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Stay Away From Politics: Pak Army Chief Bajwa To Military Officials, ISI

Pakistan's Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has directed the country's commanders and other key officers, including those associated with the ISI, to stay away from politics...

5 Jul 2022 5:41 am
Zelensky Says Ukraine Needs $750 Billion To Rebuild Country

Ukraine told an international conference Monday that it will cost an estimated $750 billion to rebuild the war-shattered country, a task President Volodymyr Zelensky said was the shared duty of the...

5 Jul 2022 5:13 am
Ukraine Is In Talks With Turkey, UN On Grain Exports: Zelensky

Ukraine is holding talks with Turkey and the United Nations to secure guarantees for grain exports from Ukrainian ports, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Monday.

5 Jul 2022 3:47 am
Shocked: Biden Vows To Keep Fighting Gun Violence After Parade Shooting

US President Joe Biden pledged Monday to keep fighting to end the epidemic of gun violence in America after a deadly mass shooting at a July 4th parade in a Chicago suburb.

5 Jul 2022 1:58 am
Norwegian Anti-Islam Extremist's Car Rammed After Copy Of Quran Burnt

The leader of an extremist Norwegian anti-Islamic group was in a spectacular car chase and collision on Saturday, minutes after burning a Quran on the outskirts of Oslo.

5 Jul 2022 12:09 am
Man, 2 Teenagers Charged With Murder Of Indian-Origin Teen In UK

A man and two teenagers have been charged with the murder of an Indian-origin teenager who was stabbed to death in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands region of England.

4 Jul 2022 10:15 pm
Cereals Giant Kellogg's Loses Court Challenge Against UK Obesity Strategy

Cereals giant Kellogg's on Monday lost a High Court challenge against new UK rules limiting the prominence of sugary foods in English shops to tackle child obesity.

4 Jul 2022 9:39 pm
Indian-Origin Woman Given Months To Live Now Cancer-Free After Drug Trial

An Indian-origin woman, Jasmin David, who was given just months to live a few years ago is showed no evidence of breast cancer following a successful National Health Service (NHS) trial, doctors said.

4 Jul 2022 8:51 pm
Copenhagen Shooting Suspect Remanded In Psychiatric Ward

The chief suspect in a Copenhagen mall shooting was Monday remanded into a psychiatric care facility, one day after three people, including two teenagers, were shot dead.

4 Jul 2022 8:44 pm
Indian Restaurant Owner In UK Found To Have Spent Covid Aid On Drinking

The owner of an Indian restaurant in Wales has been placed under nine-year bankruptcy restrictions after reportedly spending most of the taxpayer support from a COVID fund on drinking and gambling.

4 Jul 2022 8:26 pm
Passengers Discover Hole In Emirates Plane That Flew For 14 Hours

Passengers of an Emirates flight were startled after spotting a large hole gauged into the side of the plane after it landed safely in Brisbane, Australia.

4 Jul 2022 7:15 pm
Russian Cosmonauts Aboard Space Station Celebrate Capture Of Luhansk

Russian cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station on Monday celebrated Russia's capture of the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, a significant milestone for Moscow in the war.

4 Jul 2022 5:46 pm
Indian-Led Team In Singapore To Send Machine Learning Software To Space

An Indian is among five students from Singapore's prestigious Nanyang Technological University (NTU) whose machine learning software will be going up on the International Space Station.

4 Jul 2022 5:41 pm
Vladimir Putin Orders Ukraine Assault To Continue After Capture Of Lugansk

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to press ahead with Moscow's offensive in Ukraine after troops took control of the entire Lugansk region.

4 Jul 2022 5:09 pm
Taliban Commander Takes Newlywed Bride Home In Military Chopper: Report

A Taliban commander allegedly used a military helicopter to take his newlywed bride home. He flew his bride from Logar to Khost province, in eastern Afghanistan, using the chopper, as per media...

4 Jul 2022 5:00 pm
18 Killed, 243 Wounded Amid Unrest In Uzbekistan

Eighteen people were killed and 243 wounded during unrest in Uzbekistan's autonomous province of Karakalpakstan which broke out last week over plans to curtail its autonomy, Uzbek authorities said on...

4 Jul 2022 4:50 pm
Danish Mall Shooting Not An Act Of Terror: Police

A shooting in a Copenhagen shopping mall which left three people dead and several wounded could not be viewed as an act of terror based on current evidence, Danish police said on Monday.

