Mohsen Shekhari, Iran's martyr#1

The impact of this execution will determine the future course of the protests. The murder by the Iranian state is a grim reminder of the way authoritarian regimes - believers in one-way communication where the state speaks and the citizenry complies - view protests.

The Economic Times 10 Dec 2022 2:15 am

Inaugural day of IFFK turns into venue for anti-hijab protest against Iran regime

A lock of hair sent as a mark of protest by Iranian filmmaker-activist Mahnaz Mohammadi was handed over to the festival director Ranjith.

The New Indian Express 9 Dec 2022 11:43 pm

China's Xi vows to buy more oil from Mideast countries as US focus wanes

Chinese leader Xi Jinping vowed on Friday to import more oil and natural gas from energy-rich Gulf Arab states while not interfering in their affairs, likely seeking to cast Beijing in a more favourable light than Washington as America's attention in the region wanes. Xi also urged the Arab countries to conduct energy sales in the Chinese yuan, potentially divorcing the U.S. dollar from transactions in a region where the United States still stations thousands of troops across a network of local bases as a hedge against Iran. China's hands-off approach could appeal to leaders such as Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who stands ready to rule the oil-rich kingdom for possibly decades, even after facing widespread international criticism over the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and the still-raging war in Yemen. During Xi's visit to Saudi Arabia this week, the prince himself welcomed him to a meeting of the clubby Gulf Cooperation Council, and later to a wide

Business Standard 9 Dec 2022 11:20 pm

US imposes sanctions on Turkish businessman for selling Iranian oil

US President Joe Bidens administration imposed sanctions on prominent Turkish businessman Sitki Ayan and his network of companies, on charges of facilitating the sale of oil and money laundering for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force. In a statement, US Treasury Department on Thursday announced, that Ayan companies entered into international contracts for the sale Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 9 Dec 2022 10:44 pm

Watch New Bhojpuri Devotional Video Song 'Nau Din Karab Hum Navratra' Sung By Kiran Singh, Sonam Raj And Kajal Kumari

Listen to the popular Bhojpuri devotional song 'Nau Din Karab Hum Navratra' sung by Kiran Singh, Sonam Raj And Kajal Kumari. Music is given by Kailash Pandey, Manish Kumar. Stay tuned to ETimes Bhojpuri section for more Hindi devotional songs, Bhojpuri Bhakti songs, Nau Din Karab Hum Navratra songs, play most popular religious songs, mesmerizing bhajans, aartiyan, chants, katha, kirtan and bhakti songs.

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 9:26 pm

Iran Hit with Sanctions Over First Execution Related to Mass Demonstrations

Britain announced sanctions against 30 targets, including officials in Iran whom it accused of pursuing egregious sentences against protesters

News18 9 Dec 2022 9:01 pm

Canada Sanctions Iran, Russia and Myanmar Over 'Gross Rights Violations'

The measures were timed to mark world days for anti-corruption and human rights

News18 9 Dec 2022 8:53 pm

Himachal Congress Legislature Party meeting begins to discuss next CM

A meeting of newly elected Congress MLAs got underway in Himachal Pradesh capital Shimla Friday evening. The MLAs are expected to pass a resolution authorising the Congress president to pick the legislature party leader who will be the next chief minister. The meeting started at the Congress office here amid show of strength by the chief minister aspirants. State party chief Pratibha Singh, leader of the opposition Mukesh Agnihotri and head of the election campaign committee Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu reached the party office along with their supporters, who raised slogans in their favour. The Congress wrested power from the BJP in the hill state winning 40 of the 68 assembly seats. The polling was held on November 12 and the results were declared Thursday. Two Congress observers - Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and former CM of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda -- and AICC in-charge for Himachal Pradesh Rajeev Shukla attended the meeting.

Business Standard 9 Dec 2022 8:50 pm

IFFK: I want nothing but natural rights, says Iranian filmmaker Mahnaz Mohammadi

The filmmaker and womens rights activist is the recipient of the 27th International Film Festival of Keralas Spirit of Cinema Award. She speaks to The Hindu in an e-mail interview

The Hindu 9 Dec 2022 8:46 pm

Will contest from Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha seat again in 2024 elections, says former CBI Joint Director Lakshminarayana

Lakshminarayana says he will decide at an appropriate time whether he will join a political party or launch a new outfit; JD Foundation to offer free coaching to aspirants keen on attempting constable and SI selections

The Hindu 9 Dec 2022 8:34 pm

History behind the Navy Day in India

BHPian V.Narayan recently shared this with other enthusiasts.Navy Day 4th December - the history behind the dayOperation Trident was an offensive operation launched by the Indian Navy on Pakistan's port city of Karachi during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. It saw the first use of anti-ship-guided missiles in combat in the region. The operation was conducted on the night of 4th-5th December 1971 and inflicted heavy damage on Pakistani naval vessels and shore-based fuel facilities. While India suffered no losses, Pakistan lost a minesweeper, a destroyer, a cargo vessel carrying ammunition, and some fuel storage tanks in Karachi. Another destroyer was also badly damaged enough to be eventually scrapped. India celebrates its Navy Day annually on 4th December to mark this operation. Operation Trident was followed up by a similar Operation Python three days later. In 1971 Karachi housed the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy and almost its entire fleet. Since Karachi was also the hub of Pakistan's maritime trade and the largest industrial city of Pakistan a blockade would be crippling for Pakistan's economy. The security of Karachi Harbour was predominant and it was heavily defended against any air or naval strikes. The port's airspace was secured by the strike aircraft based at airfields in the area. The Indian Navy deemed it unwise to send its World War II vintage cruisers to lay down a naval gun bombardment as they would be too slow and leave the ships vulnerable to a Pakistani air attack. In that era we did not have ship borne surface-to-air-missiles that could have provided some air defense and INS Vikrant, our sole aircraft carrier, had been deployed off the East Coast to blockade East Pakistan. File photo of an Osa class missile boat. The two large canisters on either side house the Styx-guided missiles The IN decided to think out of the box and use its small coastal 209-tonne Osa class missile boats, which carried 4 Styx anti-ship guided missiles each, to bombard Karachi. These were small coastal vessels designed by the Soviets for harbour defense and Karachi was 600+ nautical miles {1100 odd kms} away which these missile boats were not capable of traversing through the open ocean. So before hostilities commenced the IN towed the Osa missile boats to Okha, the small naval port at the western tip of Saurashtra from where Karachi was only ~340 km, a range well within the capability of these boats. Also with their top speed in excess of 38 knots {70 kmph} they could just about strike and return between dusk & dawn. On 4th December, what was now designated as the Karachi Strike Group was formed and consisted of the three boats called the Vidyut-class missile boats by the IN: INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer, each armed with four Soviet-made SS-N-2B Styx surface-to-surface missiles with a range of 74 km and ~500 kg warhead, two Petya-class anti-submarine corvettes: INS Kiltan and INS Katchall as anti-submarine and air defence escorts. The group was under the command of Commander Babru Bhan Yadav. As planned, on 4 December, the strike group reached 460 km south off the coast of Karachi, and maintained its position during the day, outside the surveillance range of the Pakistan Air Force. As Pakistani aircraft did not possess night-bombing capabilities, it was planned that the attack would take place between dusk and dawn. At 10.30 pm the Indian task group moved 330 km from its position towards the south of Karachi. Soon Pakistani targets, identified as warships, were detected to the north of the Indian warships. File photo of PNS Khaibar in better days in British service. She was a 3400-tonne destroyer armed with 6 4.5-inch guns, 10 Bofors 40mm guns, a bank of 5 torpedoes and an anti-submarine mortar. She represented the British state of the art of the early 1950s INS Nirghat, the first to strike, sailed north at speed and once in range fired its first Styx missile at PNS Khaibar, a Pakistani Battle-class destroyer. Khaibar, assuming it was a missile from Indian aircraft, engaged its anti-aircraft systems. The missile hit the right side of the ship, exploding below the galley in the electrician's mess deck at 10.45 PM. This led to an explosion in the first boiler room. Subsequently, the ship lost propulsion. Observing that the ship was still afloat, INS Nirghat fired its second missile hitting PNS Khaibar in the second boiler room on the ship's starboard side rapidly sinking the ship and killing 222 sailors. PNS Khaibar, an ex-British Battle class destroyer was one of the two most powerful warships the Pakistanis possessed at the time. Her loss so early in the war was crippling. PNS Shah Jahan in earlier times in British service. She was a 2500-tonne fast destroyer escort or what today are called frigates. After verifying two targets in the area northwest of Karachi, at 11.00 PM, INS Nipat fired two Styx missiles - one each at cargo vessel MV Venus Challenger and its escort PNS Shah Jahan, a C-class destroyer. Venus Challenger was carrying American-supplied ammunition for the Pakistani forces from Saigon. It exploded immediately after the missile hit, and eventually sank south of Karachi. The other missile targeted PNS Shah Jahan and damaged the ship very badly. It was eventually towed back to Karachi & scrapped. File photo of an Adjutant class mine sweeper like PNS Muhafiz At 11.20 PM PNS Muhafiz, an Adjutant-class minesweeper, was targeted by INS Veer. A missile was fired and Muhafiz was struck on the left side, behind the bridge. It sank immediately before it could send a signal to the PNHQ killing 33 sailors. To confuse the Pakistanis, the crews of these ships, who had all been trained in the USSR, spoke to each other over the radio in Russian! Thus the enemy did not realize the Indian navy was close at hand. Later the Western media claimed that Russians were manning the boats {implying Indians were not clever enough to do so!} little realizing in those days a large proportion of IN officers and Petty Officers were fluent in Russian. Meanwhile, INS Nipat continued towards Karachi and targeted the Kemari oil storage tanks, placing itself 26 km south of the Karachi harbour. Two missiles were launched; one misfired, but the other hit the oil tanks, which burned and were destroyed completely. With no casualties on the Indian side, this operation was considered to be one of the most successful in modern naval history up to that time post-World War II. To mark this victory, the Indian Navy annually celebrates Navy Day on 4th December. File photo of the fleet tanker class of ships to which PNS Dacca belonged. A follow-up attack, Operation Python, was launched on the night of 8th/9th December 1971. A strike group consisting of one missile boat INS Vinash and two frigates INS Talwar & INS Trishul attacked the group of ships off the coast of Karachi. While India suffered no losses, the Pakistani fleet tanker PNS Dacca was damaged beyond repair, and the Kemari Oil Storage facility was lost. Two other foreign ships stationed in Karachi were also sunk during the attack. Between Operations Trident and Python, and the Indian Air Force attacks on Karachi's fuel and ammunition depots, more than fifty percent of the total fuel requirement of the Karachi zone was reported to have been destroyed. Our bold deployment surprised the Soviets pleasantly. Later they told us their satellites had captured a part of the operation! The Styx SS-N-2B surface-to-surface guided missile getting launched. Note the folded wings which are yet to open; note the plume of the booster rocket below; note the main cruise rocket motor on top. The missile was the world's first successful anti-ship guided missile and was developed through at least 4 successive improved versions. It carried a radar for guidance and to identify and lock on to targets. It could be called the father of all anti-ship missiles in operation today and set the basic principles of coming in low over the sea and being independent in its guidance and targeting. Commander B.B. Yadav {Lieutenant Colonel in the Army} who commanded the Karachi Attack group in Operation Trident. He passed away in 2010 at the ripe age of 81. He rose to the rank of Commodore {Brigadier in the Army} before serving for some years as a Merchant Navy Master. He was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra. The photo above is from the time of his retirement. Line drawing of the Osa class missile boat which spawned a whole family of ships called missile boats or Fast Attack Craft (Missile). It is rare for a class of warship types to be able to identify a single ship or class as the progenitor of a whole type. Osa is one such. HMS Dreadnought the first fast battleship (1906), USS Nautilius the first nuclear-powered submarine (1953) are two which come immediately to my mind. Note the 4-missile carrying canisters on either side. Note the fore and aft radar directed 30mm two anti-aircraft gun mountings. Displacing a little over 200 tonnes these were powered by 3 diesels on three shafts with an output of 12,000 shp in all, driving the boat to a bit over 38 knots. Like all things Soviets, the design was powerful, fast and packed to the gill. The crew of 28 had one shower and one head (toilet) between them. Reference: Transition to Triumph, History of the Indian Navy by Vice Admiral GN Hiranandani Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

Team-BHP 9 Dec 2022 8:30 pm

Prison taught me how suffering is created: Iranian filmmaker Mahnaz Mohammadi to TNM

IFFK The filmmaker and womens rights activist, who has been jailed many times and banned from travelling abroad, is the winner of the Spirit of Cinema award at the International Film Festival of Kerala. Cris In a letter that was sent to the Cannes Film Festival, where a movie she acted in was premiering, Iranian filmmaker and womens rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi wrote, I am a woman and a filmmaker, two reasons sufficient to be treated like a criminal in this country. The letter was read aloud because she could not make it there, owing to a travel ban imposed on her for her film work. This December, she was supposed to come to Thiruvananthapuram for the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), but she could not, again because of the travel ban. As a symbolic gesture, however, she sent a lock of her hair to the IFFK through Greek filmmaker Athina Rachel Sangari. Mahnaz is the winner of the Spirit of Cinema award, which the IFFK launched in the last edition to honour filmmakers whose passion for the art was unflinchingly carried forward in spite of the adversities faced by them. And she has faced many, many adversities. Her first film, a documentary called Women Without Shadows on women living in a shelter, came out in 2003. But it was her second film, called Travelogue, where she interviewed people who were leaving the country on a train, that brought her the first travel ban. By then Mahnaz had already faced her first arrest in 2007, when she protested for other womens rights activists who were undergoing trial. In 2011, she acted in a film, Ethereal Marriage, where she played a widow in a relationship with her brother-in-law. It was for this films premiere that she was invited to Cannes, and her letter got read by another filmmaker, Costa-Gavras. That same year, she was arrested again, and kept in prison for two-and-a-half months. After several documentaries, Mahnaz made her first fictional feature in 2019, titled Son-Mother. It tells the story of a widow raising two children, and receiving marriage proposals from a bus driver that she begins to consider. Three years after that, Mahnaz is once again making her voice heard, protesting along with the thousands of Iranian women against the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, three days after she was taken in by the morality police for allegedly not following the dress code for women in the country. The months-long protests led Iran to reportedly abolish the morality police. In an interview to TNM, Mahnaz talks about her journey from being discriminated against as a female child to becoming the woman who keeps fighting for human rights, despite everything she has been through. After reading about you, the first thing I wondered is how you were driven to be this person who questioned the inequalities in gender, who began fighting for what she thought was right, and who did not mind going to jail for it. How and when in your life did this journey begin for you? The first year I entered school, I was happy to go to school with a red ribbon in my hair and white collar. But the revolution of 1979 happened in the same year. In the New Year, they forced us to wear dark black shawls covering our hair and shoulders. I was always being blamed for forgetting to wear it. I am still living with those reprimands. In the same year, our teacher Mrs Abbasi, who was kind, did not force us to wear dark black shawls at class. Many times, we have watched her putting her shawl in her bag, far away from school. She didn't last long as a teacher. She was rumoured to have been fired. Do you think this is not enough for a girl who felt the wind in her hair and whose only hobby was running in the wind? At what point did you decide to make films, to talk about the subjects you cared about? I used to write for children and teenage magazines and radio, but when I met certain women, I was very influenced by them. I also had many questions, and hence I made documentaries to find the answers. What led to Women without Shadows? Though incarcerated under weird circumstances, they (the women in shelter homes) managed to elicit feelings of love and hope. I remember how after watching that film, my brother wrote a note to me saying the director has depicted her life. I still have that note. Do you feel films have a way of reaching out to more people, the ideas that you want to express? Yes, I believe in the power of film. You said in one interview that you did not think much of your early arrests but the one in 2011, in a small prison, shattered you. What happened, and how did it affect you and your work? It was a torture centre. The most important impact it had was that it proved to me this regime does not follow any moral principles. It lies, tortures, and executes. Today, as I am writing to you, a 23-year-old man named Mohsen Shekhari was executed for protesting in a closed court without access to legal advice. There are many others awaiting execution. That prison taught me how suffering is created. It is essential not to be a part of them. You acted in a film. Ephemeral Marriage also touched on the state of women's lives in Iran. Is that what made you say yes to acting? I am not an actor. Reza Sarkanian (the director) came to Iran to make this film. But almost all the actors he chose said no to him, because they were worried about the government's reaction. At the same time, I was helping him research parts of the script. Reza then asked me [if I could act]. At first it was difficult to accept, but I knew what a strenuous path he had to tread to get the permission. I just wanted this film to be made. But that film was also banned in Iran and was never allowed to be screened. What is the one thing that makes you keep fighting, despite the repeated arrests, bans and confiscations of your property? Living a lie is disgusting. A totalitarian regime forces you to live according to their wishes, which are often miles away from your principles. Still from Son-Mother / Courtesy - IMDB Son-mother is your first venture into fiction. Why fiction, after all these years? All stories are rooted in reality. My preference is to make documentaries, but there are stories that you will never be allowed to make. Everything is according to their will, so I have to choose another way. Mahsa Amini is one of the latest victims of this oppression. You are fighting for her too. Do you have hope that things will change for women one day? Not just in Iran, but everywhere? Right now, many things have changed despite the resistance by the regime, due to the will of the people who are no longer willing to go back. Certainly, change is essential in Iran and similarly everywhere else in the world. Inequality exists anywhere. Also read:IFFK highlights: Silent films with live piano, 32 female directors, LGBTQIA+ narratives

The News Minute 9 Dec 2022 8:18 pm

Hero MotoCorp announces resignation of Malo Le Masson; CFO takes charge

Two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp on Friday announced the resignation of its head of strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and global product planning Malo Le Masson, who has decided to pursue opportunities outside the company. Subsequently, Chief Financial Officer Niranjan Gupta has been given additional charge of heading strategy, mergers and acquisitions for the company, while Executive Director Vikram Kasbekar has been given the responsibility to head the key function of global product planning as an interim charge, Hero MotoCorp said in a regulatory filing. Le Masson was with Hero MotoCorp for more than six years and will continue working with the company until the end of December 2022. Gupta has been the CFO for the past six years. He is also a director on the board of several associate companies, including Ather Energy, an associate company in the electric vehicle space; HMCMM Auto Pvt Ltd, a Joint venture for fuel injection systems, and HMCL Colombia, a subsidiary of HMCL for it

Business Standard 9 Dec 2022 8:07 pm

Iran stays away from purchasing South Indian tea

Internal problems prompts trade to press pause button

The Hindu Businessline 9 Dec 2022 7:34 pm

Iran executes first anti-hijab protester for waging war against God, activists say many more await same fate

Iran executed the first person in relation to the anti-hijab protests that has rocked the nation since the past three months. A 23-year-old protester Mohsen Shekari was convicted of blocking a road inflicting a knife injury on a paramilitary guard. That incident took place on September 25. Mohsen was convicted by the Revolutionary Court on charges of waging war against God under Islamic Shariah law. He appealed in the Supreme Court but that appeal was turned down on November 20. What has rights groups worried is that many more could be awaiting the same fate as Mohsen, as 11 people linked to the protests have already been sentenced to death by Iranian courts.

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 7:26 pm

Lock of hair as a political statement from Iran at IFFK opening ceremony in Kerala capital

Iranian filmmaker and womens rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi, recipient of Spirit of Cinema Award, sent it as a mark of protest against the travel ban imposed on her by the Iranian government

The Hindu 9 Dec 2022 7:23 pm

No report of starvation deaths from states and UTs, Smriti Irani tells LS

There is no report of starvation deaths from states and Union Territories, the government informed the Lok Sabha on Friday. Responding to a question, Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said the Global Hunger Index did not reflect India's true picture as it was a flawed measure of hunger. It should not be taken at face value as it is neither appropriate nor representative of hunger prevalent in a country, she said. India ranked 107th of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index - 2022 with its child wasting rate, at 19.3 per cent, being the highest in the world. There is no report of starvation deaths from states/UTs, Irani said in a written reply in response to a question on the number of starvation-related deaths among children and adults in India since 2014. Responding to another question, Irani provided data as per which 140,575 children went missing since 2019 and 125,445 children had been recovered during the same period.

Business Standard 9 Dec 2022 6:53 pm

Watch Popular Bhojpuri Devotional Video Song 'Nimiye Ke Dadhiya Pe Maiya' Sung By Kiran Singh & Mona Singh

Listen to the popular Bhojpuri devotional song 'Nimiye Ke Dadhiya Pe Maiya' sung by Kiran Singh & Mona Singh. Music is given by Kailash Pandey, Manish Kumar. Stay tuned to ETimes Bhojpuri section for more Hindi devotional songs, Bhojpuri Bhakti songs, Nimiye Ke Dadhiya Pe Maiya songs, play most popular religious songs, mesmerizing bhajans, aartiyan, chants, katha, kirtan and bhakti songs.

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 6:26 pm

Black Butterfly Fame Niranj Maniyanpillai Raju Marries Fashion Designer Niranjana

The pictures revealed the celebrity bride and groom decked up in complete traditional wear, having a gala time with their family and friends.

News18 9 Dec 2022 6:21 pm

Apna Dharam Bhul Gaya: Netizens call out Aamir Khan for performing puja with ex-wife Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao ended their 15-year-long marriage. However, the two continue to collaborate on films together. Apart from their work, Aamir and Kiran co-parent their 11-year-old son Azad Rao Khan.

IBTimes 9 Dec 2022 6:12 pm

Hero MotoCorps Head of Strategy, M&A resigns

Gives CFO Niranjan Gupta additional charge; Executive Director Vikram Kasbekar to head global product planning

The Hindu Businessline 9 Dec 2022 6:02 pm

Megastar Chiranjeevi gives a shoutout to Revathy, Kajol's Salaam Venky

Megastar Chiranjeevi gives a shoutout to Revathy Kajols Salaam Venky

India Today 9 Dec 2022 5:59 pm

Hero MotoCorp M&A, strategy head resigns; CFO Niranjan Gupta takes charge

Chief Financial Officer Niranjan Gupta has been given additional charge of heading strategy, mergers and acquisitions for the company

Livemint 9 Dec 2022 5:58 pm

Kalyan Jewellers surges on planning to expand retail footprint by over 30% in CY23

Kalyan Jewellers India is currently trading at Rs. 110.90, up by 3.05 points or 2.83% from its previous closing of Rs. 107.85 on the BSE. Kalyan Jewellers The scrip opened at Rs. 108.15 and has touched a high and low of Rs. 111.35 and Rs. 108.15 respectively. So far 207508 shares were traded on the ... The post Kalyan Jewellers surges on planning to expand retail footprint by over 30% in CY23 first appeared on Daily Kiran : Latest News Headlines, Current Live Breaking News from India & World .

Morningstar 9 Dec 2022 5:41 pm

Bristol Institute holds a successful graduation ceremony celebrating top achievers

The Bristol Institute of Management who currently e njoys an unmatched reputation of being the trendsetter and provider of UK education in Sri Lanka, partnered with a highly ranked global university, celebrated another key milestone in their journey at their recent graduation ceremony held in grand style at the Marino Hotel in Colombo, that witnessed over 190 students obtaining globally renowned degrees from the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol). The degrees were conferred to students who had successfully completed the Master of Business Administration, the MSc in Accounting and Finance and TheLLMin CommercialLaw from UWE, Bristol. The event was graced by Professor Steve West CBE, Vice-Chancellor, President, and Chief Executive Officer University of the West of England, together with a large gathering of management and staff and faculty members of Bristol institute. In addition to the conferring of degrees, students who were top performers and batch tops achieving a high aggregate in their respective degree courses, upholding the quality of education imparted on them by Bristol Institute, were presented with gold medals and special awards. The Gold medal for the MBA was awarded to Shanika Sandeepani, whilst Keziah Shiranthi Yoganthipillai clinched the gold medal for the MSc.in Accounting and Finance. Sasanga Dinuli Gunasekera bagged the gold medal for the LLM in Commercial Law. Shanika Sandeepani was also the batch top for the MBA from UWE for the year 2020 along with Keziah Shiranthi Yoganthipillai who was the batch top the MSc.in Accounting and Finance for the year 2020 and Sasanga Dinuli Gunasekera for the LLM in Commercial Law for January 2021. Other star performers of the evening were Mohomed Shamrin Hussain Mohomad Shiraz, the batch top for the MBA for January 2021 and Janani Randhula Gajadheera Kiralawella Muhandrramge for the MBA for May 2021. Subodha Dilhani Gunasekera was awarded as the batch top for the MSc in Accounting & Finance for January 2021. Prof: Steve West, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West of England in his address, congratulating the new graduates on their achievements, stated that they have now joined a huge global network of UWE Bristol Alumni represented in over 170 countries. Requesting the graduates to remember the support of parents and the excellent dedication and guidance imparted upon by them by their lecturers, he commended them for having developed resilience, adaptability, learning to be creative and inventive, and in being leaders and problem solvers, who have pushed through the many challenges posed over the significant events taken place over the last two years, and achieving the successes celebrated on this day, of which they should be rightly proud of. He also added that a record number of over 190 students graduating at this time was a tremendous achievement and stated that UWE in partnership with Bristol Institute intended to go from strength to strength in continuing to bring top ranked degrees to make high quality education accessible and help support the countrys talent development and harness a knowledge-based economy. This ceremony stood testament to not only the many accolades and achievements celebrated during the event, but in showcasing Bristol Institutes commitment towards molding the best industry versatile; graduates, that has resulted in the institutes alumni presently holding leading positions across Sri Lankas corporate sector, while several others have gone on to become innovative entrepreneurs, along with many having taken up leadership positions in top global conglomerates. Photo Caption : Left to right Prof: Steve West, Vice Chancellor- University of the West of England , Gold medal winner for the MBA from UWE -Shanika Sandeepani, Gold Medal winner for the MSc.in Accounting and Finance- Keziah Shiranthi Yoganthipillai and Gold Medal winner for the LLM in Commercial Law Sasanga Dinuli Gunasekera.

ADAderana 9 Dec 2022 4:57 pm

Chiranjeevi, Shruti Haasan Jet Off To Europe To Film Song For Waltair Veerayya

Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi on Thursday jetted off to Europe for the shoot of his upcoming film Waltair Veerayya.

News18 9 Dec 2022 4:32 pm

US imposes sanctions on six Pakistani companies related to nuclear weapons

Washington: America has expressed concern many times about Pakistan's nuclear weapons. Dangerous nuclear weapons are not safe in this Islamic country with military dominance. Now America has banned 6 companies from Pakistan. These companies are accused of posing a threat to the unsafe nuclear program by supplying them. According to reports, Pakistan has 160 to 165 nuclear weapons. According to the report, the Biden government of America has imposed an export ban on a total of 24 companies. The US has said in this regard that these companies were helping Russia's military or defense industry and helping an electronic company in Iran. The US Department of Commerce has said that the companies that have been banned by the US are from Latvia, Pakistan, Russia, Singapore, and Switzerland. Let us tell you that Pakistan is continuously engaged in expanding its nuclear capacity. It has even been revealed in a foreign report that Pakistan's secret lab is also present in Rawalpindi, where dangerous viruses are also being prepared with the help of China. A few months back, President Biden directly described Pakistan as a dangerous country. Regarding nuclear weapons, he has said that Pakistan is a country that does not have any control over nuclear weapons. Hope People focus on making a good film, Ishaan Khatter on Bollywood's current status Indian-origin Sushmita Shukla appointed First VP of Fed Reserve of New York Conflict between Pakistan-Afghanistan again, firing on PAK diplomat in Kabul

News Track 9 Dec 2022 4:31 pm

Hyderabad: Residents complain of snakes around Mir Alam Necklace Road

Hyderabad: Delay in the opening of the Necklace road around Mir Alam Tank in the Old City has made the surroundings a home for snakes, scorpions and other poisonous creatures. The local residents of Hassanagar, Indiranagar, Fatimnagar and other localities abutting the Mir Alam Tank Necklace road more of a muddy path complain Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 9 Dec 2022 4:06 pm

Who will be chief minister of Himachal Pradesh?

