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Jeffries delivers message from House Democrats to Biden

On Capitol Hill, there was widespread panic among a diverse and often volatile caucus about what some saw as the inevitability of their ship sinking with Biden.

13 Jul 2024 7:11 am
Israel, Hamas inch closer to Gaza cease-fire deal, but gaps remain

Officials said that while Israel and Hamas appear closer to a cease-fire deal, new Israeli demands and disagreements over details are still at issue.

13 Jul 2024 5:15 am
The Campaign Moment: Trump rides the wave of Biden turmoil

President Biden is trying to quell the growing fears within his party about his viability as a candidate. His opponent, former president Donald Trump, has been uncharacteristically quiet on the matter.

13 Jul 2024 3:26 am
Meta rolls back restrictions on Trumps social media accounts

We believe that the American people should be able to hear from the nominees for President on the same basis, Meta executive Nick Clegg said in a statement.

13 Jul 2024 3:08 am
What Bidens downturn in the polls means

A holistic look at the pre- and post-debate polling, using The Washington Posts new polling averages tool.

13 Jul 2024 2:49 am
Schumer leaves room to maneuver on Biden

The Senate majority leader has left himself plenty of room to maneuver as he faces immense pressure to convey a message to Biden to abandon his campaign.

13 Jul 2024 2:24 am
The insecurity at the heart of the fringe-right

In her new book, journalist Elle Reeve explains the internet-driven rise of neo-Nazism and how it spills over into electoral politics.

13 Jul 2024 12:23 am
New York judge throws out Rudy Giulianis bankruptcy case

The decision paves the way for two former Georgia election workers who won a defamation claim against him to pursue and potentially seize his assets.

13 Jul 2024 12:22 am
Project 2025 gets traction thanks in part to Trump

The former presidents denial of the outside policy effort helped bring new eyeballs to the issue.

12 Jul 2024 11:43 pm
Biden is resistant to taking a cognitive test. Try a short one yourself.

This isnt a real cognitive test, but it should give you an understanding of how simple screenings work.

12 Jul 2024 9:15 pm
Senate candidate calls for drop box monitoring in Wisconsin college town

Republican Eric Hovde wants the boxes monitored literally 24 hours a day to watch for people just jumping, jamming fake ballots in Madison, the states most Democratic city.

12 Jul 2024 9:04 pm
The impossibility of telling Joe Biden he cant win

Instinct, history and polling suggests that Biden will lose and that other Democrats might fare better. So far, the president isnt convinced.

12 Jul 2024 9:00 pm
Election 2024 live updates: Bidens news conference performance brings praise, calls to drop out

Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail with the latest news on the candidates and polls after President Bidens high-stakes news conference.

12 Jul 2024 6:07 pm
Clyburn: Let Biden make his own decision about his future

Echoing comments made by former House speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) earlier this week, Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Friday that the president has earned the right to decide whether to continue in the race.

12 Jul 2024 5:43 pm
Biden heading to Michigan for rally after high-stakes news conference

The president is visiting the must-win state after a mixed session with reporters that showcased his knowledge but also included verbal stumbles.

12 Jul 2024 5:23 pm
Tax-funded youth treatment centers are warehouses of neglect, report finds

A Senate report says youth in residential treatment facilities too often suffer physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, while operators profit from tax dollars.

12 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
RFK Jr. sent text apologizing to woman who accused him of sexual assault

In a message to the woman, the third-party presidential candidate said he does not recall the alleged incident but that any harm he caused was inadvertent.

12 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
Inside the glitzy fundraiser where Biden lost George Clooney

At the June 15 event at L.A.s Peacock Theater, some donors said this week that they noticed Biden seemed slow. He seemed frail. As he greeted donors lined up for photos, he trailed off or spoke too quietly in small talk conversation to be heard.

12 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
A handful of Hill Democrats break with Biden after news conference

Democratic Reps. Jim Himes (Conn.), Rep. Eric Sorensen (Ill.) and Scott Peters (Calif.) on Thursday evening urged the president to step aside.

12 Jul 2024 8:10 am
Biden shows his knowledge but stumbles over words at news conference

Three more Democrats call on president to end his candidacy after the back-and-forth with journalists.

12 Jul 2024 8:03 am
5 takeaways from Bidens crucial NATO news conference

It was an improvement for Biden, but some answers are unlikely to soothe his party.

12 Jul 2024 8:00 am
Fact checking Bidens post-NATO news conference

Heres a round-up of six claims made in the presidents news conference.

12 Jul 2024 7:06 am
Trump allies at Heritage declare 2024 election illegitimate in advance

A war game presented at the right-wing foundation imagined far-fetched scenarios for election interference to justify preemptive measures.

12 Jul 2024 6:42 am
Black Democrats are emblematic of a House torn over Biden

President Bidens already tenuous support among House Democrats showed further signs of fraying on Thursday, as the group of lawmakers most loyal to the president descended into feuding about his future.

12 Jul 2024 6:02 am
Hungarys Orban to meet with Trump after attending NATO summit with Biden

The Hungarian leader last week set off a firestorm of criticism by making a whistlestop tour of Kyiv, Moscow and Beijing in what he billed as an effort to jumpstart a peace process to end the war in Ukraine.

