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Netflix Raises Its Prices Again For Its Streaming Service

As Netflixs catalogue gets bigger and as the company starts investing more into original TV shows and movies, obviously the companys expenses will go up. They also need to invest more into its server capacity to accommodate more users signing up for its services, especially as more users start to stream in higher resolutions. So much so that the companys costs will undoubtedly go up, which is why it doesnt really come as a surprise to learn that Netflix has recently announced a price hike. What

15 Jan 2022 6:18 am
Apple Glasses Could Adjust Itself To Your Prescription

The problem with wearable headsets like smart glasses is how do companies cater towards users who wear and need prescription glasses? Obviously they cant just ignore these users. One way would be to create a device that could retrofit onto existing glasses, but it seems that Apple has another idea. According to a patent discovered by AppleInsider, it seems that Apple is thinking up of a potential way for its glasses to adapt and change according to the prescription needed for the user. This mean

15 Jan 2022 6:17 am
Dont Expect In-Display Touch ID In The iPhone 14

While it appears that Apple is fully committed to using Face ID for its security in its iPhones, at least for the higher-end flagship models, many are still calling on Apple to bring Touch ID back. This is because Touch ID is more convenient and giving users the option isnt a bad thing. We have heard rumors that an in-display Touch ID could arrive this year , but analyst Ross Young has shut those rumors down. When asked about Touch ID in the iPhone 14, Young said that it doesnt look like that wi

15 Jan 2022 6:16 am
Microsoft Confirms That All Their Xbox One Consoles Have Been Discontinued

Usually when consoles transition from one generation to the other, companies continue making and selling the previous-gen console for a period of time for gamers who might not want to buy the new console, at least not yet. However, if you were hoping to get your hands on an Xbox One, youre out of luck. According to a statement made to The Verge, senior director of Xbox console product marketing Cindy Walker told the publication and confirmed that production on the Xbox One series of consoles has

14 Jan 2022 7:00 am
Fortnite Is Coming Back To iOS Devices Through GeForce Now

If youre a fan of Epics Fortnite and are hoping to see it come back to iOS again, you could be in luck. While the app itself wont be returning, a post on NVIDIAs GeForce Now website has revealed that the game will be coming back to iOS devices through the companys game streaming service. For those unfamiliar, GeForce Now is a game streaming service from NVIDIA. It can be played through various platforms, including iOS devices where gamers can actually stream games through their mobile Safari bro

14 Jan 2022 6:59 am
It Looks Like Teslas Cybertruck Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

A few years ago, Tesla took the wraps off the Cybertruck. It featured a rather futuristic-looking design and according to the company, they quickly received over 100,000 orders for it . The plan was to release it in 2020, but due to the pandemic, it was delayed. It was then suggested that it could start being delivered to customers by the end of 2021, but now it looks like it could have been delayed again. This is according to Teslas Cybertruck website where it previously said, You will be able

14 Jan 2022 6:58 am
In-Display Camera Might Only Come To iPhone 15 In 2023

It was recently suggested that Apple could launch an iPhone with an in-display front-facing camera this year . However, if the tweets of analyst Ross Young are accurate, that may no longer be happening. Instead, it seems that it will most likely come either in 2023 for the iPhone 15 or 2024 for the iPhone 16. This actually comes on the heels of Youngs earlier tweet where he claimed that the iPhone 14 will instead use a hole and pill cutout that will house the front-facing camera and the TrueDept

13 Jan 2022 8:41 am
The Pozio Cradle Charges Your Phone While Blocking It From Listening To You

Pretty much all our smartphones these days come with always-listening digital assistants. The idea is that by always being on the lookout (or earout) for the trigger phrase, it will save users time from having to press buttons or launch apps to get the digital assistant to do things for the user. However, given that not everyone needs or wants a digital assistant, were sure that some users might be uncomfortable with the idea that their phones are always listening to them. The good news is that

13 Jan 2022 8:40 am
Apple Just Lost Another Key Semiconductor Designer To Microsoft

In order to make the Apple Silicon a reality, Apple obviously needs a team of designers and engineers to help design and make its custom chipset a reality. Recently, one of Apples key engineers left the company to go work for Intel , and it looks like the bleeding doesnt stop there. According to a report from Bloomberg , they cite people familiar with the matter where it was suggested that Apple just lost another key member of its semiconductor team, this time to Microsoft. The report claims tha

13 Jan 2022 8:39 am
Keychron Q2 65% Hotswap Mechanical Keyboard Launched

Last year, Keychron announced the Keychron Q1 mechanical keyboard . It was a huge deal for the company because for the first time ever, this is a keyboard aimed at hobbyists where it came with features like gasket mounting, support for QMK/VIA, and also featured a much more sturdy build compared to the companys previous offerings. However, if the 75% form factor isnt up your alley and you actually want something smaller, youre in luck because Keychron has since announced and launched the second

