Zoomcar collabs A-I Express to allow booking cars from airport in 19 cities

Self-drive car sharing platform Zoomcar Holdings on Thursday said it has partnered with Air India Express to allow customers to book self-drive cars directly from the airport on the airline's mobile app as well as the website in 19 cities. The collaboration also caters to the customer with varying requirements, leveraging the extensive fleet options and ensuring ample space for baggage carried through Air India Express's add-on packs such as carry-on-Xtra, international connecting baggage, and special equipment, Zoomcar said in a statement. This collaboration will offer the customer access to self-driven car rentals in Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Madurai, Mumbai, Pune, Tiruchirappalli, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, it said. We're focused on providing improved and personalised travel experiences for our guests at Zoomcar, and our partnership with Air India Express is another stepping stone ...

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Tiruchy co-operative fuel outlet fails to cash in on crowd over cash only option

TIRUCHY: Riding on expectations of drawing a significant footfall considering the many commercial establishments dotting the stretch, the Tiruchirappalli District Amaravathi Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores entered into an agreement with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to open a retail fuel outlet on Goods Shed Road in the city in July 2019. Five years on, nearby shopkeepers say the outlet wears a deserted look most of the time, defying expectations. One need not look beyond the customers for answers when they point out the inconvenience they are put to by the pump turning down any payments except hard cash for about two years now. S Karthik of Raja Colony recounts the ordeal he had to undergo when he was told by those manning the pump that card payment was not accepted. I came to know about it only after filling petrol for Rs 300. Leaving the two-wheeler at the pump, I was then forced to find a nearby ATM to withdraw money and pay, he said. M Damodharan, an employee at a furniture outlet in Madurai Road said, Most of us use debit or credit cards. Remitting money via mobile apps has become common even at petty shops. Against this backdrop, insisting on tendering cash for payment forces customers to skip the outlet in future. I went there two or three times. I later switched preference to another pump on the way home. Moreover, the outlet is located in an interior road which is less travelled. While admitting there to be no facility for digital transactions, a senior official from Amaravathy cooperatives said they never let their customers face difficulties as the pump staff were instructed to inform beforehand about the absence of the provision. When contacted, Joint Registrar of Tiruchirappalli District Amaravathy Consumer Cooperative Wholesale Stores Limited V Thirupathi acknowledged the absence of facility to make digital payments. He, however, stressed that any inconvenience to customers wasnt intentional. Issues pertaining to payment of charges to private banks led to the suspension of digital transactions, he added. Discussions to resume digital transactions within a week or two are on with The Tiruchirappalli District Central Co-operative Bank Limited, the joint registrar also said.

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Seven Tamils dead in Kuwait fire incident, CM Stalin announces relief

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin on Thursday said seven Tamils were among the dead in the Kuwait fire incident, and arrangements have been made to fly their mortal remains to Chennai. The bodies will be handed over to their relatives, he said. Expressing shock and anguish over the death of seven people in a building blaze in Kuwait City , the Chief Minister conveyed his heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the deceased and ordered a solatium of Rs 5 lakh to each affected family. The government will provide all necessary assistance to those undergoing treatment for burn injuries, Stalin said in a statement here. The state government is making arrangements to bring the mortal remains of the employees from Tamil Nadu by a separate plane and hand them over to their families as soon as possible, he said. The deceased have been identified as Veerasamy Mariappan of Thoothukudi, E Raju of Tiruchirappalli, Krishnamurthy Chinnadurai of Cuddalore, Sivasankaran Govindan of Royapuram, Chennai, P Richard of Thanjavur, Karuppannan Ramu of Ramanathapuram, and Mohamed Sharif of Villupuram. Earlier, Minorities Welfare and Non-Resident Tamils Welfare Minister Gingee K S Masthan told reporters here that as per the Chief Minister's directive, all steps were being taken to bring home the bodies and ensure necessary medical care for the injured. The Embassy (in Kuwait) has said that official information (on victims) will be provided to the state government. We are continuously monitoring, he said. The tragic fire incident in a building in Kuwait's Mangaf city early on Wednesday killed 49 foreign workers, including around 40 Indians, and injured 50 others. Worker from Gingee caught in Kuwait building fire, family left unanswered

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Sarod Maestro Pandit Rajeev Taranath remembered for his dedication to Hindustani Classical Music

BENGALURU: Sarod maestro Pandit Rajeev Taranath dedicated his life to music from a young age, becoming an eminent figure in the realm of Hindustani classical music. Following his passing in Mysuru on June 11, he will be remembered not only for his music but also for his unending pursuit of knowledge until the end. Still digesting the news, maestros from the Hindustani classical fraternity in the city recall Taranaths dedication and contribution to classical music. Pandit Vinayak Malharrao Torvi, who knew Taranath for over 40 years, remembers the sarod maestro attending his concerts many times in Bengaluru and Mysuru. He organised my programmes in Mysuru at his house. He loved the raga Alhaiya Bilaval which is a morning raga, especially the way I sang it. Whenever we met, he playfully demanded that I sing it. He was not only kind-hearted but also very knowledgeable, and he was proficient in several languages, including English, Kannada, and Bengali, says Torvi, adding that Taranath came from a great school of Gurus. He was a Guru to many in numerous ways. The country has lost a great man, adds Torvi. Taranath was a senior disciple of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan and continued to learn from Khan until his death in 2009. Besides Khan, Taranath was also mentored by Pandit Ravi Shankar, Annapurna Devi, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee, and Ustad Aashish Khan. Furthermore, he was conferred with the Padma Shri in 2019 and the 1999-2000 Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. The loss feels personal to tabla artistes like Kiran Yavagal, who visited Taranath in the hospital last week when he heard the news of his deteriorating health. Yavagal says that Taranath loved his musical instrument so much that he had one in the hospital. I visited him before his surgery. He was always so optimistic that he told me that soon after the surgery, we would play for a concert, he shares, adding, I stayed in Mysuru for four years, and he always took care of me. He was like a grandfather to me. Until the day he was hospitalised, he would get up in the morning and sit for practice. Taranaths expertise extended beyond music; he was also well-versed in English literature. He headed the English literature department at the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. In the 1980s, he taught English at Aden University, Florida, and was the head of the Indian music programme at the California Institute of Arts World Music Department from 1995 to 2005. Renowned historian and a self-confessed connoisseur of music Ramachandra Guha, expressed his gratitude to the late musician on social media, saying, Professor Rajeev Taranath was truly a rara avis(rare bird), a musician among the scholars and a scholar among the musicians.

