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28 Oct 2020 10:49 am
Looking at Neha Kakkar's wedding album

It was a beautiful weekend wedding for singer Neha Kakkar, and she made sure to post the colourful pictures on Instagram.

27 Oct 2020 4:30 pm
Bigg Boss 14: Just who is Rahul Vaidya?

Rahul almost got eliminated in the first eviction week, and since then, he has upped his game.

27 Oct 2020 1:10 pm
Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra remains in the RED ZONE

Rahul Vaidya, Jaan Sanu Kumar and Nikki Tamboli join Pavitra Punia in the danger zone.

27 Oct 2020 11:59 am
Bigg Boss 14: Just who is Jaan Kumar Sanu?

Will Jaan Kumar Sanu make it to the top 5 or lift the coveted Bigg Boss trophy?

26 Oct 2020 1:24 pm
Bigg Boss 14: 'My eviction was shocking'

'It's fine if you have nominated me but you should have given me a fair chance to save myself.'

26 Oct 2020 10:39 am
Bigg Boss 14: The BIG FIGHT!

Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia get their claws out in Bigg Boss 14.

23 Oct 2020 12:26 pm
Bigg Boss 14: Just who is Nishant Malkhani?

After looking very 'fake', he is letting his true personality shine in the reality show.

22 Oct 2020 1:24 pm
Bigg Boss 14: Why is everyone crying?

There's no love, just war between Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan.

22 Oct 2020 12:14 pm