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Fitness Tips:-If you want to look beautiful and fit like Kareena Kapoor then do Virabhadrasana

Some Bollywood actresses do regular yoga to keep themselves fit. The name of Kareena Kapoor Khan is also included in this list. Yes, Kareena Kapoor Khan is a yoga and fitness freak and if you are her fan then you will be completely aware of this as her social media account is proof of that. The actress is also regularly seen doing advanced yoga poses, we recently saw the actress doing Virabhadrasana to Kareena in an Instagram post shared by her fitness trainer AnshukaParwani. Kareena Kapoor Khan

2 Dec 2021 11:05 am
Happy Wedding Anniversary: Priyanka Chopra's best traditional look with Nick Jonas after marriage

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will celebrate their third wedding anniversary on December 1. Let's see Nick's best traditional look with Priyanka on this occasion- Global icon Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are some of the most talked-about couples in the film industry. Both often win the hearts of fans with their romantic style. Apart from romantic chemistry, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are also known for their fashion sense. Whether it is the Met Gala or any other Bollywood event, t

1 Dec 2021 9:10 pm
Fashion Tips:-Style velvet blazer in winter with these stunning ways

With the onset of winter, our style of styling changes. In this season we not only want to escape our chilly winds but also want to layer ourselves in such a way that the whole look looks very stylish. In this sense, wearing a velvet blazer can be a good idea. It gives you a royal look. Not only this, in winter you can easily wear it from casuals to parties. Now the question arises that how to style the velvet blazer. There are many ways to style it. You just have to pay attention to the occasio

1 Dec 2021 9:06 pm
Imran government scared of Baloch leaders, FIR registered against PTM-ANP chiefs

In Pakistan, the government of Imran Khan has started registering FIRs against people who raise their voices regarding the atrocities in Balochistan. In fact, on Sunday, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) chief Manzoor Pashteen and Awami National Party (ANP) leader Asghar Achakzai had organized a program to show their strength. Now the Imran government has got a chill on this and has registered an FIR against both the leaders. The Quetta Police has registered a case against Manzoor Pashtun and Asgha

1 Dec 2021 9:03 pm
Fashion Tips:-Know some of the best ways to layer rings

In accessories, it is not only the neckpiece or earrings that matter, but your finger ring is equally important. Usually, women wear rings of different styles to enhance the beauty of their hands and not only their fingers. Till some time back, only gold rings were very much preferred, but today women carry everything from artificial rings to stone rings. Not only this, but the trend of layering of accessories has also increased a lot in recent times. In these, not only the layering of the neckp

1 Dec 2021 9:01 pm
Health: Small children also have cancer disease, symptoms start with fever

The most common blood cancer in children is also known as leukemia. There are several types, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia . If children have got a fever and it is not coming down even after two to three weeks, then it can be a symptom of cancer. Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in this world. Most people think that this disease occurs only in old age, although it is not so. Young children also get many types of cancer. It also happens at the age of 2 to 10. Therefore it is

1 Dec 2021 9:00 pm
Injection of chicken blood being given to children in China, the dangerous needle being given in greed

China was accused of spreading the coronavirus. However, China has never believed that it has spread the coronavirus knowingly or by mistake, this virus has spread from its country to the world. Some say that this virus came from animal to human due to China's ludicrous food, while some say that the virus has been spread by making it in the lab. Now new news is coming out from China. It is being told that parents are getting their children injected with Cock Blood Injection. The reason for t

1 Dec 2021 8:59 pm
TV personality Eric Zemo will now contest the presidential election, targeting Islam

France Politics TV Personality Eric Zemo (Eric Zemmour) is discussed as well these days. Right-wing ideologue Eric Jamo has announced to contest the French presidential election in the year 2022. These days, news about him is being published as prominently in TV channels and newspapers as not about any other leader. His popularity is also increasing in opinion polls. Due to this, Jamo is now being considered a strong contender in next year's presidential election. In a survey that came last

1 Dec 2021 8:58 pm
Omicron infection even after three doses of vaccine, Canada banned Egypt

The world is troubled by the new variant of Coronavirus found in South Africa, Omicron Variant. This variant has spread to at least 15 countries so far. So far 13 countries have imposed a complete travel ban. Meanwhile, two more cases of the new variant have been found in Israel. Omicron, a new variant of the corona, has been confirmed by two doctors working in Tel Aviv. Surprisingly, both of them had taken three doses of the vaccine. Canada, on the other hand, announced on Tuesday that it has b

