Alliance, caste, anti-incumbency What led to TDPs sweep in Andhra MLC polls?

politics After TDP secured all three graduate constituency seats in the recent MLC polls in Andhra Pradesh, party chief Chandrababu Naidu called the results indicative of an anti-incumbent rebellion against the YSRCP government. Having secured all three graduate constituency seats in the Member of Legislative Council (MLC) elections, the Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh is optimistic. In a press meet held at the partys central office on Sunday, March 19, along with top leaders of the party, TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu said that the election results were indicative of an anti-incumbent rebellion among the voters. He referred to TDPs wins as a victory for the people, and added that by choosing TDP candidates, the electorate had placed their complete trust and confidence in the party. The TDP has wrested the graduates MLC seats in both West and East Rayalaseema as well as in the north coastal Andhra region. Opposition party leaders have since claimed that this victory was a referendum by the people of north Andhra and Rayalaseema against the ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP)'s plan to establish three capitals in the state. In the East Rayalaseema graduate constituency (Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor), Kancharla Srikanth Choudhary of the TDP defeated Pernati Shyamprasad Reddy of the YSRCP after the counting of second preference votes, with a majority of more than 34,000. The loss came as a shock to the YSRCP, as the constituency has been a party stronghold for years. The TDP candidate for north coastal Andhra (Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, and Srikakulam districts), Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao too obtained the required votes in the second preferential counting and defeated YSRCPs Sitamraju Sudhakar. The West Rayalaseema graduate constituency (Anantapur-Kurnool-Kadapa), where TDPs Bhumi Reddy Ramgopal Reddy emerged as winner, has meanwhile been embroiled in a controversy. Though YSRCP candidate V Raveendra Reddy had maintained a slim lead during the first round of counting, he fell short of the required number of votes to be declared the winner. The officials hence began counting the votes for second preferences, which eventually went in favour of the TDP. Later, however, the TDP candidate along with party supporters staged a protest at the counting station alleging that he was not given the declaration certificate even after the returning officer announced him as the winner. The party president also took this to the notice of the Election Commission of India (ECI) and the Andhra Pradesh State Election Commission (APSEC), alleging that the declaration certificate has been withheld due to pressure from Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddys office. The YSRCP also wrote to the ECI and the APSEC demanding that the votes be counted again, claiming that there were irregularities in counting and that YSRCP votes have been transferred to TDP bundles. What analysts say According to political analyst Telakapalli Ravi, the TDPs victory in the graduates seats is definitely a setback to the YSRCP. It demonstrates an anti-establishment sentiment among the graduates, particularly among those who are unemployed, he said. In addition, the TDP supremos strategy to tie up with the Left-aligned Progressive Democratic Front (PDF) for second priority votes have also helped them greatly, especially in the north coastal Andhra constituency, Ravi said. Nearly 8,000 second preferential votes came via the PDF in the north coastal constituency. But the TDP has not acknowledged this enough, he said. Pawan Kalyans Jana Sena Party sending a strong message to its voters against voting for the ruling party has also been a contributing factor, he added. Ravi said that caste has also played a significant role in the election, pointing out that north coastal Andhra MLC-elect Chiranjeevi Rao belonged to the Kapu community, a numerically strong Telugu caste. Chiranjeevi is also a well-known figure among the youngsters. He is a popular economics coach in the city and is widely known as Economics Chiranjeevi, he said. Political analyst and professor K Nageshwar believes that the election results from graduate constituencies cannot be considered as the opinion of the general public, as it is limited to only a section of registered graduate voters. But it still sends a strong message about the dissatisfaction among the educated class of the state. The vote was against YSRCP, not in the favour of TDP, he said. Development is a significant subject of debate among the urban middle class, Nageshwar said. Most middle class people do not care about welfare schemes. They are bothered about what immediately affects them factors such as roads, employment etc. But the government has not paid much attention to this, he said. He added that while development is a matter of concern in rural areas as well, it is mostly balanced out by the popularity of welfare schemes. Meanwhile, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Advisor to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for public affairs, told the media that the [graduate constituencies] did not represent the lakhs of beneficiaries of welfare schemes. We might not have done well in understanding this particular section of voters. But teachers have shown their support to us. Moreover, considerable votes were polled for our candidates. The Opposition candidates were able to poll more votes because of their alliance with the PDF, he added.

