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Loan Defaulter Tips: Can farmers who do not repay the loan take the loan again? know here...

Lakhs of farmers in the country have outstanding loans from cooperative and nationalized banks. Many times, if the farmers are unable to repay the loan, they are declared defaulters, after which the path to taking further loans is closed. A legal contract is signed while taking a loan, but sometimes due to crop failure, bad weather, or other reasons, farmers forget to repay the loan installments. Many times banks call the farmers and remind them to repay the loan, but after one or two chances, b

22 Apr 2024 9:42 am
CIBIL Score Tips: If you are not getting a loan due to a bad CIBIL score, you can fix it immediately with these 5 methods...

Many times we suddenly need money. Like there is a medical emergency at home, or a house has to be built or land has to be purchased. In such a situation, we usually arrange money by taking a loan. But, if you want an easy loan, then for this you have to maintain a good CIBIL score. Let us know what the CIBIL score is and if it has deteriorated, how can it be improved. What is the CIBIL score? Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL) is a credit information company. It has a license from

22 Apr 2024 9:40 am
Income Tax Rules: Whether there will be a tax on the inherited house or not, know the rules of income tax.

Income Tax Rules for Ancestral Property and Inheritance: It is common for a person to inherit some movable or immovable property through inheritance or will. This is what is called ancestral or family property. Inheritance tax is not applicable in India. Therefore, if the taxpayer has received property, jewelery, or cash from his parents or as a family inheritance, then it does not come under the purview of income tax. Whether it was received as ancestral property or in a will from someone else.

22 Apr 2024 9:37 am
Income Tax New Rules: How much tax will be charged on income earned from money, know the rules of income tax...

The price of gold is rising in such a way that it is becoming increasingly out of the reach of the common man. At present, the price of gold in India has reached more than Rs 70 thousand. Now those who have gold or those who have invested in it are happy with this rise. Those who were thinking of buying gold are currently in shock. Today we are not telling you about the bargain price of gold, rather we are telling you that if you are thinking of earning from gold, then you must know about the ta

22 Apr 2024 9:29 am
Damage Note: Do not worry if mutilated notes come out of ATM, RBI issued guidelines.

Many times, when paying for any item or service in the market, shopkeepers refuse to accept the note due to it being mutilated or damaged. Because of this you have accumulated mutilated and spoiled notes. So you don't need to take tension. You can easily change your mutilated notes, about which we are going to tell you in this report. Let us tell you, such notes can be easily exchanged in the bank. In return, the bank replaces your bad note except under certain conditions. For this, circular

22 Apr 2024 9:27 am
Kidney care: If you don't take care of your kidneys, diseases related to it can take your life, take precautions like this.

The kidney is a very important organ of our body, its main function is to filter the dirt, and due to this the toxins present in the body are removed, which makes it easier to avoid many diseases and harms. Kidney disease is also called a 'silent killer' because its initial symptoms are not visible. This is the reason why you need to be very cautious otherwise the disease will increase so much that it will be difficult to control it. Dr. Imran Ahmed, former resident of IHBAS Hospital, De

20 Apr 2024 4:48 pm
High fat food: Foods containing saturated fat are the enemies of health, know the 5 major disadvantages of eating them.

Saturated fat is being used in large quantities these days, we get it through cooking oil, butter, and all types of processed foods. According to India's famous nutrition expert Nikhil Vats, if you consume saturated fat in excessive amounts, it can cause much harm to your health. These losses can have a serious impact on our lifestyle and health. Let us know why we should stay away from this type of fat. Disadvantages of saturated fat 1. Heart diseases Excessive consumption of saturated fat

20 Apr 2024 4:46 pm
Healthy dishes: Make weekend breakfast fun, prepare these 5 healthy dishes instantly

Weekend is a day of rest and people like to spend time with family on this day. Be it Sunday or Monday, everyone likes to eat a tasty breakfast. Let us tell you how you can make weekend breakfast fun. To make the weekend special, you can prepare tasty dishes at home. You can spend more quality time with everyone. Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day. Avocado Toast: This is the easiest breakfast you can make for breakfast. Your stomach will also be fine. For this, fi