1 Dec 2021 8:53 pm
Fashion Tips:-This cloth combination can spoil your look, be careful

Women never miss out on being experimental when it comes to fashion and style. She tries to create a new look by carrying not only colors but also different outfits together. Sometimes your style looks very unique and beautiful. But sometimes it happens that your cloth combination gets messed up. Maybe the two outfits you carry together don't go together at all. At the same time, footwear mismatches with your outfit and becomes a fashion blunder. So, today in this article, we are telling you

1 Dec 2021 8:52 pm
Home Remedies: Try These Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cough And Sore Throat

Home Remedies: Sore throat is quite common during the winter season, but you can try some home remedies to deal with it. Let's know which are these home remedies. The Winter season has arrived. This season also brings with it health-related problems. This includes sore throat and many other allergies. Also, increasing pollution has become the cause of many health problems these days. In such a situation, you can get rid of these problems by trying some home remedies. Let's know which hom

1 Dec 2021 8:51 pm
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is not only beneficial but also harmful to the body, know-how?

Side Effects Of Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a plant that is used from beauty to Ayurvedic medicine. Aloe vera is also known as Aloe vera. Aloe Vera Ke Nuksan: Everyone is aware of the properties of aloe vera. Aloe vera is very beneficial for health. Aloe vera is a panacea for skin-related problems. But do you know that if aloe vera is used in excess, it is harmful to health? People usually consume aloe vera in a variety of ways, from the juice. But do you know that consuming aloe vera juice can caus

1 Dec 2021 8:41 pm
RakhiSawant's husband appeared for the first time after 2 years of marriage, entered Bigg Boss 15 with a drama queen

The wait to see RakhiSawant's husband Ritesh is over now. Recently, she has made a banging entry in Bigg Boss 15 with her husband. As much as people are eagerly waiting for the wedding date of Bollywood couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, people are also waiting to catch a glimpse of RakhiSawant's husband Ritesh. There is good news for the fans of RakhiSawant. RakhiSawant has entered Bigg Boss 15 with her husband Ritesh. RakhiSawant has once again made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 15.

1 Dec 2021 8:38 pm
Festival Calendar 2022: Know the date and auspicious time of the upcoming festivals in the year 2022 including Holi, Janmashtami, and Diwali

Know the date and auspicious time of all the big Teej-festivals of the coming New Year 2022. Now we are at the last stage of the year 2021. The year 2022 is going to come soon and with the arrival of this year, everyone is also curious to know the date of the new Teej-festivals. We pacify your curiosity and tell you the dates of the main festivals of the year 2022. January PaushPutrada Ekadashi Date - January 13 Significance- Lord Vishnu with Sudarshan Chakra is worshiped on this day. A fast is

1 Dec 2021 8:35 pm
Health: Diabetes and heart patients should consume a handful of sunflower seeds daily, they will be saved from all the dangers

Many medicinal elements are found in sunflower seeds. In winters they can be consumed as snacks. Consuming it provides relief in many health-related problems. Know about it. Sunflower seeds are called a superfood. These seeds are extracted from the middle part of the flower. They are rich in many nutrients like calories, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, as well as many medicinal elements, are also found in them. With their regular consumption, you can keep your body away from all the

1 Dec 2021 8:33 pm
Craft Ideas:-Make wall hangings like this from waste material available at home

You can also make wall hangings from the things available in the house. Wall hangings are very easy to make. Let us know how it is made. Do you want to decorate your wall? Or want to give a personal touch to the bedroom. For this, you can easily make wall hangings from the things present in the house. Wall hanging crafts are the way to give a new touch to your home. Hanging crafts made of paper can give a fresh look to any space. Wall hanging is a very good option for decorating the walls. Let u

1 Dec 2021 8:32 pm
Esha Gupta dances fiercely in a lehenga, clicks a selfie with friends

Bollywood actress Esha Gupta remains in the news for her bold pictures with her acting. Now her traditional look is going viral on social media. Isha is dancing fiercely wearing a lehenga. She also enjoyed Rajasthani cuisine. Took a lot of selfies with his friends too. Esha Gupta has come to Jaipur to attend a wedding ceremony with her friends. She is staying in a hotel located on Delhi Road, Jaipur. Isha is not only enjoying the wedding ceremony but is also admiring the beauty of Pink City roam

