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Four short links: 1 April 2020

Replaying Traffic to Test Proprietary Systems — using Wiresham to replay traffic to test blackbox proprietary systems. Outlaw Innovations — This paper will explore how the often illegal activities of hackers (in the original usage of the term to refer to individuals who modify computer hardware and software) may produce valuable innovations. It will explore […]

1 Apr 2020 7:35 pm
Learning Java

If you’re new to Java—or new to programming—this best-selling book will guide you through the language features and APIs of Java 11. With fun, compelling, and realistic examples, authors Marc Loy, Patrick Niemeyer, and Daniel Leuck introduce you to Java fundamentals—including its class libraries, programming techniques, and idioms—with an eye toward building real applications.

31 Mar 2020 5:04 pm