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Lokiceratops, a remarkable new dinosaur species, has been found in Montana, researchers say

A new dinosaur species called Lokiceratops rangiformis, which has several unique features, has been discovered following a dig in Montana, researchers say.

21 Jun 2024 9:43 pm
Hypersexual zombie cicadas infected with parasitic fungus being collected by scientists

Scientists are continuing to study the fungus Massospora cicadina on specimen of infected cicadas as the insects emerge across the country this summer.

20 Jun 2024 10:52 pm
NASA lunar orbiter pictures Chinese space probe on far side of the moon

New photos released by NASA show where China's Chang'e-6 space probe landed on the far side of the moon in a historic first-of-its-kind space mission.

19 Jun 2024 12:33 am
James Webb Telescope helps enhance technology from virtual reality to LASIK eye surgery

Some of the recent discoveries made by the James Webb Telescope, which is delivering never before seen images of space, include three galaxies that could be actively forming.

18 Jun 2024 5:18 am
NASA gets Voyager 1 back online from 15 billion miles away after technical problem

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft is back online following a technical malfunction. It is over 15 billion miles away from Earth, transmitting data in interstellar space.

17 Jun 2024 11:36 pm
Medical breakthroughs discovered on International Space Station

Conducting experiments in microgravity at the International Space Station has allowed scientists to make medical breakthroughs with the potential to help countless people on Earth.

15 Jun 2024 6:50 am
New research investigates how short-term space travel affects 'space tourists'

New studies show that space tourists experience some of the same body changes as astronauts who spend months in orbit. These changes mostly revert to normal after people return home.

12 Jun 2024 11:55 pm
Plummeting Humboldt penguin population presents extinction risk

The Humboldt penguin population has declined to the point that the birds are at risk of extinction. Scientists found only a single breeding pair during their survey.

11 Jun 2024 8:34 pm