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Kerala bus crash: Ride to pick up wife and daughter turns fatal for 32-year-old Jijo in Kochi

KOCHI: For 32-year-old Jijo Sebastian, who died in a road accident involving a private interstate bus, it was a promising Sunday morning. Jijo, an employee at Jayalakshmi Silk Textiles, was waiting with his bike at the Panangad traffic signal in Kochi to pick up his wife and daughter. The Edappally-Aroor National Highway stretch was slippery after heavy overnight rains, and it was drizzling as he waited for the traffic signal to turn green. At that time, a speeding Kallada Travels bus from Benga

23 Jun 2024 3:22 pm
One dead, thirteen injured as private bus overturns on rain-slicked Kochi highway

KOCHI: One person died and thirteen others were injured after an interstate private bus operated by Kallada Travels heading to Varkala from Bengaluru overturned at the Edapally-Aroor stretch of the national highway near Madavana in Kochi on Sunday. The deceased has been identified as Jijo Sebastian (33), of Vagamon. The injured persons are Anjaly, 44, Aswin,18, Lisa, 42, Ankhitha, 15, all belonging to Kollam, Elliyas, 39, Aanandu, 27 and Chandran Pilla, 60, of Alappuzha, along with his wife Sobh

23 Jun 2024 12:55 pm
No funds to build new KSRTC stand in Ernakulam, says KB Ganesh Kumar

KOCHI: Construction of a new KSRTC bus stand is unlikely to take off with Transport Minister K B Ganesh Kumar stating that the government does not have the funds for a new facility. The minister, however, said stopgap measures would be adopted to deal with the issue of waterlogging at the current terminal in Karikkamuri. Following his visit to the Karikkamuri bus stand, Ganesh Kumar said, The government does not have the funds to build a new stand. Temporary measures to deal with waterlogging an

23 Jun 2024 7:45 am
Raise your glass to manavatty

KOCHI: Oru manavatty edukatte. Whether you were clinking glasses inside a thatched toddy shop, at a quiet lakeside gathering or at a family get-together, this phrase, seemingly unusual, was all too commonplace in Cochin during the early 90s. It was a code, a colloquial usage for serving a bottle of naadan vaatt. When John Xavier moved to the UK for higher studies in his 20s, he missed those special occasions at home when family elders made this elixir, those long drives with friends to Kumarakom

22 Jun 2024 8:47 am
Funny, lively tales of chaos

KOCHI: Khyrunnisa As books have always been lauded by many for their lucidity, innocent narratives, and above all liveliness that brought back memories of carefree childhood where a mix of sports and fun and school joined hands to create a world, not of fantasy, but one many have lived and tasted. Yet The Couch Potato who said Ouch, the latest from her desk, is a tad different. Here, she has packed humour, subtle yet swaying doses of it. The easy flow of words makes the book unputdownable for t

22 Jun 2024 8:42 am
Now what for UGC NEET, NET aspirants in Kerala?

KOCHI: Close on the heels of the controversies over NEET-UG 2024 came another shocking news. The UGC NET , held on June 18, was cancelled a day later with the UGC claiming the tests integrity was compromised. The unpleasant developments have jeopardised the future of the nearly 9 lakh teaching and research aspirants who appeared for the NET, and the around 25 lakh candidates who attempted NEET on May 5. CBI registers FIR, initiates probe into UGC-NET paper leak case Understandably, the students

22 Jun 2024 8:34 am
The essence and elegance of yoga in breathtaking frames

KOCHI: On the occasion of International Yoga Day, the Yogapoornima Yoga Research Centre, organised a photo exhibition at St Teresas College highlighting the transformative power of yoga. Each of the 100 photographs captured by the talented E M S Mahesh told a story. Their subjects included Anjusha, a renowned kalari and yoga trainer; Varun Francis, a national-level yoga trainer; and Mary Shilpa Francis, the colleges alumna and national yoga champion. Their poses, captured in breathtaking detail,

22 Jun 2024 8:25 am
Conquer your fear of the water with Flotila

KOCHI: Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional fatalities in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, over 80,000 people drown annually. This alarming statistic prompted Shaji K S to design Flotila, a personal buoyancy device. His engagement with rescue missions as part of Ideal Relief Wing, an NGO working in rescue, relief and rehabilitation, also revealed to him the limitations of a life jacket. Life jackets are made of polyfoam sponge which shrinks after prolonged c