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Discover the Oldest Temples in Tamil Nadu: 10 Must-Visit Ancient Temples

Tamil Nadu, known for its rich cultural heritage and ancient temples, is home to some of the oldest and most revered temples in India. These temples are not only architectural marvels but also hold immense historical and religious significance. If you're planning a visit to Tamil Nadu, exploring these ancient temples should definitely be on your list. Here are 10 of the oldest and most fascinating temples to visit in Tamil Nadu: 1. Brihadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur Built by King Rajaraja Chola I in the 11th century AD, the Brihadeeswarar Temple is an architectural marvel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and features a massive lingam that is one of the largest in India. 2. Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai One of the most iconic temples in Tamil Nadu, the Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai dates back to the 6th century AD. Dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi (Parvati) and Lord Sundareswarar (Shiva), this temple is known for its magnificent gopurams (gateway towers) adorned with colorful sculptures. 3. Kailasanathar Temple, Kanchipuram Constructed in the 8th century AD by the Pallava dynasty, the Kailasanathar Temple in Kanchipuram is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is renowned for its stunning architecture and intricate carvings. 4. Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram Dating back to the 8th century AD, the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the oldest structural stone temples in South India and is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. 5. Airavatesvara Temple, Darasuram Built by the Chola dynasty in the 12th century AD, the Airavatesvara Temple in Darasuram is known for its intricate sculptures and exquisite architecture. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. 6. Ekambareswarar Temple, Kanchipuram One of the largest temples in Kanchipuram, the Ekambareswarar Temple dates back to the 6th century AD. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is known for its ancient mango tree that is said to be 3,500 years old. 7. Jambukeswarar Temple, Tiruchirappalli Located in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy), the Jambukeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to the 2nd century AD. It is one of the five major Shiva temples (Pancha Bhoota Sthalas) representing the five elements. 8. Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram Dedicated to Lord Nataraja (Shiva in his cosmic dance form), the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple is one of the holiest temples in Tamil Nadu. It dates back to ancient times and is renowned for its unique architecture and spiritual significance. 9. Thillai Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram Also known as the Thillai Koothan Kovil, this temple in Chidambaram is dedicated to Lord Nataraja. It is one of the five holiest Shiva temples (Pancha Bhoota Sthalas) and is famous for its annual Natyanjali Dance Festival. 10. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam Located in Srirangam, near Tiruchirappalli, the Ranganathaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Ranganatha (a form of Lord Vishnu). It is one of the largest temple complexes in India and dates back to the 10th century AD. Visiting these ancient temples not only offers a glimpse into Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage but also provides a spiritual experience like no other. Each temple has its own unique history, architectural style, and religious significance, making them must-visit destinations for history enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. Air India Launches 'Fare Lock' Feature for Travelers, Check Benefits Here Make a plan to visit Chandigarh on weekend Airline Passengers and Revenues Set to Soar to Record Highs in 2024

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Tiruchirappalli Election Result 2024 Live Updates: Counting of Votes Starts Today

Tiruchirappalli Election Result Live Updates: Get all the latest news and updates on Lok Sabha elections 2024 results on The Quint.

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Bridging the Financial Gap for India's LGBTQIA+ Community: Max Life's Landmark Survey

Bridging the Financial Gap for India's LGBTQIA+ Community: Max Life's Landmark Survey The flagship study of Max Life Insurance Company Limited (Max Life), the India Protection Quotient Survey (IPQ), in partnership with KANTAR, has revealed insights into the financial preparedness of the LGBTQIA+ community in India from the perspective of life insurance. This pioneering initiative, conducted in partnership with Pride Circle, one of India's premier Diversity and Inclusion Advisory firms, represents a significant step forward in understanding and addressing the specific financial needs of the diverse community. Under the vision of 'One India-Protection for All', the PAN-India survey includes the LGBTQIA+ community for the first time to understand their financial preparedness. With a population estimated to be around 135 million people, or around 10% of India's 1.4 billion population, the LGBTQIA+ community represents a significant segment whose financial preferences and challenges cannot be overlooked.1, 2 With a Protection Quotient of 37 points, the LGBTQIA+ community exhibited a 17-point difference in financial preparedness, as compared to the digitally-savvy urban Indian at 54 points. In contrast, the LGBTQIA+ community has displayed a commendable level of awareness, understanding, and proactive engagement in financial planning, with 99% individuals aware of life insurance products. Despite high awareness, ownership of life insurance in the community stands at 68%, as opposed to 80% ownership in the digital cohort. Prashant Tripathy, CEO and Managing Director, Max Life said, ''As India advances towards a more inclusive and sustainable future, the need to create comprehensive financial solutions for all is more critical than ever. At the heart of this mission is our flagship India Protection Quotient survey, which not only measures awareness levels of life insurance but also strives to achieve a deeper, more unbiased understanding of financial protection. This year, with the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community, the India Protection Quotient reaffirms our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equitable access to financial security for all Indians. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the protection they deserve, driving forward a vision where every life is valued and safeguarded.'' Ramkrishna Sinha, Co-Founder, Pride Circle said, ''The inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community in Max Life's India Protection Quotient study is an important step to uncovering the gaps and challenges faced. We are optimistic that this will lead to enhanced attention, addressing the needs of this community, and a deeper understanding of the importance of life insurance. We at Pride Circle remain committed to working for the enablement of the LGBTQIA+ community, and this is a step toward financial wellbeing.'' Awareness, Ownership and Barriers of the Indian LGBTQIA+ Community The LGBTQIA+ community demonstrates exceptional levels of awareness regarding life insurance products, with 82% awareness of Term Life Insurance, and 88% awareness of Savings Life Insurance products. These figures surpass the slightly lower awareness levels (81% and 79% for Term Life Insurance and Savings Life Insurance products, respectively) observed in the digital segment. However, high premiums (35%) and a higher inclination towards health insurance (48%) remain the top barriers for the community to adopt life insurance offerings. Additionally, more than 80% of the respondents have made parents nominees in their life insurance policies, in stark contrast to overall India, where 15%-25% of respondents have parents as nominees. Overall, the cohort remains acutely aware of Term products but lags in ownership compared to the digital audience. Further, ownership and awareness of ULIPs and market-linked products remain lower within the community, presenting an opportunity for focused education and outreach efforts for the industry. Concerns and attitude towards financial prudence Concerns voiced by LGBTQIA+ respondents underscore their high awareness of financial vulnerabilities, particularly regarding rising medical expenses, mental health, and inflationary pressures. Despite these challenges, the community remains steadfast in their commitment to financial discipline, with 9 in 10 respondents prioritizing savings over spending, embodying a forward-thinking approach to securing their financial future. A significant portion of the community allocates a substantial portion of their income towards savings - 30% as compared to 36% by the digital respondents, albeit with higher proportions dedicated to luxury (19% vs. 14%) and basic expenses (33% vs. 28%) as compared to the digital cohort. Preference of Life Insurance Players The LGBTQIA+ community has a strong preference for private companies in the life insurance sector, with close to 80% expressing an inclination, while only 40% of the IPQ digital respondents favour private companies. The respondents also revealed that they are highly influenced by LGBTQIA+ support groups and forums, believing and following influencers from the community while making financial decisions. Max Life continues to remain keenly attuned to the evolving demands of its consumers across all cohorts and social groups. Through initiatives like the India Protection Quotient survey, the company remains committed to derive valuable insights into the financial preparedness of the nation and develop tailored financial security solutions that meet the needs of modern consumers. 1 https://orfonline.org/expert-speak/indias-pink-economy (Kinsey scale) 2 https://kinseyinstitute.org/research/publications/kinsey-scale.php About India Protection Quotient Instituted in 2019, India Protection Quotient is an annual property by Max Life Insurance in association with KANTAR aimed at understanding the pulse of Indian consumers in the financial protection space. Launched with the underlying objective of increasing penetration of term insurance as the most fundamental and economical form of life insurance, the survey aims to reveal the state of urban Indians with regards to current financial security levels, changing savings and investment patterns, key anxieties, and triggers of financial protection in a contemporary world. The India Protection Quotient is a proprietary tool developed by Max Life in partnership with KANTAR to gauge the degree to which Indians feel protected from future uncertainties on a scale of 0 to 100. It is based on attitudes, mental preparedness around future uncertainties, awareness, and ownership of life insurance product categories (term, endowment, and ULIP). Disclaimer: The study is conducted in partnership with KANTAR in the top 25 Urban metros, Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities; hence, its findings are representative of metro, Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in Urban India only. Metro Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai Tier 1 Ludhiana, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Pune Tier 2 Dehradun, Moradabad, Guwahati, Bokaro, Kolhapur, Jamnagar, Raipur, Ujjain, Hubli-Dharwad, Tiruchirappalli IPQ 6.0 vs IPQ 5.0 data comparison is amongst 25 markets only (6 metros, 9 Tier 1 and 10 Tier 2) The minimum sample to conclude any findings of the study is 270 with an error margin of +-5.964% *Findings represented here are as per the IPQ 6.0 survey and Max Life doesn't assume responsibility or liability for any contradictions. **The LGBTQIA+ edition of IPQ 6.0 was administered digitally and hence the comparison with online results of the mainstream IPQ 6.0 Survey. About Max Life Insurance Max Life is a Joint Venture between Max Financial Services Limited (''MFSL'') and Axis Bank Limited. Max Life offers comprehensive protection and long-term savings life insurance solutions through its multi-channel distribution, including agency and third-party distribution partners. Max Life has built its operations over two decades through a need-based sales process, a customer-centric approach to engagement and service delivery and trained human capital. As per the annual audited financials for FY2022-23, Max Life has achieved a gross written premium of INR 25,342 Cr. For more information, please visit the Company's website at www.maxlifeinsurance.com. About KANTAR KANTAR is the world's leading marketing data and analytics business and an indispensable brand partner to the world's top companies. We combine the most meaningful attitudinal and behavioral data with deep expertise and advanced analytics to uncover how people think and act. We help clients understand what has happened and why and how to shape the marketing strategies that shape their future. For more information, visit www.kantar.com. About Pride Circle India's Premier Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Consultancy with a mission of Social Equity by affirmative action for LGBTQIA+ community in India. They have partnered with over 450 companies across India to provide Executive Leadership Development, comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Training, Sensitization, Consultation, Industry Roundtables, Research & Publications, job placements and professional networking opportunities that build safe, inclusive, and welcoming work environments. With their experience and growing roster of national and international partner companies, government & non-profit organizations, Pride Circle is leading the LGBT+ inclusion revolution in India. They conduct Audits & Assessments, Training & Sensitization, Industry Roundtables, Job Placement, Research & Publications. Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1992948/4492032/Max_Life_Insurance_Logo.jpg

