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ExtremeTech Presents: Ask the Grumpy PC Technician

Got a PC problem? You're going to tell *somebody* about it. Might as well be me. ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 7:00 pm
Welcome to the Second Golden Age of AMD

AMD is on the cusp of its second golden age. It's about time. ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 2:31 am
ET Weekend Deals: New Echo Dot + Free TP-Link Smart Plug For $45, Bose SoundSport Just $34, Save on Kindle Unlimited, Audible, and Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon's pushing hard to grow it's client base by offering discounts on several of its online services. You can also pick up one of Amazon's new Echo Dot devices with a built-in clock bundled with a TP-Link smart plug and a large discount. ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 2:00 am
Huaweis Mate X Foldable Phone Launches at $2,400

Huawei continues to work on devices like foldable phones, even as its devices are all-but-shut-out of the US market. The age of foldable phones is upon us, whether you like it or not. Just a few days after Motorola unveiled its revived foldable Razr, Huawei has finally launched its first foldable phone, the Mate X. However, it's only on sale in China without Google apps. ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 1:37 am
Newegg Tips Black Friday Deals on Gaming Laptops, Desktops, More

Highlights include a $100 Lenovo Chromebook, 15.6-inch MSI gaming laptop for $599 ($200 off), and the 43-inch Samsung Frame QLED TV for $797.99 ($502 off). ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 12:26 am
Google Rolls Out Silent Chrome Experiment That Breaks Enterprise Setups

IT staff began noticing issues early this week when thousands of machines started showing blank white tabs in Chrome. ExtremeTech .

16 Nov 2019 12:04 am
2020 Nissan Maxima Review: The Sporty Reason People Still Buy Sedans

The Maxima is one of the sportiest mainstream midsize sedans, with 6-second 0-60 acceleration and a great (if snug) cockpit. ExtremeTech .

15 Nov 2019 9:00 pm
Google Will Bypass Carriers, Deploy Own RCS Chat System

OnePlus 3 and 3T OnePlus usually only releases one flagship smartphone per year, but this time it released two. They're basically the same phone, though. The OnePlus 3 had a Snapdragon 820, 64GB of storage, and 4GB of RAM. The OnePlus 3T came along in late 2016 with a Snapdragon 821 and a larger 3400mAh battery. They're both extremely fast phones and have fantastic fingerprint sensors, but yes, the 3T is slightly faster. These phones also have the best cameras you can get in a phone that costs a

15 Nov 2019 7:31 pm
Razr Sharp: Motorolas Retro-Futuristic Foldable Phone Praised

Motorola's new phone is genuinely impressing folks who spend time with it. Could this handset succeed where the Galaxy Fold has mostly failed to generate much positive buzz? ExtremeTech .

15 Nov 2019 6:47 pm
Researchers Use 3D Climate Modeling to Estimate Planet Habitability

This artists impression shows the planet orbiting the Sun-like star HD 85512 in the southern constellation of Vela (The Sail). This planet is one of sixteen super-Earths discovered by the HARPS instrument on the 3.6-metre telescope at ESOs La Silla Observatory. This planet is about 3.6 times as massive as the Earth lis at the edge of the habitable zone around the star, where liquid water, and perhaps even life, could potentially exist. When astronomers suggest an exoplanet could be habitable, th

15 Nov 2019 6:00 pm
SpaceX Successfully Tests Crewed Dragon Launch Abort Engines

The company had to push back its launch plans after the stunning explosion of a Crew Dragon capsule during testing earlier this year. Now, SpaceX has successfully tested the engines without incident, paving the way for a test flight next year. ExtremeTech .

15 Nov 2019 2:02 am
ET Deals: $400 Off 15-inch MacBook Pro, Asus VivoBook 15 Just $249, Dell PowerEdge T40 $349

Today's you can save $400 on one of Apple's 2019 MacBook Pro notebooks that comes with a fast Core i7 processor and an AMD GPU. ExtremeTech .

15 Nov 2019 12:05 am
Crytek Launches Neon Noir Ray-Tracing Benchmark With AMD, Nvidia GPU Support

Crytek has released its Neon Noir benchmark, one of the first GPU-agnostic tests of ray tracing to hit the market since the feature began rolling out over a year ago. ExtremeTech .

14 Nov 2019 9:01 pm
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X Review: This CPU Goes Way Past 11

After a several week delay, AMD's Ryzen 9 3950X is here. It was absolutely worth the wait. ExtremeTech .

14 Nov 2019 7:30 pm
Stadia Developers Reveal Missing Launch Features in Reddit AMA

Unfortunately, the AMA revealed that device support will be very limited at launch, and some of Google's signature features won't work right away. ExtremeTech .

14 Nov 2019 6:45 pm
NASAs Curiosity Rover Spots Unexplained Oxygen Spike on Mars

NASA reports that the rover has detected a perplexing increase in oxygen concentrations on the red planet. While the cause is unclear, this comes just months after the rover detected a spike in methane, another biomarker gas. ExtremeTech .

14 Nov 2019 5:59 pm