Nothings CMF Phone 1 shatters sales records; matches Nothing Phone 2as single day record

In a stunning display of market appeal, Nothings CMF Phone 1 has set a new sales record selling an astounding 100,000 units in just 3 hours.

The Hindu 13 Jul 2024 11:39 am

ISRO has a problem: too many rockets, too few satellites to launch | Analysis

The Indian space programme used to follow a supply-driven model. When the government reformed the space sector in 2019, this changed to a demand-driven model

The Hindu 13 Jul 2024 10:45 am

Apple iPhone 16, 17 Pro models updates | Camera upgrades; fast-charging boost

Apples iPhone 16 lineup is expected to be launched with major camera upgrades. iPhone 17 models are also expected to continue on this trend

The Hindu 13 Jul 2024 10:03 am

Elon Musk donates sizeable amount to Trump campaign ahead of U.S. Election 2024

Tech billionaire Elon Musk donated a sizeable amount to support the reelection efforts of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The Hindu 13 Jul 2024 9:51 am

'Cosmic ballet': Nasa unveils stunning images of two galaxies merging in Space

NASA unveiled James Webb Space Telescopes breathtaking images of two galaxies, known as the Penguin and the Egg, located 326 million light-years away in Hydra. This release celebrates Webb's second anniversary of scientific results, showcasing its ability to explore early universe formation and future cosmic discoveries. The galaxies together are known as Arp 142.

The Times of India 13 Jul 2024 8:00 am

Google makes it easier for users to switch on advanced account protection

The strict requirement for two physical keys is now eased when passkeys are used.

Ars Technica 13 Jul 2024 4:15 am

Meta rolls back restrictions on Trumps Facebook and Instagram accounts

Meta, the parent company of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, has decided to remove restrictions placed on former President Donald Trumps accounts. Meta updated its original statement announcing the end of Trumps suspension on Facebook and Instagram in January of 2023 to reflect the Republican presumptive presidential nominees new online status. Axios first reported on the news. Meta removed Trump from all of its platforms following the attack on the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 amid extreme and highly unusual circumstances, according to Metas original statement. Seven people were killed as a result of violence on or collateral damage as a result of the attack on the Capitol building. The following May, the Oversight Board ruled that Facebook failed to apply an appropriate penalty with its indefinite suspension of Trumps accounts for severely violating Facebook and Instagrams community guidelines and standards. Trump said in a video statement released less than three hours after the violence began We love you. Youre very special and called the insurrectionists great patriots. Those and other statements made in the wake of the US Capitol attack convinced the board that Trump violated its standard against praising or supporting people engaging in violence on its platforms. Two years later, Meta restored Trumps accounts following a time-bound suspension with stricter penalties for violating its terms of service, a standard that was higher than any other user on Facebook and Instagram. Meta noted in its latest update that the ex-president will be subject to the same standard as everyone else. With the party conventions taking place shortly, including the Republican convention next week, the candidates for President of the United States will soon be formally nominated, according to Metas statement. In assessing our responsibility to allow political expression, we believe that the American people should be able to hear from the nominees for President on the same basis. Twitter, now X, also took action against President Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 insurrection on the Capitol for three tweets he posted that were labeled for inciting violence. It started with a 12-hour suspension on Jan. 6, 2021. Two days later, Twitter banned him completely after determining that subsequent posts also violated its community standards. The following year, Twitters new owner Elon Musk conducted an informal poll on his account asking if he should remove President Trumps ban and reinstated his account a few days later. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/meta-rolls-back-restrictions-on-trumps-facebook-and-instagram-accounts-220203014.html?src=rss

Engadget 13 Jul 2024 3:32 am

Three senators introduce bill to protect artists and journalists from unauthorized AI use

Three US Senators introduced a bill that aims to rein in the rise and use of AI generated content and deepfakes by protecting the work of artists, songwriters and journalists. The Content Original Protection and Integrity from Edited and Deepfaked Media (COPIED) Act was introduced to the Senate Friday morning. The bill is a bipartisan effort authorized by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.), according to a press alert issued by Blackburns office. The COPIED ACT would, if enacted, create transparency standards through the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) to set guidelines for content provenance information, watermarking, and synthetic content detection, according to the press release. The bill would also prohibit the unauthorized use of creative or journalistic content to train AI models or created AI content. The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general would also gain the authority to enforce these guidelines and individuals who had their legally created content used by AI to create new content without their consent or proper compensation would also have the right to take those companies or entities to court. The bill would even expand the prohibition of tampering or removing content provenance information by internet platforms, search engines and social media companies. A slew of content and journalism advocacy groups are already voicing their support for the COPIED Act to become law. They include groups like SAG-AFTRA, the Recording Industry Association of America, the National Association of Broadcasters, the Songwriters Guild of America and the National Newspaper Association. This is not the Senates first attempt to create guidelines and laws for the rising use of AI content and it certainly wont be the last. In April, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) submitted a bill called the Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act that would force AI companies to list their copyrighted sources in their datasets. The bill has not moved out of the House Committee on the Judiciary since its introduction, according to Senate records . This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/three-senators-introduce-bill-to-protect-artists-and-journalists-from-unauthorized-ai-use-205603263.html?src=rss

Engadget 13 Jul 2024 2:27 am

90th Anniversary Edition of the retired LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer set hits $70 all-time low

Walmart is offering an incredibly rare chance to snag a retired LEGO building set and at a discounted price too! Right now, you can score the LEGO Icons 90th Anniversary Edition Galaxy Explorer for $70 shipped . Normally fetching $100, this is the first we have seen of this set since it was retired by the company in December 2023 after a 16 month run. During that 16-month timeframe, discounts were sparse and of little impact except at far corners of the internet at third-party sites. Today, it comes in at a 30% markdown, carving out a new all-time low and giving you an affordable opportunity to land a throwback collectors piece at the best price we have seen to date. more

9To5Toys 13 Jul 2024 2:25 am

19 Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals (2024)

Prime Day falls on July 16 and 17, but weve handpicked deals on WIRED-tested productsfrom tech to blenders to hair straightenerssitting at some of their lowest prices ever.

Wired 13 Jul 2024 1:58 am

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 just hit the lowest price of the year at $40 (Reg. up to $219)

Update: This deal is now only back, but its also now at the best price of the year. You can now grab Microsoft Office Professional 2021 down at $39.97 (Reg. up to $219) Working from home? Juggling multiple projects? You need Microsoft Office Professional 2021 . This powerful software suite helps you get things done, from word processing to data sorting. In a flash sale, Office Pro is available on a lifetime license for just $45 (Reg. $219) via 9to5Toys Specials . more

9To5Toys 13 Jul 2024 1:52 am

Go quick! KeySmarts Apple Find My SmartCard tracker with wireless charging now down at $30

Update: This Lightning deal has struck again! You can score the KeySmart wireless charging Apple Find My SmartCard tracker for $29.99 shipped as part of an Amazon Lightning deal. Regularly $40, this is matching our previous mention and the lowest of the year. Details below. The official KeySmart Amazon storefront is now offering its SmartCard Apple Find My tracker down at $34.99 shipped . Be sure to clip the on-page coupon . Regularly $40, this is at least $5 off the brand new release and the lowest price we have tracked yet it comes in at $1 under the only other price drop we have tracked. This unique tracking device launched for the first time back in late September with Apple Find My tech wrapped up inside something not much larger than your typical credit card. It is also, according to KeySmart, the only card on the market with wireless charging. Head below for more details. more

9To5Toys 13 Jul 2024 1:33 am

Waterpiks compact ION cordless water flosser brings a healthier clean to your gums at new $60 low (Reg. $100), more from $50

As part of its Early Prime Day deals, Amazon is offering the Waterpik ION Professional Cordless Water Flosser for $59.99 shipped . Down from its usual $100 price tag, it came into the new year at an already discounted $89 rate, with prices rising back up to full by the end of January and slowly coming back down over the course of the last six months. Before April, the price remained hovering between $90 and its MSRP, finally falling to $80 where it remained ever since. Now, todays deal comes in bigger than ever before, amounting to a 40% markdown that lands it at a new all-time low. The ION water flosser is designed to bring your gums a healthier cleaning while also upgrading your hygiene routine to better standards than regular string floss ever could. Built around a more compact 20-ounce water reservoir to better fit inside tighter bathrooms and spaces, this model comes with 10 pressure settings, 360-degree tip rotation, and a built-in timer/pacer to help track flossing time. the reservoir holds enough water for 90 seconds of continual use plus, a single charge will be enough juice for the battery to last up to four weeks before needing to be plugged back in again. more

9To5Toys 13 Jul 2024 1:31 am

Amazon is adding a free $300 gift card when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

If youre considering a premium foldable phone, these pre-order deals ahead of Prime Day may be the way to go. You can get a $300 Amazon gift card when you reserve the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and a $200 one with the Galaxy Z Flip 6 . Both phones begin shipping on July 24. The Samsung Z Fold 6 will typically cost $1,900 for 256GB of storage and $2,320 for 512GB. But Amazons deal gets you the 512GB with a $300 Amazon gift card for $1,900. (The 256GB model costs the same, so theres no reason to go with it.) Thats still loads of money to spend on a phone, but if you were going the premium foldable route anyway, at least this offer doubles the storage and adds a nice chunk of store credit for the same entry price. The Z Fold 6 has the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and more RAM than its predecessor. It also adds a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a brighter display (up to 2,600 nits). In Engadgets hands-on, Sam Rutherford found the phone to be sharper and sleeker than its predecessor. The Z Fold 6 has a new dual-rail hinge with Samsungs enhanced Armor Aluminum for a lighter feel. The main screens slightly tweaked dimensions also improve the viewing experience. The phone even has a 60-percent larger vapor chamber to help cool the phone during intense gaming sessions. Sam Rutherford for Engadget For the Z Flip 6, you can also pre-order the 512GB model for the same price as the 256GB model ($1,099), and youll get a $200 Amazon gift card with your purchase. The smaller foldable had more changes in this years upgrades. These include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 12GB of RAM, a 4,000mAh battery (the largest on any Z Flip) and cameras to match the excellent ones on the Galaxy S24: a 50MP main one and a 12MP ultra-wide lens. Of course, it wouldnt be a 2024 flagship phone without AI features, and both phones have plenty. Carrying over from the Galaxy S24 series, both phones add generative tools like browsing assist, dictation, new translation tools and Circle to Search. Both phones arrive on July 24, and the deal is only valid through July 23 or as long as supplies last. Your Prime Day Shopping Guide : See all of our Prime Day coverage. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Yahoo Life. Follow Engadget for Prime Day tech deals . Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Amazon Prime Day deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Prime Day sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazon-is-adding-a-free-300-gift-card-when-you-pre-order-the-samsung-galaxy-z-fold-6-193426527.html?src=rss