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Tamil Nadu Receives Widespread Rain, Seasonal Status Improves

Tamil Nadu Receives Widespread Rain, Seasonal Status Improves As several parts of Tamil Nadu continued to receive widespread rain on Tuesday, the Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, said the rainfall activity was picking up gradually improving the seasonal rainfall status this month. Due to the current enhanced rain spell from May 16-19, the rainfall status improved to 27 per cent (in four days), 10 per cent on May 20, and on Tuesday alone, it improved to 16 per cent, the RMC said in its bulletin. Puduchatram in Namakkal district received a maximum rainfall of 16 cm. There was a likelihood of heavy to very heavy rainfall at isolated places over Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Theni and Dindigul districts and heavy rain is likely to occur at isolated places over Nilgiris, Madurai, Virudhunagar, Tenkasi, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Pudukkottai, Tiruchirappalli, Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, and other places, the RMC said.

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Kingmakers IAS Academy achieved its milestone in Civil Service Examination

Kingmakers IAS Academy achieved its milestone in Civil Service Examination ATK New Delhi [India], May 7: The KingMakers IAS Academy in India has achieved the highest ranking in the civil service examination results, as announced by Bhoominathan-Director of the academy. He stated that the All-India Civil Service Examination 2023 results which were published on 16th April were 1016 candidates selected by the Union Public Service Commission for positions such as IAS,IPS and IFS. 10,16,850 applied for civil service examination, in that 5,92,141 has been appeared for prelims.2,855 has been selected for Personality Test, finally 1016 has been selected for civil services 2023 for various positions such as IAS,IPS,IFS..etc. He said, Aditya Srivathsava, KingMakers IAS Academy student has secured the top position in India this year even last year's top performer Ms.Ishita Kishore is also from KingMakers IAS Academy. In the latest results more than 100 students from KingMakers IAS academy have achieved success in the final list. Notable achievements include Aditya Srivathsava secured the first position, Ms.Medha Anand secured the 13th position Kunal Rastogi secured the 15th position, Ayan Jain secured the 16th position. S.Prasanth (Rank 78) from Tamil Nadu secured the 2nd place and Ms.Eshani Anand (Rank 79) secured the 3rd place in Tamil Nadu. Furthermore,students who cleared from Tamil Nadu are R.Venkateshwaran(Rank152),Ms.K.Nehaa(175),Ms.M.Dharani(250),T.A.Vignesh(314),Ms.S.ShahidaBegum(323),K.M.Karthik Raja(329), Ms.SindhuNRaghavan(336),T.AravindKumar(348),R.Mukilan(404),Ms.G.Sathyanandhi(513),U.Vibukrishnaa(528),E.Kathiravan(573),A.K.Karthikeyan(579),G.Subburaj(605),S.Balaji(646),Ms.M.Jayavani(698),Ms.M.Muthuarasi(705),Ms.K.Oviya(796),.AshiqHussain(845),V.Harsavarthan(864),have also trained from KingMakers IAS Academy for their final stage of preparation. Over 50% of Tamilnadu's successful students are from KingMakers IAS Academy. KingMakers IAS Academy has once again proved its excellence in preparing students for India's prestigious civil services examination. This remarkable success highlights the exceptional quality of education provided by KingMakers IAS Academy. The academy's commitment to comprehensive training and expert guidance has consistently helped its students achieve outstanding results in the highly competitive civil services exam. With 1 in top 10 ranks, 6 top 50 ranks and 9 in top 100 ranks,through which KingMakers IAS Academy has once again proven its position as a leading provider of civil services coaching in India particularly in Tamilnadu. KingMakers IAS Academy offers courses for UPSC and TNPSC at our branches in New Delhi ,Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tiruchirappalli.For more information, contact 9444227273. (ADVERTORIAL DISCLAIMER: The above press release has been provided by ATK. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of the same)

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5 medical students drown in sea off Kanniyakumari

Kanniyakumari: Five students of a private medical college in Tiruchirappalli drowned in the sea off the coast of Kanniyakumari on Monday, police said. Expressing grief, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin conveyed his condolences and sympathies to the kin of the deceased and said necessary assistance would be provided to the bereaved families after getting the Election Commission's permission. A group of MBBS students doing their house surgeonship in the Tiruchirappalli college went to the Lemur Beach at Rajakkamangalam and a huge wave dragged several of them into the sea. Two women and 3 men drowned, Kanniyakumari police superintendent E Sundaravathanam said. To a question, the police official said the students were told by local people to avoid going to the beach in view of official warnings of sudden 'swell waves.' The students, however, managed to reach the beach by going through a coconut grove. They arrived in Kanniyakumari district on May 5 to take part in the wedding of a student's brother, the official said adding the bodies were being sent to the families. Three students, who were part of the group, are being treated at a government hospital. A government press release here said two women, Gayathri (25) and Charukavi (23) and three men, Sarvadarshit (23), Praveen Sam (23) and Venkatesh (24) were dragged into the sea and drowned. Of the five deceased, Venkatesh is a native of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and others hail from various regions of Tamil Nadu.