1 Dec 2021 8:30 pm
Gift Ideas for Wedding:-Give these special gifts to the bride and groom at the wedding, know the latest gift ideas

Wedding season is going on everywhere. Every day marriages are taking place at the house of someone close, family or relatives. In such a situation, there is confusion as to what gift should be given on the occasion of marriage. Most of the wedding guests give cash or a sari as a gift, but if you want, you can choose a unique gift for the newly married couple. In today's article, we have brought for you some special gift ideas, which you can present as a gift to the bride and groom at the we

1 Dec 2021 8:30 pm
KRK targeted Prime Minister Modi by sharing the post on social media, said I had said that something big is going to happen

Assembly elections are due in Uttar Pradesh in March next year. With the coming of elections, the issue of Mathura Masjid has started rising. In the past, the Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha in Mathura had announced that we would install an idol of Shri Krishna in the mosque. Soon after that, the district administration has imposed section 144 of CrPC. Now Kamal Rashid Khan, who is known to stir up controversies in Bollywood on this matter, has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by tweeting on t

1 Dec 2021 8:23 pm
Cleaning Tips:-Clean your designer lehenga at home like this, know the way

Lehenga is one such garment, which is in the wardrobe of almost every woman. Because lehenga is more stylish and comfortable than suit, dress or saree. Apart from this, women can easily wear the lehenga in every function. You will easily find many varieties of lehengas in the market but most women prefer to wear heavy lehengas and designer coats. Women also look more stylish in heavy lehenga. But after wearing the lehenga, every woman has trouble cleaning or washing it at home and due to a littl

1 Dec 2021 8:20 pm
Travel Tips:-Countries that pay for their stay

The population is increasing rapidly around the world. In such a situation, everyone wants to live in such a place, where all kinds of facilities are easily available. A place where it is easy to get all kinds of jobs, but due to inflation, it becomes very difficult to shift to another country. You will be surprised to know that even in this era, there are many such countries in the world, who give you money when they shift here. In these countries, the government does this work for the developm

1 Dec 2021 8:18 pm
Travel Tips:-The mansion of Rajasthan that took nearly 30 years to design

Almost every city of Rajasthan is famous for some fort, palace, building, and haveli, not only in India but also on the world stage. Hawa Mahal, Jaisalmer Fort, Lekh Palace, Agra Fort, City Palace, etc. built in medieval times are famous for thousands of buildings. Every month lakhs of tourists reach this historical state to see all these forts, buildings, and Havelis, etc. Jaisalmer of Rajasthan is also famous for many historical forts, palaces, and temples. But, today the thing about which we

1 Dec 2021 8:13 pm
Deepika wore a Pakistani designer's sari, Kareena's favorite is also the dress made by Faraz

Pakistan's Faraj Manan has become a favorite of some of the biggest stars of Bollywood. Whether it is the issue of an advertisement or a fashion shoot, their demand has increased among Bollywood stars. Actress Deepika Padukone has shared stories of herself wearing a beautiful saree designed by Faraz Manan on Instagram. Deepika paired it with dark eyes and nude lips, gorgeous emerald earrings, and a sleek bun. Faraz Manan has also posted a closeup of the look on his Instagram. The photo has g

1 Dec 2021 8:13 pm
Travel Tips:-How much do you know about these 9 famous caves present in India, each one has an interesting story

India has many centuries-old secrets, miracles, etc., in comparison to other countries. The ancient and vast caves hidden inside the forests and valleys of India are famous for not one but thousands of miraculous stories. Apart from the religious importance, the carvings on these caves are considered to be ancient even from pre-historic times. Today in this article we are going to tell you closely about the ancient and historical caves of India, so let's know. 1. Bhimbetka Caves Bhimbetka Ca

1 Dec 2021 8:11 pm
Ranbir kicked Alia's lehenga, people said - don't marry this man

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are considered to be the cute couple of Bollywood. But some of these people are angry with Ranbir and they even advised Alia not to marry him. These people are furious after seeing Ranbir's video which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This video made in the discussion is of Diwali. The two went to the North Bombay Sarbogenein Durga Pandal to seek the blessings of Goddess Kali on the occasion. Ayan Mukerji, director of 'Brahmastra' was also

