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Inflation Surges 9.94% In May, The Highest In A Decade

Consumer prices surged 9.94 percent in May, after slowing slightly in April, according to data from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Driven by food inflation of 9.24 percent and non-food inflation of 9.96 percent, the rate in May was the highest year-on-year rise in consumer prices in a decade. Bangladeshs inflation had hit 9.33 percent in March before easing slightly to 9.24 percent in April. It neared double digits once again in May. Inflationary pressure was slightly higher in urban areas

5 Jun 2023 7:41 pm
Payra Power Plant To Suspend Production Amid Coal Shortage

An ongoing electricity crisis, punctuated by frequent power outages amid sweltering heat, is set to intensify after the coal-fired Payra power plant in Patuakhali suspended operations. Last month, a shortage of coal halted electricity generation at one of two units of the countrys largest plant. On Monday, the second unit of the 1,320 MW plant also shut down production around noon. As a result, the countrys total power supply decreased by more than 600 MW, adding to the ongoing power cut woes ar

5 Jun 2023 7:37 pm