There are three CM aspirants who are being talked about at present. Ms Pratibha Singh, MP, Sukhwinder Singh and Mukesh Agihotri. Their fate is supposed to be sealed by this evening. The final decision is to be taken by the 40 MLAs in Shimla by this evening under the keen eye and affirmation of the Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 9 Dec 2022 3:16 pm

Man blackmailed girl to have sex with him, captures private video of her

These days due to the easy availability of cameras the incident of making objectionable videos and blackmailing are increasing day by day. In yet another shocking incident, A young man was arrested in Bengaluru after a girl filed a complaint against him for allegedly blackmailing her of making her private video viral. The girl accused the man for blackmailing the man to have sex with her otherwise he will circulate the videos. As per the victim, the girl accused the youth of making a private video of her and then threatening her to have physical relations with him. According to the police the youth, who has been identified as Niranjan, is a resident of Bommanahalli area. The man blackmailed the girl after capturing a video of her by placing a camera in a bathroom. The young man also sent the video to the girl from an unknown number and asked and threatened her to upload it on porn websites if she did not have sex with him. After the incident, the girl registered a complaint against the accused at the Southwest CEN police station. As per the information, the accused had been residing at a PG facility in Bommanahalli for the last four years. The police also said that the accused was friends with the facility's owner where the girl was staying. Therefore it was easy for him to put the camera in her Bathroom .The police further reveals the accused is a drug addict and had an app in his mobile phone which appears that he is calling from a foreign number. After investigating further police also found three more videos of young women from his mobile. As of now police have arrested the youth and further investigation is going on into the matter. Wife went to ask for tomatoes from neighbor, angry husband did this 'Have s*x with a pillow..,' 11 students of Indore Medical College suspended Delhi: 4 drug peddlers held, 95 kg of cannabis recovered

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To destroy beauty: Medics reveal Iranian forces shooting female protesters at faces, breasts, genitals

To destroy beauty: Medics reveal Iranian forces shooting female protesters at faces, breasts, genitals

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India vs Australia, 1st T20I IND-W vs AUS-W Cricket Match Preview, Prediction, Where To Watch, Probable XI And Fantasy XI Tips

Commonwealth Games silver medallist team India are all set to host T20 World Champions Australia women's team for a 5-match T20I series at home. IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I: Match Preview: Team India are on a good roll in T20Is this year, with 13 wins in 20 games. This included an Asia Cup title and a silver medal at Commonwealth Games. Indian Women's team would look to finish the year off on a high with a win against World Champions Australia. However, the Alyssa Healy-led side is a much tougher competition as compared to teams who participated in the Asia Cup. Australia has a strong lineup and have an impressive record against India (6-1). It will also be a challenge for Hrishikesh Kanitkar, who recently took over as the batting coach while Ramesh Powar was shifted to NCA to work with the Men's team. Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues and Shafali Verma have been shouldering the batting for team India this year and are the top three run-getters this year for the team. The batting will revolve around these three along with captain Harmanpreet Kaur. However, apart from Harmanpreet and Jemimah, all the other batters have struggled against the Australian team. In bowling, Renuka Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad and Deepti Sharma have picked up 17 wickets combined against Australia since 2021 and will head the bowling department against World Champions. Richa Ghosh and Shafali Verma would also look to kick off their U19 T20 World Cup preparations, which is scheduled to be played next month. While Australia's regular captain Meg Lanning has taken an indefinite break from cricket, Alyssa Healy will be leading the Australian side in the 5-match T20I series against India. Tahlia McGrath (289 runs) and Beth Mooney (244 runs) have been the top scorers for Australia this year in T20Is and would shoulder the batting along with Ellyse Perry and Healy. Healy had an off-season in the T20Is recently with only 78 runs in 9 innings, but her good run in WBBL would give provide her with some confidence. Alana King has been the lead wicket-taker for Australia this year and is expected to enjoy bowling in the Indian conditions and should favour her leg-spinning attribute. Jess Jonassen, Tahlia McGrath and Megan Schutt would be the key bowlers for the Australian team against India women's team. IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I: Match Details Date Friday, December 9, 2022 Time 07:00 PM IST Venue Dr DY Patil Sports Academy, Mumbai Match Prediction: Today's Match Prediction? IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I The 1st match between two competitive teams is expected to go down the wire with no clear favourites between India and Australia women's team. IND-W vs AUS-W Head-to-Head: Total 25 India Women 6 Australia Women 18 No Result 1 IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I: Where to Watch? The ODI series between India and Bangladesh will be broadcasted by Star Sports network while it will be broadcasted digitally on the OTT platform Hotstar app. IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I Team News: India Women Pooja Vastrakar wasn't available for selection in this series and the selectors have left Sneh Rana, Kiran Navgire and Dayalan Hemalatha out of the squad. Harleen Deol and Yastika Bhatia make their return after being dropped for England series and Asia Cup. Uncapped Anjali Sarvani and Devika Vaidya, who played her last T20I in November 2014, have been included in the team. Australia Women Phoebe Litchfield and Kim Garth previously represented Ireland in Women's Cricket and now are on their maiden tour for the Australian team. Heather Graham represented Australia in ODI back in October 2019 and has also been included in the squad. IND-W vs AUS-W 1st T20I Probable Playing XI: India Women Yastika Bhatia, Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues, Shafali Verma, Sabbhineni Meghana, Harleen Deol, Harmanpreet Kaur(C), Deepti Sharma, Renuka Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Radha Yadav Australia Women Beth Mooney, Ellyse Perry, Ashleigh Gardner, Tahlia McGrath, Kim Garth, Alana King, Nicola Carey, Alyssa Healy(C), Annabel Sutherland, Jess Jonassen, Megan Schutt Also Read: Roston Chase Picks Up His All-Time XI, Includes 3 Indians IND vs BAN 3rd ODI Fantasy XI: Wicket-keeper Alyssa Healy Batters Smriti Mandhana, Jemimah Rodrigues (vc), Beth Mooney (c), Ellyse Perry All-rounders Deepti Sharma, Ashleigh Gardner, Tahlia McGrath Bowlers Renuka Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Jess Jonassen

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Death sentence to Mohsin in Islamic country for protesting against govt

TEHRAN: A protester was hanged on Thursday (Dec 8) amid nationwide protests following the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini for showing hair from her hijab in the Islamic country. The identity of the protester who has been hanged has been revealed as Mohsin Shekari. This is the first case of capital punishment related to the Iran protests. Mohsin was found guilty on September 25 of blocking the Sattar Khan Boulevard road in Tehran and injuring a security guard. He was found guilty of waging war against Allah under Iran's Sharia law. He appealed against its decision. But the apex court upheld the decision on 20 November. Human rights activists have reacted sharply to Mohsin Shekari's death sentence. Amnesty International has issued a statement saying that the protester has been sentenced to death for crushing anti-government protests. At the same time, America has expressed objection to the death sentence given to a protester amid anti-government protests in Iran. America has said that this will worsen the situation in the country. 'Talibani' justice in Afghanistan, convict hanged publicly for murder Shuttler Sukant Kadam says I'm happy to end 2022 as World No 2 UNSC hails signing of political framework deal in Sudan

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Iran protests: At least a dozen people currently at 'risk of execution'

Iran protests: At least a dozen people currently at 'risk of execution'

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AhaGuru JEE Mains Crash Course - Add Power to Your Final Preparation

Business Wire India AhaGuru JEE Crash Course Most often, its the final push, the dedicated last-minute surge that produces the best results in any arena. Its particularly true in the field of competitive exams, especially the IIT JEE where nearly 1.5 million contestants battle it out for the few thousand available seats. Every one of these students know that preparation is the key to success and they do prepare to the best of their abilities. However, its a proven fact that the most successful students are really the ones who follow a systematic regimen of revision revisiting the topics, brushing up on their concepts and enhancing their problem-solving skills through consistent practice. It is to empower every such student with a comprehensive and impactful Quick Revision Program that AhaGuru came up with the JEE Mains Crash Course for IIT JEE aspirants. Whether youre a Class 12 student appearing for JEE Mains the first time or a repeater determined to ace the exam this time, this course will keep you in a maximum state of readiness in just 3 months. Designed By Experts for Maximum Impact The AhaGuru JEE Mains Crash Course has been designed by Indias Best Physics, Maths and Chemistry teachers after in-depth research and a thorough understanding of the students learning abilities. Says Gomathi, the Co-Founder and CEO of AhaGuru, This Crash Course is a result of the collective effort of distinguished experts who have successfully guided thousands of students to realize their ambition of getting into prestigious institutes like IIT and adds, Students who wish to fast track their JEE preparation with a thorough revision of the topics and concepts will find the course immensely supportive of their learning goals. Strong Points of AhaGuru LIVE JEE Mains Crash Course The Crash Course consists of 73 LIVE Interactive Sessions by Indias Best Teachers, 750 practice problems with Video Solutions and 6 Mock Tests & Model Exams. Dr. Balaji Sampath, the Founder of AhaGuru and the brain behind the course says that, The course comprehensively covers every mandatory aspect that a JEE Mains aspirant needs to boost the final phase of preparation. From fortifying the concept understanding, instant clearing of doubts and enhancing the applied problem-solving skills through rigorous practice, the course is structured to provide the much-needed impetus to the exam preparation in a relatively short time. Top Reasons to Enroll in AhaGuru LIVE JEE Crash Course Quick Revision of Primary Concepts & Topics in Shortest Possible Time The Fastest Way to Clear All Your Doubts with Indias Best Teachers Useful Short-Cuts & Proven Techniques from JEE Experts Increased Speed & Accuracy in Problem-Solving Exam Tips to Overcome Common Challenges & Optimize Time Mock Tests to Gauge & Maximize Exam Performance Join the AhaGuru LIVE JEE Mains Crash Course Only If The structure of the course which is designed as a Quick Revision Program demands that the Student has already started preparing for JEE Mains at least in the past one year and has some basic understanding of the topics and concepts. The objective of the course is to provide the much-needed momentum to the students last minute preparations As these courses are of a short duration of just 3 months, there will be simply no time to start from the basics, says Gomathi. Children who are just starting their JEE preparation are advised not to take up this courseor any crash course because they wouldnt be of any use, she advises. At the same time, she assures that for students already in the preparation mode, this course can work wonders. As the main focus is on understanding concepts better, problem-solving and clearing doubts, this makes it the ideal course for Class 12 students and repeaters who are already familiar with the concepts and topics but need an intense revision of the overall curriculum, she says. Student Shares His Experience of the Course Raghav, a Chennai student who enrolled in the course and cleared JEE Mains in 2021 vouches, I had enrolled in another reputed institute for JEE coaching but as the exam date neared felt that my understanding of the concepts was not sufficient. Many of my doubts were still unclear. Thanks to my friends advice, I took the JEE Mains Crash Course of AhaGuru and it had everything that I needed, the best teachers, instant doubt clearing, practical approach to understand and apply concepts and some innovative problem-solving techniques. My parents were pleasantly surprised at my confidence levels by the time the exam approached. JEE Mains Crash Course Details & Requirements The course has commenced on the 7 th of December 2022, and is now open to all JEE Mains aspirants. To enroll visit https://www.ahaguru.com/jee-live-crashcourse . This crash course also offers the flexibility to choose a specific subject - Physics, Chemistry or Biology - in which students feel a powerful boost is necessary to their preparations. Students have to diligently dedicate the time asked of them, regularly attend online classes and complete all the practice exercises, tests and mock exams without fail. As Dr. Balaji Sampath sums it up, This course is the right choice for serious and hard-working students who are already preparing to crack JEE Mains and are aware of the concepts, yet need a quick and powerful revision from JEE experts. Its the perfect learning solution for those who are already on the track and need a final spirited dash to reach the finish line. If youve done the start, then you can be absolutely sure that AhaGuru LIVE JEE Mains Crash Course will reward you with the desired finish to your goal. Its never too late if you are determined to crack JEE Mains. Enroll here https://www.ahaguru.com/jee-live-crashcourse For any queries, please write to study@ahaguru.com

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Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao perform kalash pooja at his new office in Mumbai. See pics

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao recently performed a pooja at his workplace. Advait Chandan, the director of Laal Singh Chaddha, uploaded photos of them doing the aarti.

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Shu Tame Kunwara Chho | Song - Rangeelo Sawariyo

Watch the song 'Rangeelo Sawariyo' from Gujarati movie 'Shu Tame Kunwara Chho' starring Amit Bhanushali and Mamta Soni. 'Rangeelo Sawariyo' is sung by Bhoomi Trivedi, Meet Mehta and music of the song is composed by Maulik Mehta. Lyrics of 'Shu Tame Kunwara Chho' song 'Rangeelo Sawariyo' are written by Kiran Parihar. To know more about 'Rangeelo Sawariyo' song from Amit Bhanushali - Mamta Soni starrer 'Shu Tame Kunwara Chho' watch the video.

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Iran Origin Geelani, Wanted To Disintegrate India, Says Governor Arif Khan

SRINAGAR: Terming Kashmir as crown of India, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Thursday hit out at Syed Ali Geelani and claimed that his ancestors had come to Kashmir after being forced out of their homes in Central Asia. After coming here (in Kashmir from Geelan in Iran), you (Geelani) wanted to disintegrate India into []

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Realme's 10 Pro series: Realme's 10 Pro series 5G smartphone launch, will support Jio's stand-alone 5G network, read here to know more...

Realme launched its new 5G smartphone with much fanfare on Thursday. The price of this phone of the Flagship Phone Killer-10 Pro series will start from Rs.17,999. In its statement, Realme said that it will come up with many new bundled offers in association with Reliance Jio. The sale of the smartphone will start on December 14. Commenting on the launch, Madhav Sheth, CEO, realme India said realme has joined hands with Jio for technologies like 5G Standalone, NRCA, and VR. Along with this, realme in partnership with Jio will also set up True 5G Experience Zones in select showrooms to provide a true 5G experience to the customers. Kiran Thomas, the CEO, of Jio Platforms Limited, said on the partnership We are extremely excited to enter into another great partnership with realme. The true power of a powerful 5G smartphone like the realme 10 Pro+ can only be unleashed by a true 5G network like Jio. Jio is the world's most advanced network with true 5G India. Let us tell you that Reliance Jio is the only operator in the country which is launching a stand-alone 5G network. The specialty of a stand-alone 5G network is that it is not dependent on a 4G network at all. Also creates an extremely fast data highway. Realme 10 Pro+ 5G is equipped with a flagship-level 120Hz Curved Vision Display and is the first smartphone in its segment. The realme 10 Pro+ 5G comes in a sleek Hyperspace design with an ultra-light body. The total weight of this light-weight smartphone is just 173 grams, along with the smartphone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery. Which is built to last for a long time. For photography enthusiasts, it is equipped with a flagship mobile phone level 108MP ProLite camera. Realme 10 Pro+ 5G will be available in three colors Hyperspace Gold, Dark Matter, and Nebula Blue.

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Hansika made this thing in the kitchen after marriage, husband overwhelmed

Hansika Motwani has tied the knot and after marriage, she went to the kitchen for the first time. At the same time, after the kitchen, husband Sohail Kathuria showered love on his wife. Actually, the pictures of Hansika Motwani and Sohail Kathuria's wedding were covered on social media. At the same time, after marriage, Hansika went to the kitchen for the first time. Yes and let me tell you, Hansika Motwani made halwa in the first kitchen after marriage. You can see the photos of the actress performing this ritual going viral on social media. In fact, Hansika Motwani made halwa in the first kitchen after marriage, and after eating her husband showered a lot of love on her. Let us tell you that Sohail Kathuria has shared a photo on his Instagram account. In this photo, you can see that Hansika is seen in a suit and she is serving halwa. A smile is seen on Hansika Motwani's face. Along with this, while sharing this photo, her husband Sohail also wrote a special caption. In fact, Sohail Kathuria shared the photo of his wife Hansika Motwani and wrote the first kitchen in the caption. With this, an emoji with a heart was made. This post is going viral on social media and people are giving their reactions to it. Seeing the photo, the fans are showering love on Hansika. At the moment this photo has won the hearts of the people. He is a goddam grown-up man. Mard hai, Malaika Arora on age cap with Arjun Kapoor Jab Vicky met Kat, Katrina Kaif, and Vicky Kaushal's dreamy love story Aamir Khan got trolled for performing Kalash Puja with Ex-wife Kiran, Netizein wrote, Who said all these pooja...

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Aamir Khan performs aarti, ex-wife Kiran Rao joins him for puja at office. See pics

Aamir Khan performs aarti exwife Kiran Rao joins him for puja at office See pics

India Today 9 Dec 2022 10:50 am

Whattttttttttttt s happening, Gauhar Khan supports Ankit Gupta called Bigg Boss Biased

Bigg Boss 16 is grabbing all the limelight due to its controversial contestant and their fights. This season is different as in this season Bigg Boss is also intervening and expressing his views. In the latest episode, Bigg Boss house witnessed a 'satta badal' task where the new 'king' Ankit defended his title with other housemates battling for the same status. But Bigg Boss slammed Ankit for being Unfair. Not only this But Bigg Boss also taunts him various times. Even in the latest episode of Rashan Task, Bigg Boss taunts Ankit for being silent. His fans also came in his support. Ex-contestant Gauhar Khan slammed Bigg Boss for being Biased. She also slammed the group of jailers Nimrit Kaur, Shiv Thakare, MC Stan, Archana Gautam, and Sajid Khan calling them always unfair during tasks. She wrote, Soooooooooo unfair to keep calling Ankit samajhdar sanchalak in a taunting way. Sooooooooo unfair. Iske pehle ke sanchalak saare ke saare unfair the. N the group of nirmit, shiv, n the rest of the mandli is always n always unfair in tasks. N now they claim the same. The former Bigg Boss contestant said, How can six on 1 be a fair play ???? How will it ever have any result ! This is clearly soooooooo crazy ! Kaarya ke shart ke anusaar toh bohat saare tasks mein sanchaalak ne apni manmmanee chalaiyi hai. Tabhi toh biggboss ne aisa judgement paas nahi kiya tha ??? Sooooo unfair ! What is this spoon feeding yaar i??????? Whattttttttttttt s happening . She further reacted on unfair result and the decision taken by Bigg Boss and how can team of 7 win against the squad of 4. Her tweet reads, Jab chaar ka kaanta saat dikhayi diya tha sanchalak ko, tabhi kisi ne nahi kahaa ki waise toh round team of 4 jeete the lekin kisi ne charity mein team of seven ko de diya. He is a goddam grown-up man. Mard hai, Malaika Arora on age cap with Arjun Kapoor Jab Vicky met Kat, Katrina Kaif, and Vicky Kaushal's dreamy love story Aamir Khan got trolled for performing Kalash Puja with Ex-wife Kiran, Netizein wrote, Who said all these pooja...

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FM to present supplementary demands for grants in LS today

NEW DELHI: Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, will make a speech to the Lok Sabha on Friday outlining the first round of supplemental grant requests for the current fiscal. She will also give a statement outlining the Lower House's excessive grant requests for the 201920 fiscal year. Apart from that, the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Second Amendment) Bill, 2022, would be introduced by Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda. To change the list of Scheduled Tribes in Tamil Nadu, he would also propose a bill to further amend the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950. The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 will be further amended by Munda's introduction of a bill that would allow for the inclusion of specific communities on Himachal Pradesh's list of Scheduled Tribes. To change the list of Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka, the Minister will also propose a bill to amend the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950. He will also present the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2022, which will alter the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950, to include certain communities on the list of Chhattisgarh's Scheduled Tribes. The Lok Sabha will also attempt to consider and adopt the Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill, 2019, which was the subject of initial discussion on Wednesday. The Multi-State Cooperative Societies (Amendment) Bill, 2022, will also be a topic of discussion and eventual passage in the Lower House. On Wednesday, it was introduced in the House. The joint committee on offices of profit's ninth report will be delivered in the Lok Sabha by BJP MP Satyapal Singh. The 22nd and 23rd reports of the standing committee on food, consumer affairs, and public distribution will be delivered in the Lok Sabha by BJP MP Locket Chatterjee. Smriti Irani, the minister for women and child development, will make a number of remarks regarding the implementation of recommendations made in the standing committee on HRD reports on women's safety as well as the standing committee on women, children, youth, and sports reports Nos. 333, 334, and 338 on requests for grants for the current fiscal year. She will also provide an update on the progress of the standing committee's recommendations regarding grant demand for the years 20212022. Indian companies can hedge gold price risk at IFSC: RBI Markets turned volatile after RBI hiked repo rate by 35 bps RBI's big blow to the common public, all loans became expensive

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Jab Vicky met Kat, Katrina Kaif, and Vicky Kaushal's dreamy love story

One of the most loved couples in the Bollywood Industry Katrina Kaif andVicky Kaushal are celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Today. Katrina Kaif is very popular actress in Bollywood and Vicky just stared his career. Although his performance won the hearts of fans. Even Vicky never thought that he would get married to Katrina Kaif. Have a look on their wedding anniversary. It all started when Katrina Kaif firstly appeared on Koffee With Karan, she mentioned Vicky for the first time. When asked about who she would look nice on screen with, she said that an actor she thinks she might look good on screen with would be Vicky Kaushal. After this when Vicky marked his presence on the show and Karan revealed all the cute things to say about him. He said, really, and fell cutely on the couch. Then the duo spotted together various times. When Vicky and Katrina were together on stage for an award function. Karan Johar nudged Katrina and said, Why don't you find a nice boy like Vicky Kaushal and get married to him? Vicky further said, The season of weddings is on, so I thought you too would want to do the same, and so I thought I ought to ask you. Katrina looked a bit surprised, and she said, Kya. Vicky added, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? and the same song started playing in the background. Katrina was quick to reply and said, Himmat Nahi Hai. Social media is flooded with their affair although they never confirmed and then comes their wedding pictures. The duo dropped some stunning wedding The wedding festivities took place at Six Senses Fort Barwara, Sawai Madhopur district, Rajasthan, from December 79 Vicky and Katrina tied the knot on December 9, 2021, in Rajasthan in the presence of close friends and family members. The private ceremony took place at the Six Senses Fort Barwara in Sawai Madhopur. The three-day festivities included several ceremonies including haldi and sangeet. Aamir Khan got trolled for performing Kalash Puja with Ex-wife Kiran, Netizein wrote, Who said all these pooja... They should show some sensitivity , Divya Agrawal on Trolls calling her Gold Digger This famous actress was asked to get her Nose and Lip Job done, They say nasty things..

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Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra's wedding reception is to held in these two cities

One of the most loved couples in Bollywood Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani are getting this December according to the reports. The duo is yet to confirm the rumors, they have hinted that they are more than just friends in Koffee with Karan. Now a new wedding report has spread on all over the media. According to this their wedding will be held in January 2023. According to new media report, the couple have zeroed in on two crucial locations for their upcoming marriage. Their families have worked out the details and an official announcement with respect to the wedding date could happen soon. One of the venues for Sid-Kiaras wedding will be The Oberoi Sukhvilas in Chandigarh. The location is near Delhi so it will be convenient for Sidharth Malhotras family who live in the national capital. After that, a lavish reception will be hosted for industry guests and friends in Mumbai. The guest list includes Karan Johar and Ashwini Yardi are said to be confirmed names already. From the stars brigade, Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif, Rakul Preet and Jackky Bhagnani are also expected to attend. In 'Koffee with Karan' both Sidharth and Kiara hinted at dating each other and Karan also made sure to get some masaledar information out of them. Shahid Kapoor had also hinted at a December wedding when he appeared on Koffee With Karan 7 with Kiara Advani. They made several revelations regarding their life in the show. They also spot together in various events and various times confess that they are more than friends. Aamir Khan got trolled for performing Kalash Puja with Ex-wife Kiran, Netizein wrote, Who said all these pooja... This famous actress was asked to get her Nose and Lip Job done, They say nasty things.. From Break up to Dreamy wedding, Virat Kohli and Anuska Sharmas filmy love story

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Bengaluru man arrested for making girls private video, blackmail

Bengaluru: A Bengaluru man has been arrested for making a private video of a girl and then blackmailing her of making the footage viral if she did not get intimate with him, police said on Friday. The arrested person has been identified as Niranjan, a resident of Bommanahalli area. According to police, the accused had Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 9 Dec 2022 10:07 am

Iranian Forces Firing Pellets at Faces, Genitals of Female Protesters 'to Destroy Their Beauty': Report

Hundreds of Iranians risk permanent damage as shots to the eyes of women, men and children were particularly common

News18 9 Dec 2022 9:54 am

Aamir Khan got trolled for performing Kalash Puja with Ex-wife Kiran, Netizein wrote, Who said all these pooja...

One of the most renowned actors in Bollywood, Aamir Khan remains in news for different reasons. The actor these days is facing backlash and criticism for his old statements. Aamir Khan and his ex-wife Kiran Rao performed a puja as per Hindu rituals at the office of Aamir Khan Productions. The actor performed the main puja. The director Advait Chandan of Laal Singh Chaddha has shared the pictures on his Instagram handle. The director shared a bunch of pictures of Aamir and Kiran as they stood beside each other to perform the aarti one by one. As soon as it caught the eyes of people they started reacting on it. His niece and actor Zayn Marie reacted to Advait's post, These photos are so lovely, Advait. Actor Nitanshi Goel also wrote, Love these pics. Thanks for sharing with us. Some of the people also trolled him due to earlier movie dialogue. One user wrote, What am I seeing, God is this real?Can't believe..That Superstar who said all these pooja and duties which we perform by believing in God is just fake in his film is now doing it all by himself? Jo logon ko bolta tah ki ye sab karna bandh karo ab wahi kud ye sab kar raha hey. Another wrote,Bass abb jeevan mein kuch nahi bacha dekhne ko.. Third one wrote, Yeh kya kar raha hai, woh nadiyal or uska pani waste nahi ho raha hai kya!? Bhagwan ke naam pe kya kya karte hain,Kisi gareeb ko dedo uska pet bharega. Aamir Khan was last seen in Laal Singh Chaddha, the Hindi adaptation of Oscar-winning classic Forrest Gump, released on August 11 to generally negative reviews and a below-average box office opening. The film has earned only around 88 crore gross worldwide against a reported production budget of over 100 crore. Directed by Advait Chandan, it also starred Kareena Kapoor, Mona Singh, Naga Chaitanya, and Manav Vij. This famous actress was asked to get her Nose and Lip Job done, They say nasty things.. Rhea Chakraborty is dating this famous personality two years after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput 'She made history', Priyanka Chopra became the only Indian actor in BBC 100 Influential list

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Meet 3 Cong contenders in race for Himachal CM

Going into battle without naming a CM face may have worked for Congress by keeping a lid on factionalism, but it has left the victors with too many aspirants for the top post.

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 9:29 am

Aamir Khan Performs Special Puja At Office With Kiran Rao, Son Junaid Khan Makes A Rare Appearance

Aamir Khan was seen performing a special puja at his production house office with Kiran Rao and his son with Reena Datta, Junaid Khan.

News18 9 Dec 2022 9:27 am

'Unrestrained' supply of western weapons complicating Ukraine unrest: Iran

The Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has said that the unrestrained delivery of American and European weapons to Ukraine has further complicated the situation in the country

Business Standard 9 Dec 2022 9:16 am

Iran executes 1st known prisoner held in protests

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 9:13 am

Aamir-Kiran perform pooja at their office

Aamir Khan has quit social media but updates about his personal life continue to go viral on Instagram. Case in point being a recent pooja he performed at his production house.

The Times of India 9 Dec 2022 9:00 am

Iran triggers outrage with first hanging over 'anti-hijab' protests

At least a dozen other people are currently at risk of execution after being sentenced to hang in connection with the protests, human rights groups warned.

The New Indian Express 9 Dec 2022 8:56 am

Skill for admission: Indian students must have these skills for admission to top IIMs in India, read this article for more...

Top business schools in India look for many important qualities in an MBA candidate, such as the candidate's aptitude for the demanding and demanding MBA program. If you are also a student who wants to take admitted to top business schools in India, there are two aspects of management education skills required for MBA aspirants to get admission in any MBA program and skills required during the MBA program What will be the study course of the students? If Indian students have a clear knowledge about both these aspects, then such students will be greatly helped in making future career plans. Professor Rajeev Kumar, Faculty - Operations Management Groups, IIM Calcutta has discussed both these aspects in detail for Indian students in an interview and we are presenting the key excerpts of this interview in this article for your convenience. Let's read this article further: Interview Highlights What to do to crack MBA Admission Interviews? Generally, how do MBA candidates present themselves in an interview? ......... are often influenced by the feedback they get about this from their peers, coaching centers, and other such sources. But, despite thorough preparation, interview panels often find MBA candidates lacking in genuineness and originality. Especially when a candidate has to tell about his/her strengths and weaknesses, it will be better for the candidates if they try to be truthful and precise in their approach. No member of the interview panel expects that the candidate will have an understanding and knowledge of every topic. So, being clear and honest during an MBA interview can help you impress the interview panel better. The panel does not pay much attention to how the candidate is dressed or how he presents himself. Since it is natural for any candidate to be a little nervous and jittery during the interview, therefore, generally, the panel does not consider it as a disadvantage against the candidate. But, during the interview itself, the interviewers also check your academic skills and professional experience. On the academic front, the panel will try to judge how well you have performed in your studies?.....and whether you are capable of handling the pressure that an MBA student goes through during an MBA program. Similarly, the interview panel will also ask questions related to your work experience so that they can know how much professional life experience you have. Candidates are expected to share with the panel specific experiences of their professional life such as, what challenges they faced and what strategies they adopted to overcome those challenges. Apart from this, the panel will also try to find out how much knowledge you have about the organization and industry in which you worked. RELATED STORIES An important part of this definition is that as a well-rounded professional, you should not only take care of your career interest and job interest but also pay full attention to the happenings around you. If you do not demonstrate this attitude in the interview, then it seems that you are missing a bit in your approach. Top Indian business schools look for these skills in their MBA candidates The most important quality that business schools look for in an MBA candidate is the candidate's ability and talent to complete the rigorous and demanding MBA program. In this regard, they first check the academic capability of the candidate. Students who have a strong academic track record, their academic track records let the business school's selection committee know that the student can complete the pace and pressure of an MBA program, both in terms of curricular and extra-curricular aspects. have the ability to do. Similarly, business schools try to check other aspects of the students other than academics in which the candidates have achieved some mastery or achievement. It can be any hobby of the candidates or information about special events happening around the candidates or general information etc. Showing mastery and interest in an extra-curricular area show that you are not just a 'bookworm' but also deeply interested in life around you. Similarly, if you have work experience, the business school tries to find out how interested you are in your job, the company you worked in, and the industry you worked in. The business school will also try to find out how aware you are of serious economic or business trends in the field you worked in. Indian students learn these skills in their MBA program During an MBA program, a student acquires skills in 2 broad categories. The first category is technical or functional skills. These skills are related to core business fundamentals such as finance, accounting, operations, and marketing. In a business school, you will get complete information or review related information about all these business fundamentals and also understand the practical importance of these fundamentals while doing business. Another aspect of an MBA program that is often overlooked by MBA students is the behavioral aspects of the program. They are also known colloquially as soft skills. Behavioral skills are very important for business managers. These skills enhance your ability to work with many people who may not necessarily share your views. Soft skills help managers to resolve conflicts and these skills teach managers to effectively interact with people, especially in situations where people and their work depend on each other. About Expert: Professor Rajeev Kumar is part of the Organizational Behavior Group at IIM Calcutta. He has done Fellowship (equivalent to Ph.D.) from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. As a faculty member at IIM Calcutta, he teaches various compulsory and elective subjects such as Business Research Methods, Human Behavior in the Office, Designing Effective Organizations, Interpersonal Skills, and Leadership. Before starting his career in academia, he worked as an HR consultant at Hewitt Associates. Before this, he also worked for 3+ years in an NGO namely Society for the Promotion of Wastelands Developments (SPWD) in Rajasthan and Gujarat. To read more such interesting articles about pursuing MBA in IIMs, subscribe to the MBA section of www.jagranjosh.com. Other Important Links Top Indian Coaching Institutes for MBA Entrance Exam Preparation These top universities in India offer MBA from Hindi medium There are numerous career options in various fields of management in India.

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US Plans New Sanctions On Russia, China: Report

The United States plans to impose new sanctions against Russia and China on Friday that include punishing Moscow for its use of Iranian drones in its war against Ukraine, two US officials said on...

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Iranian women shot in eyes, breasts and thighs during anti-hijab protests: Report

Iranian women shot in eyes breasts and thighs during antihijab protests Report

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US hits prominent Turkish biz executive with Iranian oil sanctions

The Biden administration is imposing sanctions on a prominent Turkish businessman reportedly close to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for violations of US restrictions on the sales of Iranian oil. The Treasury Department announced Thursday it was penalizing Sitki Ayan and a number of companies he and his family and associates control for facilitating the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars of Iranian oil for Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Ayan and his firms have also laundered the proceeds of those sales for both the Guard and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement, both of which are designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the US, Treasury said. The sanctions include a freeze on any assets Ayan or the targeted companies may have in US jurisdictions and bar Americans from doing any business with them. Ayan's companies have established international sales contracts for Iranian oil with foreign purchasers, arranged shipments of oil, and helped launder the proceeds, obscuring t

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Iran Triggers Outrage with First Execution over Anti-Govt Protests

At least a dozen other people are currently at risk of execution after being sentenced to hang in connection with the protests

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UK will sanction human rights abusers rather than commentate, says Cleverly

Foreign secretary criticised UKs lack of robust approach at taking action against perpetrators around the world British diplomats have too often acted as commentators rather than using leverage against human rights abusers, according to the foreign secretary, who said the culture of his department would shift so that dictators would pay the price. The UK is set to announce a raft of sanctions against individuals in 11 countries, including Iran, Russia, Mali and Nicaragua, targeting those responsible for acts of torture, sexual violence and the repression of protests. Continue reading...

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Geelani came from Iran, wanted to disintegrate India: Arif Khan

J&K is crown of India Excelsior Correspondent JAMMU, Dec 8: Terming Kashmir as crown of India, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan today hit out at those, who were instrumental in eruption of separatism and terrorism in Kashmir and said that they had come from outside to Kashmir after being forced out of their homes in Central Asia. Click here to watch video He said that India is not a piece of land but a strong thought. After coming here (in [] The post Geelani came from Iran, wanted to disintegrate India: Arif Khan appeared first on Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism | Breaking News J&K .

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Iran Triggers Fresh Outrage With 1st Hanging Over Anti-Government Protests

Iran carried out its first known execution Thursday over the protests that have shaken the regime since September, sparking an international outcry and warnings from rights groups that more hangings...

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Iran carries out first execution over anti-hijab protests, says report

The execution comes as other detainees also face possible death penalty for their involvement in the protests

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#CelebrityEvenings: From Shriya Saran to Giorgia Andriani, Bollywood celebs spotted in Mumbai

The paparazzi captured Bollywood stars at different locations in Mumbai on December 8. Celebrities including Disha Patani, Giorgia Andriani, Jasmin Bhasin, Neha Sharma, Aisha Sharma, Keerthy Suresh, Shriya Saran, Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D'Souza, Kiran Rao, and others were spotted as they stepped out in the city looking their usual best. Check out the video.

