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Netflix Gaming Strategy Hits A Wall Of Unawareness

Netflix had made steady efforts since 2021 when it launched Netflix Games, which now has 25 mobile games (or so). In the mobile Netflix app, free games are prominently featured in the UI (at the bottom), but people are unaware or uninterested.Apptopia, an analytics company, suggested that fewer than 1% of subscribers are downloading games, which is a surprisingly low number. Some might attribute this to the relatively low number []

10 Aug 2022 5:30 am
T-Mobile Ready To Expand Home Internet Service

Weve always liked the idea of home internet based on 4G/5G, and T-Mobile steadily expanded its service to cover 40M homes last month, according to the company . Yet, T-Mobile is ready to expand its Home Internet Service to the whole country or wherever it has a working wireless network with a slightly different service called Home Internet Lite. That said, theres a caveat because the Lite internet service comes with usage caps. Its because its more akin to a large phone data plan than a proper H

10 Aug 2022 5:10 am
OnePlus 10T Performance-Oriented Phone Officially Launched

At its global launch event in New York, OnePlus launched its new high-performance smartphone, the OnePlus 10T. As with other T series handsets, it aims to excel at a few key features while bringing maximum value (features for the price), something that OnePlus has built its brand on. To achieve this aim, OnePlus has focused on several things, but if we had to boil it down, it would come down to excellent computing platform performance and swift battery charging . According to OnePlus, many users

3 Aug 2022 9:04 pm
Free Basic PDF Editing With Chromebooks

Google has announced notable updates in their Chromebook apps coming out next week, and the Gallery app PDF editing features caught my attention the most. It introduces new PDF editing functionalities, such as fill out forms, highlight text, sign documents and add text annotations. While these dont cover all editing functions professionals might need, they clearly cover most peoples essentials. Additionally, Gallery might be much lighter to install and use than the official free Acrobat Reader a

29 Jul 2022 4:01 am