31 doctors, for their roles in illegal prescribing and distributing of opioids and other dangerous drugs

18 Apr 2019 2:23 am
Stanford clears faculty members in gene-edited baby inquiry

Stanford University has cleared three faculty members of any wrongdoing in dealings with a Chinese scientist who claims to have helped make the world's first gene-edited babies

17 Apr 2019 11:08 pm
Doctor's dosing prompts a look at more hospital regulation

State officials are considering how Ohio might increase regulation of hospitals following allegations that a doctor ordered potentially fatal doses of painkillers for dozens of patients who then died

17 Apr 2019 10:48 pm
Supreme Court asked to void Louisiana abortion clinic law

A Louisiana abortion clinic is asking the Supreme Court to strike down regulations that could leave the state with just one clinic

17 Apr 2019 8:55 pm
US 'concerned' over misused funds allegations at UNAIDS

Financial and sexual misconduct problems have been reported at the agency.

17 Apr 2019 4:50 pm
North Carolina 'born-alive' abortion bill wins final passage

North Carolina lawmakers have given final passage to a bill to require doctors and nurses to care for babies born alive during a failed late-term abortion

17 Apr 2019 6:50 am
Baby boy receiving treatment after he was born without skin

A baby boy is receiving specialized hospital care three months after he was born without skin

17 Apr 2019 6:48 am
US halts sales of pelvic mesh tied to injuries in women

US orders two companies to stop selling pelvic mesh long tied to injuries in women

17 Apr 2019 5:00 am
Officials announce new measures to fight NY measles outbreak

Officials in a suburban New York county are announcing new measures to fight the spread of measles

17 Apr 2019 3:51 am
Congo's president wants Ebola contained within 3 months

Congo's president wants deadly Ebola outbreak contained within 3 months; over 800 killed

17 Apr 2019 2:45 am
CVS fined $535K for filling forged Percocet prescriptions

Drugstore chain CVS Health has agreed to pay a $535,000 penalty to resolve federal allegations that it filled 39 prescriptions for narcotic medications that its pharmacists knew were forged

16 Apr 2019 9:04 pm
North Macedonia declares measles epidemic

North Macedonia declares measles epidemic following warnings on risks of popular anti-vaccination campaigns

16 Apr 2019 7:09 pm
Telemedicine, walk-in clinics cloud role of family doctor

Some patients are dropping their family doctor as choices like telemedicine, urgent care centers and walk-in clinics grow

16 Apr 2019 6:49 pm
Bill to outlaw most abortions in Alabama to get hearing

Alabama lawmakers are set to hold a public hearing on a bill before a House committee that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state, what critics call one of the most extremely anti-abortion proposals in the country

16 Apr 2019 5:01 am
US measles count up to 555, with most new cases in New York

US measles cases have surged again, and at this pace will set a record for most illnesses in 25 years

16 Apr 2019 2:54 am
Senior's weakness for scams may be warning sign of dementia

Researchers: Seniors who aren't on guard against scams also might be at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease

16 Apr 2019 2:48 am
Nebraska's tough approach to medical marijuana may backfire

Nebraska's conservative lawmakers are again expected to reject a measure calling for highly regulated medical marijuana, but that likely won't end of the issue

15 Apr 2019 10:58 pm
AP Exclusive: UN whistleblower targeted in misconduct probe

AP Exclusive: The U.N. AIDS agency is grappling with previously undisclosed allegations of financial and sexual misconduct involving a whistleblower

15 Apr 2019 3:57 pm
Pass It On: Addiction network CEO emphasizes education

Pass it On: American Addiction Centers CEO prioritizes education and expertise in running company and treating patients

15 Apr 2019 11:10 am
Insider Q&A: American Addiction Centers CEO talks treatment

American Addiction Centers CEO Michael Cartwright talks about the barriers to addiction treatment

15 Apr 2019 8:50 am
Madagascar measles epidemic kills more than 1,200 people

Madagascar measles epidemic kills more than 1,200 people, with widespread poverty to blame

14 Apr 2019 7:21 pm
Migrants dropped off in New Mexico; city asks for donations

Border Patrol agents dropped off asylum-seeking migrants in New Mexico's second most populous city for the second day in a row Saturday, prompting appeals for donations of food and personal hygiene items and for volunteers to provide health assessments

14 Apr 2019 8:32 am
In South Sudan, midwives bring down deaths despite the odds

In South Sudan, midwives sharply bring down maternal deaths despite immense odds

14 Apr 2019 5:20 am
AP Explains: Why 2nd-worst Ebola outbreak is growing concern

AP Explains: Why the 2nd-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history is a growing concern

13 Apr 2019 5:48 pm
Ground beef likely cause of 6-state food poisoning outbreak

Officials say ground beef is likely cause of food poisoning outbreak in 6 states

13 Apr 2019 9:20 am
Congo's Ebola outbreak might be declared global emergency

Officials are highly concerned about a possible spread of the outbreak.

13 Apr 2019 2:50 am