4 Jul 2022 3:31 pm
Vladimir Putin Will Not Congratulate Joe Biden On July 4: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not congratulate his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden on Monday's US Independence Day because of Washington's unfriendly actions towards Moscow.

4 Jul 2022 3:17 pm
12 Bodies Found After Deadly Shipwreck In South China Sea: Report

Twelve bodies have been found following a shipwreck in the South China Sea over the weekend that left the crew of 30 missing, Chinese authorities said Monday.

4 Jul 2022 3:01 pm
Video: 12 Bodies Pulled Out Of Ship Snapped In 2 By Storm

Twelve bodies have been found following a shipwreck in the South China Sea over the weekend that left the crew of 30 missing, Chinese authorities said Monday.

4 Jul 2022 3:01 pm
Caught On Camera: Jet Truck Explodes At Michigan Air Show

A 40-year-old man in the United States was killed at a Michigan air show when his jet-fueled semi-truck exploded during a horrific pyrotechnic accident.

4 Jul 2022 2:52 pm
Russia To Focus On Donetsk After Capturing Luhansk: Ukraine Governor

Russia will shift the main focus of its war in Ukraine to trying to seize all of the Donetsk region after capturing neighbouring Luhansk, the Luhansk region's governor said on Monday.

4 Jul 2022 2:38 pm
Billionaire Xiao Jianhua, Who Disappeared In 2017, Stands Trial In China

Canadian-Chinese tycoon Xiao Jianhua is standing trial on Monday, Ottawa's embassy in Beijing said in a statement, after the businessman disappeared from a Hong Kong hotel in 2017.

4 Jul 2022 2:24 pm
Pope Francis Addresses Reports Of Him Resigning

Pope Francis has dismissed reports that he plans to resign in the near future, saying he is on track to visit Canada this month and hopes to be able to go to Moscow and Kyiv as soon as possible after...

4 Jul 2022 1:59 pm
Danish Mall Shooting Suspect Had Mental Health Issues: Police

Danish police said Monday that the suspect in a weekend shooting at a Copenhagen mall that left three dead, including two teenagers, was known to mental health services.

4 Jul 2022 1:12 pm
Video Shows Rescue From Ship Split Into 2 During Typhoon Chaba

Typhoon Chaba weakened into a tropical depression, but is still expected to bring heavy rain in the central and eastern part of China.

4 Jul 2022 12:39 pm
No Experience, No Resume, You're Hired! Hotels Fight For Staff

Top European hotel chains are hiring workers without experience or even a resume as executives admit years of underpaying staff have come back to bite, leaving them unable to meet post-pandemic travel...

4 Jul 2022 12:33 pm
3 Killed, 4 Critically Wounded In Danish Mall Shooting: Police

Danish police said on Monday four people, including two Swedish citizens, were in critical condition but stable after being hit by gunshots in a shooting at a shopping centre in Copenhagen on Sunday...

4 Jul 2022 12:15 pm
Ukrainians Turn To Kyiv Beaches For Respite But War Threat Still Looms

Kyiv is still living in slow motion, even though Russian troops withdrew from the outer northern and northeast suburbs three months ago to concentrate their offensive on the Donbas region in eastern...

4 Jul 2022 12:04 pm
1.7 Million People Put Under Lockdown In China Amid Fresh Covid Surge

China placed 1.7 million people under lockdown in central Anhui province, where authorities reported nearly 300 new cases Monday in the latest of a string of outbreaks testing Beijing's no-tolerance...

4 Jul 2022 11:17 am
BTS Rekindle Fresh Debate About Mandatory Military Service In South Korea

A surprise decision by South Korean boy band BTS to take a break from live shows has rekindled debate about mandatory military service in a country setting global pop-culture trends while facing a...

4 Jul 2022 11:09 am
More UK Pubs Call Last Drinks Amid Soaring Costs: Report

The number of pubs in England and Wales has plunged to its lowest ever level, according to an analysis published on Monday which blames the coronavirus pandemic and soaring costs.

4 Jul 2022 10:58 am
Ukraine Retreats From Key City Of Lysychansk, Major Victory For Russia

The Ukrainian army retreated from the strategic city of Lysychansk over the weekend, as Russia claimed a major victory by seizing control of the entire eastern Lugansk region.