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US hits prominent Turkish executive with Iran oil sanctions

The Biden administration is imposing sanctions on a prominent Turkish businessman reportedly close to Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for violations of U.S. restrictions on the sales of Iranian oil

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Jordan Pickfords invisible saves are Englands secret World Cup weapon

Three of the goalkeepers finest stops in Qatar have gone unnoticed by the match officials As a measure of how much Jordan Pickfords performances have flown under the radar during this World Cup, it turns out the England goalkeeper is so underrated that three of his best saves havent even been recognised. Yes, there was plenty of praise for the sharp reflex stop from Irans Sardar Azmoun in Englands opener in Qata r. And true, everyone applauded when Pickford kept his side level during their last-16 match against Senegal by pushing away a shot from Boulaye Dia. Continue reading...

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Watch The Latest Hindi Devotional Video Song 'Sachche Mann Se Jo Bhi Pukaare' Sung By Anuradha Paudwal And Sonu Nigam

Listen to the popular Hindi devotional song 'Sachche Mann Se Jo Bhi Pukaare' sung by Anuradha Paudwal And Sonu Nigam. Lyrics is penned by Pandit Kiran Mishra. Music is given by Kirti Anurag. Stay tuned to ETimes Hindi section for more Hindi devotional songs, Hindi Bhakti songs, Sachche Mann Se Jo Bhi Pukaare songs, play most popular religious songs, mesmerizing bhajans, aartiyan, chants, katha, kirtan and bhakti songs.

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Shiraz Shrine Attack: Iran Says Five Accused to Face Death Penalty

The Iranian judiciary said that five accused were members of the Islamic State (IS) and conspired against national security

News18 8 Dec 2022 9:28 pm

Maulana Azad Fellowship for minorities to stop from 2023: Centre

The Union government has decided to discontinue the Maulana Azad National Fellowship (MANF) from 2022-23 for minorities as according to them, the scheme overlaps with various other fellowship schemes for higher education. Union Minister for Minorities Affairs Smriti Irani was replying to a query by Tamil Nadus Prathapan MP in Lok Sabha on Thursday. Also Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

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'The Women of Iran' are TIMEs Heroes of the Year 2022

The news was announced shortly after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was named TIME's 2022 Person of the Year.

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IFFK highlights: Silent films with live piano, 32 female directors, LGBTQIA+ narratives

IFFK The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) will be held between December 9 and 16, across various theatres in Keralas Thiruvananthapuram. Cris Delegates have fun at the previous edition of IFFK On December 7, a Wednesday, there are just a few odd people hovering around the make-shift film festival offices at the Tagore Theatre. A vast campus placed at an enviable spot in Thiruvananthapuram, the premise will turn into a whole different place in the next two days. December 9 is the first day of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), which will be held across different venues in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. Owing to COVID-19 the last two editions suffered delayed schedules, making this the second fest to happen in a year. But going back to its routine, the IFFK is ready to welcome 12,000 and more delegates into its fold this December. It was not easy, says the new artistic director of the festival, Deepika Suseelan. We had only two and a half months in all to do the whole programme. By that, she means everything from inviting entries to selecting movies to fixing a jury and accommodating the guests. The last IFFK, held in March this year, was handled by renowned film editor Bina Paul Venugopal, a veteran in overseeing the IFFK, having been the artistic director for most of its 27 editions. Deepika, with her experience of handling three back-back-back IFFIs (International Film Festival of India), which happens in Goa every November, and an edition of the IFFK in 2014, says it is a misconception that all the selection is done from the movies sent in applications. Only the Indian and Malayalam cinema sections come through applications. But the majority of the world cinema and competition films are chosen after a lot of research, scouting through previous festivals, using contacts, and convincing those who are little reachable to come, she says. Deepika Suseelan She is glad that many big names could make it despite the last-minute planning. Bela Tarr, a legendary filmmaker from Hungary, is one of the people who agreed to come despite health issues. He will be receiving thelifetime achievement award this year, and six of his films have been included in a package charmingly titled, The Melancholy Worlds of Bela Tarr. This is a filmmaker who began with ordinary films for ordinary people and then fell into stories of pessimism. Silent films with piano and Serbian masterpieces Another promising package is the series of silent films in two different sections. One of these is coming with live piano, by Jonny Best, resident pianist at the BFI Southbank, a cinema house in the UK. It will begin with the screening of the German horror film, Nosferatu, a straight-off-the-coffin vampire film from a hundred years ago, made by the legendary FM Murnau. Murnau, who died in 1931, has a separate package, apart from Jonny's five. Poster of Nosferato/ IFFK It is also new to IFFK that Serbia becomes the country of focus this time. At a fest that mostly focuses on films from Latin America, Asia, and African countries each year, the newest and best works from a different nation become a highlight every year. Serbia as a country of focus has not been done before. Neither were Serbian films chosen for any recent big film festivals. And the IFFK is a festival that always initiates things. Films like the Working Class Heroes from Serbia blow you away. We have also included four of Emir Kusturicas movies, Deepika says. Emir, a maestro from Serbia, is known for telling stories of people from the margins. 32 films by women filmmakers There are 32 films by female directors in a fest that features more than 185 movies from 17 countries. That was not a planned move, Deepika says. The only consideration came in reaching out to as many women filmmakers as possible to bring their works to the decision table, she adds. After that, there is no special consideration and no woman filmmaker demands it. They make great films. As a rule, I dont look at the filmmaker's name while watching films and taking a call, so there is no bias. I was amazed when 32 names came to the final list. You should watch films like Night Siren, written by a woman and directed by another. It is just wonderful. On the other hand, I was surprised to see that a film like A room of my own was done by a male filmmaker, she says. Unruly, by Danish filmmaker Malou Reymann, is among the 32 films by women directors Of the movies she mentions, Night Siren is a horror drama about a Slovakian woman who goes back to her hometown to solve the mysteries of her childhood, while A Room of my own is a Georgian film about a woman who rents a room from another and discovers what it is like to be free. LGBTQIA+ centric films As always, 14 films are in the competition category, two of these in Malayalam, and another two from other Indian languages. Lijo Jose Pellisserys first Mammootty film, Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam, will have its premiere while Mahesh Narayanans Ariyippu, which has already been to festivals, will feature in the competition category. A Manipuri film called Our Home and a Hindi film called A place of our own are the other Indian films in competition. The latter is about the struggle of two transgender persons in finding a home. The fest includes quite a few films on the LGBTQIA+ community. Deepika mentions Paloma, a Brazillian film about a transexual woman who decides to get married in a church, and Lord of the Ants, a biopic on Italian poet and playwright Aldo Braibanti, who was jailed in 1968 under an anti-gay law. Lord of the Ants Two categories celebrating golden jubilees are one for Adoor Gopalakrishnans Swayamvaram, and another is a retrospective for American scriptwriter Paul Schrader. Ninety-three-year-old Alejandro Jodorowsky, making Chilean-French avant-garde films, also gets a package. Read: Legacy of Adoors debut film Swayamvaram lives on 50 years since its release Special screenings including restored classics last editions Kummatty still lingers in the mind auteur odes, and the midnight screening of a horror film (an Indonesian one, aptly titled Satans Slaves), are all to look forward to. The only thing left to decide is the guest for the opening day, December 9. Sadly, Mahnaz Mohammadi, the Iranian filmmaker who was declared the winner of IFFKs Spirit of Cinema award, cannot make it. The opening film is however fixed a French feature titled Tori and Lokita, from the Dardenne brothers. Deepika says it is unlike their usually slow-paced films on a big canvas. This is a shorter canvas and a more paced one. Quite a few cute and fun-to-watch films are there, she promises. The IFFK ends on December 16.

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Iran hangs protester in first reported execution linked to mass protests

Iran said on Thursday that it has killed a person detained in connection with the months-long demonstrations that have gripped the nation, marking the first known execution associated with the protests.

The Economic Times 8 Dec 2022 7:00 pm

Selection Depends On Performances, Those Who Have Done Well Are In The Side: Harmanpreet Kaur

Mumbai, Dec 8, In their five T20Is against Australia starting from Friday at the DY Patil Stadium, India have left out off-spin all-rounders Sneh Rana and Dayalan Hemalatha as well as big-hitting batter Kiran Navgire, who was seen as a finisher in the side. Instead, they have brought in left-arm fast-bowler Anjali Sarvani, who topped the bowling charts in the Senior Women's T20 Trophy (with 17 scalps) and Senior Women's Inter-Zonal T20 Trophy (10 wickets). Alongside her, leg-spin allrounder Devika Vaidya also marks a return to the T20I setup after eight years. On the eve of the series opener, captain Harmanpreet Kaur said the door to the India T20I team was not closed on Sneh, Dayalan, and Kiran, but that consistent domestic performers like Anjali and Devika have been rewarded with call-ups to the national team. The members of the team have performed well, especially the new girls who have done really well in the domestic circuit. If you talk about Anjali, she took the highest wickets and then others have done well too and won matches for their respective teams. Selection depends on your performances and those who have done well are in the side. For Sneh Rana and all are good players; in the upcoming tournaments whenever they'll do well, they'll definitely come back. We are always having an eye on them. It's not like if today they are not on the side, we are ignoring them. Definitely they are part of the system and when they perform, they will come back, she said in the pre-match press conference. ] When India will play against Australia in the T20I series opener on Friday, the equal pay policy, which was announced in October, will come into effect. As per the policy, India women's players will get INR 15 lakh per Test match, INR 6 lakh per ODI, and INR 3 lakh for a T20I game. Harmanpreet believes that equal pay policy will bring more responsibility on women cricketers. It's an outstanding decision taken by the BCCI. As a sportsperson, we always want to get that recognition, and equal pay is something which will bring a lot of motivation for the current players and the upcoming stars. The motivation given by the BCCI that gives us a lot of responsibility now because whenever we go out to play now, we know many people are watching us and want to give our 100 per cent. We have played really well, and the last three months have been very special for the way we played. We are looking very positive and with Hrishi sir (Hrishikesh Kanitkar as batting coach) in, he also brings in a lot of positivity. Harmanpreet also thinks that pay parity will bring a change towards how women's cricket is viewed in the country and that it should extend to domestic competitions in future. This was the first step, and I am sure, going forward, there will be a lot of good news for women's cricket. For that, we have to take a lot of responsibility as a team and play very good cricket. We have been reaching finals of the tournament but could not lift the major titles. But still, the way we are playing has changed a lot of things in the country. I am sure the BCCI must be thinking about (equal pay) in domestic cricket as well. Domestic cricket is very important. Now, the Women's IPL is coming, and all those things will be important for domestic cricketers. There is money involved, and with that we will get a lot of good domestic matches. Things are and will come to you. We just need to perform. Harmanpreet revealed that opener Shafali Verma and wicketkeeper-batter Richa Ghosh will not play all five T20Is against Australia due to the duo being a part of the India squad for the inaugural Under-19 Women's T20 World Cup in South Africa. With the tournament happening in January, they will also miss the tri-series featuring hosts' South Africa and West Indies due to the clash of dates. The tri-series marked an important preparation for the Indian team in the lead-up to the senior Women's T20 World Cup from February 10-26. The U-19 camp will start after a few days and for Richa and Shafali, this tournament (against Australia) is important. They are part of the U-19 World Cup, but before that if they get a chance to play against Australia, it will boost their confidence. Till the (India U19) camp is announced, they will definitely join the Under-19 camp as Shafali is leading. When we will play the tri-series in South Africa, they are definitely not available because they will be playing the Under-19 World Cup. For that, we have other players who will come in and join, she concluded. The U-19 camp will start after a few days and for Richa and Shafali, this tournament (against Australia) is important. They are part of the U-19 World Cup, but before that if they get a chance to play against Australia, it will boost their confidence. Also Read: Roston Chase Picks Up His All-Time XI, Includes 3 Indians nr/cs This story has not been edited by Cricketnmore staff and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed

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Devi Song : Popular Bhojpuri Devotional Video Song 'Devi Pachra' Sung By Kiran Singh, Kajal Kumari And Jyoti Kumari

Listen to the popular Bhojpuri devotional song 'Devi Pachra' sung by Kiran Singh, Kajal Kumari And Jyoti Kumari. Music is given by Manish Kumar, Avinash - Sintu Kumar. Stay tuned to ETimes Bhojpuri section for more Hindi devotional songs, Bhojpuri Bhakti songs, Devi Pachra songs, play most popular religious songs, mesmerizing bhajans, aartiyan, chants, katha, kirtan and bhakti songs.

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Rapid Road inaugurated in Bengalurus Indiranagar by CM Bommai

Infrastructure According to a note issued by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the cost of rapid roads is 40 to 43% more when compared to white topping work. TNM Staff On November 8, Bengaluru's Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai inaugurated the Rapid Road that the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) had been working on at Binnamangala junction. The construction was completed after the CM gave the BBMP the go-ahead to focus on building durable, cost-effective roads around the city. According to reports, the Rapid Road Work (RRW) trial project between Old Madras Road and 100 Feet Road Indiranagar extends all the way to BDA Junction.The work was much faster compared to the white topping project. The pilot project will be observed for 15 days to know its feasibility. Over 20 tonnes of weight can pass on this newly built stretch. The technology involved laying of precast concrete slabs, joining each of them systematically. The cost is more when compared to white topping. I have asked the BBMP officials to work on reducing the cost and directed them to give a report on this, said Bommai while inaugurating the road. According to a note issued by the BBMP, the cost of rapid roads is 40 to 43% more when compared to white topping work which also takes longer time to be built. The project costs about Rs 12,976 per cubic metre, 43% more than White Topping Project which costs Rs 9,076 per cubic metre. The note also claims that the life span of a rapid road is 100 years while white topped roads is 30 years. Furthermore, the note also says that precast rapid roads could be completed in 3 days with minimum inconvenience to motorists in comparison to white topped roads. However, in an earlier report, TNM had reported how the road took longer to be completed and ended up causing inconvenience to motorists who had to take a detour while the road was closed for nearly two weeks. White-topping is a process where the normal black-top roads or the bitumen asphalt roads are cleared and the roads are given a layer of concrete on top. The concrete used is considered more long-lasting and is believed to prevent the formation of potholes. Meanwhile, the rapid method involved pre-cast concrete slabs that are 20 feet long and five feet wide, prepared in a factory and embedded in the road.

The News Minute 8 Dec 2022 6:51 pm

Iran Executes Man Over Nationwide Protests

Mohsen Shekari, 23, had been sentenced to death on accusations of blocking a street in Tehran and attacking a member of the Basij militia during a protest.

The New York Times 8 Dec 2022 6:14 pm

Iran Conducts First Known Execution Over Ongoing Protests, Says More To Follow

Shekari was detained on several counts, including brandishing a weapon to kill and cause panic, endangering the safety and freedom of others, and was charged with hostility against God under Iranian Sharia Law.

The LogicaI Indian 8 Dec 2022 6:03 pm

Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say

Exclusive: Men and women coming in with shotgun wounds to different parts of bodies, doctors say Iranian security forces are targeting women at anti-regime protests with shotgun fire to their faces, breasts and genitals, according to interviews with medics across the country. Doctors and nurses treating demonstrators in secret to avoid arrest said they first observed the practice after noticing that women often arrived with different wounds to men, who more commonly had shotgun pellets in their legs, buttocks and backs. Continue reading...

The Guardian 8 Dec 2022 5:46 pm

Iran Anti-Hijab Protests: Mohsen Shekari Becomes First Protester to Be Executed by Iran

Shekari was accused of attacking a pro-regime militia officer with a machete and he was executed by the authorities on Thursday

News18 8 Dec 2022 5:41 pm

Iranian authorities arrest actress Soheila Golestani who appeared in protest video without a headscarf

Iranian authorities arrest actress Soheila Golestani who appeared in protest video without a headscarf

Firstpost 8 Dec 2022 5:32 pm

Chiranjeevi, Shruti Haasan chill in Europe before Waltair Veerayya shoot

Chiranjeevi Shruti Haasan chill in Europe before Waltair Veerayya shoot

India Today 8 Dec 2022 5:26 pm

Iran: Shops Of Isfahan Bazaar Joins Nationwide Strike

Nationwide unrest continues in Iran following the death of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini on September 16 in police custody, posing one of the most vital challenges to the Islamic Republic since the 1979 revolution. Iranian shops shut their doors in several cities on December 5 while joining hands for a three-day nationwide strike, calling for the end to clerical rule in the country. The same video was shared by Iranian Journalist @AlinejadMasih on her Twitter account.

The LogicaI Indian 8 Dec 2022 5:23 pm

Women of Iran named Times 2022 Heroes of the Year

American news magazine Time on Wednesday named Iranian women its 2022 heroes of the year for leading mass protests across the country over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. The New York-based magazine has been naming them person of the year for decades, but in recent years has also begun naming heroes for their contributions Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 8 Dec 2022 5:15 pm

Is Irani chai from Iran? Bandi Sanjay mocks KCR on Make In India remark

Hyderabad: Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Thursday strongly refuted the repeated allegations made by chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) that the Centre is forcibly installing electricity meters to the agriculture pump sets. Addressing a public rally at Mogilipet village in Jagitial district as part of his Praja Sangrama Yatra, Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 8 Dec 2022 5:09 pm

Hyderabad: Inflation pushes up cost of Irani chai to Rs 20

Hyderabad: The citys ubiquitous Irani chai has become a tad costlier all thanks to rising prices of essential commodities. The cost of the beloved hot beverage, a daily indulgence for many, has slowly gone up to Rs 20 across cafes. Restaurant and cafe owners in the city have attributed this to the increase in prices Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 8 Dec 2022 5:02 pm

Iran Hangs 23-Year-Old Man in First Protest-Related Execution

Identified as Mohsen Shekari, the man was found guilty of waging war against God by a Revolutionary Court in Iran.

The Quint 8 Dec 2022 4:58 pm

Iran executes man, 23, for allegedly stabbing pro-regime officer

Mohsen Shekaris execution appears to be first of demonstrator involved in protests Iran has executed a 23-year-old man for allegedly stabbing a pro-regime militia officer with a machete and blocking a street in the capital, in what appears to be the first execution of a demonstrator involved in recent protests that have rocked the country. As many as 21 people have now been charged with sentences likely to carry the death penalty, and hundreds of others have been killed during the protests. Continue reading...

The Guardian 8 Dec 2022 4:49 pm

Do You Know Why Chiranjeevi Started His Own Blood Bank? Ram Charan Answers

Ram Charan recalled that his father always emphasised and instilled in him humanitarian principles.

News18 8 Dec 2022 4:26 pm

Iran carries out first known execution on a male amid ongoing protests

The man is thought to be the first protester to be given the death penalty since widespread protests broke out in September. Activists warn others are facing a similar fate.

Web Dunia 8 Dec 2022 4:18 pm

Iran kills its first known prisoner who was detained during protests

Dubai: Iran announced on Thursday that it has executed a prisoner convicted of a crime allegedly committed during ongoing nationwide protests in the country This was the first such execution in Tehran. The execution takes place among other detainees potentially facing the death penalty for participating in the protests, which began as a reaction against Iran's morality police and have since followed the Islamic Revolution of 1979. has since become one of the most significant threats to democracy. As activists claim that at least a dozen people have already been sentenced to death for taking part in the demonstrations, they issue warnings that additional executions could soon take place. Also Read: Europe-made components are used in Turkish missiles fired at Syria Iran's human rights director Mahmoud Amiri-Moghaddam wrote that Mohsen Shekhri's execution should be met with strong reactions to me otherwise we will have to face the executions of protesters every day. This execution should have immediate practical implications on a global scale. The execution was reported by Iran's Mizan news agency. It claimed the man had blocked a road and attacked a security guard in Tehran with a knife. The man who was executed was named Mohsen Shekhri by the country's judiciary-run Mizan news agency. It claimed that he was found guilty by Tehran's revolutionary court, which usually hears cases behind closed doors and denies defendants the right to choose their own lawyers or even access evidence against them. The first was criticized from around the world for refusing to Also Read: Houthi officials have been charged with mistreating and excluding critically ill journalists. According to Mijan, Shekhri was detained on 24 September and found guilty on 20 November of the Persian crime of mohrebeh, which means waging war against God. Since 1979, this charge, carrying the death penalty, has been brought against other people. Since the September 16 death of 22-year-old Mahsa Aminiwho died after being arrested by the country's morality policeprotests have rocked Iran. At least 475 people have been killed in demonstrations amid a harsh security crackdown, according to human rights activists in Iran, a group that has been tracking the protests since they began. The authorities have taken in more than 18,000 people. Also Read: 'Luring people by donating food is a very serious problem', says SC on conversion Iran is one of the world's top executioners. Prisoners are usually hanged. Amnesty International reported that it had already received a document from a senior Iranian police commander requesting that a prisoner's execution be carried out in the shortest possible time and in public in a touching manner towards the security forces. be done as a taking gesture.

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1200 students fell ill just before anti-hijab protest, everyone had same problem...

Tehran: Just a day before the ongoing anti-hijab protests in Iran, around 1,200 students of the Islamic country's largest university have become seriously ill. The thing to note is that all the students who have fallen ill are suffering from the same problem. These include vomiting, severe body pain, and brain problem. According to the National Student Union, all the students of Kharajami and Ark University are currently admitted to the hospital. The union alleges that the government and its agencies had poisoned the water of the hostels of these students so that the students could not protest against the government and the hijab. The student union has alleged that poison has been mixed in the water supply source of the hostel. At the same time, after this allegation, the government officials of Iran have clarified that they believe that the students have fallen ill. The reason for this is bad water. Bacteria flourished in the water and the students fell ill after drinking it. The special thing is that on Tuesday (December 6) also exactly the same incident took place in two universities of Tehran. Then students of Tehran's Al Jahra and the Isfahan University of Technology fell ill in the same way. It is being told that bad water was being supplied from the official canteen. The union has said on a Telegram channel that, we had informed the administration regarding the incident at Isfahan University. There is no doubt that students have been victims of mass food poisoning. According to media reports, the situation has become so bad that even the medicines for de-hydration have run out in the university clinics. Therefore, it is being suspected that all this has been done under a plan so that the students could not participate in the Hijab and anti-government protests. The Students' Union alleges that the government is spreading rumors about abolishing the Morality Police to create misunderstanding among the students. Meanwhile, there has been a major political upheaval as well. Iran's former President Mohammad Khatami has announced his support for the hijab and anti-government protesters. Mohammad Khatami, 79, was the President of Iran in 1997 and 2005. He has said that the present Iranian government is taking away the rights of the common people and those who are raising their voices against it are being punished. This is very dangerous for the country. Neymar had once punched a fan which led to losing Brazilian captaincy FIFA WC: Germany to continue with Flick despite group stage exit at Qatar Lebanon's banks are suffering as a result of the financial crisis

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Filmmaker Don Palathara lists what not to miss at Keralas IFFK

IFFK As part of the International Film Festival of Kerala, films from across the world will be screened simultaneously on fourteen screens in Thiruvananthapuram from December 9 to 16. Don Palathara A still from the Lav Diaz film 'When The Waves are Gone' The International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) is a mammoth event, not only in terms of the number of attendees, but also the number of films screened there each year. Films from across the world will be screened simultaneously on fourteen screens in Keralas capital city of Thiruvananthapuram for six days, excluding the opening and closing days. The 27th edition of the festival, scheduled to be held from December 9 to 16, is special to me for several reasons. Even though I am attending the festival with a professional obligation, many of the films being screened this time are from filmmakers whose works I admire and look up to. By now, I have realised from past experience that it is better to have a plan in place while approaching the festival, in order not to miss out on some gems. So here goes my schedule: Day 1: On the 9th of December, I wish to watch the festivals opening film Tori and Lokita by Dardenne brothers. This film won the Cannes 75th Anniversary Award, its prolific director duo Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne known for their unique style and exploration of socio-political themes. Day 2: The most important attraction of this edition of the IFFK is the several retrospectives its catering. As part of the retrospective on Paul Schrader, The Last Temptation of Christ by Martin Scorsese will be screened in Kairali. But at the same time, there will be Bela Tarrs Family Nest playing in the New Theatre for the retrospective on the Hungarian master of slow cinema. Three great silent films by German pioneer F W Murnau are also available on the same day. Locarno award nominee Ariyippu by Mahesh Narayanan will have its Indian Premiere in the Tagore Theatre at 2.30 pm. Filipino master Lav Diazs latest film When The Waves are Gone is another film that cannot be missed before going to bed on Friday night. Day 3:Along with the films of Murnau and Tarr, Iranian auteur Jafar Panahis No Bears is something most cinephiles would be looking out for. Emir Kusturicas 1998 film Black Cat, White Cat will be screened as part of the retrospective on the Serbian filmmaker, who is immensely loved by Malayali cinephiles. The most confusing time during this entire festival would be around 6 pm on Day 3, as there are so many films to choose from. Mia Hansen-Loves One Fine Morning, Ulrich Seidls Rimini, Hong Sang-soos The Novelists Film, R.M.N. by Cristian Mungiu, and Carl Theodor Dreyers The Parsons Widow are all screening at the same time. Mia Hansen-Love has been showcased at the IFFK before, her most recent one being Bergman Island. Ulrich Seidl, the maker of the Paradise trilogy, has consistently been good at juxtaposing religion and dark humour. Hong Sang-soo, popular for his simple films exploring complex ideas, is often compared to Ozu. Cristian Mungiu has made some provocative films in the past, so it would be interesting to see what he has to offer too. But, as this is a rare opportunity to experience a Dreyer film on the big screen, I might eventually choose The Parsons Widow. Scorseses Taxi Driver, German expressionist masterpiece Nosferatu, Claire Deniss new film Both Sides of the Blade, and Darren Aronofskys The Whale, which is already popular for Brendan Frasers astounding performance, are also screening on the same day. With all these great choices, I suppose this would be the most exhausting day for film lovers. Day 4:Another gem from the silent era, Foolish Wives by Erich von Stroheim accompanied by live music, Schraders Master Gardener and Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters, the prolific Hong Sang-soos Walk Up, and jury member Alvaro Brechners A Twelve-Year Night are the films I look forward to on the 12th of December. A midnight screening of horror film Satans Slaves happens at Nishagandhi. An interesting clash between Adoor Gopalakrishnans Swayamvaram and restored version of G Aravindans Thampu will also be happening in the evening. Read: Legacy of Adoors debut film Swayamvaram lives on 50 years since its release Day 5: The 1964 Band of Outsiders, directed by Jean Luc Godard who was awarded a lifetime achievement award in the 2020 IFFK, can be viewed at Sree Padmanabha. Day 5s Murnau film is Tabu: A Story of the South Seas. Tarrs Werckmeister Harmonies, The Phantom Carriage by Victor Sjostrom, second screenings of several interesting films including Taxi Driver, The Whale, and movies by Mia Hansen-Love and Panahi are all the attractions of December 13. Day 6: Several films are having their final screenings on this day, including Liv Diazs When the Waves are Gone, Krzysztof Zanussis The Perfect Number, and Park Chan-Wooks Decision to Leave. Lijo Jose Pellisserys Mammootty starrer Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam and Mahesh Narayanans Ariyippu are also doing their final screenings according to the schedule. One will be forced to choose between surrealist filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowskys The Holy Mountain and Emir Kusturicas Promise Me This for the night show. Day 7:Russian master Aleksander Sokurovs new film Fairytale will have its second show at the festival in Kalabhavan at 9.30 am. At the same time, First Reformed by Paul Schrader and Palme dOr winner Triangle of Sadness by Ruben Ostlund are also playing. I would rather be at the Tagore theatre for the lecture by Bela Tarr at 11.30 am than for any film. At the same time, The Man From London by Tarr will be played in Nila. It will be ones last chance to watch Jodorowskys The Dance of Reality, Kusturicas Life is a Miracle and Underground, Padmarajans Oridathoru Phayalvan, Broker by Hirokazu Kore-eda, and Rimini by Seidl on Day 7. Day 8: As the closing day, 16th of December is not providing a lot of options to cinephiles, except for the final shows of Hong Sang-soos The Novelists Film, Kusturicas Promise Me This, and Panahis No Bears. There can be a lot of great films I have missed out, either due to my lack of knowledge or personal biases. I dont particularly enjoy the films of Kusturica or Jodorowsky personally, but I think it is still important to mention them in this list. The criteria for preparing this watchlist was not to find the films that would resonate with my personal taste, but to approach the festival as a film student. Don Palathara is a critically acclaimed film director and screenwriter from Kerala. The views expressed are the authors own.

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Vanoosh Villa Residence by 35-51 Architecture Office in Royan, Iran

Project: Vanoosh Villa Residence Architects: 35-51 Architecture Office Location: Royan, Iran Area: 3,562 sf Photographs by: Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Vanoosh Villa Residence by 35-51 Architecture Office The Vanoosh Villa Residence is a contemporary villa designed [] The post Vanoosh Villa Residence by 35-51 Architecture Office in Royan, Iran appeared first on Architecture Art Designs .

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'Beautiful message for a better future': Former Iranian president MohammadKhatamibacks anti-govt protests

'Beautiful message for a better future': Former Iranian president MohammadKhatamibacks anti-govt protests

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Iran Announces First Execution Over Recent Anti-Government Unrest

Iran's judiciary has so far announced that 11 people have been sentenced to death in connection with the protests that began in mid-September after the death in custody of Mahsa Amini.

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Iran seals businesses of football star Ali Daei for supporting anti-hijab protests

Tehran: Iranian judiciary has sealed the businesses offootball player Ali Daeifor supporting the ongoing protests in the country, since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody. The orders were issued to seal the Daeis jewellery store and restaurant, located in one of the high-end areas of Tehran. TheISNAnews agency stated that after cooperating Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

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Iran announces first execution amid ongoing anti-hijab protests

Tehran: Iran on Thursday announced the first execution of a protester convicted over the recent anti-government unrest. Mohsen Shekari was hanged on Thursday morning after being found guilty by a Revolutionary Court of enmity against God, the BBC quoted a state media report as saying. He was accused of being a rioter who blocked a Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

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The year 2022 in pictures: Russia-Ukraine crisis, Queen Elizabeth II#39;s death, wildfire, Iran protests and more

The year 2022 captured significant and surprising moments. From the Russia-Ukraine war and the death of Britain#39;s Queen Elizabeth II to tennis legend Roger Federer#39;s retirement, the world has seen some remarkable moments unfold this year. Let us take a look at some of noteworthy pictures from the year 2022 that helped capture the essence of these landmark events.

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Iran announces first execution over recent anti-govt unrest

Tehran: Iran on Thursday announced the first execution of a protester convicted over the recent anti-government unrest. Mohsen Shekari was hanged on Thursday morning after being found guilty by a Revolutionary Court of enmity against God, the BBC quoted a state media report as saying. He was accused of being a rioter who blocked a Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

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Iran carries out first execution over anti-government protests

Mohsen Shekari was hanged after being convicted of enmity against God, state media report.

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Iran carries out first execution over Amini protests

Iran hanged a man today convicted of wounding a paramilitary force member, the judiciary said, the first known execution it has carried out over nearly three months of protests.

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Iran executes first known prisoner arrested in protests

Iran's Mizan news agency reported the execution. It accused the man of blocking a street and attacking a security force member with a machete in Tehran.