Deccan Chronicle 6 May 2024 6:35 pm

Tragic Loss: Five Medical Students Perish in Coastal Accident

Tragic Loss: Five Medical Students Perish in Coastal Accident Five students of a private medical college in Tiruchirappalli drowned in the sea off the coast of Kanniyakumari on Monday, police said. Expressing grief, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin conveyed his condolences and sympathies to the kin of the deceased and said necessary assistance would be provided to the bereaved families after getting the Election Commission's permission. A group of MBBS students doing their house surgeonship in the Tiruchirappalli college went to the Lemur Beach at Rajakkamangalam and a huge wave dragged several of them into the sea. ''Two women and 3 men drowned,'' Kanniyakumari police superintendent E Sundaravathanam said. To a question, the police official said the students were told by local people to avoid going to the beach in view of official warnings of sudden 'swell waves.' The students, however, managed to reach the beach by going through a coconut grove. They arrived in Kanniyakumari district on May 5 to take part in the wedding of a student's brother, the official said adding the bodies were being sent to the families. Three students, who were part of the group, are being treated at a government hospital. A government press release here said two women, Gayathri (25) and Charukavi (23) and three men, Sarvadarshit (23), Praveen Sam (23) and Venkatesh (24) were dragged into the sea and drowned. Of the five deceased, Venkatesh is a native of neighbouring Andhra Pradesh and others hail from various regions of Tamil Nadu.

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Redemption and Triumph: Stories of India's Olympic-Bound Relay Teams

Redemption and Triumph: Stories of India's Olympic-Bound Relay Teams Redemption, fulfilment of a father's dream, a big step in a nascent career and justification of choices made early in life -- Olympic qualification meant different things to the different members of the 4x400m Indian men's and women's relay teams who booked their Paris berths on Monday. PTI gives a low-down on the eight runners -- four men and four women -- who finished second in their respective qualifying heats at the World Athletics Relay in Nassau, Bahamas to make the Olympic cut. THE WOMEN'S TEAM: ----------------------- MR Poovamma: ========== For Olympian Poovamma, it's a redemption of sorts after she faced the ignominy of a two-year ban for a doping offence in 2021 before getting a favourable decision after the intervention of Kerala High Court. The 33-year-old, a multiple medallist in the individual 400m and 4x400m relay race in the 2014 and 2018 Asian Games, returned to action during the Goa National Games last year after serving a two-year ban. ''Finally, I can return to action now. The ordeal is over, though it left me mentally distressed,'' she had told PTI then. The Arjuna Awardee is one of the most decorated athletes in the country, having won a women's 4x400m relay gold and 400m individual silver in the 2013 Asian Championships. She went on to win a gold and a bronze in the women's 4x400m relay and 400m individual event. The Karanataka-born, who married another international athlete from Kerala, also won a gold each in the women's 4x400m and mixed 4x400m relay races in the 2018 Asian Games. Rupal Chaudhary: =========== She scripted history by becoming the first Indian athlete to win two medals -- silver in women's 4x400m relay and bronze in the individual 400m -- at the World U20 Athletics Championship in 2022 in Colombia. The 19-year-old hails from a family of modest means. Her father is a small farmer in Shahpur Jainpur village in Uttar Pradesh's Meerut district. As the closest stadium to her base -- Meerut -- does not have suitable synthetic tracks for training, she would endure a two-hour journey to Delhi for two days ever week to train. She became the second Indian to win a medal in the women's 400m after Hima Das' historic gold in the 2018 edition of the championships in Finland. Jyothika Dandi Sri: ============ Hyderabad-based Jyothika, who ran the second leg on Monday, took to sports to fulfil the dreams of her father who wanted his daughter to feature in the Olympics. The 23-year-old is quite close to it, though the final selection of the relay team rests in the hands of the Athletics Federation of India. She was part of the Indian women's 4x400m team that won a bronze in the Asian Championships last year. She won a 400m gold in the National Open Championships in and a silver in Goa National Games last year. Subha Venkatesan: ============ The 24-year-old from Trichy in Tamil Nadu is the daughter of a construction worker and a homemaker and she took to sports on the insistence of her maternal grandfather who works in the police department. Trained initially at the Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu's (SDAT) Centre of Chennai, Subha went on to win medals in national meets before she became part of the women's 4x400m relay team that won a silver in the 2018 Asian Junior Championships. THE MEN'S TEAM ------------------- Muhammed Anas: =========== The 29-year-old Anas is the most well-known men's quarter-miler in the country and the national record holder. Already a two-time Olympian, Anas has won medals at the Asian Games, Asian Championships and 2016 he became is only the third Indian quarter-miler (individual 400m) to participate at the Olympics after KM Binu and Milkha Singh. He was a part of the Indian men's 4x400m and mixed 4x400m relays in Tokyo Olympics. He was also part of the men's 4x400m team that broke the Asian record in the World Championships last year and won the gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Anas hails from Nilamel village in Kerala and his father Yahiya was a state-level athlete. Anas has often stated that he became interested in running after seeing Jamaican legend Usain Bolt dashing down the track in the 2008 Olympics. He was a long jump champion at his school, but shifted to track on the advice of coaches. At the 2016 senior nationals, Anas clinched the 400m silver in his first attempt and broke the 46-second barrier at the Indian Grand Prix and Federation Cups that year for the first time. Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi: =================== Born in Palakkad, Kerala, Muhammed Ajmal was a football player just like many youngsters in his state. He participated at the U-19 state level football tournaments until his coach recommended a shift to running. He was a 100m sprinter first and then began competing in 400m. Amoj Jacob: ======== Born in Kerala but brought up in New Delhi, Jacob's sporting journey began during his time at St. Xavier's School in Rohini, when his coach suggested that he try becoming a sprinter. The 25-year-old was initially interested in football. His mother is a nurse at a Delhi hospital. He was part of the gold winning 4x400m relay team at the 2017 Asian Championships in Bhubaneswar, besides winning the Hangzhou Asian Games gold in the same event. Arokia Rajiv: ======== Hailing from a village near Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, athletics runs in Arokia's blood as his father Y Soundararajan was a state level sprinter and long jumper. Arokia's father Soundararajan was a bus driver while his mother a daily wager. The 32-year-old Armyman was part of the gold-winning 4x400m mixed relay team and he settled for a silver medal in the men's 4x400m relay at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta. He was part of the Tokyo Olympics 4x400m relay team that broke the then Asian record.

devdiscourse 6 May 2024 4:31 pm

NIT Trichy Recruitment 2024: Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit, and Application Process Explained

National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NIT Trichy) is seeking applications for 04 vacancies of Project Associate II for the Condition Assessment and Management Plan (CAMP) in the Cauvery River Basin.

Naukrinama 4 May 2024 6:45 pm

Gold Worth Rs 70 Lakh Found In Man's Rectum At Trichy Airport: Officials

Officers of the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) at Tiruchirappalli airport in Tamil Nadu seized a total of 977 grams of 24 carat gold valued at Rs 70.58 lakh from a passenger arriving from Dubai.

