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Saudi Arabia To India To US, No Solutions To Heatwave? What Extreme Heat Does ToTheHumanBody

Almost the entire world is suffering from blistering heatwaves. From the United States to India and Saudi Arabia, temperatures are soaring with fatal consequences. At least 100 people have died in India with over 40,000 suspected case of heatstroke between March 1 - June 18, according to the health ministry data. Indias capital Delhi recorded a minimum night temperature of 35.2 degrees Celsius, the warmest night the capital has recorded since June 2010. As many as 1,126 people are reported to ha

24 Jun 2024 1:30 am
Why North Koreas Nuclear Warheads Worries West | KN-24 To Hwasong-7: Kims Nuke-Capable Missiles

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) ranks last among nuclear-armed nations by number of warheads. Despite having the least extensive arsenal and specific use conditions in its doctrine, its nuclear program still raises Western concerns.Its nuclear arsenal is estimated to include 30 (per Arms Control Association, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists) to 50 (per SIPRI) warheads.

24 Jun 2024 12:20 am
Russia: Gunmen Attack Synagogue, Churches, Kill 6 Cops, Priest in Dagestan

The attacks took place in Dagestan's largest city of Makhachkala and in the coastal city of Derbent

23 Jun 2024 11:43 pm
Wont Be Intimidated Philippines Vows Self-Defence, Warns Peaceful Disposition Not Acquiescence

On June 23, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said his country is not in the business of instigating wars. However, Marcos Jr also emphasised that his country will not be intimidated by anyone. Marcos Jr made his remarks during a visit to the headquarters of the Philippine South China Sea forces on Palawan island. The Philippine leaders came after a violent clash between the Philippine Navy and the China Coast Guard in the South China Sea. Marcos Jr pledged to defend national interests ac

23 Jun 2024 11:30 pm
Kanishka Bombing: Canadian Lawmaker Jagmeet Singh Expresses Condolences, Says 'We Will Not Let Hate Win'

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh supported Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election to form the government

23 Jun 2024 11:21 pm
Hezbollah Shows Israeli Targets Locked For All-Out War, Iraqi Resistance Vows To Join Fight

Lebanese militant group Hezbollah released a video showing vital Israeli targets only known to Tel Avivs security apparatus. In a 9-minute-and-31-second video taken by a drone, Hezbollah claimed to show sensitive Israeli targets.Hezbollah sources told Al Jazeera that the footage is their message to Israel that they have a bank of Israeli targets. The Iran-backed militant group has suggested targeting these sites in case of a war against Lebanon.The video included snippets of the Hezbollah chiefs

23 Jun 2024 10:30 pm
Egypt To Prosecute Travel Agents For Unregistered Hajj Trips After Hundreds Die InSaudiHeatwave

Egypt has ordered 16 tourism companies to be stripped of their licences for illegally facilitating pilgrims travel to Mecca. The Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has also referred the managers of these travel firms to the public prosecutors office, as per the cabinet. The crackdown came after reports emerged of hundreds of people dying during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Most of these deaths have been attributed to extreme heat as temperatures soared past 51 degrees Celsius. An A

23 Jun 2024 9:30 pm
Hamas Arms Supplier Killed In Israel Drone Strike | Iraqi Resistance Attacks USTroopsInSyria

On June 23, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said his country is not in the business of instigating wars. However, Marcos Jr also emphasised that his country will not be intimidated by anyone. Marcos Jr made his remarks during a visit to the headquarters of the Philippine South China Sea forces on Palawan island. The Philippine leaders came after a violent clash between the Philippine Navy and the China Coast Guard in the South China Sea. Marcos Jr pledged to defend national interests ac

23 Jun 2024 8:37 pm
Drone Attack Damages Merchant Ship In Red Sea: UK Agency

Vessels in and around the Red Sea, which is vital to world trade, have come under repeated attack for months by Iran-backed Huthi rebels in Yemen