1 Dec 2021 8:06 pm
Lucky women have these special qualities, learn how

Oceanography describes a person's temperament, strengths, and weaknesses based on the composition of the body parts. The way a person's future can be known by looking at the lines of the palm. In this way, the formation of feet, hands, fingers can tell a lot about a person. -A lucky woman according to oceanography Women who are fair in complexion, forehead, teeth and mouth are considered lucky. Such women brighten the name of their clan. Not only that, such a woman also gets a lot of lov

1 Dec 2021 8:05 pm
Holding your hand has come a long way... Actor Vineet tied the knot with long time girlfriend

These days, wherever you look, news of marriage is coming out. From Instagram to Facebook, the wedding photos of celebs are dominating. Actor Vineet Kumar Singh also surprised everyone with a sudden seven rounds. The actor himself gave the good news to his fans by sharing pictures on Instagram. He wrote in a lovely note- '29 November, I have come a long way holding your hand. Truly feel blessed to have you in my life Ruchira. Thank you for all your love and well wishes. Through these picture

1 Dec 2021 8:03 pm
Guests will get entries after revealing their code words in Vic-Kat's wedding, the special guest will get a tiger safari

Bollywood's beautiful actress Katrina Kaif will become Vicky Kaushal's Dulhania in the next few days. The preparations for the marriage of both are going on in full swing, whose updates are becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is being said that both are spending a lot of money on the wedding and everything will be done in royal style. However, due to the new variant of Corona, some changes are being made in the marriage. Guests will be entered in a special way Now take the en

1 Dec 2021 8:01 pm
Vicky Kaushal's family members are angry with Katrina! Whole family busy celebrating

Currently, there is only mention of the marriage of Bollywood actors Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. The desperation of the fans is visible on social media regarding their marriage. A member of Vicky's house is very disappointed in the atmosphere of happiness, they do not want Katrina to become the daughter-in-law of their house. According to the news, while Vicky and Katrina's families are very happy with this marriage, a very special member of the groom's house is sad. They do not

1 Dec 2021 7:57 pm
Shreya Ghoshal's relationship with Twitter's new boss Parag is special, 11-year-old tweet went viral

Singer Shreya Ghoshal has congratulated her childhood friend Parag Agarwal of Indian origin on taking over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Twitter and said she is proud of Agarwal. Shreya has reacted to the old tweets with Parag Aggarwal going viral. As per some old tweets, Parag and Shreya are childhood friends. Shreya tweeted on Parag taking charge that congratulations Parag, proud of you. It's a big day for us... Very happy with this news. After congratulating Shreya, people start

1 Dec 2021 7:52 pm
The world has lost a fashion superstar... Celebrities pay tribute to Virgil Abloh

The fashion world is in shock after the well-known fashion designer Virgil Abloh. Everyone is shocked by the sudden passing of this talented fashion designer. Many celebrities including Bollywood actors Abhishek Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor have mourned his death through social media. Paying tribute to Abloh in an Instagram story, Priyanka Chopra wrote Gone too soon. With this, he has also shared a picture. Fashion house Gucci wrote on Twitter We would like to express o

1 Dec 2021 7:47 pm
People born in December are loving, family friendly, lazy and even stubborn!

Everyone has a strong desire to know their personality. Let's understand the personality of a person born in December based on astrology. People born in December have a different kind of confidence. However, this self-confidence does not come spontaneously, it is gained by relying on others. Because of this, these people are very lazy. Do it yourself or not, but there are a lot of expectations from others. Those expectations are never fulfilled and they have to bear the pain of disappointmen

1 Dec 2021 7:46 pm
Petition filed in Supreme Court against Kangana's post, the actress said - I am getting threats

Some controversy arises every day regarding actress Kangana Ranaut. Now a petition has been filed against the actress in the Supreme Court, asking for censoring all her social media posts to maintain law and order in the country. has sought. Earlier, Kangana had lodged an FIR after she received threats about her post on farmers' protests. Ranaut is getting threats Ranaut had posted a long statement in Hindi on Instagram saying that She is getting constant threats from disruptive forces rega

1 Dec 2021 7:43 pm
After a long time, a smile appeared on Shahnaz's face, hugged orphaned children

Bigg Boss 13 fame and famous Punjabi actress Shahnaz Gill has been staying away from the limelight and social media for a long time. Shehnaaz is also seen avoiding public appearances after losing her close friend Siddharth Shukla, but now three months later, Shehnaaz was seen spending time with children at an orphanage in Amritsar's Pingalwada area. Some of her videos and pictures from Amritsar are also going viral, in which she was seen wearing a green sweater, gray stole, and jeans. Togeth

