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7 most likable characters on How I Met Your Father, ranked

These characters from How I Met Your Father might be deeply flawed, even sometimes annoying, but there's something endearing about them.

8 Feb 2023 3:31 am
How to watch 2023 Six Nations Rugby Championship

The 2023 Six Nations Rugby Championship is underway. Find out where and how to watch every match of the competition.

8 Feb 2023 2:30 am
The best rom-coms on Amazon Prime right now

Rom-coms come in all forms, and while there are many great news ones on Amazon Prime, some classics like Love, Actually are worth checking out, too.

8 Feb 2023 2:00 am
The best movies and shows on Shudder right now (February 2023)

What is Skinamarink, the horror movie everyone's been talking about? Find out in our list of the best movies and shows on Shudder in February 2023.

8 Feb 2023 1:23 am
5 upcoming horror movies you have to see in 2023

2023 looks to be a great year for horror movies, and these five, from M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin to Scream 6, are the most anticipated ones.

8 Feb 2023 1:11 am
Paramount+ launches the Peak Romance collection

Love is in the air at Paramount+ as the streaming service brings subscribers the Peak Romance collection just in time for Valentine's Day.

8 Feb 2023 12:52 am
5 thrillers you should see if you liked Knock at the Cabin

If you're looking for more thrillers like M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin,add these films to your list.

8 Feb 2023 12:31 am
The best comedies on Netflix right now

Netflix has a great collection of new flicks and uproarious classics to keep you laughing throughout the winter. Check out the best comedies on Netflix now.

7 Feb 2023 8:00 pm
The Ark cast and creators on making a sci-fi Game of Thrones

The cast and creators ofThe Arkshare their love for space, note the show's similarities to Game of Thrones, and explain the importance of good characters.

7 Feb 2023 6:31 am
The best action movies on Netflix right now

It's getting colder outside, but the action is just heating up on Netflix! Here's our roundup of all the best action movies on the platform.

7 Feb 2023 6:00 am
Most likable characters in The Witcher, ranked

We rank The Witcher's most likable characters, from courageous monster hunters to powerful sorcerers to innocent princesses.

7 Feb 2023 4:00 am
The best horror movies on Hulu right now

If youve been dying to sink your teeth into a savory horror flick, look no further than your Hulu subscription.

7 Feb 2023 3:30 am
Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner could be coming to an end

In a television shocker, the Western drama Yellowstone, the top-rated drama on cable, could be coming to an end very soon.

7 Feb 2023 3:28 am
5 actors who could play Booster Gold in the heros upcoming HBO Max series

James Gunn announced an HBO Max series about Booster Gold for the DC Universe, and these 5 actors would be perfect for playing the unconventional superhero.

7 Feb 2023 1:31 am
The best shows on HBO Max right now

Along with hot new shows like The Last of Us, HBO Max has older series that are worth watching if you never got around to it, like The Undoing.

7 Feb 2023 1:30 am
AMC Theaters to introduce Sightline pricing based on seat location

AMC Theaters will begin to adjust pricing based on where a seat is in the theater. Sightline AMC will determine prices based on seat location.

7 Feb 2023 1:00 am
Outta the Muck directors on documentary about small-town football, the Black experience

In an interview with Digital Trends, co-directors Ira Mckinley and Bhawin Suchak discuss Pahokee, Florida, the subject of their new documentary,Outta the Muck.

6 Feb 2023 10:31 pm
5 ways video game adaptations can learn from The Last of Us

Future video game adaptations could stand to take these notes from HBO's The Last of Us.

6 Feb 2023 4:30 pm
The best kids movies on Disney+ right now

Disney has always maintained a strong brand identity of producing family-friendly content, and these are the best kids movies on Disney+ right now.

5 Feb 2023 10:30 pm
The best movies on HBO Max right now

Even with all of the aggressive cuts WBD is making at HBO Max, the streamer still boasts one of the best catalogs of movies to stream now.