13 Jan 2022 7:30 am
Apple Refutes T-Mobiles Claim That iOS 15.2 Bug Is Disabling iCloud Private Relay

A few days ago, it was reported that T-Mobile was apparently blocking users on its network from using iOS 15s iCloud Private Relay feature . Given that there are reports of carriers in Europe doing the same, it didnt seem like a very far-fetched idea, although T-Mobile later said that it was due to a bug in iOS 15.2 . It looks like things are getting more complicated now because Apple has since released a statement to 9to5Mac in which they are refuting T-Mobiles claims. The company says that non

13 Jan 2022 7:29 am
iPhone 14 Could Feature Both A Hole And Pill Cutout For Front-Facing Camera

Image Credit 9to5Mac With the iPhone 13, Apple made the notch on the iPhone smaller. It was still obvious, but it was smaller. However, the iPhone 14 is expected to feature quite a drastic change on the notch front. This is according to analyst Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants who revealed that the iPhone 14 could adopt a hole and a pill cutout. The hole cutout in the display has been used by various Android handset makers for the past few years as a way to avoid using the notch

13 Jan 2022 7:28 am
Korean Companies Reportedly Fighting To Enter The Apple Car Supply Chain

Last year, there were rumors that Korean carmaker Kia could be the company that would help Apple build their electric car . However, this did not pan out but now according to a report from ETNews , it appears that Apple is still looking towards Korea for companies to help them with their rumored Apple Car. The report claims that Apple representatives visited South Korea in December of last year to speak with local suppliers. Keep in mind that these local suppliers are for the components needed t

13 Jan 2022 5:55 am
These Are The Potential Prices For Apples iPhone 14 Series

Over the years, Apple has been increasing the prices of its iPhones. This honestly shouldnt really come as a surprise, so if anything, we cant say were too shocked to learn that we could be looking at a potential price increase for the upcoming iPhone 14 as well. This is according to a tweet by LeaksApplePro who shared the potential price of the iPhone 14 series on Twitter. According to the tweets, the base iPhone 14 model is expected to be priced at $799, which is the same as the current model.

13 Jan 2022 5:55 am
LAPD Officers Decided To Play Pokemon GO Instead Of Responding To A Robbery

We get that sometimes on the job, there can be moments of downtime where you dont have anything to do. Some might frown upon playing games during working hours, but we reckon as long as you can prioritize your time and know when its time to work and when its time to play, it shouldnt be too big of a deal, right? Unfortunately for a couple of LAPD officers, they decided that trying to catch Snorlax and playing Pokemon GO was a better use of their time instead of responding to a robbery in progres

13 Jan 2022 5:54 am
HONOR Magic V Foldable Phone Competes With Samsung Z Fold3

HONOR has just launched its Magic V foldable phone, a first in the companys history. Despite rumors of an RMB 13,999 price, prospect users will be relieved to see the official RMB 9,999 price (approximately $1,570 ). Like Huaweis Mate X2 foldable , the Magic V is based on a design similar to Samsungs Z Fold3 that has become the de-facto standard. Samsung got the first design right, giving it a two-year lead, but competitors are now catching up. The HONOR Magic V has a 7.9-inch , 22721984, 90Hz f

11 Jan 2022 2:45 am
IKEA Quietly Refreshes Its Symfonisk Bookshelf Speakers

A few years ago, IKEA and Sonos entered into a partnership which resulted in the Symfonisk bookshelf speakers. For those unfamiliar, these are essentially speakers that were made by Sonos, but featured an IKEA design meant to help blend it into ones living room or bedroom so that it doesnt look out of place.It has been a few years since the speakers launched, but it appears that both companies decided []

8 Jan 2022 9:35 am
Satechi Unveils 165W Four Port USB-C GaN Charger

The problem with some chargers, especially laptop chargers, is that they can be rather bulky and heavy. This is because some laptops require more power than others in order to keep it charged up. This also means that bringing it around with you can be troublesome, but thats something that GaN charging tech is hoping to solve.If youre after a new charger that can not only charge your laptop but []

8 Jan 2022 9:27 am
Hotel Chain Converts Windows PCs To Chrome OS After Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are becoming pretty common these days. This is when a computer downloads a malware that then encrypts the entire drive or network, and then to decrypt it, hackers would demand a ransom before they hand over the encryption key, if not all the data would be lost for good. This is what happened over in Scandinavia, Finland to the Nordic Choice Hotels, a large chain of hotels in the country. The ransomware attack basically crippled their systems, but instead of paying to remove th