Engadget 13 Jul 2024 1:04 am

Amazons AI chatbot Rufus is now live for all US customers

Theres another chatbot in town. Amazons AI chatbot Rufus is now live for all US customers , albeit in a beta version. This follows a testing phase that began back in February . Rufus looks to currently be tied to the app and not the web version of Amazon. So what does it do? Its an Amazon chatbot so it helps with shopping. You can ask for lists of recommended products and ask what specific products do and stuff like that. Ive tooled around with it a bit this morning and it seems fine, though a bit boring. I will say that I cross-referenced some of the recommended products with the web version and Rufus does not automatically list promoted items, at least for now. Amazon It spit out a seemingly random list of well-reviewed products on several occasions. Thats fine by me, though Im not about to buy something based on the word of a one-day old chatbot. You can also ask specific questions about products, but the answers seem to be pulled directly from the descriptions. As any regular Amazon customer knows, some of these descriptions are accurate and others arent. The chatbot is tied to your personal account, so it can answer questions about upcoming deliveries and the like. Amazon says that the bot has been trained on its product catalog, along with customer reviews, community Q&As and public information found throughout the web. However, it hasnt disclosed what websites it pulled that public information from and to what end. It didnt even confirm that these were retail-adjacent websites. If you want to try it out, update to the latest version of the app and look for the colorful icon on the bottom-right. Maybe, if we all work hard enough at asking ridiculous questions, we can break it just in time for Amazon Prime Day . This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazons-ai-chatbot-rufus-is-now-live-for-all-us-customers-190938911.html?src=rss

Engadget 13 Jul 2024 12:39 am

Defending Russias EU neighbors

Welcome to Startups Weekly your weekly recap of everything you cant miss from the world of startups. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. This week were looking at an AI startup that wants to help people get creative with video; Kudos, which raised $3 million to help get rid [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 13 Jul 2024 12:35 am

Heads-up! Wild all-time low now live Amazons Echo Buds with Active Noise Cancellation from just $35 (Reg. $120+)

Okay so, Prime Day might be a few days away still, but we are now tracking some wildly low prices on Amazons current-generation Echo Buds. We saw the entry-level set fall to the $25 all-time low a couple days ago (that deal is still live ), but we also just spotted an insanely low price on the higher-end buds too. Amazons Alexa Echo Buds with noise cancellation are now starting from just $34.99 shipped for Prime members! They come in two flavors, the regularly $120 set with wired charging case, and the regularly $140 set with the wireless charging case. They are respectively now selling down at $34.99 and $44.99 shipped to deliver the lowest price we have ever tracked with a gigantic up to 71% in savings. Both the black and white models are at the same wildly low price right now. more

9To5Toys 13 Jul 2024 12:34 am

A VC told Keely Cat-Wells to get a male, non-disabled co-founder she balked, nabbed a $2M seed round

Cat-Wells said she started this platform because traditional hiring processes are exclusionary and often overlook skilled, talented disabled people. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 13 Jul 2024 12:30 am

Nearly all AT&T subscribers call records stolen in Snowflake cloud hack

Six months of call and text records taken from AT&T workspace on cloud platform.

Ars Technica 13 Jul 2024 12:12 am

Massive AT&T data breach exposes records of nearly all its customers calls and texts

Macworld AT&T has disclosed a massive data breach that affects nearly all of its customers. The stolen records, which AT&T says were downloaded illegally from our workspace on a third-party cloud platform, include every call and text record for every AT&T cellular customer from May 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022 as well as a small subset of customers from January 2, 2023. The company was clear that the content of calls and texts was not exposed. But the hackers have a record of every call or text made or received along with counts and call durations for some calls during those specific months. Note that this affects more than just AT&T customersanyone who called or texted an AT&T number (including landline service) during this time would show up as part of these records. Customer names and other personal information is not part of the data, but it is often not difficult to associate a name with a phone number. The company says it has secured the access point and will contact all affected customers. You can visit att.com/dataincident for more information, including a link for customers to check if their account was affected. iPhone

Macworld 13 Jul 2024 12:09 am

Much of Neanderthal genetic diversity came from modern humans

Neanderthals' low diversity means their population was even smaller than we thought.

Ars Technica 13 Jul 2024 12:04 am

Experiment finds AI boosts creativity individually but lowers it collectively

A new study examines whether AI could be an automated helpmeet in creative tasks, with mixed results: it appeared to help less naturally creative people write more original stories but dampened the creativity of the group as a whole. Its a trade-off that may be increasingly common as AI tools impinge on creative endeavors. [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 11:38 pm

HeadSpin, whose founder is in prison for fraud, sold to PE firm in fire sale, sources say

In total, HeadSpin raised $117 million since its 2015 inception and was last valued at $1.1 billion in 2020. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 11:33 pm

Ooni flash sale includes 20 percent off Karu and Koda pizza ovens

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner so summer deal season is in full swing, including on some manufacturers' own storefronts. Ooni is running a flash sale at the minute and the company has slashed 20 percent off the price of some of its pizza ovens, including the Karu 12 and Koda 12. The Karu 12 has dropped to $239 , which is $60 off the regular price. The Koda 12, meanwhile, is $80 off at $319 . The sale runs until July 17. Ooni makes some of our picks for the best pizza ovens . While we generally recommend larger models, there's no harm in going for the Karu 12 or Koda 12 if you prefer to make smaller pies or want a more compact model for camping trips . The Karu is a multi-fuel oven that uses your choice of wood, charcoal or gas to cook pizzas. Bear in mind that you'll need to purchase a gas burner separately if you prefer that fuel. The Karu 12 doesn't come with a peel either, unfortunately. Ooni says the Karu 12 can reach temperatures of up to 950F or 500C and that it can hit the optimal baking temperature of 850F or 450C in just 15 minutes. From there, it'll take just 60 seconds to cook a pie. Along with baking pizzas, you can bake, roast and sear in the Karu 12. You can control the temperature by adjusting the airflow on the chimney. The oven weighs 26.lbs (12kg). As for the Koda 12, that's a gas-powered model that comes with a regulator and hose to hook up to your propane tank (you'll still need to buy a peel separately though). It's also more compact than the Karu 12, as it weighs 20.4lbs (9.25kg). Follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter for the latest tech deals and buying advice. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/ooni-flash-sale-includes-20-percent-off-karu-and-koda-pizza-ovens-180029123.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 11:30 pm

Samsung Galaxy Ring Is the Ultimate Rival To The Oura Ring

With the i ntroduction of the Galaxy Ring at Unpacked, Samsung jumped on the smart ring bandwagon, a market currently dominated by Oura. Boasting a sleek 7 mm wide concave design , the Galaxy Ring weighs between 2.3 grams to 3 grams , depending on the size, and is a mere 2.6 mm thick . It offers nine size options, from 5 to 13, and Samsung provides a sizing kit to ensure customers order the right fit. We expect good durability, thanks to the titanium finish, 10ATM water resistance, and IP68 certification . According to Samsung, the inboard 18 to 23.5 mAh battery delivers 6 to 7 days of battery life, depending on the size . The stylish transparent charging case has LED lighting to indicate the charging status. The Galaxy Ring, priced at $399.99, is available in three colors: Titanium Gold, Titanium Silver, and Titanium Black. Thanks to Isa Does Tech for the photos check her video hands-on of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, Z Fold6, and Z Flip6 here The smart ring, equipped with an optical PPG sensor, a skin temperature sensor, and an accelerometer , tracks sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), menstrual cycle, and activity. The primary advantage of smart rings is their comfort , making them ideal for sleep tracking compared to smartwatches. Additionally, using a smart ring for sleep tracking will allow me to recharge my smartwatch every night, which is necessary for advanced intelligent watches that deliver only one to two days of battery life. Healthcare professionals know that a pulse oximeter sensor at the tip of the index finger provides the best accuracy. When placed on the index finger, the PPG sensor provides more accurate heart rate and blood oxygen data tracking than other fingers and performs even better than wrist-worn sensors. That is why Samsung recommends wearing it on the index finger. A smart ring packed with AI-driven wellness features The Samsung Health app provides a Sleep Score based on a comprehensive sleep analysis and an advanced sleep AI algorithm that includes new metrics such as movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart rate, and respiratory rate. The Cycle Tracking feature monitors the menstrual cycle through overnight skin temperature tracking. Samsung introduced its new AI-powered Energy Score , which is only available on the most recent health-tracking devices in the Galaxy ecosystem, including the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra . This score is based on Samsungs proprietary algorithm that evaluates users physical conditions using four key datasets: sleep, activity, sleeping heart rate, and sleeping heart rate variability . The new Energy Score will not be available on Galaxy Watches older than the Galaxy Watch 4. The Energy Score will not be available on non-Galaxy phones. The Galaxy Ring acts merely as a passive wearable sensor since all notifications are managed by the Samsung Health app on the users Android phone, with no vibration or LED lighting happening on the ring. With Wellness Tips , the Samsung Health app displays personalized messages to help enhance the users well-being. Comprehensive data and individual interests drive these Galaxy AI-powered tips. Heart Rate Alert provides instant notifications about unusually high or low heart rates in real-time via the Samsung Health app. The Live Heart Rate Check feature offers detailed information about the heart rate, including beats per minute, start time, and duration. The Auto Workout Detection feature automatically detects walking and running, and Inactive Alert sends daily fitness reminders. Galaxy Ring vs. Oura Ring The Galaxy Ring competes with the Oura Ring, the current leader in the intelligent ring market. I have listed a few differences between the rival devices. The Oura Ring is available in two design styles, Heritage and Horizo n, and up to six finishes, depending on the style chosen: brushed titanium, gold, stealth (matte black), silver, rose gold, or black. The Oura Ring Gen3 s tarts at $299 for the Heritage model in silver and black versions and goes up to $499 for the Horizon model in Rose Gold; the regular Horizon in silver or black costs $349 . Samsung provides a transparent portable charging cradle, similar to an earbuds case, which is more convenient than Ouras charging dock. Each device provides custom wellness scores ; both have a Sleep Score , Oura offers a Readiness Score and an Activity Score , and Samsung has an Energy Score that looks equivalent to Ouras Readiness Score. Samsung sends Wellness tips , while Oura has insight messages . Regarding automatic detection, Oura detects 40+ activities and workouts, while Samsung only delivers automatic detection for walking and running. Since the Galaxy Watch 6, 7, and Ultra can automatically detect much more activities, I am convinced that Samsung will ramp up on that side. I need to test both devices more in-depth to provide a better evaluation of the feature set provided by each brands software. A unique feature of the Galaxy Ring is the double pinch gesture, which allows you to control the camera or the alarm of a compatible Samsung Galaxy phone, such as the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 . Both companies offer the ability to find their ring via an app, but Find My Ring requires Samsung Find installed on a Galaxy phone. Oura provides the feature for iOS but has yet to release it for Android. Android users can use a third-party app to find their Oura. Samsung Galaxy Ring does not require a subscription to access the data it collects and the health and wellness features provided by the Samsung Health app. On the other hand, Oura users have to pay a $5.99 monthly subscription to access sleep analysis, heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring, blood oxygen sensing (SpO2), cycle sensing, stress measurements and insights, and the activity monitoring dashboard. Samsung Galaxy Ring Is the Ultimate Rival To The Oura Ring , original content from Ubergizmo . Read our Copyrights and terms of use .

