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Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding Reception: Soon-To-Be Parents Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal Look Picture Perfect Together

At the Mumbai wedding reception of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal, soon-to-be parents Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal steal the show with their classy and elegant look.

23 Jun 2024 11:53 pm
Aditi Rao Hydari And Siddharth Look Picture Perfect In Ethnic Ensembles At Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal's Wedding

Sonakshi's Heeramandi co-star Aditi Rao Hydari made a stylish appearance with Siddharth at the much awaited wedding celebration of the actress

23 Jun 2024 11:18 pm
Sonakshi Sinha Exudes Timeless Allure In Traditional Red Saree at Wedding Reception

Sonakshi Sinha looked radiant in a red silk brocade saree with motifs of a crescent moon in gold. Zaheer looked dapper in a white bandhgala kurta set.

23 Jun 2024 11:08 pm
Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding Reception: Kajol Stuns in a Gorgeous Silk Saree with Golden Black Accents

Kajol radiates elegance at Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding reception in Mumbai whilst wearing a gorgeous multicoloured silksari.

23 Jun 2024 10:23 pm
Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding: Huma Qureshi Is A Beautiful Vision in White Saree at the Reception

Huma Qureshi stole the show in an exquisite white saree and embroidered jacket that was accented with red roses and diamond jewellery.

23 Jun 2024 9:39 pm
Egypt To Prosecute Travel Agents For Unregistered Hajj Trips After Hundreds Die InSaudiHeatwave

Egypt has ordered 16 tourism companies to be stripped of their licences for illegally facilitating pilgrims travel to Mecca. The Egyptian Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has also referred the managers of these travel firms to the public prosecutors office, as per the cabinet. The crackdown came after reports emerged of hundreds of people dying during the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Most of these deaths have been attributed to extreme heat as temperatures soared past 51 degrees Celsius. An A

23 Jun 2024 9:30 pm
Sonakshi Sinha Wears Her Mothers Vintage Sari and Jewellery On Wedding Day

Sonakshi Sinha took the sustainable route on her wedding day, by draping her mother, Poonam Sinhas saree.

23 Jun 2024 8:43 pm
Paris Haute Couture Week: Vaishali Shadangule To Unveil Her Collection Satori

Vaishali S, the eponymous label of designer Vaishali Shadangule will present the Fall Winter 2024 collection on June 24, 2024.

23 Jun 2024 7:51 pm
Lets Talk Sex | Erogenous Zones: A Roadmap to Body's Hidden Hot Spots

With some guided experimentation and a spirit of playful curiosity, you and your partner can discover new paths to pleasure. This roadmap will open your eyes to a whole new world of sensual possibilities

23 Jun 2024 6:33 pm
Shillong Sunday Teer Result, June 23, 2024 LIVE: Check Winning Numbers for First and Second Rounds

Shillong Sunday Teer Result Today, June 23, 2024 LIVE UPDATES. Check full list of common and winning numbers for Shillong Sunday Morning Teer and Shillong Sunday Teer.

23 Jun 2024 8:30 am
India Couture Week: 14 Designers To Celebrate The Timeless Beauty of Handcrafted Couture

The 17th edition of Hyundai India Couture Week in association with Reliance Brands will be held from July 24 to July 31, 2024 in New Delhi.

22 Jun 2024 8:06 pm
3 Ways To Fix A Leaking Hand Shower

Sometimes buying a low-quality product also leads to it getting damaged quickly.

22 Jun 2024 6:50 pm
7 Signs To Know Whether Your Friend Is Real Or Fake

It is very important to understand who are our real friends and who are our fake friends.

22 Jun 2024 6:11 pm
Explained: Why You Must Eat The Whole Egg

Dr Priyanka Sehrawat of Neurology and Medicine from AIIMS Delhi shared an insightful video on Instagram, listing out the health benefits of a yolk and an egg as a whole.

