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A 1,600-year-old site found in Haryana that claims of continued habitation around lost Saraswati river

The actual chronology of the site will be known only after clearance of the vegetation from the site, the archeologist said.

30 Nov 2021 6:17 pm
Conservation of flora and fauna: Karnataka State forest department arranges festivals on the importance of frogs, wolves, and grasslands

Another festival for the conservation of turtles has been planned in Honnavar where a marine sanctuary will come up.

30 Nov 2021 6:09 pm
Talking Gloves: IIT Jodhpur & AIIMS Jodhpurs researchers create communication device for people with speech impairment

These talking gloves use principles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to automatically generate speech that is language independent and helps speech-impaired people communicate more effectively.

30 Nov 2021 2:34 pm
Asteroid bigger than Taj Mahal racing towards Earth today; heres what NASA says

The size of this asteroid is said to be double the size of the Big Ben clock in London.

29 Nov 2021 6:45 pm