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Russian military achieves considerable success in Ukraine

Russian forces have also stepped up attacks in the Donetsk region, getting slightly closer to the belt of industrial towns in the region that runs south from Sloviansk through Kramatorsk to Kostiantynivka. In Lysychansk and many of the towns studded across the meandering front lines that pass through five regions, the Ukrainians may well face a repeat of what happened in Severodonetsk,.., according to the CNN report.

5 Jul 2022 6:42 am
China museum opens in Hong Kong to drive 'patriotism'

Works of calligraphy and paintings on silk dating back more than 1,000 years are featured. The exhibition is housed in a seven-story building in a newly developed harborside arts district.

4 Jul 2022 8:20 pm
Avalanche on Italian Alps glacier, search parties still working as 17 unaccounted

A huge part of the Italian Alps glacier broke off and ran into hikers in the north part of Italy. Search parties are going with their search as seventeen people are still unaccounted for.

4 Jul 2022 8:02 pm
Progress & patriotism go hand in hand, One cannot achieve progress without Patriotism

A shared group identity is not the only thing that can unite Americans through patriotism. Their belief in a better future and their willingness to work together may be inspired by it.

4 Jul 2022 7:59 pm
Drones, helicopters search for missing after Italy glacier collapse

This is the first such accident in the history of the mountain, which is part of the eastern Italian Alps straddling the regions of Trento and Veneto.

4 Jul 2022 6:22 pm
Chinese tech firms pledge to ban NFTs, cryptocurrency marketplaces

According to the South China Morning Post, Tencent and Ant Group joined a self-driven industry initiative to ban cryptocurrency and fight speculation.

4 Jul 2022 5:32 pm
Slim' chance of finding survivors after Italy glacier collapse

The disaster struck one day after a record-high temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) was recorded at the summit of the glacier, the largest in the Italian Alps.

4 Jul 2022 4:24 pm
Quordle 161 is here, and it is harder yet interesting than before; here are hints, clues and answers

Check below to find out three different hints to come out with the quartet of Quordle 161

4 Jul 2022 12:26 pm
Heardle for July 4, 2022: Check out hints and answer for the song of the day

If Heardle July 4s song seems to be a bit of a head-scratcher for you, look at the hints and the answer for todays Heardle.

4 Jul 2022 12:20 pm
3 dead, 3 critically wounded in shooting at Denmark mall

A 22-year-old Danish man was arrested after the shooting, Copenhagen police inspector Soren Thomassen told reporters, adding there was no indication that anyone else was involved in the attack, though police were still investigating.

4 Jul 2022 6:51 am
German watchdog asks Tesla to recall 59,000 units globally

The KBA watchdog said on its website dated June 29 that a software flaw was causing a breakdown of the eCall, which is designed to automatically contact emergency responders in the event of a serious accident.

4 Jul 2022 12:24 am
Several hit by gunshots at shopping mall in Copenhagen - Danish police

Copenhagen police tweeted that officers had been sent to the Field's mall after reports of a shooting. They advised people inside the centre to stay put and await police assistance.

3 Jul 2022 10:54 pm
Heavy rains, floods prompt evacuations of Sydney suburbs

Emergency services said they conducted over 100 flood rescues and responded to over 3,000 requests for assistance in the past 24 hours.

3 Jul 2022 5:54 pm
Celebrities who jumped on the NFT craze have mixed fortunes

Sports, film and music stars have all flocked to the NFT market to buy pictures of apes, endorse corporate partners or even launch their own art collections. Even as the crypto sector suffers a rout with sales and values plunging and scams proliferating, celebrities continue to sign up to the craze for so-called Non-Fungible Tokens.

3 Jul 2022 9:25 am
How Google switches offices to welcome pandemic-era staff

Google's 1.1 million square foot (100,000 square metre) campus as the tech giant welcomes employees back after pandemic-era telecommuting. Work areas are divided into 'neighborhoods' with with cozy furniture.

3 Jul 2022 7:51 am
Commodities hit July storm with Putin and Powell stirring fear

Energy crises and central bank moves to crush inflation present headwinds across markets, underscored by copper's collapse on Friday below $8,000 a tonne.

2 Jul 2022 10:55 pm
Germany not keen on Kaliningrad blockade: Media sources

Lithuanian officials have so far insisted that they are merely sticking to the letter and spirit of existing EU legislation, with Brussels until recently agreeing that goods in transit to Kaliningrad also fell under the purview of EU sanctions. The Baltic state is concerned that lifting the sanctions could adversely affect the security of the bloc, Der Spiegel reported.

2 Jul 2022 9:13 am
12 US lawmakers urge Joe Biden to hold India accountable in WTO for its 'trade-distorting practices'

The US must not yield for the sake of reaching a consensus. Instead, America must work to promote solutions that will alleviate the global supply chain and food shortages. It must take actions that will address those consumers most impacted by inflation and rising food prices, the lawmakers demanded. India has defended its stand at the WTO. Several countries and organisations across the world have applauded India for taking a firm stand in protecting the interests of its farmers.

2 Jul 2022 8:51 am
Europe becomes the epicenter for this summer's travel chaos

Governments are taking note and taking action, as are financial markets. Investors are selling airline bonds as an industry that was supposed to profit from pent up demand for travel instead contends with upheaval again.

2 Jul 2022 12:58 am
Heres a look at Taylor Swifts fiance, Joe Alwyn, and how their love story started

Reports suggest that Taylor Swift has been secretly engaged to her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. While the details of their marriage are closely guarded, heres everything you need to know about Joe Alwyn and how their romance began.

1 Jul 2022 8:09 pm
Today's Quordle: Hints & Answer for Quordle 158, July 1

The Quordle is back with another new puzzle for 1st July 2020. This puzzle has a Japanese twist with it. If you are looking for hints, clues or solutions for this puzzle, then you are at the right place.

1 Jul 2022 1:10 pm
Todays Heardle: Hints & Answer for July 1 Heardle

The musical Heardle answer for today, July 1, seems to be related to a rock song by a very famous band. Lets find out what it is.

1 Jul 2022 1:05 pm
Todays Wordle: Hints & Answer for Wordle #377, July 1

Wordle 377 is here, and the puzzle for July 1 is a tough one. Finding the correct answer will not be that easy, so were here to help you with hints.

1 Jul 2022 1:00 pm
Rise of Arab-Israel axis spurs Iran to redouble nuclear talks push

A deal would see a lifting of sanctions that have shackled its economy, eventually reviving oil exports towards the estimated 2.8 million barrels per day (bpd) shipped before the reimposition of sanctions, from under one million currently. For Iran, the unfavourable alternative could be a war in a region where geopolitical shifts may evolve into a U.S.-led alliance hostile to Tehran, the officials and politician said.

1 Jul 2022 12:56 pm