Warning for heavy rain in isolated pockets of Rajasthan

According to the Jaipur Meteorological Centre, from Tuesday morning till 5.30 pm, Ajmer recorded 10.8 mm rainfall, Bhilwara 13 mm, Alwar 3 mm, Jaipur 7.6 mm, Pilani 1.9 mm, Kota 30 mm, Barmer 12.6 mm, Jodhpur 14.4 mm, Bikaner 1.4 mm, Churu 7.4 mm, Anta 33 mm, Chittorgarh 23 mm, Dungarpur 20.5 mm, Sirohi 36 mm and Tonk 7.5 mm.

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Heavy rain forecast in 7 districts of Rajasthan, IMD issues alert

Jaipur: Due to the system formed in the Bay of Bengal, the process of monsoon rains is continuing in Rajasthan. The Meteorological Department (IMD) also issued an orange alert in view of heavy rains in many areas on Tuesday. In the last 24 hours, till 8.30 am on Tuesday, seven and a half inches of rain have been recorded in Bhungada of Banswara. 180 mm of water has fallen in Bhungra. Due to continuous torrential rains in Rajasthan, the river drain is in spate. Due to this, the roads are getting blocked in many places. IMD has issued an orange alert for Tuesday in many districts and has predicted heavy rain. According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy to very heavy rain at some places in Ajmer, Rajsamand, Sirohi, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagaur and Pali today. While a yellow alert has been issued for rain in Jaisalmer, Churu, Bikaner, Barmer, Udaipur, Tonk, Sikar, Kota, Jhunjhunu, Jaipur, Dausa, Bundi and Bhilwara. According to the IMD, in the last 24 hours, till 8.30 am on Tuesday (August 16), there has been heavy to very heavy rain in many areas. The highest rainfall has been recorded in Bhungada of Banswara 180 mm. Along with this, 17 cm in Dug of Jhalawar, 12 in Mount Abu, 10 in Pipalkhunt, 10 in Asnawar, 9-9 in Pidawa and Jagpura, 8 in Manoharthana, 7-7 in Kushalgarh, Ghatol and Jhalawar, Banswara, Chhoti Sadri, Salumbar and Danpur have recorded 6-6 cm of rain. Apart from this, there has been good rainfall in two dozen other areas. Bilkis Bano rape case: 11 convicts released on Independence Day Ind vs Zim: This dashing all-rounder joined Team India for ODI series 4 died as truck overturns on Innova on Delhi-Jaipur highway

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Men arrested by Rajasthan Police for allegedly spying For Pak Intelligence Agency

Jaipur: Rajasthan Police with the help of the central intelligence agencies arrested two people in the Bhilwara and Pali districts of Rajasthan for allegedly spying for the Pakistani intelligence agency. The accused have been identified as 27-year-old Narayan Lal Gadri and 24-year-old Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat and it is alleged that they were in touch with ISI through social media, per NDTV. When Rajasthan Police asked Narayan Lal Gadri to appear for questioning in Jaipur this Thursday, he revealed that earlier this year, he had joined a pornographic WhatsApp group by accepting the joining link shared by someone on Facebook, a central investigation agency source said. The said group had more than 250 members using mobile numbers belonging to multiple countries, including Pakistan. Narayan Lal said that he left the group within a week of joining it, sources said. Immediately upon leaving the group, he was contacted on WhatsApp by a member who used a +92 number asking him for his reason for leaving. The WhatsApp user with a Pakistani number introduced himself as Anil. Even after finding out that Anil is from Pakistan, he still continued his communication with Anil, sources said. Slowly the two started exchanging messages on WhatsApp and speaking on WhatsApp audio calls. After some days, Anil had introduced Narayan Lal to another Pakistani Intelligence Operative (PIO), Sahil who also was using an Indian WhatsApp No and claimed to be in Delhi, they said. The PIOs told Anil to plan a trip to Pakistan and even went on to say that that will fund the trip and host him well. The two PIOs Anil and Sahil insisted Narayan Lal provide some Indian SIM Cards in exchange for money. Narayan Lal agreed and procured two SIM Cards in his name. He used one of them to receive a WhatsApp OTP on behalf of Anil, hence facilitating the latter in acquiring a new WhatsApp account, this time on an Indian number. Then Narayan Lal sent the SIM Cards to the PIOs at the desired address. Similarly, he had sent three more Indian SIM Cards (hence five in total) to the PIOs, for this the PIOs had paid him 5,000. The PIOs had asked him on multiple occasions to enter military cantonments, befriend Army personnel, introduce them to the PIOs and also send locations, photos and videos of military places. Narayan Lal had accepted to have sent photos of a random military vehicle in Udaipur and random Army personnel in uniform at Ahmedabad. He also accepted to have sent a few photos of the Ahmedabad railway station. After the tragic killing of the tailor Kanhaiya Lal by two men in Udaipur, the PIOs had asked Narayan Lal to look for the video of the same. Narayan Lal obliged the PIOs with one such video that he had received in one of his WhatsApp groups, agency sources said. The PIOs had also tasked Narayan Lal to look for a shopping space adjacent to the Udaipur cantonment, so that he can set up a photocopier stall there. For this work, they had sent 2,000 to 3,000 to Narayan Lal. They also promised to provide four-five lakh Indian rupees to set up the shop and bear expenses towards the salary of a photocopy-machine operator. In return, they wanted copies of all military documents that would come to the shop for photocopy. Sources said Narayan Lal accepted to have visited the area adjacent to Udaipur cantonment, carried out the survey, shortlist a shop, share contact details of the shop-owner with the PIOs and make him even talk to one of the two PIOs. He had also accepted to have shared the Google Maps current location of the identified shop with the PIOs. He was arrested by the Rajasthan Police before he could send more SIM Cards or photos, videos, or locations of military personnel, vehicles, or installations or procure a photocopier stall near Udaipur. Huge damage to the security and defence organisations has been averted by this arrest, sources said. Narayan Lal will reportedly soon be produced before a court under sections of the Official Secrets Act 1923 and provisions of the Indian Penal Code. More leads are also being investigated. Rajasthan Crime Investigation Department (CID-Intelligence) was monitoring the activities of these two accused after receiving information about them. The second accused, Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, set up social media accounts in the name of a fake woman and fake army personnel. After befriending Indian soldiers through these accounts, he was receiving confidential information related to the Army. After that, he used to provide it to a woman who was a Pakistani handling officer, Director General of Police (Intelligence) Umesh Mishra said. Further investigations are underway. One booked with 170 bundles of illegal Chinese manjha in Delhi UP Man arrested for forcing minor girl to elope Was going to tie Rakhi to brother, minor kidnapped and raped by four

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2 spies held for sharing classified defence info

The intelligence wing of Rajasthan police on Saturday arrested two persons from Bhilwara and Pali districts for allegedly spying and sending sensitive strategic information about army movements in the state through social media.

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Rajasthan: 2 held for sending sensitive information to Pakistan

The intelligence wing of Rajasthan police on Saturday arrested two persons from Bhilwara and Pali districts for allegedly being involved in spying and sending sensitive strategic information on the Army movement in the state through social media.

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Bijolias freedom stir finds marginal space in history

Small town Bijolia in Bhilwara, which had laid the foundation for the Freedom struggle in most of the erstwhile 22 Rajputana states, has never found its due recognition in Indian history.

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Rajasthan: School bus going from Bhilwara towards Gangapur catches fire

Rajasthan: School bus going from Bhilwara towards Gangapur catches fire

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