22 Jun 2024 6:04 pm
Kalki 2898 AD Event: Deepika Padukone Faces Flak For Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

An expert weighs his opinion about the dangers of wearing stilettos during pregnancy.

22 Jun 2024 6:00 pm
Understanding Male Fertility: Key Factors And Age-related Decline

Environmental and medical history factors can also contribute to the decline in fertility.

22 Jun 2024 5:57 pm
Try This DIY Egg White Face Mask To Improve Your Skin

Eggs are naturally rich in nutrients and offer a large number of health benefits.

22 Jun 2024 5:55 pm
Dehydration To Kidney Stone, 5 Health Problems People Face During Summers

According to studies, during the summer season a person must consume at least 2 and half litres of water daily.

22 Jun 2024 5:41 pm
Excess Sugar To Processed Meats, Avoid These Foods To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Sodium increases blood pressure and puts even more strain on already weakened kidneys.

22 Jun 2024 5:11 pm
Why All Men, Irrespective Of Their Skin Colour, Need Sunscreen

Sunscreen is necessary to protect the skin from damage caused by the strong rays of the sun.

22 Jun 2024 5:08 pm
Meet The Owner And Builders Of Burj Khalifa, The World's Tallest Skyscraper

It holds several world records such as the title of the tallest building, tallest free-standing structure and more.

22 Jun 2024 4:25 pm
Journey to Stardom: Burrah Talks About His Rise in the Punjabi Music Scene | EXCLUSIVE

Punjabi artist Burrah discusses his journey from regional talent competitions to MTV Hustle and Spotify's RADAR, as well as his musical influences and aspirations for the genre's future.

22 Jun 2024 2:50 pm
Kissing Babies On Lips And Cheeks Can Transmit Infections: Health Experts

A newborn baby's immune system is still developing which makes them open to certain infections.

22 Jun 2024 2:10 pm
Jai Vilas To Mysore, 5 Must-visit Luxurious Palaces In India

Jai Vilas Palace is a 19th-century palace in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh constructed in 1874 by Maharaja Jayajirao Scindia of Gwalior.

22 Jun 2024 12:26 pm
Chaturmas 2024: Start And End Date, Rituals, Festivals And More

As per Kashis renowned astrologer, Pandit Sanjay Upadhyay, July 17 is Ekadashi Tithi of Ashadh Shukla Paksha.

22 Jun 2024 11:49 am
Why Donating Blood Regularly Is A Healthy Practice

Blood donation is a noble act that can save many lives, while also contributing to the welfare of individuals.

22 Jun 2024 11:34 am
Aries To Virgo, What Plants Should These 6 Zodiacs Grow For A Happy Life

These plants will bring the benefits of virtue and freedom.

22 Jun 2024 11:31 am
Serendipity To Spiritual Guidance, 8 Reasons Every Meeting Matters

Some people enter life but travel for a short time teaching us a lesson for a lifetime.

22 Jun 2024 11:29 am
Stress Eating Junk Foods Can Increase Anxiety: Study

Christopher Lowry, professor of integrative physiology at University of Colorado Boulder, published the study.

22 Jun 2024 11:27 am
YogMantra | From Moong-Sprouts Pulao to Aloo Methi, Recipes for the Yogic Soul

Saatvic food, though simple, need not be tasteless or boring. Applying the diet principles, one can conjure endless recipes that are light but wholesome, healthy but enjoyable. Sample these six delicious recipes that aspiring yogis can indulge in

22 Jun 2024 11:08 am
5 Desk Exercises To Improve Sexual Wellness In Men

These exercises are easy to practise and do not require any additional equipment.

22 Jun 2024 11:04 am
Why Women Are More Prone To Anxiety Disorder Than Men

Understanding these factors is very important in addressing mental health issues and anxiety disorders.

22 Jun 2024 10:57 am
Will Sonakshi Sinha Be Wearing Red On Her Wedding Day?

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbals wedding partys invite suggested that the guests should not wear red and the dress code is formal and festive.

