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Plastic particles in drinking water pose a 'low' risk, says WHO

The majority of plastic particles in water are larger than 150 micrometers in diameter and are excreted from the body, said WHO

24 Aug 2019 11:54 pm
Sick hospital workers often expose patients to contagious illness

The most common reason given for working while sick was that the illness seemed mild and manageable

17 Aug 2019 11:45 pm
First two cases of Ebola confirmed in Congo's South Kivu: Officials

Ebola has killed at least 1,900 people in Democratic Republic of Congo over the past year

17 Aug 2019 11:42 pm
Research shows how nordic walking may benefit breast cancer patients

Periods of exercise in the studies ranged from 30 to 80 minutes and were performed on one to five days a week for up to 12 weeks

17 Aug 2019 11:38 pm
Are you feeling giddy? See a vertigo specialist and follow these tips

In this condition, along with vertigo, patient also develops difficulty in hearing and ringing in the ear

17 Aug 2019 11:36 pm
Middle-age hearing loss may be associated with dementia: Research

All were free of dementia at the start, but over time, 1,868 people developed dementia - and 59% of them came from the hearing loss group

10 Aug 2019 9:16 pm
Mediterranean diet tied to lower risk of gestational diabetes: Research

With the Mediterranean diet, women also gained less weight: an average of 6.8 kg (15 pounds) versus 8.3 kg (18 pounds) for the control group of mothers on their usual diets

10 Aug 2019 9:08 pm
Teens late to puberty may end up with weaker bones, finds new study

Girls had their growth spurts earlier, at an average age of 11.5, while boys spurted on average at age 13.5

10 Aug 2019 9:02 pm
Take a healthy route for your next trip: A guide for monsoon trek

Here are a few essentials that you must ensure are taken care of for your next trek

10 Aug 2019 8:31 pm
A brain scan may predict alzheimer's disease. Should you get one?

Some experts fear PET scans offer few benefits, at substantial costs

3 Aug 2019 10:56 pm
About one in 10 older adults are a binge alcohol drinker, says study

The study defined binge drinking as consuming five or more drinks in a sitting for men, and four or more drinks in a sitting for women

3 Aug 2019 10:49 pm
Allergies to sesame more prevalant than previously thought, says report

The finding indicates that sesame allergy is more prevalent than previously known, although still far less common than peanut allergy

3 Aug 2019 10:41 pm
Regular exercising is essential for women to avoid a rough 40s: Expert

Workout plans for women at age 35 need to include two to three strength-training sessions as the muscle's endurance/strength post 30 tends to weaken

3 Aug 2019 10:28 pm
Allergies in kids: What's changed, and what's dirt got to do with it

Our overuse of antibiotics and C-sections affects the set of organisms called the microbiome that an infant is exposed to growing up

3 Aug 2019 7:59 am
New autism early detection technique analyses how children scan faces

Symptoms of ASD typically appear in the first two years of life and affect the child's ability to function socially

31 Jul 2019 9:43 am
Proton therapy for prostate cancer: does the evidence support the hype?

While there is strong evidence for the benefits of proton therapy in children, it is much less clear in prostate and other adult cancers.

28 Jul 2019 8:32 am
Poor diet quality may increase chances of frailty in older people: Study

One limitation of the study is that it relied on elderly people to accurately recall and report on their eating habits over the previous year

27 Jul 2019 10:54 pm
How weightlifting changes the brain

The study finds that weight training, accomplished in rodents with ladders and tiny, taped-on weights, can reduce or even reverse aspects of age-related memory loss

27 Jul 2019 10:39 pm
Want long and strong hair? Here is how fermented rice water can help you

Fermented rice water is a rich source of Vitamin E that is known to turn fizzy, damaged hair into soft, silky tresses

27 Jul 2019 10:28 pm
Multi-drug resistant malaria spreading rapidly in Asia: Lancet study

The study reveals the importance of ongoing genomic surveillance to inform public health malaria control strategies, researchers said.

23 Jul 2019 4:35 pm
Smokers have more complications after skin cancer surgery, says study

Current smokers were more than nine times as likely to have complications like clots or hematomas

20 Jul 2019 11:14 pm
Some don't heed warnings of acne drug danger during pregnancy conception

iPLEDGE mandates pregnancy test for women who want a prescription for isotretinoin

20 Jul 2019 11:10 pm
Earlier ebola outbreaks and how the world overcame them

Scientists are confident enough to tackle ebola but they are thwarted by politics

20 Jul 2019 11:06 pm
The great push that jaunty music can give your high-intensity workout

High-intensity interval workouts are quite popular at the moment

13 Jul 2019 11:12 pm
Here's what you should eat if you want to live a 100 years or more

Functional medicine advises paleo, keto meal plans and prescribe required nutritional supplements

