A male tiger was captured, treated, and released inside Anamalai tiger reserve

COIMBATORE: Veterinarians, officials, and staff of the Tirupur forest division of the Anamalai tiger reserve have successfully captured a male tiger and released it in the home range after treating its injury which was caused by a snare. The animal, aged between eight and nine years, fell into one of the three cages after being attracted to a goat inside the cage at Amaravathy forest range in Tirupur division of ATR on Saturday. After 24 hours of gap, the animal was sedated on Sunday morning by assistant veterinary surgeon E Vijayaragavan along with Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve (STR) forest veterinary officer S Sathasivam. Devendra Kumar Meena, deputy director of the Tirupur division of ATR, told TNIE that the animal was given sedation to carry out smooth treatment, and the treatment commenced 20 minutes after the animal fell into a semi-conscious state. Initially, the officials suspected that a snare (sharp wire) intruded on the animal's body, and now they have confirmed that only a rope that was used to tie cattle was locked in the lower back of the big cat body, causing injury to him. We suspect that the poachers could have kept the snare using only a rope near the tribal settlements in the division targeting wild boar or spotted deer since keeping only a rope is also the practice of the poachers to capture the wild animals for consuming meat. However, unexpectedly, the rope caught in the big cat's body. The rope caused injury to the animal externally and there is no deep injury to him, he said. A team of staff is monitoring the animal, which is active and delivering roaring sounds similar to the other tigers. We have taken biological samples from the animal during the treatment, which lasted for one and a half hours, for analysis, added Devandra Kumar Meena According to sources, the animal was found injured while assessing the camera trap images during the end of May, and three cages have been setup to capture the animal. Animal activity was also monitored using the 80 camera traps at 40 different locations in the Amaravathy forest range. The Chief Wildlife Warden Srinivas R Reddy has also issued an order to tranquilise the animal on June 6. After nine days of continues operation, the animal fell into one of the cages on June 15. S Ramasubramanian conservator of forests in the Coimbatore district and field director of ATR congratulated the sixteen members of the team led by Devndra Kumar Meena for successfully capturing, treating and releasing the animal back into the wild.

The New Indian Express 17 Jun 2024 1:56 pm

Dollar Industries to Open 50 Outlets in South India

Dollar Industries aims for 50 new stores in South India within three years, targeting 20% revenue from the region. Expansion in Tirupur underway

Deccan Chronicle 13 Jun 2024 6:14 pm

Sketching safety for kids

CHENNAI: Its been over a decade since the implementation of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. This legislation was crafted to tackle sexual exploitation and abuse of children, filling the gaps such acts were either ambiguously defined or insufficiently penalised. With social media and more resources, awareness on sexual harassment is out there. But the number of cases of child abuse remains high. This was a factor that motivated Prakash Vaithyanathan, a science teacher from the city, to create an initiative for children so that they are constantly aware. An artful advocacy A pencil box with a cartoon sticker inside it the cartoon illustrates different symptoms a kid might experience in a dangerous situation faster heartbeat, sweating, tightness etc. By giving excerpts of sex education through a pencil box, which is an integral tool in a students life, Prakash thinks it might be an easy way of creating awareness. If we look at small children, particularly LKG to class 5, there is only little information available, like safe and unsafe touches. Schools usually organise workshops, but these once-in-a-year events cannot create an impact on kids. They need to be informed clearly and constantly, he says. Prakash has been a school teacher for the past 32 years and in the initial years, he had also served as a storyteller for the small children besides teaching maths and science for the higher classes. During the storytelling sessions, I got to interact with them more and observe what they have been going through. A lot of children are getting abused and are witnessing domestic violence at home, he notes. It is important for the parents to have awareness first, concurs the teacher. Parents, especially mothers, are the best teachers and they can teach children about the body parts that they could allow anyone to touch and which parts one should not. To the curious questions, they can respond by discussing certain body reactions can happen naturally in the kids. To reach the children in the easiest and accessible form, this teacher took the route of cartoons. He made an outline of the cartoons and with the help of another artist, created the poster that needed to be pasted on the pencil box. I didnt want to create illustrations where private parts are being shown and the abuse is being mentioned, as it can be triggering. So I thought the children will be informed first about topics like safe and unsafe touch and these cartoons will serve as a constant reminder of what a dangerous situation can look like, he says. Sometimes when the child is being touched, they arent conscious of it. Prakash adds that there is a chance that these symptoms might not occur, and the body can become numb. He says, Even in that case, since the kids are constantly informed, there is a higher chance of them reporting the incidents. Ninety nine per cent of the cases occur because the children dont understand whats happening and thus dont report. Prakash has been self-employed for the past few years and also teaches students for NEET exams via Zoom, with a focus on students from rural areas. An alumnus of IIT Madras, he has been taking initiatives for the welfare of society. With this new project, he hopes to reach more school children in the state and also in the country. I had pitched the idea to Ajith Prasath Jain, former principal of Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, who has also received the best teacher award from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. I requested him to start the initiative from Tirupur as it is the land of freedom fighter Kodi Kaatha Kumaran and he is synonymous with courage. He has referred me to KMC School, Tirupur. Prakash hopes that it will be a start to an initiative where conversations about sex education are unavoidable parts of the curriculum.

