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Indo-Palestine Solidarity Network writes an open letter to Indian Foreign Minister

Urges Mr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar to get relevant countries to work collectively under coordination from India to impress upon Israel to give up its illegal occupation, surrender its settler-colonial policies, work towards a one-state solution.

19 Jun 2024 4:00 pm
Father, Son and the Push towards Hindutva Agenda

As such Bhagwat knows that Modi has fulfilled the Hindutva agenda in the best possible way.

19 Jun 2024 3:07 pm
Rising from the Rubble: Gazas resilient women

According to the United Nations Population Fund report, 94,000 women and girls are deprived of access to sexual and reproductive health facilities.

3 Jun 2024 12:54 am
The Untold ICC Story: How the Global South Helped Palestine Challenge Western Institutions

The persistence of Palestinians and the massive solidarity they have obtained from countries throughout the Global South, eventually paid off.

3 Jun 2024 12:50 am
Are Hindus in Danger due to rising population of Indian Muslims?

The sectarian nationalists have harped on the fact that Muslims are deliberately increasing their population vis a vis Hindus so that they will be a majority in this nation and will declare India as Gazava-e-Hind (Conquest of India by Muslims)!

19 May 2024 12:38 am
Modi himself warns Last ten Years of BJP rule was a trailer; More to come

The hunger index is a good barometer for assessing the nutritional levels of society. India has fallen to 107 out of 121 countries assessed. This is worse than the prevailing situations in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

4 May 2024 9:28 am
Cruelty of Language: Leaked NY Times Memo Reveals Moral Depravity of US Media

The New York Times shamelessly and constantly blows its own horn of being an oasis of credibility, balance, accuracy, objectivity and professionalism. Yet, for them, occupied Palestinians are still the villain: the party doing the vast majority of the slaughtering and the massacring.

18 Apr 2024 11:59 pm
Poll 2024 Voting Choices for the Muslims in Rajasthan

Despite having 10 percent of the Muslim population, Rajasthan has sent only two Members of Parliament in the last 75 years or so. This subject is of huge national importance regarding how democracy can steamroll 10 percent of the population and the countrys leadership is sleeping over this dark side of democracy.

15 Apr 2024 4:26 pm
Poll 2024 Voting Choices for Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

In the changed circumstances, the SP-Congress alliance may likely increase its performance in the 2024 Lok Sabha election. However, the biggest concern for the SP-Congress alliance is how to prevent the scattering of the Muslim votes.

14 Apr 2024 12:59 am
Beating the drums of hate, a Kerala story

Kerala hardly witnessed any mass protests from the Christian community against the atrocities in Manipur...The bishops queued up for a tea party hosted by the Prime Minister. All these must have emboldened the BJP into believing that it has the support of a section of the Christian community.

14 Apr 2024 12:54 am
Israels Irremediable Defeat: On Israels Other Unwinnable War

All of Netanyahu's political shenanigans, which served him well in the past, would fall short from allowing him to return to power, keeping in mind he is already 74 years of age.

8 Apr 2024 5:45 am
Films building up Majoritarian Narratives: Swatantra Veer Savarkar

The film is yet another one based on distorting the truth to strengthen the Hindu Nationalist politics, with an eye on the forthcoming elections.

2 Apr 2024 7:46 am
Poll 2024 Voting choices for Muslims in South India

The Muslim votes from South India can play a huge role in the regime change at the center, provided they are united for the common purpose of voting out the BJP from power in the upcoming Parliamentary election.

2 Apr 2024 6:36 am
Veteran journalist BN Uniyal's tribute to late Zafar Agha

Having grown up in the Nehruvian social environment of Allahabad known for its communal harmony, in the recent years he felt lost, even despondent and enraged over the growing communal divide in the country.

23 Mar 2024 4:47 pm