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Smriti Iranis new post is all about Bengalis and their love for football. Viral video

Smriti Iranis new post is all about Bengalis and their love for football Viral video

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Iran Carries Out 1st Execution Over Anti-Hijab Protests: Report

Iran executed Thursday a man convicted of injuring a paramilitary member, state media said.

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Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women: Nirmala Sitaraman Among 5 Other Indians

Six Indians, including the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the CEO of Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, and the founder of Nykaa, Falguni Nayar, have made it onto Forbes annual list of The Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women New York: Six Indians, including the finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the CEO of Biocon, Kiran... The post Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women: Nirmala Sitaraman Among 5 Other Indians appeared first on HW News English .

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Putin acknowledges that Russia's conflict in Ukraine may last for a while

LONDON: Russian President Vladimir Putin has admitted that his military can fight in Ukraine for a long time, but troops will not be called in for a second time for the time being. It could be a long process, Putin said in a televised meeting with supporters on Wednesday. They rarely discussed the likely length of the war they had started more than nine months earlier. In response to Ukrainian counter-offensives in the east and south, armed with increasing amounts of Western weapons since July, Russia has been forced to make several significant retreats. Also Read: New president of Peru is sworn in after Castillo's removal from office In February, Russia launched what it referred to as its special military operation, claiming that Ukraine's growing ties to the West posed a security threat. According to Kiev and its allies, the invasion resembles an imperialist land grab. In the latest in a series of warnings that appeared intended to discourage Kiev's Western backers from more robust involvement, Putin said his comments were making a nuclear war more likely, but added that Russia was carelessly Will not threaten to use such weapons. Putin said, we understand what nuclear weapons are, so we have not gone mad. Unlike any other nuclear country, we have these means in a more sophisticated and contemporary form. But we are not going to start showing this weapon like a razor in public. Of the 300,000 reservists activated in September and October, about 150,000 were sent to Ukraine, the official said, with 77,000 serving in combat units. 150,000 people were still enrolled in training facilities. According to Putin, in these circumstances there is no point in talking about any additional mobilization measures. Also Read: Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year According to the central bank, Russia's economy has recovered from the temporary slowdown brought on by the partial mobilization order, but the deflationary effects caused by the slump in consumer demand have almost disappeared. Putin has said he has no regrets about starting a war that is Europe's most devastating since World War II, despite recent battlefield retreats that included the loss of Kherson, a provincial capital of Ukraine. Including, which was occupied by Russia. He claimed that Russia's annexation of four partially occupied territories in September, which was declared illegal by Ukraine and most UN members, had already achieved significant results. According to Volodymyr Kudritsky, head of the Ukrainergo grid operator, the Russian military has fired more than 1,000 rockets and missiles at Ukraine's electrical grid, which has caused significant damage but is still operational. This information was provided by Interfax Ukraine. Recent Russian airstrikes on critical infrastructure in eight waves have severely damaged the grid and caused unplanned and emergency blackouts across the country, including Kiev, Ukraine's capital and largest city with three million residents. also includes. Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko warned of an apocalyptic scenario this winter without electricity, water or heat if Russian airstrikes on infrastructure continue. Although they should be prepared to do so, he said there is no immediate need to evacuate residents. In an interview with Reuters, Klitschko said that Kiev could be without central heating at a time when temperatures could drop as low as 15 C (5 F). In response to what it described as a terrorist threat, Russia's ally Belarus announced it was moving troops and military equipment. The announcement comes amid signs that Moscow could pressure Minsk to open a new front in Ukraine as the war continues. Despite relying on the Russian military to crush a popular uprising two years ago, President Alexander Lukashenko has so far refrained from sending his troops into the conflict in Ukraine. On Saturday, Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu unexpectedly arrived in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, to sign an amendment to the two countries' security cooperation agreement. The new terms were not made public. The Belarusian Security Council announced on Wednesday that over the next two days, troops and equipment would move into the country and training with simulated weapons would take place, according to state news agency Belta. There was no mention of how many troops or what kind of equipment would be carried. Also Read: After a fight in Turkey's parliament, a lawmaker was hospitalised According to Ukraine, thousands of Russian troops have been stationed in Belarus since October, and the government of Belarus has been warning more frequently about the threat of terrorism posed by partisans operating across the border. By the end of the year, Lukashenko's army is to draw up a list of reservists.

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Iranian Women Named Times Heroes Of The Year 2022

New York: The US magazine TIME named the women of Iran, who have been protesting against their government policies and repression, as heroes of the year. The New York-based magazine has been naming a person of the year for decades, but in recent years it has also started naming heroes for their contributions to humanity. [] The post Iranian Women Named Times Heroes Of The Year 2022 appeared first on Pragativadi .

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Centre seeks info on Iran's bar on rice, tea imports

The department of commerce has urged the agriculture ministry as well as the diplomatic mission in Tehran to apprise it of details as to why Iranian buyers have stopped import of rice and tea from India, a senior government official said. Exporters said that exports of items such as high quality tea and rice have stopped since last week. As of now, there has been no confirmation from the authorities and the response from the embassy in Tehran is also taking time, they said.

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New president of Peru is sworn in after Castillo's removal from office

LIMA: In a day of dramatic political events, the Peruvian Congress on Wednesday swore in a new president. The previous president, Pedro Castillo, had been removed from office just hours earlier in his impeachment trial. With 101 votes in favor of Castillo's removal, six against, and 10 abstentions, lawmakers proceeded with the previously scheduled impeachment trial, ignoring Castillo's attempt to close the legislature by decree. After the result was announced to raucous applause, Vice President Dina Boluaarte was appointed by the legislature. Bolurate becomes Peru's first female president when she takes the oath of office until 2026. Also Read: The road to Hawaii is in limbo as Mauna Loa lava continues to crawl. To resolve the crisis, he called for a political truce and announced the formation of a new cabinet that would include members from all political parties. Castillo's decision to dissolve Congress was condemned by him as an attempted coup. After voting to remove Castillo, Peru's national police posted a picture on Twitter of him sitting unrestrained in a police station and claimed that he had interfered with the carrying out of his duties. It was not known whether he was arrested or not. Castillo had previously announced that he would temporarily dissolve Congress, install a government of exception and schedule new elections for the legislature. His ministers resigned as a result, fueling furious accusations that he was planning a coup from both his allies and the opposition. He was warned by the army and police that the manner in which he tried to dissolve the Congress was illegal. Some smaller, relatively quiet street protests took place. Dozens of people waving Peruvian flags celebrated Castillo's defeat in Lima, and his supporters marched throughout the capital and Arequipa. Pedro, the people are with you, one of them announced at a signal. Also Read: Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year There were many police officers wearing plastic helmets and shields around the Government Palace and Congress in Lima. Years of political unrest in Peru led to corruption charges against several leaders, several attempts to remove them from office, and shortened presidential terms. The most recent legal dispute began in October when Castillo was charged with violating the constitution for allegedly allowing a criminal organization to profit from state contracts and obstructing investigations. Castillo was called before Congress last week to answer claims of moral incapacity for the office. Castillo referred to the allegations as slander carried out by organizations hoping to capitalize on and seize power that they lost in the elections. Since he took office in July 2021, the left-leaning teacher-turned-president has resisted two previous attempts to remove him from office. But after his attempt on Wednesday to dissolve the Congress, his allies turned against him and regional powers stressed the importance of maintaining democratic stability. The US ambassador to Peru, Lisa Kenna, said on Twitter that the US categorically rejects any extra-constitutional act by President Castillo to prevent Congress from fulfilling its mandate. The unrest roiled markets at the world's No. 2 copper producer, but analysts claimed Castillo's ouster could be good news for investors as he has been up against a hostile Congress since taking office. The Peruvian sol lost more than 2% against the dollar before recovering slightly to trade down 1.4 percent. Also Read: After a fight in Turkey's parliament, a lawmaker was hospitalised According to Andres Abadia of Pantheon Macroeconomics, Peru's financial markets will suffer but not collapse, due to strong domestic fundamentals.

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Court sentenced Ex president of Theranos inc. nearly 13 years in prison for fraud

United States: A US judge on Wednesday sentenced Ramesh Sunny Balwani, the former chairman of Theranos Inc, to 12 years and 11 months in prison for defrauding investors and patients of the Elizabeth Holmes-led blood testing startup. A spokeswoman for the US attorney's office confirmed. Balwani was sentenced by US District Judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California, on two counts of conspiracy and ten counts of fraud after being convicted by a jury in July. Prosecutors claimed that Balwani, 57, and Holmes, 38, conspired to defraud Silicon Valley investors into believing that the company was able to accurately run a wide range of medical diagnostic tests from a small amount of blood. Efficient miniature machines have been developed. Also Read: The road to Hawaii is in limbo as Mauna Loa lava continues to crawl. Meanwhile, prosecutors claim the company secretly used conventional methods to run the tests and provided patients with false results. In 2018, Holmes and Balwani, her former romantic partner, were indicted, with Holmes having founded the company as a college student and becoming its public face. After Holmes said she would take the stand and testify that Balwani was abusive in their relationship, Davila gave each a separate trial. He has denied the allegations. In January, Holmes was indicted on four counts of fraud and conspiracy but was acquitted of defrauding patients. At a hearing last month, Davila sentenced Holmes to 11-1/4 years in prison, describing Theranos as falsehoods, misrepresentations, plain conceits and lies. Also Read: Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year Prosecutors later argued that Balwani should be given a 15-year prison sentence because he knew Theranos' tests were wrong while overseeing the company's laboratory operations and for prioritizing Theranos' financial health over the actual health of patients. decided to. The probation department had suggested a tenure of nine years. Stating that Balwani was not motivated by fame or greed and that he founded Theranos to better the world, his lawyers asked for a probationary period. Theranos, once valued at $9 billion, had the potential to completely change the way patients receive diagnoses by displacing traditional laboratories with portable devices that can be used at home, in pharmacies and even in combat. could be done. Also Read: After a fight in Turkey's parliament, a lawmaker was hospitalised After several Wall Street Journal articles questioned the company's technology in 2015, the business failed. US v. Balwani, No. 18-cr-00258; US District Court, Northern District of California.

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Odisha bypoll: Trends show BJD ahead of BJP in Padampur

Overcoming initial confusion regarding its candidate with too many aspirants from Barihas clan besides outsiders, the BJD deployed a senior leader each for the 55-odd panchayats and Padampur township for micro-management.

The Times of India 8 Dec 2022 11:37 am

Tamannaah Bhatia's gorgeous blue blazer ensemble for Rs. 26,000 will dispel your mid-week blues

Tamannaah Bhatia has had an incredible year, putting on standout performances and creating jaw-dropping fashion statements. Tamannaah Bhatia's signature style has been provocative silhouettes. The actress, who has a sizable pan-Asian following, has been on the radar of fashion insiders, and 2022 saw Tamannaah make her red-carpet debut at the Cannes Film Festival, serving looks that played up to the festival's tradition of spectacular red-carpet attire. Tamannaah Bhatia has a perfect eye for style and isn't afraid to try new things with her own look. Tamannaah always seems to be dressed appropriately, whether it's for a photo shoot, a social outing, or any other professional endeavour. Once again, the actress commanded attention with her breath-taking appearance in a blue dress, which demands to be noted down. Tamannaah Bhatia has unquestionably established a solid reputation for herself in the film industry. In addition, she leads our list for fashion with her immensely broad selections while also dominating the field of cinematic art. The actress is once again igniting the internet with her bold attire. Her outstanding choices, which range from eye-catching, dramatic gowns to stylish pantsuits, are pure eye pleasure. The actress was spotted wearing a sleeveless blue blazer set in a recent post. The outfit included a small dress-style jacket with a stylish belt knotted around the waist and matching skirt. The full-sleeved, edgy white mesh underlay gave the look an immediate fashionable edge. Her dress costs Rs. 26,300 and is accessible from Studio Moonray's racks. Her fashion sense was impeccable, especially with her gorgeous metallic heels! The actress chose delicate nude hues to glam up. Nude eye shadow, mascara-laden eyelashes, kohl-rimmed eyes, blushed cheeks, and a nude pink lip. Let's just call it a really awesome appearance. Meanwhile, on work front, Tamannaah will be next seen in Gurthunda Seethakalam , Telugu-language romantic drama film and remake of film Love Mocktail. She also has Bhola Shankar alongside Keerthy Suresh and Chiranjeevi, Hindi film Bole Chudiyan , Bandra and web series Jee Karda. SUMMARY OF LOOK DETAILS: ACTRESS: Tamannaah Bhatia OUTFIT: Studio Moonray STYLIST: Shaleena Nathani JEWELLERY: Bling Sutra MAKE-UP: Billy Manik HAIR: Madhuri Nakhale Also Read: Tamannaah Bhatias turquoise and gold lehenga by Falguni & Shane Peacock is meant to be bookmarked for brides-to-be

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Travel Tips: These 8 dargahs with historical importance work to increase the attraction of Delhi

The country's capital Delhi is called the image of India where people of every religion, region, and dialect will be found. Just as there are people of every religion here, similarly there are historical buildings of every religion. Delhi is known for its rich history and heritage in which many old and beautiful dargahs have also made their place. These dargahs are famous for one reason or the other, some of which we will tell you about today. Yes, today we are going to tell you about some such dargahs of Delhi which work to increase the attraction of Delhi and you can spend time peacefully here. Let's know about these dargahs... Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya The Dargah of the popular Sufi saint Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya is near Humayun's Tomb in Delhi. It is located west of Nizamuddin in Delhi and is visited by thousands of pilgrims every week. The shrine of Nizamuddin Auliya was built after his death in 1325. The existing dargah has been greatly renovated at this time. Not only Muslims, but people of Hindu, Christian, and other religions also visit this dargah. The descendants of Nizamuddin Auliya take full care of the dargah. If you visit the dargah in the evening, you will find devotees singing qawwalis in the marble-studded mandap. These qawwalis are sung in honor of the great Sufi saints Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and Amir Khusrau. Women devotees are not allowed inside the Nizamuddin Dargah premises. But women can see his grave through a marble net. Qutubuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki's Dargah Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki was another popular saint of the Sufi Chishti order in Delhi. He was one of the first spiritual successors of Moinuddin Chishti. He was honored by the Delhi Sultan as well as by the Lodi dynasty. His dargah in Mehrauli is quite beautiful to look at as well as having a spiritual aura. Its western wall is covered with many colored tiles. It is said about this wall that was built by Aurangzeb. People of all religions prostrate at this historic Qutub Sahib dargah. There are many interesting stories about this historical monument which comes under the Archaeological Survey of India. The place comes alive with the qawwali that is held here every Thursday and Friday. During this, a lot of crowd of people can also be seen. Khwaja Naseeruddin Chirag-e-Delhi The Dargah of Hazrat Khwaja Naseeruddin Roshan Chirag Dehlavi is near Chirag Delhi's BRT corridor. To reach here you have to pass through the narrow streets of the village. Khwaja Nasiruddin Chirag-i-Delhi was a famous Sufi saint of the 14th century. He was the fifth spiritual successor of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. After his death, the Sufi Chishti order in Delhi was disbanded. It is said that Naseeruddin Mahmud then performed a miracle by lighting the lamp with water instead of oil. His tomb at Chirag Delhi was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. His tomb has been renovated several times and today it consists of a square chamber with 12 pillars. Even today this attractive mausoleum is worth visiting. Hazrat Inayat Khan Dargah A lesser-known monument, the Dargah of Hazrat Inayat Khan is private property and maintained with the help of a private trust with its own rules and regulations. The roads around the dargah are steep and congested, but due to its proximity to Nizamuddin, the dargah is well maintained. The architecture of the dargah is quite beautiful covered with high stone walls. The Hindustani Sangeet Academy, the Delhi Gharana of Hindustani classical music has a presence on the campus. Qawwali is organized every Friday evening in the dargah. This Dargah is famous for Qawwali. Dargah of Hazrat Shah Kalim-ullah Jahanabadi Hazrat Shah Kalim-ullah Jahanabadi was the grandson of Ustad Ahmad Lahori, the architect of the Taj Mahal. He was a revered Sufi saint and enjoyed the patronage of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He is named 'Jahanabadi' because he lived in the newly built Mughal capital, Shahjahanabad or Jehanabad. His mausoleum is in Meena Bazaar of Old Delhi, between the Jama Masjid and the Red Fort. It is a simple pilgrimage center where a Urs is organized every year to commemorate his death anniversary. Hazrat Matka Shah Baba Dargah The Dargah of Hazrat Matka Shah Baba is situated near Purana Quila. It is said that he came from Iran around 750 years ago and attracted a large number of followers with his miraculous healing powers. People of all religions come to his dargah to fulfill their wishes. People coming here offer roasted gram, milk, and jaggery to the Pir in an earthen pot, so you will find a lot of utensils here. It is a popular dargah, where a crowd of thousands of people can be seen. Bibi Fatima's dargah The Dargah of Bibi Fatima is dedicated to the female Sufi saint. Most of the major dargahs in the city, including that of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, bar women from entering the sanctum sanctorum. Women can enter the premises but are not allowed to enter the main chamber where the revered saint was buried. The Dargah of Bibi Fatima is in a residential area near Kaka Nagar. This serene, pristine place remains open to all. It is not forbidden for any man or woman to come here. Very few people know about Bibi Fatima Sam. There is hardly any information about where she came to Sufism and for what reasons. The dargah remains open all the time in day and night. Dargah of Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani Located on the east side of Turkman Gate, the Dargah of Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani is one of the oldest pilgrimage centers in Delhi. Hazrat Shah Turkman Bayabani belonged to the Bayabani sect. He preferred to live in solitude and the place where his dargah is situated was once a dense forest. You can also go here for spiritual peace...

Kalam Times 8 Dec 2022 10:50 am

The road to Hawaii is in limbo as Mauna Loa lava continues to crawl.

Honolulu; A week and a half after the world's largest volcano erupted, officials in Hawaii are still bracing for slow-moving lava hitting a key Big Island road, even though scientists are unsure when or if it will even happen . According to US Geological Survey scientists, lava from Mauna Loa, which began erupting on November 27 after being dormant for 38 years, was 1.8 miles (2.89 km) from Saddle Road, which is also known as Route 200 or Daniel K. Also known as the Inouye Highway. Wednesday morning. The road connects the east and west sides of the island. Last week, officials said the lava could be on the road in a week. However, as expected, the lava has slowed significantly in recent days as it moves across the flatlands, leaving scientists unable to estimate a more precise timeline. Also Read: Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year I wish we could have responded better, David Phillips, deputy scientist in charge of the USGS's Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, said Wednesday. And so, based on its current behavior and all the variables involved, it is extremely difficult to predict a time, a location, or even if it will intersect the highway. According to Phillips, the flow front also appeared less active on Wednesday than the previous day, possibly due to upward movement of lava that could be diverting lava towards the highway. According to Phillips, scientists were monitoring the overflow about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) upstream from the lava front, but it was not posing a threat at the time. It was not clear whether it would remain active, but if it did, it would take some time to reach the road, he said. Also Read: After a fight in Turkey's parliament, a lawmaker was hospitalised Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth said preparations are underway to close the road. Island residents are facing major disruption if the road is made impassable by lava, forcing drivers to seek alternative coastal routes, which could add hours to commute time . Roth warned that if lava watchers continue to misbehave, including hiking through closed areas to get a better look, the road could be closed before the lava arrives. Officials opened a one-way mitigation road last week in response to thousands of motorists walking along the road to view the lava. According to officials, the route appears to have helped reduce collisions at night when there was an increase in lava viewing traffic. About 20 National Guard members were dispatched to assist with lava-related issues such as security and traffic. The county also hired some security guards to help prevent people from entering prohibited areas, according to Roth. Also Read: VP of Argentinais found guilty of a $1 billion fraud and sentenced 6 years in prison As we look at this lava flow, you know, the concern about people getting hurt by lava is not as much as people getting seriously injured from traffic accidents, Roth said Tuesday.

News Track 8 Dec 2022 10:37 am

Women of Iran Are TIME Magazine's 'Heroes Of the Year', Featured on Cover

Iran Human Rights estimated at least 458 people have been killed since the protests began, including 63 children.

The Quint 8 Dec 2022 10:33 am

Christmas 2022: This Mumbai home chef shares easy tips to make milk cream

Home chef Pamela Miranda shares her memories of making milk cream along with tips for a perfect batch of this Xmas sweet

Mid Day 8 Dec 2022 10:08 am

SP leads in Azam Khan's Rampur, BJP lagging

Counting of votes is underway for the by-election held in Rampur, a popular assembly constituency in Uttar Pradesh. Yes, and after lagging behind in the initial trends, Samajwadi Party's Asim Raza is leading. Let us tell you that Akash Saxena of the Bharatiya Janata Party is now lagging behind. According to the latest trends, Samajwadi Party leader Mohd Asim Raja is leading with a margin of 140 votes.With this, voting was held on December 5 in this seat. Let us tell you that 33 percent voting was recorded in Rampur Sadar Assembly. With this, the by-election was held after Azam Khan's assembly membership was canceled. Let us tell you that the Samajwadi Party had alleged large-scale rigging in this election. Samajwadi Party national general secretary Ram Gopal Yadav had written a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner demanding the cancellation of the by-election held in Rampur assembly constituency. Let us also tell you that this time in Rampur, the BJP was looking upset due to the very low voter turnout, while there is tremendous frustration and restlessness in the Samajwadi Party camp. However, Rampur is the seat where 55 to 60 percent are Muslim voters, and this time the vote percentage has been the lowest in history. With this, only about 33-34 percent of voting has been done in Rampur's seat, due to which BJP feels that the anger of Muslims has emerged against Azam Khan. Let us tell you that BJP's own vote has been received by them, especially Hindu votes and also the votes that have been angry with Azam Khan among Muslims. In such a situation, if there has been such a low turnout, then its direct impact is due to Azam Khan's voters, who did not come out to vote. The Samajwadi Party has alleged that Samajwadi party voters were not allowed to leave. They tried their best that SP voters could not reach the polling station and the administration has been successful in this. This claim is made by big leaders of the Samajwadi Party. On the other hand, BJP seems confident about this seat this time. Himachal poll results will decide fate of many senior leaders Gujrat, Himachal Polls : Congress keeps fingers crossed, BJP hopes to set new records Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year

News Track 8 Dec 2022 9:48 am

Photos: 50-year-old Kashmira Shah is wreaking havoc in Thailand by wearing neon bikini, See photos here..

Kashmira Shah Bikini Pics Comedian Krishna Abhishek's wife and actress Kashmira Shah recently celebrated her birthday with close friends. Currently, Kashmira is in Thailand where she is spending quality time with her friends. The actress celebrated her special day with friends including Pooja Banerjee, Sara Arfeen Khan, Munisha Khatwani, Rohit K Verma and Tanaaz Irani. Pictures of her Thailand vacation have surfaced on the internet and are going viral. Kashmira Shah is seen flaunting her toned body in a neon bikini. Along with she is giving different poses to her friends. People are liking Kashmira's bold style in a neon bikini. In this photo, she is posing on a yacht wearing an orange bikini. Kashmira Shah started her career as a model at the age of 16 and did many assignments and gained recognition

Kalam Times 8 Dec 2022 9:44 am

SGH-o kawatte mangsa baksa sak 3-ko rima

TURA: Achik asongo gimaroroangenggipa kawatte badinggipa mande sakgittamko Budbar salo, South Garo Hills ajani manderang rimna manaha. Police-rangni uiatani gitade, koborko mansoani jaman Baghmara Wildlife department-ni official-rang baksa amsandianirangko dakengmiting somoio ia mande sakgittamko rimna manaha aro uamangoniko kawatte mangsako jokatna gita manaha. Rimako mangipa manderangara bilsi 24 onggipa Belty K Sangma, bilsi 32 onggipa [] The post SGH-o kawatte mangsa baksa sak 3-ko rima appeared first on The Shillong Times .

The Shillong Times 8 Dec 2022 8:50 am

State govt firm donates Rs 1 crore to CMs relief fund in Bengaluru

The cheque was handed over to Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai in the presence of Large and Medium Scale Industries Minister Murugesh R Nirani.

The New Indian Express 8 Dec 2022 8:47 am

THDC Bharti 2022-23: Notification issued for recruitment of 135 trade apprentice posts, see details here...

THDC has invited online applications for 135 Trade Apprentice posts on its official website. Check THDC Recruitment 2022 application process, age limit, eligibility, and other details here. THDC Bharti 2022-23: THDC India Limited, a Mini Ratna Company, has invited online applications for the recruitment of a total of 135 Trade Apprentice posts for its Tehri and Koteshwar locations. Interested and eligible candidates can apply for THDC Trade Apprentice Recruitment 2022-23 job notification on or before 30 December 2022. Candidates having certain educational qualifications including a 10th pass or ITI pass in relevant trades can apply for THDC Trade Apprentice Recruitment 2022-23. THDC Recruitment 2022-23 Important Dates: Last date for submission of application form - 30 December 2022 Details of THDC Bharti 2022-23 posts: Tehri - Computer Operator & Programming Assistant -26 Posts Stenographer/ Secretarial Assistant - 26 Posts Wireman - 05 Posts Fitter - 07 Posts Electrician - 19 Posts Electronic Mechanic - 04 Posts Welder (Gas & Electric) 02 Posts Mechanic (Diesel) 02 Posts Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) - 02 Posts Mechanic (Earth Moving Machinery)-02 Posts Mechanic (R&M of Heavy Vehicle)-02 Posts Mechanic (R&M of Light Vehicle) 03 Posts Koteshwar - Computer Operator & Programming Assistant & Stenographer/ Secretarial Assistant-15 Fitter -05 Posts Electrician - 08 Posts Electronic Mechanic -04 Posts Others -03 THDC Bharti 2022-23 Educational Qualification: It is mandatory for the candidates willing to apply to have passed the 10th pass and ITI in the year 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Also, aspirants who are willing to apply for THDC Trade Apprentice Recruitment 2022-23 Job Notification are advised to check the notification link for details of eligibility/age limit & others. THDC Bharti 2022-23 Application Process: To apply for these posts, the candidates must enroll themselves on the new apprenticeship portal (www.apprenticeshipindia.org) and it is mandatory to mention the registration number in the application form. Will not be done. Candidates are required to download the application format available on the THDCIL website www.thdc.co.in and send the filled application along with all the documents mentioned in the notice to the address given in the details notification.

Kalam Times 8 Dec 2022 7:55 am

Prateek | Song - Mon Bhore Jay Dekhe

Watch the song 'Mon Bhore Jay Dekhe' from Bengali movie 'Prateek' starring Rakhee Gulzar, Soumitra Chatterjee and Chiranjeet Chakraborty. 'Mon Bhore Jay Dekhe' is sung by Mohammed Aziz and music of the song is composed by Bappi Lahiri. Lyrics of 'Prateek' song 'Mon Bhore Jay Dekhe' are written by Mukul Dutt. To know more about 'Mon Bhore Jay Dekhe' song from Bharat Jadhav, Ankush Chaudhari, Sai Tamhankar and Kranti Redkar starrer 'Prateek' watch the video.

The Times of India 8 Dec 2022 7:46 am

28th death anniversary of M Ibotombi observed

The 28th death anniversary of former minister Moirangthem Ibotombi was observed at his memorial complex at Heirok Part II Mayai Leikai on Wednesday Source Chronicle News Service

E-Pao 8 Dec 2022 6:31 am

M Ibotombi remembered

Moi rangthem Ibotombi Memo rial Trust, Heirok today observed the 28th death anniversary of former Minis ter Moirangthem Ibotombi at Moirangthem Ibotombi Memorial Complex in Heirok Part II Source The Sangai Express

E-Pao 8 Dec 2022 6:10 am

'Overthrow this tyrannical regime': Sister of Iran supreme leader Khamenei backs protesters

'Overthrow this tyrannical regime': Sister of Iran supreme leader Khamenei backs protesters

Firstpost 8 Dec 2022 5:02 am

Woman dies by suicide; 5-yr-old son survives bid

Koparkhairane's Aarti Malhotra (39) died by jumping off the terrace of her seven-storey building with her five-year-old son on December 5.

The Times of India 8 Dec 2022 4:51 am

Beautiful Message: Iran Ex-President Backs Anti-Government Protest

Many Iranian workers went on strike and students boycotted classes Wednesday, rights groups said, as a former president offered public support for the protests sparked by Mahsa Amini's death.

NDTV 8 Dec 2022 3:06 am

Iranian women are TIME's Heroes of the Year 2022

Time magazine came out with the news of the heroes of 2022 and the best person of 2022 and gave the reason for selecting them as such.

The Economic Times 8 Dec 2022 1:47 am

Over 6.22 lakh women assisted by 730 One Stop Centres' till Sep 2022: Govt

Over 6.22 lakh women till September this year have been assisted by 730 One Stop Centres', the government said on Wednesday. Responding to a question in the Lok Sabha, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said her ministry has approved 758 One Stop Centres (OSCs) to be set up in 734 districts across the country. Out of which, 730 OSCs have been operationalised in 36 states/ UTs that have assisted over 6.22 lakh women till September, 2022, she said. The OSCs has provisions for providing temporary shelter for up to five days to distressed women, the minister said in a written reply. OSCs aim to provide aid and assistance to women. They are required to have a centre administrator, case workers, medical personnel, police facilitation officer, psycho-social counsellor, legal counsellor, security guard, IT staff and multi-purpose workers.

Business Standard 8 Dec 2022 12:18 am

UP Resident Accused Of Duping MBBS Aspirants In Kashmir Gets Bail

SRINAGAR: A court here has granted interim bail to a man accused of duping MBBS aspirants of lakhs of rupees on the pretext of arranging medical seats for them in private colleges over the past 15 years. After hearing prosecution and defence counsel Advocate Aamir Masoodi, First Additional Sessions Judge Ajay Kumar Gupta granted bail []

KashmirLife 7 Dec 2022 11:54 pm

There is no need to bribe for jobs, KKRTC chairman tells aspirants

Recruitment, which is now under way, is fair and transparent in the State-owned transport corporation, says Rajkumar Patil Telkur

The Hindu 7 Dec 2022 10:57 pm

Sister of Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blasts his 'despotic' rule

I oppose my brother's actions, Khamenei's sister Badri Hosseini Khamenei, who is believed to be in Iran, said in a letter published online by her France-based son Mahmoud Moradkhani.

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 9:30 pm

Businesspersons join university students as Iran protests continue unabated

A very big difference withthese protests, when compared to the previous ones, is the involvement of the middle classes and university students, points outTaghi Rahmani.

