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From cutting-edge films to award winning commercials, producer Anne Pruvost shines behind the scenes

Producer Anne Pruvost has what is arguably one of the most nebulous and expansive job titles in the entertainment industry. To describe in detail everything a producer like Pruvost does would be next to impossible. In fact, it would be a much easier and shorter task to list what she doesn't do. That's because there is next to nothing that Pruvost isn't responsible for on any given production.

13 Sep 2019 5:43 pm
Google marks Danish microbiologist Hans Christian Gram's 166th Birthday with a sketch doodle

The internet search engine giant Google marks noted Danish scientist Hans Christian Gram's 166th birthday with a sketch doodle in which the scientist is seen holding a slide and dripper depicting the first 'G' of the logo.

13 Sep 2019 5:43 pm