20 Apr 2024 4:44 pm
Physical fitness: Don't want to bother with exercise? So you can do these 3 things to get fitness

If fat increases around your stomach and waist, the entire shape of your body gets spoiled, clothes start becoming smaller and you start feeling embarrassed looking at yourself in the mirror. Now everyone does not like to sweat for hours in the gym, because they find this work quite boring. In such a situation, you can make fitness activities interesting. According to famous fitness expert Lalit Singh, if you do these 3 things during your leisure time, it will help in keeping your body fit and h

20 Apr 2024 4:40 pm
Child care: Mother's HIV, child's life in danger! Shocking revelation in research

Mother's love is the most precious thing in the whole world. But when a mother is HIV positive, not only her life but also her child's life is in danger. A study has found that children (especially boys) born to women infected with HIV have an increased risk of death in childhood. These children are more sensitive to problems related to the immune system. Researchers at Britain's Queen Mary University of London found that this happens due to exposure to HIV present in the mother'

20 Apr 2024 4:37 pm
Running: Do not make these mistakes while running, otherwise your joints will become weak.

Running is a great exercise which is not only good for physical health but also improves mental health. But do you know that some mistakes while running can weaken your joints? Yes, improper running style can cause pain in knees, ankles, and ankles. Today we will tell you about some common mistakes made while running and will also know how these mistakes can be avoided. Wearing wrong shoes For running, you should always wear good sports shoes which provide proper support to your feet. Shoes shou

20 Apr 2024 4:35 pm
Cooking Hacks: If the kneaded dough is to be used for several days, then keep it fresh like this

Wheat flour rotis are eaten in every household in India. Round and soft thin rotis made of wheat flour taste delicious with anything from pulses to vegetables. To make these rotis, the right amount of water is used in the flour. There is also an art to kneading the dough. The better the dough is kneaded, the better the roti is made. Soft and fluffy rotis taste better to eat, but most women complain that the kneaded dough becomes tight or dry after keeping it. Then the rotis also become tight in

20 Apr 2024 4:31 pm
Liver Problem: Be careful about increasing liver problems, do not ignore such 'hidden' symptoms at all.

The risk of liver disease is seen increasing across the world. People of all ages are being found victims of this problem. Researchers said disturbances in lifestyle and diet can harm overall health including the liver, hence we all must keep making continuous efforts to keep the liver healthy. If we look at the statistics, we find that fatty liver is a rapidly emerging health problem among the youth. Apart from this, the risk of serious diseases like liver cirrhosis is seen to be higher in thos

20 Apr 2024 4:29 pm
Health issue: This habit of yours is as dangerous as alcohol, increases the risk of heart disease and premature death.

Alcohol is considered harmful to overall health in many ways. Researchers said alcohol damages not only the liver but the entire body. Apart from affecting blood sugar and cholesterol levels, it has also been found to be harmful to brain and heart health. Do you know that one mistake we make every day is proving to be more dangerous than alcohol? Scientists have found that just as alcohol harms our health, the habit of sitting for long periods has also been shown to have similar harms. One study

20 Apr 2024 4:27 pm
Relationship Tips: Five shortcomings of relationship that can turn love into hate

Two people come into a relationship when there is love, liking, or respect between them. When you feel attachment and love towards your partner, you join a relationship with them. Like to spend time with each other. However, many times the relationship formed due to love starts deteriorating and comes to the verge of breaking. Often lovers start hating each other and do not want to see each other's faces. What is the reason that later you start hating the person you love? Do not want to spen

20 Apr 2024 4:24 pm
Dementia Risk: Through eye examination, you will be able to know whether you are at risk of Alzheimer-dementia about a decade in advance?

Alzheimer's disease-Dementia is a serious brain-related disease, and the risk of this problem is seen increasing rapidly in people above 60 years of age. Due to this disease, there may be problems in thinking, understanding, memory loss along mood disorders. Some studies have found that the risk of this disease has increased in people aged 50-55. Is there any way to know if you are at risk of dementia? The team of scientists doing research in this regard has said that with the help of some m

20 Apr 2024 4:21 pm
Children Obesity: The reason for increasing obesity in children has been found, only junk foods are not responsible for it.