5 Feb 2023 7:30 pm
Best TV antennas of 2023 for local news, sports, and more

Cutting the cord? Finding the best HDTV antenna can be tricky. From high-gain and 4K-ready to eco-friendly construction, we highlight the best for any need.

5 Feb 2023 1:00 am
80 for Brady review: a major comedic and dramatic fumble

80 for Brady is a creative misfire that fails to make the most out of its immensely talented leads. The film is now playing in theaters nationwide.

5 Feb 2023 12:31 am
Best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, and more

With streaming movies, you can find everything from classics to new, original films. Here are the best new movies to stream this week.

4 Feb 2023 10:30 pm
6 things we hope to see in DCs upcoming Green Lantern series, Lanterns

James Gunn announced DC is producing a Green Lantern series for HBO Max titled Lanterns, and there is a list of things that this show should have to succeed.

4 Feb 2023 9:31 pm
Where to watch the 2023 Grammys

Music's biggest night heads to Los Angeles for the 2023 Grammys. Find out where to watch the broadcast on Sunday night!

4 Feb 2023 6:31 pm
Skinamarinks ending explained

How does Skinamarink end? We explain what happens at the conclusion of this mysterious new horror film.

4 Feb 2023 5:00 am
The best new shows to stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more

Season 2 of Amazon's Harlem series is among the best new shows to stream this week.

4 Feb 2023 3:30 am
5 things we want to see in a Dexter prequel

Dexter: New Blood won't be returning for a second season, but an idea for a Dexter prequel could be in the works, and the concept has intrigued fans.

4 Feb 2023 3:00 am
The best movies on Amazon Prime Video (February 2023)

The best movies on Amazon Prime Video cover a lot of ground, and everything from clever comedies to historical dramas are included in this weekly list.

4 Feb 2023 2:30 am
The 50 best movies on Netflix right now (February 2023)

No need to be intimidated by the massive library of films on Netflix. We've searched through it all to bring you the best movies streaming on Netflix now.

4 Feb 2023 1:30 am
The best shows on Netflix right now (February 2023)

From Arcane to The Good Place, Netflix adds more great shows every week! Here are the best shows on Netflix, available to stream right now.

4 Feb 2023 12:30 am
The best family movies on Netflix right now

From animated adventures to live-action family flicks, Netflix offers a huge collection of family-friendly films that are great for all ages.

3 Feb 2023 11:30 pm
Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 coming to Disney+ in May

Disney and Lucasfilm announcedStar Wars: Visions Volume 2will premiere on May 4 on Disney+. Find out the titles and studios involved in the short films.

3 Feb 2023 10:10 pm
The 7 best cabin horror movies ever, ranked

With M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin now in theaters, we rank the best horror films set in a cabin in the woods.

3 Feb 2023 9:31 pm
The 10 best songs in The Simpsons, ranked

From original songs like Jazzman to musical spoofs like The Monorail Song, these are the 10 best musical numbers from The Simpsons' 30-plus years on television.

3 Feb 2023 4:31 am
Knock at the Cabins ending explained

We explain the ending of M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller Knock at the Cabin, starring Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, and Rupert Grint.

3 Feb 2023 4:00 am
Everything you need to know about Batmans Robin, Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne will make his live-action debut in James Gunn's DCU, and while comic book fans know him well, mainstream audiences might need more info.

3 Feb 2023 1:31 am
Jake Gyllenhaal goes behind enemy lines in first trailer for Guy Ritchies The Covenant

Jake Gyllenhaal is a soldier on a mission to repay a debt in the first trailer for Guy Ritchie's The Covenant.

2 Feb 2023 11:14 pm
The best shows on Disney+ right now (February 2023)

Even when Disney+ is going through a slow period when it comes to original premieres, there are plenty of great shows to stream now in the platform's catalog.

2 Feb 2023 10:30 pm
The best free movies on YouTube right now (February 2023)

No streaming subscriptions? No problem! YouTube has a giant collection of free movies (with ads) that you can watch anytime. Check out this month's highlights.

2 Feb 2023 8:30 am