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Heavy rains predicted in 14 districts of Tamil Nadu

Chennai, June 2 (IANS) The Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) has predicted heavy rains in 14 districts of Tamil Nadu in the next 24 hours. The rains, according to the RMC, are due to low-level atmospheric circulation over southern Tamil Nadu. Heavy rains will be in Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Theni, Dindigul, Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Tiruppatur, Krishnagiri, []

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Muslims donate land for Ganpati temple in Tamil Nadu's Tirupur

Muslims donate land for Ganpati temple in Tamil Nadus Tirupur

India Today 28 May 2024 10:23 pm

2 Girls Gangraped, 9 Individuals Including 3 Minors Apprehended In Udumalpet

The Udumalpet police have taken into custody 9 individuals, including three juveniles, in connection to a gang rape incident involving a minor under the POCSO act in the Tirupur district. The post 2 Girls Gangraped, 9 Individuals Including 3 Minors Apprehended In Udumalpet appeared first on The Commune .

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Annamalai faces tough competition from DMK, AIADMK as he strives for victory

Annamalai faces tough competition from DMK, AIADMK as he strives for victory When the high-profile DMK minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan was moved from Finance to Information Technology department in May 2023, it was widely believed it was a fallout of an audio clip leak by BJP Tamil Nadu chief K Annamalai. Then, Annamalai, who had already been generating political controversies, made solid gains in the perception battle, which was all about whether it was the BJP or AIADMK in questioning the powers that be and performing the role of a vibrant opposition party. Months later, 39-year old Annamalai as the BJP candidate in Coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency is consistent in challenging both the ruling DMK and main opposition AIADMK. By releasing RTI documents on ceding of Katchatheevu, the Congress party also came under his fierce attack. AIADMK leaders even alleged Annamalai spoke ill of Dravidian icon CN Annadurai and late party supremo J Jayalalithaa and that it was the trigger for snapping of ties with the BJP last year. Hence, be it the audio clip episode, or AIADMK breaking ties, Annamalai became a key point of political discourse in one way or the other. Little wonder, Coimbatore, the hub of western region, is the most keenly watched constituency in Tamil Nadu. Thiaga Rajan had denied BJP's allegation that it was his voice that was heard in the audio clip. Nearly a year after shifting him, Chief Minister M K Stalin Stalin said the moved was effected to improve and reform the IT department. Just to prove its electoral heft, the ruling DMK chose to field its candidate from Coimbatore rather than giving it to allies. Former Mayor, P Ganapaty Rajkumar is the DMK candidate. In 2019, DMK ally CPI(M) won the seat. DMK bets on a string of its welfare schemes including fare-free travel for women in buses. It appears to battle some anti-incumbency like discontent among MSMEs over high cost of electricity despite Stalin's measures to address their grievances. Nearly 3,000 MSME units staged a hunger protest last year opposing power tariff hike. An industry source told PTI: ''The MSME units have been worst hit due to power tariff hike. Representations