The problem of obesity is considered dangerous for people of all ages. Studies have found it to increase the risks of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disorders, and even cancer. Not only this, if obesity increases in people who already have heart problems, it can also increase the risk of fatal conditions like heart attacks. This is why people of all ages are advised to make continuous efforts to keep their weight under control. Health experts say the problem of obesi

20 Apr 2024 4:20 pm
Travel tips: Coldest city in India, shivering is felt even in summer

The summer season has arrived. The temperature starts increasing in this season. Due to the scorching sun and heat, one starts sweating. In such weather, neither do we feel like going out nor do we feel like staying at home continuously. In summer people want to enjoy relaxing holidays at some cool place. Although there are many hill stations where the temperature is lower than other places in summer, sunshine and heat can also be felt. People also do not want to visit hill stations in the sun.

20 Apr 2024 4:18 pm
Useful talk: Do you make these mistakes while pressing the gear and clutch? There may be damage to the car

When we buy a new car, we want it to have every new technology or feature that can be useful to us. People also spend a lot of money on this. At the same time, when we drive a car, we have to keep many things in mind. Such as road and traffic rules. Similarly, if you want that your car should not face any problems and it should run without any problem for a long time, then it becomes important for you to keep some things in mind. For example, in a manual car, you should keep some things in mind

20 Apr 2024 4:13 pm
PM Kisan Yojana: Know here why and for which farmers the 17th installment may get stuck? These could be some reasons

A large section of people is associated with various schemes running in the country. For example, take the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. This scheme is run by the Central Government for those farmers who are needy or come from poor class etc. The beneficiaries are given three installments of Rs 2,000 each every four months i.e. a benefit of Rs 6,000 annually. At the same time, this time the farmers are to get the 17th installment which everyone is waiting for, but do you know that th

20 Apr 2024 4:11 pm
Ayushman Card: Know in one click whether your Ayushman card will be made or not, this is the method

In our country, many beneficial and welfare schemes are being run to help the poor class and needy people, to provide them with the things they need, to help them financially, etc. The government also makes many changes in these schemes every year, so that everyone can get benefits. For example, there is the Ayushman Bharat scheme, in which beneficiaries are given the benefit of free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. Under this scheme, which is being run by the Central Government, Ayushman cards are ma

20 Apr 2024 4:10 pm
Be careful: Has your Aadhaar been misused? Check like this in one click

In today's time, we see which document is more important or which document is required in almost every work. So perhaps the answer to all is Aadhaar card. Aadhaar is required for many things like proving your identity, getting a SIM card, getting subsidy from a government scheme, etc. At the same time, our Aadhar card contains biometric and demographic information. In such a situation, sometimes people's Aadhaar may be misused. Therefore we should take care of our Aadhar card. At the sam

20 Apr 2024 4:08 pm
Passengers should pay attention: Know these rules before boarding the train, otherwise there may be problems later.

Indian Railways transports a large number of people to their destinations every day. By connecting different states and cities, these trains work to ease the travel of the people. If you also want to travel by train, then you have to buy a ticket. Amidst all this, do you know that Railways has made rules regarding many things, about which you should know before traveling by train? If you do not do this, you may face problems. So let us know what are those rules of Railways, about which it is imp

20 Apr 2024 4:07 pm
Travel tips: Apart from Rasgulla, Kolkata is also famous for these street foods, definitely taste them.

Whenever the name of Rasgulla comes, thoughts of Kolkata come to mind because Kolkata has its own identity for Rasgulla. But do you know that Kolkata is also famous for its street food? Kolkata is a paradise of tasty dishes. Here you get to taste many different flavors. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about some famous street foods of Kolkata. If you are going on a trip to Kolkata, then do not return without trying these foods, otherwise your trip will be considered incomplete. Le

20 Apr 2024 4:05 pm
Travel tips: These Buddhist places of India are known all over the world, are special for history lovers.

It would not be wrong to say that Buddhism is one of the most loved religions in the world. Buddhism, which has spread all over the world, has its roots in India. It was founded by Lord Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha followed the path of truth till the end of his life and always inspired people to follow the truth and choose the right path. Today, there are many monasteries, stupas, monuments, and other Buddhist sites associated with Gautam Buddha across the country which are known throughout the

20 Apr 2024 4:03 pm
Travel tips: Sikkim is the perfect place to celebrate holidays, definitely enjoy these festivals during your trip.

