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Smooth Drupal 8 Migration Tactics for a Seamless Experience

Drupal 8 boasts of outstanding features such as fast loading speed, greater flexibility, and scalability that makes it a brilliant content marketing system for web development. It has attracted the attention of businesses, and these organizations are increasingly migrating to Drupal. We know that Drupal 8 migration certainly is not such an easy job to […] ALL TECH BUZZ .

17 Feb 2020 4:48 am
Why Do You Need to Install Norton Antivirus for Android

Both computers and mobile devices often contain a large amount of confidential information that requires appropriate protection. Perhaps no person would not know that the solution is a high-quality antivirus. There are many worthy options in the antivirus market, but Symantec Corporation is a leader. One of their products – Norton Antivirus – is an […] ALL TECH BUZZ .

15 Feb 2020 10:25 am
How to Set an Alarm on Mac

Is it possible to set an alarm on a Mac? The answer is yes, but unlike other Apple devices like iPads and iPhones, configuring alarm settings is very different in a Mac OSX computer. Thats because, in an iOS smartphone or tablet, a built-in clock app lets you set up timers and recurring alarms. Meanwhile, […] ALL TECH BUZZ .

15 Feb 2020 1:42 am
Adobe Flash Player Test (Comprehensive 2020 Guide)

You can find a lot of websites that utilize stunning graphics, animations, videos, and all sorts of other things as a way to reel in visitors or enhance the content of their sites. One of the most popular components that can do both of these is Adobes Flash Player. However, how do you install and […] ALL TECH BUZZ .

15 Feb 2020 12:54 am
How to watch the NCAA March Madness on the iPad?

With the NCAA March Madness ready to kick-off, many college basketball fans will want to follow the NCAA basketball tournament. Today, with the official CBS NCAA March Madness app, users can also watch their favorite teams directly when leaving the TV on the beautiful Retina iPad Display. Thanks to the official March Madness Live app […] ALL TECH BUZZ .

14 Feb 2020 2:51 pm