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The British Royal Family is offering housekeeping job for Rs 18.5 lakh at Windsor Castle

The British Royal Family is looking for a suitable housekeeper and they are ready to offer an amount which will blow your mind. Well, no points for guessing, the starting salary is 18.5 lakh and the position is permanent.

27 Oct 2020 7:21 pm
5 ways to light up your festive celebrations during COVID-19 times

Every year, this month invigorates cities with a festive spirit all around. This quarter is a favourite for many. And why not? It brings excitement, enthusiasm, lights up the mood with social gatherings, festive food, and gives a break for celebrations.However, this year, the coronavirus pandemic seems to have subdued the entire energy. To ensure public safety, there are restrictions on social gatherings and events like Garba night, Diwali exhibitions, and other related events. The big festivals

24 Oct 2020 4:34 pm
COVID-19 during Durga Puja 2020 Festivities: Social Etiquettes are a must!

Festive season brings together people from all walks of life, this 'coming together' is what imparts cultural and linguistic integration amongst all communities; however, things are ominously different this year. While Navratri is here, and rest of the 'end of the year festivities' like Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas are round the corner, citizens have been advised to avoid public gatherings, maintain social etiquettes and restrict celebrations to their homes. An advisory issued by the Union Hea

23 Oct 2020 12:54 pm
PM warns against carelessness during festive season: Stepping without mask will you put your families at risk

Addressing the nation at time of Sharad Navratri and Durga Puja, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday cautioned people that they should not stop following all the steps needed to prevent Coronavirus spread during the festive season. With Diwali and other festivals round the corner, experts have warned that several regions in the country may witness a spike in COVID-19 cases if all precautions are not taken.

20 Oct 2020 7:23 pm
Overuse of smartphones causing sleep disruption? Ways to better your sleep patterns

Cell phones have become integral to function for nearly everyone. While it has brought a lot of tasks to our fingertips, cell phones also have a host of disadvantages. Cellphones emit intermittent electromagnetic radiation (also referred to as Radio Frequency energy) and bright screen light, both these aspects have tremendous impact triggered from prolonged use. Increased screen time also affects the sleep and psychosocial behavior across age groups. Usage of cellphones has exponentially increas

20 Oct 2020 12:16 pm
Brain, not willpower, decides if you will lose weight or not: Study

Are you trying to lose those extra kilos around your waist by dieting? Listen to your brain first as weight loss is not merely a matter of willpower but is actually connected to much more basic visual and olfactory cues, researchers have found.

19 Oct 2020 6:06 pm
Biggest Durga Puja in Mumbai goes virtual amid the COVID -19 pandemic

As the festival of Maa Durga is approaching, the members of North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja Samiti are all set to go the virtual way amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The members have decided to take their puja to the people through live streaming and social media through cell phones and laptops. They are concerned that with crowded pandals many may get infected by the deadly virus.

19 Oct 2020 9:20 am
WFH, online classes led to increase in Computer Vision Syndrome amid pandemic

Online gadgets have become an integral part of most people's activities throughout the day, whether for work, entertainment, or staying connected with friends and peers. This dependence on gadgets has worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic and led to increased incidents of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain, experts warned during a webinar conducted on 'Eye health care and online practices during COVID-19'.

18 Oct 2020 9:55 pm
Maltreatment linked to higher inflammation in girls than boys

Girls who are maltreated show higher levels of inflammation at an early age than boys who are maltreated or children who have not experienced abuse, say researchers. Child maltreatment is behaviour towards a child that is outside the norms of conduct and entails substantial risk of causing physical or emotional harm.

17 Oct 2020 11:09 pm
Being couch potato actually sharpens your brain: Study

It is often advised not to sit for prolonged hours, but a new study has challenged the 'couch potato' belief, saying when it comes to the brain and cognition abilities, some sedentariness are not all that bad so long as basic physical activity benchmarks are met. The study could be a bit of good news for a population that spend a significant amount of time sitting for work and for leisure, streaming their favourite movies and TV shows in these times of social distancing.

17 Oct 2020 7:50 pm
Happy Shardiya Navratri 2020: Wishes, Messages, SMS, Greetings, Images and Wallpapers for Facebook & WhatsApp

Happy Navratri 2020: India is a country of varied cultures and traditions. From Diwali to Eid, every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. October 17 marks the beginning of the longest-running festivals in India, Navratri. The nine-day festival is celebrated by the Hindu community where women observe fast and worship the nine avatars of the Goddess Durga. The Navratri marks the beginning of the spring season and ends on the day when Ram Navami or the birthday of Lord

16 Oct 2020 2:33 pm
Global Handwashing Day 2020: Steps to wash your hands to protect against COVID19

Global Handwashing Day is observed on 15th October every year. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about hand hygiene as hands are the most common medium of transferring viruses to our mouth and getting infected. With the world facing the COVID19 pandemic, washing hands and maintaining hand hygiene has become all the more important and need of the hour. It is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways to prevent coronavirus. Till the time the scientists and health experts are coming up with

15 Oct 2020 8:08 am
Can a gadget eliminate 99% of airborne viruses?

Venturing out amid this pandemic is like a task for the brave, almost all precautions seem less. However, as the country slowly gets back on its track and we step out of after being locked inside our houses for many months, one needs to be extra cautious as the virus has still not been eradicated. While wearing a mask and maintaining social distance are the basics, one can also ensure their air surrounding is virus free.

13 Oct 2020 1:07 pm
COVID19: As Durga Puja and Ramleela near, DDMA issues fresh guidelines

With Durga Puja round the corner and heralding the festival season, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Sunday issued fresh guidelines for holding gatherings, with strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols. These guidelines are significant, given the staging of Ramleelas, that witness mass gatherings, starts around the same time. All organisers will now have to obtain permission from District Magistrates for organising events apart from other required permissions, said Delhi Chief Sec

12 Oct 2020 8:30 am
Writing by hand will make kids 'truly smart' in digital era, finds study

As kids get glued to various types of screens during digital learning, researchers now emphasise that children must receive at least a minimum of handwriting training for best learning and memory.

3 Oct 2020 4:05 pm
International Coffee Day 2020: Quotes, HD Images, Greeting, Facebook & Instagram Captions for your friends

As they say Having a bad day? Fix it with coffee! There ishardly anything that cannot be solved after enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning. October 1 is celebrated as International Coffee Day to promote coffee as a beverage. The social media today is flooded with HD images and wishes with people expressing their love for coffee and sharing happiness all around. Drinking coffee also has many health benefits other than lighting up the mood. Here are a few funny quotes, messages and wis

1 Oct 2020 10:23 am
Vaishno Devi prasad to be delivered at home by speed post, here's how you can book

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is strictly forbidden to gather people at a religious place. Many safety precautions are being taken by the government to contain the spread of COVID19. Soon, Navratri will begin and people are been eagerly waiting to worship the goddess. While they can't go to seek blessing from the goddess, her prasad is all set to be delivered at every home now. The COVID19 has restricted people from going to Mata Vaishno Devi which is why the Shree Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine

28 Sep 2020 2:35 pm