In this vast country of India, you will find more than one place where your beauty and beauty can please you. One such state is Sikkim which is known for its plants, animals, rivers, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. Sikkim is a mountainous state located in the north-eastern part of India. This thumb-shaped state is also known for its festivals which become the attraction here. The main religion for the people of Sikkim is Hinduism although a large population also follows Buddhism. Today in this

20 Apr 2024 4:01 pm
Travel tips: River rafting is the best adventure of summer days, take these precautions while enjoying it.

The summer season has started in which everyone loves water-related sports. In such a situation, many people like to enjoy river rafting while traveling these days. This is an exciting activity full of adventure which is done in the river. As soon as we hear the name of river rafting, our mind starts seeing our boat jumping in the waves of water. In the past, the craze of river rafting has also increased rapidly in the country, which is why you will see river rafting spots in many places. If you

20 Apr 2024 3:58 pm
Travel Destinations: Cheapest weekend trip, visit these places for just Rs 5000

Summer has come. In this season, people get troubled by the high temperature, but in summer, getting out of the high temperature and busy schedule, you can plan to travel somewhere. This will give you rest between work and you can also get relief from the heat by choosing a good place. You can plan a weekend trip in April and May. Weekend trips do not require separate holidays and can be within the budget. In this article, we are talking about some beautiful and thrilling places to visit with le

20 Apr 2024 3:55 pm
Health Tips: Know Saturated Fat Side Effects!

Saturated Fat Side Effects: Saturated fat is being used a lot these days, we get it through cooking oil, butter, and all types of processed foods. According to India's famous nutrition expert Nikhil Vats, if you consume saturated fat in excessive amounts, it can cause much harm to your health. These losses can have a serious impact on our lifestyle and health. Let us know why we should stay away from this type of fat. Disadvantages of saturated fat 1. Heart diseases Excessive consumption of

20 Apr 2024 2:42 pm
Entertainment: Amrita Rao seen in a simple outfit!

Real name of 'Poonam' of 'Vivah' movie Remember 'Poonam' from the movie 'Vivah'. Yes, Amrita Rao. You will also be shocked to see their latest look. You will be shocked because his look has completely changed. Recently she was spotted at the airport. Where she appeared completely changed. Let us show his latest photo. It's the weekend so Amrita Rao has left the house. She is going somewhere for work. But where? She has not told me this. But the fans are very h

20 Apr 2024 2:41 pm
Entertainment: Harshika Poonacha Attacked!

Harshika Poonacha Attacked: Many times such incidents happen in broad daylight which shatter your heart and mind. A similar incident happened with an actress in Bengaluru. After this, this beauty vented her anger on social media and made several posts one after the other about the terrible accident. This post of the actress is now going viral rapidly. The robbery happened with Hansika Poonacha. The name of this actress is Hansika Poonacha (Harshika Poonacha) who is a Kannada actress. The actress

20 Apr 2024 2:40 pm
Entertainment: Ali Khan's comment on fees received in the Pakistani industry!

Ali Khan Movies: British Pakistani actor Ali Khan has worked in many Indian films. Which also includes Shah Rukh Khan's 'Don 2'. Ali Khan will soon be seen in John Abraham's film 'Tehran'. Ali Khan, who is in the news regarding the new film, has recently given an interview. Where Ali Khan has said something surprising about the fees received by actors in Pakistani and Indian film industries. Ali Khan's comment on fees received in the Pakistani industry Actor Ali Khan

20 Apr 2024 2:35 pm
Entertainment: Arushi Sharma-Vaibhav Vishant Wedding!

Arushi Sharma-Vaibhav Vishant Wedding: Arushi Sharma, who won the hearts of film fans with her innocence with Kartik Aryan and Sara Ali Khan in Imtiaz Ali directed 'Love Aaj Kal 2', has got married. Aarushi Sharma has started a new chapter of her life by marrying casting director Vaibhav Vishant. A picture of Aarushi and Vaibhav's intimate wedding is going viral on social media. Since the wedding picture of the actress was revealed, fans have showered their congratulations. Aarushi t