The New Indian Express 7 Dec 2022 9:18 pm

Year Ender 2022 Bridal lehenga trends: These designs of celebrities' lehenga were amazing this year, will rock next year too

Every bride-to-be has many dreams regarding her wedding look. Most brides can decide the look for themselves only by looking at the bridal looks of celebrities, while some brides take style tips from the looks of celebrities. It is generally seen that most brides are quite confused about the designs of their wedding lehenga. So today we will help you with this and show you the wedding lehenga looks of some celebrities in the year 2022, from which you can take some special tips for your bridal lehenga. Aditi Sharma 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev' fame actor Mohit Raina married his long-time girlfriend Aditi Sharma on 1 January 2022 this year. Aditi wore a multi-hued lehenga at the wedding. Nowadays brides also want to try something different instead of the traditional red colour lehenga. In such a situation, multi-thread work embroidery can give a very special look to the bridal lehenga. Especially for a day wedding, such lehengas can be a very good option. Mouni Roy Mouni Roy also wore a bridal lehenga designed by fashion designer Sabyasachi at her night wedding. There was not much heavy embroidery on this red-coloured lehenga, but there was a golden border with heavy embroidery on the hemline of the lehenga. Mouni carried a customized dupatta with the lehenga. You can also get a bridal lehenga stitched for yourself with a design similar to Mouni's lehenga design and you can also customize the dupatta as per your choice. KarishmaTanna KarishmaTanna got married in the same year. At her day wedding, KarishmaTanna wore a powder pink lehenga designed by fashion designer Falguni Shane Peacock. We have already told you that apart from red, brides are also trying other colours of bridal lehenga. If you do not want to wear a heavy bridal lehenga, then you can copy this lehenga look of KarishmaTanna. After marriage, you can carry this type of bridal lehenga on other occasions as well. Sheetal Thakur Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur got married in the same year and Sheetal Thakur's bridal look was very much liked at the wedding. Sheetal carried a very simple look. The golden stripes and flower motifs looked great on her red lehenga. While the Kiran work in the dupatta was giving her the perfect bridal look. Nowadays lightweight bridal lehenga is in trend and Sheetal's lehenga can be considered a good option for this type of lehenga. Kanika Kapoor Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor also married businessman GautamHathirmani this year. This was his second marriage. At her wedding, Kanika wore a pastel pink lehenga designed by fashion designer Manish Malhotra. Let us tell you that Rani Pink, Pastel Pink and Powder Pink, these colours are quite visible in bridal lehenga these days. These colours can be a very good option, especially for a day wedding. PayalRohatgi PayalRohatgi and Sangram Singh also tied the knot this year after being in a relationship for a long time. Payal is wearing a traditional heavy bridal lehenga at her wedding. If you like the traditional look, then you can get this type of lehenga stitched for yourself. PalakMuchhal Bollywood singer PalakMuchhal is married on 6 November 2022. Wore a heavy red lehenga at my wedding. It was a traditional embroidered lehenga, if you want to wear a heavy lehenga in your wedding and want a perfect traditional bridal look, then you can get this type of lehenga recreated.

Kalam Times 7 Dec 2022 8:53 pm

Big industries dont observe uniform labour standards in India: Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh at ILO meet

BMS chief Hiranmay Pandya said workers face low wages, lack of job security and social security benefits, and had to suffer poor working conditions this year

The Hindu 7 Dec 2022 7:48 pm

Centre seeks info from embassy on Iran's bar on rice, tea imports

'As of now, there has been no confirmation from the authorities and the response from the embassy in Tehran is also taking time'

Business Standard 7 Dec 2022 7:46 pm

Iran Protests: Amid Reports of Morality Police Disbandment, Indian Womens Group Lauds Iranian Women

Hailing the movement for effecting the withdrawal of the controversial morality police, AIDWA extended its solidarity to the imprisoned protestors.

News Click 7 Dec 2022 7:20 pm

Nirmala Sitharaman, Falguni Nayar made it to the Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women, check list here

Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women: Once again Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made it to the Forbes annual list of The Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women. Along with Sitharaman, Biocon Executive Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar, HCLTech Chairperson Roshni Nadar Malhotra, SEBI Chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch and Steel Authority Of India Chairperson Soma Mondal were listed in the Forbes Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women this year.

India TV 7 Dec 2022 7:01 pm

PhysicsWallah offers comprehensive preparation to IIT JAM aspirants with its crash course

New Delhi [India], December 7 (ANI/PNN): After unlocking success for thousands of JEE and NEET aspirants, PW (PhysicsWallah) is now set to make dreams come true for IIT JAM aspirants with its Kshitij series for JAM prep.

Business Standard 7 Dec 2022 6:35 pm

Android Phones in Iran Hit With False Quake Alerts Amid Ongoing Nationwide Protests

Users in Iran on Wednesday received false alerts on their Android phones amid nationwide protests. According to the country's deputy chief of cyber police, only Android phones received the alert. Citizens were advised not to leave their homes by the state-run IRNA news agency.

NDTV 7 Dec 2022 6:18 pm

Android Phones in Iran Hit With False Quake Alerts Amid Ongoing Protests

Users in Iran on Wednesday received false alerts on their Android phones amid nationwide protests. According to the country's deputy chief of cyber police, only Android phones received the alert....

NDTV 7 Dec 2022 6:18 pm

Sitharaman, 5 other Indians among Forbes' World's 100 Most Powerful Women

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Biocon Executive Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar are among six Indians who have made it to the Forbes' annual list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women.

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 5:54 pm

Annapurna Devi Makes 1000 Flags For Har Ghar Tiranga Programme

During the governments recent Har Ghar Tiranga programme, Annapurna Devi, a qualified teacher from Varanasi got an order for 1000 flags. Ms Devi says that she had to make the flags in a short span of time and gathered a few girls to work on them even during the night to complete the order. She says she enjoyed the process because stitching is her first love.

NDTV 7 Dec 2022 5:22 pm

Bihar: BPSC Aspirants Stage Protest, Demand CBI Probe Into Irregularities

State civil services aspirants have alleged a scam in the cut-offs as well as the revised exam results.

News Click 7 Dec 2022 5:09 pm

Iranian executions increased by more than 50% this year

London: Data released by Iran Human Rights shows that the Iranian government has hanged more than 500 people this year. The growth in performance, more than 50% from the 333 recorded in 2021, represents a sharp turnaround after years of decline. The numbers are likely to rise given the harsh government retaliation for the protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody. Yesterday, five more death sentences were handed down to protesters for the killing of a security personnel, bringing the total number of death sentences as a result of the protests to 11. Also Read: Houthi officials have been charged with mistreating and excluding critically ill journalists. Meanwhile, nine people have been charged with involvement in the murder of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in November 2020. Fakhrizadeh's death has been attributed to Israel's Mossad security service. Also Read: 'Luring people by donating food is a very serious problem', says SC on conversion Ibrahim Raisi, the recently elected president and a former prosecutor, was a key player in the murderous rampage of the 1980s that led to the execution of thousands of opposition supporters. Also Read: Palestinian health officials report the death of a man during an Israeli raid in the West Bank. His election last year is seen as a reflection of the growing power of hardliners in Iranian politics, as well as an increase in the number of executions.

News Track 7 Dec 2022 4:31 pm

ED raids NRI hospital in AP over alleged diversion of funds from COVID treatment

Money laundering Office bearers of NRI Academy of Sciences in Guntur have been booked on charges of siphoning funds received from MBBS aspirants, huge amounts of money from COVID-19 patients and other alleged irregularities. Inputs PTI Image for representation/PTI The Enforcement Directorate has registered a money laundering case against office bearers of NRI Academy of Sciences, a medical college in Andhra Pradesh. Office bearers of the college have been booked on charges of siphoning funds received from MBBS aspirants, siphoning off huge amounts of money from COVID-19 patients and other alleged irregularities, ED said in a press release on Wednesday, December 7. The agency carried out raids against the institution and its members and office bearers on December 2 and 3 in Vijayawada, Kakinada, Guntur and Hyderabad (Telangana). The agency also seized cash and incriminating documents and freezed the properties of various persons involved in this case. The money laundering case stems from an FIR by the Andhra Pradesh Police that alleged the diversion of funds of the society worth several crores by some members in the name of construction of buildings, collection and siphoning off huge amounts of money from COVID-19 patients over and above figures mentioned in books of accounts, collection and siphoning off huge amounts of money from medical students for admission in MBBS course over and above figures mentioned in books of accounts. Earlier in June, police booked 11 persons including NRI Academy of Sciences vice-president Dr Nimmagadda Upendranadh and treasurer Akkineni Mani, on charges of siphoning off several crores from the institution. The ED said it was also alleged that funds were diverted from the amount payable to NRI society by floating a company by a similar name called NRIAS Private Limited etc. Fifty-three documents of immovable properties suspected to be involved in money laundering have been seized and freezed and various other incriminating documents and electronic devices found connected with the alleged diversion of funds have also been seized, the ED said in a statement.

The News Minute 7 Dec 2022 4:03 pm

Countrys tea exports to touch around 230 mkg by end of 2022

Exports could have been higher had payment system with Iran been smoother and better geopolitical situation

The Hindu Businessline 7 Dec 2022 4:02 pm

Ukraine warns Iran of consequences over arms supplies to Russia

Kiev: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has warned Iran of consequences over supplying arms to Russia. Our signal to them (the Iranian side) was very clear: first, either you stop or you will face a set of the most severe consequences. Second, no matter what benefits you have from cooperation with Russia in the supply Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 7 Dec 2022 3:53 pm

BBMPs rapid road on Bengalurus OMR to open two weeks after project began

Infrastructure The rapid road work, an alternative to white-topping taken up by BBMP on a pilot basis, was initially estimated to be completed in about three days on the 500-metre stretch. TNM Staff Twitter/@ChutneyPudi The rapid road work that was taken up by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) on a 500-metre stretch on Old Madras Road meet will finally be open for public use on December 8. The new method was explored as a quicker alternative to the white topping method, and it was initially expected to take about three to four days to lay the 500-metre road. However, the road will now be opened for traffic two weeks after work was announced on November 23, The Hindi reported. When the pilot project was announced, civic officials had said that while white-topping roads takes around 30 days, with the new method, around 150 metres of road could be relaid in a day. The rapid method involved pre-cast concrete slabs that are 20 feet long and five feet wide, prepared in a factory and embedded in the road. The project also involves fixing ramps and footpaths. BBMP Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath had earlier said the new method costs about 20-25% more than white-topping. The pilot project was taken up at Binnamangala junction, where the Indiranagar 100 feet road and Old Madras Road meet, on November 23. It was expected to be completed with three to four days, but ended up taking much longer, and ended up causing inconvenience to motorists who had to take a detour while the road was closed for nearly two weeks. BBMP officials told The Hindu that while the rapid road work itself was completed in line with the earlier deadline, small pending works had delayed the opening of the road for traffic. #BBMP rapid road project does not seem to get completed!! It's been over 10 days and this 500m stretch is still in progress with quite some work left It clearly was never a 5 day project. But definitely faster than traditional whitetopping #Bangalore @BBMPCOMM #bbmpcares pic.twitter.com/5Jfi2m0DnY ChutneyPudi (@ChutneyPudi) December 5, 2022

The News Minute 7 Dec 2022 3:30 pm

Iran executed over 500 people so far in 2022, highest in five years

Iran executed over 500 people so far in 2022, highest in five years

Firstpost 7 Dec 2022 3:22 pm

Were forced to clean toilets at directors home, allege Kerala film institute workers

Caste Discrimination The workers have alleged that they were allowed to enter the house of director Shankar Mohan only after taking a bath and were asked to reveal their caste identity. Haritha John Photo : Special Arrangement Sanitation workers of a film institute named after KR Narayanan, the countrys first Dalit President, has raised several allegations against its director including using them to clean toilets in his residence and caste discrimination. The institute has denied the allegations and said they are yet to receive any official complaints in this regard. Nayana,* who works as a sweeper in KR Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts (KRNNIVSA), an autonomous institution under the Higher Education Department of Kerala government in Kottayam, says she along with three other colleagues were asked regularly to do household chores in the house of Shankar Mohan, the institutes director. They were asked to do cleaning work at the institute in the morning and after 10 am were asked to go to Shankar Mohans house by taking turns. According to the workers, they never had the courage to question this until students of the institute allegations of caste discrimination against him. They were hired as contract workers and were paid Rs 6,000 every month for working from 8am to 1pm. There are five employees in the sweeper post and four of us are asked to go to his house for cleaning. The remaining one person belonged to Dalit community, so she wouldnt be called. Taking turns, the two of us would be going a day. We will be allowed inside only after taking a bath and changing our clothes. Initially, the directors wife used to ask us what caste we belonged to. When we named our caste they kept on asking whether it belonged to lower status, Nayana alleged. The worst part is that we are not allowed to clean their toilets using a brush. We were asked to clean it using a small scrubber with our hands. That was really difficult. Moreover their home is located in a place with no regular buses. We were given Rs 100 every day as our bus fare. Since there is no bus we would get an auto rickshaw which would cost us around Rs 300. We work as domestic helpers in other houses to make up for this, she added. Another employee Divya,* told TNM that they were threatened of being fired from their jobs unless they do the household work at Shankar Mohans house. We were hired to do the cleaning works at the institute. But after we joined they asked us to go to the director's house. Initially they said on the days we do cleaning work at the house we would be spared from working at the institute. But later it changed and we had to work in both places. At his house we have to work about six hours and it's hectic. Still we dont get any payment for the domestic work. If we complain they issue threats of sacking, Divya alleged. They did not give a written complaint to the institute fearing loss of jobs and instead complained to the Chief Ministers and State Women's Commission. According to her, every time they were at Shankar Mohans house, they asked questions to make sure they were not Dalits. We felt really offended when they kept on asking us our caste and also made us clean ourselves before entering their house, she said. On December 5, a group of students led by the institutes Student Council began an indefinite strike protesting against Shankar Mohan by not attending classes. Sanitation workers of the Institute are forced to do domestic work at the Directors house and have faced caste discrimination like untouchability. Another person who works as a clerk at the institute also had faced severe caste discrimination. During the admission time of the 2022 batch, a student from Dalit community named Sharat was denied admission in the editing department despite four seats out of the total 10 being available, alleged Kiran KR, representative of Student Council. The students said as per a government order in January 2022, the director of the KRNNIVSA shouldnt be more than 65 years. But Shankar Mohan is 68-years-old. He continued in the post illegally. It has clearly mentioned in the order that in the public sector institutions, those who hold the position shouldnt be more than 65 years, Kiran alleged. A postgraduate in Screenplay writing & Film Direction from FTII, Pune, Shankar Mohan has worked in the Malayalam film industry as writer, actor, director and distributor for over a decade. He has also served as director at the Directorate of Film Festivals. The students also allege that many appointments were done in the institute without following proper rules. People were appointed in the posts of Dean, production controller and art director without issuing any notification regarding the recruitment. The new students of 2022 batch were forced to sign an indemnity bond containing several demeaning clauses that hinders personal freedom and student rights, said a press note from student council. KRNNIVSA has denied the allegations against the institutes director. We havent received any official complaint from any of the staff who spoke to the media. These all are a part of propaganda by certain people and they have misguided students too. Apart from the director there are many officers here with whom they could have raised the complaint but they havent done that. Since we are holding discussions with the ministry, we havent yet released an official reaction, said a spokesperson from the institute. TNM tried to contact Shankar Mohan, the director of the institute, for his response on the allegations but could not reach him. *Some names have been changed to protect the identity of employees.

The News Minute 7 Dec 2022 3:17 pm

Explained | What is Gasht-e-Ershad, Irans morality police?

It must be noted that even if the Gasht-e-Ershad is abolished, Islamic laws in the country would still hold that the hijab is mandatory for women.

The Hindu 7 Dec 2022 3:14 pm

After a fight in Turkey's parliament, a lawmaker was hospitalised

Ankara: An opposition lawmaker was taken to the hospital as a result of a fight that started during a controversial budget debate in the country's parliament on Tuesday. Television footage showed several lawmakers from opposition parties and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party fighting. Some MPs fought while others tried to separate their belligerent colleagues. Video footage showed that at least one MLA was thrown to the ground. Also Read: Zelensky travels to Donbass near the difficult front in Ukraine Hussein Ors, a lawmaker from the opposition Good Party, was allegedly punched in the face, according to the private DHA news agency. Also Read: Concerns are raised by Indonesia's new criminal code According to the DHA, the Ors was attended by a legislator, who was given medical training before being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Ors has a heart problem, so he was given emergency care as a safety measure. Also Read: Opposition figures in Iran and abroad have the Tehran regime terrified, according to a PMOI spokesperson Fighting is often seen in Turkey's parliament. Although the exact reason for Tuesday's fighting was not immediately clear, tensions are high ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections due in June.

News Track 7 Dec 2022 3:11 pm

VP of Argentinais found guilty of a $1 billion fraud and sentenced 6 years in prison

Buenos Aires: Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez was convicted and sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison and life in public office for a fraud scheme that embezzled $1 billion during her presidency through public works projects. Was banned for life. A three-judge panel found the Peronist leader guilty of fraud but dismissed a charge of running a criminal organization, which could have resulted in a 12-year prison sentence. It was the first time in Argentine history that a vice president had been convicted of a crime while in office. Fernandez condemned the decision, calling himself a victim of the judicial mafia. She later announced, however, that she would not run for president again the following year, a position she had previously held from 2007 to 2015. Also Read: Zelensky travels to Donbass near the difficult front in Ukraine The sentence is not final until all appeals have been resolved, which can take years. In the meantime, she would be immune to arrest. Fernandez's supporters have threatened to shut down the country with a nationwide strike. They shut down downtown Buenos Aires and marched on the federal courthouse beating drums and shouting, pressing against police barriers. Fernandez categorically denied all the allegations. Despite Argentina's dominance in this century, he was accused of improperly awarding public works contracts to a construction tycoon close to his family. The decision is bound to widen divisions in the South American country, where politics can be a blood sport and the 69-year-old populist leader is either loved or despised. President Alberto Fernandez, who is not related to his vice president, said on Twitter that she was innocent and that her conviction was the result of a trial that did not follow the minimum due process. Prosecutors claim that Fernandez defrauded the government by fraudulently directing 51 public works projects to Lazaro Baez, a construction magnate and an early ally of her and her husband Nestor Kirchner, who served as president from 2003 to 2007. Worked and died suddenly in 2010. Members of the presidential administrations of Baez and Fernandez from 2007 to 2015 were among a dozen others charged in the conspiracy. Baez and his Public Works Secretary, Jos Lpez, were also sentenced by the panel to six years in prison. Most others received lighter sentences. Prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola claimed that the Baez company was set up to steal money through improperly bidding projects that cost more and were often never completed. According to him, the company disappeared after the Kirchners were in power for 12 years. Also Read: Concerns are raised by Indonesia's new criminal code In such cases, judges in Argentina customarily first deliver the verdict and sentence and explain their reasoning afterward. The panel's full decision is expected in February. After that, the decision can be appealed to the Supreme Court, which can take several years. Fernandez announced on her YouTube channel that she would not run for office again after her term as Vice President expires on December 10, 2023. My name will not appear on any ballot. I finish on December 10th and then go home, she explained. Politicians and analysts have noted that until her appeal is resolved, Fernandez would be free to run for any elected office from a seat in Congress to the presidency and would receive immunity from arrest in doing so. Cristina always surprises, Roberto Bachman, director of Argentina's Center for Public Opinion Studies, said of her announcement. However, she will keep fighting, he added. She puts herself in the middle of the fight and declares that she will not run away. He said it remained to be seen whether the Peronist movement would try to persuade Fernandez to reconsider his decision. Patricio Giusto, director of the political consulting firm Diagnostico Poltico, predicted that Fernandez would equal his tactics of harassment and his own with leftist politician Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, who recently overturned a prison sentence for corruption by a court. After was elected President of Brazil. , During the judicial process, the vice president described himself as a victim of the law, and described the judiciary as a pawn of the opposition media and conservative politician Mauricio Macri, who succeeded him as president from 2015 to 2019. Fernandez remains the sole leader of the left wing of the Peronist movement. According to Beckman polls, 62% of Argentinians want him removed and 38% support him no matter what. Also Read: Opposition figures in Iran and abroad have the Tehran regime terrified, according to a PMOI spokesperson Other cases are still pending against him, including money laundering charges involving his son and daughter.

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Elderly people who fall wont be able to get ambulance during strikes, says Steve Barclay UK politics live

Health secretary says as things stand category three emergency calls wont be covered during 21 December strike Gareth Quarry, a former Conservative donor who recently defected to Labour has launched a scathing attack on his former party, saying their response to the allegations about the Tory peer Michelle Mone has only strengthened his determination to help oust them from office. My colleague Kiran Stacey has the story here. Mark Harper, the transport secretary, is giving evidence to the Commons transport committeee. Continue reading...

The Guardian 7 Dec 2022 3:10 pm

Job aspirants threaten to launch protest during Bihar winter session

With the winter session of Bihar Vidhan Sabha starting from December 13, the aspirants for the teachers' posts have decided to begin a massive movement in Bihar for the seventh phase of recruitment

Business Standard 7 Dec 2022 3:03 pm

Iran considering modern technology to enforce medieval laws

Iran considering modern technology to enforce medieval laws

Firstpost 7 Dec 2022 2:57 pm

Concerns are raised by Indonesia's new criminal code

JAKARTA: A long-awaited update to Indonesia's criminal code was approved by lawmakers on Tuesday. Critics claim the sweeping changes are a serious blow to the country's human rights and freedom of expression. Three years after President Joko Widodo scrapped a similar draft law amid widespread protests by thousands of youths who claimed the law threatened their civil liberties, new rules were unanimously approved by Indonesia's House of Representatives. went. The new penal code, which also regulates visitors from other countries, reinstates a prohibition against insulting the president, government agencies, or Pancasila, Indonesia's original national ideology. Also Read: Opposition figures in Iran and abroad have the Tehran regime terrified, according to a PMOI spokesperson Law and Human Rights Minister, Yasona Laoli, said before the legislature, We have done our best to accommodate the important issues and different opinions that were debated. To leave the colonial criminal code we inherited in the past, the time has come for us to take a historic decision regarding the Penal Code Amendment. Lawmakers in the world's largest Muslim-majority country struggled to adapt the penal code to native culture and norms, an amendment to the criminal code that dates back to the Dutch colonial era that had lain dormant for decades. The transition period is set for a maximum of three years, and the new criminal code will not take effect until the president signs it after ratifying it and creating written implementation rules. The Constitutional Court is another place to fight it. Also Read: India and Central Asian nations talk about their worries about terrorist acts in Afghanistan The new laws, according to critics, would limit free speech as they require police permits for all public demonstrations; Without one, protesters risk up to six months in jail. Tunggal Pavestri, a gender rights activist and executive director of the Hivos Foundation, told Arab News that the criminal code was still heavily influenced by colonialism and contained several articles that threatened civil liberties and constrained democratic spaces. Since widespread protests against the bill in 2019 when opponents claimed the legislative process lacked transparency and contained provisions that discriminated against minorities, Pavestri acknowledged that some progress had been made. We believe this was not their best effort, even though they said they were open and tried to incorporate input from the larger civil society, Pavestri continued. We've been shouting and contributing, but it's as if they didn't hear us. Major newspapers criticized the new laws in editorials, including the daily Quran Tempo, which claimed the code had authoritarian overtones and could one day lead to a disaster. The new legal provisions are repressive, according to Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch's Asia division, because they allow for invasion of privacy and selective enforcement that allow bribery of police and officials to harass and imprison political opponents. will enable. According to Robertson speaking to Arab News, Indonesia's human rights situation has suddenly deteriorated. Also Read: New York jury finds Trump Organization guilty of tax fraud There is no doubt that the adoption of this criminal code marks the beginning of a disastrous deterioration in Indonesia's human rights situation. The government and parliamentarians should immediately reconsider this decision, repeal this law and start afresh .

News Track 7 Dec 2022 2:37 pm

FIR against Congress leader for offensive remarks on PM Modi and his mother's picture

Guna: There has been an uproar over objectionable comments against PM Narendra Modi and his mother Heeraben's picture. In fact, objectionable comments have been made on the photo of PM Narendra Modi and his mother on social media. Objectionable words were used on social media. It is being said that an account has been created on social media in the name of the Guna Congress family. Objectionable posts have been made by this account. The post also tagged 83 persons, including Congress leader Om Prakash Tripathi. BJPleader Shishupal Yadav has lodged an FIR against the prime minister and his mother on social media. Shishupal Yadav complained that Congress leader Om Prakash Tripathi had posted objectionable posts against the PM and his mother. After hearing the complaint, an FIR was immediately registered against the Congress leader by the police. In this case, Congress has now come on the back foot. The district president of the Congress party has condemned and said that the objectionable post should be removed from social media. Congress leader Om Prakash Tripathi has filed a complaintfor filing a false case against him. Dr. Om Prakash Tripathi said he had not made any comment. The comments were made from an account called Guna Congress Rajneetiin which heis tagged. Can an FIR be fired for tagging? Congress leader Om Prakash Tripathi himself has appealed to remove the objectionable post from social media. The Congress leader has said that a false case has been filed against me again today, and now my life is in danger. Under your guidance, this House will carry forward its legacy and dignity: Modi to Vice President MCD Gets Its First Transgender Councillor Bobby who Wins Sultanpuri-A Opposition figures in Iran and abroad have the Tehran regime terrified, according to a PMOI spokesperson

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Sushant Singh Rajput was pure energy: Kedarnath director shares SSR's memory on film's anniversary

Sushant Singh Rajput's film, Kedarnath was released in theaters four years ago on December 7. The romantic film which marked the Bollywood debut of Sara Ali Khan narrated the story of tragic floods in the hill station. As the film cocked four years, Kedarnath's director Abhishek Kapoor shared a fond memory of the actor. He reminisced about the film's journey and also called the lead character of Mansoor one of the finest works of Sushant. The movie also catapulted Sara Ali Khan to stardom with its songs like 'Namo Namo', 'Qaafirana' and 'Jaan Nisaar' being the earworms.

India TV 7 Dec 2022 1:37 pm

Telangana: BC Study Circles to provide free coaching for police job aspirants

Hyderabad: The BC (Backward Classes) Study Circles director, K Aloke Kumar on Tuesday informed that free coaching for the main police recruitment written examination would soon begin at 15 BC Study Circles across the state.The Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) conducted the preliminary written test for stipendiary candidate trainee Sub Inspector, civil, and Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 7 Dec 2022 1:24 pm

Opposition figures in Iran and abroad have the Tehran regime errified, according to a PMOI spokesperson

LONDON: A fire at the London office of an Iranian opposition group is proof that the Iranian regime is terrified of its opponents inside and outside the country, according to a spokesman for the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran. According to police, the fire broke out in the early hours of Monday next to the PMOI office in Cricklewood, north west London. According to the London Fire Brigade, the ground floor bin room was completely destroyed when firefighters arrived on the scene at 2:15 p.m. According to the service, no injuries were reported. Also Read: New York jury finds Trump Organization guilty of tax fraud However, he added that the incident was being investigated with the help of the Met's Counter-Terrorism Command due to the location of the incident and the organization located in the surrounding premises. Detective Superintendent Tony Bayliss of the Metropolitan Police ruled out the fire being a targeted attack or terror-related motives. The PMOI is a member of the National Resistance Council of Iran, which issued a statement accusing the Iranian government of being behind the attack. According to Hossein Abedini, deputy director of the Parliament in Exile of NCRI's UK office, state terrorism is involved in a clerical regime. The fundamentalist regime has resorted to more terrorism and threats against the Iranian opposition to compensate for its dire position and to bolster the morale of its demoralizing forces, he continued. The nationwide uprising of the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs has continued for 80 days despite brutal repression. The Iranian government, from Ali Khamenei down, top to bottom, wants to intimidate and silence the members of the PMOI who are responsible for the ongoing protests that are rocking the country because they know that the PMOI is within the country. It is the most organized and effective opposition force. It runs highly successful campaigns in Iran and abroad. According to the speaker, of course they are scared because Khamenei has no answer to the unrest in Iran. They are using live ammunition, there have been 700 deaths, 30,000 arrests, and just in the last five days, 13 people, including a woman, have been hacked to death. The new generation of Iranian protesters involved in this year's unrest, he continued, are fearless and will not go back home until the regime is over, which the regime also fears. Also Read: UN chief: Humanity has turned into a weapon of mass extinction. The fire comes shortly after the head of Britain's domestic intelligence agency MI5 recently claimed that the security services had foiled more than a dozen Iranian plans to attack individuals based in the UK, which were Enemy of the State. The (Iranian) regime is now exporting its terrorism and repression outside Iranian borders, as it has failed to quell the nationwide protests, according to Jazeri, who also noted that the police had fired him for his personal safety. Warned about the dangers. According to NCRI's Abedini, the time has come to pressure governments and officials to close Iranian embassies. A definite response is needed at this time. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps needs to be outlawed completely as a terrorist organization, and the clerical regime's embassies, which serve as hotbeds of terrorism and espionage, needs to be stopped immediately, he continued. , Jazeri told Arab News that the PMOI in Britain was pushing for the closure of Tehran's embassy in London, repeating Abedini's claim. In an effort to convince the authorities that the Iranian embassy is merely an espionage hub where terrorist recruiters and money-launderers operate, we are pressing for its closure. It should be closed, he said. Also Read: The Pentagon will increase the military's food allowance in 2023 by the most in 20 years Iran International, a Farsi-language television station based in London, has been protected by more police after receiving threats for reporting on protests sparked by the custodial death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, which Tehran blames.

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Popular Marathi Songs| Non Stop Hits Songs | Jukebox Songs

For all Marathi music fans, check-out popular Marathi songs. The track list includes songs like Marathi Pavool Padate Pudhe, Malhari Maza Malhari, Airaneechya Deva Tula [1965] and many more. To know more about the Audio song jukebox, enjoy the Audio. Stay tuned to ETimes for more Marathi songs. Check out ETimes Marathi music Audio section for more Marathi songs.

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 12:46 pm

US Internationalises Irans Unrest

Megaphone diplomacy by Rob Malley, US special envoy on Iran lastweekend, hints that US is a stakeholder in the ongoing protests in Tehran.

News Click 7 Dec 2022 11:55 am

Breaking! Megastar Chiranjeevi's Waltair Veerayya to release on January 13

Breaking Megastar Chiranjeevis Waltair Veerayya to release on January

India Today 7 Dec 2022 11:49 am

Kakkipada | Song - Kakkipadaya Keralathin (Lyrical)

Watch the song 'Kakkipadaya Keralathin' from Malayalam movie 'Kakkipada' starring Niranj, Appani Sharath and Sujith Shankar. 'Kakkipadaya Keralathin' is sung by Anvar Sadhath and music of the song is given by Ronnie Raphael. Lyrics of 'Kakkipada' song 'Kakkipadaya Keralathin' are written by Harinarayanan. To know more about 'Kakkipadaya Keralathin' song from Niranj, Appani Sharath and Sujith Shankar starrer 'Kakkipada' watch the video.