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AP ICET 2023 registration begins on cets.apsche.ap.gov.in, application link here

Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur has opened the registration process for the Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test (APICET- 2023). Candidates who wish to apply for the ICET Exam 2023 can submit their application form on the official website at cets.apsche.ap.gov.in. The ICET Exam 2023 will be conducted on May 24 and 25, 2023.

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Sajjala justifies YSRC demand for recounting

Sajjala said it was the habit of TDP to misuse official machinery and they had even used IAS and IPS officers to induce our party MLAs into their party earlier. VIJAYAWADA: YSRC general secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy alleged lapses in the counting of votes of West Rayalaseema Graduates MLC Constituency and said they have every right to demand recounts. He took a swipe at Opposition Leader N Chandrababu Naidu for terming the win in the graduates MLC seats a peoples victory. Speaking to the media on Sunday, Sajjala said the TDP chief levelled allegations against officials that several irregularities took place in the MLC elections. He said it was the YSRC that had become a victim of the lapses. Though it was proved with evidence, the officials did not act on our complaint, he said. Sajjala alleged that senior TDP leaders from Kadapa, Anantapur and Kurnool reached Anantapur for counting and they influenced the officials at the counting centre to include invalid as well as votes of YSRC into the bundles of TDP. Naidu has the habit of managing institutions and infiltrating into them like a virus, he remarked. Sajjala questioned as to why the YSRC would lose three graduate MLC seats if it had resorted to irregularities in the election process as alleged by the TDP chief. The YSRC senior leader said they raised objections against the transfer of YSRC votes into the bundles of TDP in the eighth round of counting itself, but the returning officer promised to look into them after the completion of the counting process. We have asked the officials to verify the votes and it is our right. We also have proof to show that there are lapses. Even in elections to Parliament, there are instances where the difference is just nine to 10 votes between the winning candidate and the loser and that is why we have asked for recounting, he explained. Sajjala said it was the habit of TDP to misuse official machinery and they had even used IAS and IPS officers to induce our party MLAs into their party earlier.

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After protests, TDP nominee gets certificate of election in AP

The YSRC alleged lapses and complained to the Election Commission, while the TDP too sought the Election Commissions intervention to declare the result. ANANTAPUR: After several hours of drama and protests, the district authorities declared the results of the West Rayalaseema Graduates Constituency MLC election late Saturday night. However, the declaration form was handed over to the winning candidate on Sunday morning only. TDPs Bhumireddy Ramgopal Reddy won the Anantapur-Kadapa-Kurnool Graduates Constituency MLC election by a majority of 7,543 votes in the second preference vote counting. The counting of votes started on March 16 and went on for nearly 50 hours. YSRCs V Ravindra Reddy led throughout the first preference vote counting but slipped into the second position when the second preference vote counting started. The YSRC alleged lapses and complained to the Election Commission, while the TDP too sought the Election Commissions intervention to declare the result. Protesting against the delay in announcing the election result, Ramgopal Reddy staged a demonstration and he was taken into custody last night. District Returning Officer S Nagalakshmi issued the declaration letter to the winning candidate on Sunday morning, putting an end to the election process.

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AP: Nara Lokesh completes 600km of padayatra

Nara Lokesh completes 600km of Yuvagalam padayatra at Kadiri In Anantapur district

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TDP wins Rayalaseema MLC Graduates seats in AP