20 Apr 2024 2:33 pm
Entertainment: These actresses had rejected the offer of 'Mohabbatein'!

Film Mohabbatein: Some Bollywood films hold a very special place in the hearts of people. The name of Shahrukh Khan's 'Mohabbatein' is also included in this list. The movie was released years ago, but even today it holds a special place in the hearts of fans. From songs, and story to characters, the audience loved the movie wholeheartedly. But very few people know that the makers had thought of some different stars to cast in the movie. But he has rejected the offer. The names of Kaj

20 Apr 2024 2:31 pm
Entertainment: Babita Kapoor Birthday!

Babita Kapoor Birthday: Kareena Kapoor and Karisma's mother Babita Kapoor are celebrating a happy birthday today. In such a situation, both actresses have shared a special post for their mother on Instagram. In the pictures, Taimur and Jeh are seen making a greeting card for their grandmother. At the same time, Karishma has shared her childhood pictures, in which she is seen sitting in her mother's lap. The mother-daughter duo are looking very cute together. Kareena Kapoor shared a speci

20 Apr 2024 2:27 pm
Entertainment: Update on 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2'!

Talking about Salman Khan's most awaited films, it is 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2'. Fans liked 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' which came in the year 2015 very much. Since then there was a demand for its sequel. Now an update related to this has come out. Besides, the producer has also given the green signal to the sequel of Akshay Kumar's 'Rowdy Rathore'. Famous South producer KK Radhamohan has reacted about 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan 2' and 'Rowdy Rathore 2' in an intervie

20 Apr 2024 2:26 pm
Entertainment: Salman Khan in Dubai!

Salman Khan in Dubai: Amidst tight security, Salman Khan was spotted at Mumbai airport on April 19. While fans were happy to see Bhaijaan like this, now another video of the actor is going viral. In this video, Salman Khan is seen enjoying belly dance in Dubai. This video of the actor went viral on social media within minutes. In which Dabangg Khan is seen enjoying belly dance. Snehkumar Jala has shared this video of Salman Khan enjoying belly dance on his Instagram. Salman has gone to Dubai for

20 Apr 2024 2:24 pm
Health Tips: Risk Factors of Liver Disease!

When the liver does not function properly, the body faces problems. In people suffering from chronic liver disease, the liver becomes less capable of performing essential functions. This can cause symptoms that affect everyday life. As common as chronic liver disease is, it is also a matter of concern. Almost every fifth person worldwide has this disease. Even in India, one out of every five people is affected by it. Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease The main reason for the increase in cases of

20 Apr 2024 2:23 pm
Health Tips: Know Ways to keep kidneys healthy!

Kidney Disease: Kidney is a very important organ of our body, its main function is to filter the dirt, due to this the toxins present in the body are released, which makes it easier to avoid many diseases and harms. Kidney disease is also called 'silent killer' because its initial symptoms are not clearly visible. This is the reason why you need to be very cautious otherwise the disease will increase so much that it will be difficult to control it. Dr. Imran Ahmed, former resident of IHB

20 Apr 2024 2:21 pm
Health Tips: Side Effects of Air Conditioner!

Side Effects of Air Conditioner: Summer season in India is full of problems. As the temperature increases, the demand for air conditioners increases in the market. Be it office during the day or home in the evening, we like to stay in AC all the time, even in car, bus and train, the air of AC is very relaxing, but excessive use of AC is dangerous for health. Can be proved. Disadvantages of staying in AC all the time With the help of air conditioner, you can definitely get relief from the scorchi

20 Apr 2024 2:19 pm
Health Tips: Symptoms of sleep paralysis!

Sleep Paralysis: Have you ever felt as if you suddenly wake up from sleep and are unable to move your body? Have you ever felt that there is a ghost sitting on your chest or a heavy object is placed on your chest? Do you want to scream or shout but your voice is not able to come out? You are able to see everything and feel nervous but are unable to do anything. Actually, this is a disease called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis usually occurs when you are in the transition phase between sleep an

20 Apr 2024 2:14 pm
Health Tips: Men in their 30s can also have high cholesterol!

Cholesterol is often considered a disease of old age, but it can happen to people of any age. This happens easily especially to those men whose age is around 30. To catch this dangerous disease in the beginning, it is important to recognize some of its symptoms. Now first of all let us know that there are two types of cholesterol in the body, first is bad cholesterol and second is good cholesterol. When bad cholesterol increases in the body, it is colloquially called increased cholesterol. When

