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Here's Why Super 30's Founder, Anand Kumar Turned Down Donations From Anand Mahindra and Mukesh Ambani

The dedication and hard work by Anand Kumar earned a lot of praises and offers for help, including one from business tycoon Anand Mahindra.

15 Jul 2019 12:09 pm
Moin Ali and Adil Rashid's Comical Exit Before World Cup Champagne Ceremony is All You Need to See

Twitter has spotted an unmistakably comical moment from the World Cup ceremony that has something to do with champagne and England's Moin Ali and Adil Rashid.

15 Jul 2019 11:50 am
Jofra Archer Had Predicted the Super Over Outcome in World Cup Final 6 Years Ago. Here's Proof.

England pacer Jofra Archer's spooky Twitter account peaked on the eve of World Cup finals against New Zealand when a 6-year-old tweet by him resurfaced on social media, leaving everyone bamboozled.

15 Jul 2019 11:23 am
Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju Nails #BottleCapChallenge in Style

After watching the video, singer Adnan Sami dropped an ‘excellent ‘comment for the parliamentarian.

15 Jul 2019 11:17 am
Calling England's World Cup Team 'Not English Enough' is Plain Bigotry

If you find yourself saying that Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali don’t “look English”, ask yourself it comes from some deep-rooted Islamophobia or fear of immigrants.

15 Jul 2019 10:48 am
'England Won World Cup, New Zealand Won Hearts': Teary-eyed Indians Throng Twitter With Tributes for Kiwis

The heart crushing defeat of the Kiwis, the original gentlemen of the tournament, has broken many hearts around the world. Incidentally, a lot of them are Indians.

15 Jul 2019 10:37 am
Man's Best Friend: 75-Year-Old Kicks Alligator In the Face To Save Dog

He kicked the gator until it let go of the golden retriever. Neither animal was injured.

15 Jul 2019 10:04 am
'Kids, Don't Take up Sports': Jimmy Neesham's Heartbreaking Message Post World Cup Defeat

Jimmy Neesham first tweeted congratulating England, and saying that he hoped to not remember the last half hour of the World Cup finals over the next decade.

15 Jul 2019 9:30 am
Martin Guptill's Ill-Fated Run Out in World Cup Final Against England Has 'Pleased' Dhoni Fans

While Guptill's run out on the final ball of the marquee encounter denied New Zealand their first ever World Cup trophy and left millions upset, a few Dhoni fans rejoiced the match-deciding dismissal on Twitter.

15 Jul 2019 9:26 am
Hema Malini Takes Part in 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan' at Parliament, But Can She Sweep Away the Memes?

This is not the first time Hema Malini has been targeted by trolls.

15 Jul 2019 9:22 am
Greatest Sunday in Sport History? Wimbledon and Cricket World Cup Final Had Fans at the Edge of Their Seats

It wasn't just Wimbledon witnessing a tie, it was the same situation on the cricket side of things.

15 Jul 2019 9:03 am
Wimbledon and ICC's Relatable Chat During Dramatic Finish to Both Finals Summarises Every Fan's Emotions

Coping with the jitters of Sunday evening, the official Twitter accounts of Wimbledon and ICC engaged in a light-hearted chat that perfectly summarises the state of mind of every cricket and tennis fan.

15 Jul 2019 8:48 am
'That Overthrow Will Haunt a Generation': 'Stoke' of Luck Behind England's Win Sparks Debate

England needed 9 runs from the final three balls when a twist that very few bright scriptwriters could have conceived happened right in front of our eyes.

15 Jul 2019 8:16 am
New Optical Illusion on Twitter Has People Questioning Their Eyes

Novick, who is a Professor of Engineering Education and Leadership, the University of Texas, shared the picture on his Twitter account on June 14.

15 Jul 2019 5:16 am
VidCon 2019: Kid Cosplaying as 'Influencer Apology Video' Wins Contest and the Internet

The cutout frame has the video titled as “My apology”, showing that the video has clocked over 7 million views.

15 Jul 2019 3:39 am
'Worst Career Advice': Monica Lewinsky Jokes About White House Scandal Twenty Years Later

"An internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume."