Ubergizmo 12 Jul 2024 11:27 pm

New Senate bill seeks to protect artists and journalists content from AI use

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced a new bill that seeks to protect artists, songwriters, and journalists from having their content used to train AI models or generate AI content without their consent. The bill, called the Content Origin Protection and Integrity from Edited and Deepfaked Media Act (COPIED Act), also seeks to make [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 11:22 pm

A new spacesuit design can recycle astronauts urine into purified, drinkable water

The life of an astronaut may sound like a glamorous career but it requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. They have to spend weeks or even months at a time away from Earth, their loved ones and the warm embrace of gravity. They have to endure an endless stream of Tang jokes. Sometimes they even have to drink recycled wastewater. We say sometimes because not every drop of astronaut urine is recycled into palatable water. The urine they expel into their spacesuits is simply flushed away or discarded when they return to the spacecraft. A new space suit designed by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell University inspired by Frank Herberts Dune novels could make spacewalks longer and less disgusting by recycling their expelled urine in a special filtration backpack. The research and design teams from both schools published a paper of their findings in the scientific journal Frontiers . These suits are referred to as stillsuits in the Dune universe and can capture moisture to recycle it into drinkable water as soldiers trek and battle across the barren desert world of Arrakis. The real-life, proposed stillsuits do roughly the same thing. The new stillsuits have a vacuum-based external catheter leading to a combined forward-reverse osmosis unit that astronauts carry on their back, says the studys lead author and research staff member Sofia Etlin in a press release . Karen Morales The suits were designed with future NASA space missions in mind including the Artemis II and Artemis III missions that will orbit the moon and touch down on its south pole in the next two years. NASA and Axiom Space have already approved a spacesuit design for its moon missions but it looks like this new filtration system could be added to them. The stillsuits can also be used for the manned Mars space mission in the early 2030s. The stillsuits will not only quench the astronauts thirst during spacewalks but it will also make them more hygienic. The traditional NASA spacesuit design thats been in circulation since the 1970s only comes with a superabsorbent polymer to catch astronauts urine. That means pretty much every astronaut whos gone on a space or moon walk has peed in their space pants. This outdated waste system has also led to hygiene and medical issues for astronauts like urinary tract infections (UTIs) and gastrointestinal problems. Thats why youve never seen Paul Atreides struggling with diverticulitis. NASA hasnt officially adopted Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Universitys new spacesuit design for any of its upcoming space missions. We imagine that wed urge NASA to fasttrack it if we had been on the International Space Station and ever had to endure a long spacewalk after drinking too much Tang. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/a-new-spacesuit-design-can-recycle-astronauts-urine-into-purified-drinkable-water-175235587.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 11:22 pm

Nulaxys new Air Bluetooth transmitter connects a pair of AirPods to in-flight audio systems at just $20

As part of its early Prime Day deals, the official Nulaxy Amazon storefront is now offering its new Air in-Flight Bluetooth Transmitter down at $19.99 with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $35. Be sure to clip the on-page coupon . This model first landed on Amazon in late June at $35 before quickly dropping down to $28 and now even lower to the best price we can find.I think its safe to say we have all been stuck on flights without the right adapter to plug into the in-flight sound system (or other situations where you need a hardwired 3.5mm connection), and this Nulaxy transmitter is here to help the cause at a particularly affordable price. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 11:19 pm

The Sweeping Danger of the AT&T Phone Records Breach

Telecom giant AT&T says a major data breach has exposed the call and text records of nearly all of its customers, epitomizing the dire state of data security.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 11:14 pm

Joby Aviations Hydrogen-Electric Air Taxi Completes 523-Mile Test Flight

Joby Aviation has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing a 523-mile test flight of its hydrogen-electric air taxi at its Marina, California facility. The flight, powered by liquid hydrogen, was conducted on June 24th, 2024, and resulted in water as the only emission. The aircraft landed with over ten percent of its hydrogen fuel remaining, marking a crucial step towards regional flights in the US with zero emissions other than water. Joby Aviations founder and CEO, JoeBen Bevirt , envisions a future where Americans can travel between cities like San Francisco to San Diego, Boston to Baltimore, or Nashville to New Orleans without needing traditional airports. The hydrogen-electric eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft produces minimal noise and no emissions apart from water . For the test, Joby converted a pre-production prototype battery-electric aircraft, equipping it with a liquid hydrogen fuel tank and fuel cell system . The company aims to begin commercial operations by 2025, initially with its battery-electric air taxi, followed by the hydrogen-powered version. The hydrogen-electric air taxi is equipped with six electric propulsion units that power its tilting propellers and charge the flight control system. While the batteries provide additional power for takeoff and landing, the liquid hydrogen was the primary energy source for the majority of the flight. As we have explained before in the MACA Carcopter article , liquid hydrogen, which has over three times the energy density of gasoline, is ideal for weight-sensitive applications like aviation (remember weve also seen other very interesting projects exploring similar tech, like Hyundais Supernal-SA2 , V-Spaces V Speeder-X and even ASKAs ASKA A5 ). The Joby Aviation aircraft featured a v acuum-jacketed tank capable of storing up to 40 kilos of hydrogen , designed to maintain the hydrogen at approximately -423 degrees Fahrenheit (-252.78 C). During the flight, the H2F-175 fuel cell system, developed by H2FLY (a subsidiary of Joby Aviation), converted hydrogen into electricity by combining it with oxygen from the air, producing water and heat in the process. This electricity powered the aircrafts motors and recharged its batteries. Joby Aviation plans to leverage the design, testing, and certification work from its battery-electric aircraft for the hydrogen-electric variant. The company also expects to use the same landing pads, operations team, and ElevateOS softwar e for both types of aircraft, aiming to launch commercial flights in 2025 . Joby Aviations Hydrogen-Electric Air Taxi Completes 523-Mile Test Flight , original content from Ubergizmo . Read our Copyrights and terms of use .

Ubergizmo 12 Jul 2024 11:10 pm

Lenovos new 2-in-1 IdeaPad 5 touchscreen laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 8845HS hits $585 low ($280 off)

We are now tracking a deal at Lenovo that drops its new IdeaPad 5 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop to $584.99 shipped when you enter promo codes JULYDEALS and BUYMORELENOVO at checkout. This is the first deal were tracking for this laptop that serves an impressive 30% or $280 discount, dropping it from its usual $865 price. The same laptop is currently seeing a lighter discount on Walmart at $670 . more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 11:05 pm

From Ethan Choi to Spencer Peterson, venture capitalists continue to play musical chairs

When Keith Rabois announced he was leaving Founders Fund to return to Khosla Ventures in January, it came as a shock to many in the venture capital ecosystem and not just because Rabois is a big name in the industry. It was surprising because unlike in many other fields, venture capitalists dont traditionally move [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 10:50 pm

Apple Prime Day deals are here early with the M2 Macbook Air discounted to a new low of $799

Here's a juicy early Amazon Prime Day deal: you can snag the base, 13-inch M2 MacBook Air for only $799 right now. The laptop gleaned a $200 discount as part of Prime Day Apple deals, and the savings apply to all color options so you can score one in that beautiful Midnight finish. That's the price for the models without AppleCare+ you'll have to spend just under $1,000 if you want that add-on. This model isn't exactly top of the MacBook Air line anymore. It's been supplanted by the M3-powered MBA, which is now our pick for the best MacBook overall. But if you'd like to save some cash and still have a very capable Apple laptop to carry around, the M2 variant is our choice for the best budget MacBook this latest discount just makes it even easier to recommend . Engadget's Devindra Hardawar called the M2 Air a near-perfect Mac in his 2022 review and gave it a score of 96. One of the first things you'll notice is the 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, which can reach a commendable 500 nits of brightness and has a 60Hz refresh rate. The inclusion of a 1080p webcam is welcome, while the triple-mic array does a solid job of capturing your voice for your calls. The speakers are impressive too, especially for a laptop that's just 11.3 millimeters thin and weighs only 2.7 pounds. Despite that slender form factor, Apple has still kept fans of physical headphone jacks happy by retaining the 3.5mm port. There are two USB-C Thunderbolt ports and a MagSafe charging connector as well. You shouldn't have to worry too much if you leave your charger at home when you head to the office the M2 MacBook Air's battery should easily last for an entire workday unless you're carrying out very power-hungry work like video editing. The M2 MBA should handle everyday tasks with relative ease, and you'll be able to play a bunch of App Store and Steam games on it too (good luck doing anything else ever again if you install Balatro ). One of our main reservations with the base M2 Air is that there's only 8GB of memory. That doesn't seem quite enough these days and unfortunately, Apple charges a premium for RAM upgrades. Still, if you just want a MacBook Air that checks pretty much all the boxes most people will need for a few years, this is a great option. It's also worth noting that there are some cool features on the way when macOS Sequoia arrives later this year, including the ability to mirror your iPhone on your Mac and a new Passwords app. Apple Intelligence features are also coming to M1 and later Macs. Your Prime Day Shopping Guide : See all of our Prime Day coverage. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Yahoo Life. Follow Engadget for Prime Day tech deals . Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Amazon Prime Day deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Prime Day sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/apple-prime-day-deals-are-here-early-with-the-m2-macbook-air-discounted-to-a-new-low-of-799-140716416.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 10:46 pm

Government to devise policy framework for carbon capture, utilisation and storage

India's new CCUS policy, steered by the power ministry, emphasizes capturing CO2 for fertilisers and synthetic fuels. Ajay Kumar Sood, principal scientific adviser at PM-STIAC, called for CCUS adoption in key industries. The initiative includes a national portal, emission goals, a net-zero target by 2070, life-cycle assessments, standards, carbon market, and credits, all discussed by various ministries.

The Times of India 12 Jul 2024 10:45 pm

Six-Word Sci-Fi: Stories Written by You

Here's this month's prompt, how to submit, and an illustrated archive of past favorites.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 10:30 pm

Analogues latest limited-edition Pocket consoles are made out of aluminum

Analogue just announced a forthcoming limited edition of its popular retro Pocket console. This one boasts an exterior made entirely out of attractive machined aluminum. It looks pretty dang cool. It also costs $500, which is almost $300 more than the non-aluminum Analogue Pocket. Analogue promises that every single piece is entirely CNCd from aluminum. The company also says it will be available in highly limited quantities'' with orders going live on July 15 at 11AM ET. Past as prologue, these limited editions sell out quickly . If you want one, make sure to set a reminder or an alarm to join the queue, as Analogue says these consoles will never be sold again. They will be available in four anodized colors, including natural metal, indigo and black. Analogue Pocket - Aluminum Limited Editions. Available in highly limited quantities. Entirely CNC'd from aluminum. Every single piece. $499.99 On sale: July 15, 8am PDT. Shipping: July 17, 2024. See more info at: https://t.co/QrEZEq0631 pic.twitter.com/s23kMl2ANw Analogue (@analogue) July 12, 2024 Other than the aluminum exterior, which does look great, this is the exact same console thats been around since 2021. It allows people to play actual Game Boy cartridges and other carts, with the right adapters, on a handheld console with some modern flourishes. It typically costs $220, so you are paying a whole lot for aluminum. Its worth noting that rival companies like Retroid have also made metal versions of its consoles, but the markup has been minimal . Its also worth noting that these other metal consoles dont look nearly as cool as the aluminum Analogue Pocket. You get what you pay for, I guess. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/analogues-latest-limited-edition-pocket-consoles-are-made-out-of-aluminum-165808136.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 10:28 pm

$500 aluminum version of the Analogue Pocket looks like the Game Boys final form

Other Pocket iterations have stuck to colorful (and cheaper) plastic.