to the government have not elicited a positive response so far.'' The MSMEs are under stress.'' AIADMK's Singai G Ramachandran (36) is the youngest among candidates fielded by major parties. He and Annamalai are both IIM graduates and Rajkumar (58) holds a doctorate in journalism. In the run up to the polls, though leader of Opposition and AIADMK chief, Edappadi K Palaniswami asserted the fight is only between his party and the DMK, the BJP is working hard and enthusiastic too, to give the well entrenched Dravidian parties a run for their money. BJP workers depend on Annamalai's popularity to emerge victorious. He has has made 100 promises to be fulfilled in 500 days and assurances include cleaning up rivers, an international airport and food vans named after former Chief Minister K Kamaraj. Kamaraj was a veteran of the freedom movement, a Congress icon remembered for his honesty and groundbreaking work for the people. Traditionally, a bastion of the AIADMK, the Left outfits and trade unions affiliated to them hold a sway over segments of workers here. Similarly, the BJP has several pockets of influence in Coimbatore and a committed voter-base. This is also a region where the Hindu outfits have a comparatively good presence. However, BJP's cadre strength appears to be no match for the organisational prowess of DMK and AIADMK. The crux of the AIADMK's campaign here is that only its previous regimes brought growth and developed infrastructure and both the DMK and BJP did nothing for the western region. It dismissed an edge for Annamalai as ''maya'' created in the media by the BJP itself. The AIADMK is very confident that only its candidates would win Coimbatore, Pollachi, Nilgiris, Erode and Tirupur segments. Communally sensitive, the car blast, on Deepavali eve in 2022 is fresh in the memory of people. Recently, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a road show here, he paid homage to the victims of the 1998 serial bomb blast in which 58 people were killed. Incidentally, Annamalai has promised to set up a unit of the National Investigation Agency here. A textile and industrial hub, there are several issues in Coimbatore including the demand of MSMEs to slash GST for job work. Days ago, Chief Minister Stalin addressing a meet at nearby Avinashi alleged Modi's ''twin attack'' of demonetisation and GST implementation has hit industries in this western region. ''Industrial units that had once put up notice boards announcing hiring of workers, now display auction notices,'' he then alleged. The industry source said continuous increase in prices of raw materials and allied goods have further hurt the MSMEs. ''Surge in raw material costs leads to cancellation of orders; it will further lead to decline in exports.'' Coimbatore and nearby areas house textile units, manufacturing units of auto components, wet grinders, motor pumps and foundries. Car makers Maruti Udyog and Tata Motors source up to 30 per cent of their automotive components from the city. Kalamani Jaganathan (36) is Naam Tamilar Katchi's pick. In essence, Coimbatore is facing a four-way contest and Annamalai's entry has made the fight pretty tough. In 1999 LS polls, the BJP's CP Radhakrishnan won the seat as part of alliance with the DMK. In 1998 he won that seat, and the BJP was AIADMK's ally then. Elections to 39 Lok Sabha seats in TN will be held on April 19.

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Tamil Nadu CM Continues Attacking BJP, Modi