1 Dec 2021 7:38 pm
Xiaomi will show strength! Introducing the world's fastest processor smartphone

Xiaomi is set to overtake all other Android smartphone makers, including Samsung. The company has announced a smartphone that will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G chipset. This is Qualcomm's new flagship processor today. Which is 30 percent faster than older processors. After the announcement of Qualcomm's flagship chipset, Xiaomi said that the company will be the first to introduce a phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. The phone will be launched under the name Xiaomi 12. X

1 Dec 2021 7:31 pm
Tech update: Up to 65 percent discount is available on these smart watches on Amazon, take advantage of the deal

There are huge discounts being given on Smart Watches on Amazon right now. Nowadays, apart from smartphones in the market, people also like smartwatches a lot. If you also want to buy a smartwatch, then you can buy a new smartwatch with a good discount on Amazon. The best smartwatches from companies like Amazfit, Fire Bolt, Boat, and Noise are currently available in these smartwatches. So let's have a look at these smartwatches. This smartwatch is available with a discount on Amazon Here we

1 Dec 2021 7:12 pm
Bollywood: The bodyguard who was scolded by Sara Ali Khan, now the lee side of the same, know the whole matter

A video of Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan came in the media on Tuesday, in which she was scolding her bodyguard saying that if someone is dropped like this. After this Sara Ali Khan was seen apologizing to the media persons. After this video of Sara, now another new video has surfaced, in which she is taking the side of her bodyguard and saying, I know he can't do this. Understand the whole matter Let me tell you in a sequential manner what is this matter. Actually, on Tuesday, a video of S

1 Dec 2021 7:07 pm
Katrina Kaif-Vicky Kaushal will stay in this royal suites for their wedding, a day's rent is as much as the cost of a luxury car

The preparations for the wedding of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Kaushal have started in full swing. Vicky and Katrina will take seven rounds of marriage at Six Senses Fort Barware in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. It will be a royal wedding in which special arrangements have been made for the guests while bride Vicky and bride Katrina have booked lavish royal suites for themselves. Whose one day rent is as much as you can buy a luxury car. Vicky Dulhania Katrina, the bridegroom, w

1 Dec 2021 7:07 pm
Gadar 2: Tara and Sakina's pair is coming back, unseen pictures of 'Gadar 2' surfaced

Bollywood's superhit film 'Gadar: Ek Prem Katha', even today when it comes on TV, people wake up only after finishing the entire film. Fans have not forgotten Sunny Deol's strong acting and Ameesha Patel's innocence even today. If you are also a staunch fan of 'Gadar' then there is good news for you. Very soon the pair of Tara Singh and Sakina will be seen once again on the big screen. Yes, the shooting of 'Gadar 2' has started, some pictures have also come ou

1 Dec 2021 7:06 pm
Unseasonal rains hit fishermen hard, demanding compensation

Untimely rain has started from this morning. Mumbai fishermen diverted their boats to shore. Fish caught earlier by fishermen, which take two to three days to dry. The fish was kept on bamboo for drying. All the fish is wet and spoiled. Fishermen have lost thousands of rupees. Govt. Also, Indian fishermen Congress general secretary Santosh Koli and Mumbai fishermen congress president Dhanaji Koli have requested state fisheries minister Aslam Sheikh to compensate the fishermen for the loss of the

1 Dec 2021 7:04 pm
Tanisha Mukherjee told what a big mistake happened to her, due to which corona happened even after applying both doses

Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukherjee has also been hit by Corona, although her recovery is going fast. Giving her health update, Kajol's sister Tanisha said that thankfully my health is improving. I had taken both doses of the vaccine, so my corona symptoms are not so severe, and I am not very sick. Along with this, the actress told that she had a fever for only one day. The actress revealed that due to which mistake her corona happened? Tanisha told what happened to her Tanisha Mukherjee rev

1 Dec 2021 6:37 pm
Tech update: Airtel's best prepaid plans under Rs 300 after tariff hike

The recent price hike by the country's telecom companies has been a topic of discussion. Big telecom companies have increased the tariffs of their prepaid plans. Airtel has also increased the tariff for its prepaid plans by about 25%. So in this article, today we are going to tell about the prepaid plans offered by Airtel after the price hike of less than Rs.300. Airtel prepaid plans coming in less than Rs 300 after tariff hike The first plan under Rs 300 offered by Airtel is going to come u