8 Jan 2022 6:50 am
Model Says AirTag Was Used To Track And Stalk Her For Five Hours

Apples AirTag tracking accessory is surprisingly affordable for something with an Apple brand slapped onto it. It is also surprisingly good at what it does, but it seems that its effectiveness and cheap price has created a bit of a privacy nightmare for Apple and its users. According to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooks Nader, in a post on Instagram , the model says that on Wednesday night, someone had slipped an AirTag into her coat pocket which let them track and stalk the model for abo

8 Jan 2022 6:49 am
Mario Kart 9 Reportedly In Development With A New Twist

It has been a long time since we saw a new Mario Kart title. The last major title was Mario Kart 8 which was originally released for the Nintendo Wii U in 2014, and then an enhanced Deluxe version was then released for the Nintendo Switch back in 2017, so were not sure if we can really count that. That being said, for those who are looking forward to seeing a new major title released in the series, you could be in luck. According to analyst Dr. Serkan Toto, he wrote a prediction for Gamesindustr

8 Jan 2022 6:48 am
Ubergizmos Best of CES 2022

CES 2022 is ending, and its time to nominate what we deem to be the best, most innovative, and enthusiastic products of CES that weve looked at up close or experienced hands-on. In no order: TCL LEINIAO XR Glasses Concept Consumer Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the hottest trends in technology, and yet were still waiting for it to materialize in the market substantially. TCLs LEINIAO XR Glasses Concept brings a full-color high-resolution display in a highly compact form factor. We found the di

8 Jan 2022 1:38 am
Kaliber Gaming Mechlite Nano Is A Wireless Mechanical Keyboard With A Rotary Knob

Custom mechanical keyboards can cost a lot of money, some in the several hundreds of dollars. However, if you dont have that kind of money to spend or dont want to spend that much, then you might be interested to learn that IOGears Kaliber Gaming brand has announced the Mechlite Nano keyboard.Unlike the majority of mechanical keyboards out there, the Kaliber Gaming actually features wireless connectivity, which is great if []

7 Jan 2022 3:52 pm
The Last Of Us Remake For The PS5 Could Arrive Later This Year

Naughty Dogs The Last of Us was originally released back in 2013 for the Sony PS3 console, but later found its way onto the PS4. Given that its been almost 10 years since the original release, and how much gaming tech has advanced, some might argue that bringing it onto the PS5 would make it seem kind of dated. The good news is that if you enjoyed the game but would love to play it on the PS5, you might be interested to learn that according to a tweet by tipster Tom Henderson, he claims that bas

7 Jan 2022 2:21 pm
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Apparently Feature A Super Clear Lens

Samsungs Galaxy S series of smartphones has been known for its camera capabilities over the years, with many reviews praising the series ability to snap some pretty impressive photos. We expect this will be the same for 2022s Galaxy S22 series, but it could have some extra help. According to a tweet by Zaryab Khan, they shared what appears to be a spec sheet for the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra, and one of the features that was highlighted for one of the camera modules that will apparently come wit

7 Jan 2022 2:20 pm
E3 2022 In-Person Event Cancelled, Virtual Event A Possibility

For gamers, E3 is an annual event that many look forward to. This is because it is the biggest gaming expo in the world and it usually sees companies announce new hardware, new gaming titles, updates on titles in development, and more. It is usually hosted as an in-person event, but that has not happened for the past couple of years. If you were hoping that E3 2022 would be a different story, especially with more people getting vaccinated, then we have some bad news for you. In a statement made

7 Jan 2022 2:19 pm
iMessage Bug Still Sends Read Receipts Even When Theyve Been Disabled

Read receipts are kind of like a double-edged sword. Its nice to know when your messages have been delivered and read, but at the same time, weve seen how some people can react to read messages that have not been replied. This is why some users choose to disable read receipts, so at the very least it keeps it ambiguous. However, according to a report from Macworld, there is a weird bug with Apples Messages app that apparently still shows read receipts for iMessage even after the user has disable

7 Jan 2022 2:17 pm
iPhone With In-Display Front-Facing Camera Could Be Arriving This Year

Ever since the launch of the iPhone X, Apple has relied on a notch in the display of the iPhone to house the front-facing camera and other sensors. This is versus other smartphone manufacturers who have tried to find solutions around that problem, such as using hole-punch cutouts, in-display cameras, popup cameras, and more. For those who are sick of the notch, even though a smaller version made its debut in the iPhone 13 series, you could be in luck. According to a tweet by leakster @dylandkt,