Chennai: Continuing his scathing attack on the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, Chief Minister M K Stalin said that Tirupur would become a Manipur if Modi returned to power again and all its businesses would collapse as a riot-stricken place would not be fit for industrial growth. Speaking at an election meeting at the hosiery town of Tiruppur to introduce INDIA coalition candidates, A Raja of DMK contesting from The Nilgiris and Subarayyan of CPI fighting the April 19 Lok Sabha polls from Tiruppur, Stalin warned the people of reservation getting cancelled if the BJP won the elections once more. The Constitution that helped the country hold its head high though skeptics had predicted the nations disintegration due to its diversity during Independence would be struck down by Modi, he said, adding that not only was the Constitution framed by B R Ambedkar that was under threat but even democracy was in jeopardy. Going by the 10 year rule of the BJP that took the nation on the downward hills and wrecked the economy of cities like Coimbatore and Tirupur that were once seen are destinations of hope for people in search of jobs and livelihoods and it could be predicted what would befall the nation if the BJP won the polls, he said. Referring to an unsavoury incident at Tiruppur on Friday, in which a woman, who raised a question relating to GST to a bunch of campaigners belonging to the BJP, was brutally attacked, he said that was the respect the BJP gave to the people and that was how they treated women. The nation that was now kept united despite the diversity, would be divided on religious and language lines by Modi because of whose agreement with Bangladesh on textiles and the reduction of time limit for repaying instalments was reduced from six months to three months under the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act ruined the businesses, he charged. Since Lok Sabha polls were crucial and the peoples vote for the INDIA coalition candidates was highly essential to retrieve democracy and defeat dictatorship with a view to upholding equality, fraternity, communal amity and social justice, he urged the people to serve as his ambassadors and seek the votes of all the people. He said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had demolished the entire campaign undertaken by Modi in one stroke by making a visit to Coimbatore on Friday when he said that Tamil Nadu, its history, its politics had helped him understand India, besides showing how to care for people. Rahul Gandhi had also acknowledged that he had learnt a lot from leaders of Tamil Nadu like Periyar E V Ramasamy, K Kamaraj, C N Annadurai and K Karunanidhi and the Congress partys manifesto reflected the ideals of the DMK. By stating that the election was between the upholders of social justice and those who sowed the seeds of communal division, Rahul Gandhi proved that he shared the DMKs vision, too, he said, adding that Tamil society had progressed only in the past 100 years after the Dravidian movement came and after several struggles against the 2000 years old enslavement. Stalin also attacked AIADMK general secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami, whom he alleged was under the control of the BJP. Even if the AIADMK had any problems with the State unit of the BJP, it had nothing against Modi or Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Deccan Chronicle 14 Apr 2024 12:45 am

Rahul Gandhi's TN visit has trumped Modi's poll campaign: Stalin

Rahul Gandhi's TN visit has trumped Modi's poll campaign: Stalin Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin on Saturday said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's single day campaign in the state has ''beaten all the election trips'' of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the state to seek votes. Referring to the April 12 meet addressed at nearby Coimbatore by him and Gandhi, Stalin said the turnout and the rally was magnificent like the movie ''Baahubali'', and the ''total BJP was trumped,'' by a single public meeting. Further, the chief minister said Gandhi's single day campaign in Tamil Nadu has ''beaten all the election trips'' of Modi to the state to seek votes. ''Rahul Gandhi has proven that Tamil Nadu people can be won over (ruled) only through love.'' Citing Gandhi's comment in Coimbatore that the Lok Sabha polls are an ideological battle, the DMK chief said he has been all along stating that the election is between the INDIA bloc -- committed to upholding social justice -- and the BJP front which is sowing seeds of ''discrimination'' in society. ''Rahul Gandhi's speech has echoed the same opinion.'' The DMK regime is a beacon of social justice that provided reservation to marginalised people including the Backward, Most Backward and Scheduled Castes. ''If Modi is again voted to power, he will first do away with reservation. It is because BJP is allergic to social justice.'' Modi will also change the Constitution drafted by Dr B R Ambedkar. ''That is why we say that Modi returning to power is a danger to the Constitution, a threat to the whole country.'' Furthermore, the DMK president alleged ''stoking violence is in the BJP's DNA,'' and the nation will be an autocracy and the number of poor people will rise if Modi retains power. Referring to a news item (a video clip was also shared in social media) on BJP workers allegedly assaulting a woman in Tirupur for posing GST related questions, he said both the BJP and Modi are detrimental to the nation and its people. ''The BJP will turn Tirupur into a Manipur,'' he alleged. Pointing to the alleged assault, he accused the BJP of arrogance and alleged the Saffron party has become drunk with power. Industrial growth is possible only in a peaceful environment and peace and growth will be lost if ''violent parties like the BJP is allowed entry.'' Due to GST and demonetisation, industries/MSMEs have been seriously affected. A company that came forward to invest in Tamil Nadu was intimidated and it was forced to start its venture in Gujarat, he alleged. For the Production Linked Incentive scheme, tax is collected from Tamil Nadu people and the Centre is giving concession to start industries in Gujarat. ''Only these people are now seeking votes in Tirupur and Coimbatore.'' Stalin addressed the meet at Avinashi in Tirupur district which is among the areas that fall under the Nilgiris LS constituency, where BJP's L Murugan is seeking his luck. In Coimbatore, TN BJP chief K Annamalai is the candidate.