20 Apr 2024 2:11 pm
Health Tips: 70 percent reduction in maternal mortality rate!

A 23-year-old woman died due to heart failure during delivery in a village in Tamil Nadu. It was only after this incident that his family came to know that he had a heart problem since birth, which was not detected. They also did not know that if she had been examined in the early stages of pregnancy, perhaps her life could have been saved. The primary health center in her village neither had good testing facilities nor was there a skilled obstetrician who could understand the warning signs. How

20 Apr 2024 2:05 pm
Health Tips: Follow these Home Remedies Of Loose Motion!

Home Remedies Of Loose Motion: Loose motion (diarrhea) is a common problem that troubles everyone sometimes. This may be due to stomach infection, food toxicity, or stress. In colloquial language, it is also called upset stomach. Due to loose motion, a lot of water and electrolytes are lost from the body, which can lead to dehydration and weakness. In this situation, one should avoid eating those things that take a lot of time to digest, like oily things, paratha, spicy food products, etc. To av

20 Apr 2024 2:04 pm
Health Tips: Know The Amazing Benefits Of Curd!

Curd is a delicious and nutritious food that has been consumed in India for centuries. It is not only delicious but is also very beneficial for health. Nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and probiotics are found in abundance in curd. Staying healthy in today's busy life can be quite challenging. In such a situation, consuming curd daily is an easy and beneficial way to take care of your health. Let us know about 5 amazing benefits of eating curd daily: 1. Helps in weight loss: Cur

20 Apr 2024 2:02 pm
Health Tips: How much curd to eat?

Curd is a delicious and nutritious food that has been consumed in India for centuries. It is not only delicious in taste, but is also very beneficial for health. Nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin B12 and probiotics are found in abundance in curd. Staying healthy in today's busy life can be quite challenging. In such a situation, consuming curd daily is an easy and beneficial way to take care of your health. Let us know about 5 amazing benefits of eating curd daily: 1. Helps in weight

20 Apr 2024 1:50 pm
Health Tips: Mango and Diabetes, What do experts say?

Allegations and counter-allegations are being made in the political circles of Delhi regarding CM Arvind Kejriwal, who is lodged in Tihar Jail in a money laundering case related to the alleged excise policy. Kejriwal, who is suffering from diabetes (Type 2), applied to the court seeking permission for regular blood sugar tests and consultation with the doctor through video conferencing. At the same time, ED claimed that he was eating mangoes in jail. During the hearing in Rouse Avenue Court on t

20 Apr 2024 1:47 pm
Health Tips: Curry Leaves Water Benefits!

Curry Leaves Water Benefits: The aroma of curry leaves and their taste attracts all of us. It is commonly used in South Indian dishes, like sambar, dosa coconut chutney, etc. It is considered a treasure of Ayurveda because many medicinal properties and anti-oxidants are found in it which is very beneficial for health. But have you drunk curry leaves the water, and is it good for your health or not? India's famous nutrition expert Nikhil Vats said that curry leaf water can be useful to us in

20 Apr 2024 1:46 pm
Google Maps Update: Google unveiled beta version of life saving satellite connectivity feature, know details..

There is competition among tech companies all over the world to bring new technologies. Meanwhile, Google has unveiled an amazing feature in the mapping app Google Maps. The new feature will improve satellite connectivity. It is being said in the reports that in case there is no cellular network and Wi-Fi in the device, the satellite connectivity feature of Google Maps can be used. Beta version unveiled Only beta version 11.125 of the Google Maps satellite connectivity feature has been released.

20 Apr 2024 12:28 pm
Evernote App Update: Evernote becomes smarter with AI features, know the details of its features..

Things are changing very fast in the digital world. New changes are coming in technology every day. In such a situation, the way of making notes has also changed. Now many advanced features have come for making notes. The Evernote app allows users to secure notes in a better way. Know what is Evernote app For your information, let us tell you that the Evernote app gives the option of text, photo, and video for making notes. The option of editing tools is also given in it. Now many advanced AI fe

20 Apr 2024 12:25 pm