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Ex-DIG duped of Rs 26 lakh, deputy bank manager among 2 detained

A former Assam police officer was defrauded of Rs 26 lakh from his bank account by cybercriminals. Two individuals, including a bank deputy manager, were detained in connection with the case. The suspects revealed targeting inactive accounts for fraudulent transactions.

15 Jul 2024 3:10 pm
Gaurav Gogoi named deputy leader of Congress in Lok Sabha for 2nd straight term

Assam Congress celebrates appointment of Gaurav Gogoi as deputy leader of Congress in Lok Sabha for second term. Sonia Gandhi informs Lok Sabha speaker about appointments of leadership roles. Rahul Gandhi appointed leader of opposition. Supporters hopeful for effective representation.

15 Jul 2024 2:53 pm
Tripuras Bapi becomes 3rd Indian cyclist reach Everest in bicycle

Bapi Debnath, a cyclist from Tripura, made history by becoming the 3rd Indian and 8th global cyclist to reach the Mount Everest base camp on a single-gear bicycle. His journey spanned 2,100 kilometers in 54 days, starting from Kolkata. Local clubs and cycle groups celebrate his remarkable achievement.

15 Jul 2024 10:39 am
Flood toll 91 as one dies in Assam's Dhemaji, many rivers still above danger level

Assam's floods have improved, with affected people reducing from 12.33 to 8.40 lakh. Dhemaji's death toll rises to 91. ASDMA reports 21 affected districts, 1,705 villages, 65 revenue circles. Brahmaputra and Burhidihing rivers remain dangerous. 36,166 in relief camps. Central Water Commission sees falling river trends. IMD forecasts heavy rainfall, orange alert for Nagaland, thunderstorms, and lightning in eastern India.

14 Jul 2024 9:03 am
14 Jul 2024 5:04 am
Assam floods: 7 more people dead, total death toll reaches 90

Assams flood death toll stands at 90. 12.33 lakh people across 24 districts are affected, including casualties in Goalpara, Nagaon, Jorhat. Kaziranga Park has 180 animal deaths. Rivers such as the Brahmaputra are rising. ASDMA reports 2.95 lakh people in 316 relief camps, 135 animals rescued. Various deaths due to vehicle hits; 35 forest camps submerged. Floods impacted 6,67,175 animals.

13 Jul 2024 10:19 am
13 Jul 2024 5:10 am
Mahatma Gandhi statue uprooted to make way for clock tower

In Doomdooma, Tinsukia, protests erupted over removing a 5.5-feet Mahatma Gandhi statue for a clock tower at Gandhi Chowk. Led by Congress MLA Durga Bhumij, BJP MLA Rupesh Gowala promised a new, taller statue within six months.

12 Jul 2024 4:31 am