23 Jun 2024 7:59 pm
China Can Take Taiwan Without Firing A Shot | Taipei Drills To Mimic War As CloselyAsPossible

Taiwans annual war games this year will be as close as possible to actual combat, according to a senior official. The official said Taiwan would no longer just put on a show to score points but also aim to simulate real fighting amid a rising enemy threat from China. China has been conducting regular exercises around Taiwan for four years to pressure Taipei to accept Beijing's sovereignty claim. Taiwan's five-day 40th annual Han Kuang exercises will start on July 22 and will be conducted on Kinm

23 Jun 2024 7:30 pm
Russian Guided Bombs Rock Kharkiv | Black Sea No Longer Safe For Putins Navy | UkraineUrgesArms

At least four people were killed in an alleged Ukrainian long-range missile strike on Russian-held Crimea on June 23, said Russian officials. The attack that targeted Sevastopol city on the peninsula is also said to have left nearly 100 wounded.The Russian Defence Ministry said four of the US-supplied missiles were shot down by air defence systems and the ammunition of a fifth detonated in mid-air. The ministry said Ukraine struck he civilian infrastructure of the city of Sevastopol with ATACMS

23 Jun 2024 6:33 pm
Houthis Attack Merchant Ship After Strike On US Warship | EU Force Urges Double FleetInRedSea

The Yemeni Houthi group claimed on June 22 that its forces had attacked the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower in the Red Sea. The announcement came shortly after US officials reportedly ordered the USS Eisenhower to return home.The Eisenhower was rushed to the region in the days following Hamas's October 7 attack on Israel. The US warship ended its deployment to the Red Sea on June 22 and will briefly reposition to the Mediterranean Sea. The Pentagon announced the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevel

23 Jun 2024 2:57 pm
Israeli Military Regrets Soldiers Tying Wounded Palestinian To Jeep In West Bank Raid

Footage of the incident, which occurred on Saturday, has gone viral and shows a Jenin resident strapped horizontally to the bonnet of a military jeep as it passes through a narrow alley

23 Jun 2024 2:56 pm
PM Modi Likely To Skip SCO Summit In Kazakhstan Next Week, Jaishankar To Represent India

PM Modi likely to skip SCO Summit in Kazakhstan. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar expected to officiate in his place

23 Jun 2024 1:52 pm
Boeing Starliner Astronauts, Including Sunita Williams, Stuck At International Space Station Until July

Boeing has spent $1.5 billion in cost overruns beyond its $4.5-billion NASA development contract

23 Jun 2024 1:27 pm
Remembering Air India Kanishka Bombing 39 Years Later: What Happened On June 23, 1985?

Remembering the victims of Air India Flight 182 bombing in 1985. Investigations into the tragic incident continue

23 Jun 2024 11:56 am
Indians In Canada | Canada Faces Surge In Applications For Political Asylum | English News

Exclusive | Canada faces surge in applications for political asylum, Canada grants political asylum to Indians. Surge reaches three folds this season!

23 Jun 2024 11:49 am
Philippines President Says Won't Be Intimidated After Violent China Clash In Disputed Sea

Philippines President Marcos vows defiance following clash with Chinese coast guard in South China Sea

23 Jun 2024 10:25 am
US Reassures Israel of Support Amid Rising Tensions with Hezbollah

US Reassures Israel of Support Amid Rising Tensions with Hezbollah

23 Jun 2024 10:24 am
West Bank Boils As Netanyahus Secret Plan Unveiled; Israeli Man Fatally Shot

West Bank on boil as Benjamin Netanyahus secret plan exposed; Israeli man shot dead

23 Jun 2024 10:17 am
What Is Azm-i-Istehkam? Pakistans New Operation To Eradicate Militancy From The Country

The new anti-militancy campaign was launched with the consensus of all stakeholders, including the four provinces, GB and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir regions

23 Jun 2024 10:17 am
Attacker of Nancy Pelosis Husband Convicted Again in California Court

Attacker of Nancy Pelosis husband convicted, again, in California court

23 Jun 2024 10:06 am
Video: Debris Of China's Satellite Mission Falls Over Populated Area After Successful Launch

Joint China-France satellite launch results in rocket mishap near residential area, sparking concern over toxic spill