NDTV 27 Apr 2024 1:34 pm

Lok Sabha elections: Tamil Nadu records 39.51 pc voter turnout by 1 pm

Lok Sabha elections: Tamil Nadu records 39.51 pc voter turnout by 1 pm The average voter turnout in 39 constituencies of Tamil Nadu where Lok Sabha elections are underway stood at 39.51 per cent till 1 pm as per the data released by the Election Commission of India. The south Parliament constituency of Chennai recorded a voter turnout of 28.92 per cent till 1 pm whereas the Chennai north constituency witnessed 29.05 and the voter turnout in central Parliament constituency was recorded 28.08 per cent. Voting percentages for the other constituencies participating in phase 1 elections are Arakkonam- 40.30 per cent, Arani- 44.16, Chidambaram-37.76 per cent, Coimbatore-35.89 per cent, Cuddalore-37.84 per cent, Dharmapuri-40.70 per cent, Dindigul-42.12 per cent, Eorde- 43.54 per cent, Kallakurichi-46.06 per cent, Kacheepuram-39.92 per cent, Kanniyakumari-37.86 per cent, Karur- 46.23 per cent, Krishnagiri-39.78 per cent, Madurai-35.79 per cent, Mayiladuthurai-40.50 per cent. Nagapattinam-42.05 per cent, Namakkal-46.31 per cent, Nilgris-40.88 per cent, Perambalur-45.86 per cent, Pollachi-40.08 per cent, Ramanathapuram-40.90 per cent, Salem-46.89 per cent, Sivganga-34.10 per cent, Sriperumbudur-30.65 per cent, Tenkasi-39.91 per cent, Thanjavur-41.14 per cent, Theni-41.28 per cent, Thoothukkudi-39.11 per cent, Tiruchirappalli-38.13 per cent, Tirunelveli-38.24 per cent, Tiruppur-44.08 per cent, Tiruvallur-38.55 per cent, Tiruvannamalai- 41.74 per cent, Vallore-39.5 per cent, Viluppuram-43.84 per cent and Virudhunagar-42.19 per cent. Meanwhile, there was a substantial increase in the voter turnout charts across the states in the country, with North-Eastern state of Tripura still leading at 53.04 per cent till 1 pm as per the data released by the ECI. Other Northeast states like Meghalaya (48.91) and Manipur (46.92) are also witnessing high voter turnout percentages. After Tripura, West Bengal is experiencing high voter turnout at 50.96 per cent. Voting for the first phase of Lok Sabha elections 2024 began on Friday across 102 parliamentary constituencies spread over 21 states and Union Territories as the mega seven-phase electoral exercise commenced at 7:00 am. Voters will exercise the franchise until 6:00 pm. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking his third consecutive term, while the opposition bloc-INDIA- a coalition of opposing parties formed to take on the BJP in the general elections, is eyeing ousting him from power. In Tamil Nadu in the 2019 general elections, the DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance, comprising the Congress, VCK, MDMK, CPI, CPI(M), IUML, MMK, KMDK, TVK, and AIFB, registered a landslide victory, winning 38 of the 39 seats in the state. Those voting in the first phase include seats in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry. An estimated 8.4 crore male voters, 8.23 crore female voters, and 11,371 third-gender electors are eligible to vote in the first phase of Lok Sabha polls, according to the ECI data. The counting of votes will be held on June 4. (ANI)

devdiscourse 19 Apr 2024 2:17 pm

Campaigning concludes for Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu

Campaigning concludes for Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu Campaigning for the April 19 Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu ended on Wednesday with Chief Minister M K Stalin, Leader of Opposition Edappadi K Palaniswami and others holding public meetings, roadshows and reaching out to the people in as many ways as possible. The DMK's campaign ended here with Stalin addressing a grand public meeting where he said Modi uses a punchline that his 10-year rule was only a trailer. Addressing Modi directly, he said ''your trailer itself is so worse and unbearable, do you think your movie will be a success? For sure the film is not going to get released.'' Apparently, he meant a victory for INDIA bloc and defeat for BJP and allies. Reiterating a string of his accusations against the BJP including ''cleaning the corrupt through the BJP washing machine,'' he claimed the Electoral bond 'scam' has unmasked Modi, showing PM's face of corruption and tearing his mask of clean image. ''Stalin Kural, Namakkagave, Nammai Kaakkave,'' (Stalin's voice for us, to protect us) the peppy DMK's election song energised party workers all through the campaign trail. The song reflects a fighting spirit asking, ''shall we see if it is us or them,'' and has denouncing references to the BJP like ''Sanghi''. Writing to cadres, Stalin, also the chief of the ruling DMK once again described the 2024 LS polls as the ''second freedom movement'' and reiterated the election is about deciding ''whose regime must not continue,'' rather than who should capture power. The DMK chief alleged Modi ruined the nation for the sake of his ''selfish politics.'' AIADMK general secretary Palaniswami held a roadshow in his home turf Salem and ended his campaign asking the people to repeat his party's election tagline of ''Otrai Viralal Ongi Adipom,'' which means, ''let us beat (political rivals) with a single finger'' (by pressing the AIADMK's symbol Two Leaves in EVM). He blamed the BJP regime at the Centre for ''discriminating'' people on grounds like caste and religion which his party will never accept. The former Chief Minister, citing a leaked audio clip, alleged corruption to the tune of about ''Rs 30,000 crore'' in the DMK regime. He slammed the ruling DMK for ''not fulfilling'' promises made ahead of the 2021 Assembly polls. He recalled the initiatives of the previous AIADMK regimes including provision of cost-free rice to mosques for making gruel during the month of Ramzan. The AIADMK is facing polls alongside its key ally the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) and smaller outfits. The BJP, which has so far failed to ensure significant electoral gains in the southern state, is making an aggressive bid to end the drought. This manifested in Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting the state at least eight times since January. He has addressed rallies in support of the NDA candidates. Prior to the January Pran Pratishtha of the Shri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, he had visited holy sites in Tamil Nadu with a Ramayana connect, earlier this year. BJP Tamil Nadu unit President K Annamalai and Saffron party leader L Murugan held high-voltage campaigns in Coimbatore and Nilgiris respectively to convince voters. In a roadshow, Annamalai asserted ''Dravidian politics'' is not needed anymore in Tamil Nadu and assured the people of working hard for them. In a video appeal seeking support from people he described himself as ''Ungal Veetu Pillai'' and ''Ungal Thambi Annamalai,'' their son and younger brother. He expressed confidence of ushering in of a new era of honest, Dharma based politics in Coimbatore. He was confident that the electorate will stand with ''change,'' and vote for BJP and allies. People will shun inducement by dishonest politicians, belonging to the party that ruled the state and by those in power as well. He urged the people to bless with a historic victory for Prime Minister Modi. BJP's alliance parties include the Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), former Union Minister GK Vaasan-led Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar) and smaller outfits. BJP candidate from South Chennai, Tamilisai Soundarajan reiterated her commitment to serve the people and blamed the ruling DMK and main opposition AIADMK for ''doing nothing'' for the people. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, whose party is contesting nine seats, addressed one election rally along with Stalin in Coimbatore last week. In his campaign, Naam Tamilar Katchi top leader Seeman blamed the Congress and BJP over the Cauvery issue and sought votes for protecting the interests of the Tamil people. Former Chief Minister O Panneerselvam seeking his luck from Ramanathapuram, AMMK leader TTV Dhinakaran who is contesting from Theni, MDMK candidate Durai Vaiko contesting from Tiruchirappalli, were among the leaders who held high-decibel rallies. Meanwhile, with campaigning ending at 6 PM on Wednesday, police inspected lodges and marriage halls to ensure compliance of election norms that mandated no outsiders should stay in the constituencies.

devdiscourse 17 Apr 2024 8:12 pm

Coconut Flower Sales Witness Surge In Tamil Nadu's Viluppuram; A Look At Its Health Benefits

They are sold in districts like Pollachi Chennai, Tiruchirappalli, Namakkal, and Salem.

