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G7 delegation visits Surat diamond industry

A G7 delegation embarked on a three-day visit to country's diamond trade and manufacturing hubs, with their first stop being the Diamond City of Surat. The delegation's arrival in the city followed their initial meeting held in Mumbai on the previous day, where they arrived by train.

29 Sep 2023 12:03 am
In Surat, girl (13) dies of suspected heart attack in classroom

A 13-year-old schoolgirl in Surat, India, collapsed and died from a suspected heart attack, adding to a series of sudden deaths among young people in the state. The girl's parents stated she had no serious illnesses and rarely fell ill. The exact cause of death will be determined by the histopathology report. Cardiologists suggest poor lifestyle choices and undetected underlying illnesses as possible factors contributing to these deaths.

28 Sep 2023 9:05 am
Gujarat: Three held in Surat for trying to sell charas worth Rs 4.15 cr they found on the beach

Three men were arrested allegedly with 8.31 kilograms of charas worth Rs 4.15 crore for deciding to peddle drugs they found rather than report it to police on Friday in Surat in Gujarat, an official said.

22 Sep 2023 9:48 pm
Floods recede in Gujarat, but Bharuch sinks in losses

The water level in flood-affected areas of Surat and Bharuch has significantly reduced, bringing relief to the citizens. However, the floods have caused extensive damage to shops and properties. Traders are devastated by the loss of goods worth lakhs of rupees. Voluntary organizations have initiated relief work and food distribution in affected villages. The district administration has set up teams for sanitation and cleanliness in the affected areas. Electricity supply has been restored in seve

20 Sep 2023 7:53 am