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 11:46 am

US accuses Iranian boat of using spotlight to blind bridge crews

Washington: According to a statement from U.S. Central Command, an Iranian patrol boat flashed its spotlight at the bridges of two Navy ships on Monday in the Strait of Hormuz, blinding the crews and resulting in a unsafe and unprofessional incident, according to U.S. military officials. The USS Lewis B. Puller expeditionary sea base platform ship and the USS The Sullivans guided-missile destroyer were transiting in international waters on Monday night when a patrol boat from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy approached them, according to a CENTCOM statement released Tuesday. The patrol boat then lit up both ships' bridges with its spotlight. Then, within 150 yards, the IRGC Navy boat crossed in front of the two ships, which CENTCOM deemed dangerously close especially at night. An elite military force in Iran, the IRGC Navy is closely associated with the country's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. Also Read: The announcement of the first luxury island development in NEOM by the Crown Prince Army Col. Joe Buccino, a CENTCOM spokesman, said in the statement that this dangerous action in international waters is indicative of Iran's destabilising activity across the Middle East. Buccino claimed that after issuing an audible warning and employing nonlethal lasers, the American ships were able to flee the situation without it worsening. According to him, the Iranian boat's actions violated international maritime law and put ships at risk of collision and miscalculation. Also Read: Saudi authorities highlight the efforts of those who volunteer on International Volunteer Day The Strait of Hormuz, which connects Oman and Iran to the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, frequently sees interactions between U.S. Navy ships and Iranian navy ships. Longtime interactions between IRGC Navy ships and American ships have been alleged to involve unsafe and careless manoeuvres by U.S. military officials. Also Read: Rwanda claims that the world community is failing to address the Congo crisis Iran is the Middle East country that poses the greatest threat to American forces and interests, according to CENTCOM officials in recent years. Iranian militias that are in control of Iraq and Syria have long been accused by U.S. officials of targeting

News Track 7 Dec 2022 11:44 am

EU leaders reaffirm commitment to integrating Western Balkans

Tirana: The leaders of the EU reaffirmed their full commitment to the EU membership perspective of the Western Balkan (WB) countries on the sidelines of the EU-Western Balkans Summit held here. The summit the first held outside the EU was attended by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 7 Dec 2022 10:06 am

Iran sentences 5 to hang over protest-linked killing

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 8:13 am

1,200 Iranian students 'intentionally' poisoned before mass protest: Report

1,200 Iranian students 'intentionally' poisoned before mass protest: Report

India Today 7 Dec 2022 8:08 am

Iran Officials Sentence 5 to Death for Killing Paramilitary Troop

The 13 men and three minors had been charged with killing Ruhollah Ajamian, a member of the Basij, a paramilitary volunteer branch of Irans elite Revolutionary Guard

News18 7 Dec 2022 7:58 am

Navi Mumbai: Woman dies after jumping off building with 5-year-old son

Koparkhairane cops arrest husband and book in-laws after her brother accuses them of torturing his sister over trivial matters; child in ICU

Mid Day 7 Dec 2022 7:57 am

Iran protests: five sentenced to death over killing of paramilitary member

State media referred to rioters in killing, a term commonly used by the government to refer to protesters Iranian authorities have sentenced five people to death for allegedly killing a member of a paramilitary force affiliated with Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard, state media reported. 11 others received prison sentences. The 13 men and three minors none of whom have been identified were charged with killing Ruhollah Ajamian, a member of the Basij, a paramilitary volunteer branch of Irans elite Revolutionary Guard, according to the report from IRNA, Irans state news agency, on Tuesday. Continue reading...

The Guardian 7 Dec 2022 7:31 am

Hubballi-Dharwad central seat has at least 10 Congress aspirants

As parties gear up for the assembly elections, lobbying for the Congress ticket has intensified in the Hubballi-Dharwad Central constituency.

The Times of India 7 Dec 2022 7:25 am

Iran protests show that people are stronger together

While this is certainly not the end of the anti-hijab stir, there are so many takeaways from here; whatever happens about the morality police notwithstanding.

Mid Day 7 Dec 2022 7:04 am

Karnataka clears investment proposals worth more than Rs 2,000 crore

The proposals were cleared at the 136th State Level Single Window Clearance Committee (SLSWCC) meeting held under the chairmanship of State Large and Medium Industries Minister Murugesh R Nirani here on Monday.

Money Control 7 Dec 2022 6:49 am

Strikes Across Iran Lead to Shuttered Shops and Ghost Towns

Activists say it is the next phase in an uprising that began in September, after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of the morality police.

The New York Times 7 Dec 2022 5:28 am

Iran has not sent ballistic missiles to Russia so far, says Ukrainian official

Mikhailo Podolyak says pressure on Tehran from overseas and distraction of civil unrest mean helping Moscow is not a priority Russia-Ukraine war latest news updates Iran has so far not delivered ballistic missiles to Russia and may not do so, as a result of diplomatic pressure and Irans own internal political turmoil, a senior Ukrainian presidential adviser has said. Mikhailo Podolyak also told the Guardian that Russian forces had run short of their first batch of Iranian drones and only had enough of their own cruise missiles in their stockpile for two or three more mass strikes against Ukraine. Continue reading...

The Guardian 6 Dec 2022 11:27 pm

Iran protests: Ex-president Khatami says rulers must heed protesters' demands

A former Iranian president makes rare public comments praising anti-government protesters.

BBC 6 Dec 2022 10:52 pm

Watch: Albanian Leader Punched In Face While Leading Protest

Albanian opposition leader Sali Berisha was punched in the face by a male bystander as he led a crowd of his party's supporters to central Tirana for anti-government protests.

NDTV 6 Dec 2022 7:24 pm

Iran Announces Death Penalty To 5 Over Anti-Hijab Protest-Linked Killing

Iran has sentenced to death five people over the killing of a Basij paramilitary force member during nationwide protests sparked by Mahsa Amini's death, the judiciary said Tuesday.

NDTV 6 Dec 2022 6:56 pm

What we know about Iran's notorious 'morality police' and how it operates

This force has been patrolling the streets of Iran since 2006, arbitrarily enforcing its strict dress code

Business Standard 6 Dec 2022 6:30 pm

KSU member thrashed in Kozhikode following attack on SFI leader in Wayanad

Crime On December 2, SFI leader Aparna Gowri was attacked at a college in Meppadi. The attack had followed the violence that happened at the election to the college students union. TNM Staff Twitter/VP Sanu On Monday, December 5, 20-year-old Abhinav AK of Valiakode in Keralas Kozhikode district was beaten up over an alleged political skirmish last week at the Government Polytechnic College, Meppadi, Wayanad. Abhinav, a student of the polytechnic college and a member of Kerala Students Union (KSU), the student wing of the Congress party, was beaten with hockey sticks, iron rods, and wooden boards hammered with nails, according to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the Perambra police. The attack on Abhinav is allegedly retaliation for the violence on campus after the elections. According to the FIR, Abhinav was out with friends near his home in Perambra when eight persons arrived on bikes and thrashed him. The incident is said to have occurred around 9.45 pm. The FIR stated that the assault could have been fatal had Abhinav not blocked the blows to his head with the wooden board with his hands. The reason behind the incident is that the complainant was believed to have been part of the violence in the Meppadi college, the FIR said. Amarjith and seven other identifiable persons were booked under sections 143 (unlawful assembly), 147 (rioting), 148 (Rioting, armed with deadly weapon), 341 (wrongful restraint), 323 (causing hurt), 324 (causing hurt by dangerous weapons), 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide), and 149 (every member guilty of any offence committed by unlawful assembly) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Perambra police told TNM that an investigation is underway. We have recorded Abhinavs statement. Other investigation procedures, including identification of the accused and the motive behind the attack, are ongoing, the police said. Speaking to the media, Abhinav said that he had no part in the violence that followed the college election and said that he had evidence to prove this. I received blows in the police lathi charge that followed the election violence. But I had no part in the attack on Aparna, he stated. Abhinav alleged that the attackers had themselves said that they belonged to the SFI. Two days back, they had come to my house to threaten me. I had told them that I was not part of Fridays attack, he said. After the election, all students in the college were threatened that they would not be able to leave Meppadi. Now I dont know if I will be able to go back to Meppadi, he added. Abhinav said that he will legally proceed against the attackers. Last Friday, Aparna Gowri, the Students Federation of India (SFI) Wayanad district joint secretary, was attacked at the same college. The attack had followed the violence that happened at the election to the college students union. The SFI had then alleged that a drug mafia was behind the attack. Aparna was admitted to a private medical college in the district following the attack. Four persons Kiran Raj, Atul, Shibili, and Abin were arrested for the assault. Meppadi station head officer Vibin AB, who was on duty at the campus during the election, also suffered injuries in the attacks on Friday. He sustained a broken finger, was kicked in the stomach, and slapped on the face, according to the FIR. Alan Antony (20) was booked for the attack on the officer under sections 323 (causing hurt), 333 (causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from duty), 341 (wrongful restraint), 353 (assault to deter public servant from duty), and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the IPC.

The News Minute 6 Dec 2022 5:37 pm

HSC enrolment process from Dec 8, classes from Feb 1

Aspirants will be able to submit their admission application till December 15, said Prof Tapan Kumar Sarker, chief of the Inter-Education Board

The Daily Star 6 Dec 2022 5:32 pm

Iranian activists, US dismiss claims that morality police have been eliminated

Paris: A claim that the notorious morality police is being disbanded by the protest-ridden regime has been rejected by Iranian activists and Westerners, who insist nothing has changed with regard to women's rights. On social media, there were also calls for a three-day strike in Iran, which will culminate on the annual Students' Day on Wednesday, nearly three months after the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish-Iranian woman. Amini, 22, was detained by morality police officers in Tehran for allegedly violating Iran's strict dress code, which calls for women to wear modest clothing and hijab headscarves. Also Read: Houthi officials have been charged with mistreating and excluding critically ill journalists. According to the US State Department, nothing we have seen indicates that the Iranian leadership is reversing its violent treatment of peaceful protesters or improving its treatment of women and girls. According to Germany's foreign ministry, disbanding the morality police will not change the Iranian protesters' desire to live freely and with self-determination. Amini's death on 16 September triggered protests led by women, which became the biggest challenge to the regime since the 1979 revolution. Hundreds of people have died in Iran, including some security personnel. Iran's prosecutor general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, was quoted as saying that morality police units formally known as Gasht-e Ershad (Guidance Patrol) were shut down over the weekend in an unexpected move. Also Read: 'Luring people by donating food is a very serious problem', says SC on conversion Publicists, however, were suspicious of his comments, as they did not have the official seal of the Ministry of the Interior and instead appeared to be an impromptu answer to a question at a conference. It's just a PR stunt, according to Roya Borroumand, co-founder of the US-based Abdorrahman Borroumand Center rights organization. Until they repeal all legal restrictions on women's dress and laws governing private lives of citizens, this is just a PR stunt, she said. Activists argued that abolishing the force would only change the way the government enforces Iran's headscarf law, a fundamental tenet of the country's clerical leadership. Additionally, disbanding the units would likely be too little, too late for the protesters, according to Borroumand, who now call for a complete change of government. She said that nothing prevents other law enforcement organizations from enforcing discriminatory laws. Also Read: Palestinian health officials report the death of a man during an Israeli raid in the West Bank. Since they were first established in 2006, when ultra-Orthodox Mahmoud Ahmadinejad served as president, morality police have become a common sight. But the clerical leadership that came to power after the fall of the Shah in 1979 had long before that strictly enforced the laws including the headscarf.

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Houthi officials have been charged with mistreating and excluding critically ill journalists.

Yemen: In a new urgent appeal to human rights organizations and international mediators to persuade militias to release their son, the family of a Yemeni journalist held captive by the Iran-backed Houthis has accused Houthi authorities of thrashing and torturing their son. and accused of imprisoning. Abdullah al-Mansouri, brother of Tawfiq al-Mansouri, who was abducted by the Houthis in 2015, told Arab News that Abdulkader al-Murtada, head of the Houthi prisoner exchange committee, his brother Shehab al-Murtada, head of the Central Security Prison, and his deputy Murad Kasem personally abused his brother by hitting him on the head, causing him to bleed Abdullah said that instead of receiving treatment for chronic conditions he had developed during his captivity, he was tortured. before locking them up in solitary confinement. Also Read: 'Luring people by donating food is a very serious problem', says SC on conversion Four men who were part of a group of journalists were taken by the Houthis from a hotel in Sanaa in 2015 and were later found guilty of espionage. The Houthis repeatedly exaggerated the severity of their torture, which the families of the abducted journalists were unable to justify. Lawyers and activists who previously spoke to Arab News believe the Houthis become enraged whenever the plight of detainees is brought to public attention, citing the case of imprisoned model Antesar al-Hammadi. Abdullah said, I also question why the Houthis abuse Tawfiq and other journalists on the spot. Even if we don't talk to the media, they will suffer torture. This shows the level of savagery displayed by the Houthis. Is. The condition of the four journalists has worsened, and the Yemeni government has formally written to the UN's Yemen envoy, Hans Grunberg, asking him to intervene and put pressure on the Houthis to release them. Also Read: Iranian city businesses close to increase pressure on the country's clerical rulers Hadi al-Haj, head of the Yemeni government delegation in charge of negotiating the prisoner exchange, set up a committee to help ensure the release of journalists from the enclave, end the ongoing abuse of detainees by the Houthis, monitor requested to do. in such abuses, and allows after-hours visits from relatives of those held in Houthi prisons. According to Yemen's Information Minister Muammar al-Ariyani, the three Houthi leaders abused the four journalists, broke Tawfiq's skull and imprisoned him in solitary confinement for 45 days. Human rights organizations, the United Nations, UN envoys, and the international community should condemn these criminal actions, put real pressure on the Houthi militias to release the journalists who were forcibly abducted from their detention facilities, and Their leaders were declared terrorists. Houthi militia leader al-Murtada called for the creation of an international commission to investigate human rights abuses in Yemen, as well as denying abuse of detainees and alleging widespread and covert torture in the militia's rival prisons . Al-Murtada claimed on Twitter that the mercenaries' claim that some of our detainees have been assaulted and abused is pure slander to hide the atrocities committed against prisoners inside their facilities. Is. According to local rights organizations and media reports, a former Houthi prison inmate who was released as part of a significant prisoner exchange in 2020 died as a result of complications from illnesses he suffered while in captivity. Also Read: Madras High Court: there are no reservation for those who convert to another religion Sadiq Abdul Jalel al-Batra died on Friday due to illness after years of torture in a Houthi prison in Taiz province.

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Global economy in a bind, according to Paul Hickin of S&P Global Insights

New Delhi: We should consider the expected outcome because if the ban is successful then the prices will go up. If the goal is to reduce Russian crude supply and influence Russia, you will actually cause the price to rise and put pressure on Russia, which in turn will put real pressure on consumer countries to buy available crude. To be honest, a price range works in a way that makes it difficult to have your cake and eat it too. There are challenges, and as we can see in the past with sanctions against Venezuela and Iran, markets often find a way around some of these sanctions. This takes the decisions into very murky territory. The current state of the economy is finally balanced, which is why OPEC Plus has decided to adopt a wait-and-see strategy. Russian crude could be taken off the market at the rate of one million barrels per day in the coming months. There are many uncertainties, which is why OPEC Plus has decided to maintain a wait-and-see stance. In addition to excess crude, if Europe stops buying, that also comes into the picture. Also Read: The announcement of the first luxury island development in NEOM by the Crown Prince This seems premature to me. It is very challenging to work in an environment where there is a global recession and the world economy is deteriorating. Also Read: Saudi authorities highlight the efforts of those who volunteer on International Volunteer Day With China being a major consumer of crude oil and other raw materials, it is particularly difficult to predict when their demand will start to recover. The global economy is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also Read: Oil prices rose after the Russia price cap pact, with world shares mixed There have been additional signs that the lockdown is loosening, but if China returns, prices will slow down again and demand will diverge as a significant amount of demand returns to the market, which could have a significant impact on prices .

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Iran-backed hackers linked to espionage campaign targeting journalists and activists

Hackers backed by the Iranian government targeted human rights activists, journalists, diplomats and politicians working in the Middle East during an ongoing social engineering and credential phishing campaign, according to Human Rights Watch. In an analysis published on Monday, Human Rights Watch said it had attributed the espionage campaign to APT42, an Iran-backed hacking group [] Iran-backed hackers linked to espionage campaign targeting journalists and activists by Carly Page originally published on TechCrunch

TechCrunch 6 Dec 2022 3:50 pm

Govt must relax JEE Advanced, JEE Main Eligibility Criteria 2023, says Chidambaram

Urging to the Government of India for relaxing the eligibility criteria for JEE 2023, MP Karti P Chidambaram has written a letter to the Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan mentioning that due to technical glitches and other errors in both JEE Main, Advanced exams last year, several aspirants faced discrepancies in their response sheet and errors in result.

The Times of India 6 Dec 2022 2:24 pm

Mint Explainer: Has Iran's establishment finally caved in to protestors?

Disbanding of morality police won't stop protests as people are also up against official corruption, stifling authoritarianism and unemployment.

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World Cup 2022: Brazil get their groove on as the last-16 ties conclude live

Monday games: Morocco v Spain, Portugal v Switzerland Get in touch! Email Martin with your thoughts Jacob Steinberg is in Doha for the Guardian, and today he has tackled the subject of Englands teenage sensation Jude Bellingham : He was outstanding when England beat Iran in their first game at the World Cup, opening the scoring with a beautiful header, but he was even better against Senegal. It was Bellingham who carried England when they went through a rocky period during the first half against the African champions. He whipped up the fans, urging them to make more noise. He won back possession. Eventually Bellingham drove through the Senegal defence and calmed Englands nerves by setting up the opening goal for Jordan Henderson. Continue reading...

The Guardian 6 Dec 2022 2:09 pm

Kader Khan slapped me hard, Shakti Kapoor wanted to quit film Industry after being slapped thrice

Shakti Kapooris one of the renowned villains in Bollywood. He has been featured in various Bollywood hit films. He has been entertaining the audience since the 90's with his roles. Shakti Kapoor made his appearance at 'The Kapil Sharma Show.During the show, the actor recalls the time when he wanted to quit acting. Shakti Kapoor said, After that (Satte Pe Satta), I did a film named Mawaali in the year 1983. When I was giving my first shot in the film, Kader Khan slapped me hard and I fell on the ground, then in the second shot, Aruna Irani slapped me, and I fell on the ground. The same thing happened for the third time, Shakti further narrating the incident said, K Bapaiah was directing the film and Kader Khan was also a part of the film. I went to Kader Khan and told him, I fall at your feet. Please book my evening ticket. I dont want to be a part of this film. My career is over and I am not even married yet'. The actor said he decided to stay in the industry after Veeru Devgan's advice. He said I did my first comedy film Satte Pe Satta with Goofy Paintal. It was a really great film; so when Raj Sippy approached me for a comedy role, I felt like As I am being praised for my villainous roles, then why are they liking me? That too a comedian? Shakti Kapoor has featured in The Kapil Sharma Show along with Asrani, Paintal, and Tiku Talsania for Legendarycomedians of Indian Cinema special episode.The Kapil Sharma Show airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Indian Lockdown Boxoffice: The OTT release is HIT or Flop Baap Baap Hota Hai, Fans are excited as Akshay Kumar to return in Hera Pheri 3 Video!!, I have to continuously wear a hat, Mahima Chaudhary on her battle with Breast Cancer

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Iran Regime Mulling Changes to Womens Dress Code to Calm Unrest

The Iranian clergy and the lawmakers are drafting new rules with respect to womens dress code and women could face steep fines for wearing hijab improperly

News18 6 Dec 2022 12:01 pm

Irans moment of truth: what will it take for the people to topple the regime?

Three months after the uprising began, demonstrators are still risking their lives. Will this generation succeed where previous attempts to unseat the Islamic hardliners have been crushed? For the past 12 weeks, revolutionary sentiment has been coursing through the cities and towns of the Persian plateau. The agitation was triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini , a young Kurdish woman, on 16 Septe mber after she was arrested by the morality police in Tehran. From the outset the movement had a feminist character, but it has also united citizens of different classes and ethnicities around a shared desire to see the back of the Islamic Republic. Iran has known numerous protest movements over the past decade and a half, and the nations supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has comfortably suppressed each one with a combination of severity and deft exploitation of divisions within the opposition. This time, however, the resilience and unity shown by the regimes opponents have consigned the old pattern of episodic unrest to the past. Iran has entered a period of rolling protest in which the Islamic Republic must defend itself against wave upon wave of public anger. In their retaliation against the protesters, the security forces have killed at least 448 people , including 60 children and 29 women, and made up to 17,000 arrests. Thirty-six protesters have been charged with capital crimes, according to Hadi Ghaemi of the New York-based Center for Human Rights in Iran, including several people accused of killing members of the security forces. Still, the authorities insist that they have erred on the side of restraint. On 9 November the commander of Irans ground forces warned that Khamenei only needed to say the word and the opposition flies would without question have no place left in the country. Continue reading...

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Soccer Game In Iran Leads To Immigration And U.S. Unicorn Company

His father needed to leave Iran after defeating the Shahs soccer team. The son started a billion-dollar company in America.

Forbes 6 Dec 2022 10:39 am

Why are children in the UK at risk of serious strep A infections? podcast

The UK Health Security Agency issued a rare alert on Friday, telling parents to look out for signs of strep A infection in their children. Since September, eight children in England and Wales have died after becoming unwell with Group A streptococci bacteria. Typically causing illnesses like skin infections, tonsillitis or scarlet fever, very occasionally strep A can become a life-threatening, invasive disease. But why are we seeing such a steep rise in cases in the UK this year? Madeleine Finlay speaks to Chrissie Jones, associate professor of paediatric infection at the University of Southampton, about the significance of this outbreak and the symptoms to be aware of, and asks Shiranee Sriskandan, professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London, about how the bacteria can evade our immune systems and whether we may one day have a vaccine. Archive: ITV, Sky News Continue reading...

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Iranian Footballer Moslem Mojademi: Hard Work is one of the most important traits

Some people say that being educated and having a college degree is necessary for someone to get far in life. While this well-meaning advice is valid to some extent, it is not the only way to achieve success Actually being successful is not as difficult as it seems, just believe in yourself Meet Moslem Mojademi who are being praised not only in Iran but all over the world Moslem Mojademi is an iranian footballer who was born in Iran, he player of Persian Gulf Premier League, midfielder of Naft Masjid Suleiman, will be in this team in the next season. He is being praised everywhere in the media of Iran. Almost all the newspapers of Iran are giving place on the front page. Along with his studies, Mojademi also focused on his dreams, It will not be easy to say that how he achieved such a great success at such a young age, he is being discussed on everyone's tongue. He has earned a name for himself and achieved global recognition because of hard work and determination. According to Moslem News Agency, Mojdami, the midfielder of Naft Masjid Suleiman, extended his contract with this club for another season. Today is the birthday of Yorker King Jasprit Bumrah, know the secret of his sharp bowling LeBron James became the Father of two kids before his marriage, all about his kids FIFA 2022: Football world got new King, Mbappe broke record of legend Pele and Ronaldo

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Iranian shops shut after strike call

The semi-official Tasnim news agency reported on Monday that an amusement park at a Tehran shopping centre was closed by the judiciary because its operators were not wearing the hijab properly

Mid Day 6 Dec 2022 9:31 am

Online sessions for civil service aspirants

The programme will be open for students from Class 8 to Class 12, starting early training to help build strong foundation.

The New Indian Express 6 Dec 2022 6:23 am

Iran destroys family home of rock climber who competed without headscarf

Iran destroys family home of rock climber who competed without headscarf Iran has destroyed the villa owned by a family member of an Iranian rock climber who competed in an overseas competition without her headscarf, a video appears to show, the media reported. London: Iran has destroyed the villa owned by a family member [] The post Iran destroys family home of rock climber who competed without headscarf appeared first on Mangalorean.com .

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Shah Rukh Khan performs Umrah post Saudi Arabia shoot

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan performed Umrah at Mecca soon after wrapping up his Saudi Arabia schedule of Rajkumar Hiranis directorial 'Dunki' last week.

Connected to India 5 Dec 2022 6:50 pm

Assam: Indo-French Project brings significant changes to Kaziranga National Park

Guwahati: Earlier this year, an Indo-French initiative was announced regarding the adoption of various new measures at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Construction of artificial highlands where animals can escape during floods; more than 200 anti-poaching camps and alternate livelihood training for local communities are some of the measures taken at the Kaziranga National [] The post Assam: Indo-French Project brings significant changes to Kaziranga National Park appeared first on NORTHEAST NOW .

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Delnaaz Is No Neena Gupta But She's Asking Producers For Work Anyway

It's more of going and struggling with the casting directors, said Delnaaz Irani

NDTV 5 Dec 2022 6:12 pm

Will support Israel in case of war with Iran, says US

Will support Israel in case of war with Iran, says US

Firstpost 5 Dec 2022 5:32 pm

Palestinian health officials report the death of a man during an Israeli raid in the West Bank.

JERUSALEM: Palestinian health officials said a Palestinian man was killed by Israeli fire during an Israeli army raid in the occupied West Bank on Monday. It was the most recent death in a recent spike in violence in the region. Since the spring, Israeli forces have been conducting raids on the West Bank on a daily basis. Troops reportedly entered the Deheshe refugee camp near Bethlehem in the early hours of Monday, leading to clashes with several local residents. This information was given by the Palestinian news agency Wafa. The jawans then started firing on the crowd, allegedly lobbing tear gas shells. Also Read: Iranian city businesses close to increase pressure on the country's clerical rulers According to the report, 22-year-old Umar Mana was killed and six other Palestinians were injured. Four people were detained in this. Israel had no immediate comment. Since 2006, 2022 is set to be the deadliest year in the West Bank and East Jerusalem due to escalating Israeli-Palestinian tensions. As the most right-wing and religious administration in Israel's history is set to take office in the coming weeks after former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returns to office, further escalation is likely. Also Read: Madras High Court: there are no reservation for those who convert to another religion This year more than 140 Palestinians have died in fighting between Israelis and Palestinians. According to the Israeli military most of the Palestinians killed were militants. However, stone-throwing youths as well as unrelated individuals have been killed in response to Israeli army incursions. Monday's deadly shooting comes against the backdrop of ongoing Israeli arrest raids in the West Bank, brought on by a wave of deadly Palestinian attacks on Israelis in the spring that claimed 19 lives. Also Read: Call non-Muslims to Islam, if do not obey kill them: Qatar University 'professor' The military claims the raids are aimed at breaking up terrorist networks and preventing further attacks, but the Palestinians claim they reinforce Israel's ongoing occupation, which has been in place for 56 years. Nine more people were killed as a result of recent Palestinian attacks on Israeli targets.

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Iranian city businesses close to increase pressure on the country's clerical rulers

TEHRAN: Iranian stores closed their doors in several cities on Monday after a three-day nationwide general strike was called by protesters calling for the overthrow of the clerical elite. Following the death of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini on 16 September, while in the care of the morality police, Iran was rocked by widespread unrest, which has become one of the strongest challenges to the Islamic republic since its 1979 revolution. The protest-focused Twitter account 1500 Tzafar, which has 380,000 followers, posted videos of shuttered shops in major shopping districts such as Tehran's bazaars and other major cities such as Karaj, Isfahan and Shiraz. Also Read: People do not have religious freedom in these countries, US releases list Riot police and Basij militias were present in large numbers in central Tehran, according to witnesses who spoke to Reuters. The semi-official Fars news agency reported that authorities sealed off a jewelry store owned by former Iranian football legend Ali Daei after the general strike decided to close for three days. Also Read: Madras High Court: there are no reservation for those who convert to another religion Similar videos of closed businesses in smaller towns such as Bojnourd, Kerman, Sabzevar, Ilam, and Ardabil were shared by 1500tasvir and other activist accounts. In western Iran, where most of the country's Kurdish population resides, the general strike movement has received support from 19 cities, according to the Kurdish Iranian rights group Hangav. Also Read: Research: Atheists are just as healthy as religious people Since the death of 22-year-old Amini, who was arrested by morality police for violating hijab laws, hundreds have been killed in the unrest.

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RRR beats Spielberg's The Fabelmans in Rolling Stone 22 Best Movies

LOS ANGELES : The prestigious Rolling Stone magazine has named the epic Tollywood movie as one of the 22 Best Movies of 2022 as RRR emerges as an Oscars season favourite throughout America with the Pakistani Punjabi film, Joyland, giving it close competition. The historical adventure drama with patrician company on the international list is directed by S.S. Rajamouli. The Fabelmans, directed by Steven Spielberg, is at No. 15 on the list ('RRR' is at No. 12), 'Tar,' starring Cate Blanchett and about the fall of the well-known female conductor of a classical orchestra, Lydia Tar, is at No. 8, 'The Banshees of Inisherin,' starring Colin Farrell, is at No. 8, 'No Bears,' directed by imprisoned Iranian director Jafar. What Rolling Stone has to say about RRR is as follows: An enraged wolf and an even angrier tiger about to collide in midair when a ripped, shirtless man narrowly avoids them. a rescue operation including a burning train, a horse, a motorcycle, some rope, and the Indian flag, as well as a sinking raft. A dance-off that doubles as a class-conscious f*** you, complete with some carefully choreographed suspender-based routines. A man kicks an arrow through a tree trunk into another man's head, there are bromantic montages, slo-mo brooding, flashbacks that are their own short films, and there is an acrobatic scene when a hero fights legions of warriors while perched on his best friend's shoulders. Johnny depps Career setbacks 2012 - 2020 Depp's continuation of POTC series Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean, commercial and critical success

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Steffi Kingham Weds Mohit Hiranandani, Again? Read Here To Know More

The couple got married in December last year with some close friends and family members.

News18 5 Dec 2022 12:22 pm

Video!! This Famous celebrity couple blessed with a baby girl

Pardes film fame actor Apurva Agnihotri and his wife Shilpa Agnihotri welcomes baby girl. The actor also took to Instagram and shared a video featuring his newborn baby along with actor-wife Shilpa Agnihotri. The duo welcomed their daughter on December 2, 2022. Apurva also penned a heartwarming message after the arrival of his daughter Ishaani Kanu Agnihotri as his daughter was born on his birthday. The duo has been married for 18 years, took to Instagram and shared an adorable video with their baby and said that they have named their daughter Ishaani. The actor wrote, And just like that, this birthday became the most special birthday of my life as God blessed us with the most special, incredible, amazing, miraculous gift ever. With utmost gratitude and immense happiness Shilpa and I wish to introduce our darling daughter ISHAANI KANU AGNIHOTRI. Please shower her with all your love and blessings. Om Namaha Shivaya. As soon as it caught the eyes of celebrities and fans they started showering their love on the couple. Actors Karanvir Bohra commented, You are parents (red heart emojis) yahoooooo (smiling face with red heart eyes emojis), Abhinav Shukla wrote, (Smiling with red heart eyes emojis) IKU, Kishwar Merchant commented, Omg am so happy, congratulations you guys, Delnaaz Irani wrote, Congratulations guys, so happy for you both. Many celebrities posted congratulatory messages for Apurva, Shilpa and their newborn daughter. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Apurva Agnihotri (@apurvaagnihotri02) Apurva Agnihotri and Shilpa Agnihotri got married in 2004.The duo also appeared in Bigg Boss together. Shilpa is known for her role in shows such as 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi' and 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin'. Apurva also famous for his role was seen in 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin'.The couple even starred in reality shows such as 'Nach Baliye' and 'Bigg Boss 7'. Akshay Kumars next film on Sex Education, Its very important An Action Hero Box office: Here is how much Ayushmann film earned on Day 3 Things against Pakistan, Akshay Kumar replied to a Pakistani who criticized his film Bell Bottom

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Kapil Sharma Show: Shakti Kapoor Almost Quit Movies, Recalls 'Kader Khan, Aruna Irani Slapped Me'

Shakti Kapoor remembered how action director Veeru Devgan advised him to stay back even if he had to be slapped in the film.

News18 5 Dec 2022 9:36 am

Drop plan to conduct re-test for teaching aspirants, says OPS

Former chief minister O Panneerselvam has urged the state government to drop the plan to conduct a re-test for teaching aspirants who had cleared teachers eligibility test (TET).

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 8:28 am

Constable booked for assaulting youth

A police constable attached to Subrahmanya police station has been booked following an allegation of assault on a youth. Shashikiran, a resident of Kutrupadi village in a complaint stated that he had set up a stall during Panchami celebrations in Subramanya on November 28.

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 8:22 am

Hanuma Mala Yatra in Srirangapatna witnesses participation in thousands

A sea of activists participated in the Hanuma Mala event organised by Hindu organisations, in Srirangapatna on Sunday. Tension prevailed when some devotees tried to break the police cordon and enter the Jamia Masjid, but the police intervened and diffused the situation.