15 Jul 2019 3:18 am
'I Should Be Allowed To Play Any Person': Scarlett Johansson Trolled After Comments on 'Casting'

Scarlett’s 2017 movie Ghost In The Shell was accused of whitewashed casting, given that she played the lead character of an Asian woman.

15 Jul 2019 2:45 am
Chris Woakes Consoling Guptill After World Cup Win Proves Why Cricket is a Gentleman's Game

Neither the Kiwis nor the English had won the World Cup in over 44 years.

15 Jul 2019 1:58 am
'Number of Fours Won England World Cup': Fans Respond to 'Bizarre' #ICCRules With Mockery

After 102 overs being bowled at the ICC Cricket World Cup final at Lord's, it was the number of fours smashed by England in the match that handed them their maiden trophy.

15 Jul 2019 1:20 am
Moeen Ali, Adil Rashid's Comical Exit Before World Cup Champagne Ceremony is All You Need to See

Twitter has spotted an unmistakably comical moment from the World Cup ceremony that has something to do with champagne and England's Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid.

15 Jul 2019 1:16 am
Riteish Deshmukh Has the Most Savage Reply to a Troll Who Asked for a 'Refund'

It started when a twitter user recently asked others which is the worst film one has seen at a movie theatre.

15 Jul 2019 1:13 am
Yes We Kane! Why Indians Are Rooting For New Zealand to Defeat England in World Cup Final

Both England and New Zealand have defeated India in this World Cup with the latter even sending the Men in Blue crashing out of the race. But there's one team Indians are especially looking forward to lifting the 2019 trophy.

14 Jul 2019 12:45 pm
Kaif's Parents were Watching SRK's 'Devdas' When He Won the Famous Natwest Final

Kaif remained unbeaten on 87 when he, along with Yuvraj Singh, scripted history and won the famous Natwest finals against England at Lord's.

14 Jul 2019 10:57 am
Sourav Ganguly Was Embarrassed About Waving His Jersey at Lord's Balcony after Iconic Natwest Win

Dada famously waved his country's blue jersey in the iconic Lord's balcony on July 13, 2002, after his men chased down England's steep target of 326 and upset the hosts in their own backyard.

14 Jul 2019 10:53 am
Rohit Sharma Gets Bashed for 'Careless' Parenting at Airport After Returning to India from World Cup

The India opener Rohit Sharma was spotted on Friday night at the Mumbai airport along with his wife, Ritika Sajdeh and daughter Samaira.

14 Jul 2019 8:56 am
'Moon Essentials': Ahead of Chandrayaan-2, ISRO Asked Indians What They Would Carry on a Lunar Mission

Chandrayaan 2 is the advanced version of Chandrayaan 1 which was launched almost a decade ago. It will be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

14 Jul 2019 8:12 am
New Zealand Cricketer Slams Indian Fans For Profiteering From World Cup Final Tickets

In the face of this ticketing deadlock, New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham has issued an appeal to Indians, asking them to resell their tickets at the original prices through the official platform, and not at vastly inflated rates.

14 Jul 2019 7:21 am
Meet the 'Rocket Women of India' Who are Going to be Steering Chandrayaan-2

To say that women have not served in important roles at the ISRO would be a gross understatement. They've steered important missions and held key positions, not just to establish gender sensitivity but just because they were the right people for the job.

14 Jul 2019 5:13 am
More Than 8 Lakh People Are Planning To Storm Area 51 in USA To 'Free Aliens'

The most popular theory is that at Area 51, the United States government is hiding the secret alien life form which was crash-landed on Earth. And now, a Facebook event suggests people are going to 'free them aliens.'

14 Jul 2019 4:45 am
In Meme-orium: Throwback to the Best Memes That Made World Cup 2019 a Hilarious Ride

As the ICC World Cup 2019 draws to an official end, here's a look at some of the best memes that the tournament left behind.

14 Jul 2019 2:57 am
Not Just Art, Even Meteorites Are Now on Auction

Rare meteorites that originated from Mars are also being auctioned.

14 Jul 2019 2:52 am
Grisly Photos Show an Olive Python Swallowing a Crocodile Whole In One Bite

Pythons are known for their varied diet and have been found with everything from deer, impalas, other snakes and even prickly porcupines in their bellies.