In West Rayalaseema, the ruling party has claimed a big win in the two Teachers constituencies. VIJAYAWADA:Results of elections to the Graduates and Teachers MLC seats have brought cheer for both YSRC and Opposition TDP. After winning the North Andhra Graduates MLC seat on Friday night, the TDP continued its winning streak and won the remaining two Graduates constituencies of West and East Rayalaseema. In Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor, TDPs Kancharla Srikanth Choudhary was declared victorious by 34,110 votes against his rival Pernati Shyamprasad Reddy of YSRC after second priority vote counting. In West Rayalaseema, the ruling party has claimed a big win in the two Teachers constituencies. However, Anantapur-Kurnool-Kadapa Graduates seat was embroiled in a controversy. While YSRCs V Raveendra Reddy maintained lead from the first round of counting that started on March 16, he did not exceed 2,000.With none of the candidates getting a clear majority, the officials started counting of second preference votes on Saturday. Following this, tables turned in favour of TDPs B Ramgopal Reddy as votes of BJP, PDF and independents went in his favour. As soon as the result was out, YSRCs Raveendra Reddy and former MLA K Visweswara Reddy staged a protest alleging lapses in counting and demanded recounting. The party shot off a letter to the Chief Election Commission and AP Chief Electoral Officer. Poll results dont reflect anti-incumbency: Sajjala In the letter, they stated that they noticed transfer of YSRC votes to TDP bundles, which was later re-transferred. Demanding the votes be counted again, they alleged that there might be irregularities during the counting. Defeat in East Rayalaseema was shocking for the YSRC as it has a stronghold in the region with 32 legislators off the 36 Assembly constituencies falling under the graduates MLC seat. The party had formed a committee for enrolling graduates as voters, particularly in urban areas such as Nellore, Tirupati, Ongole and other major areas in the MLC Assembly constituency. Opposition leaders criticised that the YSRC, which tried to show its might by winning both Graduates and Teachers MLC seats in the East Rayalaseema region, fell flat on its face due to anti-incumbency. Though Energy Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who is also Rayalaseema regional coordinator for the party, monitored the election campaign, the ruling party has failed to attract graduate voters. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, too, wrote a letter to the election commission to declare the party candidates win from the West Rayalaseema graduats seat. Undeterred by the defeat in graduates MLC elections, YSRC general secretary and Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said the voters constitue a minor section of the society and that majority of the graduates are not beneficiaries of their welfare schemes. The MLC election results do not reflect anti-incumbency. In fact, we pulled a great victory by winning the two teachers constituencies in the MLC elections for the first time, he pointed out. Congratulating the three winning candidates, Naidu tweeted, I salute to the leaders and activists who have stood tall against the atrocities of the YSRC during the elections. This is a victory of the people and an indication of change. It is a good omen for the State. YSRC WRITES TO POLL PANEL, DEMANDS RECOUNT In a letter to the Chief Election Commission and Chief Electoral Officer of Andhra Pradesh, the YSRC stated that they noticed transfer of YSRC votes to TDP bundles, which was later re-transferred. Demanding the votes be counted again, they alleged that there might be irregularities during the counting

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TDP wins North Andhra Graduates MLC seat

Stating that the same trend would continue till the 2024 polls, Ganta said the poll percentage of YSRC slumped to 30% from 50% in the last election. VISAKHAPATNAM/TIRUPATI: In a setback to the ruling YSRC, TDP won the North Andhra Graduate MLC seat as its candidate, Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao, secured the required 94,510 votes in second preferential counting on Friday. At the end of eighth round of first preference vote, Chiranjeevi was leading with 27,350 votes against YSRC candidate Sitamraju Sudhakar. The TDP candidate polled 82,956 votes, but was 11,551 votes short of the magic figure. Following this, second preference counting was taken up.With 786 second preference votes from 32 independents, 3,000 from BJPs candidate PVN Madhav and 8,000 votes from PDF (Progressive Democratic Front) pick Ramaprabha, Chiranjeevi was declared winner. Elections to five MLC seats under Teachers and Graduates quota were held on March 13 and the counting began on Thursday.Election to North Andhra Graduates constituency was a keenly fought battle as senior YSRC leaders terming it a semi-final and even appealed to the people to gift the seat to the Chief Minister.The outcome clearly indicates the beginning of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddys downfall, TDP general secretary Nara Lokesh remarked. Asserting that the election result was proof that voters were against the government, Former minister and TDP MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao said, While YSRC announced its candidate six months ago, the TDP declared its nominee only on February 1. The mandate is against Vizag being announced as executive capital. Stating that the same trend would continue till the 2024 polls, Ganta said the poll percentage of YSRC slumped to 30% from 50% in the last election. On the other hand, the YSRC maintained that the outcome will have no impact on the government. NREDCAP chairman and YSRC leader KK Raju said people should not be misled by detractors of North Andhra. Development of the region is possible only with Chief Minister Jagan, he asserted.It may be noted that the TDP had initially announced GVMC (Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporator) corporator Chinna Kumari Lakshmi as its candidate, but replaced her with Chiranjeevi in the last minute.With 37 candidates in the fray, the main contest was between YSRC, TDP, BJP and PDF. Economy Chiranjeevi: A political novice The choice of Chiranjeevi has puzzled many as he is a political novice. Popularly known as economy Chiranjeevi, he worked as a teacher in a renowned coaching centre.A number of students trained by him have excelled in various fields and hold key posts.He visited all 35 Assembly segments in as many days and struck a chord with many people.Meanwhile, the YSRC was also trailing in Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor Graduate seat, while the YSRC-supported candidates bagged two MLC seats under teachers quota. The ruling party is poised to win the Kadapa-Anantapur-Kurnool Graduates constituency. Tight fight in Kadapa region In combined Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor Graduates Constituency, TDP candidate, Kancharla Srikanth, is leading in all six rounds with 1,12,514 votes as against 85,252 votes polled by YSRCs Pernati Shyam Prasad Reddy. In East Rayalaseema Graduate seat, a total number of 2,48,360 votes were polled. Although the YSRC tried to show its might by winning both Graduates and Teachers MLC seats in the region, the ruling party failed to attract graduate voters, but bagged the Teachers Legislative Council seat in East Rayalaseema as well as Anantapur-Kadapa-Kurnool. Minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, regional coordinator for the party in Rayalaseema, monitored the election campaign.For Kadapa-Kurnool-Anantapur Graduates constituency, a tight fight was witnessed between the YSRC and the TDP. By the end of eighth round, YSRCs V Ravindra Reddy was leading by over 1,000 votes against TDPs B Ramgopal Reddy.