Ars Technica 12 Jul 2024 10:25 pm

New app releases for Apple Vision Pro have fallen dramatically since launch

Apple struggles to attract content from developers for its $3,500 headset.

Ars Technica 12 Jul 2024 10:10 pm

Archers vision of an air taxi network could benefit from Southwest customer data

Archer Aviation and Southwest Airlines are teaming up to figure out what it will take to build out a network of electric air taxis at California airports. Southwests customer data is at the heart of it. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding Friday, which sets the foundation for Archer to tap Southwests customer [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 10:09 pm

Early Prime Day Apple deals mark down a four-pack of AirTags to a record low of $75

Now is a good time for iPhone users to invest in a tracker if you're constantly losing things like your keys or wallet don't worry, this is a safe space to admit it as I am too. Early Prime Day deals are upon us, and they include Prime Day Apple deals on things like AirTags. You can get a pack of four AirTags for a record low of $75 right now, down from $99. That's a 24 percent discount ahead of Amazon Prime Day . Apple's AirTags can pair with your iPhone or iPad and appear in the Find My app . The devices are about an inch and a quarter in length and width, with a battery that lasts about a year at a time. The device is also water and dust resistant, so you don't have to worry about it getting too gross if it's on your dog's collar, for instance. Plus, newer iPhone models utilize ultra-wideband technology to give you detailed instructions when locating one. Unfortunately, you'll still need to get a holder if you want to attach an AirTag anywhere, but we have you covered with our guide to the best Apple AirTag accessories for 2024 . If you only need one or two AirTags , head over to the sale on individual ones. Right now, you can pick up one AirTag for $24, down from $29 a 17 percent discount. This deal is also a record-low price, with you technically able to get three for less than the four-pack (though for another $3, it might be worth getting an extra one). Your Prime Day Shopping Guide : See all of our Prime Day coverage. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Yahoo Life. Follow Engadget for Prime Day tech deals . Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Amazon Prime Day deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Prime Day sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/early-prime-day-apple-deals-mark-down-a-four-pack-of-airtags-to-a-record-low-of-75-143919587.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 10:09 pm

This deeply discounted 100W Anker charging station can quickly handle seven devices at once

Macworld Theres nothing better for productivity than a clean and tidy desk, so getting the Anker 100W Charging Station simply makes sense, especially as Prime members can snatch it for $50.39 at Amazon . Considering its MSRP is $80, thats nearly $30 off for a fantastic 7-in-1 charging station. This versatile device isnt just about power; its about convenience and keeping a tiny desk. The Anker charging station features four USB ports and three AC outlets, which means it can charge up to seven devices simultaneously. Basically, you can plug in your iPhone, tablet, and MacBook without issue and, more importantly, without adding in a gazillion chargers on the desk. One of the standout features of this Anker station is its 100W full-speed charging capability. Imagine charging your MacBook Pro to 50 percent in just half an hour. So go ahead and place your order as soon as possible to snatch the Anker 100W Charging Station for $50.39 at Amazon . Remember that this deal requires an Amazon Prime subscription. If you havent signed up yet, you can get a 30-day free trial ($14.99/month after). Since Amazons big Prime Day event kicks off July 16th, youll get to enjoy those amazing deals, too. Instead of wasting time on Amazon, you can always check back with MacWorld since well be covering all the deals that are worth your attention. The Anker 100W Charging Station is $30 off Get it at Amazon Mobile Phone Chargers

Macworld 12 Jul 2024 10:08 pm

Cruise up to 40 miles on the Segway Ninebot F65 electric kick scooter for return 1-day $600 low (Reg. $900)

Courtesy of its Deals of the Day , Best Buy is offering the Segway Ninebot F65 Electric Kick Scooter for $599.99 shipped . Normally going for $900, this scooter has seen very few discounts since the new year began following in the footsteps of 2023 which only saw four in the entire year. Weve seen the price drop for short-lived periods often similar one-day deals to either $650 or to the $600 low. Todays deal continues the trend as a 33% markdown that gives you $300 in savings and returns costs to the all-time lowest price we have tracked. It even beats out Segways website where it is still listed at its MSRP. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 10:05 pm

Wikipedias mobile website finally gets a dark mode heres how to turn it on

If you visited the Wikipedia website on mobile this week, you might have seen a pop-up indicating that dark mode is ready for prime time. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 9:42 pm

What the AT&T phone records data breach means for you

The giant U.S. telco lost the information of around 110 million customers. Heres what you need to know. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 9:32 pm

The best early Prime Day deals on tech available now from Apple, Bose, Samsung and more

Amazon Prime Day 2024 is almost here, so you still have time to sign up for a free trial of Prime before the shopping event begins. However, in typical Amazon fashion, early Prime Day deals have been popping up for the past week and we continue to see new additions almost every day. The online retailer has gotten into the habit of teasing early Prime Day deals leading up to the big event, with most of them being available exclusively to Prime members. However, there are always some good Prime Day tech deals available to everyone at the same time. Weve collected the best early Prime Day deals here so you dont have to go searching for them. Well be updating this post regularly, so check back to see the latest discounts. As a reminder (and for the uninitiated): Engadget treats tech deals with the same care as we would regular tech news. When we scour the web for deals, were looking not only for the best prices possible, but also the best products as well. Our goal with our deals coverage, especially surrounding events like Amazon Prime Day, is to surface only the best deals we can find on the gadgets weve tested and rated highly, or that weve used and know to be worth your money. Best early Prime Day deals: Engadget top picks Best early Prime Day deals: Apple Best early Prime Day deals: Amazon Best early Prime Day deals: Anker Best early Prime Day tech deals Amazon Prime Day FAQs When is Prime Day 2024? Amazon Prime Day 2024 lands on July 16 and 17 this year. The shopping event focuses on exclusive deals for Prime members, which means youll have to be a Prime subscriber on Prime Day to take advantage of most of the savings. Amazon still offers a 30-day free trial to new Prime subscribers, so you can start your free trial now to participate in the event. Is Prime Day the same days every year? No, but Prime Day usually happens during the summertime in the United States. In recent years, Amazon has held a second sale event in the fall as well, dubbed October Prime Day , which is similar to the summertime sale. Can anyone shop Amazon Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day focuses on exclusive deals available only to Prime members. However, if you dont pay for Prime and have no intention of doing so, you should still check out Amazon on Prime Day for sales that are available to all shoppers there are always a few of them. Your Prime Day Shopping Guide : See all of our Prime Day coverage. Shop the best Prime Day deals on Yahoo Life. Follow Engadget for Prime Day tech deals . Hear from Autoblogs experts on the best Amazon Prime Day deals for your car, garage, and home, and find Prime Day sales to shop on AOL, handpicked just for you. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-best-early-prime-day-deals-on-tech-available-now-from-apple-bose-samsung-and-more-110027597.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 9:30 pm

Massive AT&T data breach impacted nearly every single customer

AT&T just confirmed a massive data breach in 2022 that impacted nearly all of its customers, according to a statement provided by TechCrunch . The company had over 110 million wireless subscribers in 2022 so, yeah, this is kind of a big deal. The data breach allowed hackers to steal phone numbers, text data and phone records from these people which, once again, comprises nearly the entire customer base, myself included. AT&T says it will begin notifying consumers about the breach in the near future, committing to informing the 110 impacted million customers. The breach occurred during a six-month period from May 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022, though it looks like some data kept getting stolen up until January 2, 2023. This latter breach impacts a smaller, though unspecified, number of consumers. Now, before you start worrying about that embarrassing text you sent an ex back in 2022, AT&T says the breach does not contain the content of calls or texts. However, it does include the phone numbers that an account interacted with, as well as a complete count of a customers calls, texts and call durations, otherwise known as metadata. The time and date of the calls or texts were not included in the hack, according to AT&T. However, the breach did include cell site identification numbers, which could potentially allow for the triangulation of users' locations, wrote Javvad Malik, a representative from cybersecurity awareness firm KnowBe4 , in a statement to Engadget. Malik also painted a grim picture of what could be done with the stolen metadata, writing that it can paint a detailed picture of an individual's daily life, habits, and associations, making it a valuable asset for those with malicious intent. AT&T has published a website with information for customers about the breach and has disclosed the hack in a regulatory filing issued before the market opened on Friday, July 12. The company says it learned of the issue on April 19 and that it has nothing to do with a previous security incident from March , in which customer data was published on the dark web. So how did this happen? AT&T places the blame on its cloud data partner Snowflake, saying that the compromise occurred after hacks targeted its business customers. Snowflake allows corporate customers to store large amounts of customer data in the cloud for the purpose of analysis. AT&T hasnt stated any reason as to why it would want to analyze massive amounts of customer data or why it would store this data with Snowflake. A company representative declined to provide further information to TechCrunch . One thing is certain. AT&T isnt the only company recently burned by a Snowflake hack. Other impacted companies include Ticketmaster and QuoteWizard, among more than 160 others. Snowflake, for its part, has shifted the blame back to AT&T and the others, saying that each organization didnt use multi-factor authentication to secure their accounts. So, all 160+ companies forgot to turn on multi-factor authentication? Youd think something like that would be mandatory when dealing with massive amounts of customer data but, well, I guess not. The breach has been tracked back to an uncategorized cybercriminal group known only as UNC5537, according to cybersecurity incident response firm Mandiant . That company suggests financial motivations behind the hack. Despite the breach, AT&T says that the stolen data isnt publicly available at this time. Its currently working with law enforcement and says that at least one person has been apprehended. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/massive-att-data-breach-impacted-nearly-every-single-customer-155346341.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 9:23 pm

Keep your yards edges straight and clean with Worxs 7.5-inch 12A lawn edger/trencher at $100 for today only (Reg. $130)

As part of its Deals of the Day , Best Buy is offering the Worx 12A 7.5-inch Lawn Edger/Trencher for $99.99 shipped , through the rest of the day. Down from its $130 price tag, weve tracked six discounts so far in 2024, starting at $97 in February, followed by three different short-lived periods at $99, one fall to the 2024 $94 low, and the most recent $100 one-day sale only a few weeks ago. Todays deal comes in to repeat these most recent savings as a 23% markdown that lands it back at the fourth-lowest price we have seen even beating out Amazons current pricing, which is an uncommon occurrence. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 9:22 pm

Marshalls Stanmore III wireless Bluetooth speaker is down to $300 on Amazon (All-time low)

A limited time deal on Amazon has knocked Marshalls Stanmore III wireless Bluetooth speaker down to $299.99 shipped. This Bluetooth speaker has only seen a couple of discounts this year, dropping down to $350 from its usual price of $380. Todays discount on both black and cream variants, however, drops them to the lowest price we can find, making it one of the best times to bring them home. B&H is also matching the discounted price for both colorways. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 9:19 pm

