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The many flavours of Indias election campaigns

India's general election, the largest democratic exercise ever, is a long, colourful and visual affair.

21 May 2024 9:54 am
The AI tech helping stop Indian elephant accidents

Officials in the southern state of Tamil Nadu are using AI to monitor animal movement on tracks.

21 May 2024 8:47 am
The Indian film at Cannes made by half a million farmers

Manthan, a film produced by India's farmers, premieres at Cannes almost half a century after it was made.

18 May 2024 6:04 am
Modis India: A decade of popularity and polarisation

Indian PM Narendra Modi is eyeing a historic third term after a decade in power.

17 May 2024 5:27 am
Football icon Sunil Chhetri announces retirement from sport

Sunil Chhetri has said India's World Cup qualification match against Kuwait will be his last game.

16 May 2024 11:33 am
'It can set the country on fire': AI and India's election

As deepfakes and AI-manipulated content circulate in India, experts worry about their implications.

16 May 2024 5:38 am
UN says Israeli tank attack killed staff member in Gaza

A UN security officer from India was killed and another injured after their vehicle was struck on Monday.

15 May 2024 4:18 pm
India backs port deal with Iran after US caution

The US has imposed more than 600 sanctions on Iran-related entities over the past three years.

15 May 2024 12:10 pm
Indian spices face heat over global safety concerns

India is a global powerhouse of spices. But recent quality concerns have cast a cloud on its position.

15 May 2024 5:12 am
US says sanctions possible after India-Iran port deal

India has signed a 10-year-deal to develop the strategically important Chabahar port in Iran.

14 May 2024 12:45 pm
Eight killed and dozens injured after Mumbai billboard collapse

Tens of people are still feared to be trapped with a rescue operation under way, emergency services say.

14 May 2024 4:23 am
An alleged dowry death and a gruesome revenge

A horrible tragedy has forever altered the lives of two families in the Indian city of Prayagraj.

13 May 2024 6:19 am
Why Modi's party is not fighting elections in Kashmir

This is the first general election since India ended the special status of Kashmir in 2019.

11 May 2024 5:54 am
India court grants bail to jailed opposition leader

The Delhi chief minister was arrested in March in a corruption case - he denies the allegations.

10 May 2024 2:37 pm
I want to change sexist Bollywood, says film-maker

Pravesh Kumar says he wants people to ask difficult questions about India's film industry.

10 May 2024 2:38 am
Modi's divisive campaign rhetoric raises questions

The Indian PM's remarks against Muslims on the election trail have puzzled many. What is going on?

10 May 2024 2:37 am
India's Modi banks on $400bn cash splurge to win election

The scale of India's welfare state is staggering - and Narendra Modi is betting on its gains to win votes.

9 May 2024 7:27 am
Modi's party faces heat over anti-Muslim videos

Police investigate India's ruling BJP over a video the opposition says demonises Muslims.

7 May 2024 8:28 pm
Millions brave searing heat to vote in India election

As India's election nears the halfway mark, voters say a gruelling heatwave is getting to them.

7 May 2024 3:06 am
From likes to votes: How influencers are changing Indian politics

Politicians are roping in influencers to woo voters like never before. But is this a good thing?

5 May 2024 3:42 am
Top India opposition official held over edited video

The Congress Party official denies doctoring a video featuring India's interior minister.

4 May 2024 7:30 pm
Bollywood meets ballots: Reel and real in Indian elections

Critics says a slew of new films points to an emerging genre that aligns with the ruling BJPs ideology.

4 May 2024 4:12 am
Japan calls Biden migrant comments 'unfortunate'

The US President called Japan, China, India and Russia xenophobic because they did not welcome immigration.

4 May 2024 3:11 am
The quiet, feared strategist behind Modis rise

Indias PM is eyeing a record third term - his home minister is the brains behind his election wins.

3 May 2024 5:42 am
Bomb hoax shuts nearly 100 schools in Delhi

Officials say no bombs were found when the schools were searched and an investigation is on.

1 May 2024 1:05 pm
Australia sidesteps reports it expelled Indian spies

The government talks up its ties with Delhi despite reports about a 2020 counter-intelligence operation.