7 Jan 2022 2:16 pm
Popcorn Time Shuts Down Again

Several years ago, an online service called Popcorn Time was launched. It was referred by many as the Netflix for piracy because instead of users having to download the entire file before watching their favorite movie or TV show, they could stream it. However, shortly after it launched, the original developers shut it down . Not too long after, it was picked up by other developers who decided to revive the project , but now it looks like the service has once again shut down. It is unclear what c

7 Jan 2022 2:15 pm
32N Sunglasses Can Adapt To Your Prescription Needs With A Single Swipe

The problem with owning a pair of prescription glasses is that it makes it difficult to own a pair of sunglasses. This is because you would need to buy a pair of sunglasses that also has prescription lenses, and you would need to carry around an additional pair of glasses when you want to switch back and forth. This can be rather annoying, but thats a problem that 32N (pronounced 32 North) is trying to solve with its adaptive sunglasses. The sunglasses feature the use of the companys patented Li

6 Jan 2022 8:57 am
Lenovo Launches New ThinkBook Laptops For Enterprise Users

There are laptops that are designed for a variety of uses. For example you have gaming laptops aimed at gamers on the go, then you also have laptops that are designed for students where they are cheap and affordable, then you also have laptops that are aimed more towards enterprise users who need to do work while on the move. If you fall into the enterprise camp, then you might be interested to learn that Lenovo has recently announced a bunch of new ThinkBook laptops aimed at business users. The

6 Jan 2022 8:40 am
Pebble Feel Is A Device That Lets You Experience Hot And Cold While In VR

Virtual reality (VR) is supposed to offer users an immersive experience by essentially shutting users out of the real world through the use of a headset. However, its not quite the complete experience because while you might feel like youre in another world, you cant exactly touch or feel what youre seeing. However, Shiftall has taken the wraps off an interesting gadget called the Pebble Feel that will apparently allow users to feel both hot or cold while they are in a VR simulation. Its actuall

6 Jan 2022 7:11 am
BMW Shows Off A Color-Changing Car At CES 2022

Trying to choose a color for your car can be a bit difficult. This is because there are things to consider apart from your personal preference. For example, cars in black might not be the best idea in countries that are hot all year round, while cars that have more funky colors might be harder to sell off. That being said, if you cant decide what color you want, then BMW might have something for you. At CES 2022, the company has unveiled the BMW iX Flow. This is a concept vehicle by BMW that fea

6 Jan 2022 6:46 am
LGs UltraGear 17G90Q Is The Companys First Ever Gaming Laptop

LG is no stranger when it comes to laptops. At CES every year, the company almost always showcases its new LG Gram series of laptops, but this year, it seems that LG is heading down a slightly different path with its laptops as they have unveiled the LG ULtraGear 17G90Q, the companys first ever gaming laptop. If youve ever browsed LGs gaming monitors before, then you are probably familiar with their use of the UltraGear branding. With the 17G90Q, the laptop will feature the use of a 17.3-inch WQ

6 Jan 2022 6:24 am
Razers Project Sophia Is A Desk Thats Also A Modular PC

The problem with building a PC is that while its relatively easy for users to build it from scratch or upgrade certain parts where necessary, for the less tech savvy, it can feel daunting with all the wires and not being sure which goes into which and so on. Razer has long championed the idea of modular PC design, dating back to 2014 with Project Christine . Now at CES 2022, 8 years later, Razer is back with yet another modular PC concept called Project Sophia. However, unlike Christine, Sophia

6 Jan 2022 5:54 am
GM Unveils The Chevrolet Silverado EV Work Truck

2024 Silverado EV RST While a lot of the electric vehicles we are seeing today come in the form of cars, for those who prefer a truck for work or for practicality reasons, you might be interested to learn that during GMs keynote address at CES 2022, the company has unveiled the Chevrolet Silverado EV work truck. According to the company, the Silverado EV will be offered in two versions the Work Truck (WT) model and the more expensive luxurious RST model. However, at its core, both models have a

6 Jan 2022 5:43 am
Lenovo Refreshes ThinkPad X1 Series at CES

CES is the traditional time at which Lenovo resets a significant portion of its portfolio, and thats the case again this year. The ThinkPad X1 series is one of the most popular, so we pay particular attention to it, and this update is worth a look. First, Lenovo is upgrading upcoming ThinkPad X1 laptops to Intels new 12 th generation Alder Lake Core processors (and chipsets) for mobile. Weve previously talked about the Alder Lake architecture and reviewed the desktop CPUs . Some Intel Gen 12 mob