1 Dec 2021 6:31 pm
'Cranky' arrested for threatening Bengali actress, went to jail twice before

For the past several days, there have been many cases of film personalities threatening to kill them. Recently, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut received threats on social media, which she complained to the police. At the same time, in another similar case, the police have arrested the accused person who threatened. West Bengal Police has arrested Bengali TV and film actress Arunima Ghosh for allegedly making threats of murder and rape. Was troubling the actress for two years According to a Kolk

1 Dec 2021 6:31 pm
Bollywood: 'Ha ha ha... I am India's most powerful woman', why did Kangana Ranaut say this?

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana Ranaut was the first to open a front against the big celebrities of Bollywood. After this, she started giving her opinion on every issue of the country. Including many controversial posts. For this reason, his Twitter account was blocked long ago. Recently, She had made a comment on another social networking site about Khalistani terrorists, after which a petition was filed against him in the Supreme Court. Now Kangana has reacted to that. What is

1 Dec 2021 6:30 pm
'I was about to have a heart attack', when Lara Dutta's daughter opened up about divorce

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta is in the news these days for her web release 'Hiccups and Hookups'. The character of Lara in the recently released new web series is being well-liked by the audience. In such a situation, in her latest interview, the actress revealed such a thing, after hearing which Lara herself felt like having a heart attack, know what was that thing ... Actress got shocked In fact, Lara Dutta revealed that the actress was in shock when her daughter Saira asked her about

1 Dec 2021 6:23 pm
Salman Khan was seen spinning the spinning wheel, different style of Bhaijaan was seen in the photos

Bollywood actor Salman Khan's film has finally been released. Bollywood actor Salman Khan has reached Ahmedabad after the release of the film. After Ahmedabad, Salman Khan reached Gandhi Ashram. From where some of his pictures have come out which are quite different. In these pictures, Salman Khan is seen spinning the spinning wheel in the Gandhi Ashram. This style of Salman Khan is becoming quite viral on social media. Salman Khan is also taking great pleasure in spinning the spinning wheel

1 Dec 2021 6:13 pm
Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed's theft caught once again! Now see which actress was copied in photos

The bold style of Bigg Boss fame Urfi Javed is being seen once again. Recently, Urfi got a new look which was quite different. The most special thing about this look was that it was made from aluminum foil. Everyone was surprised to see this look of Urfi, but when this picture reached the users on social media, they caught the theft of Urfi. Urfi Javed has once again copied the Hollywood actress in the process of wearing a bold dress. The dress made of foil paper has been copied by Urfi from Hol

1 Dec 2021 6:08 pm
Can't eat sweets because of diabetes? Then replace sugar with 'these' things

Everyone knows that sugar consumption is harmful to health. For diabetics, sugar is nothing less than poison. Therefore, patients with diabetes are advised to reduce their intake of sweets or sugar. In fact, too much sugar raises blood sugar levels, which is dangerous for diabetics. Also, using more sugar is usually not good for everyone. Eating too much sugar can lead to many diseases. If you like sweets, you can use some of these alternatives instead of sugar, it will not affect your health. T

1 Dec 2021 12:58 pm
If the skin is dry due to cold then try this remedy

Skin dryness is a problem especially in winter. Many people nowadays have blackheads on their skin. However, there are a number of reasons behind the darkening of the skin. So, if you want to get rid of this blackhead forever, we have come up with some tips for you. With the help of which you can overcome this problem. So let's see how to get rid of skin darkening. - Take a few neem leaves and boil it, then bathe daily with this water. Thus, if you do this procedure continuously for 15 days,

1 Dec 2021 12:58 pm
Beauty tips: Want a perfect slim fit like Korean Beauty? Follow their 5 rules, be a beauty ...

As the world draws closer, fashion and beauty trends from around the world are becoming more and more familiar to us. Some things we can follow in our daily life, while some things we always feel curious and curious. Korean music and Korean beauty trends make you see photos of Korean women all the time. We are very curious about how these women look so slim trim. Of course, these women do not eat weight loss formula food or drink only weight loss formula drinks. On the contrary, they live a norm

1 Dec 2021 12:58 pm