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 8:19 am

Karnataka: Sullia library opens door for competitive exam aspirants

The District Central Library, under the department of Public Libraries, recently inaugurated 'Jnana Kuteera' a unique taluk library building with a competitive exam centre. The library will also conduct coaching classes for the aspirants twice a month.

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 7:14 am

Cops stop Hindu activists from entering Jamia Masjid inSrirangapatna

Police stopped them when they tried to breach the barricades and enter Jamia Masjid, which led to a heated exchange between police and the devotees.

The New Indian Express 5 Dec 2022 7:00 am

All eco min institutes to merge into Nirantar

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 5:22 am

Bengaluru: 27 held for online drug smuggling

Narcotics Control Bureau has arrested 27 people, including techies, students from two Bengaluru colleges, artists and an Iranian national, in one of the longest investigations into a drug-running racket that operated through social media and instant messaging apps, reports Petlee Peter. While the arrested include online peddlers and users, the NCB is now on the lookout for a key player who operated from Siliguri. Sources said hydroponic cannabis and cannabis elixir were arriving from the US, and other substances like cocaine and LSD from Europe.

The Times of India 5 Dec 2022 4:35 am

Iran Abolishes Morality Police And Mulls Changes To Mandatory Hijab Law Amid Ongoing Anti-Government Protests

The announcement is likely an effort to quell nationwide anti-government protests which were triggered by the death of a 22-year-old woman at the hands of the morality police.

Forbes 4 Dec 2022 5:05 pm

Security tightened in Karnataka's Srirangapatna ahead of Hindu Jagarana Vedike yatra - The Indian Express

Security tightened in Karnataka's Srirangapatna ahead of Hindu Jagarana Vedike yatra The Indian Express

Google News 4 Dec 2022 2:12 pm

The revolution and the religion in the film Kantara

The film Kantara directed by Rishab Shetty is a blockbuster at the box-office in almost all languages it has been dubbed into. The movies plot has two significant elements pitched at two different levels. One part of the story consists of the struggles of a community of forest dwellers in protecting their land from the dora, the landlord, and from the state that is operating through the forest department. The other part is about the spirituality and religion of outcastes, in this case the worship of the gods Panjurli and Guliga, powerful spirits that speak through the dance art form of Bhootha Kola. This religious element plays a vital role in the story in protecting the lands of the forest dwellers from the dora. The opening scene of the film is set in 1847, a 100 years before the formation of India. This period refers to the power of the autocrats over both the forest and agricultural lands. However the good king who was in search of peace ends up meeting the god Panjurli worshipped in the form of a stone in the middle of the forest. When he attempts to take the god along with him to the palace, Panjurlis spirit speaks through the member of an Adivasi community and demands that the king grant the Adivasis right over the land around their habitat. Panjurli also warns the king that he is always associated with the more ferocious spirit of the god Guliga, who doesnt tolerate any injustice. In the 1970s, the kings inheritor who emerges as a landlord wants to take back the land his ancestors allegedly donated to the Adivasi community. However, Panjurli again speaks through the Bhootha Kola artist and warns the landlord to drop his vicious intentions. The Bhootha Kola performer disappears mystically into the darkness of the forest to prove his divinity. The inheritor dies on the steps leading to the courtroom before he can fight his case in the court of law as foretold by Panjurli. The only son of the Bhootha Kola artist, Shiva, is the protagonist, whose life story is set in the contemporary period. Shiva is a carefree youth who is enticed by the dora with liquor. Though the duty of performing Bhootha Kola is bestowed upon his family, Shiva is scared to inherit this profession for the fear that he might mystically disappear like his father. Shivas first cousin Guruva takes up the duty of performing Kola in lieu of Shiva. While the youth of the community rely extensively on the dora for everything, including protecting themselves from forest officer Muralidhar, Shivas mother is sceptical about the ways of the dora. Leela, Shivas childhood friend and love interest, finds a job as a forest department guard with the help of the dora. However, the dora manipulates both the government and the Adivasi community to transfer much of the Adivasi lands in his name. While the strength of the Adivasis is inadequate to fight the feudal power of the dora or the modern state, it is Guliga, the powerful spirit of the totemistic religion, that becomes the nemesis. The significant women characters are Shivas mother, who is always doubtful about the doras intentions behind providing liquor to the youth, particularly to her son. She keeps warning Shiva not to kill the wild boar as it is worshipped as Panjurli. Another important character is Leela, an educated Adivasi woman keen on making a career as a forest guard. However, she is criticised by the people of her community for working with the forest department that sends them notices against illegal occupation of government lands. Leela is presented as a powerful female character. She begins to ride Shivas bike after his arrest, metaphorically indicating how she takes over the familial responsibilities. Shivas mother criticises him bitterly when he manhandles Leela. Who does the forest belong to? The film depicts the philosophy of the political struggle for land rights in India. When the plot of the movie enters contemporary times in a linear narrative, Shiva is introduced riding oxen in Kambala, a traditional race among south Indian agrarian communities. The dora Devendra is introduced witnessing the game with a great deal of excitement. Mahadeva, an old Adivasi man also watching the race, says in a philosophical tone, While the buffaloes are running in the race without caring for their own life, ironically the owner gets the medal, emphasising on how the armchair dora enjoys the profits while the lowered castes toil in the fields like slaves. Since the plot covers a wide time span from pre-independent India to today, there is a great deal of enigma related to the land ownership. Philosophically, land belongs to no one but to nature or god, depending on whatever philosophical structure one refers to. This is reflected in Shivas fathers words: The problem with people is that they want to take back even something they donated. If they understand where it actually came from and who it should actually belong to, there will be no problem in this world. Similarly, in an encounter with forest officer Muralidhar, Shiva says, This forest belongs to us before the birth of your government. In fact, your government should take permission from us to enter the forest. The philosophical question here is whether the forest belongs to the state or to the forest dwellers who are traditionally associated with it. To talk cogently, land belongs to no one but to nature. In the film, and in reality, the owner of the land is the monarch in pre-independent India while the ownership is later transferred to the democratic state. The question here is, who donated or provided ownership over the land to the king or to the modern state? Both the institutions of power curb the rights and access of the Adivasis, who are historically dependents/protectors of the forest from times before the autocrat or the modern state was formed. So, the antagonist in this context is both the dora and the modern state that is represented through the character of Muralidhar. As the land ownership is sanctioned to the Adivasis by nature or god, it is now the duty of the god to protect their rights. This philosophy is conveyed through the unflinching belief of the Adivasis in Panjurli. The same divine power protects the Adivasis both from the dora and the state. The spirituality and religion of outcastes The divinity is presented through the traditional music and art form of Bhootha Kola in the film. The fascinating part of the religiosity is that the god Panjurli is not a Vedic Hindu god, with Muralidhar asserting my belief is different from yours. Muralidhar does not even hesitate to disrupt the Bhootha Kola as it is believed to be the religion of lowered castes/outcastes, one that has no relation to the Vedic religion that the dominant castes practise. Both for the dora and for Muralidhar, Panjurli is a demigod worshipped by the forest dwellers. Though the dora sponsors Bhootha Kola performances in order to seek the approval of the Adivasis, he doesnt believe in Panjurli or Guliga, the gods of the outcastes. Even in the narration of the story of the good king who was in search of peace, Panjurli is referred to as a mere pestle used for grinding spices. Dora Devendra practises the Brahminic religion and upholds untouchability. He washes his hands after touching Shiva and gets his house ritualistically purified by a group of Brahmins after Shiva enters his house. Thus, the film makes a clear demarcation between Brahminical Hinduism and the religiosity of the outcastes. The term Hindu is a colonial invention as it created a constitutive other to the religions of the book, combining even unique animistic, totemistic religions with Vedic Brahminism. These outcaste religions like the worship of female goddesses such as Yellamma in Telangana and Maharashtra, or worship of Naga/snake by lowered caste society in Bengal or Andhra Pradesh represent the historical conflict between Vedic Brahminism and the religions formed as revolts against the hegemony of Vedic Brahminism. For instance, the Naga tribe that worshipped the snake goddess Manasa is allegedly considered an adversary to Shaivism (Coomaraswamy and Nivedita, 1914). In Mahabharata, the sarpayaga (Vedic/Brahminic ritual) is conducted by Janamejaya in order to wipe out the population of Nagas (Menon, 2011). In sarpayaga/sarpa satra, all Nagas are burnt alive in the ritualistic fire. Thus, Naga worship is defined as a counter to the Vedic religion of Brahmins. The conflict between revolutionary religions and Vedic religion is evident throughout history (Coomaraswamy and Nivedita, 1914). Appropriation of local traditions Ambedkar argues in Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India that various alternative forms of religiosity, mainly Buddhism, was a revolution that drew lowered castes and outcastes into its fold (Ambedkar, 1987). However, the Vedic religion fought relentlessly to appropriate certain ideals such as non-violence and vegetarianism from these counter/revolting religions in order to re-entice people into their fold. Thus, powerful local traditions are appropriated by the Brahminic religion through the construction of oral narratives that bring connections between the Hindu scriptures and the gods/goddesses of the lowered castes or outcastes. The oral narratives that contrive connections between Renuka who was beheaded by her son Parashurama and Yellamma, worshipped by outcastes, helped to create a common Hindu religiosity and retain the Brahmin dominance over the religions. Brahminical Hinduism actively and continuously engages in creating history to appropriate the powerful spiritualities of the outcastes. The film needs to be understood in the light of this demarcation between Brahminical Hinduism and counter religions. The conflict between the hegemonic Vedic religion and the other religions is not a new phenomenon. Local leaders or goddesses of the outcastes/Adivasis such as Chanchita are appropriated as the incarnation of the Brahminic goddess Lakshmi, i.e., Chenchu Lakshmi. All the female power is equated to the power of Parvathi, the goddess of Vedic religion (Coomaraswamy and Nivedita, 1914). This appropriation of local traditions or counter-religious trends into the fold of Vedic religiosity is as ancient as the Puranas and epics, but it is relentlessly perpetuated in contemporary times as well. This perpetuation of re-appropriation of counter religions is known as counter-revolution of the Vedic religiosity, according to Ambedkar (Ambedkar, 1987). Even rival religious trends like Shaivism and Vaishnavism subsumed each other and continued to coexist harmoniously in the name of Hinduism. This appropriation of opponent religions reinstates the hegemony of the Brahmins and dominant castes both in religion and society. There is also a danger of viewing Panjurli as the incarnation of Vishnu (Varaha avatar). In fact, every avatar shows how the Brahminic religion soaked up the counter/coexisting religions. Ironically, even revolutionary religious leaders like Buddha are contrived as one of the avatars of Vishnu. Even today, both the makers and viewers of Kantara may categorise Panjurli as an incarnation of Vishnu. It is also made possible by the descriptions of Varaha avatar and Narasimha avatar in the Bhagavatam. Appropriation of local traditions by the Vedic religion is as old as the Vedas itself. It dates back to the times of the Vedas, Brahmanas, Upanishads and epics. One of the examples is how the scriptures that belong to the later Vedic period, i.e., 1000 to 600 BCE, itself appropriated vegetarianism and the principles of non-violence propagated by Buddha and Mahaveera. Similarly, the conflict between Shaivism and Vaishnavism is portrayed through the stories of Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu being slain by Vishnu in his forms of Varaha (pig) and Narasimha (half-human and half-lion) respectively. The two are killed for merely worshipping Shiva. But today, dominant caste Hindus, lowered castes, and outcastes worship these two figures of Shiva and Vishnu as the two faces of Hinduism. Thus, the two historical adversaries coexist harmoniously. Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu are mentioned in texts like the Bhagavatham, the Puranas, and even some Buddhist texts. These stories substantiate the violence perpetrated on aboriginal groups by the outsider. Moreover, no Veda was initially written and preserved in the form of a text. These are oral renderings, disseminated only among Brahmin men. Likewise, even the written scriptures were not written at once. There were additions done to epics in different periods. Thus, we have hundreds of Ramayanas Kamba Ramayana, Valmiki Ramayana, Molla Ramayana, Thai Ramayana, Marathi Ramayana to name a few. The story of the Naga king inviting Buddha and accepting Buddhist principles are mentioned in Buddhist texts (Lowell W Bloss, 1973). Nagas being burnt alive is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Narasimha is worshipped among outcastes. He married Chenchita, a woman belonging to the Chenchu community. In later renderings, Chenchita became Chenchu Lakshmi. In contemporary society, pigs and snakes are not worshipped by Brahmins in the way they worship the cow. Brahmins even do pujas for sarpadosha to escape the fear of being bitten by a snake. However, Brahmin priests play a pivotal role even in the traditions that have no scriptural base. For example, Bonalu (worship of Yellamma) and Bathukamma (worship of nature) are not mentioned in any scripture. In Gogu Shyamalas story But Why Shouldnt the Baindla Woman Ask For Her Land? (Gogu, 2012), a Brahmin priest says that he has never read about the goddess Ooradamma worshipped by Telanganas Sabbanda communities (communities that indulge in productive labour). He has knowledge about Lakshmi, Parvathi, and Saraswati but not Ooradamma. However, the Brahmin priest appears amid these traditions as well. This is made possible by the flexibility that Brahmins infused into the scriptures by holding the power to interpret and reinterpret their scriptures. One such interpretation is that all female power originates from Parvathi, Shivas wife. Moreover, the outcaste and lowered castes often seek validation from Brahminism to be treated as Hindus. Even lowered castes uphold the stories of Jamadagni and Parashurama beheading their goddess Yellamma. In fact, this story is another example of how the outsiders perpetrated violence on the aboriginal autonomous women leaders from the matriarchal cultures. The god Panjurli can easily be appropriated with the Varaha avatar of the Brahminic god Vishnu. In fact, the narration of the Varaha avatar is nothing but the appropriation of the gods from the totemistic religions like worship of Panjurli, the spirit of the wild boar that is believed to protect the land of the forest-dwellers. It is similar to the Brahminic Hindu appropriation of Venkateswara (erstwhile god of the tribal groups in Andhra) as another incarnation of Vishnu even though there is no scriptural base to Venkateswara. This appropriation of traditions and manipulation of history takes place due to the sole authority of Brahmins to interpret the scriptures. Kantara takes up the challenge of whether it is possible to derive the rhetoric of revolution from religiosity. While the film succeeded in portraying the historically radical religions that revolted against the hegemonic Brahminism, the danger of constructing all religiosity (animistic or totemistic) as merely Hindu is ever present in Indian society. However, the outcastes rely on the revolutionary religions to construct the rhetoric of resistance to caste oppression in Kantara . They invoke revolutionary gods Panjurli and Guliga to fight the feudal power of the landlord and the bureaucracy of the enigmatic modern state. Unlike Rama who sanctions the dominance of Brahmins, Krishna, who upholds the hegemony of Kshatriyas, (Chakravarti, 2003, Rege, 2013) Panjurli and Guliga fights against the feudal landlord to protect the rights of the forest-dwellers. References: Ambedkar, BR, Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Ancient India in Vasant Moon (ed.) Dr. B.R. Ambedkars Writings and Speeches Vol. 3 Bombay: Education Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, 1987. Bloss, Lowell W, The Buddha and the Nga: A Study in Buddhist Folk Religiosity. History of Religions, vol. 13, no. 1, 1973, pp. 3653. JSTOR, http://www.jstor.org/stable/1061950 . Accessed Nov. 30, 2022. Chakravarti, Uma. Gendering Caste: Through Feminist Lens , Calcutta: Stree, 2003 Coomaraswamy K, Ananda, Sister Nivedita, Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists . London: George G. Harrap & Company, 1914. Gogu, S, Father May Be An Elephant, Mother Only A Small Basket, But..., New Delhi: Navanaya, 2012. Menon, Ramesh. The Complete Mahabharata . India: Rupa Publications, 2011. Rega, Sharmila. Against the Madness of Manu: B.R. Ambedkars Writings and Brahminical Patriarchy . New Delhi: Navayana, 2013. Dr Sowjanya Tamalapakula teaches at TISS, Hyderabad. Views expressed here are the authors own. Category: Voices Bread Crumb: Opinion Image Upload: Kantara_VarahaRoopam_Screengrab_041222_1200.jpeg Blurb: While the film succeeded in portraying the historically radical religions that revolted against the hegemonic Brahminism, the danger of constructing all religiosity as merely Hindu is ever present in Indian society. Author: Sowjanya Tamalapakula Image Courtesy: Screengrab Inner page image(check if Yes): Home Page Ranking: 1 Enanble Notification: No TNM Marquee: No Enable Rss: No News Trend: Banner Image Slide Show Style: Revendra T News Theme: News Default Show Thumbnail on Banner Slide Show: flase Article Slideshow Style: Revendra T Article Slideshow Auto Start: true Article Slideshow Show Thumbnail Selector: false Facebook Instant Article: No Disable ads in AMP page: 1 Don't display ads: Restrict in india:

The News Minute 4 Dec 2022 12:26 pm

Kerala SFI leader, cop attacked at govt college in Wayanad, CPI(M) blames drug mafia

Crime Four persons were arrested for allegedly grievously injuring Aparna Gowri, the district joint secretary of SFI in Wayanad, in violence that ensued after the union election at a government polytechnic college. PTI SFI leader injured in attack at Meppadi government polytechnic college: Twitter/VP Sanu Several students, including a woman leader of the Students Federation of India (SFI), were attacked in violence that ensued after the union election at the government polytechnic college at Meppadi near Keralas Wayanad on Saturday, December 3. Four persons Kiran Raj, Atul, Shibili and Abin were arrested for allegedly assaulting and grievously injuring Aparna Gowri, the district joint secretary of SFI in Wayanad. A few police officers were also injured in the incident. The attackers, suspected to be part of other political parties operating in the government polytechnic, have also allegedly assaulted the Station House Officer (SHO) of Meppadi police station, Vibin AB, during the violence on December 2. As per the first information report (FIR) registered against one Alan Antony (20), the officer has suffered multiple injuries including broken bones.After the elections at the government polytechnic college here, the attackers unleashed violence in which many students and police officers including the Meppadi station CI, were seriously injured, Meppadi police told PTI. SFI leader Gowri was assaulted and has been admitted to a private hospital here with her health condition said to be stable, police added. Meanwhile, the Left party and SFI alleged that the attack was unleashed by a drug mafia operating near the college.Comrade Aparna, district joint secretary of SFI in Wayanad, Kerala was brutally attacked by drug mafia in her college (Govt. Polytechnic College, Meppadi)... We will defeat drug mafia's shrouding in campuses, often acting in disguise as apolitical gangs, by organising students and promoting anti-drugs awareness, V P Sanu, All India President of SFI, said in a tweet. The CPI(M), in a statement, sought stern action against the alleged drug mafia. Police have registered multiple cases in connection with the violence for attacking students and police officers, and also for destroying vehicles. Cases have been filed under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 143 (unlawful assembly), 323 (hurt), 333 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 341 (wrongful restrainment), 353 (assault), 506 (criminal intimidation) among others. Comrade Aparna, district joint secretary of SFI in Wayanad, Kerala was brutally attacked by drug mafia in her college (Govt. Polytechnic College, Meppadi). This shocking murder attempt has not alerted the so-called 'mainstream media' in Kerala! pic.twitter.com/27ouWd7qqi V P Sanu (@VP_Sanu) December 3, 2022

The News Minute 4 Dec 2022 10:35 am

Dont to fall prey to fake ads: Nabard

The regional office of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) has issued a general appeal to job aspirants, asking them not to apply for jobs on various online platforms that are being promoted by cyber criminals.

The Times of India 4 Dec 2022 8:18 am

Iranian couple held for stealing over Rs 1 lakh from post offices in districts of Tamil Nadu - The New Indian Express

Iranian couple held for stealing over Rs 1 lakh from post offices in districts of Tamil Nadu The New Indian Express

Google News 4 Dec 2022 3:34 am

Andhra University alumna Roshni appointed as Joint Development Commissioner of Visakhaptanam Special Economic Zone

IAS officer Roshni Aparanji Korati will take over the position from V. Kiran Babu

The Hindu 4 Dec 2022 3:16 am

Iran to review hijab law after two months of deadly protest that killed more than 400

TEHRAN: Irans parliament and the judiciary are reviewing a law which requires women to cover their heads, and which triggered more than two months of deadly protests, the attorney general said. The demonstrations began after Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian of Kurdish origin, died in custody on September 16 after her arrest by Irans morality []

Kashmir Reader 4 Dec 2022 1:43 am

Delnaaz Irani Requests For Work Like Neena Gupta, Talks About How Social Media Influencers Are Favoured

Despite appearing in films like Kal Ho Na Ho and Ra.One, Delnaaz Irani pleads for work and shares her views on social media influencers.

News18 3 Dec 2022 6:37 pm

More like 'Congress Dhoondo Yatra': Smriti Irani in Gujarat - India Today

More like 'Congress Dhoondo Yatra': Smriti Irani in Gujarat India Today

Google News 3 Dec 2022 6:09 pm

Delhi Congress infighting ahead of MCD polls, Sheila Dikshit's son upset with the party

New Delhi: Just before the municipal elections (MCD elections) in Delhi, there is a new rift in Congress. Congress leader and former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's son Sandeep Dikshit has slammed his own party leader Devendra Yadav in a tweet. He has objected to how Devendra Yadav attended a Congress event where his mother Sheila Dikshit's portrait is on display. I find it utterly reprehensible that this fellow devendra yadav sits on stage where my mothers photo has been displayed - the way and manner in which he manipulated against her and did his best to humiliate her was despicable https://t.co/PUqOVph5Cz Sandeep Dikshit (@_SandeepDikshit) December 2, 2022 In fact, a banner of the event where the Manifesto for the Delhi MCD elections was being released by the Congress also had a picture of Sheila Dikshit printed on it. Pictures of the event were posted by Congress leader Mudit Agarwal on Twitter. Reacting to the pictures, Sandeep Dikshit tweeted, I find it utterly reprehensible that this fellow Devendra Yadav sits on stage where my mothers' photo has been displayed - the way and manner in which he manipulated against her and did his best to humiliate her was despicable.'' Dikshit became the President of the Delhi Congress unit in 2019 after Ajay Maken resigned. At that time Devendra Yadav was holding the post of working president. It is said that there used to be a rift between Sheila Dikshit and Devendra Yadav. After Rajasthan Pilot vs Gehlot now Congress vs Congress in Delhi too! Tukde tukde Congress again!! Son of former CM has attacked party leaders!! Pehle Rahul Ji Congress jodo - Bharat to juda hua hai thanks to Sardar Patel ji ! pic.twitter.com/DsLZVCWKXT Shehzad Jai Hind (@Shehzad_Ind) December 3, 2022 At the same time, the BJP has taken a dig at the Congress over this matter. BJPleader Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted, After Rajasthan Pilot vs Gehlot now Congress vs Congress in Delhi too! Tukde tukde Congress again!! The Son of the former CM has attacked party leaders!! Pehle Rahul Ji Congress Jodo - Bharat to Juda Hua Hai thanks to Sardar Patel Ji.'' Syria says the man killed in October was the leader of Daesh Israeli peace activists are present in a volatile area of the West Bank Conservative women take part in the Amini protests in Iran

News Track 3 Dec 2022 4:21 pm

Duping case: Pinki Irani sent to judicial custody

According to Delhi Police, Mumbai-is said to be a close aide of Chandrasekhar and introduced him to bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez.

The Times of India 3 Dec 2022 3:03 pm

Nobody was taking me for action Film, Shah Rukh Khan wanted to do Mission Impossible kinds of film

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved and popular actors in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan attended Red Sea Film Festival on Thursday, various Bollywood celebrities graced the event but the actor who caught the eyes of all is King Khan. Shah Rukh and Kajol attended the Red Sea Film Festival as their blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was the opening film. During his speech Shah Rukh Khan opens about his love for his action film. He said, Ive never done an action film, Ive done really sweet love stories, Ive done some social dramas, Ive done some bad guys, but nobody was taking me for action. Im 57 years old, and I thought for the next years I have to do action films, I want to do Mission Impossible-ish kind of films. I want to do over-the-top kind of action films. The actor in his speech also said, I am truly honoured to receive this award from the Red Sea International Film Festival. It's wonderful to be here among my fans from Saudi and the region who have always been huge supporters of my films. I'm looking forward to celebrating the region's talent and being a part of this exciting film community. Film is a unifier because it transits shared human experiences across cultures. You like a film because it stirs your emotions, be it in whatever language or culture it is from. And Thank God for subtitles. It brings all that is human to the fore and it shows perhaps better than any other art, how despite the immense diversity of the world we live in, our basic pursuits and emotions are the same. On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan has three upcoming film. His first film in Pathaan. Shah Rukh also has Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani. The film also stars Taapsee Pannu and will release in theatres in December next year. He will also be seen in filmmaker Atlee's Jawan alongside Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. The film will release in five languages Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada in theatres across the globe on June 2, 2023. Kartik Aaryan reveals the shocking reason why he never tells anyone about his films Did Suniel Shetty Jealous of his Hera Pheri costar Akshay Kumar? Karan Johar wanted to make his Biopic, like this actor to play him

News Track 3 Dec 2022 10:33 am

Karan Johar wanted to make his Biopic, like this actor to play him

Karan Johar is one of the renowned actors in Bollywood. He has made various hit in Bollywood. He always remains in news due to its personal and professional life. Controversies also surround the filmmaker. He usually got trolled for various reasons. In a recent interview, Karan Johar reveals he wanted to make his Biopic. He also told whom he cast in his Biopic. Karan Johar in a recent interview reveals he would choose Ranveer to play him in a feature film. He said, I think Ranveer Singh, he had said. He is like a chameleon, and he will do his best. I had a wonderful childhood; my parents were so good to me and taught me the most amazing life lessons. He further added, However, it was also a little bumpy as I was an unusual kid and there were a few emotions that I festered as a kid. I was also different compared to others, so I had to pay the price for it. It was tough, but also a very energizing time because when I look back, I feel like I learned a lot in that phase. Karan Johar's last feature film as a director was Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016) starring Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. He also directed segments in the short film anthologies Lust Stories (2018) and Ghost Stories (2020). His film Brahmastra managed to done well at Box office with Ranveer and Alia Bhatt. Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh recently won Best Actor at the Filmfare Awards this year for his portrayal of Indian cricket captain Kapil Dev in Kabir Khan's sports drama 83 (2021) which followed India's maiden victory at the cricket World Cup in 1983. Watch, Hollywood star Sharon Stone screams, clutched her chest as she spotted Shah Rukh Khan Cook fish for the Bengalis?, Paresh Rawal apologizes for his comment during campaigning for BJP FIFA World cup Mein Tirange Ka Apmaan, Nora Fatehi brutally inappropriately handling Flag

News Track 3 Dec 2022 9:20 am

Did Suniel Shetty Jealous of his Hera Pheri costar Akshay Kumar?

Suniel Shetty is one of the renowned actors in Bollywood. He has worked in various Bollywood hit films. Suniel and Akshay Kumars Jodi is one of the popular Jodi in 90s. Suniel began his career in the early 1990s, along with Akshay Kumar. They had worked together in various hit movies like Mohra,Here Pherifranchise, Dhadkan, and others. In the recent interview, the actor was asked about jealousy form Bollywood Khiladi Akshay Kumar. He said, Not at all because I don't take pressure. I have a world of mine so beautiful that I feel probably they would have missed out on. I don't know. I am happy when it comes to a lot of things that I have done and am doing in my life. I am someone who's always been very comfortable in his own space. My success? The film spoke for itself. Failure? I took the blame for it. Wrong choices, emotional choices. He further added, I'm not insecure. Akshay inspires me, Ajay inspires me. No necessarily for movies but on staying focussed and you could achieve anything. I wasn't probably focused when I was working. Probably I didn't pay heed to the scripts that I was hearing or I believed I was larger than life. That's a mistake. But if that can rub off on my children Ahan (Shetty, his son) is sitting back, thinking for the second film he will deliver at the right time. On the work front the actor has various project in the pipeline. He was recently confirmed that Suniel Shetty is reprising his role in Hera Pheri 3 along with Paresh Rawal. However, Akshay Kumar will not be a part of it. Instead,Kartik Aaryanhas joined the cast. Watch, Hollywood star Sharon Stone screams, clutched her chest as she spotted Shah Rukh Khan Cook fish for the Bengalis?, Paresh Rawal apologizes for his comment during campaigning for BJP FIFA World cup Mein Tirange Ka Apmaan, Nora Fatehi brutally inappropriately handling Flag

News Track 3 Dec 2022 9:20 am

Ashneer Grover called Bigg Boss show for 'Failed individuals', ready to participate but on this condition

Ashneer Grover is one of the popular personalities became famous after appearing in Shark Tank. He caught all the limelight. Internet is flooded with the memes on Ashneer reaction. He is the founder of BharatPe co-founder, has spoken on why he is not part of the second season of Shark Tank India, the Indian adaptation of the global startup reality show. Recently the promo of the new season was released and his fans are upset as he is not in. Ashneer has been replaced by CarDekho co-founder and CEO Amit Jain. In the recent interview with RedFM, Ashneer was told about the buzz that the shows makers could not afford him anymore. Afford sirf paise se nahi hota, aukaat se hota hai (Affordability is not just about money, its also about status), he said, seemingly in a joking manner. Ashneer was also asked whether he was approached by Bigg Boss. The entrepreneur responded positively but he didn't wish to participate as he believes that people do that show when they see a dip in their careers. He mentioned that the show is for 'failed individuals'. He said, There was a time when I used to watch the show, but I feel its become stale now. They approached me, I said sorry, it's not happening. He also said that he might reconsider if he is offered more than the hostSalman Khan. The interviewer asked, If they paid you that much would you host? Ashneer quipped, No no, I'd surely participate then in the show. Cook fish for the Bengalis?, Paresh Rawal apologizes for his comment during campaigning for BJP FIFA World cup Mein Tirange Ka Apmaan, Nora Fatehi brutally inappropriately handling Flag Singer Jubin Nautiyal injured in accident, suffered multiple injuries

News Track 3 Dec 2022 9:15 am

Over 50K tourists visit Kaziranga since Oct

The Kaziranga National Park (KNP) and Tiger Reserve, a Unesco world heritage site, has recorded a footfall of over 50,000 domestic and foreign tourists in the first two months of the reopening of the park in October.

The Times of India 3 Dec 2022 8:37 am

19-yr-old med aspirant hangs herself in Kota

A 19-year-old girl, preparing for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in the city, allegedly hanged herself at her house in Shakti Nagar area under Kishorpura police station on Friday.

The Times of India 3 Dec 2022 8:26 am

'Ethatki Pirang' released

A poetry book titled 'Ethatki Pirang' penned by Salam Kheda was released in a function organised by Ashangba Communications Imphal at Manipur Press Club on Friday Source Chronicle News Service

E-Pao 3 Dec 2022 6:35 am

Use of regional languages in courts will help common people get justice: Rijiju

Use of regional languages in courts will help common people get justice: Rijiju Union law minister Kiran Rijiju said on Friday that the use of regional languages in Indian courts will help the common people to access justice in their respective languages. Chennai: Union law minister Kiran Rijiju said on Friday that the use [] The post Use of regional languages in courts will help common people get justice: Rijiju appeared first on Mangalorean.com .