21 Jun 2024 8:51 am
A storyteller and her magical world

KOCHI: Kalyani Gopakumar cant remember a single day when she went to bed without listening to stories. Sitting beside her grandmother, young Kalyani soaked in all the tales her ammooma weaved. From Angaravalli, a Malayalam version of Cinderella, the made-up horror stories to lores that shook the villagers of the olden times, she listened to all of them with wonder. Through every story, Kalyani fashioned a world of imagination, where characters whirled freely. After several years, unknowingly Ka

21 Jun 2024 8:48 am
From law to laughter: How Haridas Balakrishnan's cartoons critique Indian politics

KOCHI: Cartoonists are kind people. Since life is otherwise hard, they try to be kind to it. Unless, of course, they feel someone, somewhere, deserves to be mocked. And once they find them, their kindness makes way to stinging satire and their hands work up lines and sketches that speak a thousand words. The outcome is an idea that slices into the system like a sharp knife and lays bare views that may present a stark, very different picture. Art happens, just almost as accidentally as leaders, e

21 Jun 2024 8:46 am
Oral history workshop at Kerala Museum

KOCHI: Kerala Museum is organising an oral history workshop for history enthusiasts. The three-day online programme, which commences on June 25, will feature sessions by prominent figures and subjects that range from an introduction to the world of oral history, how everyday objects reveal the nuanced historical insights connected with Partition, and the rich maritime heritage of Bengal. June 25: What is oral history Dive into the world of oral history with Surajit Sarkar, associate professor at

21 Jun 2024 8:40 am
Diabetes and mental health: The overlooked epidemic affecting millions

KOCHI: In India, as per estimates, around 77 million people above the age of 18 are suffering from diabetes and 25 million are at a higher risk of developing diabetes in the near future. Meanwhile, more than 50% of people are unaware of their diabetic status leading to further health complications. Adults with diabetes have a two- to three-fold increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, among these pertinent issues, one is always overlooked. The mental health of diabetes patients. Sa

21 Jun 2024 8:33 am
I carved out a space for myself in the literary world, says Mohammed Abbas

KOCHI: What better time is there to talk about the power of reading, if not Reading Week? And who better than writer Mohammed Abbas, renowned for his works like Visappu Pranayam Unmadam and Athmahathyakkum Bhranthinumidayil , can encompass all about how reading inspires a person? Abbas, who became a writer through the power of reading, is entering a new phase in his career with the release of his maiden novel Abuvinte Jalakangal . The writer who is known for his works centred around his personal

20 Jun 2024 9:14 am
Moovandan to Miyazaki on a Malgoa in Cherai

KOCHI: The sight of a new stem sprouting from a new graft is what gives me energy at this age, says T S Prasad as he caresses the mother Malgoa mango tree. The tree now bears fifty different kinds of mangoes. Seventy-year-old Prasad has been mastering the craft of grafting and budding over the past 25 years. What began as a spare-time engagement while he ran a tyre business is now a full-fledged profession. After observing an acquaintance skillfully bud rose plants, I eagerly asked if he could t

20 Jun 2024 9:10 am
Reading day activities held at Ernakulam public library

KOCHI: On National Reading Day, the Ernakulam Public Library was bustling with activities. Over 100 students in colourful uniforms entered the library for a visit from their respective schools as part of celebrating the day. The library secretary K P Ajith Kumar led an interactive session with students, explaining the functioning of a library, how to get a membership, and more. Librarian Priya K Peter and joint secretary T K Sadasivan walked around the room supervising the programme and answerin

20 Jun 2024 9:06 am
No roads lead to Vypeen in Kochi

KOCHI: In 2004, when new bridges connected the Kochi mainland with the Goshree Islands, including the densely-populated Vypeen, it gave birth to a hope that with increased frequency of public transport, the people here, a majority of who hail from working-class backgrounds, could finally belong and attach their aspirations with that of a city yearning to become a metropolis. Alas, even 20 years later, Vypeen and a majority of the Goshree Islands remain as disconnected as ever as private buses pl

20 Jun 2024 9:02 am
Gems full of flavour

KOCHI: Indigenous to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region, pomegranate, the red-rich fruit, is considered to be one of the nutrient-dense and healthiest fruits. Scientifically known as Punica granatum, the fruit bears on a deciduous shrub which grows to a height of 5-8 meters. The flowers on the shrub blooms in a striking orange-red colour, mostly on the axils of the leaves. In India, it finds a home in almost all states, with major hubs in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar P