5 Jan 2022 10:07 pm
Samsungs 2022 TVs Will Let You Stream NVIDIA GeForce Now And Stadia

If you enjoy streaming games on your phone, tablet, or PC, then you might be happy to hear that for Samsungs 2022 TV lineup, the company will be introducing new software to its TVs and one of it will come in the form of the Gaming Hub. Through this hub, gamers will be able to download game streaming services such as NVIDIAs GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik, after which gamers will then be able to stream all their favorite games and play it through their TVs. It should be noted that this is

4 Jan 2022 4:30 pm
GAF Energy Launches Solar Shingle That You Can Nail To Your Roof

The problem with solar panel installation is that its not exactly a walk in the park, plus it kind of makes the roof of your home ugly if its retrofitted. This is a problem that companies like Tesla have tried to solar with the Solar Roof, but it created another problem and that is it required a specialized team to install it. There is also another issue of if certain parts of the panel fail, you cant just replace it like you would with traditional roof shingles, and thats a problem that GAF Ene

4 Jan 2022 4:28 pm
HomeKit Vulnerability Could Render iPhones Unusable

It appears that Apples HomeKit has a vulnerability that if exploited, could render iPhones useless. This is according to a blog post by security researcher Trevor Spiniolas who discovered the vulnerability and shared the details on his website. According to Spiniolas, it seems that the vulnerability involves allowing a HomeKit connected device to have its name changed to 500,000 characters. Spiniolas writes: When the name of a HomeKit device is changed to a large string (500,000 characters in te

4 Jan 2022 4:28 pm
Oral-Bs iO10 With iOSense Is The Smart Toothbrush You Never Knew You Needed

Just because you brush your teeth everyday doesnt mean that you are guaranteed to have clean teeth or healthy gums. This is because how you brush is more important. If youre trying to find ways to better improve your teeth and gum hygiene, Oral-B has you covered with the companys new iO10 with iOSense smart toothbrush. We reckon that this has to be one of the most over-engineered toothbrushes weve come across, but at the same time, the various benefits it promises does seem to be rather tantaliz

4 Jan 2022 3:26 pm
Withings New Smart Scale Can Even Measure Your Nerve Activity

Weighing scales these days have gotten a lot more hi-tech than they were back in the day. These days, many weighing scales are smarter and can do more than just tell you how much you weigh. Some can even do things like check your posture and balance and recommend you exercises to improve it. This is why it doesnt come as a surprise to learn that at CES 2022, Withings has unveiled its new smart scale called the Body Scan. It will do everything you might expect from a smart scale, like measure you

4 Jan 2022 3:25 pm
ASUS Creates A DDR5 Adapter For DDR4 RAM Modules

The ongoing chip shortage is affecting a wide variety of industries. We dont just mean chips like CPUs or SoCs like the ones found in smartphones, but basically anything that requires a chip in order to work are affected ( such as cameras ). This also includes RAM, which is why if youre finding it difficult to secure a DDR5 RAM module, youre not alone. However, ASUS has an interesting solution and that comes in the form of an adapter that lets you slot DDR4 RAM into a motherboard that supports D

4 Jan 2022 3:24 pm
Apples iPhone 15 Could Be A Zoom Monster

In the past, we have seen smartphones from Huawei and Oppo offer up some pretty insane zoom for its cameras. Zoom isnt really something that Apple focuses too much on, where handsets like the iPhone 12 Pro Max supported a max of 2.5x optical zoom. However, that could change with the iPhone 15 which is expected to launch next year. This is according to analyst Jeff Pu who claims that the iPhone 15 could actually offer up optical zoom of up to 10x. Thats pretty insane as far as iPhone cameras are

4 Jan 2022 2:50 pm
LG Unveils Its New 2022 OLED evo TVs

One of the more exciting aspects of CES is that we get to see a ton of new display technology and improvements to existing ones. Since displays are used in our daily devices like laptops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, and TVs, its always interesting to see what companies can come up with. For 2022, LG has taken the wraps off brand new OLED evo TV models that will be used in its G2 and C2 series. The G2 series will come in a variety of size options that include 55-, 65-, 77-, 83-, and 97-inches

4 Jan 2022 2:49 pm
Samsungs Smart Monitor M8 Seems To Be Made With Mac Users In Mind

Word on the street is that Apple could be looking to make another monitor that would be cheaper than the Pro Display XDR . However, even at $2,000-$3,000, it is still pretty damn expensive. The good news is that if youre looking for a new monitor for your Mac setup, Samsung might actually have something for you. At CES 2022, Samsung has unveiled several new monitors, but the companys 32-inch Smart Monitor M8 seems to have been made with Mac users in mind. It features USB-C connectivity, perhaps

4 Jan 2022 2:49 pm