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Hepatitis in children: 2 new research focuses on probable causes

Their findings reveal it is likely a combination of 3 elements — co-infection with two different viruses and genetic susceptibility

29 Jul 2022 4:27 pm
Current monkeypox symptoms are different from previous outbreaks, finds study

Rectal pain, penile swelling new complaints; Only a quarter of patients had known contact with a confirmed case  

29 Jul 2022 2:13 pm
Paediatric monkeypox case detected in the Netherlands

Rare detection compared to how virus has been behaving outside Africa, say experts  

22 Jul 2022 3:32 pm
Seven die of cholera in Odishas Rayagada in a fortnight

The outbreak started on July 7 & spread to other districts

21 Jul 2022 2:03 pm
Vaccines to prevent antimicrobial resistance: Accelerate trials for priority candidates, says WHO

Over 60 vaccines against antibiotic-resistant pathogens in clinical development stage  

20 Jul 2022 5:49 pm
COVID-19 fallout: 25 million children missed routine vaccinations last year

India among countries where maximum number of children missed diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis shots

18 Jul 2022 2:42 pm
Anganwadi centres rush to verify children beneficiaries Aadhaar

Only 1/3rd of children have cards; Expert worries it may lead to millions losing access to food and nutrition

12 Jul 2022 5:02 pm
Dengue cases see a rise all over India

Cases of vector-borne diseases go up with onset of monsoon

12 Jul 2022 3:20 pm
One Health: What it is & how it can be implemented in India

Nexus of science, social science, indigenous knowledge and policy necessary

12 Jul 2022 2:29 pm