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One killed, mango crop damaged as rain lashes Kurnool, Anantapur districts

The mango crop which showed good flowering this year was damaged by hailstorm

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Andhra Pradesh Budget: Rs 11,908 crore to develop irrigation with focus on pending projects

Presenting the budget, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy said the government is giving top priority to completion of the Polavaram Irrigation Project. VIJAYAWADA: The State government has earmarked Rs 11,908 crore for the development of water resources in the Budget 2023-24 presented in the Assembly on Thursday. The allocation is more than Rs 11,482.37 crore outlay in 2022-23. As per the revised estimates for 2022-23, the government has spent Rs 10,741.2 crore on irrigation and now the question is how much will it spend in 2023-24. Presenting the budget, Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy said the government is giving top priority to completion of the Polavaram Irrigation Project. So far, 79.07% of the main dam and canal works have been completed. All measures are being taken to complete the R&R works simultaneously, he said. The Polavaram project, which is described as lifeline of Andhra Pradesh, witnessed the completion of spillway, approach channel, spill channel and pilot channel, besides two cofferdams (upper and lower).The works pertaining to filling up of scour pits near the lower cofferdam and construction of parallel diaphragm wall for the damaged port of the D-wall of the project during floods, are in progress now. Apart from Polavaram, the government has focused on completion of all other major projects taken up under the Jalayagnam scheme to provide better irrigation facility to farmland and provide drinking water to villages, besides meeting needs of industries in all districts. According to Buggana, the interlinking of Nagavali and Vamsadhara rivers is scheduled for completion by the end of March 2023 and Vamsadhara project phase-II of stage-II by June 2023 in Srikakulam district. The completion of Phase-I of Poola Subbaiah Veligonda Project is planned next year to draw water to Nallamala Sagar. The phase-I and II of HNSS Project are planned for completion by December 2023. The Phase-I of the GNSS Project is scheduled for completion by March 2025 and phase-II by March 2026. The Mekapati Goutham Reddy Sangam Barrage and Nellore Barrages across Penna were inaugurated by Chief Minister on September 6 last year to stabilise ayacut under Pennar Delta System, Kavali and Kanupur canals. This fulfils a solemn assurance made to the people of Nellore district, Buggana reminded. The 68 Tanks Project is completed and ready for inauguration in Kurnool and Nandyal districts. The project will meet the drinking water and irrigation requirements of 100 villages in a drought prone area. This will also fulfil the long pending dream of the people of the villages. Buggana said for the first time in several years, water was released to Godavari delta on June 1 and to Krishna delta on June 10 last year to ensure sowing of crops in time and therefore enabling harvesting before the onset of possible calamities. The early release of water to Nagarjuna Sagar Project canals on July 31 last year enabled farmers to reap a bountiful crop yield, he added. Irrigation projects in north coastal districts have been allocated Rs 394.23 crore, those in Prakasam Rs 301.15 crore, while in Anantapur, including HNSS got Rs 270.38 crore and projects in Kurnool Rs 594.56 crore. Telugu Ganga works have been allocated Rs 818.61 crore. A sum of Rs 23.37 crore has been allocated for the modernisation of Godavari Delta and Rs 279.06 crore to complete all the projects and develop the entire ayacut in Krishna delta, he added.