Mangalorean 2 Dec 2022 10:32 pm

SC allows TN to to allocate 50% of super-specialty seats to NEET in-service candidates

NEET The state government had vehemently defended the government order (GO) of 2020 on the Super Specialty seats. PTI PTI The Supreme Court on December 2, Friday permitted the Tamil Nadu government to allocate 50 per cent of super-speciality seats in government medical colleges to NEET-qualified in-service candidates for the current academic year. A bench of Justices B R Gavai and Vikram Nath directed the state government to fill the seats as per the Tamil Nadu government order dated November 7, 2020, within a period of 15 days. The state government had vehemently defended the government order (GO) of 2020 on the Super Specialty seats.The state of Tamil Nadu has approached this court for clarification of an order dated March 16, 2022, that the said order is also applicable to all subsequent academic years till disposal of petitions. We have heard the counsels. The ASG submitted that last year a number of seats reserved for in-service candidates could not be filled up. She submitted that super speciality courses are valuable national assets and they cannot be permitted to go to waste... We appreciate the anxiety of the ASG that the issue requires to be decided finally. However, for the present academic year, we find the state needs to be permitted to fill the seats based on GO, the bench said. The top court also directed that on the 16th day, the state of Tamil Nadu will inform the Union of India with regard to all the seats which remain unfulfilled from in-service candidates. In-service PG aspirants must give a bond that they will serve the state after completion of their course in a government medical college till their superannuation. The vacant seats will be permitted to be filled in by the Union of India on the basis of All India merit list, the apex court said while posting the matter for detailed hearing on February 14, 2023. Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati submitted that since 2016 there has been no reservation in super speciality courses. Additional Advocate General (AAG) Amit Anand Tiwari, appearing for TN, told the apex court that the state government has filed an interim application seeking clarification. On March 16, the top court had permitted it to continue with the counselling for 2021-22 to allocate 50 per cent super-specialty seats in government medical colleges to NEET-qualified in-service candidates. The apex court had vacated its interim order of November 27, 2020, by which it had directed that the counselling for admission to super-specialty medical courses for the academic year 2020-2021 shall proceed without providing 50 per cent quota to in -service doctors. The top court is seized of petitions against the GO of the state government.

The News Minute 2 Dec 2022 8:48 pm

Uthara, Vismaya and a Latvian woman: The lawyer who secured justice for all

Crime For those who have been following some of the most talked about crime cases in Kerala in the recent past, Mohan Raj would be a familiar name. Korah Abraham This is not my personal success. It is the success of the Indian judiciary, senior lawyer G Mohanraj told TNM, standing outside the Thiruvananthapuram district court complex, on Friday, December 2, just moments after the court found two people guilty of rape and murder of a Latvian woman in March 2018. Mohanraj was the Special Public Prosecutor in the case. This was not the only high-profile case where Mohanraj secured a conviction. He was also the public prosecutor in the Uthara murder case as well as in the dowry death case of 22-year-old Vismaya, both of which led to convictions of the accused. While Uthara had been killed by her husband using a venomous snake, Vismaya was the victim of dowry and domestic violence and died by suicide. The murder of the 33-year-old Latvian woman drew media attention from outside Kerala as well, given that the victim was a foreign tourist. When asked whether all the media attention and public scrutiny, along with the prolonging of the case added to the already existing pressure, Mohanraj replied, There was no pressure. Being an Indian, it was my duty to fight for justice and ensure that the woman and her family get that justice. That was what I was focussing on. The trial which happened at the Additional Sessions Court of Thiruvananthapuram was challenging as two of the key witnesses turned hostile. The prosecution had to rely heavily on scientific evidence to make their case, ensuring that the two accused men were found guilty of all charges, including rape, murder, abduction and destruction of evidence. It was in May 2020 that 25-year-old Uthara was found dead at her parents home in Keralas Kollam district. A year later, in October 2021, the Additional Sessions Court in Kollam sentenced her husband Sooraj S Kumar to life imprisonment for murdering Uthara, using a snake as the murder weapon. In his media interviews following the verdict of the case, Mohanraj had said that analysing judgments in similar snake bite cases in the past from various parts of the country was crucial to the case. His team chose two such cases to focus on one in Nagpur and another in Indore both where the prosecution teams were unable to prove their case. After studying these cases, it became clear that proving the snake bite was unnatural was crucial as the husband had denied the crime. In Utharas case, the police and the team of lawyers focused on three things: prove that the cobra did not enter the house naturally, that it was provoked to bite the woman and a deep study of the fang width to show that it was a forced bite. While it was scientific evidence that Mohanraj and team focused on in Utharas case to make sure her husband Sooraj was convicted, in Vismayas case they wove together a coherent narrative using witnesses and digital evidence. Vismaya Nair, a student of Ayurveda medicine, was found dead at her marital home in Kollam in June 2021. She was 22 years old and hailed from Nilamel, also in Kollam district. Her death came days after she had sent messages to her cousin telling him that her husband Kiran Kumar had brutally beaten her many times over a car that was given as part of her dowry. A year later, on May 23, her husband Kiran Kumar was convicted for her death after the court found him guilty under Sections 306 (abetment of suicide), 498A (cruelty by husband or a relative), and 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code. Mohanraj, who was the Special Public Prosecutor in the case, faced the challenge of establishing that what was considered as an unnatural death or a case of death by suicide was a result of dowry related harassment. The police retrieved thousands of calls and messages from Vismaya and her husband Kiran Kumars phones. These records showed that the harassment started exactly a day after the wedding as Kiran was unhappy with the car given as dowry. As harassment is mostly a crime committed in secrecy, in this case within the walls of their house, the prosecution meticulously put together these calls and lined up a string of witnesses who had known about the harassment at various stages. In an interview to a YouTube channel, Mohanraj spoke about how he felt emotional in court recalling the physical violence inflicted on Vismaya. I know I am doing my job, but talking about her suffering in court affected me. Vismaya case: Audio clips helped secure husband Kiran Kumars conviction

The News Minute 2 Dec 2022 7:37 pm

Keralas IFFK to screen 32 films by women directors from 17 countries

IFFK The festival will honour Iranian filmmaker and womens rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi with the Spirit of Cinema award. TNM Staff Mahnaz Mohammadi / IFFK Of the 185 films that will be screened at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK), 32 are directed by women from 17 countries. The 27th edition of the festival which will be held between December 9 and 16 in Thiruvananthapuram will honour a woman filmmaker with the Spirit of Cinema award. The felicitation was introduced in the last edition of the festival held in March this year, and the award was presented to Kurdish filmmaker Lisa Calan. In this edition, Iranian filmmaker and womens rights activist Mahnaz Mohammadi will receive the award on the inaugural day of the IFFK. Mahnaz's first documentary, Women without Shadows, told the story of homeless and abandoned women in a shelter home. She has directed several other documentaries including Travelogue, in which she interviews on a train, people who are leaving Iran. Son-Mother is her first fiction film which follows the story of a widow with two children who receives a marriage proposal that could help her financial situation. Women have always been the biggest minority in the world and cinema can be used as a medium to talk about their pain and to try to make a difference, Mahnaz told the IFFK media centre in an email interview. Fearlessness is not something you have by birth but what you need to acquire, she added, explaining how she had no other way than to pave a path for herself in life. Among the other films by women directors, 25 will be screened in the World Cinema category, and two in the Malayalam Cinema Today category. The world cinema films include Klondike, directed by Marina Er Gorbach, a film that traces the lives of Ukrainian women. Other notable films include Mia Hansen Love's One Fine Morning, Maryam Touzani's The Blue Caftan, Valentina Maurels I have electric dreams, Marie Kreutzers Corsage, Alli Hapazalos Girl picture, Carla Simons Alcarra, and Julia Murats Rule 34. Claire Deniss film Both sides of the Blade is scheduled under the Auteur Odes category and Nandita Dass Zwigato is included in the kaleidoscope section. Two films that Agnes Hrantizky co-directed with renowned Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr -- The Turin Horse and Werckmeister Harmonies -- will also be screened at the IFFK. Bela Tarr is also the winner of the Lifetime Achievement award this time and there will be a retrospective of his films at the IFFK. The award will be presented on the closing day of the fest.

The News Minute 2 Dec 2022 5:15 pm

Smriti Irani targets Rahul Gandhis Bharat Jodo Yatra

While the former Congress president may have hardly campaigned in Gujarat, but Rahul Gandhi has provided enough fuel to Union minister for women and child development, Smriti Irani, to train her guns on the Congress.

The Times of India 2 Dec 2022 8:44 am

Every Congress worker is a CM aspirant, says Surjewala

Every worker in Congress party is a chief minister aspirant and intends to uproot the 40% BJP government, said AICC general secretary and Karnataka in-charge Randeep Surjewala here on Thursday.

The Times of India 2 Dec 2022 8:31 am

Yoga camp

Mangaluru: Ramakrishna Math, Mangaladevi, will conduct a tyogasana camp for 15 days, starting December 7. The camp will be from 5.45 pm to 7pm. Yogarathna Gopalakrishna Delampady will guide the aspirants in different asanas, surya namaskar, pranayama, mudras, kriyas and meditation. tnn

The Times of India 2 Dec 2022 8:30 am

Odisha: 'Over 20,000 died of Covid-19 in 2 years'

Replying to Rairangpur MLA Naba Charan Majhi, Mallik told the assembly between 2020 and 2022 (till today), more than 20,000 people lost their lives to Covid-19.

The Times of India 2 Dec 2022 7:32 am

Civet rescued, released

A civet Moirang Sathibi was rescued by Wildlife Conservation Committee WCC , Manipur secretary and Joint Coordination Committee on Wildlife Bio diversity JCCWB , Manipur co convener Ksh Johnson and his team from the residence of one Khoisnam Kokil of Heirangoithong Maibam Leikai, after he contacted them on Singjamei 360 and their helpline on Thursday Source Chronicle News Service

E-Pao 2 Dec 2022 6:35 am

No proposal with govt for Padampur district: Pramila Mallick

The minister said the state government has received a demand to create Rairangpur district by including Karanjia.

The New Indian Express 2 Dec 2022 6:34 am

At least 448 killed in Iran protests: Rights group

According to Norways Iran Human Rights group, 60 of the 448 verified fatalities were minors under 18, including nine girls

Mid Day 1 Dec 2022 2:53 pm

Karnataka Assembly polls: 44 aspirants apply for Congress tickets in Dakshina Kannada - Deccan Herald

Karnataka Assembly polls: 44 aspirants apply for Congress tickets in Dakshina Kannada Deccan Herald

Google News 1 Dec 2022 2:34 pm

Both Iran's hijab law and Karnataka ban oppress Muslim women - The Leaflet

Both Iran's hijab law and Karnataka ban oppress Muslim women The Leaflet

Google News 1 Dec 2022 2:30 pm

Patna: Two arrested with 52 kg charas in Bihar's Gopalganj

PATNA : Two people were nabbed by the Gopalganj police in Bihar in connection with the smuggling of 52 kg of charas, an official said on Wednesday. The capture was made during a vehicle checking campaign from a Maruti Swift car on Tuesday night. The cost of 52 kilo Charas in the international market is nearly Rs 14 crore. With the direction of district Superintendent of Police Anand Kumar, it is reported that a barricading was installed at Balthari check post located on Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border, the official mentioned. When a suspicious car approached toward the check post, the police personnel present there, stopped the car. During checking, the contraband was recovered from boot of the vehicle. We immediately arrested the accused and the interrogation is currently underway to ascertain the nexus of the syndicate, said Kiran Shankar, SHO of Kuchaikot police station. The culprits are identified as Shan Mohammad and Asif Ansari. Both are natives of Anasrayan neighborhood of Uttar Pradesh's Shamli district. 17-year-old boy raped 10 YO girl after watching obscene video, and then... First intoxicated, then made nude videos of the student, case registered VIDEO: Thieves uprooted ATM tying it to Bolero in 10 seconds and then...

News Track 1 Dec 2022 10:17 am

Hero MotoCorp hikes prices motorcycles, scooters from today

Hero MotoCorp Chief Financial Officer Niranjan Gupta last week said that the upward revision of the prices of motorcycles and scooters has been necessitated due to overall inflationary costs.

Zee Biz 1 Dec 2022 9:38 am

Koala gallops to fine feature victory

Michael Eshwar-trained Koala, ridden by Sai Kiran, made a smashing debut to win the PM Channabasavanna Memorial Trophy, the feature event of the races here on Wednesday. 1. Sahyadri Plate 1200M: My One And Only 1, D Fire 2, D Don King 3, Unimaginable 4. 1-1/4l, Shd, 3/4l. T: 1.12.69.

The Times of India 1 Dec 2022 8:24 am

Conman Sukeshs aide Pinky Irani sent to police custody

Sources said that the former TV anchor, Pinky Irani, used to facilitate meetings of actors and models for conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

The New Indian Express 1 Dec 2022 8:14 am

Uttar Pradesh: SP MLA Nahid Hasan gets bail in Gangster Act case

The Allahabad high court on Wednesday granted a conditional bail to jailed SP MLA Nahid Hasan in a case related to Gangster Act. Hasan had won from Kairana in the 2022 assembly polls while contesting from jail. He was arrested just before the polls after several criminal cases were lodged against him.

The Times of India 1 Dec 2022 5:00 am

My Warrior Irani: She fought a one-woman battle to save life and livelihood

Irans unputdownable women have upped the ante against the regime. But we have our own Irani warrior queens. Feisty Smriti is one only by marriage. The first asli I-ranis were those who braved the treacherous...

The Times of India 1 Dec 2022 2:05 am

Delhi Police gets 3-day remand of Pinki Irani

According to the police, Mumbai-is said to be a close aide of Chandrashekhar and introduced him to Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez.

The Times of India 30 Nov 2022 7:30 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022: Iranians celebrate football team's loss at world cup against US

Following Iran's defeat in the football World Cup, Iranians were seen celebrating the moment of loss.Visuals that emerged online showed people dancing on the streets and lighting fireworks. In a rare display of joy, some even waved US flags in support of the American football team.

The New Indian Express 30 Nov 2022 4:41 pm

Dr Swetha of Cosmoderm Centre, Bangalore recommends HydraFacial, revolutionary facial for that instantly glowing and rejuvenated look!

Cosmetologists recommend hydra-facial to treat acne, acne scars, or blackheads. The HydraFacial includes a deep exfoliation procedure that eliminates pore-clogging skin cells. Furthermore, this procedure is effective for sensitive skin and anti-ageing issues. Dr Swetha of Cosmoderm Centre, the best skin clinic in Indiranagar, Bangalore, asserts that HydraFacial is one of the best facial treatments that can be done in brief periods with absolutely no downtime. The HydraFacial enhances the texture, color, and appearance of the skin through deeply exfoliating the pores and eliminating dirt, while a highly potent serum nourishes your skin. The deep exfoliation procedure cleans your pores and eliminates dirt, making the skin clean, supple, and smooth. However, microdermabrasion effectively treats acne and its scars as it removes the pore-clogging skin cells. In addition, microdermabrasion can help treat blackheads or any other type of non-inflammatory acne. HydraFacial resolves skin issues of ageing individuals by reducing hyperpigmentation, size of the pores and even fine lines. The results of HydraFacial supersede the effects of facial serum on ageing skin. This procedure is a very brief one but promises excellent results. Patients can feel smoother, more radiant skin in just 30 minutes. There is no or slight inflammation after the procedure, with visible results such as clean pores, fine lines, and enhanced skin texture. In addition, the complexion feels firm and glowing immediately after the procedure. The patients can even apply makeup directly after the HydraFacial. Dr Swetha recommends frequent HydraFacial treatments irrespective of age and skin conditions. Patients with normal skin can revitalize their skin with HydraFacial. At the same time, those who have pimples, sun damage, wrinkles, or rashes can clear their skin with a HydraFacial procedure. Further she adds that a HydraFacial is a must try for those who wish to enhance their facial beauty by opting for something better than a regular facial. Also, it works wonders on individuals who wish to try out a non-invasive procedure for cleaning and acquiring a glowing skin. In most cases, a single HydraFacial is adequate for people experience its actual benefits However, it is advisable to consult a cosmetologist before proceeding with a HydraFacial. The cosmetologist will check for sunburns, rosacea, rashes, and pregnancy before giving the go-ahead. Patients without these conditions can safely proceed with it. About Dr Swetha Dr Swetha is the founder of Cosmoderm Centre located at Indiranagar, Bangalore. She is an expert skin specialist with considerable experience in medical, aesthetic, and surgical cosmetic procedures. She offers a wide range of cosmetic services for hair loss, skin, anti-ageing and even beauty packages for brides-to-be. Her scope of beauty treatments includes HydraFacial MD, chemical peels, fillers, Botox, PRP , thread facelifts, laser solutions, and much more. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced US FDA-approved technologies, Cosmoderm Centre is one of the most reliable centres for aesthetic treatments in Bangalore. Dr Swetha is one of the most patient-centric cosmetologists in Bangalore who offers personalized treatment for better outcomes and client satisfaction. Antibiotic-resistant microbes in Gut make C diff more infectious Skewdeck, Why choosing the Indian clothing brand over others is better New technology to detect early-stage Alzheimer's

News Track 30 Nov 2022 3:16 pm

Leading Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr Harikiran Chekuri elaborates on the Need for Hair Transplants for Baldness

Individuals experiencing hair loss or increasing baldness might feel less confident and unhappy with their appearance. Baldness, thinning hair or hair loss significantly impacts the persons identity and morale. Hair transplants and various treatments are available to resolve hair loss issues and regain hair growth. However, it is possible to ascertain the most suitable one after the correct diagnosis of the reason for baldness. Dr Harikiran Chekuri of Redefine Hair Transplant Clinic, Mumbai, explains the hair transplant procedure is the most common type of hair replacement surgery. Hair grafts from scalp areas which have dense hair are extracted and transplanted onto a bald or thinning scalp area. In certain cases, a hair transplantation surgery is adequate to regain hair on the head with satisfactory results. Today, hair transplant procedures are more advanced as surgeons can harvest hairs using the FUE technique and implant them in groups of one to three to create a natural-looking hairline. From an aesthetic perspective, a hair transplant performed by a skilled surgeon will appear and feel just like a natural hairline if the patient has enough donor hair and adequate hair growth in the areas of the scalp that require it. Dr Harikiran Chekuri explains the FUE and BIO FUE hair transplant techniques as offered in the Redefine Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai. In FUE procedure, the surgeon extracts the hair follicles with the help of a micro punch tool directly from the scalp. Then, the surgeon makes multiple tiny incisions using a sharp tool or need in the recipient area and implants the extracted grafts without any time gap. This is a daytime procedure, and the patient can go home the same day. On the other hand, the Bio-FUE is an improved FUE technique. It involves strengthening the hair grafts with platelet-rich plasma and implanting them in the recipient area. The plasma is derived from the patients blood and is known to have growth factors that help the wound to heal rapidly and encourage the growth of the newly implanted hair grafts. It is possible to get long-lasting, natural-looking effects using Bio-FUE. Dr Hari Kiran Chekuri has performed several Bio FUE hair transplant procedures with satisfactory results. He explains hair loss in greater detail. Hair loss is a common term for alopecia, which occurs due to certain natural reasons or medical conditions or medications. The various types of alopecia or hair loss; for some, it is a small patch of hair or total loss of hair from the scalp and the body. Androgenic or androgenetic alopecia or Male-Pattern baldness is noted in nearly 50% of men. It is a hereditary form of baldness associated with excessive amounts of specific genes. It becomes visible in men in their late 20s or 30s with receding hairlines followed by baldness by the time they reach 50 years. Female-Pattern baldness affects post-menopausal women mainly due to hormonal changes, though its exact reason has yet to be ascertained. Alopecia areata refers to baldness in patches. These baldness patches resolve and recur frequently and are noted in men, women and children of any age. They can occur on the scalp as well as anywhere in the body. Alopecia areata occurs in teenagers and young adults primarily. An immune system disorder and people with autoimmune conditions are the reason for alopecia areata and are hereditary. Most hair loss medications are effective till the time they are taken. On the other hand, hair transplant procedures have proved a relatively better and reliable solution with long-lasting results, provided the hair transplant surgeons instructions are followed properly. Hence, most cosmetic and plastic surgeons rely on hair transplants to resolve baldness issues in patients. Dr Harikiran Chekuri is a leading Hair Transplant and Plastic surgeon in Mumbai and Hyderabad. He has nearly 19 years of experience performing hair transplant surgeries and hair loss treatments. Also, he is an expert in performing face and body surgeries which are very much in demand. Study finds, during pandemic, 1 in 8 adults experienced depression Skewdeck, Why choosing the Indian clothing brand over others is better Antibiotic-resistant microbes in Gut make C diff more infectious

News Track 30 Nov 2022 1:44 pm

Kiran Bedi shares tips with women at Ficci Flo event

The womens NGO Ficci Flo on Tuesday organised a talk with The Lady of Steel Kiran Bedi at a hotel located near Aarti Chowk here. The event kick-started with a dance performance by the students of DCM Presidency School depicting women empowerment.

The Times of India 30 Nov 2022 8:36 am

Koala appeals most in feature event

Koala, from the stables of Michel Eshwer, to be ridden by Sai Kiran, is fancied to win the PM Channabasavanna Memorial Trophy, the feature event of the races here on Wednesday. The Rakesh-trained Queen Star (Antony Raj Up) appears to be the next best. First race at 2pm.

The Times of India 30 Nov 2022 8:24 am

Mysuru police begin probe into engineers death

The city police launched an investigation into the death of a 50-year-old engineer from Bogadi in the city, who was brought dead to a private hospital, on Monday morning. Dinesh Kumar, who is from Srirangapatna taluk, is the deceased engineer.

The Times of India 30 Nov 2022 8:24 am

Innocence :: Poem by Moirangthem Minakshi Devi

Innocence :: Poem by Moirangthem Minakshi Devi

E-Pao 30 Nov 2022 6:50 am

Shortage of labourers stressed at Madurai Corpcouncil meeting

Mayor Indirani Ponvasanth elaborated on the recent allotment of funds for various development works in two phases.

The New Indian Express 30 Nov 2022 5:33 am

U.S. Beats IranAdvances To World Cup Round Of 16

The win sets up a highly anticipated match against the Netherlands on Saturday.

Forbes 30 Nov 2022 2:33 am

To pick judges, go back to the Constitutions idea: SC rebuts GoIs suggestion, but NJAC remains the most fair and participatory method

The Supreme Court has strongly pushed back against Union law minister Kiran Rijijus equally strong stance against the collegium system for appointing judges. Even back in 1949, provisions for appointing judges to constitutional courts saw...

The Times of India 30 Nov 2022 2:10 am

Let Gandhi family contest Gujarat polls to see aukat of Gujaratis: Irani - The Indian Express

Let Gandhi family contest Gujarat polls to see aukat of Gujaratis: Irani The Indian Express

Google News 29 Nov 2022 11:46 pm

Biker Saviours Bengaluru Ride for a Good Cause- Cancer Awareness

Biker Saviours Bengaluru Ride for a Good Cause- Cancer Awareness Bengaluru: Biker Saviours Bengaluru was started in 2018 by Vaibhav Chandrashekhar (Founder) and Dasharathy Kiran (Co-Founder) With the motto We Dont Ride for Fun, We Ride for a Cause. On the occasion of the 5th Anniversary celebration on 27th Nov, 2022 Bike ride was flagged [] The post Biker Saviours Bengaluru Ride for a Good Cause- Cancer Awareness appeared first on Mangalorean.com .

Mangalorean 29 Nov 2022 10:06 pm

300 people killed in recent unrest in Iran

Tehran, Nov 29 At least 300 have been killed in recent unrest in Iran following mass protests triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who passed away while in police custody, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, the commander of Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said on Tuesday. More than 300 people died []

Kashmir Media Watch 29 Nov 2022 7:17 pm

3 Palestinians are killed in West Bank by Israeli fire

Jerusalem: Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinians in the West Bank. A sharp spike in deaths in violence in the occupied territory was reported on Tuesday by the Palestinian Health Ministry. According to the ministry, three people died after being shot in the head by Israeli troops in Beit Omar, close to the flashpoint town of Hebron, while two brothers were killed in Israeli firing in Kafr Ain, close to Ramallah. In a statement regarding the fighting in Beit Omar, the Israeli army claimed that after two vehicles were trapped during Operation Patrol in the area, rioters began throwing stones and throwing explosive devices at the soldiers. Also Read: Claims that Jesus has a transgender body and that his crucifixion wound is a vagina have worshipers leaving Cambridge sermons in tears According to the Palestinian ministry, a man who was not named died after being shot in the head. Brothers Jawad Abdulrahman Rimawi, 22, and Dhafar Abdulrahman Rimawi, 21, were identified as the deceased in Kafr Ain. The Israeli military did not immediately react. Also Read: Iran rejects a UN inquiry into the demonstrations The Palestinian Authority's Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein al-Sheikh, called the killing of the two brothers an execution in cold blood. The Islamist group Hamas, which controls Gaza, declared that the Palestinian surge would be met with increasing resistance. Violence has flared up this year in the West Bank, where the Israeli army has launched almost daily raids across the territory. As part of Operation Break the Wave, a campaign that the military launched following a series of deadly attacks against Israeli civilians, it was announced this week that more than 3,000 arrests had been made this year. Also Read: Egypt uses religious decrees to shield kids from risky video games According to the United Nations, more than 125 Palestinians have died in the West Bank alone this year. The territory has been occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War.

News Track 29 Nov 2022 3:57 pm

Iran rejects UN probe into protests, says foreign ministry

The U.N. Rights Council voted on Thursday to appoint a probe into Irans deadly crackdown on protests

Mid Day 29 Nov 2022 10:03 am

Show-cause notice to edu Board officials

The director general (DG), school education Vijay Kiran Anand has served show cause notice on 2 senior officials of UP Basic Education Board over non-progress of various works, including process of transfer of basic education teachers from rural to urban areas.

The Times of India 29 Nov 2022 8:28 am

44 aspirants apply for Cong tickets in Dakshina Kannada

As many as 44 aspirants have applied for Congress tickets to contest in the eight Assembly constituencies of Dakshina Kannada district.

The Times of India 29 Nov 2022 8:27 am

Miami Art Week 2022: Support For Ukraine, Iran And Anti-Gun Violence Measures On Display At Various Fairs

Pressing global issues are highlighted at the different fairs throughout this years Miami Art Week.

Forbes 29 Nov 2022 8:21 am

Lucknow: Woman dupes bizman of Rs 13 lakh

An Indiranagar-based businessman was duped of Rs 13 lakh via a Chinese app in Lucknow. The victim was first lured over social media with the promise of a double profit on investment by a Chinese woman.

The Times of India 29 Nov 2022 5:30 am

Madras HC summons three officials in plea to remove illegal constructions around Srirangam temple

The direction was issued on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by a person, A Magudeswaran, in 2018.

The New Indian Express 29 Nov 2022 5:03 am

Value film industry more after political stint, says Chiranjeevi, vows to never leave again

Padma Bhushan awardee and Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi, after being honoured with the Indian film personality of the year award at the closing of the 53rd International Film Festival of India (Iffi), said that he valued the film industry even more after returning to movies from his political stint.

The Times of India 29 Nov 2022 4:27 am

U.S. Soccer Coach Apologizes For Social Media Protest That Led To Iran Calling For World Cup Ban

The U.S. and Iran play tomorrow in Qatar, each with a chance at advancing in the World Cup.

Forbes 28 Nov 2022 11:00 pm

Iran rejects a UN inquiry into the demonstrations

Britain: Iran's foreign ministry announced on Monday that the country would reject a newly appointed independent UN inquiry into how anti-government protests were suppressed there. According to ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani, Iran will not cooperate with the political committee established by the UN Rights Council. On Thursday, the UN Rights Council decided to launch an investigation into Iran's deadly crackdown on the protests. The UN rights commissioner, Volker Turk, had earlier urged Iran to end the use of excessive force to quell protests following the September 16 death in custody of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini. Also Read: Days that are considered auspicious and inauspicious in Hinduism By 26 November, activist news organization HRANA reported that 450 protesters, including 63 minors, had died in more than two months of nationwide unrest. It added that 18,173 protesters were detained and 60 members of the security forces were killed. Protesters from all walks of life have burned images of Khamenei in an attempt to cast doubt on the Islamic republic's legitimacy and have sought the overthrow of Iran's Shia Muslim theocracy. Amini was detained by the morality police for wearing clothes inappropriate by Iran's Islamic dress code. However, the protests have also called for the overthrow of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Despite crushing earlier waves of notable protests, the unrest has presented one of the boldest challenges to Iran's clerical ruling elite since it came to power in the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Also Read: 1 fatality and at least 15 injuries from two bomb attacks in Jerusalem Iran has blamed its foreign adversaries and their agents for the unrest. According to Kanani, Iran has evidence that Westerners were involved in the nationwide protests. Without going into more details, he said, We have specific information that proves that the US, Western countries and some US allies have had a role in the protests. Also Read: Turkeystrikes roughly 500 Kurdish targets in Syria and Iraq Although Iran has not released the death toll for the protesters, a deputy foreign minister named Ali Bagheri Kani claimed that about 50 police officers were killed and hundreds were injured in the unrest. It is the first time that an official death toll has been given to security personnel. He did not specify whether deaths among other security personnel, such as the Revolutionary Guards, were also included in that number.

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DHFL loan fraud case: Money laundered via 87 shell firms

NEW DELHI : The CBI in its charge sheet lodged in the Rs 34,615 crore DHFL loan fraud case has said that the accused generated 87 shell firmsand 2,60,000 fake borrowers to launder money. The charge sheet was filed in the second week of October. The federal investigation agency also said that the accused set up a virtual branch to launder money in its charge sheet. The charge sheet against 75 defendants, including private companies, was presented to the Rouse Avenue court in Delhi by the CBI on October 15. It has been claimed that Kapil and Dheeraj Wadhawan laundered money and bought 24 paintings worth Rs 63 crore. According to the accusation sheet, the money that was laundered was used to pay for credit cards, international travel, and charter flights. The CBI claims that Wadhwas were employing specially created software that produced fictitious data. The software was also displaying a number of fictitious entries from people who had applied for home loans. In addition, the accused constructed a virtual branch with the code 001 and the name Bandra branch, even though this branch does not actually exist. Loans were made to fake businesses from this fictional branch. The charge sheet has been filed against Kapil Wadhawan, Dheeraj Wadhawan, both the then CMD, DHFL; Harshil Mehta, its ex CEO, Ajay Vazirani; Advocate, Jayesh Khona; the then Vice President (Accounting), DHFL, Dinesh Bansal; Director of D K Realty (India) Pvt. Ltd, Sunny Bathija; Director of Sunblink Real Estate Pvt. Ltd, Ajay Navandar; Jignesh Mehta, CA of Chaturvedi & Shah LLP, Amit Chaturvedi, Partner of Chaturvedi & Shah LLP and others. It was found that RKW Developers Pvt. Ltd., a Wadhawan family-owned company, purportedly has shares in Varva Aviation, an association of people, which is the owner of an AW109SP Grand New Helicopter (AgustaWestland Helicopter) that was supposedly purchased in 2011. In 2017, RKW Developers Pvt. Ltd. became a member of the group of people who contribute to the cost and upkeep of the aforementioned helicopter. Avinash Bhosale's company, ABIL Infraprojects Ltd, is claimed to own a share in the aforementioned chopper. We have confiscated the helicopter that was stored in a hangar at the Bhosale premises on Baner Road in Pune because it was purportedly suspected that the money used to pay for the stake in Association of Persons came from loans approved by several banks, the CBI had stated. Woman kills baby to spite husband in Bijnor Pigeon meat is being sold in Hotels in Mumbai, must read this news When teacher scolded for using mobile, angry student took this terrible step

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