12 Jul 2024 1:34 am
U.S. will soon end its troubled Gaza pier mission, Pentagon says

The Pentagons floating pier off Gaza, announced by President Biden in March, has been sidelined several times by poor weather and rough seas.

12 Jul 2024 1:17 am
Video of Fetterman crash aftermath released by Maryland police

Maryland State Police officers who responded to a car crash involving Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) discussed how the lawmaker was speeding when he collided with another vehicle, according to body-camera footage.

12 Jul 2024 12:48 am
That Biden campaign memo is more dire than it might seem

The presidents reelection campaign tried to quell concerns among his supporters. Digging in, though, it presented a remarkably bleak scenario.

12 Jul 2024 12:41 am
Democrats fear Biden drama may squander goldilocks economy

The inflation report released Thursday represented everything the White House has been hoping to see for years. And yet Democrats could only greet the data with a feeling of exasperation.

12 Jul 2024 12:30 am
How House Republicans and Fox teed up a major threat to democracy

The always-thin impeachment probe is being positioned as a predicate for a reelected Donald Trump to launch investigations into his political opponents.

11 Jul 2024 10:48 pm
Trumps authoritarian lean appeals to the right. Swing voters, not so much.

A new poll shows how Democrats focus on Project 2025 could get traction with crucial voters specifically, the so-called double haters.

11 Jul 2024 10:41 pm
Democratic allies plot effort to defend Kamala Harris against Trump attacks

The vice president has come under renewed attack by Republicans as Democrats debate President Bidens continued candidacy.

11 Jul 2024 9:48 pm
Is a hazy 2-point shift enough to warrant dumping Biden?

Baked-in views and incremental shifts add to uncertainty about November and give the president cover.

11 Jul 2024 8:11 pm
Election 2024 live updates: Pelosi, Democratic lawmakers reject Bidens claim that candidacy is settled

Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail with the latest news on presidential candidates, polls, primaries and more.

11 Jul 2024 6:04 pm
Democrats criticize Biden privately, back him publicly. Sound familiar?

The scale is different, but some see echoes of Republican reluctance to criticize Trump even as they distanced themselves behind closed doors.

11 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
Trump and Jeffrey Epstein: No links shown in latest documents

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) claims reporters arent covering Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. But theres nothing new.

11 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
Most Democrats want Biden to drop out, but overall race is static, poll finds

More than half of Democrats say Biden should end his candidacy. Overall, 2 in 3 adults say the president should step aside, including more than 7 in 10 independents.

11 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
Biden says he decided to stay in the race. Some Democrats want a different decision.

Hill Democrats suddenly say Biden has a decsion to make. Biden says he has decided.

11 Jul 2024 3:30 pm
News conference looms large in Bidens bid to save his candidacy

The event caps NATOs 75th anniversary summit, which the president hosted, though questions about his political standing and health are likely to dominate.

11 Jul 2024 2:30 pm
Arkansas official rejects bid to put abortion rights measure on ballot

Secretary of State John Thurston (R) said the petitioners failed to submit proper paperwork. The amendment effort sought to restore abortion access up to 18 weeks.

11 Jul 2024 12:47 pm
An Iowa baseball team needed a pitcher. A state legislator took the mound.

Iowa state Rep. J.D. Scholten (D) threw 100 pitches to lead the Sioux City Explorers to a win as a last-minute replacement for the short-staffed baseball team.

11 Jul 2024 8:10 am
Pelosi opens the door, subtly, to replacing Biden

Pelosi and other Hill leaders are looking for a way to delicately get Biden to step aside.

11 Jul 2024 6:18 am
Peter Welch becomes first senator to call for Biden to step aside

Peter Welch becomes first senator to call for Biden to step aside.

11 Jul 2024 5:43 am
Ballot deadlines add urgency for Democrats weighing Bidens fitness to run

Experts say the party risks a complex and murky path if it attempts to change its presidential candidate once one has been formally nominated.

11 Jul 2024 5:27 am
Biden should provide evidence he can beat Trump, Democratic leaders say

The calls came as top union leaders, more lawmakers and even some campaign staff members expressed grave concerns about his candidacy.

11 Jul 2024 5:18 am
New data upends how we think about the partisanship of young Americans

The Pew Research Centers NPORS poll finds that young Americans, particularly young White people, are now more likely to identify with the GOP than with Democrats.

11 Jul 2024 3:05 am
97-year-old judge loses lawsuit challenging suspension from the bench

Judge Pauline Newman was suspended from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit after she declined to participate in an investigation into her fitness.

11 Jul 2024 3:05 am
Harris boosts Biden at AKA convention, tapping network of Black women

Vice president pushes ahead with campaign swing touting Biden amid roiling debate among Democrats over his candidacy.

11 Jul 2024 1:35 am
Pelosi urges Biden to make decision on race, despite his insistence he will stay

Its up to the president to decide if he is going to run. Were all encouraging him to to make that decision, because time is running short, former House speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday on MSNBCs Morning Joe.

10 Jul 2024 11:32 pm
Pelosi and Democrats to Biden: Maybe take the hint, please?

Few congressional Democrats are calling for Biden to drop out. But many are refusing to give him anything amounting to a vote of confidence, and thats telling.

10 Jul 2024 11:27 pm