The first Olympic Esports Games will take place in Saudi Arabia in 2025

The International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) has announced that the inaugural edition of the Olympic Esports Games will take place in Saudi Arabia in 2025 as part of a 12-year partnership with the country's National Olympic Committee. The host city, venue(s) and dates are yet to be determined as are the games that will be included and the qualification process for each. The IOC says that international federations and national Olympic committees that are already involved in a digital version of their sport and esports in general will be its first options for partners. The organization took a similar approach to a trial event that took place last year , which saw players compete in the likes of Gran Turismo, Fortnite , Just Dance, Zwift and even mobile games barely anyone had ever heard of. That said, the IOC may be looking to bring other legitimately popular esports into the fold. According to L'Equipe , the organization is in talks with the publishers of Rocket League , Street Fighter and the biggest esport of all, League of Legends , to include those games. The Olympic Esports Games may take place every two years, with South Korea and the US said to be in discussions to host future installments. The IOC had been mulling for years whether to run an official esports event under its banner, and the organization is finally going for it. However, opting for Saudi Arabia as the inaugural Olympic Esports Games host is a contentious choice given the country's dismal human rights record . The nation has been using entertainment , sports and esports in an attempt to clean up its image. It's been plowing billions of dollars into esports and gaming companies , forging partnerships with publishers to run the pro circuits for certain games and hosting the Esports World Cup, which is currently taking place with a $60 million prize pool. A state-funded company now owns 40 percent of the esports market, according to a New York Times report . This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-first-olympic-esports-games-will-take-place-in-saudi-arabia-in-2025-154637804.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 9:16 pm

Amazon offers the Under Armour Hustle Sport Backpack for $34 Prime shipped (Reg. $45)

Amazon is currently offering the Under Armour Hustle Sport Backpack thats currently marked down to $34 Prime shipped . This is the lowest price we have tracked on Amazon since early January, and its regularly priced at $45. It would be a phenomenal option for back to school and it has padded shoulder pads to help promote comfort while toting your gear. This backpack has a soft-lined 15-inch MacBook sleeve and multiple pockets for organization. Another great feature is that its water and stain-resistant, so it will stay looking nice throughout the year. Head below to find even more deals today. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:57 pm

Get a lifetime of Babbel language learning at its lowest price of the year: $140 (Reg. up to $599)

The ability to speak multiple languages is a powerful skill that opens doors to new opportunities, both personally and professionally. Whether youre looking to enhance your career prospects, prepare for international travel, or simply enjoy the cognitive benefits of learning a new language, Babbel offers a terrific solution. Get a lifetime subscription for just $139.97 (reg. $599) through July 17 today at 9to5Toys Specials. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:49 pm

The EU Is Coming for Xs Paid Blue Checks

Elon Musks paid blue-check system on X deceives users and can be abused by malicious actors, the European Union said today.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 8:44 pm

Apples M2 MacBook Air hits $799 Amazon all-time low in all colors (Orig. $1,199)

Update: As we expected, Amazon has now matched the Best Buy offer on the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air in all four color down at $799 shipped . This is a new Amazon all-time low with the rest of the details waiting for you down below. The M3 MacBook Air is here and is now on sale from $999, you can even score a wild deal on the M1 model at $649 as part of Walmarts big summer sale , but now its time to split the difference. Apples now previous-generation M2 iPad Air still delivers a ton of value, slated to receive macOS Sequoia this fall and compatibility with Apple Intelligence thereafter, and we are now tracking a particularly notable price on it. Best Buy has the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air in all four colorways down at $799 shipped . This is an originally $1,199 Apple laptop that now carries a regular price at $999. It is currently on sale for $899 at Amazon (although we might very well see a price match there at anytime) and is now $30 under the best price we have tracked at Amazon. It, as mentioned above, is also now $200 under the lowest price youll find on the new M3 model. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:38 pm

The best Chromebook you can buy in 2024

The Chromebook market has grown so much over the past few years that choosing the best Chromebook for you can be hard. The combination of years worth of software updates and manufacturers making laptops with more power, better build quality and long battery life means there are a ton of good Chrome OS machines that work well as everyday drivers. While Google did make things simpler last fall by introducing the Chromebook Plus initiative (more on that below), there are still multiple things to keep in mind when shopping for a new Chromebook. Ive been testing and reviewing Chromebooks for years and know what you should be looking for, and what you can expect out of these laptops in 2024. What is Chrome OS, and why would I use it over Windows? This is probably the number one question about Chromebooks. There are plenty of inexpensive Windows laptops on the market, so why bother with Chrome's operating system? Glad you asked. For me, the simple and clean nature of Chrome OS is a big selling point. Chrome OS is based on Googles Chrome browser, which means most of the programs you can run are web based. Theres no bloatware or unwanted apps to uninstall like you often get on Windows laptops, it boots up in seconds, and you can completely reset to factory settings almost as quickly. Of course, simplicity will also be a major drawback for some users. Not being able to install native software can be a dealbreaker if youre a video editor or software developer. But there are also plenty of people who do the majority of their work in a web browser. Google and its software partners are getting better every year at supporting more advanced features. For example, Google added video editing tools to the Google Photos app on Chromebooks it wont replace Adobe Premiere, but it should be handy for a lot of people. Similarly, Google and Adobe announced Photoshop on the web last year, something that brings much of the power of Adobes desktop apps to Chromebooks. Chromebooks can also run Android apps, which greatly expands the amount of software available. The quality varies widely, but it means you can do more with a Chromebook beyond just web-based apps. For example, you can install the Netflix app and save videos for offline watching. Other Android apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom are surprisingly capable as well. Between Android apps and a general improvement in web apps, Chromebooks are more than just portals to a browser. What do Chromebooks do well? Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget Put simply, web browsing and really anything web based. Online shopping, streaming music and video and using various social media sites are among the most common daily tasks people do on Chromebooks. As you might expect, they also work well with Google services like Photos, Docs, Gmail, Drive, Keep and so on. Yes, any computer that can run Chrome can do that too, but the lightweight nature of Google Chrome OS makes it a responsive and stable platform. As I mentioned before, Chrome OS can run Android apps, so if youre an Android user youll find some nice ties between the platforms. You can get most of the same apps that are on your phone on a Chromebook and keep info in sync between them. You can also use some Android phones as a security key for your Chromebook or instantly tether your laptop to use mobile data. Google continues to tout security as a major differentiator for Chromebooks, and its definitely a factor worth considering. Auto-updates are the first lines of defense: Chrome OS updates download quickly in the background and a fast reboot is all it takes to install the latest version. Google says that each webpage and app on a Chromebook runs in its own sandbox as well, so any security threats are contained to that individual app. Finally, Chrome OS has a self-check called Verified Boot that runs every time a device starts up. Beyond all this, the simple fact that you generally cant install traditional apps on a Chromebook means there are fewer ways for bad actors to access the system. If youre interested in Googles Gemini AI tools, a Chromebook is a good option as well. Every Chromebook in our top picks comes with a full year of the Google One AI Premium plan this combines the usual Google One perks like 2TB of storage and 10 percent back in purchases from the Google Store with a bunch of AI tools. Youll get access to Gemini in Gmail, Docs and other apps, Gemini Advanced (which runs on the 1.5 Pro model) and more. Given that this plan is $20/month, its a pretty solid perk. Chromebook Plus models also include tools like the AI-powered help me write, the Google Photos Magic Editor and generative AI backgrounds you can create by filling in a few prompts. As for when to avoid Chromebooks, the answer is simple: If you rely heavily on a specific native application for Windows or a Mac, chances are you wont find the exact same option on a ChromeOS device. Thats most true in fields like photo and video editing, but it can also be the case in law or finance. Plenty of businesses run on Googles G suite software, but more still have specific requirements that a Chromebook might not match. If youre an iPhone user, youll also miss out on the way the iPhone easily integrates with an iPad or Mac. For me, the big downside is not being able to access iMessage on a Chromebook. Finally, gaming Chromebooks are not ubiquitous, although theyre becoming a slightly more reasonable option with the rise of cloud gaming. In late 2022, Google and some hardware partners announced a push to make Chromebooks with cloud gaming in mind. From a hardware perspective, that means laptops with bigger screens that have higher refresh rates as well as optimizing those laptops to work with services like NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Game Pass and Amazon Luna. Youll obviously need an internet connection to use these services, but the good news is that playing modern games on a Chromebook isnt impossible. You can also install Android games from the Google Play Store, but thats not what most people are thinking of when they want to game on a laptop. What are the most important specs for a Chromebook? Photo by Nathan Ingraham / Engadget Chrome OS is lightweight and runs well on fairly modest hardware, so the most important thing to look for might not be processor power or storage space. But Google made it easier to get consistent specs and performance late last year when it introduced the Chromebook Plus initiative . Any device with a Chromebook Plus designation meets some minimum requirements, which happen to be very similar to what Id recommend most people get if theyre looking for a laptop they can use every day. Chromebook Plus models have at least a 12th-gen Intel Core i3 processor, or an AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series processor, both of which should be more than enough for most people. These laptops also have a minimum of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which should do the trick unless youre really pushing your Chromebook. All Chromebook Plus models have to have a 1080p webcam, which is nice in these days of constant video calling, and they also all have to have at least a 1080p IPS screen. Of course, you can get higher specs or better screens if you desire, but Ive found that basically everything included in the Chromebook Plus target specs makes for a very good experience. Google has an Auto Update policy for Chromebooks as well, and while thats not exactly a spec, its worth checking before you buy. Last year, Google announced that Chromebooks would get software updates and support for an impressive 10 years after their release date. This support page lists the Auto Update expiration date for virtually every Chromebook ever, but a good rule of thumb is to buy the newest machine you can to maximize your support. How much should I spend? Chromebooks started out notoriously cheap, with list prices often coming in under $300. But as theyve gone more mainstream, theyve transitioned from being essentially modern netbooks to the kind of laptop youll want to use all day. As such, prices have increased: At this point, you should expect to spend at least $400 if you want a solid daily driver. There are still many budget options out there that may be suitable as secondary devices, but Chromebooks that can be all-day, every-day laptops will cost more. But, notably, even the best Chromebooks usually cost less than the best Windows laptops , or even the best regular laptops out there. There are plenty of premium Chromebooks that approach or even exceed $1,000, but I dont recommend spending that much. Generally, thatll get you a better design with more premium materials, as well as more powerful internals and extra storage space. Of course, you also sometimes pay for the brand name. But, the specs I outlined earlier are usually enough. See Also: Best Laptops for 2024 Best Gaming Laptops Best 2-in-1 Laptops for 2024 Best Cheap Windows Laptops Best Laptops for College Students Best Chromebooks in 2024 This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/best-chromebooks-160054646.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 8:31 pm

Clevetura CLVX 1 Review: I Love This Keyboard-Touchpad Hybrid

I was skeptical a keyboard that doubles as a touchpad could be anything but frustrating. Now Im not sure I can live without it.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 8:30 pm

Cultivate your favorite veggies, herbs, or flowers with AeroGardens Harvest indoor hydroponic system at $80 (Save $34)

Update: Amazon has dropped the price further to $79.50 shipped. Amazon is offering the AeroGarden Harvest Hydroponic Indoor Garden with an included Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit for $81.53 shipped. Down from $114, after already falling from its $150 MSRP, since the new year began weve been seeing this model bouncing around between $80 and $120, with occasional rises back to its MSRP. It kept towards the lower end of this price range for the first three months of 2024, with the price rising back up to higher rates once April rolled around and not falling more than a few dollars at a time since then. Todays deal comes in as a solid $32 markdown ($68 off its MSRP) after this stagnant 3-month period and drops costs among the lowest prices we have seen only $13 above the Amazon all-time low. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:29 pm

