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5 ways to boost your iPhones signal strength

You probably know the best place in your home to make a call on your smartphone. Its usually going by a window or stepping outside, away from any interferences. I own a modern house built primarily with steel, and its like living in a faraday cage.

28 Nov 2020 5:30 pm
Black Friday 2020: How to avoid getting scammed

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only peak season for online shopping but for cybercriminals too.

25 Nov 2020 5:25 pm
Pentagon develops new weapons to stop 'near-space' hypersonic missile attacks

Attacking hypersonic glide vehicle weapons can skim along the upper boundaries of the earths atmosphere, using trajectory and a speed of descent to destroy targets with unprecedented force.

25 Nov 2020 3:51 am
Pentagon develops self-guiding, 'autonomous' hypersonic weapons

The Pentagon is looking to engineer self-guiding hypersonic weapons with emerging levels of autonomy to quickly adjust course in flight as needed, adapt to emerging targets, avoid defensive threats and accelerate the so-called kill chain.

24 Nov 2020 3:45 am
Switzerland preps to buy F-35

Switzerland, perhaps known as among the calmest or least turbulent nations in recent geopolitical history, may acquire as many as 40 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, thus joining the fast-growing coalition of nations committed to sustain an allied community of 5th-gen aircraft.

24 Nov 2020 3:17 am
Pentagon builds new sensing weapons for space war

A 6th-Generation stealth fighter has already taken flight, a new class of ICBMs will soon fly through space, hundreds of new Low Earth Orbit satellites are shooting up beyond the earths atmosphere and emerging hypersonic weapons are moving from design to production in record time all because of fast-moving digital engineering innovations.

23 Nov 2020 1:48 am
21 problem-solving gadgets thatll help make your tech troubles disappear

Whens the last time your phone died while you were away from home? Have you ever shattered your screen? What about when all the charging cords in the house mysteriously disappear?

23 Nov 2020 12:10 am
Navy destroyers might kill hypersonic missile attacks

Having a Navy destroyer able to take out ICBMs is a development that radically impacts strategic and tactical dynamics associated with missile defense in a way that multiplies defenses in unprecedented ways.

22 Nov 2020 10:53 pm
Use Google? 5 new ways to secure your account

I found a few fun facts from a recent Digital Shadows report interesting. Some 15 billion stolen account passwords from over 100,000 data breaches are available on the web.

22 Nov 2020 9:24 pm
Leading Christian faith app exposed users' data, say researchers, which offers a Christian faith app that has been downloaded over 1 million times, has been leaking user data, researchers from cybersecurity firm vpnMentor told Fox News.

20 Nov 2020 6:08 pm
Coronavirus tests delivered by drone pilot project in Texas

COVID-19 test kits are being delivered by drone in an El Paso pilot project that involves Walmart and Quest Diagnostics.

19 Nov 2020 8:20 pm
Massive list of Wisconsin voter data circulating on cybercriminal forum, researcher says

The personal information of Wisconsin voters may have been purchased and posted to a cybercriminal website, cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows said in a note obtained by Fox News.

19 Nov 2020 12:10 am
Pentagon pursues 'hack proof' fighter jets and armored war vehicles

What if an armored combat vehicle was rapidly moving to enemy contact through rigorous terrain while facing enemy fire, when its navigational and targeting systems were suddenly given false, wrong or misleading information ... thus derailing the mission?

18 Nov 2020 9:56 pm
Future Navy attack submarine for 2030 - bigger, more lethal, stealthier

The Navys future attack submarines for the 2030s will be bigger, faster, more autonomous, networked and stealthier than the existing Virginia-class attack boats because greater size will allow for more advanced quieting technologies to be built into the boats.

18 Nov 2020 3:47 am
Google search alternatives that respect your privacy

Between Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and all the rest, the tech giant knows a ton about you. Lets not forget about YouTube, the second-largest search site behind Google.

16 Nov 2020 2:15 am
New Army weapons program ground-fires Navy Tomahawk, SM-6

It can loiter over targets while sending back video through a two-way data link. It can destroy targets from ranges out to 900 miles. And now, it can adjust course in flight to destroy moving targets the Tomahawk missile, often the first weapon to strike in combat, will now be fired as a land weapon.

13 Nov 2020 1:31 am
Could the Air Force X-37B become a laser and missile-firing space drone?

Is the Air Force X-37B an armed space drone operating beyond the Earths atmosphere to destroy enemy satellites, ICBMs or aircraft of some kind?

13 Nov 2020 12:23 am
Why Google might delete your photos, videos and more

This week, Google announced the introduction of a new storage policy that allows for the deletion of old Google Drive files.

12 Nov 2020 11:32 pm
Twitter rival Parler is in the post-election spotlight: Here's why

Our 2020 presidential Election proved one thing: America is split half conservative, half liberal. The conservative half is fed up with Twitter and moving on. These users are tired of Twitters algorithms and corporate management regulating speech on its platform.

12 Nov 2020 9:07 pm