13 Jul 2019 12:36 pm
Mysterious New Species of Lizard Found Inside 125-Million-Year-Old Flying Dinosaur

According to the Natural History Museum, Microraptors, which had long feathers on all four limbs, lived between 125 and 122 million years ago.

13 Jul 2019 12:35 pm
Mumbai Police Uses ‘Mature Bag’ Meme to Carry an Important Safety Message for Indian Citizens

"Nothing makes a person more attractive than his/her alertness towards keeping the city safe."

13 Jul 2019 11:42 am
New Zealand Cricketer Slams Indian Fans For Profiteering From World Cup Final Tickets as Prices Touch Rs 14 lakh

In the face of this ticketing deadlock, New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham has issued an appeal to Indians, asking them to resell their tickets at the original prices through the official platform, and not at vastly inflated rates.

13 Jul 2019 11:37 am
13 Jul 2019 11:06 am
Man Married for 16 Years Asks For Wedding Certificate, Officials Ask Him to 'Marry Again'

"Instead of doing that, the officials there made fun of him," the Minister said in his social media post.

13 Jul 2019 11:04 am
Watch: Brave Mother Bird Stops Moving Tractor to Protect Her Eggs

Motherhood is all about love, affection and giving everything to the child without expecting for anything in return. This bird proved that once again.

13 Jul 2019 11:03 am
Tiktok Video of JCB Machines Doing 'Naagin Dance' Takes Internet by Storm

A Twitter user found how there several million views on random videos of JCB excavators on YouTube, and that soon turned into a trend.

13 Jul 2019 2:36 am
Man Missed Jail Food and Friends So Much that He Stole a Bike to Go Back to Prison

The convict told police that life was not easy for him post release as his wife and children were abusing him.

13 Jul 2019 1:33 am
New Zealand Comedian Posts Fake Bar Sex Fantasy Sent by a Cricket Fan, Twitter Bashes Indian Men

Melanie Bracewell, later confessed that the erotic, graphic account was fake – that she wrote it herself, as a 'joke' -- meant to encourage others to send their own versions of erotic cricket stories to an 'Alternative Commentary Collective.'

13 Jul 2019 1:23 am
12 Jul 2019 12:32 pm
When a Bandaged Alex Carey in World Cup Semi-final Match Reminded Fans of Kumble's 2002 Heroics

Looking at Carey with a bandaged head, Indians were immediately reminded of legendary fast-bowler Anil Kumble and the sight of him emerging from the pavilion, ready to bowl, his face bandaged, in the Antigua Test of 2002.

12 Jul 2019 12:27 pm
'Furry'cious Pooch Saves Neighbour’s Home from Hungry Bear

This is not the first time that a dog has jumped in heroically to save someone they love.

12 Jul 2019 11:30 am
US Court Says the Night King from 'Game of Thrones' Was Completely 'Meaningless'

For the unversed, season eight of 'Game of Thrones' saw the Night King being talked up to be the evilest force in entire Westeros, only to be killed by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) in the third episode, The Long Night, halfway through the season.

12 Jul 2019 11:25 am
Shifting Base: Climate Change is Causing Coral Reefs are Moving From Equatorial to Temperate Regions

The study states that as global warming and climate change warms oceans, subtropical regions are becoming more hospitable to corals than the equatorial regions they originally thrived in.

12 Jul 2019 11:12 am
'Hasta la Vista Dhoni': Fans Fume After ICC Pours Salt on Wounds With Video on MSD's Run-out

Even as Indian fans were trying to grapple the loss against New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final, a video tweeted by the International Cricket Council (ICC), which was captioned "Hasta La Vista, Dhoni" poured agony over them.

12 Jul 2019 9:30 am
A 210,000-Year-Old Human Skull Found Changes Everything We Know About Human Migration

The oldest known African fossil attributed to a member of the Homo family is a 2.8 million-year-old jawbone from Ethiopia.

12 Jul 2019 9:21 am
This New Theory Will Completely Change the Way You Perceive Gravity

The research could also help further understanding of dark energy.

12 Jul 2019 3:16 am