News18 13 Apr 2024 4:56 pm

Poll Officials Seize Rs 1 Crore Cash From House In Tamil Nadu

The Election Flying Squad officials seized Rs 1 crore in cash from a house at Ettarai village in Tiruchirappalli on Friday night, in the first such seizure ahead of polling for the Lok Sabha in the state.

NDTV 13 Apr 2024 5:33 am

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Meet man, a Padma Shri awardee, who is selling vegetables for...

The man, who hails from Tiruchirappalli is contesting this election under the gas stove symbol, was seen seeking votes at the city's Gandhi Market from people and vegetable vendors.

DNA India 12 Apr 2024 8:07 am

Meet Padma Shri Awardee Who Is Selling Veggies For His Poll Campaign

A Padma Shri awardee who is contesting as an independent candidate in the Tiruchirappalli Lok Sabha constituency is campaigning by interacting with vegetable vendors, making flower garlands and selling vegetables.

NDTV 12 Apr 2024 7:18 am

Meet Padma Shri S Damodaran: The Tiruchirappalli candidate who sells vegetables to campaign for Lok Sabha polls

S Damodaran, 62, who hails from Tiruchirappalli is contesting this election under the gas stove symbol, was seen seeking votes at the city's Gandhi Market from people and vegetable vendors.

The Economic Times 11 Apr 2024 9:53 pm

Tamil Nadu Minister campaigns for MDMK candidate in Tiruchirappalli

The News Mill

The News Mill 10 Apr 2024 11:53 pm

Summer Heat Catches Up With Elephants

How the pachyderms at the Elephant Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Tiruchirappalli are cooling off.

Rediff 10 Apr 2024 9:07 am

Ex-DMK functionary Jaffer Sadiq faces ED raids in drugs money laundering case

As many as 25 premises in Chennai, Madurai and Tiruchirappalli are being searched by ED official

The Hindu 9 Apr 2024 12:28 pm

ED conducts raids at several locations in Tamil Nadu in connection with drug money laundering case involving former DMK member

ED conducts raids at several locations in Tamil Nadu in connection with drug money laundering case involving former DMK member The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Tuesday carried out raids in multiple cities in Tamil Nadu as part of a drugs trafficking-linked money laundering investigation against former DMK functionary Jaffer Sadiq and others, officials said. As many as 25 premises in the state capital Chennai, Madurai and Tiruchirappalli are being searched by ED officials, accompanied by an escort of central paramilitary forces, under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), they said. The premises of Sadiq, who is also a producer of Tamil films, film director Ameer and some others are being covered, they said. Sadiq, 36, was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) last month for his alleged involvement in the smuggling of about 3,500 kg of pseudoephedrine with a street value of more than Rs 2,000 crore. The ED took cognisance of this NCB case and some other FIRs to file the money laundering case against Sadiq and others. The NCB has said that Sadiq's links with Tamil and Hindi film financers, some ''high-profile'' people and some instances of ''political funding'' were under its scanner. Sadiq was expelled by the ruling DMK in February after his name and purported links to the drugs network were mentioned by the NCB.

devdiscourse 9 Apr 2024 8:25 am

Court Okays BJP Chief JP Nadda's Roadshow In Trichy

The Tiruchirappalli Police denied permission for a roadshow planned on Sunday for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president JP Nadda in the city, saying the vehicle for the roadshow was not registered, the road tax was not paid. The BJP leader said that they'll meet the police commissioner to seek permission for the roadshow. The BJP has submitted proof of registration and road tax and now the court has given its nod for the roadshow to be held.

NDTV 7 Apr 2024 3:42 pm

Permission denied for JP Nadda's road show in Tiruchirappalli

Permission denied for JP Nadda's road show in Tiruchirappalli The Tiruchirappalli Police denied permission for a roadshow planned on Sunday for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president JP Nadda in the city. The BJP leader said that they'll meet the police commissioner to seek permission for the roadshow. Earlier in the day, the BJP chief addressed a public rally in Tamil Nadu's Ariyalur, and said that under the leadership of PM Modi, India took a long leap in development. Nadda called upon the people of Tamil Nadu to ensure PM Narendra Modi's return as Prime Minister for a third term and make India the world's third-largest economy. Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country has taken a long leap in development. India was the 11th economic power in the world in 2019. But even after the pandemic of COVID and the Ukraine war, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India has defeated Great Britain, which ruled us for 200 years. And now India is the fifth-largest economy in the world, the BJP president said. In 2024, when PM Modi will become the Prime Minister for the third time, India will become the third largest economy in the world, he added. Nadda further said that in the electronics sector, India's production and exports have increased six times. In the electronics sector, our production and exports have increased six times. In 2014, you used to carry a mobile phone that used to be made in China. Today, you are carrying a mobile phone that says, 'Made in India'. 97 per cent of mobiles are being produced and manufactured in India, he said. Voting for all 39 seats in Tamil Nadu will be held in the first phase of the general elections on April 19. In the 2019 general elections, the DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance, comprising the Congress, VCK, MDMK, CPI, CPI(M), IUML, MMK, KMDK, TVK, AIFB, registered a landslide victory, winning 38 of the 39 seats in the state. The elections to 543 Lok Sabha seats in the country will be held in seven phases, starting April 19. (ANI)

devdiscourse 7 Apr 2024 2:04 pm

Permission denied for JP Naddas road show in Tiruchirappalli

The News Mill

The News Mill 7 Apr 2024 1:59 pm

TN: Tiruchirapalli Customs seized over gold worth Rs 99.18 lakh from Malaysian woman

TN: Tiruchirapalli Customs seized over gold worth Rs 99.18 lakh from Malaysian woman Customs department officials at Tiruchirapalli International Airport seized 24 carat gold worth Rs 99.18 lakh from a Malaysian woman passenger, an official said. According to customs officials, 24k gold weighing 1.421 kg, valued at Rs 99.18 lakhs, was recovered from a Malaysian woman passenger who came from Kuala Lumpur on April 5 on an Air India Express flight. The gold was concealed in paste form in undergarments, the official added. The officials further said that the woman tried to escape from the green channel at the arrival hall but was caught and arrested. The investigation is underway, according to the official. Further details are awaited. Earlier on March 18, officers of the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) at Tiruchirappalli airport in Tamil Nadu seized 410 grams of gold valued at Rs. 26.62 lakh from a passenger arriving from Singapore. According to the officials, the seized gold consisted of 330 grams of 24K gold extracted from paste-like material and 80 grams of 22K gold concealed inside the vest of a passenger travelling from Singapore to Trichy. (ANI)

devdiscourse 6 Apr 2024 8:10 am

TN: MDMK allocated 'matchbox' symbol ahead of LS polls

TN: MDMK allocated 'matchbox' symbol ahead of LS polls The Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) leader Durai Vaiko on Saturday announced that the party had been allocated the 'matchbox' symbol ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. I am happy to inform that MDMK has been allocated the 'matchbox' symbol, he said. Exuding confidence in the party faring well in the upcoming elections, the MDMK chief added, The people of Trichy have already decided to vote for the INDIA bloc. With the blessings and leadership of our CM, MK Stalin, we are very confident of winning the elections. The MDMK supremo also came down heavily on the BJP-led Centre for using probe agencies at its disposal to crush the opposition in the country. The ruling BJP has been using central agencies like the I-T, ED and CBI against Opposition leaders and parties. Now, they have added the Election Commission to the list of agencies that are trying to crush the opposition in the country, he said. Durai Vaiko is the MDMK's candidate for the Tiruchirappalli constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. The elections to 543 Lok Sabha seats in the country will be held in seven phases starting April 19. Nearly 97 crore voters are eligible to cast votes in the general elections. All 39 parliamentary constituencies in Tamil Nadu will vote in a single phase on April 19 and the counting of votes in all phases has been scheduled for June 4. Tamil Nadu sends 39 members to the Lok Sabha, with 7 reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates. In the 2019 elections, the DMK-led Secular Progressive Alliance secured an overwhelming victory, winning 38 out of 39 seats. In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK) won 37 seats, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) got one each. (ANI)

devdiscourse 30 Mar 2024 11:52 pm

Don't have that kind of money to contest: Niramala Sitharaman opts not to fight Lok Sabha polls