1 May 2024 11:21 am
India's economy: The good, bad and ugly in six charts

India has one of the world's fastest growing economies but the benefits are yet to fully reach the poorest.

1 May 2024 5:10 am
Pant to make India return at T20 World Cup

Rishabh Pant is set to return to international cricket for the first time since a serious car crash after being picked in India's T20 World Cup squad.

30 Apr 2024 4:53 pm
Indian MP's 'sex abuse' tapes spark outrage

Prajwal Revanna, an MP from the southern state of Karnataka, is accused of sexually assaulting several women.

30 Apr 2024 11:49 am
'Invisible in our own country': Being Muslim in Modi's India

Since Narendra Modi's BJP took power in 2014, India's 200 million Muslims have faced turmoil.

29 Apr 2024 4:30 am
Indian students have died in the US the community wants answers

A spate of unconnected deaths of Indian students in the US has set off safety concerns within the community.

27 Apr 2024 4:33 am
Surgery for Indian woman who inhaled nose pin

A doctor who removed the pin from Varsha Sahu's lung last month described it as an extremely rare case.

26 Apr 2024 11:39 am
Why India's household savings are at a 47-year-low

Indians, traditionally known as avid savers, are now stashing away less money and borrowing more.

26 Apr 2024 7:29 am
The cricket pitches shipped from Australia to the US

How some of the pitches being used at the men's T20 World Cup have been grown in Australia and transported to co-hosts the USA.

25 Apr 2024 1:02 pm
Free beer and taxi rides to woo voters in Indian city

Many companies in Bengaluru city have found innovative ways to encourage people to vote.

25 Apr 2024 11:36 am
Family of nurse on death row in Yemen to seek pardon

Indian nurse Nimisha Priya will be executed unless the victim's family accepts lood money to pardon her.

23 Apr 2024 2:46 pm
Diabetic Delhi leader finally gets insulin jab in jail

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said he had been repeatedly asking Tihar prison authorities for insulin.

23 Apr 2024 1:57 pm
India opposition criticises Modi for 'hate speech'

The Indian PM's comments come as campaigning in the general elections gathers pace.

22 Apr 2024 1:05 pm
'My hell in Myanmar cyber slavery camp'

Ravi was held in a labour camp run by Chinese-speaking gangsters, forced to run romance scams.

21 Apr 2024 5:23 am
In pictures: India votes in the world's biggest election

Tens of millions of Indians have voted on the first day of a general election that end on 1 June.

19 Apr 2024 6:09 pm
Worlds biggest election kicks off as India votes

Millions of Indians are queuing up to cast their ballot in the first of the seven-phase election.

19 Apr 2024 6:48 am
The Indian yoga guru facing flak over 'natural cures'

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali is criticised by India's top court for making false claims about its products.

18 Apr 2024 1:21 pm
The Indian election matters for the world. Heres why

Nearly a billion people are eligible to vote in Indias national election, which is set to begin on 19 April.

17 Apr 2024 12:46 pm
Sunrisers hit IPL record score for second time

Sunrisers Hyderabad break the record for the highest Indian Premier League total for the second time this season by posting 287-3.

15 Apr 2024 10:26 pm
India may soon meet its crew on ship seized by Iran

Seventeen of 25 crew members on the Israel-linked ship seized over the weekend are Indian nationals.

15 Apr 2024 1:28 pm
The migrant story shining a light on Gulf states' exploitation

The film tells the story of a kidnapped migrant worker forced into slave-like labour as a goat herder.

13 Apr 2024 3:14 am
India election: What is at stake in the world's biggest poll?

With 969 million eligible voters, India's 2024 general election will be the largest ever seen.

11 Apr 2024 9:04 pm
Indias Modi urges peace at China border

The Indian PM made the comments in a rare interview on the eve of general elections.

11 Apr 2024 3:21 pm
Elon Musk to visit India for meeting with PM Modi

The Tesla boss is expected to announce major investment plans in India as the firm faces slowing demand.

11 Apr 2024 11:00 am
The Indian men traumatised by fighting for Russia

Two men who were duped by agents into joining the war against Ukraine speak about their experiences.

11 Apr 2024 3:28 am