23 Jun 2024 9:42 am
Britains Wealthiest Family, Hindujas 'Appalled' By Swiss Court's Jail Term Order; File Appeal

Earlier on Friday, in a statement issued on behalf of the family by their lawyers from Switzerland stressed their clients had been acquitted of all human trafficking charges

23 Jun 2024 8:53 am
China Planning To Isolate Taiwan Without Firing A Single Shot? Here's What We Know

Learn how China could potentially isolate Taiwan economically without military invasion, using strategic gray zone tactics and maritime operations

23 Jun 2024 8:23 am
Eight Indian Crew Members Of MV Dali That Crashed Into Baltimore Bridge Headed For India

The departure of eight Indian crew members including a cook, a fitter and seamen follows a deal approved by the judge

23 Jun 2024 7:52 am
Video: Thousands Rally Against Israeli Govt In Tel Aviv, Demanding Election And Hostage Deal

Many protesters held signs reading Crime Minister and Stop the War as people poured into the biggest Israeli city's main thoroughfare

23 Jun 2024 7:32 am
Hamas Footage Shows Militants Targeting Israeli Army Base & Soldiers

Hamas released footage on June 21 of what they said was militants targeting an Israeli army base, vehicles and soldiers in Gaza City.In the footage, mostly shot from the militants' point-of-view, rockets can be seen fired at what Hamas said was an Israeli army base. According to Hamas, an army helicopter evacuated casualties.Reuters was not able to independently verify the location or the date when the video was filmed.Hamas said via its official Telegram channel that footage shows the targeting

23 Jun 2024 1:30 am
Struggle Abhi Baaqi Hain: Indian, Foreign Students In Canada Queue Up Outside Tim Hortons Seeking Jobs

The video shared on Instagram by a person who himself queued outside the popular coffeehouse chains outlet said job scarcity is at an all time high in Canada.

23 Jun 2024 1:20 am
Zelensky Praises Ukraine Football Team For Win Over Slovakia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on June 21 thanked the National team for the win over Slovakia in their European Championship Group E fixture.On the path to our victory, every victory is needed, Zelenskiy said in his evening video address.Ukraine roused themselves in the nick of time to salvage their Euro 2024 hopes as substitute Roman Yaremchuk's late strike saw them hit back after falling a goal behind to beat Slovakia 2-1 in a lively Group E clash on Friday.The result moved Ukraine le

23 Jun 2024 1:20 am
UK Hard_Right Leader Nigel Farage Angers UK, Europe, US By Claiming West Provoked Ukraine War

Russian media lauded Nigel Farage, leader of Britain's anti-immigration Reform UK party while Sunak, the UK PM, called it an act of appeasement.

23 Jun 2024 12:20 am
Prince William Celebrates Birthday With Royal Children At Taylor Swift Concert, Click Backstage Selfie With Star Singer

Prince William attended the Taylor Swift concert with Prince George and Princess Charlotte for his birthday and also met Travis Kelce.

22 Jun 2024 11:52 pm
Russia Strikes Ukrainian Energy Facilities, 3 Died In Kharkiv Bombing, 38 Wounded

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Russian guided aerial bombs must be stopped and called for more Patriot missile systems.

22 Jun 2024 11:31 pm
Hawk Tuah Girl Breaks The Internet: Who Is She And What Does The Viral Term Mean?

The Hawk Tuah girl went viral after she was asked what she would do that would make her partner go crazy. The gesture was sexually suggestive in nature.

22 Jun 2024 10:27 pm
Done By Groups With Vested Interests: Foreign Secretary On India Out Campaign In Bangladesh

Foreign secretary Vinay Kwatra said it is important to ensure that the correct narrative is projected to people of both nations.