22 Jun 2024 10:51 am
Struggling With Period Pain? Here's How Nutmeg Can Help

This spice is rich in essential nutrients like magnesium, copper and manganese.

22 Jun 2024 10:50 am
The Untold Story Behind The Name Of Gemini Studios: A Tale Of Zodiac And Stardom

The studio has produced many super-hit films. It has also made things happen for some stars of the South, who are now immensely popular and loved.

22 Jun 2024 10:46 am
Why You Should Include Almond Resin In Your Daily Diet

Almond Resin or badam pisin is one of the natural edible gums quite common in Tamil Nadu.

22 Jun 2024 10:40 am
5 Reasons Your Child Has Poor Gut Health

Constipation problems in children are due to insufficient intake of fibre-rich food.

22 Jun 2024 10:35 am
Triptii Dimri In Black Bikini Top And Wrap-Around Skirt Is Too Hot To Handle, See Pics

What do you think of Triptii's stunning beach look, goals or not?

22 Jun 2024 8:00 am
Neeru Bajwa's Metallic Green Lehenga Is Perfect For A Bridesmaid

Neeru Bajwas style files always serve as an inspiration for fashion enthusiasts to upgrade their wardrobe.

22 Jun 2024 7:30 am
Muscle Pain Relief To Reducing Stress, 5 Benefits Of Taking Salt Water Bath

From relaxation, therapeutic, and healing properties to their ability to boost overall health, adding salt to your regular bathwater can do wonders and calm your body and mind.

22 Jun 2024 7:15 am
5 Ways Heatwaves Can Affect Menstrual Cycle

Seasonal shifts, especially heat, disrupt the hormonal balance responsible for periods.

22 Jun 2024 7:00 am
National Kissing Day 2024: History, Significance, Wishes, Quotes, and Why Do We Kiss?

A kiss is the ideal way to convey your affection for your partner or loved one. Furthermore, kissing is proven to relieve stress, increase immunity, and burn calories.

22 Jun 2024 6:20 am
World Rainforest Day 2024: Theme, History, Significance and Inspirational Quotes

Celebrated every year on June 22, World Rainforest Day reminds us of the importance of protecting these valuable ecosystems for future generations.

22 Jun 2024 6:10 am
Kabir Jayanti 2024: Interesting Facts About the Mystic Indian Poet and His Famous Couplets

Kabir Das is known for his simple but profound poetry. He promoted self-reflection and social harmony.

22 Jun 2024 6:00 am
International Yoga Day: A Look At Physical and Mental Health Benefits Of Asanas

Yoga plays an important role in protecting us from diseases.

21 Jun 2024 7:16 pm
Religious Connections To Flexibility, 10 Yoga Myths Debunked

If we look at the history of yoga, it was mainly practised by women before. But it is suitable for all genders.

21 Jun 2024 7:10 pm
Is Drinking Milk Tea Every Day Healthy? Expert Answers

The excess sweetness in milk tea can lead to weight gain and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

21 Jun 2024 7:07 pm
Gynaecological Cancers: Know Types, Symptoms And Preventive Measures

Cervical Cancer is usually caused by an infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

21 Jun 2024 7:05 pm
International Yoga Day: The Whys of Surya Namaskar & Other Ways You Can Revere the Sun

Yoga-Ayurveda Guru David Frawley emphasises that we cultivate the external sun not only as an energy source, but the inner sun as a source of inspiration and meditation. He gives several references to the sun in Indian scriptures, which reveal the sun as the source of life

21 Jun 2024 3:53 pm
International Day Of Yoga: Malaika Arora's Fitness Videos Serve As An Inspiration On Social Media

Malaika Arora is an ardent believer in the benefits that are associated with the practice of yoga, every now and then she shares a fitness video on social media talking about the same

21 Jun 2024 12:11 pm