19 Jun 2024 9:34 am
A shining star in Keralas reading history

KOCHI: A family get-together helps to weave stories out of memories often the usual, and rarely, the unusual. At times, such reunions may also hit you with surprises! One such occasion was to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of my great-great-grandfather, C J Kurien. I was invited by Brigadier Joe Curien, my grand-uncle whose tireless efforts was instrumental in bringing together cousins and relatives all across the globe, on that Sunday. As I was about to turn around after picking up a

19 Jun 2024 9:32 am
Red and resplendent, Mariyamma descends

KOCHI: On a Friday morning in the middle of June, one of the auspicious days of goddess Mariyamma, the Adiya community began their yearly ritual Naduneekal or Naduzhiyal. From the Thirunelly temple in Wayanad, after the afternoon prayers were finished, the men begin their journey on foot, carrying an idol made of banana stems and covered in red. The Adiya tribe performs the ritual. They start the ritual after the conclusion of the Vaishakha festival at the Mahadeva temple at Kottiyoor in Kannur

19 Jun 2024 9:30 am
A voice of the voiceless

KOCHI: When award-winning radio producer P Balanarayenan (Balan) called time on his illustrious 34-year career with All India Radio (AIR) last month, perhaps the loudest applause came from an Elanji tree swaying jubilantly in the cool monsoon wind on the premises of AIRs Kakkanad office. Twenty years ago, when development came knocking and threatened to blow away this tree, Balan got in the way. No warnings of punishment could sway the Kannur man, who, with his radio programmes, had by then beco

19 Jun 2024 9:26 am
Tension outside St George Church, Edappally in Kochi after pro and anti-Unified Mass parishioners of Syro-Malabar Church come face-to-face

KOCHI: Tension prevailed on the premises of the St George Church, Edapally in Kochi after those supporting and opposing Unified Holy Mass (Mass facing the altar during the Eucharist prayer) came face-to-face on Sunday over the question of reading the circular issued jointly by the Syro Malabar Church Major Archbishop Mar Raphael Thattil and Apostolic Administrator of Ernakulam-Angamaly Archdiocese Mar Bosco Puthur. A war of words ensued after the anti-Unified Holy Mass group tried to burn the ci

16 Jun 2024 7:41 pm
Rain spotting in Kerala

KOCHI: The city is basking in a pleasant warmth. The bright blue sky gives way to white clouds rolled up like cotton candy. However, like a petulant kid, it changes mood. The wind picks up and brings with it menacingly dark clouds the harbinger of rain. In a snap, it starts to rain with familiar abandon. But, its nothing like what we are used to familiarity, it seems, does breed contempt. The storm clouds seem to dissolve into the heavens, as the downpour stops as soon as it starts. All in

15 Jun 2024 8:51 am
Healthy and delicious: Crafting the perfect school lunchbox

KOCHI: After 12 pm, the stomach starts to cry and all eyes are on the clock to see when it will be lunch break. As soon as the bell rings, books are shoved aside and tiffin boxes dished out, all in a flash. Lunchtime is undeniably one of the best times for a school student. The aroma of a delightful meal that wafts gathers the whole class to the desk that holds the box. The enchantment is so intense that the sweet smell remains long after school life ends and life chugs on through many phases. I

15 Jun 2024 8:47 am
Each blood drops can save life

KOCHI: It all started in 1665 when a British doctor Richard Lower drew blood from a canine and transfused it to another. The success of the process paved the way for the method to be replicated among humans, and soon blood transfusion became one of the mandatory procedures of modern healthcare. Centuries later, in 2005, the World Health Assembly decreed that June 14 be observed every year as World Blood Donor Day. This year the theme, as per the WHO website, is 20 years of celebrating giving: th

14 Jun 2024 9:56 am
Making language fun for tiny tots

KOCHI : Vithu vithacha vayalil vilakal, Valarnnu varunnath kandolu..., Vandukal paravakal vayalil nithyam Vilavukal thinnan varavaayi... This rhyme, written in simple language, circulated in many class WhatsApp groups of the pre-primary and primary students during the summer vacation with excited tiny tots quickly learning the words and singing along. Written by Sasidharan Kalleri, a primary school teacher based in Eloor, this simple four-line rhyme aims to make language and concepts easier for