Don't have that kind of money to contest: Niramala Sitharaman opts not to fight Lok Sabha polls Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday said that she would not contest the Lok Sabha election, adding that Bharatiya Janata Party asked her to contest the polls from Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh. Party did ask me, after thinking over a week or days, I just went back to say ...may be not. Because my party president asked me, would you want to contest somewhere in the south-option is somewhere in South, Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh, said Nirmala Sitharaman while speaking at the Times Now summit. But I don't have that kind of money to contest, I also have a problem because whether it is Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu, there is also going to be a question of various winability criteria that they use, are you from this community or from that religion. I said no I dont think I am going to be able to do it. The party was graceful enough and I am very grateful to accept my argument, and I am not contesting, the Union Finance Minister said. When asked why she does not have enough funds to contest elections, Sitharaman said, My salary, my earnings, and my savings are mine and not the Consolidated Fund of India. Nirmala Sitharaman has served as the Union Defence Minister. In 2014, she was elected as Rajya Sabha MP from Andhra Pradesh. She has also served as the Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs and later the Minister for Commerce and Industry with Independent Charge. As the Defence Minister, Sitharaman is credited with expediting the decision-making process relating to procurement in defence sector. She constituted a Defence Planning Committee to formulate an action plan to effectively overcome with various security challenges facing the nation. Sitharaman joined the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) in 2008 and has served as a national spokesperson for the party since 2010. Sitharaman was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, on August 18, 1959. She completed her graduation from Seethalakshmi Ramasamy College, Tiruchirappalli and obtained her M.A. (Economics) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. On March 2, Bharatiya Janata Party released its first list of 195 candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will contest Lok Sabha elections from Varanasi again.Of 195 candidates, 34 are Ministers from Centre and States, while two are former Chief Ministers who are on the list. Home Minister Amit Shah will contest from Gandhinagar, while Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya will contest from Porbandar. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrashekhar will contest from Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram.Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal will contest from Dibrugarh, Kiren Rijiju from Arunachal Pradesh. Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's daughter Bansuri Swaraj has been fielded from New Delhi. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will contest from Lucknow, Smriti Irani will again contest from Amethi. Ajay Mishra Teni,MOS Home will again contest from Khiri. BJP leader Alok Sharma to contest from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh while former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to contest from Vidisha. Jyotiraditya Scindia, who joined BJP from Congress in 2020, to contest from Guna in Madhya Pradesh. (ANI)

devdiscourse 28 Mar 2024 7:30 am

Career Option: Want to make a career in business? You can get help from here

Career Options: In today's competitive world, the demand in the field of business analytics is continuously increasing. Every industry and company are looking for experts who can give them better strategic solutions. The job of business analytics is to prepare business-related policies for the company by thoroughly analyzing the facts and available data. If any woman wants to pursue a career in technical skills after completing her studies, then she can do a course in Business Analytics. Its demand is continuously increasing not only in India but also in foreign countries. In such a situation, you can turn towards business. With this, you may get a chance to get a job in foreign countries also. With this, let us know in detail about the course and job profile etc. When can I do business-related courses? To pursue a B.Tech or B.E course in the Computer Science stream, the candidate must have passed 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Maths. For this, it is mandatory to have a 12th or graduation from any recognized board or university. Also, English should be a compulsory subject in 12th. Also, the candidate must know both English and Hindi languages. If you have all these qualifications, then you can choose Business Analyst as a career. Top Course in Business Analyst Certificate Program in Business Analytics BBA in Business Analysis Assurance Analytics for Management Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics PGP in Business Analytics MBA in Business Analytics Certification in Business Analyst CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) FRM (Financial Risk Manager) Certificate IIBA Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) PMI-Professionals in Business Analysis (PBA) Certificate IIBA Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) IREB-Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) Project Management Certification (MBA in Project Management) IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis Top Institute for Business Analytics in India Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, West Bengal VGSOM, Kharagpur, West Bengal XLRI, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh Indian Institute of Management, Shillong, Meghalaya Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad NIT Trichy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, Karnataka SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Kalam Times 27 Mar 2024 11:31 am

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals eyes 100 facilities by 2025: Chairman

Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals eyes 100 facilities by 2025: Chairman Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals has set up its fifth facility in Tamil Nadu, the 46th such facility in the country, set up under its expansion plan a top official said on Tuesday. The eye care provider has targeted setting up 100 hospitals by 2025, Promoter and Chairman GSK Velu said. Maxivision had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Tamil Nadu to set up eye care facilities in Perambalur, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli and Salem, under its 'Project Velicham' initiative. The new facility in Madurai, spread across 8,000 sq ft was inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Minister for Commercial Taxes and Registration P Moorthy in the presence of Maxivision Group CEO VS Sudheer, Regional Medical Director Shibu Varkey. ''It is with great pride that we have opened our state-of-the-art hospital in the temple city. Currently, we have five centres in Tamil Nadu. With the inauguration of this centre, Maxivision Super Specialty Eye Hospitals now has a total network presence of 46 hospitals spread across India,'' GSK Velu said in a press release today. The hospital is equipped with four state-of-the-art operation theatres, and over 16 consultation rooms. It has a team of doctors with specialisation in ophthalmology, to provide a range of eye care services. Some of the services that would be available at the hospital include Advanced Laser Cataract Surgery, retinal eye diseases, interventions for diabetic retina and paediatric eye care among others.

devdiscourse 26 Mar 2024 8:11 pm

TTV Dhinakaran to contest from Theni in April 19 LS polls

TTV Dhinakaran to contest from Theni in April 19 LS polls NDA constituent AMMK on Sunday named candidates for the two seats it will be contesting in the April 19 Lok Sabha polls in Tamil Nadu. Party chief TTV Dhinakaran said in a release that he will contest from Theni, while P Senthilnathan has been nominated from Tiruchirappalli segment. Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam is part of the BJP-led NDA in the state and had been allotted two seats by the saffron party for the coming elections. Dhinakaran had represented the then Periyakulam Lok Sabha seat, which comes under Theni district, from 1999 to 2004. This time, he will face-off with his former party colleague Thanga Tamilselvan, who has been nominated by the ruling DMK. The AIADMK has fielded V T Narayanasamy. Incidentally, Thanga Tamilselvan was Dhinakaran's pick for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

devdiscourse 24 Mar 2024 9:31 pm

AIADMK names nominees for all 32 LS seats it is set to fight in Tamil Nadu

The AIADMK has finalized its list of 16 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections, featuring a woman lawyer who previously contested against J Jayalalithaa. The party's candidates include three medical doctors, and in total, five doctors are contesting for the party. AIADMK chief Edappadi K Palaniswami is set to begin his campaign on March 24 from Tiruchirappalli. The party will contest in 32 segments and has allocated seven constituencies to allies. The ruling DMK has given tickets to three women candidates out of the 21 Lok Sabha seats it is contesting.