Ankers new 20,000mAh power bank with built-in USB-C cable delivers up to 87W of juice at the $48 low

As part of its early Prime Day deals, the official Anker Amazon storefront is now offering its new 20,000mAh 87W Power Bank down at $47.99 shipped . Be sure to clip the on-page coupon to redeem the lowest possible price. Regularly $60, this model first landed on Amazon and couple months back and has only seen a few light price drops ever since. Todays discount lands at a solid 20% off to undercut the previous deal by a couple bucks and match the best we have tracked. All things considered, for a relatively new power bank release that delivers 87W of power and carries a 20,000mAh battery (double your standard 10K models), this is an affordable price tag. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:28 pm

Kasas outdoor smart plug for your backyard is down to just $16 today (36% off)

As a part of its early Prime Day deals, Amazon is now offering the Kasa outdoor smart plug at $15.99 once you clip the on-page $6 coupon . Shipping is free for Prime members or in orders over $35. This particular smart outdoor plug has been fetching close to $20 this year, and todays discounted price matches the lowest we can find. The Matter-compatible variant of the same smart plug is also seeing a lighter discount on Amazon at $20.49 (Reg. $25). more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:24 pm

EcoFlow 24-hour flash sale gives you a free trolley while taking 36% off power station units starting at $1,299

As part of its ongoing Prime Day sale , EcoFlow has launched its next 24-hour flash sale that is taking up to 36% off two offered power station deals while supplies last one direct from the site, the other through EcoFlows Amazon storefront. The first of these deals is the DELTA Pro Ultra Portable Power Station for $4,999 shipped , with a free trolley being thrown in direct from the site. Normally going for $6,397, this particular unit has seen few discounts and even fewer direct from EcoFlow, with most coming through Amazon instead. It first dropped to $5,799 for two short periods in the first three months of 2024, followed by a drop to $5,199 in April and May, eventually shaving off another $100 and repeating in June. Todays deal comes in as a $1,099 markdown that lands it at the second-lowest price weve seen beaten out by the sudden deal the brand is offering through Amazon to the new all-time low of $4,799 shipped, though you wont be getting the free trolley to transport the power station like you do with the direct flash sale. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:23 pm

X is in hot water in the EU over blue checkmarks and ads

X is the latest notable tech company to land in trouble with the European Union . The European Commission , the blocs executive arm, has revealed the preliminary findings of an investigation. It claims that X has violated the Digital Services Act (DSA) in a number of ways. The platforms approach to paid verification has come into the EUs crosshairs. Officials say that the practice does not correspond to industry practice and deceives users. It added that, since anyone can pay to get a blue checkmark, its difficult for folks to determine the authenticity of accounts (a browser extension can tell you which accounts are verified because of notability and which paid for a checkmark). The EU also said theres evidence of bad actors using checkmarks to hoodwink people. X's problems with verification stem back several years. But at least when it was known as Twitter, the blue check was a ( reasonably ) reliable form of assurance that an account was the real deal. Paid checkmarks, and the increase in visibility that Premium users get, seems to have led to an increase in scams and spam just as many predicted . Next up, the EU took issue with Xs alleged lack of advertising transparency. It claimed the company doesnt have a reliable, searchable ad repository that enables researchers to look into emerging risks brought about by the distribution of advertising online. In addition, the EU said X is violating the DSA by failing to give researchers sufficient access to public data. In particular, X prohibits eligible researchers from independently accessing its public data, such as by scraping, as stated in its terms of service, the bloc argued in a statement. In the EUs view, researchers are either dissuaded from carrying out projects or forced to pay disproportionately high fees to do so given the way that X has set up its application programming interfaces (APIs). Back in the day, Blue Checks used to mean trustworthy sources of information. Now with X, our preliminary view is that they deceive users and infringe the DSA, Thierry Breton, the EU's internal market commissioner, said in a statement. We also consider that Xs ads repository and conditions for data access by researchers are not in line with the DSA transparency requirements. X has now the right of defense but if our view is confirmed we will impose fines and require significant changes. If X is found guilty, it will face fines of up to six percent of its global annual revenue so we may get a sense of just how much money the now privately held company is making these days. The EU may also direct X to take steps to ensure compliance with the DSA and impose further periodic fines if the company does not do so. The EU hasn't been shy in taking tech companies to task under the DSA and its sibling legislation, the Digital Markets Act. Meta and Apple could both be on the hook for multibillion-dollar fines if preliminary findings of investigations hold up. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/x-is-in-hot-water-in-the-eu-over-blue-checkmarks-and-ads-145003468.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 8:20 pm

Its Shockingly Easy to Buy Off-Brand Ozempic Online, Even If You Dont Need It

Weight-loss drugs like Ozempic are in shortage, and telehealth startups are selling compounded versions. A WIRED investigation looks at how easy it is to order these meds online.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 8:11 pm

Stow and protect your outdoor gear with this 6- by 8-foot canopy shed at just $93.50 (Reg. $130)

As part ofitsearly Prime Day deals,Amazon is now offering theGreesum 6- by 8-foot Canopy Shed for $93.59 shipped once the on-page 10% off coupon has been clipped . Having first hit Amazon in November of last year, this relatively new release started out at $135. Since then it has spent most of its time between $128 and $135, averaging out at around $130. Until now, the best price has been $120, so youre looking at not only a new all-time low, but also 28% off or more than $26 in savings when compared with its $130 going rate. Learn more about this canopy shed in our write-up below. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:09 pm

Earliest known ancestors of scorpions were tiny sea beasts

A local fossil collector in Morocco found the specimen decades ago.

Ars Technica 12 Jul 2024 8:05 pm

Score Samsungs fastest 128GB 200MB/s PRO Ultimate microSD card today at under $20

As part of its early Prime Day deals, Amazon is now offering the 128GB Samsung PRO Ultimate microSD Memory Card at $19.75 with free shipping for Prime members or in orders over $35. This model caries a regular price of $27 directly from Samsung where it is on sale for $22, and has fetched as much as $25 at Amazon this year. This model has gone for less in the past, but pricing has jumped up on microSD storage across 2024 and you are now looking at the second-best we have tracked all year, coming within less than $3 of the 2024 low. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 8:02 pm

Keep your kitchen knives in order with Joseph Josephs slim bamboo organizer at $22 low (Reg. $35)

As part ofitsearly Prime Day deals,Amazon is now offering theJoseph Joseph DrawerStore Kitchen Knife Organizer for $21.99 Prime shipped . Folks without a Prime membership can still score free shipping when they check out with at least $35 in their cart. This organizer from Joseph Joseph hit Amazons shelves back in February and has spent almost all of its time there priced at $35 or $42. It has only seen one price drop to $31, and todays deal beats that by $9. If we say that $35 is the going rate here, youre looking at 37% off, making this a superb time to invest in a tidier kitchen. Continue reading to learn about our favorite features. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:51 pm

New 2024 OnePlus Buds 3 with noise cancellation still down at $80 all-time low

After jumping back up to full price, the new 2024 OnePlus Buds 3 have now dropped down to $79.99 shipped via the official site. The regularly $100 buds debuted earlier this year, and you can now once again find the Splendid Blue and Metallic Grey models back down at the lowest price we have tracked since launch. While you will score $30 off these new buds with the purchase of a OnePlus 12 handset right now, todays offer is the lowest straight up cash discount we can find they are now sitting at the full $100 price tag on Amazon. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:47 pm

Todays best iOS game and app deals: Legend of Tianding, My Child Lebensborn, Omega 13

The weekend is inching closer now but we have one more batch of discounted iOS game and app deals to bring you before you the work week is out. It has been a busy week in Apple hardware deals, with the best prices of the year now live on AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max , not mention AirTags and more. This morning even saw all-time low pricing land on the most affordable 13-inch M2 iPad Air to join the second-best price ever on Apples current iPad 10 and Apple Pencil (USB-C) . but for now its all apps and highlights include The Legend of Tianding, My Child Lebensborn, Omega 13, and Adventure Pinball. Hit the jump for a closer look at everything. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:45 pm

The EU will start enforcing its new AI regulations on August 1

The European Union has published the full and final text for the EU AI Act in its Official Journal , as reported by TechCrunch . Since the new law will come into force 20 days after its publication, that means it will be enforceable starting on August 1. All its provisions will be fully applicable in two years' time, but some of them will be implemented much earlier than that. Six months from now, the bloc will start implementing bans on prohibited applications for AI, such as the use of social credit ranking systems , the collection and compilation of facial recognition information for databases, as well the use of real time emotion recognition systems in schools and workplaces. In nine months, the EU will start implementing codes of practice on AI developers. The EU AI Office established by the European Commission will work with consultancy firms to draft those codes. It also plans to work with companies that provide general-purpose models deemed to carry systemic risks. As TechCrunch notes, though, that raises concerns that the industry's biggest players will be able to shape the rules that are supposed to keep them in check. After a year, makers of general purpose AI models, such as ChatGPT, will have to comply with new transparency requirements and have to be able to demonstrate that their systems are safe and easily explainable to users. In addition to all those, the EU AI Act includes rules that apply to generative AI and manipulated media, such as making sure deepfakes and other AI-generated images, videos and audio are clearly labeled. Companies training their AI models will have to respect copyright laws, as well, unless their model is created purely for research and development. Rightsholders may choose to reserve their rights over their works or other subject matter to prevent text and data mining, unless this is done for the purposes of scientific research, the AI Act's text reads. Where the rights to opt out has been expressly reserved in an appropriate manner, providers of general-purpose AI models need to obtain an authorization from rightsholders if they want to carry out text and data mining over such works. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-eu-will-start-enforcing-its-new-ai-regulations-on-august-1-140037756.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 7:30 pm

Futureproof your charging experience with LISENs 240W 6.6-foot USB-C cable at $6 (Save 40%)

As part ofAmazons early Prime Day deals, the official LISEN storefront is now offering its 240W 6.6-foot USB-C Cable for $5.99 Prime shipped once the on-page 40% off coupon has been clipped . For comparison, this cable held at $10 and not waivered since May, confirming you are in fact taking 40% off. While it has sold for a couple of dollars less in the past, that was an extremely lucky deal that has only appeared a couple of times and lasted for about one day each time. Keep on reading to learn about this cables features and our favorite perks. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:30 pm

Fridays game deals: Princess Peach Showtime!, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 just $4, much more

Just after pre-orders went live on the new golden Switch Lite , alongside the ongoing Switch game sale at Target (down below), Amazon just dipped the price down on Princess Peach: Showtime! to $53.49 shipped. While the regularly $60 isnt seeing a massive price drop today or anything, deals on this one are hard to come by with todays Amazon price coming within a couple bucks of the lowest we have tracked since release outside of a couple very limited in-store offers and a launch deal at Woot. As you know from our hands-on impressions , this is a new take on Princess Peach experience altogether. It combines action adventure platforming with a series of stage-specific gameplay mechanics based around Peachs fun transformation abilities: Swordfighter Peach, Patisserie Peach, Kung Fu Peach, Detective Peach, and many more.Head below for the rest of todays best console game deals. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:27 pm

A Side Sleeper Tests and Reviews Popular Body Pillows (2024)