14 Jun 2024 9:52 am
Kerala startup ecosystem registers 254 per cent growth: Study

KOCHI: According to The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024 released by a leading development organisation, the value of Keralas startup ecosystem has shown a compound growth of 254% between July 1, 2021, to December 31, 2023, compared to the July 1, 2019, -December 31, 2021, period. The global average is at 46%. The extensive analysis is done with data from 4.5 million startups across 300 global ecosystems and over a decade of independent research. It has also placed Kerala fourth in the Asia

14 Jun 2024 9:47 am
South Vietnam: a paradise unexplored

KOCHI: If the wanderlust in you is suddenly restless, but at the same, the practical side of you is apprehensive about the high cost of an international trip, then Vietnam is your best bet. The Southeast Asian country offers majestic sun-kissed beaches, expansive green cover, silent hill stations, bustling nightlife, throbbing markets and much more. But what equally endears Vietnam for Indian travellers is its cheap cost of living and its genial inhabitants. Northern Vietnam has been explored mu

14 Jun 2024 9:44 am
Sleek n smooth cars for every budget

KOCHI: Nowadays, SUVs are the star of the road. Ask anyone, and they will say, I want an SUV. And there are plenty of choices. But if someone asks to see an Automatic SUV under Rs 10 lakh, disappointment seems to be the usual result. There are very few options in the range, but one natural choice may very well be the Nissan Magnite. When the Japanese carmaker introduced Magnite a couple of years ago, it garnered many adjectives to its credit. At first glance, it looks big, bold and muscular. A l

14 Jun 2024 9:43 am
Rootless, and open to life...

KOCHI: We have seen him as a ruthless villain, a corrupt and seasoned politician, a fierce cop and the scary goonda. In his life, Ashish Vidyarthi has donned many roles and has lived as many characters, many of which have become engraved in the psyches of movie lovers. A true character actor. Ask him what would be Ashishs character, pat comes the reply: rootlessness. His career in cinema spanning three decades is testimony to this. Over the years, he has been a fine mind working with similar art

13 Jun 2024 9:43 am
Wizard of wee wonders

KOCHI: Art always begins with a spark a touch of creativity. What follows is many stages of trial and error, endless tweaks, and a great deal of dedication. Finally, it all comes together, and perseverance pays back, into a masterpiece. Its no secret that this process demands serious patience and a keen eye for detail, as every piece goes through countless revisions to form that shape, that point where perfection seems achievable. Now, when the medium is something as fragile as chalk, things ge

13 Jun 2024 9:38 am
A 90s kid takes trip down memory lane

KOCHI: The final Harry Potter book beckoned to him from the shelves of New College Book Stall, Muvattupuzha. It was beyond his reach as he couldnt afford it. Desperation fueled a daring act theft.Years later, his debut memoir 90s Kidis gracing those veryshelves. He is Reese Thomas, one of the assistant directors of movies like Guruvayoor Ambalanadayil, Minnal Murali, Carbon, and Kammatti Paadam. This is a memory that I can cherish forever. I met the same person who was at the bookstall 17 years

13 Jun 2024 9:33 am
Ekm Shooting Competition now open for registrations

KOCHI: The Ernakulam District Rifle Association (ERDA) is inviting applications for the upcoming Ernakulam District Shooting Competition in June. The matches will be in the following categories: 10m peep sight air rifle, 10m air pistol, 10m open sight, 50m open sight rifle, 50m free pistol, 25m STD pistol, and 25m centre fire pistol. The air events will be held at ERDAs shooting range at the Regional Sports Centre (RSC) in Kadavanthra, Kochi, on June 22 and 23. The firearms events will be held a

13 Jun 2024 9:30 am
How Police nabbed the dracula who roamed Kochis bylanes

KOCHI: Its usually habitual offenders who get monikers in police registers. Usually, these are given on account of some characteristics or routines of the criminal, or where they hail from. If thats the case, its only natural to wonder how Kandolikkudy Suresh, who hails from Kunnathunadu, got the name Dracula Suresh? First things first. He is no Dracula. Officers at the Aluva East Police tell TNIE that Suresh got this moniker for carrying out burglaries in the cover of darkness. He is an expert