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Pilot project on the anvil for heart patients

State govt is all set to implement a programme to provide medical services to heart patients during golden hour VIJAYAWADA: The State government is set to implement an ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) programme to provide state-of-the-art medical services to people suffering from heart-related issues during golden hour. Lack of proper facilities at hospitals often leads to delay in investigating cardiac issues, further resulting in death. M Venkata Sundaraiah of G Konduru village in NTR district died while being shifted to a hospital in Vijayawada as the condition of his heart could not be assessed at hospitals near his village. According to official statistics, there are around 38 lakh people suffering from heart issues in the State and mortality rate among them is 32% per year. To prevent such deaths, the government is likely to enter into a pact with Chennai-based STEMI India by the end of March. The organisation has expanded its services in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Jharkhand. As a pilot project, the government will develop hospitals in Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, Kurnool and Anantapur as hub centres, while area and district hospitals, besides teaching hospitals with no cath labs, will be developed as spoke centres. Under phase-one of the pilot project, the government will spend Rs 120 crore to set up cath labs at government teaching hospitals in Kurnool and Kakinada, while it will purchase ECG machines and injections used for thrombolysis in bulk for hospitals that will be developed as spokes. Principal secretary (health) MT Krishna Babu explained, We will run the pilot project for three to four months and extend it to the entire State with the help of private hospitals in Arogyasri network. Of the total, 91 hospitals have cath labs. The pilot project will begin within three months after commencement of training for doctors and para-medical staff. We have experienced cardiologists in the State and will start the programme even before an MoU with STEMI India is signed. Under the programme, physicians and paramedical staff at spoke centres will be trained in treating patients with cardiac issues by conducting ECG tests. Doctors at spoke centres will do the ECG test for patients who complain of heart problems and send the reports electronically to hub hospitals. After taking suggestions from the expert, doctors at spoke centres will proceed with thrombolysis as even a delay of half hour can damage the cardiac muscle by 50%. Following this, health personnel will have 24 hours to shift the patient for further investigation or surgery, if needed, increasing the chances to save the patient. Elaborating, Krishna Babu said, We are taking measures to save people from heart-related deaths by developing government hospitals to serve them during the golden hour. Injections for thrombolysis, costing over Rs 30,000 each, are also being procured in bulk at an estimated price of Rs 20,000 for spoke centres.

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Police bust hawala gang; recover Rs 1.89 cr

Andhra Pradeshs Anantapur Police on Friday busted a hijack gang, involved in targeting hawala cash during transportation.

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Food contamination on the rise in Andhra govt school hostels, no checks in place