From the classic body pillow to unique shapes for optimal limb support, we tested a wide range of body pillows designed for side sleepers.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 7:21 pm

Amazon AI chatbot Rufus is now live for all U.S. customers

Amazons AI-powered shopping assistant, named Rufus, is now live for all U.S. customers in the Amazon mobile app, the retailer announced on Friday. The assistant, which lives on the bottom right of the apps main navigation bar, is designed to offer customers help with finding products, performing product comparisons, and getting recommendations on what to [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 7:12 pm

Your outdoor oasis awaits with this 4-piece chair and ottoman set at $110 low (Reg. $150)

As part ofitsearly Prime Day deals,Amazon is now offering theGreesum 4-piece Acacia Wood Chair with Ottoman Set for $109.99 shipped once the on-page $20 off coupon has been clipped . Typically sold for $150, youre looking at a substantial $40 drop. Another way to look at it is a 27% discount, which is the largest weve seen to date. In fact, $130 is the all-time low, making now a great time to outfit your patio, porch, or pool area with this affordable set. Learn more about this set and what we like most below. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 7:09 pm

NZXTs Relay wired gaming headset just plummeted by 50% to land at new $50 all-time low

We have spotted an excellent deal on Newegg that drops NZXTs Relay wired gaming headset to $49.99 shipped . This pair of headset spent most of the time fetching $100 this year, with just a few occasional drops to $60. This discounted price, however, is the lowest we can find, serving a solid 50% discount on its $100 listed price for the black and white variants. Amazon is matching the price for just the black variant right now. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 6:56 pm

More bad news for Elon Musk after X users legal challenge to shadowban prevails

If X continues to violate Europe's data protection rules, the company is on the hook for fines of up to 4,000 per day. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 6:45 pm

Prime members can upgrade to this standing desk for just $99 (Reg. $140, Amazon low)

As part ofAmazons early Prime Day deals, the official HUANUO storefront is now offering Prime members its48- by 24-inch Electric Standing Desk for $98.99 shipped once the on-page $20 off coupon has been clipped . The coupon stacks with a $21 Prime exclusive discount that leads to a total of $41 off its usual $140 price tag. Thats more than 29% off, making this a superb time to cash in. The best news of all is that todays offer ushers in a new all-time low that beats out the previous best by $20. Continue reading to learn about this desks features and what we like most. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 6:44 pm

Bag a great deal on Apple accessories this Prime Day

Macworld Apple doesnt just make Macs, iPhones, iPads, AirPods, HomePods and so on. The company also makes excellent accessories, including the Apple Pencil (a stylus for the iPad), Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and much more. These are all great products, but what if you dont want to pay full price? Luckily there are various resellers including Amazon that discount them at various points throughout the year. So if you want to buy an Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or one of the Smart Keyboards for the iPad, you have come to the right place. If you want to buy a new Apple keyboard, mouse, trackpad or any other peripheral, there are plenty of deals to be had all year round but, with Prime Day taking place from Tuesday 16 July to Wednesday 17 July, now is the time to grab the best bargains. Prime Day deals The best Prime Day deals tend to be exclusive for Prime members, so youll need to sign in with an active membership to purchase one of the deals. Prime memberships cost $139 / 95 / AUD$59 annually, or $14.99 / 8.99 / AUD$6.99 on a monthly basis. New users can sign up for a 30-day free trial that can be canceled at any time during the trial window. As well as access to sales prices, Prime members also get free two-day shipping and access to Prime Video and all the content available on that service. Best Prime Day deals for Apple accessories in the U.S. Amazon, Magic Keyboard with Touch ID & Numeric keypad: $108.47 ($20.53 off, MSRP $129) Amazon, Magic TrackPad : $109 ($19 off, MSRP $129 Amazon, Magic Mouse in white $68.49 ($10.51 off, MSRP $79) Amazon, Apple Pencil (1st gen): $79 ($20 off, MSRP $99) Amazon, Apple Pencil (2nd gen): $79 ($50 off, MSRP $129) Amazon, Apple Pencil (USB-C, 2023) $69 ($10 off, MSRP $79) Amazon, AirTags 4-pack: $74.98 ($24 off, MSRP $99) Amazon, AirTag: $23.99 ($5 off, MSRP $29) Best Prime Day deals for Apple accessories in the U.K. Amazon, Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID 133 (16 off, RRP 149). Amazon, Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID & Numeric Keypad 164.48 (14.52 off, RRP 179). Amazon, Apple Magic Keyboard (no-touch ID) 79.99 (19 off, RRP 99). Amazon, Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (no-touch ID) 116 (13 off, RRP 129). Amazon, Magic TrackPad 109 (20 off, RRP 129). Amazon, Magic Mouse in white 68.49 (10.51 off, RRP 79) Amazon, Pack of four Apple AirTags 94 (25 off, RRP 119). Amazon, Single AirTag 28 (7 off, RRP 35). Best Apple accessory deals right now You may find better prices from other resellers, take a look through the tables below to see the best price right now on products including the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, Magic TrackPad, Apple Pencil, and so on. Apple Magic Keyboard for Mac deals Want to get an Apple Magic Keyboard? The best deals on the various models are below. For other keyboard deals take a look at our Best Mac Keyboard roundup. Apple Magic Keyboard (with Touch ID) 2021 deals You no longer have to buy an M1 iMac if you want a Touch ID on the keyboard of your Apple desktop computer. You can buy an Apple Keyboard with Touch ID incorporated. You will need to have a M1 or later Mac to use the Touch ID feature though. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID costs $149 ( buy from Apple US ) and 149 ( Buy from Apple UK ) New Refurbished Retailer Price $108.47 View Deal $129 View Deal $129.99 View Deal $149 View Deal $149 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Magic Keyboard (2021) Wireless Silver QWERTY English (US) $97.12 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Keyboard (with Touch ID and numeric keypad) 2021 deals The price for the Touch ID keyboard with numeric keypad is $179 ( buy from Apple US ) and 179 ( buy from Apple UK ). Retailer Price $179 View Deal $179 View Deal $179.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Keyboard (without Touch ID, with numeric keypad) deals You can still buy the older Apple Magic Keyboard without Touch ID. The model with the numeric keypad costs $129 from Apple and 129 from Apple . Good deals from other resellers will appear below. New Refurbished Retailer Price $129 View Deal $129 View Deal $129 View Deal $129.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Product Price Magic Keyboard () Num Pad Wireless White QWERTY English (US) $90 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Keyboard (without numeric keypad) deals The non-Touch ID, non-numeric keypad version of the Magic Keyboard is still available. It costs $99 from Apple US and 99 from Apple UK. New Refurbished Retailer Price $99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Magic Keyboard (2021) Wireless Silver QWERTY English (US) $72.15 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic TrackPad deals Replace your mouse with a Magic TrackPad from Apple and take advantage of the extra gestures available. Find the best deals below. Apple Magic TrackPad (2021) deals In August 2021, Apple launched a new Magic TrackPad (which now has a white touch-sensitive surface rather than aluminum). Apple now includes a USB-C to Lightning cable with both products (previously it was a USB-A plug). If you have a Mac laptop you will be familiar with the trackpad that interprets various gestures and swipes to move around the desktop, zoom in and out of images, and turn pages. You can buy a separate Magic Trackpad to use with a desktop Mac (or a MacBook if you prefer). The Magic TrackPad costs $129 ( buy from Apple US ) and 129 ( buy from Apple UK ). Retailer Price $109.99 View Deal $109.99 View Deal $129 View Deal $129 View Deal $129 View Deal $129.99 View Deal $149 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic TrackPad (2021, black) deals Theres also a black version of the Magic Trackpad available. It usually costs $149 or 149. Retailer Price $139 View Deal $139.99 View Deal $139.99 View Deal $149 View Deal $149 View Deal $149.99 View Deal $169 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Mouse deals The Magic Mouse is now in its third generation. It is a multi-touch mouse that also responds to gestures, such as swipes on the top of its body. It is also possible to set up a Magic Mouse to respond to a right-click (although this isnt the default). Like the Magic Trackpad, the 2021 Magic Mouse now features a USB-C to Lightning cable (previously it had a USB-A plug). For more mouse deals take a look at our round-up of the best Mice for Mac . Apple Magic Mouse 2021 deals The 2021 Magic Mouse in white costs $79 ( buy from Apple US ) and 79 ( buy from Apple UK ). You can also get a black version of the Magic Mouse for $99 ( buy from Apple US ) and 99 ( buy from Apple UK ). New Refurbished Retailer Price $71.38 View Deal $79 View Deal $79 View Deal $79 View Deal $79.99 View Deal $79.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Magic mouse Wireless Silver $48.24 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Pencil deals Want a stylus to use with your iPad. Dont pay full price. Find the best deals on Apple Pencils below. Plus take a look at our round-up of the best iPad styluses. Apple Pencil Pro, 2024 Introduced in May 2024 the Apple Pencil Pro works with the M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air. It offers lots of features for the ultimate in creative control. It costs $129/129. Retailer Price $119 View Deal $129 View Deal $129 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Pencil (USB-C/3rd generation, 2023 model) Apples unofficially calling this the 3rd generation in some places, in others it refers to it as Apple Pencil USB-C. Its the new model that launched in 2023. It costs $79/79. New Refurbished Retailer Price $69 View Deal $69 View Deal $69.99 View Deal $79 View Deal $79 View Deal $79 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Apple Pencil (USB-C) 2018 $51.49 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Pencil (2nd generation) The second-generation Apple Pencil was announced in October 2018. It works with most new iPads, (aside from the 10.9- and 10.2-inch models). It costs $129/129 from Apple. New Refurbished Retailer Price $17.99 View Deal $114 View Deal $129 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Product Price Apple Pencil (2nd gen) 2018 $70 View Deal $74 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Pencil (1st generation) The first-generation Apple Pencil was announced back in September 2015, but its still on sale now as it still works with the 9th- and 10th-gen iPad models. It normally costs $99/99 from Apple. New Refurbished Retailer Price $17.99 View Deal $99 View Deal $99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Product Price Apple Pencil (1st gen) 2015 $95 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Best iPad keyboard Deals Turn your iPad into a laptop and get a good deal on one of Apples iPad keyboard case. Alternatively, take a look at our best iPad keyboard round-up. Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Apple introduced a new iPad Keyboard with the iPad Pro M4. It costs $299/299. Retailer Price $289 View Deal $289.99 View Deal $299 View Deal $299 View Deal $299 View Deal $299 View Deal Apple (13-inch iPad Pro, M4 model) $349 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Keyboard Foilo The Magic Keyboard Folio from Apple works with the 10th generation iPad and costs $249/249. New Refurbished Retailer Price $219.99 View Deal $239 View Deal $239 View Deal $249 View Deal $249 View Deal $249 View Deal $249 View Deal $249.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price iPad Magic Keyboard Folio (2022) White QWERTY English (US) $94 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket Apple Magic Keyboard (for iPad) This Magic Keyboard works with the 13-inch iPad Air M2, 11-inch iPad Air M2, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (gen 3-6), 11-inch iPad Pro (gen 1-4), iPad Air (gen 4-5). It usually costs $299/299. New Refurbished Retailer Price $245.95 View Deal $249.99 View Deal $259 View Deal $259 View Deal $299 View Deal $299 View Deal $299.99 View Deal Apple (13-inch iPad Air, M2 model) $349 View Deal $349 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price iPad Magic Keyboard (2021) Black QWERTY English (US) $122.89 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard (2020) Black QWERTY English (US) $124 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard 12.9 (2021) White QWERTY English (US) $124 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard (2021) Black QWERTY English (US) $127.99 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard (2020) White QWERTY English (US) $139 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard (2021) Charocal gray QWERTY English (US) $150 View Deal iPad Magic Keyboard 12.9 (2021) Black QWERTY English (US) $160 View Deal Price comparison from Backmarket View more prices Best Apple AirTags Deals Dont lose anything ever again! Pop an AirTag in your car, bag or on your cats collar. Here are the best prices right now. For ideas see AirTag Uses: What to use AirTags for . Pack for 4 Apple AirTags Check the table below for the best deals right now. Normally $99/119. Retailer Price $88.99 View Deal $92.5 View Deal $99 View Deal $99.99 View Deal $99.99 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket Apple AirTag Normally $29/35. Retailer Price $24.99 View Deal $27 View Deal $29 View Deal $29 View Deal $39 View Deal Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices Product Price Price comparison from Backmarket More Apple Deals Best Amazon Prime Day Apple deals Best Amazon Prime Day AirPods deals Best Amazon Prime Day Apple Watch deals Best Amazon Prime Day iPhone deals Best Amazon Prime Day iPad deals Best Amazon Prime Day MacBook Air and MacBook Pro deals Best Amazon Prime Day Mac deals Best Prime Day storage deals for Mac Best Prime Day Mac monitor and display deals Apple Inc, Keyboards, Mice