13 Jun 2024 9:27 am
Dancing Grandmas

KOCHI: It was in 2016 that seven grandmothers from Nettoor took centre stage forthe first time during a church event. The audience set their eyes on the group wearing the traditional Christian attire Chattayum Mundum and vintage jewellery in wonder. Soon, the song Parudaya Mariyame a famousmargamkali number started playing and the grandmothers began dancing and clapping around a litnilavilakku. Within minutes, surprising the audience, the traditional song gave way to the peppy beats of Boney M

12 Jun 2024 9:16 am
Cops find their chorus with acapella

KOCHI: Rarely do we get to see the khaki-clad, baton-bearing and gun-totting police personnel performing a musical. It is always presumed that everything about them is official. However, these men and women, who remain alert around the clock to keep the public safe, do have a singer or a musician hidden in them. A truth that was revealed when, for the first time in the country, a group of police personnel from Kottayam sang and recorded an acapella performance. The song Pulari muthal peruvazhiyi

12 Jun 2024 9:10 am
Rapid progress in execution of work under AMRUT project: Kochi Mayor

KOCHI : Mayor M Anilkumar on Tuesday reviewed the progress of the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) projects. After reviewing the progress of the projects, he said that significant advancements have been made in their implementation. Out of 6,000 families who applied for drinking water connections, 4,354 were selected for free connections. The connections will be given at the earliest, said the mayor. Efforts are on to provide free connections in all areas of the cor

12 Jun 2024 8:27 am
Survey for Skill Hub project begins in Kalamassery assembly constituency

KOCHI : A survey as part of the Skill Hub project implemented by Industries Minister P Rajeeve in Kalamassery assembly constituency has begun. The projects goal is to provide modern skills and ensure appropriate employment opportunities for the youth, women, and homemakers in the constituency. Support will be provided to those interested in entrepreneurship. Modern facilities will be established for skill training to ensure job availability in leading companies both within the country and abroad

12 Jun 2024 8:16 am
'The Soldier of Wellington': Intense romance, chilling crime, and thrilling investigation

KOCHI: In The Soldier of Wellington, author Arjun Mohan, tells a tale of love, made complex by borders, wars and crimes. He captures the readers by blending everything almost seamlessly. The story unfolds with a chance encounter between Anand, a Malayali lawyer, and Preeti Kaur, a Punjabi soldier. Despite the stark differences language, profession, and cultural backgrounds they are bound by an intense love that overcomes all obstacles. The Soldier of Wellington then transitions from a personal

11 Jun 2024 10:00 am
From prosperity to memory

KOCHI: If you are someone who takes the Kochi Metro, then you would probably be familiar with station named Companypadi, the third stop from Aluva. Formerly known as Poyyakara to its residents, the locality in Choornikara panchayat was renamed after a prominent company that used to function several years ago. The firm, Standard Pottery Works Company, a pottery and tiles manufacturing firm in Poyyakara establishedon February 2, 1939, had been a source of living for a majority of the locals. The c

11 Jun 2024 9:29 am
Operation Monsoon: Check, please

KOCHI: The arrival of monsoon brought cheers to Kerala, which was reeling under a never-before-seen heatwave. However, with the rain came the risk of illnesses, especially water-borne diseases. To combat this, the food safety department officials have pulled up their socks and embarked on a major inspection drive Operation Monsoon in eateries across the state to ensure the health and well-being of the people. As part of it, the officials have asked all eateries to use clean and safe water in k

11 Jun 2024 9:27 am
The science of music

KOCHI: Navaneeth Unnikrishnan has had a long association with sound. To him, it is not just the energy that moves vocal cords or helps him communicate. Rather, it follows silence and precedes silence and is the rhythm that remains embedded in every aspect of nature. He seems to have a trait to understand it, and hence the notes came naturally to him, even as a toddler. And now in his late teens, he can decipher sound academically. He knows the musical composition that makes up the songs we have

11 Jun 2024 9:21 am
Fish kill: Kerala HC constitutes expert panel, orders visit

KOCHI: The Kerala High Court on Monday constituted an expert committee comprising officers from the state and central pollution control boards and instructed them to visit the area along the Periyar river where fish were found dead, and provide recommendations to prevent future pollution and fish mortality. The court issued the order in response to a series of petitions seeking its intervention in addressing the pollution of the Periyar river. The counsel for Green Action Force, A X Varghese, hi

