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Poison of Communalism: Its Source, Nature and Wayout

Presently some, so called, secular organizations are objecting the communal designs and calling the Muslims by their side. It is out of compulsion, rather of earnestness.

17 Jul 2018 9:31 am
A lesson in humility from Dada Vaswani

The best quality that he had was the complete absence of pontification. He never evinced condescending attitude towards anyone and met all with love and immense cordiality. He was humble to a fault.

16 Jul 2018 7:20 pm
People Versus Established Order: Contradiction Sharpens In New York And Elsewhere

Still recovering from the shock defeat happens to be Joe Cowley for whom the Democratic Party had built many castles in the air. The same party had dug its heels in so firmly for Hillary Clinton as the Presidential candidate that every argument pointing to Bernie Sanders’ chances of victory over Trump were discarded.

16 Jul 2018 2:49 pm