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Hectic Activities in Different Political Camps

Chennai : Different political marquees in the State bustled with hectic election related activities on Tuesday as the DMK finalized its seat allocation with the CPI and CPM, the BJP gained strength by the merger All Indian Samathuva Makkal Katchi (AISMK) of R Sarathkumar and the DMDK general secretary V Premalatha Vijayakanth sending out a veiled message of going with the AIADMK by openly opposing the implementation of the CAA. Leaders of the CPI and CPM called on Chief Minister M K Stalin to sign agreements on the seat allocation at the Anna Arivalayam, which left the Congress alone to sit across the table and finalise the seats in the DMK-led coalition. As per the agreements signed on Tuesday, CPM would contest from Madurai and Dindigul constituencies and CPI would field candidates from Nagapattinam and Tirupur. Once the Congress comes to the table and signs the agreement for seat allocation, the DMK would be able to wrap up the process by announcing its candidates for the various constituencies and plunge into the campaign process for the Lok Sabha polls as a clear picture would have emerged by then on who would be fighting the elections from where. The BJP camp had reason to rejoice on Tuesday as the AISMK merged with it formally at the party headquarters in Chennai and Sarathkumar announcing that it was the beginning of public service and comparing the regime of Narendra Modi with that of the late K Kamaraj. BJP State president K Annamalai welcomed Sarathkumar to the party and said that the move was to uphold the spirit of nationalism from the Tamil soil. He said Sarathkumar had been vocal about his Nationalistic thoughts through Art and called him a man of high personal integrity and had devoted his life to the service of Tamil people. The AIADMK, which held a human chain agitation in urban areas across the State to protest against the rampant drug menace in the State and to point out the alleged links of ruling party functionaries to the drug smuggling cartel, had a reason to be happy as Premalatha Vijayakanth gave a vague indication that she was not planning to join the BJP-led NDA, through a statement opposing the implementation of CAA. While the talks between the TNCC and DMK leaders are expected to happen soon, the BJP too will complete the process of seat allocation in another weeks time. The AIADMK might wait for the DMDK to make its next move and then clinch a deal with it. As far as the PMK is concerned, it is not clear which way it would swing. It could go with the BJP if its demands were met and come back to the AIADMK. Whatever it is, both the AIADMK and BJP are trying to make an issue out of a DMK functionary caught in connection with a drug smuggling case and gain political capital out of it. Perhaps they might use it as a poll plank, too, against the ruling DMK. For, the slogan of the AIADMK at the human chain agitation was Say no to drugs, Say no to DMK.

Deccan Chronicle 12 Mar 2024 11:53 pm

India, EFTA trade deal to help boost trade, investments: Indian industry

India, EFTA trade deal to help boost trade, investments: Indian industry The free trade agreement between India and the four European nation bloc EFTA will help boost trade and investments in the country in sectors such as engineering, pharma, food processing, and apparel, says the industry. India on Sunday signed a Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement (TEPA) with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) under which New Delhi received a USD 100 billion investment commitment from these four European countries. The investment commitment by the companies of the grouping - Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein - would be executed over a period of 15 years and facilitate creation of one million direct jobs in India. Industrialist and Tirupur Exporters Association President A Sakthivel said that the pact would help promote two-way commerce and help Indian apparel exporters increase their shipments. ''The investment commitment will boost domestic manufacturing,'' Sakthivel said. Industry body CII President R Dinesh said that the ''unique'' pledge by EFTA members on USD 100 billion investment will help sectors such as engineering, pharmaceuticals, food processing, apparel and others to grow. ''It will also help both sides to address third markets together,'' Dinesh said in a statement. Sharing similar views, trade expert and Hi-Tech Gears Chairman Deep Kapuria said that EFTA is an important trading block as it is amongst the top ten in the world in trade in goods and services. ''EFTA also has an extensive network of FTAs. Currently, it has trade agreements outside the EU with more than 30 countries, which covers 41 countries worldwide. India's FTA with EFTA would help it in integrating with the wider world market,'' Kapuria said. He added that the EFTA countries are also a major source of outward investment, particularly in pharma, energy and medical devices. ''Hence the FTA would also help India attract FDI from EFTA members,'' Kapuria added.

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