13 Jul 2019 10:30 pm
How the travel industry is sensitising staff to cater to autistic tourists

The growing frequency of autism diagnoses and the gap in travel services for those dealing with autism created an overlooked market

13 Jul 2019 10:25 pm
Sugar in fruit juice is linked to a higher cancer risk, says report

The study found no increased cancer risk from sugar-free drinks, although so few of the people studied consumed them that the results may not be significant, the researchers said

11 Jul 2019 6:14 pm
Scientists genetically reprogram millions of bacteria to kill cancer cells

Our immune cells can sometimes recognise and destroy cancer cells without assistance

6 Jul 2019 11:28 pm
Custom-blended hormone therapy may not be accurate, says study

This study showed that the dose of a compounded product received may be different from the actual prescribed dose

6 Jul 2019 11:21 pm
How those hoping to lose weight often wind up being their own worst enemies

Why exercise underwhelms for weight reduction remains an open question

6 Jul 2019 11:16 pm
Dependent on technology? 'Digital detox' is the need of the hour

Excessive dependence on technology can make us heavily rely on social networking sites

6 Jul 2019 11:09 pm
Waking up early? You may be less likely to develop breast cancer: Study

These findings, published in the journal BMJ, identify a need for future research

4 Jul 2019 12:15 pm
Working more than 10 hours regularly increases chance of a heart attack

Long working hours have also been shown to increase likelihood of smoking, excessive drinking, and weight gain

30 Jun 2019 8:43 am
Bottles of beer, wine contain harmful levels of toxic elements, says study

The enamels were of greater concern, with cadmium concentrations of up to 20,000 parts per million in the decorated regions on a range of spirits, beer and wine bottles

29 Jun 2019 11:36 pm
Cognitive behavioural therapy: What we think, how we feel, how we behave

CBT has been demonstrated to be effective in a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, eating disorders and severe mental illness

29 Jun 2019 11:33 pm
Customer service as therapy best for those who just want someone to listen

Some people who could benefit from more formal therapy avoid going because they believe there is a stigma around mental health issues

29 Jun 2019 11:26 pm
Parenting in the changing climate: Demystify the concept of global warming

Psychologists say the way parents and teachers talk about climate change with children has an effect on their young psyches

29 Jun 2019 11:24 pm
Why supplements for brain health show no benefit: A neurologist explains

What we do and don't know about supplements, nutrition and brain health

24 Jun 2019 11:47 am
How dedication of two women popularised the practice of yoga in Britain

Yoga was popularised in Britain through the hard work and dedication of a diverse group of unusual individuals

24 Jun 2019 11:28 am
Bihar encephalitis: SC to hear plea on AES outbreak in Muzaffarpur today

The plea seeks a direction to urgently constitute a team of medical experts for treatment of children suffering from encephalitis

24 Jun 2019 9:58 am
Bringing nutrition centre-stage to help improve health conditions in India

An important and complementary strategy for fighting malnutrition is food fortification

22 Jun 2019 10:40 pm
Experience nature for at least 120 minutes per week for good health: Study

The positive effect increased with additional time outdoors, peaking at about three hours per week for health and five hours per week for well-being.

22 Jun 2019 10:31 pm
Researchers explain the importance of clinical trial navigators

Fewer than 5% cancer patients participate in research that could improve care

22 Jun 2019 10:23 pm
'Alexa, check my heart': AI tool to detect cardiac arrest during sleep

The team envisions this algorithm could function like an app, or a skill for Alexa that runs passively on a smart speaker or smartphone while people sleep

22 Jun 2019 3:20 pm
New study reveals blood pressure drug can slow down Alzheimer's disease

The findings, published in the journal Hypertension, indicate that the known decrease in cerebral blood flow in patients with Alzheimer's can be reversed in some regions

18 Jun 2019 5:05 pm
Circle of friends better health indicator than Fitbit reading: Report

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, analysed what the structure of social networks says about the state of health, happiness and stress

18 Jun 2019 3:55 pm
Muzzafarpur continues to grapple with Encephalitis, death toll rises to 80

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan arrived in the state capital today to review public health measures for containment and management of the AES

16 Jun 2019 10:15 am
White meat as bad for cholesterol as red meat? Here's what the study says

This short-term study does not provide evidence that choosing lean white meat over red meat is either better or worse for your health

16 Jun 2019 9:29 am
Listening to music may ease cancer patients' pain, symptoms: Report

Music therapy is convenient, does not involve invasive procedures, and can easily be used by people in the comfort of their homes, said senior study author Kuei-Ru Chou

15 Jun 2019 11:28 pm
Experimental mobile app reduce the number of migraine headaches: Study

Migraines affect about 1 in 6 adults in the US, with women most at risk

15 Jun 2019 11:25 pm