The Economic Times 21 Mar 2024 3:03 pm

India to be third top economy in few years, says Nirmala Sitharaman

India should attain self sufficiency on economic matters. It should become an economic power. The country has come from 10th position to 5th in global rankings and a few years down the line we will achieve the third spot, Sitharaman said, after unveiling a bust of Mahatma Gandhi at Shrimati Indira Gandhi College at Tiruchirappalli.

The Economic Times 16 Mar 2024 7:08 pm

Nathervali Dargah: A testament of South Indias centuries-old Islamic tradition

By Abinaya Sivagnanam In the heart of Tamil Nadu lies Tiruchirappalli (or Trichy), home to the Hazrath Thable Alam Badusha Nathervali Dargah. The shrine is a testament to the centuries-old Islamic tradition and spiritual solace in southern India. This site is not just a place of worship but a mosaic of history, culture, and unwavering Get the latest updates in Hyderabad City News , Technology , Entertainment , Sports , Politics and Top Stories on WhatsApp & Telegram by subscribing to our channels. You can also download our app for Android and iOS .

The Siasat Daily 16 Mar 2024 11:23 am

Vande Bharat: Good news! Vande Bharat will start on this new route; Know complete details

Bengaluru-Tiruchirappalli Vande Bharat: Indian Railways is soon preparing to launch Vande Bharat train connecting Bengaluru in Karnataka and Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. Bengaluru-Tiruchirappalli Vande Bharat: There is good news about Vande Bharat which is becoming popular across the country. Vande Bharat Railways, being run on different routes of the country, is continuously expanding. It is [] The post Vande Bharat: Good news! Vande Bharat will start on this new route; Know complete details first appeared on informalnewz .

informalnewz 16 Mar 2024 12:00 am

New Vande Bharat Express to Enhance Bengaluru-Tiruchirappalli Connectivity

A new chapter in railway connectivity is set to unfold as the Indian Railways gears up to introduce the Vande Bharat Express, linking Karnataka's bustling capital, Bengaluru, with the vibrant city of Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. According to a communication from the Union Ministry of Railways, the train is scheduled to operate during the day, catering to the travel needs of passengers between the two cities. The Tiruchi Railway Division has put forth a request for a daytime service from Bengaluru to Tiruchirappalli, with an evening return journey to Bengaluru. In response to this proposal, the Railway Ministry has endorsed the operation of the TPJ-SBC Vande Bharat Express during daylight hours, ensuring that the train's rake will be available for maintenance during the night. Necessary arrangements are being made to facilitate this service, including provisions at the DEMU PIT line. This announcement follows the recent inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ten new Vande Bharat trains on March 12. These include routes such as Ahmedabad to Mumbai Central, Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam, and Mysuru to Dr. MGR Central in Chennai, among others. Additionally, four existing Vande Bharat routes have been extended to further enhance connectivity across the country. In another development, the regular service of the Kalaburagi to Sir M. Visvesvaraya Terminal Bengaluru Vande Bharat Express commenced today, March 15. The train will operate six days a week, with departure from Kalaburagi at 5:15 a.m., reaching SMVT Bengaluru at 2 p.m. on the same day. The return journey from SMVT Bengaluru to Kalaburagi will depart at 2:40 p.m., arriving in Kalaburagi at 11:30 p.m. on the same day. With these initiatives, the Indian Railways continues to expand its network, offering passengers greater convenience and connectivity between key cities and regions across the country. New Train Service to Link New Jalpaiguri and Patna Begins March 14 PM Modi to launch 10 New Vande Bharat Express Trains: A Boost to Rail Connectivity Across India

News Track 15 Mar 2024 1:11 pm

Four students killed in TN road accident

Four students killed in TN road accident Four college students travelling footboard were killed in an accident involving their bus and a container lorry in this district on Tuesday. Chief Minister M K Stalin expressed anguish over the death of the four--aged between 19 and 21 years, and also announced ex-gratia of Rs two lakh each to their families. The incident happened on the Chennai-Tiruchirappalli National Highway near Maduranthakam when the bus tried to overtake the container lorry and the victims brushed against the vehicle. Three of them died on the spot while one succumbed to injuries at a local government hospital, an official release said. Stalin expressed grief and condoled the death of the four youth and announced the compensation from the Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund.

devdiscourse 12 Mar 2024 7:27 pm

PM Modi inaugurates 15 airport project virtually from Azamgarh in UP

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday inaugurated 15 airport projects, including 12 new terminal buildings of almost worth Rs 10,000 crore in Uttar Pradesh's Azamgarh, marking the event to be the single biggest infra addition that will see a mix of new airports, expanded terminals, laying of foundation stones for upcoming airports and other related facilities. The project launched by PM Modi includes 12 new terminal buildings of Pune, Kolhapur, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Delhi, Lucknow, Aligarh, Azamgarh, Chitrakoot, Moradabad, Shravasti and Adampur Airports, along with laying of the foundation stone for new terminal buildings of Kadapa, Hubballi and Belagavi airports on Sunday. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. So far, in FY 2023-24, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has operationalized state-of-the-art new integrated terminal buildings at Chennai, Port Blair, Surat and Tiruchirappalli Airports. The new terminal buildings at Kanpur Airport, Rajkot International Airport, Tezu Airport and Maharishi Valmiki International Airport, Ayodhya Dham were also inaugurated. The projects are aimed at augmenting passenger amenities and giving a fillip to the local economy. Further, the foundation stone was also laid for new terminal buildings in Datia, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Rajahmundry to cater to demands in future. The 12 new terminal buildings are being developed at a total cost of Rs. 8,903 Crore, having a combined capacity to serve 615 Lakh passengers annually. According to the Prime Minister's Office, these terminal buildings are fully equipped with various passenger facilities like check-in counters, aerobridges, baggage conveyors and sufficient concessionaire area. AAI has also undertaken the development of three new terminal buildings at Kadapa, Hubballi and Belagavi Airports at a total cost of Rs.908 crore. Once completed, the combined passenger handling capacity of these airports will increase to 95 lakh passengers per annum, as per the government. These new terminal buildings are also equipped with various sustainability features like a double insulated roofing system, provision of canopies for energy saving, LED lighting, low heat gain double glazing unit, solar power plant etc. to meet GRIHA ratings. As per the press release issued by the PMO, the designs of these airports are influenced and derived from the common elements of heritage structures of that state and city, thus reflecting the local culture and highlighting the heritage of the region. The murals, paintings, and architectural style of all the above-mentioned Airports have the transformative power to enhance the travel experiences of the passengers. The inauguration and foundation stone laying of these 15 Airport projects worth Rs 9,811 Crore, places India's civil aviation industry at the forefront of the nation's economic growth and solidifies its role as a major player in the global aviation landscape, it said. With these new terminal buildings, air connectivity in the country will witness an increase which in turn will spur tourism, business, and education and generate employment which is vital to the region's economic prosperity. It will also strengthen the economy of the states over the long haul, boosting productivity through its positive impact on businesses, the statement said.

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