4 Jul 2022 10:51 am
We Are In Disbelief: Thousands In Sydney Told To Evacuate Amid Floods

Fresh evacuation orders were issued for tens of thousands of Sydney residents on Monday after relentless rains flooded several suburbs, with officials warning of more wild weather to come.

4 Jul 2022 10:41 am
Fearing Building Collapse, Many In Cuba Sleep Fully Clothed, Some Stay Up

Due to a lack of oversight and maintenance, buildings collapse fully or in part in Havana with shocking frequency, even more so during the rainy and hurricane season from June to November.

4 Jul 2022 7:46 am
Sri Lanka Shuts Schools Amid Fuel Crisis: Report

Amid an unprecedented fuel crisis, the Sri Lankan Education Ministry declared a holiday week from July 4 for all government and state-approved private schools.

4 Jul 2022 5:50 am
Video Of Cops Killing Black Man Released, More Protests In US

Several hundred protesters marched Sunday in Akron, Ohio after the release of body camera footage that showed police fatally shooting a Black man with several dozen rounds of bullets.

4 Jul 2022 4:18 am
British Army's Twitter, YouTube Accounts Hacked, Posts Made On Crypto

The British Army regained control of its Twitter and YouTube accounts on Sunday after they were briefly hacked and used to post about cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

4 Jul 2022 3:25 am
They're Everywhere: Microplastics In Oceans, Air And Human Body

From ocean depths to mountain peaks, humans have littered the planet with tiny shards of plastic. We have even absorbed these microplastics into our bodies -- with uncertain implications.

3 Jul 2022 11:07 pm
Glacier Collapses In Italian Alps, 5 Dead: Rescuers

An avalanche sparked by the collapse of a glacier in the northern Italian Alps killed at least five people and injured eight others on Sunday, an emergency services spokeswoman said.

3 Jul 2022 9:03 pm
Man Dies After Truck Powered By Jet Engines Crashes During Air Show In US

The driver of a truck powered by jet engines was killed during a high-speed accident in front of spectators at an air show in the US state of Michigan. The man identified as Chris Darnell died at the...

3 Jul 2022 8:03 pm
Watch: Adele Pauses London Concert Midway To Help Fans, Internet Hails

British singer-songwriter Adele is winning hearts online after videos of her stopping a live concert to help a fan in distress surfaced on social media.

3 Jul 2022 7:03 pm
Sri Lanka Left With Less Than A Day's Worth Of Fuel: Sri Lankan Minister

Sri Lanka has less than a day's worth of fuel left, the energy minister said Sunday, with public transport grinding to a halt. He said the petrol reserves in the country were at about 4,000 tonnes.

3 Jul 2022 5:49 pm
Video Shows Devotees Celebrating Rath Yatra Festival On Florida Beach

A video of Lord Jagannath's Rath Yatra being held at Florida beach in the United States is going viral on the internet.

3 Jul 2022 5:21 pm
Builders Let Farmers Pay For Homes In Watermelons, Peaches In China

Struggling developers in China have started taking payment for homes in watermelons, peaches and other agricultural produce as they attempt to lure buyers deterred by a property market slump, state...

3 Jul 2022 4:49 pm
Amber Heard Asks Court To Dismiss Verdict In Defamation Case: Report

Amber Heard's attorneys contended that the $10 million verdict given to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, is not supported by available evidence

3 Jul 2022 4:21 pm
Russia Says It Now Controls Entire Lugansk Region Of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia's defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, said Sunday that Moscow's forces have taken the strategic Ukrainian city of Lysychansk and now control the entire region of Lugansk.

3 Jul 2022 4:12 pm
Crisis-Hit Sri Lanka To Get 2 Shipments Of Fuel In July, 1 In August

Sri Lanka will receive two ships containing petrol and diesel this month and another in August, the Chairman of Lanka IOC, the subsidiary of Indian Oil Corporation, said on Saturday as it will give...

3 Jul 2022 6:28 am
Pak Journalist, 73, Attacked By Unidentified Men For Criticising Army

Senior journalist and political analyst Ayaz Amir was assaulted by unidentified men in Lahore on Friday night, a day after he termed Pakistan's Army generals property dealers.

2 Jul 2022 7:04 am
Data Not Shared With Chinese Communist Party: TikTok To US Lawmakers

TikTok sought to reassure US senators this week that it is taking all necessary steps to limit access to users' data from outside the United States, including by employees of its parent company, the...

2 Jul 2022 5:04 am