11 Jun 2024 9:18 am
Fish kill: Scientific probe into alleged waste discharge needed, says report

KOCHI: A report filed by the committee formed to probe the mass fish kill on the Eloor-Edayar stretch of the Periyar river has suggested that the allegations of wastewater discharge by industries along the river bank required a scientific inquiry. The investigation using modern techniques at the 3km-long industrial belt will check whether there are illegal underground tunnels or channels. The report called for identifying stormwater drainage spots from the industries and erecting signboards ther

11 Jun 2024 9:15 am
Pothole pains! Bus breaks down after hitting crater, gridlock sparks protest in Kochi

KOCHI: Potholes on the Kaloor-Kadavanthra road are causing significant safety concerns. On Monday morning, the stretch witnessed traffic congestion after a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation bus broke down upon hitting a pothole on the stretch. Though the mishap took place around 9pm on Sunday, the bus was not removed, which led to the gridlock on Monday morning. Following the incident, a sit-in was staged by Rajani Mani, councillor of Kaloor South, and Congress workers to press the Grea

11 Jun 2024 9:14 am
Kerala: In a collective fight for rights, SC/ST students form theatre movement

KOCHI: After years of oppression and lack of opportunity, a group of youngsters from the Thrissur School of Drama started a new movement to share their experiences with the world. The Adivasi Dalit Students Theatre Movement, a first of its kind initiative in India, was launched as a result of the collective efforts of a few students to make their lives better. Growing up, we struggled a lot. After realising how unfairly scheduled caste and tribe members are treated in society and how we are disc

10 Jun 2024 9:14 am
Tearful adieu to Bineesh and family

KOCHI: Friends, relatives, and residents of almost the entire Parakkulam on Sunday gave a tearful adieu to Bineesh Kurian and his family who died in a fire in their bedroom in the early hours of Saturday. Wellwishers gathered at Bineeshs house in Parakkulam, near Angamaly, for a final glimpse of the four-member family. A large number of priests from the Jacobite Church too were present to offer prayers to the departed. The funeral services of Bineesh, his wife Anumol and their children Jowana an

10 Jun 2024 9:13 am
Thanthonni Thuruth: Outer-bund proposal awaits CRZ nod, islanders seek action to end flooding

KOCHI: Residents of Thanthonni Thuruth, an island in the backwaters off Goshree walkway, have long been demanding the construction of an outer bund to prevent water from entering their homes during high tide. The more than decade-long clamour for the structure, according to officials, is under the consideration of the Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority (KCZMA). Goshree Islands Development Authority (GIDA) secretary Raghuraman said the outer-bund proposal is yet to receive environmental cle

10 Jun 2024 9:11 am
Convenience vs livelihood: Tension mounts between Uber, traditional auto drivers in Kochi

KOCHI: The recent attack on an Uber autorickshaw driver by some traditional autorickshaw drivers at the Aluva metro station is just one instance of the rising tension between them over picking up commuters from key points. A similar situation exists at most metro and bus stations in the city. Weve now registered a case of wrongful confinement against three people based on the statement of the brother of Shajahan, the victim driver. Weve also spoken over the phone to Shajahan, who is under treatm

10 Jun 2024 9:09 am
Death anniversary of Samooh founder held

KOCHI: Writer and popular science advocate Prabir Purkayastha virtually inaugurated an event to commemorate the first death anniversary of telecom engineer and founder of the Samooh society, Joseph Thomas, held at the Media Hall of the GCDA Stadium in Kaloor on Sunday. Thomas was known for his contributions and advocacy in the field of free software and the peoples planning movement. At the event, Purkayastha emphasised the importance of hardware freedom along with software freedom, as argued by

10 Jun 2024 9:06 am
Biker dies as car rear-ends motorcycle at Varapuzha

KOCHI: An Edappally native died after a car rear-ended the motorcycle he was riding at Varapuzha bridge on NH66 on Sunday morning. Navas Kadher, 48, died en route to the hospital following the incident. The car after the collision rammed another car before falling from a height of 15ft, said a police officer. The two passengers, including the driver of the car, were admitted to Aster Medcity at Cheranallur and their condition is stable. Navas, a poultry dealer, bound for Varapuzha, was on his wa

10 Jun 2024 9:04 am