22 Jun 2024 9:50 pm
Finepoint | Of G7 And The Rise of Right: Italy's Meloni Holds The Key to Europes Future

Meloni has come a long way from being tagged as a far-right political pariah to a fan favourite, emerging as a potential kingmaker after the EU election results

22 Jun 2024 9:47 pm
May It Prosper, Thrive: Dalai Lama Pens Letter Congratulating PM Modi On Inaugurating New Nalanda University

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama said the ancient university in Nalanda shone like a sun in the east and attracted students from far and wide.

22 Jun 2024 8:48 pm
Troubled Planemaker Boeing May Avoid Criminal Charges Over Violations: Report

The US DOJ earlier said that the planemaker could be prosecuted for violating a criminal settlement following two fatal 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019 which claimed 346 lives.

22 Jun 2024 8:18 pm
Canadian Police Says Probe Into 1985 Kanishka Bombing, Which Killed 329, Remains Active, Ongoing

The Canadian police said it was one of the most complex domestic terrorism probes that it has undertaken.

22 Jun 2024 8:05 pm
Israeli Air Strikes Kill 24 In Gaza City, War Ravaged Coastal Enclaves Officials Claim

The officials said that civilians were killed when Israeli air strikes targeted Al-Tuffah neighbourhood and the Al-Shati refugee camp.

22 Jun 2024 7:51 pm
Houthis Show Off New Sea Drone Toofan 1, Blasts Near Ship As US Carrier Eisenhower Leaves Red Sea

The Yemeni group released videos showing the Toofan-1 USV targeting a ship during a recent demonstration in undisclosed Yemeni waters. The armed group claimed the Toofan-1 USV was developed using local expertise and is highly agile on the waters surfaceThe overall size of the Toofan-1 indicates a craft thats notably smaller than many other Houthi USVs.The smaller size makes it faster, more agile, and tougher to engage, while the size of the explosion indicates a very powerful warhead.The self-pr

22 Jun 2024 7:45 pm
Who Are The Hindujas And Why Four From The Billionaire Family Have Been Handed Jail Sentences?

The Hindujas are one of the richest families of the world and run the Hinduja group of companies, which has subsidiaries in automobile, banking, shipping and other sectors.

22 Jun 2024 7:05 pm
Billionaire Hinduja Family Gets Over 4-Year Jail Term For Exploiting Domestic Workers

Billionaire Hinduja family gets over 4-year jail term for exploiting domestic workers

22 Jun 2024 6:56 pm
Video: Putins Bye Kim Gesture While Wrapping Up North Korea Visit Goes Viral

The video of Russian President Vladimir Putin waving goodbye to ally North Korean leader Kim Jong Un went viral on social media.

22 Jun 2024 5:59 pm
Tunisia Sacks Minister, Saudi Blames Misjudgement After Hundreds Die During HajjAmidHeatwave

Tunisia sacked its religious affairs minister on June 21, after 49 nationals reportedly died in this years Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia amid high temperatures. The decision, taken by Tunisian President Kais Saied, was announced in a Facebook post that didnt elaborate on the reason behind the dismissal. Hundreds of people are thought to have died during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia with most of these deaths being attributed to extreme heat as temperatures soared past 51 degrees Celsius.

22 Jun 2024 5:45 pm
Palestinians Grieve Loved Ones Killed In Mawasi Tent Camp Attack

Palestinians grieve loved ones killed in Mawasi tent camp attacks

22 Jun 2024 4:45 pm
Futuristic Vision Of Cooperation: PM Modi, Sheikh Hasina Ink Pacts With Focus On Blue Economy, Space, Railways

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his visiting Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina signed agreements related to digital domain, railway connectivity and green partnership.

22 Jun 2024 4:45 pm
Guantanamo Victims Say Israel Using US-Style Torture

Guantanamo victims say Israel using U.S-style torture on Palestinian detainees

22 Jun 2024 4:39 pm
Food awaits as Israel and UN trade blame on movement of goods

Just few miles from starving Palestinian families, there lies hundreds of pallets of food as Israel and UN trade blame on movement of goods

22 Jun 2024 10:54 am
Deadly rains lash southern China as flooding threatens millions

Deadly rains lash southern China as flooding threatens millions, many evacuated. Watch

22 Jun 2024 10:07 am