Macworld 12 Jul 2024 6:39 pm

The designer of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride is back with a Lovecraftian roguelike

Luke Muscat , the lead designer for Halfbrick Studios' Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride , has announced a new game called Feed the Deep . This time, he's not backed by a studio and supported by colleagues: Feed the Deep is his first solo project after quitting his job. He calls the game a Lovecraftian deep sea roguelike, because you take on the role of a diver who literally has to feed the eldritch horror lurking in the darkness of the ocean's depths. In the game, humanity built floating cities on the surface of the ocean without knowing about the threat living below. Your job is to feed whatever's living in the deep so that it doesn't destroy the cities. In its Steam page , Muscat said the game was inspired by the likes of Dome Keeper and Spelunky . You'll have to collect resources in the darkness to be able to get upgrades and items, all while managing your oxygen to make sure you survive the dive. The caves you have to explore are procedurally generated so they will look different every time you play. You can also choose your play style, whether to go fast and aggressive, or to go slower and more relaxed. It's unclear if Feed the Deep will be available on non-PC platforms, but Muscat has only shared a Steam page for it so far. He's planning to release the game sometime this third quarter. It's official! My first solo project since quitting my job is launching later this year. I designed Fruit Ninja & Jetpack Joyride, but solo dev is new to me. Feed the Deep is a lovecraftian deep sea roguelike. Feed the eldritch horrors that dwell below, before they feed on you. pic.twitter.com/uUPSuUQSR2 Luke Muscat is making Feed the Deep (@pgmuscat) July 11, 2024 This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-designer-of-fruit-ninja-and-jetpack-joyride-is-back-with-a-lovecraftian-roguelike-130002746.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 6:30 pm

At 25, Metafilter Feels Like a Time Capsule From Another Internet

After a quarter century the community-driven site hasnt changed much. And dont ask it to license its archive to AI.

Wired 12 Jul 2024 6:30 pm

Score huge deals on RK wireless mechanical keyboards with prices starting from $40 (Up to 33% off)

Over at Woot, we are now tracking a bunch of deals that drop Royal Kludge (RK) mechanical keyboards to the lowest prices we can find. The budget-friendly RK68 wireless hot-swappable 65% keyboard is down $39.99 Prime shipped (a $6 delivery fee will apply otherwise). Thats a 33% discount on a keyboard that regularly fetches $60, matching the lowest price weve tracked for it on Amazon. Its available in both black and white colors, and you also get to pick between tactile brown or quiet red switches. The same keyboard with an additional option to add Blue clicky switches is going for $55 shipped on Amazon from a third-party sellar. more

9To5Toys 12 Jul 2024 6:14 pm

OnePlus 2024 12R smartphone just hit the Amazon all-time low at $400 ($100 off)

Earlier this year OnePlus launched its mid-tier 12R smartphone, and after seeing some notable deals back in May, pricing has now dropped even lower on both configurations. First up, the entry-level OnePlus 12R with 8GB of RAM and 128GB storage has now dipped to $399.99 shipped . Thats $100 off the regular $500 price tag, $50 under the previous best, and a new Amazon all-time low. This model is still up at full price on the official OnePlus site . But be sure to head below for a solid offer on the 16GB model as well. more

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A startup set out to fight climate change it did it by helping plumbers

The founders of HERO Software didnt start out to help small tradespeople in construction with a platform. They started out to fight the climate crisis. But in doing so, they stumbled on a way to help the whole business. Now, the company has closed a 40 million Series B financing round, and plans to expand [] 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 6:01 pm

Apple Vision Pro goes on sale in the UK, Canada and Australia

The Apple Vision Pro is now available for purchase in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Apple first expanded its availability in Asia by releasing it in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore back on June 28, which is also when it started taking pre-orders for Europe, Canada and Australia. Now if you're from those regions, you can can easily purchase the $3,500 headset from Apple anytime you want. Since the Vision Pro became available in the US in February , Apple has released more and more games on the App Store and Arcade for it, as well as new 3D films that you can access with an Apple TV+ subscription. The company also introduced Spatial Persona avatars, which takes your collaborators' avatars out of their restricted windows and places them right next to you in virtual space. It may sound creepy, but it's Apple's solution to making it feel more natural to work together and hang out on the Vision Pro. At WWDC this year, Apple debuted visionOS 2 for the headset, which will introduce spatial photos that provide depth to 2D images. What that means is, when you move your head while looking at a photo, you'll be able to see more details to the left and right of the original image. It will bring updated gesture controls to the headset, as well, letting you open the home view by holding you hand up then tapping and to bring up the time and battery details by flipping your hand over. Apple has already been beta testing the updated OS to prepare for its release, which is scheduled to take place sometime later this year. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/apple-vision-pro-goes-on-sale-in-the-uk-canada-and-australia-123052740.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 6:00 pm

Best Amazon price of the year lands on 8Bitdos NES-style Switch/Windows Arcade Stick at $78

We are now tracking the best Amazon price of the year on the 8Bitdo Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch and Windows at $77.98 shipped. While this is a regularly $90 controller, we very rarely see deals at under $80 on the 8Bitdo Arcade Stick. Todays offer lands as the best price of the year at Amazon, coming within $6 of the last years holiday deal for the lowest we can find. The epic NES-style design is ready for your Nintendo Switch setup, but this arcade controller is also compatible with Windows machines as well. more

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The best student discounts we found for 2024

Despite college being (potentially) some of the best years of your life, it can be hard to enjoy it if you're scrounging every dollar for books, supplies, food and, if you're lucky, the occasional outing with friends. But there is a silver lining: student discounts. While it seems like good discounts can be harder and harder to find for the rest of us, students can find them fairly easily if they know where to look. Weve collected the best student discounts we could find on useful services, along with some things youll enjoy in your down time. Just keep in mind that most of these offers require you to prove your status as a student either by signing up with your .edu email address or providing a valid student ID. Shopping Streaming Tools News Engadget You shouldnt rely on social media to be your sole source of news. With foreign wars, new viruses, Supreme Court decisions and upcoming elections making headlines daily, its important to get your news from reliable sources. Yes, its daunting to get into the news on a regular basis, but its crucial to know whats going on in the country and the world as a whole. Here are some reputable news organizations that offer student discounts on their monthly or annual subscription plans. The Atlantic : Starts at $45 per year for digital-only access. The New York Times : $6 every four weeks for a base subscription. The Washington Post : $1 every four weeks for digital-only access. The Wall Street Journal : Starting at $4 every four weeks for the WSJ Digital pack. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/best-student-discounts-140038070.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 5:31 pm

Tesla brings the Model 3 Long Range RWD to the US for $42,490

Tesla has introduced a Model 3 option with 363 miles of range that will cost less than $35,000 after federal tax credits. The Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive is now on Tesla's configurator with deliveries slated between July and August 2024. Performance-wise, it fits between the base model and Long Range AWD option, with a 125 MPH top speed and 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds. The AWD option is a $5,000 upgrade, though, so you're paying a lot for an extra 0.7 seconds of acceleration. For comparison, Hyundai's Ioniq 6 LR has roughly the same range and price, but isn't eligible for the federal EV tax credit. The Model 3 Long Range RWD is now Tesla's cheapest EV, if you take the tax credit into account. That's because the base $38,990 Model 3 RWD version uses lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries from CATL in China, so it's ineligible for any federal rebate. The new model arrives amid a decline in EV battery prices. The price for LFP cell in China dropped over 51 percent to $53 per kWh over the last year, Bloomberg recently reported. That in turn has led to LFP battery packs at $75 per kWh, meaning EVs can be priced the same or less than combustion vehicles in China. Western efforts to match China's battery production will only increase overcapacity and likely keep prices down. Early this year, Tesla launched its refreshed Model 3 in the US. The new version has some mild styling changes on the exterior, along with new interior materials, ventilated front seats, a 17-speaker audio system option and a new eight-inch rear display. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tesla-brings-the-model-3-long-range-rwd-to-the-us-for-42490-120016482.html?src=rss

Engadget 12 Jul 2024 5:30 pm

Why Commonwealth Fusion Systems superconducting magnet sale is more than it seems

Fusion power may still be a few years away, but one startup is laying the groundwork for what it hopes will become a bustling sector of the economy. 2024 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

TechCrunch 12 Jul 2024 5:30 pm

Massive deal knocks Corsairs M75 Air Ultra Lightweight wireless gaming mouse to $59 ($41 off)

While you can still grab the deal that drops NZXTs Lift 2 gaming mouse to its lowest at $30 on Amazon , we have now spotted another solid deal on Woot that knocks Corsairs M75 Air Wireless Ultra Lightweight gaming mouse in black to $58.99 Prime shipped (a $6 delivery fee will apply otherwise). Regularly at $100, you are looking at a whopping 41% in savings, and its within the cents of the lowest price we have tracked for it on Amazon. The same black variant is seeing a lighter discount at $83 on both Amazon and Best Buy . more

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Apples most affordable 13-inch M2 iPad Air just hit a new Amazon low at $729, more from $564

This morning has ushered in a new Amazon all-time low price on the most affordable new 13-inch M2 iPad Air. Apples latest 13-inch Air model with the 128GB storage is now starting at $729 shipped on Amazon, down from the regular $799 list price. Thats $70 off the going rate and the lowest price we have ever tracked on the 13-inch M2 iPad Air. While this might not be in that sweet spot in terms of storage capacity for some folks, it is also now $100 under the price of the 256GB variant. Folks looking to jump up to the 512GB with the 11-inch form-factor will find select colorways now starting at $844 thats matching the lowest price we have tracked since launch. more

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