Health Hundreds of children have fallen sick in the last few months, and the government has been unable to put a sustained mechanism in place to prevent water and food contamination in government residential schools. On March 1 of this year, 25 students of a government school in Andhra Pradesh fell sick after they ate mid-day meals. Students of Zilla Parishad High School in Savalyapuram of Palnadu district allegedly fell ill after consuming sambar and tomato bath lunch provided as part of mid-day meals. The District Collector suspended an officer responsible for mid-day meals and issued show cause notices to the school Headmaster, District Educational Officer and Mandal Education Officer. In the last few months, several instances of food or water contamination in government day and residential schools have been reported in Andhra Pradesh. There are mainly four types of residential schools called Gurukula Schools. They are Andhra Pradesh Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas Society, Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society Society and Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential Institutions Society for children from marginalised communities. Special officers in concerned departments coordinate with the schools in their districts. In January this year, more than 200 students from Dr BR Ambedkar Gurukul School (Girls) in Palnadu district were hospitalised due to food poisoning. Soon after, the government formed a committee to investigate the incident. TNM accessed the lab reports submitted to the District Medical Officer on February 4, 2023, which analysed water samples from five resources in the school. The report stated, All the samples collected above are microbiologically unsatisfactory and indicate external contamination. The pH level of water from the RO (reverse osmosis) plant for water filtration was reportedly found to be an acidic level of 5.92, and causes health issues like vomiting, diarrhoea, kidney disease, liver disease, stomach cramps, and nausea. After we got the report, we had the RO plant repaired at a cost of Rs 1 lakh, District Collector Siva Sankar Lotheti told The Hindu. The administration suspended the hostel manager, physical education teacher, and school principal for negligence. Speaking to TNM, Bathul Padmavathi, member of the Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (APSCPCR), said, The children complained of the symptoms two days before it was reported in the media. The principal had enough time to ascertain the reason for sickness when a few children complained but failed to do so. She added that schools are provided with all essential resources like RO water plants, a healthy food menu, electricity, etc. It becomes the responsibility of the concerned principals, wardens, and teachers to use them to the best possible efficiency for the children, she added. In the absence of a sustained monitoring system, officials are left to respond only after the incident. Padmavathi oversees the four districts of Palandu, Baptla, Prakasam and Guntur, and she has visited more than 40 schools in these districts. What she found was a lack of an efficient monitoring system to ensure best hygiene practices. A problem, she thinks, will be solved if district-level officials of concerned departments conduct surprise visits to the school. The food contamination cases are not restricted to not just residential schools. In November, 225 students of Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT), Srikakulam IIIT campus in Etcherla, were taken ill and admitted after complaining of stomach pain, vomiting, and dizziness. More than 100 students were hospitalised. Following the incident, the Commission ordered an inquiry. TNM accessed the reports which said that contamination could have occurred due to food or water. Kesali Apparao, Chairman of the Commission, told TNM, The cause was not exactly known. But the school staff are being instructed to maintain hygiene to prevent food and water contamination. Even after so many incidents, there is no data being collected on the number of incidents or long-term measures taken to prevent such incidents. Apparao also stated that the Commission does not maintain a record of all incidents and said, When we receive a complaint or find a report in the media regarding any food contamination, we visit the place. If the effect is significant, then we order an inquiry into the incident and direct necessary measures. Health Commissioner J Nivas said their only role was to provide medical support when an outbreak is reported. But some measures are being introduced by them to minimise the occurrence of such incidents. The responsibility of maintaining the hygiene and serving the food lies with departments managing the schools. The ANMs (auxiliary and nurse midwives) who visit the schools will check the sanitation maintained in the school in addition to the regular checkups. This will be in operation soon. The medical officer will conduct a complete medical screening of the students once in six months, he said. Incidents widely reported in the media Apparao also relates that more than 500 children have fallen sick in multiple instances of food and water contamination in Palnadu, Anantapuram, Etcherla and Kothavalasa towns. In Etcherla, 225 students fell ill at RGUKT on November 4, 2022, while in Palnadu, nearly 200 students were taken ill on January 31, 2023. According to media reports, at least 80 children fell sick in Singanamala Kasturbha Vidyalaya at Anantapur on December 3, 2022, and 24 children fell ill in Backward Class Girls' Hostel in Vizianagaram district. In response to incidents, he added that he visited nine government schools, where most female students complained of being sick. Incidents are being reported in girls' hostels more than the boys' hostels. Girls are falling sick in larger numbers. It may have something to do with sanitation and hygiene, Apparao said. Former chairman of the Child Welfare Committee, BVS Kumar told TNM that maintenance of the hostels and the kitchens were sub-par in several places. The wardens of the hostels at some places do not stay at the hostels every day due to long distance from home or sometimes simply due to negligence. It is the responsibility of the principal to solve such issues. Padmavathi pointed out the understaffing aspect and said, When there are only two or three employees, cleaning the dining room, kitchen, and dormitories becomes a burden for them. At the very least, a separate cleaning staff for the kitchen is required. She added that the Commission planned to send a proposal to the government to introduce packed food meals to the hostels from an external partner NGO to maintain quality and hygienic food delivery. Concerned over the increasing number of incidents, Commissioner of the School Education Department S Suresh Kumar has instructed schools to strictly implement the standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to maintaining hygiene. Speaking to TNM, he said, The SOPs are already in place to serve proper food to the students. All the food materials sent to the school for the preparation of meals have to be tested by the headmaster or teacher. They are also responsible for testing the meals before serving it to the students. We will not tolerate any food poisoning incidents, and we have made it clear that stringent action will be taken in such cases, the Commissioner said.

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YSRC, TDP social media teams clash in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur - Times of India

YSRC, TDP social media teams clash in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur Times of India

Google News 7 Mar 2023 10:20 am

Clashes erupt between YSRCP, TDP workers in Andhra Pradeshs Anantapur - India Today

Clashes erupt between YSRCP, TDP workers in Andhra Pradeshs Anantapur India Today

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This AP village goes empty once a year

Talaricheruvu village in Tadipathri Mandal of Anantapur district becomes empty once a year. The post This AP village goes empty once a year appeared first on Fusion - WeRIndia .

Fusion WeRIndia 7 Feb 2023 10:29 am